Ilkley Harriers news archive 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, December

Runner of the month:
Tom Adams
for amazing results this month, particularly running Jonny Brownlee so close in the Chevin chase, 1st at the Stoop and his Berlin 10k 'race for the donut' 1st place Other nominations were:
Sarah Pickering for her Stoop result and WYXC
Tim Ashleford for his 1st v50 at Chevin Chase
Volunteer of the month:
The whole Christmas relays/quiz organising team
lots of people doing individual things to make it a great evening, we had very good feedback with a record attendance. So we decided to add an additional £20 from the club for Val to send to the LS29 charity Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for organising the league
Petra Bijsterveld for the membership effort this quarter

More Harriers of the Month ...

2016 Ilkley Harriers Race League

From Jane McCarthy ... Happy New Year Ilkley Harriers! 2016 has now finished and the League Results have been calculated and IT WAS VERY CLOSE AT THE TOP ... Congratulations to Overall League Winner Lucy Williamson - who took top place by just 6 points from Steve Murray in 2nd place and Peter Lewis in 3rd. Lucy also secured the top place in the Road league, while congratulations go to Jack Wood in Fell and Adela Reperecki in Trail. Full results attached. It was a fantastic turnout from Ilkley Harriers across the year in the League races, with 162 members running at least one league race. There's another great year of races in 2017, kicking off with the Stanbury Splash in January, so get some dates in your diary!
Hoping to see many of you at the Social an Awards Do on 27th January. Tickets will be on sale on the website here shortly.

Berliner Silvesterlauf, Sat 31 Dec

Tom won this 10K 'race for the donut' in Berlin. Results ...

1 32:12 Tom Adams
1063 finished

Auld Lang Syne, Sat 31 Dec

Results ...

(1  41:37 Chris Farrell, Horwich)
11  45:23 Jack Wood
38  50:03 Martin Archer
41  50:41 Dave Wilby
54  51:44 Jemima Elgood
72  53:40 Pauline Munro
75  53:54 Jamie Hutchinson
93  55:07 Jane McCarthy
97  55:26 Dick Waddington
155 59:36 Steve Weston
172 61:01 Alistair Barlow
227 63:34 Alison Weston
252 64:56 Mary Gibbons
261 65:39 Adela Reperecki
271 66:19 Chris Oxlade
280 66:58 Sarah Edwards
295 67:58 Dave Ibbotson
382 78:05 Anna Barlow
405 83:57 Paul Sugden
433 finished

parkruns, Sat 31 Dec

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The last parkrun results of 2016 follow below. Whilst in the past all results from parkruns have been listed, both junior and senior, going forward only the results from those aged 16 and over, i.e. in the senior club, will appear here. This simply brings the parkrun results into line with how we report all other races.
Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  16:24 unknown)
124 27:16 Petra Bijsterveld
253 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:06 Jack Smith, Wharfedale Harriers)
36  22:12 Arthur Reilly
110 25:04 Stephanie Fox
403 ran

Curl Curl (Australia)
(1  15:56 Jake Stollery, U/A)
25  20:41 Ben Joynson
235 ran
(From Ben ... A cool 26 degrees to start the morning off at 7:00am after not much sleep with the heat :).  )

(1  16:17 James Hall, Wharfedale Harriers)
8   19:39 Stephen Coy
18  21:26 Derek Oliver
27  22:24 Robert Budding
71  26:00 Gaenor Coy
132 29:48 Sue Verspyck
181 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:11 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
71  22:09 Geoff Howard
118 24:09 Alison Eagle
444 ran

Ribble Valley 10K, Tue 27 Dec

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  29:33 Marc Scott, Richmond and Zetland)
210 39:08 Steve Coy
239 40:18 Dick Waddington
252 40:40 Sally Malir 1st F50
714 52:24 Petra Bijsterveld
817 55:56 John Marshall
958 60:09 Vince Gibbons
992 61:48 Eileen Gibbons
993 61:48 Bernie Gibbons
1074 ran

Jolly Holly Jog, Tue 27 Dec

Results ...

(1  34:51 Ben Pease, Ripon)
120 46:50 Geoffrey Howard
135 47:37 Norman Bush
228 51:12 Helen Thurston 
318 54:52 Liz Price
380 57:03 Karen Lambe
625 67:03 Amanda Poppleton
759 finished

Chevin Chase, Mon 26 Dec

Well done to Tom Adams, 2nd today only to Jonny Brownlee, and to Pauline Munro first lady. Results ...

(1    38:27 Jonny Brownlee)
2     38:34 Tom Adams
5     41:34 Jack Wood
25    45:30 Tim Ashelford 1st V50
34    46:28 Ben Stevens
40    46:52 Dan Hayes
44    47:07 Martin Archer
49    47:24 Rob Cunningham
62    33:00 Pauline Munro 1st lady
64    48:40 David Foyston
71    49:12 Michael Lomas
78    49:26 Jamie Hutchinson
81    49:38 Robin Nicholson
109   50:52 Adam Rhodes
167   53:46 Derek Oliver
176   53:57 Tom Worboys
189   54:15 Steve Murray
203   54:43 Martyn Stocker
234   55:51 Paul Stephens
235   55:52 Adrian Bastow
250   56:10 Michael Duffield
258   56:21 Rob Budding
310   58:14 Steve Weston
328   58:39 Andrew Jackson
332   58:50 Mary Gibbons
359   59:31 Richard Morris
365   59:43 Robert Meadows
400 1:00:36 Adela Reperecki
492 1:03:47 Caroline Craske
543 1:05:24 Sarah Hayes
546 1:05:25 John Hayes
564 1:06:00 Chris Cunningham
581 1:06:47 Peter Shields
608 1:07:36 Petra Bijsterveld
612 1:07:49 Mike Bryant
638 1:08:38 Allison Ricci
672 1:10:03 Sharon Meadows
679 1:10:13 Hilda Coulsey
731 1:11:21 Debbie Jukes
775 1:13:40 Jacqui Weston
790 1:14:35 Jane Guillard
846 1:17:18 Bernie Gibbons
878 1:19:24 Eric Monteiro
890 1:20:25 Sally Wright
908 1:21:28 Sophie Brown
981 finished		

Please note these are (unusually) gun times rather than chip times. Chip times can be found for each runner by clicking on their individual results on the results website.

Skipton parkrun, Sun 25 Dec

Results ...

(1 18:01 Sam Watson, Wharfedale)
2  19:28 Oscar Stapleton
14 21:48 Robert Budding
29 23:35 Archie Budding
39 24:50 Daniel Fazackerley
78 31:37 Neve Tennant
99 ran

parkruns, Sat 24 Dec

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Christmas Eve saw some excellent Harrier results in adverse weather conditions at local parkruns, with a first place finish at Bradford for junior Cameron Reilly, and at Skipton Dan Hayes and Alex Hirst came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Conditions at Harrogate were particularly challenging with an icy strong wind and horizontal driving rain making us feel more as if we were running across the Siberian steppes than the genteel Stray. I cannot remember ever being so cold and wet on a run, not helped by my elf outfit not really being the most sensible choice of clothing. There was a timing issue with around 20 times between being lost from the official results, amongst them Steve Weston's, but he reports coming in 73rd.
Nice to see Justin Philips and Julie Elmes who have recently left the Harriers, much missed!
Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
1   17:37 Cameron Reilly (junior)
33  22:34 Arthur Reilly
312 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  19:07 Warren Lowcock, Nidd Vallley RR)
72  24:14 Georgia Weston (junior)
73  tbc   Steve Weston
164 28:36 Petra Bijsterveld
165 28:37 Jacqui Weston
211 31:14 Jennifer Carne
257 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:40 Joe Mercer, Horwich RMI Harriers)
2   18:31 Dan Hayes
3   18:38 Alex Hirst
25  22:10 Max Ashelford (junior)
26  22:10 Tim Ashelford
58  25:05 Philip Hirst
66  25:43 Sarah Hayes
114 29:24 Karen Lambe
154 ran


From Peter Lewis ... Your brand new Harriers newsletter is here in time for Christmas. We have changed to an electronic read format that you can download and print if you wish. We hope you enjoy it. For those of you who still hanker after print there will be some printed paper copies available from Hilda on a Tuesday night.

The Stoop, Sun 18 Dec

Woodentops photos

A great win for Tom Adams. Sarah Pickering was 2nd lady, and Ilkley won the ladies' team prize. Results ...

1   30:14 Tom Adams
21  37:07 Dan Hayes
43  39:34 Sarah Pickering 2nd lady FU18 record
60  41:04 Jamie Hutchinson
61  41:07 Jemima Elgood
68  41:23 Richard Joel
95  43:16 Kate Archer
100 43:37 Lucy Williamson
106 43:45 Lucy Haines
113 44:04 James Pickering
116 44:13 Malcolm Pickering
122 44:31 Steve Murray
127 44:52 Alistaire Barlow
128 44:59 Paddy Hagan
136 45:55 Steve Weston
170 48:11 Paul Stephens
178 48:44 Mary Gibbons
180 48:53 Alison Weston
184 49:10 Sarah Haines
186 49:12 Neil Pomfret
207 51:17 Chris Oxlade
218 52:54 Peter Lewis
235 54:42 Adela Reperecki
251 56:48 Amanda Newham
252 56:52 Nicky Hopwood
259 57:44 Sarah Hayes
278 61:10 Petra Bijsterveld
287 63:57 John Pickering
295 67:07 Jacqui Weston
306 finished

This was the final counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League (calcs later).

PECO XC 2, Middleton Park, Sun 18 Dec

Results ...

(1  27:09 Mark Smith, Rothwell)
103 33:09 Steve Coy
174 35:36 Robert Budding
267 Andrew Jackson
274 40:06 Neil Bloor
378 48:36 Don Macrae
394 finished

(1  30:36 Emma Clayton, Leeds)
15  35:08 Ellie Kitchen
173 45:25 Stephanie Fox
296 65:35 Clare Shouler
300 finished

parkruns, Sat 17 Dec

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:55 Peter Francis, Leeds Met University AC)
20  20:37 Tom Worboys
244 40:53 Max Stead (junior)
250 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:46 Alexander Flaherty, Bingley Harriers)
11  20:13 Rhys Jones
17  21:08 Adrian Bastow
41  23:06 Richard Morris
265 ran

Hatfield Forest
1   18:03 Tim Ashelford
173 ran

(1  18:37 Stuart Hunn, Wharfedale Harriers)
35  23:31 Geoff Howard
43  24:31 Chris Cunningham
101 29:49 Sue Verspyck
139 ran

Mytholmroyd fell race, Sun 11 Dec

Results ...

(1  45:54 Chris Holdsworth, CleM)
2   45:55 Jack Wood
31  57:40 Jamie Hutchinson
66  62:19 Richard Joel
115 71:41 Mary Gibbons
119 72:18 Sarah Haines
177 finished
Ilkley 5th team

parkruns, Sat 10 Dec

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  16:52 Ciaran Forde, Horsforth Harriers)
4   17:54 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
321 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:57 Jack Smith, Wharfedale Harriers)
18  20:34 Sally Malir 2nd F
294 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   16:31 Jack Wood
14  19:50 Bethan Morley (junior) 2nd F
24  21:49 George Morley (junior)
31  22:27 Nina Pearce (junior)
49  24:22 Charlotte Smithson
60  25:14 Chris Cunningham
102 28:52 Polly Crawley (junior)
113 30:30 Sue Verspyck
147 ran

(1  18:01 Max Dunford, U/A)
7   20:11 Lucy Williamson 1st F
199 ran

(1  19:27 Matthew Sutton, U/A)
15  23:16 Geoff Howard
118 ran

WYXC #4, Keighley, Sun 4 Dec

Woodentops photos

Ilkley's ladies' finished third in this year's WYXC League. Results ...

(1  25:36 Dan Garbitt, Skyrac)
2   25:41 Tom Adams
7   26:46 Jack Wood
17  27:43 Matt Newell
63  30:34 Tim Ashelford
70  31:16 Dave Westhead
103 32:52 Steve Coy
122 34:03 Mark Iley
131 35:36 Malcolm Pickering
132 35:46 Robert Budding
134 35:55 Adrian Bastow
163 finished
5th team

(1  20:19 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
7   21:37 Sarah Pickering
31  23:40 Sally Malir
33  23:59 Lucy Haines
50  25:20 Mary Gibbons
53  25:42 Anna Nolan
55  26:18 Tracey Watson
65  27:41 Elizabeth Westhead
75  29:27 Petra Bijsterveld
76  29:34 Gaenor Coy
83  32:37 Jacqui Weston
86  35:23 Anna Pickering
87 finished
4th team

Many fine Ilkley Junior results too.

Older News, Nov 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, November

Runner of the month:
Lucy Williamson
for sub-40 minute 10K PB at Abbey Dash Other nominations were:
Ewan Welsh for getting back to racing and good results at Burley Moor, Shepherd's Skyline and Glentress 21K
Jack Wood for wins at Guy Fawkes and Pendle
Tim Ashelford for excellent 3rd V50 in WYXC series and for performance at Burley Moor Run.
Volunteer of the month:
Shirley Wood
for organizing the Santa Run Other nominations were:
Dan Wilkinson for setting up and doing the monthly e-newsletter

More Harriers of the Month ...

PECO XC, Sun 27 Nov

Results ...

(1  25:30 Nathan Marsh, Leeds Uni)
41  29:00 Tim Ashelford
132 31:55 Steve Coy
164 32:55 Steve Murray
179 33:16 Ben Joynson
217 34:20 Robert Rudding
304 37:02 Neil Bloor
307 37:04 Andrew Jackson
316 37:28 Geoffrey White
433 41:10 Peter Lewis
496 finished

(1  29:30 Zanthe Wray, Hallamshire)
18  33:35 Ellie Kitchen
88  38:48 Adela reperecki
136 40:42 Val Kerr
174 42:17 Gaenor Coy
243 45:46 Jacqui Weston
276 47:40 Kate Lofthouse
316 49:44 Sal Wright
379 65:20 Clare Shouler
381 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League (calcs later).

parkruns, Sat 26 Nov

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:23 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
50  24:12 Sarah Haines
285 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:52 Zeynu Bedru, Harrogate Harriers)
71  23:38 Phil Hirst
307 ran

(1  17:37 Michael Vargas, Hyde Park Harriers)
31  21:10 Tom Worboys
258 ran

(1  17:19 Duncan Coombs, Cambridge and Coleridge AC)
41  22:54 Lucy Haines
244 ran

(1  19:04 Matthew Lennon, U/A)
5   19:34 Adam Bennett
272 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:03 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
52  22:56 Geoff Howard
244 ran

(1  17:45 unknown)
21  22:27 Nina Pearce (junior) 2nd F
113 ran

Santa Fun Run, Sun 20 Nov

Woodentops photos

The junior section organised this fun event to raise money for the new athletics facilities. There was a 3k race, and a 1 mile fun run, wth over 130 people running on Ilkley Moor in Santa suits! And there were-mince pies and other fabulous treats after and spot prizes.
Results on the junior website

WYXC, Spenborough, Sun 20 Nov

Results below, well done to Tom Adams on another good win.

Senior Women
(1  19:43 Charlene Thomas, Wakefield DHAC)
12  22:16 Jemima Elgood
18  22:38 Sarah Pickering
46  24:35 Sally Malir
63  26:17 Anna Nolan
70  27:00 Tracey Watson
74  27:45 Elizabeth Westhead
80  28:15 Jane Bryant
89  30:05 Gaenor Coy
92  30:28 Petra Bijsterveld
100 32:56 Anna Pickering
102 33:43 Jacqui Weston
105 ran

Senior Men
1   30:51 Tom Adams
51  37:01 Tim Ashelford
93  40:05 Mark Iley
97  40:18 Steve Murray
100 40:40 Mark Summerson
102 41:05 Steve Coy
108 41:57 Malcolm Pickering
113 42:28 Robert Budding
117 43:00 Adrian Bastow
149 ran

Glentress 21K Trail Race, Sun 20 Nov

From Ewan Welsh ... I ventured up to Peebles in the Scottish Borders to combine a visit to the old brother's abode with the Glentress Trail ? marathon. This is an area I've ran in and around since the late 80's so it was with much joy to find a trail race being run in familiar territory.
Glentress has evolved over the years into an epicentre of mountain biking, although it's place where mountain biking, running and walking all co-exist, so you don't have to be a mountain biker (I personally don't do the mountain bike thing) to embrace the area.
For the morning, the Trail race enjoyed utilising a degree of the mountain bike trails though. Conditions were calm but a bit fresh (in the minus I heard some people declare) , morning mist remained in place throughout, the route utilised all aspects that Glentress has to offer, with an overall descent of over 2000ft, consisting of steep walking trails , undulating single track through deepest darkest wood ("Spooky Woods" as it's known locally) , hilly forest roads, switchback accents and descents on the mountain bike trails, the last 3k descended through a slalom of trees , by that time the field was fairly spread out so you would only sense flitting glimpses of a fellow runner mysteriously moving between the mist covered trees on one of the switchbacks, created quite an unusual ambience during the race. I found myself moving with a flare I haven't had since a bull chased me back in 92'. Next time I may take my imaginary Native American Shaman for spiritual guidance. There was also a 20 metre incline to the finish line, thankfully I was on my own so my dignity remained in place by not having to face any sprinting diehard up the final 20 metres !
As a side note, a 10K night torch trail race had also been held on the Saturday evening.
They are running 10K, 1/2m and Full Marathon trail races in February in Glentress, it's ideal race location given the facilities in place, large spacious cafe, accommodation from camping through to lodges, and just a mile or so from Peebles (so you can enjoy a decent curry as well).
Oh, almost forgot, race results ...
Winning time was 1.30.39
I was 55th in 1.58.49
259 finished

Full Tour of Pendle, Sat 19 Nov

Results ...

1   2:39:30 Jack Wood
21  3:01:06 Paul Carman
33  3:07:06 Ben Sheppard
41  3:09:44 Steve Turland
82  3:20:51 Jane McCarthy
94  3:23:13 Dick Waddington
114 3:27:06 Iain Gibbons
235 3:58:33 Steve Weston
238 3:59:11 Chantal Busby
249 4:03:38 Paul Calderbank
274 4:12:04 Martyn Stocker
330 finished
Ilkley were 2nd team

Kendal Mountain Festival Trail Race, Sat 19 Nov

From Robin Nicholson ... I finished 39th in the Men from 275 runners (Time: 46:52.3). 42nd overall with a total number of racers 459. Results

parkruns, Sat 19 Nov

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:17 Joseph Dugdale, Cumberland Fell Runners)
30  24:30 Andrew Wilson
81 ran

(1  18:29 David Withers, Southville Running Club)
6   19:58 Lucy Williamson 1st F
165 ran

(1  19:31 Ross Jordinson, Farsley Flyers)
6   21:36 Tom Worboys
116 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:15 Matt Bainbridge, U/A)
2   18:48 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
33  23:57 Daniel Fazackerley (junior)
147 ran

Run in the Dark 10k, Wed 16 Nov

From Alison Bennett ... Adam Bennett was 31st/1150 runners at the Stormont, (Belfast) Run in the Dark 10k in a time of 41:20. All the runners wore flashing armbands which made it quite a spectacle.

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Jane McCarthy ... update with just 2 races to go. Want points? Time to declare your wildcard race! There are just 2 races in the 2016League left to go - the PECO XC Temple Newsam (27/11) and The Stoop (18/12). The League has now been updated for the Bronte Way, Guy Fawkes 10, Abbey Dash and the Burley Moor Run, and there have been changes in both individual and overall League placings.
In the Fell League, Jack Wood surely has an insurmountable lead with 389 points from 4 races. But second place is wide open - with The Stoop still to come Paul Carman has a race in hand. Mary Gibbons and Jann Smith are the leading ladies in 6th and 9th place respectively.
In the Trail League Adela Reperecki has taken first place (365 points) after an excellent Burley Moor Run last weekend. She has taken the lead from last year's overall League winner Michael Duffield (348 points) and Hilda Coulsey and Peter Lewis, both on 326 points. With just the PECO left to race, a late contender for Trail champion could be Nick Pearce, with a race in hand - a maximum of 4 races counting towards individual league placings.
In Road, we have our winner confirmed as Lucy Williamson (Well Done Lucy!) with a superb sub-40 minute 10K PB at the Abbey Dash taking her 4 race total points to 347.
In the Overall League, with 2 races remaining, it is close at the top - Steve Murray with some excellent recent results, including his wildcard entry, in second place with a race in hand. But Lucy could improve her fell average if she runs The Stoop, where the final League placings will be decided. Don't forget to claim your wildcard entry. Prizes for the top 10 finishers in the overall League!
Finally, there is another set of our favourite races for the 2017 League.

Latest tables and 2007 events on the Ilkley Harriers Race League page

Wadsworth Half Trog, Sun 13 Nov

From Steve Turland ... Very wet conditions underfoot for this 9.5 mile bogfest. Results ...

(1 1:14:03 Sam Watson, Wharfedale)
8  1:21:05 Steve Turland                               
18 1:26:34 Jamie Hutchinson                      

Burley Moor run, Sat 12 Nov

Results ...

(     47:24 Phil Livermore, North Leeds Fell Runners)
4     49:17 Tim Ashelford 
5     49:23 Ben Sheppard
8     49:55 Paul Carman
10    50:39 Dave Wilby
15    51:38 Michael Lomas
16    51:48 Jemima Elgood  First lady
20    52:46 Robin Nicholson
22    52:53 Dave Robson
23    53:16 David Foyston
26    53:36 Richard Joel
32    54:36 Pauline Munro
33    54:37 Ben Joynson
35    54:50 Dick Waddington
36    54:56 Jane Mccarthy
41    55:37 Michael Duffield
42    55:44 Mark Summerson
54    57:36 Martyn Stocker
55    57:38 Steve Murray
62    58:31 Adrian Bastow
66    59:00 Ewan Welsh
67    59:16 Duncan Cooper
69    59:27 Paddy Hagan
70  1:00:27 Robert Budding
71  1:00:41 Paul Langan
77  1:01:59 Paul Stephens
90  1:04:39 Alison Weston
94  1:05:15 James Mellor
99  1:05:51 Adela Reperecki
108 1:07:46 Richard Morris
109 1:08:01 Geoffrey White
112 1:08:26 Sarah Edwards
120 1:10:45 Peter Lewis
127 1:15:36 Stephanie Fox
136 1:17:37 Janet Carrier
144 1:23:02 Laura Dawes
149 1:26:42 Sally Wright
155 1:51:04 Val Kerr (Sweeper)
155 ran

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Harriers vs. Cyclists, Sat 12 Nov

Results ..., Tom Adams won, beating the first cyclist Rob Jebb, and setting a course record.

1   34:03 Tom Adams
194 56:29 Chris Oxlade
239 71:05 John Pickering
245 finished

Guy Fawkes 10 mile, Sun 6 Nov

From Hilda Coulsey... A cold wet morning greeted us at the start at Ripley. Jack Wood underlined his great form by taking this road race by storm. Not the usual high numbers of Harriers, perhaps tempted more by the shorter Abbey Dash :). Good times though by those who did run, I struggled and was glad to be greeted at the end with the usual generous chocolate bar selection.
Results ...

1     56:08 Jack Wood 
126 1:13:33 Dave Robson 
146 1:14:30 Steve Murray 
340 1:24:13 Jean Sullivan
532 1:33:26 Dave Ladell
617 1:38:11 Hilda Coulsey
816 finished

This was a Ilkley Harriers Race League counter.

Abbey Dash 10k, Sun 6 Nov

From Steph Fox... Thousands of keen runners turned out to enjoy the annual dash to Kirstall Abbey and back into the centre of Leeds. They were joined by a fair few Ilkley Harriers this morning too. Because there are so many runners, it is difficult to spot the red and green Harrier vest in between the sea of many racing tops. The weather clung onto its autumnal chilly temperature, and the slight drizzle and biting wind as the race commenced made for a bit of a miserable start. However once the race pressed on, the chill was forgotten and the only focus was firmly set on finishing the race. Some great times and positions by the Harriers. I was glad to finish and enjoy the warmth of the finisher's t shirt, and the sweetness of the chocolate lion bar.
Results ...

(1   29:12 Jonny Mellor, Liverpool)
270  36:10 Oscar Stapleton
363  37:36 Pauline Munro 2nd L45
549  39:28 Andrew Overend
629  40:03 Kate Archer
639  39:50 Lucy Williamson  PB 1:36
686  40:32 Jane McCarthy
803  41:34 Mike Helme
840  41:57 Rhys Jones
906  42:13 David Jepson
1297 44:42 Harry Sime
1623 45:55 Richard Morris
1755 46:37 Samuel Burton
1918 47:30 Stephanie Fox
1980 47:44 David Ibbotson
2134 48:43 Sarah Hayes
2170 48:58 Eric Hawthorn
2722 51:00 David Green
3041 47:13 James Mellor
3069 52:51 Julie Elmes
3534 56:00 Sheena Pickersgill
3616 52:39 Melanie Edwards
4223 56:57 Jen Carne
4597 55:41 Sally Lynch
4743 56:47 Sue Williamson
4754 52:56 Catriona Hawthorn
5671 59:39 Elaine Ibbotson
6110 62:21 Harriet Jackson
6113 62:21 Andrew Jackson
8633 finished

This was a Ilkley Harriers Race League counter.

Derwentwater 10, Sun 6 Nov

From Dick Waddington... A beautiful 10-miler around one of the prettiest lakes in the Lake District in full autumn color. What could be better? Well it would have been better if it wasn't snowing as Helen and I trotted to registration (to keep warm). Blencathra and Skiddaw looked impressive in white as it cleared just before we set off. The course is good, leading you in slightly down hill at first, then with bigger and bigger lumps until mile 6, when a big lump gives impressive views on the lake. Fast descending and more lumps lead to relief at the end. This was my first 10-miler, so I'll take a PB!
Results ...

(1    53:31 Russ Best)
77  1:09:19 Dick Waddington 
243 1:23:38 Helen Waddington 
476 ran

Peak Raid 3, Glossop, Sun 6 Nov

From Mary Gibbons ... I enjoyed this self navigating course in mist and first snow of the winter! The idea was to reach 15 check points within three hours, after which you lose 50 points per minute. I reached seven, with just 11 minutes to spare.
Beautiful and wild moorland but tough terrain. It was an almost featureless landscape once on the tops in snow. I can see why Dark Peak pick up so many prizes if they train there...
Results ...

(1 2:48:15 500 points Jonny Malley, Ambleside)
70 2:49:12 230 points Mary Gibbons
112 finished

Shepherd's Skyline fell race, Sat 5 Nov

From Ewan Welsh ... Kelly Wilby, Mike Baldwin and Ewan Welsh, all making a return to a bit of racing, ran the Shepherds Skyline fell race on Saturday, and a fine fresh day it was as well. 300 souls embraced the day.
Results ...

(1  44:04 Thomas Corrigan, Barlick Fell Runners)
123 63:32 Ewan Welsh   
145 64:29 Mike Baldwin 
213 74:57 Kelly Wilby      

Robin Hood duathlon, Sat 5 Nov

From Jamie Hutchinson... I ventured south and to Sherwood forest for a sprint distance off-road duathlon consisting of 5k run/16k bike/3.5k run.
These shorter races are a matter of how long can you keep up a good fast pace. I had a reasonable start over the first run and opted for super fast transition by not changing into my cycling shoes. This was a mistake as I bounced round the course on my cross bike trying to maintain contact with the pedals! The second run was just a matter of holding on. I finished in 85mins 30 seconds and 21st overall - the race was won by James Spilsbury in 74:37.

parkruns, Sat 5 Nov

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  16:32 Matthew Crehan, St Helens Sutton AC)
31  20:39 Tom Worboys
53  21:52 Harry Stead (junior)
443 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:30 Josh Tighe, Salford Harriers)
17  21:31 Theo Clay (junior)
51  24:01 Pete Shields
241 31:07 Abigail Bailey
372 ran

(1  18:03 Paul Dodd, Barnsley Harriers)
82  27:53 Emma Curran
184 ran

(1  18:04 Simon Bennett, Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers)
68  23:58 Geoff Howard
358 ran

(1  18:37 Sebastian Segger-Staveley, Settle Harriers)
105 28:48 Jennifer Carne
192 ran

Older News, Oct 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, October

Runner of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for Kielder and Snowdonia marathons Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for Yorkshire marathon PB
Lucy Williamson for 1st lady Bangor 10k and parkrun
Tom Adams for Race to the Summit
David Howe for York and Berlin marathon PBs
Iain Gibbons BOFRA results
Outi Kamarainen for navigation at FRA relay
Jack Wood for Langdale and Withins results
Volunteer of the month:
The Improvers Group
the Committee decided to recognise the great work done by all those involved in the Improvers, including the Improvers themselves who have made stunning progress Other nominations were:
Abi Bailey for Improvers
Neil Chapman for coaching commitment

More Harriers of the Month ...

WYXC1, Guiseley, Sun 30 Oct

Photo: Steve Weston

Results ...

Senior men
(1  36:50 Daniel Garbutt, Skyrac)
7   37:30 Jack Wood
58  43:11 Tim Ashelford
62  43:26 Paul Carmen
64  43:27 Dave Westhead
92  45:54 Steve Weston
102 47:11 Mark Iley
105 47:25 Ben Joynson
123 49:36 Arthur Reilly
124 49:54 Andrew Sheldon
169 finished
10th team

Senior ladies
(1  23:33 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
11  25:29 Jemima Elgood
25  26:52 Kate Archer
42  28:09 Sally Malir
50  28:48 Lucy Haines
54  29:09 Jann Smith
70  30:44 Mary Gibbons
71  30:46 Anna Nolan
73  30:55 Tracey Watson
78  31:18 Lucy Jacques
94  33:26 Alison Bennett
97  34:28 Gaenor Coy
98  34:43 Elizabeth Westhead
106 36:55 Julie Elmes
108 37:37 Sue Williamson
112 38:58 Kate Lofthouse
113 39:08 Jacqui Weston
116 finished
5th team

Many excellent junior results too!

Bronte Way, Sun 30 Oct

From Jamie Hutchinson... 7.5m point to point fell race from Wycoller Park over the moors to Haworth. First time I'd tried the Bronte Way fell race, organised by KCAC, and I wasn't disappointed. Pre-entries had the option of getting the bus from Haworth out to Wycoller, whilst EODs had to make their own way. The course had a few climbs but nothing too drastic and conditions underfoot varied from tracks to a few boggy paths. I had a pretty strong run but just lacked a bit of speed on the last few miles into Haworth. Although this was a Harriers League race I think there were only two Harriers running.
Results ...

(1  52:41 Harry Holms, Knavesmire)
27  64:07 Jamie Hutchinson
142 87:30 Peter Lewis
192 ran

Sheffield 10km, Sun 30 Oct

From Pauline Munro ... I've recently joined IH having previously run for Wetherby and before that Bingley for many years; just to let you know I won the women's race at the Sheffield 10km yesterday; not a super fast course - quite a hard course in fact with a steady and on occasion stiff, climb all the way to 6km. anyway I ran 37:52 and was 1st woman , 31st overall and first vet 45. I'm doing the Abbey Dash on Sunday and will be at the next XC all being well.

Bradford Runs 10K, Sun 30 Oct

From Steve Murray ... despite a hilly course managed a PB which was a nice surprise! Results ...

(1 37:04 Caroline Howard, Knowsley)
19 43:11 Steve Murray
338 finished

Bradford City Runs Half Marathon, Sun 30 Oct

From Simon Jenkins ... A nice day weather wise but a rather challenging course with 4 laps of twists, turns, ascent and descent. Winner Terence Florence, Cairngorm Runners 1:14:49; Simon Jenkins 38th 1:40:31 PB; and Louise Airey 97th 1:54:54

OMM 2016, 29/30 Oct

From John Hayes ... Glentrool, Galloway, Scotland.
It seems a long time ago when the Karrimor Mountain Marathon rebranded itself as the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM). The message was unambiguous:- We are the original event of this type and therefore the best. Times have changed over the years. For example I was surprised (disappointed even) to find TV screens and pop music at the Friday night marquee tent. But once the event itself got going it was the same as ever. Brilliantly organised with a range of challenging courses, the OMM tends to be located in tough terrain and usually has howling wind and rain to add to the "fun". This year the weather was kind although the early mist on Saturday caused some havoc. I was excited to be running in this area as about 40 years or so ago my dad Spike came 3rd in the Elite in the same area. I opted for the medium score with my brother in law Martyn Pegg and we were very happy with our 25th position overall. And any irritation I felt about the Friday night pop music dissipated as I woke at 6am on the Sunday to the sound of a bagpiper followed by a loud ripple of applause from the competitors in their soggy tents.

Final Race You to the Summit, Sat 29 Oct

Tom Adams set a new course record 27:29. Woodentops photos and preliminary results ...

1  27:29 Tom Adams
99 finished

Snowdonia Marathon, Sat 29 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... It was Michael Lomas' race report last year which inspired me to enter the Snowdonia Marathon. Regrettably Michael was not able to run it this year due to injury, so I was the only Harrier to toe the start line in Llanberis. Though with the green and red Harriers vest I fitted right in as of course many Welsh clubs sport these colours, and I got more shouts of 'da iawn' than 'well done' on my way round. The weather was overcast, with low cloud hiding much of the mountains from us initially, and an ideal running temperature of around 12 degrees. The course is a clockwise circuit of Snowdon, predominantly on road but with two rough track sections. The challenge is formed by having to negotiate 3 major climbs, 2744 feet in total on my Strava. The first climb starts 2 miles in and lasts for 2 miles to Pen y Pass, followed by a long descent to Beddgelert at mile 13. From there another 2 mile climb followed by a flattish section to Waunfawr at 22 miles. Now in every marathon the sting lies in the tail, but Snowdonia takes this to another level as you are presented by another steep climb for 2.5 miles, followed by an even steeper descent over just 1.5 miles down to the finish in Llanberis.
I felt strong at the start and took the first two climbs steadily, and was able to make good progress on the downhill sections, reaching half way in 2.09. Miles 16 to 21 were the toughest mentally, my body started to hurt and wanted to walk, and I was actually looking forward to the final climb as I would finally allow myself to do just that. Obviously at the front end of the race people would be running that ascent, but around me 100% of folk were walking it. A man next to me bemoaned the fact that earlier in the week he had run up it 'easily' in one go. Yes, it is a different story altogether with 22 miles in the legs already. Reaching the top I had to use all my remaining will power to start running again, I felt quite dizzy and queasy and my quads were screaming. However, the prospect of finishing well within 5 hours made me launch myself down the hill and I managed to overtake lots of runners. One poor man must have been in so much pain he was actually trying to walk backwards! Entering Llanberis the support from the crowd was tremendous, there was a wall of sound on the approach to the finish line with people shouting your name and encouragement, and I was delighted to cross the line well within 5 hours and take receipt of my slate coaster. I spent a long time sitting in the queue for the sports massage, and when my turn came the experience was brutal, but it paid off as my legs feel very good today. My day had a perfect end as when I returned to my car in the short-stay car park the expected ticket had not materialised. The traffic warden must have appreciated my note in the windscreen apologising for not being able to run a sub-3 hour marathon.
Results ...

(1   2:35:05 Russell Bentley, Kent AC)
1411 4:50:31 Petra Bijsterveld
2065 finished

Macclesfield Forest Off-road Duathlon, Sat 29 Oct

From Neil Bloor... I took on the hordes of midges of Macclesfield Forest for my first Duathlon to find it an interesting and demanding event. The first 7.5k run set off up steep forest tracks, before a series of wet flagstones up round the summit of Shutlingsloe hill, a steep grassy descent, challenging bogs and back down the forest tracks finishing on more undulating trails. The 17k cycle set off up the same steep tracks with 3 laps and a few hills that got everyone pushing. I lost some time down the 'technical' descent on the first two laps- a narrow rocky gully that challenged my nerves - but managed to remain upright into the third stage. After another steep start this was a comparatively easy 3.5k undulating run. Happy to find I was second v50 in 2:06. Winner: Simon Harding Macclesfield Harriers in 1:23.

parkruns, Sat 29 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:27 Josh Tighe, Salford Harriers)
44  22:56 Nina Pearce (junior)
55  23:33 Pete Shields
327 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:39 Mark Bryant, Harrogate Harriers)
168 26:57 Julie Elmes
333 ran

Cross Flatts
(1  18:09 James Teagle, U/A)
21  22:49 Geoff Howard
135 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  19:38, Gavin Smith, Skipton AC)
17  21:55 Joe Reynier (junior)
52  24:10 Dylan Shinn (junior)
109 28:44 Polly Crawley (junior)
153 34:08 Abbie Reynier (junior)
170 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  18:03 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
60  23:09 Norman Bush
314 ran

(1 17:22 Aled Hughes, Aberystwyth AC)
7   19:57 Lucy Williamson 1st F
183 ran

Great Whernside fell race, Sat 22 Oct

Woodentops photos

Results ...

(1  30:29 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
2   30:56 Tom Adams
8   33:10 Jack Wood
35  39:37 Martin Archer
42  40:39 Jim Ryder
94  46:58 Mike Baldwin
102 47:49 Ewan Welsh
105 48:06 Martin Stocker
154 59:06 Amanda Newham
165 finished

parkruns, Sat 22 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:10 Richard Smith, Worcester AC)
23  20:14 Sally Malir 2nd F
465 ran

(1  16:02 Jerome Edwards, Les Croupiers RC)
7   17:00 Alex Hirst
685 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:21 Jack Smith, Wharfedale Harriers)
2   17:27 Cameron Reilly (junior)
4   18:17 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
22  20:27 Rhys Jones
35  21:18 Tom Worboys
39  21:29 Arthur Reilly
41  21:42 Nick Pearce
49  22:02 Joe Reynier (junior)
98  24:20 Peter Shields
356 35:37 Abbie Reynier (junior)
421 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:29 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
151 25:56 Julie Elmes
349 ran

Leeds Roundhay Park
(1  17:59 Jonathan Smyth, U/A)
170 28:44 Jennifer Carne
263 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:25 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
92  27:03 Karen Lambe
190 ran

Penrhyn (Bangor)
(1  16:50 Simon Anetts, Coventry Godiva Harriers)
12  20:06 Lucy Williamson 1st F
200 ran


On Thursday 6th October the Club was presented with ourr renewed Clubmark status at one of the junior indoor Sportshall athletics sessions. Nick Settle, England Athletics' Club and Coach Support Officer for West and North Yorkshire presented the certificate to Hilda Coulsey and Shirley Wood, who led on the Clubmark process for the Club.
England Athletics article

28th Annual British Athletics Fell and Hill Running Relay Championships, Sat 15 Oct

An Ilkley team of Martyn Stocker, Jack Wood, Steve Turland, Mary Gibbons, Outi Kamarainen and Iain Gibbons travelled north to the beautiful hills of Luss and finished 68th out of 106 teams.

Results ...

Leg 1    37:25	(97th)
Leg 2  1:31:39	(25th)
Leg 3  2:36:06	(83rd)
Leg 4    50:57	(36th)

parkruns, Sat 15 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  15:01 Joshua Griffiths, Swansea Harriers AC)
5   16:59 Alex Hirst
698 ran

(1  17:00 Liam Medley, Border Harriers)
4   17:29 Oscar Stapleton (junior) 
496 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:52 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
33  21:41 Nick Pearce
47  22:41 Helen Thurston
80  24:14 Nina Pearce (junior)
87  24:38 Pete Shields
414 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:27 Daryl Hibberd, Valley Striders)
126 24:48 Phil Hirst
172 26:36 Julie Elmes
373 ran

Skipton Aireville park
(1  17:49 William Weatherill, U/A)
10  20:12 Lewis Carr (junior)
133 30:06 Nea Weston
134 30:07 Alison Weston
188 ran

(1  17:54 Mark Likeman, U/A)
11  20:21 David Brown
102 31:25 Rosalind Brown
136 ran

Withins fell race, Sun 9 Oct

Ilkley had the first men's team with Tom Adams (setting a new course record, with his third win of this race), Jack Wood, and Jack Cummings. Results ...

1   38:32 Tom Adams
2   42:33 Jack Wood
13  46:42 Jack Cummings
15  47:13 Paul Carman
25  48:52 Steve Turland
44  50:52 Richard Joel
46  50:59 Jim Ryder
73  53:45 Kate Archer
74  53:51 Ben Joynson
104 56:26 Steve Weston
132 58:26 Jann Smith
148 59:28 Mary Gibbons
169 62:27 Jo Foster
174 62:49 Sarah Haines
184 63:33 Anna Nolan
200 64:46 Geoff White
269 77:26 Sophie Brown
283 81:30 Sally Wright
287 86:10 Jacqui Weston
290 finished	

Yorkshire Marathon / 10 Mile, Sun 9 Oct

From Jane McCarthy... Great conditions for running at the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon this morning. Having decided to run the 10-mile course there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy watching the marathon finishers. There were excellent performances from the three Harriers racing the marathon distance, Derek Oliver a 5th place category finish, another PB just 2 weeks after Berlin for David Howe, and a massive 20 minute improvement by Helen Waddington, showing superb pacing throughout.

(1   2:19:36 Paul Martelletti)
220  3:14:09 Derek Oliver
476  3:27:13 David Howe (PB)
1064 3:52:31 Helen Waddington (PB)

Yorkshire 10 Mile
(1   54:01 Joe Sagar)
70   65:29 Jane McCarthy 
130  69:39 Mike Helme 
402  79:11 Caroline Howe 
1360 97:35 Sally Lynch 

London Royal Parks Half Marathon, Sun 9 Oct

From Dave Jepson ... Three Harriers - well, two and a temporarily lapsed member, completed the Royal Parks HM in London today (9th October), joining 16,000 others in near perfect running conditions: cool, sunny, and just a gentle breeze; dry and firm underfoot. Dave Jepson - in his first race for six years, ran a remarkably even 1:34'31"; John Woodward - still the best 'once a week, 14st plus, carthorse' in the club - cantered home in 1:48'25", bumping into Dave Ibbotson (1:49'55") on the home straight. A good course around the historic sites of central London, ending (as in the last 7 miles or so) with a mind-numbing zig-zag around Hyde Park. Great crowds, good water stations, and a fairly fast course - several tight turns notwithstanding - the race was won in 1:09'37" (first female in 1:21'08" - 57th finisher). The goody bag was nothing if not eclectic: basically a pick and mix stall masquerading as a food bank - your correspondent has never seen passata on offer before, and it's doubtless that it has ever shared a stand anywhere with chewy calcium tablets; chilli crisps; and cans of rhubarb enhanced apple juice - highly recommend the latter by the way. Amusing moment of the day came when Messers Woodward and Jepson decided to avail themselves of a couple of apparently discarded tops whist waiting otherwise damp and cold for the two other members of team Bradford Hide to rendezvous after the race, only to hear a vaguely foreign voice protest a few minutes later, 'those are my tops'. Olivia was remarkably understanding - though she was outnumbered! Fortunately our friends were delayed because otherwise I suspect we'd have been the subject of a diplomatic incident replayed on Crimewatch some time soon.

Lakes in a Day, Sat 8 Oct

From Andrew Merrick...In a moment of weakness on the Leeds canal towpath just before Christmas, I committed to a non-harrier running friend that I would run Lakes in a Day with him. There were times last Saturday when I regretted this but on balance it was a good day out, helped by good weather throughout and the pubs staying open until half past midnight. My sole objectives for the run was to get round with David and finish before the pubs closed - the latter was made more straightforward by the late closing times, I happily discovered on my arrival in Cartmel at 10:45pm, sadly without David who had had enough by the time we had got to the final checkpoint.
For those considering a 50 mile adventure next year, I can report an interesting and challenging route. We took the option of the early morning coach from Cartmel to Caldbeck before an 8am start running North to South via a non-pathed route up Blencathra, and the 'entertaining' Halls Fell Ridge descent into Threlkeld, the first of only 3 feed stations. From there the challenging climb up Clough Head, along the Bob Graham route (ish) to Helvellyn and Fairfield before a second stop in Ambleside. At this point, 30 miles in, we were expecting a more gentle lake side run for most of the remaining mileage, however the wooded rooty trail was more challenging and hilly than we had expected and it became relatively slow and challenging going as it got dark. One more feed station before leaving David, as he reminded me, in pursuit of UTMB points over the remaining 8 miles.
Sitting outside the pub in a very pleasant square in Cartmel, with a celebratory beer or two, cheering other runners on as they ran past to the finish, was unquestionably the highlight alongside the camaraderie and the hilltop views on a sunny lake district day. A challenging but well organised Ultra.

Bangor 10k, Sat 8 Oct

From Sue Williamson ... Lucy Williamson had a fabulous run and came first lady in a time of 41:55 - she was thrilled to run "through the tape" and got some great prizes.

Langdale Horseshoe fell race, Sat 8 Oct

From Alison Weston... A beautiful day for the Langdale horseshoe this year. Jack did a great time of 2:12 and Alison 3:15. Not seen official results yet but Jack was very well placed overall.

Birchfield Harriers Poppy Run, Sat 8 Oct

From Andrew Sheldon ... I took part in this 10k Trail Run at Aldridge Airport (country park), it was the first staging of this event by Birchfield Harriers, with proceeds going to the Aldridge Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, and grass roots running.
It was a well laid out cross country course, open grass field start and finish, tight turns and stiles amongst woodland paths. I was pleased with the time and looking forward to the next cross country on home turf.

(1  39:16 Joakim Korslund,  Aston University Gazelles)
13  44:22 Andrew Sheldon
142 ran

Hodgson Mountain Relay, Sun 2 Oct

From Jack Wood ... An excellent 19th by Ilkley's Men at a sunny Hodgson Relays today. A great start by Martin & Gav who came back 8th on first leg. Steve and young Jack ran strongly on the long second over High Street. Iain and Paul stormed a 10th fastest leg 3 time, and me and Michael in his first ever Lakes fell race held on to a top 20 place. Well done all.
Ilkley had 5th ladies team.
From Alison ... 5th ladies team in a total time 05:22:53 - a good result for the ladies too in a very competitive field. And the day was amazing - very sunny with no mist or rain (and no bearings required!)
leg 1 Chantel Busby and Lucy Jaques 00:54:51 (56th)
leg 2 Jann Smith and Mary Gibbons 01:42:36 (62nd)
leg 3 Alison Weston and Outi Kamarainen 01:10:48 (44th)
leg 4 Jane McCarthy and Kate Archer 01:34:38 (47th)

Alison's photos

WYXC, Sun 2 Oct


Kielder Marathon, Sun 2 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld... This was my second go at the Kielder Marathon, part of a superbly organised weekend where you can choose between a run-bike-run, 10k, half or full marathon, all in the spectacular setting of Kielder Water. As in 2015 I was the only Harrier there, but the atmosphere is so friendly that it is easy to get chatting to lots of nice people. You can also hang out with the likes of Steve Cram and Alyson Dixon who support the event.
The full marathon is exactly one lap of the reservoir, on well made tracks going through the forest, not unlike the terrain at Fewston but definitely on the distinctly hilly side of undulating. Conditions were perfect, with a foggy and frosty start giving way to a sunny but cool and still day. My three aims were to (mostly) enjoy it, to beat last year's time, and to only walk some uphill stretches but none of the flat or downhills. I succeeded in all three. I had hoped to get round in 04:30 but it wasn't to be, however I was happy enough to shave a good six minutes off my time. I took advantage of the sports massage on offer straight afterwards which really aids recovery. The marathon was won by a fellow Dutchie running for Tyne Bridge Harriers.
I can honestly recommend the weekend, with 4 races to choose from there is one to cater for everyone making it a good family event.
Results ...

(1  2:48:51 Cees van der Land, Tyne Bridge Harriers)
367 4:41:03 Petra Bijsterveld
627 ran

parkruns, Sat 1 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:59  Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
103 24:57 Nina Pearce (junior)
400 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:38 Mark Bryant, Harrogate Harriers)
43  21:44 Helen Thurston
141 25:11 Geoff Howard
171 26:01 Jennifer Carne
370 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:07 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
94  28:29 Anna Pickering
170 ran

Older News, Sep 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, September

Runner of the month:
Kate Archer
Queen of the mountains (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) Other nominations were:
Sally Malir for Yorkshire Vets gold medal
Volunteer of the month:
Hilda Coulsey
for work as Secretary and stand-in Chair, Clubmark and Improvers success and prep and chair of the AGM Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for auditor duties
Petra Bijstervedt for improvers, parkrun and other electronic actions
Gaenor and Steve Coy for the Aquathlon organisation

More Harriers of the Month ...

Ilkley Harriers AGM, Tue 27 Sep

More info on the Committee page.

Harriers League Update

From Jane McCarthy ... Check your position in the League! - Now updated for Round Hill, Burnsall 10, Ilkley Incline, Wetherby 10K and 3 Shires. Lucy Williamson still leads the overall placings, with Peter Lewis now in second place. Spreadsheet
Don't forget to register your wildcard results - you can nominate your result from virtually any race, just email me within 2 weeks.
Unfortunately Trail Race Harewood 10 is not going ahead this year. We are replacing it with the Bronte Way on 30th October instead. info. Please note this is not a point to point race. Information about transport to the start is on the website.
Next races in the League are Guy Fawkes 10 and Abbey Dash on 6th November, and Burley Moor Fell Race on 12th November. Enjoy your racing!

Berlin Marathon, Sun 25 Sep

From Caroline Howe ... On Sunday David Howe and I started the 43rd Berlin Marathon with 40,000 others. Temperature in the low 20s, it was a little on the warm side but thankfully a lot of the route is shaded. Water stations were absolute carnage however! As Bekele narrowly missed out on the world record, we weaved our way through the flat streets of this fantastic city, with ample crowds cheering us on all the way. David achieved his goal of sub-3:30, finishing in 3:28:50 - a PB by 11 minutes in his 13th marathon. I thought I was on for my first sub-4 finish until, at about 25.9 miles, I realised my GPS was slightly out, meaning I finished in 4:01:20 with 26.45 miles on the clock. Still, a PB by 5 minutes! Overall, a fantastic race, fantastic city and fantastic weekend! Just one other Harrier took part - Derek Oliver, finishing in an impressive 3:19.

Robin Hood Half marathon, Sun 25 Sep

From Nigel Tapper ... This is the first time I've ventured to Nottingham for this, one of the longest established half and marathon events in the country (36th year) and it was a really well attended and organised event . The support around the largely flat course was far better than I was ready for. There were so many friendly faces to encourage the runners. The course is an interesting meander through the streets of the City with a short rise up the cobbles adjacent to the 12th Century castle and the oldest inn in England (which we of course had to visit post race!). The weather was near perfect for running and spectating and the organisers had everything well arranged as you would hope for at the start and finish, and there was plenty of space post race even with the hoards of well wishers. I was pleased enough. Maybe the Marathon next year !! Results ...

(1     1:05:55 Barnaba Kipkoech)
1164   1:46  Nigel Tapper
5433   2:32  Mary Colson
6300 finishers

Two breweries hill race, Sat 24 Sep

From Outi Kamarainen ... Very strong westerly wind was the headline of the 2016 edition of the Two breweries hill race, which runs from east to west over the Tweed valley hills, thus no records were broken and the checkpoint cut off times were being extended by 15 minutes during the race. The race starts at the Traquair house in Innerleithen where there is a small brewery and takes on the 18 miles of moorlands and 4900 feet of ascent to arrive in another brewery in Broughton. Despite having to struggle onwards nearly doubled over at times, it was a memorable run over nice country side and rough moorland and I guess the slow times meant that I was able to enjoy the scenery just bit longer.
Results ...

(1  2:56:53 Alasdair McLeod, Shettleston Harriers)
38  4:21:52 Outi Kamarainen
76 finished

Thieveley Pike, Sat 24 Sep

From Steve Turland ...

(1 34:31 Nick Leigh, Horwich)
9  38:34 Steve Turland
99 finished

Causeway Coast marathon series, Sat 24 Sep

From Hilda Coulsey ... The Giant in Giants Causeway was surely having fun when some 1100 runners tackled variously the Ultra, Marathon and Half Marathon in blinding rain and a very blustery headwind. The course sets off from near Ballycastle, at the top of the North Antrim coast, over a headland, down across rocks to a three mile long beach at Whitepark Bay. Perhaps it was just as well I didn't check the tide (but who would?) but soon enough realised that to get on and off the beach required scrambling over these rocks in 3 ft of water with the tide sloshing in and out, oh what fun! Then up and down headlands and inlets (rocks, mud, grassy slippery slopes, stiles, cows etc) taking the coastline route through a couple of the Game of Thrones locations and the significantly older and, in my mind much more majestic, tourist site at the Giants Causeway to Portballintrae, a couple of miles from the Bushmills distillery. I did the half taking 2hrs 38, in 233th place, putting me just in the top half of the placings well deserving I felt therefore of the delightful post race refreshment in the local hostelry. Hats off to the marathoners and ultra-ers, a very long day for them. But don't let me put you off at all, really this is one of the most picturesque places in the world and very much worth the trip.
For those interested in newer history(?!) the race start was at Renly Baratheon's war camp in the Stormlands, passing through a small fishing harbour in the picturesque village of Ballintoy served as Pyke on The Iron Islands, setting the stage for Theon Greyjoy's homecoming. One of the little coves nearby was also a beach on Dragonstone, where Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, Melissandre and Salladhoor Saanmeet up with the magnificent tidal pools where Theon gets baptized into the faith of the Drowned God.
So see you there next year?

parkruns, Sat 24 Sep

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:20 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
5   17:36 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
48  21:05 Tom Worboys
471 ran

(1  17:06 Joel Redman U/A)
3   17:15 Alex Hirst
705 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:18 unknown)
18  20:31 Sally Malir
415 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:29 Mark Bryant, Harrogate AC)
205 26:54 Jennifer Carne
376 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:39 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
94  27:36 Polly Crawley
195 ran

Harrogate Haverah trail race, Sun 18 Sep

From Ben Jotynson ... A bright sunny day for a nice run around some nice trails. A first time event for Harrogate Harriers, which I hope will return, as the race was very well organised and the food after was excellent ;)

(1  1:04:56 Andrew Grant, Harrogate Harriers AC)
24  1:15:44 Ben Joynson
193 1:54:40 Amanda Poppleton
196 1:55:29 Julie Elmes
224 finished

Embsay fell race, Sun 18 Sep

From Peter Lewis ... Another glorious September day and despite a gruelling Three Shires the day before, Jack sped round in 19:26 to gain second place. Iain Gibbons was 10th in 21:48, followed by Martin Archer 13th in 22:18 and Peter Lewis 81st in 31:19.
Results ...

(1 18:45 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
2  19:26 Jack Wood                 
10 21:48 Iain Gibbons               
13 22:18 Martin Archer              
81 31:19 Peter Lewis (PB!)
92 finished

The Ilkley Aquathlon, Sat 17 Sep

Another very succesful event, well done to organisers Gaenor and Steve, and all the helpers. Details

British and Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships, Sat 17 Sep

From Malcolm Pickering ... Uphill only races, incorporating home Counties international, at Keswick.

U17 women  2.1km, 400m ascent
(1 20:43  Grace Whelan, Scotland)
11 22:21  Bethan Morley
England 2nd

U20 women 3.2km, 509m   ascent
(1 24:02 Bronwen  Jerkinson, Wales)
8  27:46 Sarah Pickering
England 1st

U17 men 3.2km, 509m ascent
(1 20:44  Nathan Smith, England)
4  22:11  Euan Brennan

Scafell Pike fell race, Sat 17 Sep

(1   57:33 Josh Jardine)
36 1:16:56 Kate Archer (2nd Lady)
127 finished

Yorkshire Vets Cross Country Championship, Sat 17 Sep

From Jann Smith ... Ilkley got Yorkshire team gold medals for Sally, Jann and Helen in F45-F54 category
Results ...

Women (5K)
(1 17:04 Jo Buckley, Bingley)
6  18:07 Sally Malir (gold = 1st F50 )
15 18L51 Jann Smith (silver =2nd F45 ) 
27 20:20 Nicky Hopwood
33 21:15 Helen Waddington
84 finished

Men (10K)
(1 29:19 Job Wills, Leeds)
11 30:57 Matt Cox (4th M40)
27 33:03 Paul Carman
69 finished

Men 50-59 (10k)
(1 31:25 Simon Wright, Doncaster)
25 36:42 Nick Pearce
66 finished

Three Shires fell race, Sat 17 Sep

From Alison Weston... A superb day in the Lakes for the Three Shires race in Little Langdale, maybe even a bit too hot! Jack stormed round in a mere 2:03:12 and 4th position, so he's aiming for sub-2 hrs next year! Steve Turland was 36th in a great time of 2:28:06, Richard Joel 92nd in 2:52:41 and Alison Weston 108th in 2:57:42 (2nd V50), Duncan Cooper 138th in 3:12:30, Mary Gibbone 164th in 3:22:37 and sarah Edwards 181st in 3:31:37. No one was in a hurry to go home with pasties at the end and a very friendly pub. A highly recommended race!

(Winner - Ricky Lightfoot)
4 Jack Wood 2:03:12
36 Steve Turland 2:28:06
92 Richard Joel 2:52:41
108 Alison Weston 2:57:42
138 Duncan Cooper 3:12:30
164 Mary Gibbons 3:22:37
181 Sarah Edwards 3:31:37

parkruns, Sat 17 Sep

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:19 Michael Salter, U/A)
9   17:54 Tim Ashelford
38  20:10 Adrian Bastow
455 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:15 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
204 26:50 Jennifer Carne
380 ran

Mile End
(1  16:56 Peter Downie, Highgate Harriers)
55  22:51 Will Worboys
212 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:09 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
83  26:36 Karen Lambe
122 28:39 Polly Crawley (junior)
189 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:39 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
54  22:35 Norman Push
350 ran

(1  16:37 Gregan Clarkson, Kingston upon Hull AC)
20  23:19 Geoff Howard
81 ran

parkrun, Portuguese style

From Outi Kamarainen ... During a recent holiday, I found out about an informal trail run taking place on Friday night on the outskirts of a small town in the Algarve. Never one to miss the opportunity to experiencing a different running scheme, I turned up at 8 pm at the little town somewhere close to the coast.
Already there were quite a few people there, and lot more arrived later, dressed in bright orange, yellow and pink tops and in the end there were over 100 participants, covering a wide age and ability range, with some participants even walking the course. The evening officially started with a brief warm up session, lead by the local aerobics instructor (not something that we are used to at fell races!). Then followed a series of rambling speeches and a drone video shoot. Finally, we set off half an hour after the advertised start time (what they call a prompt start in Portugal!). The route was 11 km (though my GPS recorded it being closer to 12k) and weaved through the farm land and olive groves around the town, following mainly farm tracks and little roads, with few paths thrown in the mixture too. The crowds soon thinned, and I ran much of the way by myself, following the distant head torches further up the tracks. The route was marked by tapes and glow sticks, with a few marshals at road crossings and it felt a bit like a mixture of treasure hunt and mystery tour with bright stars above and and crickets together with the odd dog bark providing the sound track. There was a water and fruit stop at about the half way mark, and I even got hosed down by a spectator at one point - a very welcome surprise since, despite the darkness, the thermometer still showed +24C. Finally, even though it was a non-timed event, there was still a sprint to the finish line and my time according to my watch was somewhere around 62 minutes. Afterwards, we tucking into yet more fresh fruit, whilst swapping stories of nearly getting lost at various points in the dark; whilst the route was well marked, you had to have your wits about you to stay on the marked track.
Apparently, these weekly events started a few years ago, with 6 runners heading out on Friday nights for an easy run. From there it has expanded, with different local clubs taking it in turns to host the trail runs. So if you ever find yourself in southern Portugal on a Friday night, with nothing better to do, I thoroughly recommend putting on the trainers and finding a torch of sorts to join in on one of these great nights out on trails.

Run Rabbit 100 Steamboat Springs Colorado, Sat 16 Sep

From Brian Melia... I headed over to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a new adventure in trail running. This is not a race on most Ultra Trail runners list, but I had thought over winter about getting out there or Lake Tahoe. In the end I summed up the courage to enter Run Rabbit 100 ... so named after the Rabbit ears pass you drive through to get to steamboat. I flew from Manchester to Chicago, then to Denver to collect my pre booked small car. The lady was insistent at collection I "Needed a six cylinder" not my small four cylinders as I was going over 3000 metres passes to get to Steamboat and my car would struggle. I thought she was joking so insisted on taking my 1.2 litre Yaris automatic. There was a lovely atmosphere at the registration the night before which settled my nerves, almost like a fell race. The numbers running the 100 mile race was limited to 350.
The race begins at the foot of Mt. Werner at the Sheraton Hotel at 2200 metres. I began at 8.00 am. The climb was long and hard, but really beautiful. Even a black bear was seen. After that it was single track to Fish Creek falls probably one of the most stunning trails I have been on before heading back into Steamboat for a loop of 20 miles round Cow creek mountain range and back for my first drop bag. I changed socks and filled up with food before it went dark. You head back up Fish creek in the dark and then to Long Lake aid station. It was a harvest moon and clear skies. Luckily I was told how cold it could get. Over the next 10 hours it was going to be a problem as it dropped to -15 degrees. Lots of people dropped due to the temperatures and the altitude which was about 3200m for long periods. I came close as my hands were freezing. Luckily the aid stations had fires. I spent too long in the relative comfort. Looking back I now realise how good these aid stations were. The food supplied was just fab. Hot drinks, coke ginger beer. Energy drinks (Tailwind), sandwiches, eggs and bacon. Some pizza and various broths. We were very well looked after considering how remote the race was, it was incredible ... super friendly. From long lake there is 5 mile drop to Summit Lake, my second drop bag where I put any spare clothes on. Then essentially a 24 mile out and back to Spring Creek Ponds. In the cold and dark it felt very eerie, but I managed to get through. As the sunrise happened I felt an energy surge. At my drop bag once more at Summit Lake I was able to get back to minimal clothes and sunglasses to try to finish. The trail took me on a tortuous route back to the top of Mt Werner. I ran really well most of the time finishing 26th. Really I should have worn warmer gloves which would have helped me get out of the aid stations instead of lingering so long, all told probably 2 hours or more! As always on these races it is not just about you. There are some lovely interesting runners and volunteers who make the journey worthwhile. I was pleased I made the effort and have looked back this last couple of weeks with a real satisfaction at completing Run Rabbit 100. I won a Glass Tankard and my first Buckle.
And the rental lady was right I need a six cylinder.

Vale of York half marathon, Sun 11 Sep

From Dave Weesthaed ... A nice day for running on what looked at the start like an easy course. The first 7 miles were OK and I felt on for a time around 1:21 but after that it seemed to get harder and I was rather disappointed with my run and time in end. There was no obvious reason for this but talking to people who finished around me it was not an uncommon sentiment. Anyway, a good run on closed flat roads and well organised.
Results ...

(1   1:08:55 Jason Cherriman. Leeds)
71   1:23:56 David Westhead
137  1:28:37 Derek Oliver
589  1:47:15 William Woodhead
1097 2:05:51 Elizabeth Westhead
1594 finished

Lake District Mountain Trial, Sun 11 Sep

From Roy Ruddle ... In the words of the organiser, this year was a Classic Classic - i.e., hard, as witnessed by the winning time. Still superb weather and an excellent event. The Haines family were out in force, with Chloe 4th F on the Medium Course and Florence 2nd F in the Short Course, as well as Peter & Sarah who were running in Ilkley colours and are listed below.

Classic course 
(1  4:59:22 Neil Talbott, Ambleside AC)
27  6:46:35 Jack Wood
31  7:04:17 Roy Ruddle
51 started
Short course
(1  2:12:34 Rebecca Rooke, Black Combe Runners)
5   2:45:34 Peter Haines (1st V60)
13  3:04:47 Sarah Haines (1st FV50)
51 started

Yorkshireman, Sun 11 Sep

From Helen Waddington... Lovely conditions for today's Yorkshireman races over at Haworth. A total of 4 Harriers ran the scenic Half course (just shy of 15 miles) whilst Adela Reperecki took on the tough Full (26 mile) course and was placed second V50 lady - well done Adela. Gavin Lamb was first Harrier home on the half course in a time of 2.12.20. I was pleased to have moved up a few places since I last ran in 2014. A well-organised and very friendly event.

Woodentops photos

Half Results
(1   1.49.05 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
24   2.12.20 Gavin Lamb                                             
49   2.20.39 Jonathan Sinclair                                       
54   2.21.48 Rob Cunningham                                  
103  2.37.36 Helen Waddington                                        
203 ran

Full Results:
(1   3.28.52 Kevin Doyle, Kimberworth Striders)
63   5.09.43 Adela Reperecki 2nd V50                         
112 ran

Great North Run, Sun 11 Sep

Results ...

(1    1:00:04 Mo Farrah)
2840  1:41:58 Dan Ibbotson
6096  1:51:01 Christine Cox
8037  1:54:53 Charlotte Smithson
12719 2:02:54 Tim Ratcliffe
12961 2:03:23 Emma Curran
26434 2:28:28 Elaine Ibbotson
26470 2:28:32 Bernadette Gibbons
30633 2:37:57 Heather Duke
50,000 ran?

Burnsall fell race, Sun 11 Sep

Results ...

(1 13:38 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
6  16:14 Iain Gibbons
8  16:23 Paul Carman
10 16:47 Jack Cummings
14 17:52 Steve Turland
74 finished

parkruns, Sat 10 Sep

From Rhys Jones ...

Bradford lister park
(1 17:06 Will Kerr)
15 20:32 Sally Malir 
26 20:59 Rhys Jones 

Ilkley Incline, Wed 7 Sep

From Dick and Helen Waddington ... Well done to all the runners who took part in the Ilkley Incline last night. It was a hot and sticky midge-fest so thank you all for coming. Great that so many Ilkley Harriers took part and so many won prizes - 9 in total claimed wins in their category. As always, these races wouldn\t happen without all the people in the background helping - we would like to give a BIG thank you to all of you who performed duties on the night - Neil and Mandy Chapman and Toni Melechi on finish funnel and timing, Val Kerr, John and Dan Hayes, Julie Malechi, Nicky Hopwood and Alison Weston who all helped marshal and corral the runners on the course or up to the start, Sarah Hayes (and Lucy on the till!) and Jann Smith on Registration and Sarah on sweeper duties too! Andrew McCarthy raced the results down on his MTB and last but not least Jane McCarthy who sorted results and winners. I do hope we haven't left anybody out! We are very grateful to you all!!!

Wetherby 10k, Sun 4 Sep

Results ...

(1  32:42 Andrew Grant, Harrogate)
49  40:08 Richard Joel
60  41:32 Derek Oliver
73  42:20 Lucy Williamson
260 49:56 Sarah Hayes
293 50:58 Stephanie Fox
374 54:34 Peter Lewis
526 61:07 Sue Williamson
531 60:44 Deborah Nicholson
694 finished

Bradley fell race, Sun 4 Sep

Results ...

(1 25:08 Chris Miller, Harrogate)
8  27:44 Martin Archer           
9  27:49 Paul Carman             
12 28:25 Rob Carr                     
20 31:02 Ben Joynson              
31 34:17 Jann Smith (3rd lady / 1st F40)
66 ran

parkruns, Sat 3 Sep

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:40 unknown)
7   18:49 Paul Carman
36  21:20 Jann Smith (1st F)
181 26:28 Julie Elmes
198 26:52 Jennnifer Carne
349 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   18:00 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
70  25:59 Thomas Campbell (junior)
102 28:07 Karen Lambe
111 28:58 Ruth Jones
116 29:16 Polly Crawley (junior)
190 ran

Older News, August 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, August

Runner of the month:
Jane Mccarthy and Dick Waddington
for their stunning performance in the ultra CCC at Mont Blanc Other nominations were:
Alison Bloor for her first ultra, Run to the Castle
Michael Lomas for his 19th Roundhill, 9th Kings challenge, 14th Burnsall (after running the 10m this year)
Martyn Stocker for races and improvement
Ben Joynson for downhill reps
Volunteer of the month:
Rachel Carter
for undertaking and transforming the membership process as secretary, now relinquishing the role Other nominations were:
Andy Wolfenden for leading his Tuesday sessions and the summer away runs
Paul Stephens for leading a series of interesting runs through the summer

More Harriers of the Month ...

Kilnsey Show fell race, Tue 30 August

Woodentops photos and provisional results

(1  7:58 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
4   8:46 Jack Wood
50 12:37 Outi Kamarainen
55 12:51 Norman Bush
71 15:09 Mary Gibbons
90 finished

Reeth Show fell race, Mon 29 August

Results ...

1  17:03 Jack Wood
5  18:56 Iain Gibbons
100 finished

Malham Show fell race, Sat 27 August

Results ...

(1 17:31 Harry Coates, Wallsend)
3  17:40 Jack Wood
74 finished

CCC Race in Italian/Swiss/French Alps, Fri 26 August

From Jane McCarthy... When Dick Waddington and I got places in January in the ballot to run the 2016 edition of the CCC (101km and 6,100m of ascent across 3 countries Courmayeur (IT) - Champex (CH) and finishing in Chamonix (FR) ) it felt exciting and a little intimidating. But the race did not disappoint its billing as 'having climbed from being the "little sister of the UTMB" to becoming a unique race that is one of the most prestigious of the world. The start line at the centre of Courmayeur is tinged with an atmosphere that only Italians can provide, a rare emotional moment to the music of Vangelis. The start was moving, a minute's silence for the victims of the earthquake, then a helicopter and drone overhead to film the mass start at 9am Friday morning, and indeed, to the music of Vangelis.
The weather had been worryingly hot all week in Chamonix and race day for us was no different - with 32 degrees forecast between 9am and 5pm at 1,000m of altitude. The extent of the heat could be felt in the first kilometres, which quickly lead to 2500m of altitude, facing Mont-Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses. After CP1 and CP2 it was an absolute delight to see Andrew Merrick at the Refuge Elena, high on the trail, and he ran with DIck and me down to La Fouly. He telephoned Helen (W) to let her know progress and I heard him reassure her that we were being very 'sensible' with pace - thinly veiled code for 'slow!'. But it felt very terribly hot and coming in to Champex-Lac around 7pm and after 10 hours to meet Helen and Andrew Mc was both a highlight, but also a mental challenge as we knew we were only at best halfway! After some pasta (kept down to varying degrees), (more) coke, and words of support by our other halves, Dick and I felt ready to press on. We knew that runners around us were suffering more - we had gained over 200 places in arriving at Champex - I think this provided perfect motivation. With the heat abating a little, and time for head torches to be switched on, it felt much more comfortable and we overtook many runners through the remainder of the race. The last checkpoint at Flegere above Chamonix saw a steep, then fast, 7km descent to the finish and it felt AMAZING to finally reach the finish line after more than 20 hours! Of a starting number of 2129 (319 females) there were a total of 1386 finishers (215 female) - giving a 35% drop out rate. DIck and I finished in 358th position (96th and 22nd category finish positions respectively).

From Dick Waddington ... The CCC is part of a week long UTMB festival of 5 ultra races all finishing in Chamonix and ranging from 50km to 270km(!) long. For the CCC you start in Courmayeur and make your way back to Chamonix via Champex (CCC) on a spectacular 101km route with 6000m of ascent around Mont Blanc. You know it's a big race when a helicopter is filming the start and a drone is hovering over head giving a live feed to the UTMB website. I was running with Jane McCarthy and this was the first ultra in the Alps for us both, in fact this was my first race of any kind in the Alps. The start was a nice jog through Courmayeur - very pretty with fantastic support from the big crowd. For the previous few days we had been getting texts from the organisers - "It's going to be very hot", "Be careful, don't go too fast", "Bring lots of water". For someone who pulled out of the Wasdale FR with heat exhaustion this didn't sound good. After a couple of hours the temperature was at 28 degrees, then it went to 32, and stayed above 28 until about 7pm, so yes it was pretty hot. There was a constant drip from the brim of my cap as I slogged up the climbs. The views of the south face of Mont Blanc were amazing - the Central Pillar of Freney looked stunning for the climbers amongst you. Eventually the heat and altitude made it hard to eat, so by the half way stage at 7pm our support team of our respective children and Helen and Andrew had a big job to put the wheels back on by getting us to eat and sending us gently but firmly on our way - without them it would have been game over I think. Thanks guys!! After that, there were some pleasant tracks to make good progress on and the food kicked in; it's a great learning experience to feel incapable of carrying on, but to get it back together for the last 40km and three big climbs of 1000m each. Eventually Jane came out with the classic line of "lees than a marathon to go now" and I started to think it was possible. More noodles, gels, cups of coke, TUC biscuits, bags of Haribos and we were moving quite well. The sight of a line of torches heading upwards to the stars on the last climb up the Tete au Vents was sobering, but hey, it was the last climb, so how bad could it be? The sharp rocks on the plateau above didn't help the blisters on the soles of my feet, but we cracked on to the final descent - 900m down in 5km, then a nice 2km on the flat and into Chamonix for a run around the town. We found a bit of adrenalin for a final kilometre in about 5 minutes, then that was it, the crowd cheered (yes, at 5am!!) and Andrew and Helen were at the end very relieved to see we were alive! The CCC was an amazing experience, involving trauma and exhaustion and a lot of sweat. The level of effort involved to hold it together for 20.5 hours surprised us both, but having a friend with you and great support makes it easier. Would I do it again? Maybe. Would I do the 170km UTMB? Not for a while. Hats off to those who have.

Burnsall classic fell race, Sat 20 August

From Val Kerr ... Despite the forecast for rain and high winds conditions remained fair for this classic fell race. Runners got off to a quick start with local expert Ted Mason leading the way from start to finish. The run up the fell didn't seem as difficult as last time I did the race, perhaps because my 10 days walking in the Alps had paid off, but the descent off the top was still quite tricky with a narrow path, slippy mud, heather and boulders to navigate. Once the wall had been climbed however, it was a nice run down though the fields to the finish. Michael Lomas put in a sterling performance and was first IH home in 20th place having done the double and just run the 10 mile road race aswell. Michael was followed closely by Richard Joel (21st) who also had a good run. Will Worboys made his first appearance in a race for a while and ran well to finish in 67th place. I was the only IH lady to take part and finished in 80th place and 1st LV50 with plenty left in my legs at the end - I had forgotten how much I enjoy this race. Martyn Sticker was 89th having also just run the 10 mile road race.
Results ...

(1 14:58 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
20 20:07 Michael Lomas                    
21 20:12 Richard Joel                          
67 25:08 Will Worboys                       
80 26:52 Val Kerr (1st LV50)
89 30:04 Martyn Stocker                   
101 ran

Burnsall 10 road race, Sat 20 August

Woodentops photos

From Jean Sulivan ... 10 Harriers took part in the Burnsall 10 mile road race, with Michael and Martyn following this up by taking part in the classic fell race. Some great runs, especially by Michael Lomas, 1st Harrier home, followed by Dave Robson, 2nd Harrier home. The conditions were perfect, cool and breezy with a 10 minute refreshing downpour thrown in too ! A great race at a great family day out!
Results ...

(1  55:57 Tom Corrigan, Barlick)
14  66:30 Michael Lomas
27  69:56 Dave Robson
36  74:16 Steve Murray
41  tbc   Martyn Sticker
47  76:52 Duncan Cooper
53  78:30 Harry Sime
54  78:32 Robert Sime
59  81:10 Dave Ibbotson
65  83:43 Jean Sullivan
86 105:30 Bernie Gibbons 1st V60
87 finished

Race the Train, Sat 20 August

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This annual event in Tywyn, Mid Wales, now in its 33rd year, is organized by the Tywyn Rotary Club and is centred around the Talyllyn Railway. There are shorter races in the morning, but the main event is the 14 mile multi-terrain race in the afternoon. Both the runners and the train are started by the train whistle ordered by the timekeeper. The run consists of 7 miles out to Abergynolwyn and 7 miles back, this time on the other side of the track, definitely the harder half of the course. The aim is to stay ahead of the train, which tends to take 1 hour 47, so beating it is only a possibility for the faster men and a handful of women. However, it is just as much fun being overtaken by the train, which is carrying friends and family cheering the runners on. I went with two non-Harrier friends. Unfortunately the weather was not good, with heavy rain and gale force winds of up to 50 miles an hour, though thankfully it was not actually cold. As a result conditions underfoot were extremely muddy. The undulating course consists of 1 mile of road at the start and finish, some unmade farm tracks, fields, and narrow sheep tracks on steep hillsides, where I wished that I had a longer right than left leg after a couple of miles of it. Added to that we had the gale blowing against us on the return leg. All in all it felt like a very long XC race. Thankfully I had decided to wear my mudclaws which were definitely the right shoes for the conditions on the day, I seemed to have far fewer problems with the mud than some around me. I ran the race mainly for enjoyment but did try and push-on at a steady pace, and was pleased with my time of 2 hours 32. We were rewarded with an excellent goodie bag including t-shirt, medal and an abundance of healthy snacks. To my mind the real heroes of the day were the marshals and water station people who had stood outside in atrocious conditions for the entire day to look after us.
Race website
Results ...

(1  1:28:14 Paul Green, Sale Harriers)
659 2:32:36 Petra Bijsterveld
834 ran

Run To The Castle Ultra, Sat 20 August

From Neil Bloor ... Alison and I ran the 42 mile run to the castle ultra which goes from Aberdovey to Harlech along the Welsh coastal path. It is fair to say that the weather was not with us! Starting out along the beach the gale force winds were pushing waves up the beach so we already had wet feet before we found safety in the dunes. Along Tywyn prom was probably life threatening (see photo) and meant we were soaked to the skin in sea water after only 5 miles. After this it was a constant battle against the wind with some steep hills in the first half and regular heavy showers. The second half is a lot flatter however the whole way required some good map reading despite being a signed path with additional red arrows and tape. Very pleased to finish 36th and 37th out of a field of 50, nearly half the normal number of runners given the conditions. For us it was just about finishing and raising money for CRY (cardiac risk in the young) following the untimely death of Alison's younger brother a year ago. If anyone would like to sponsor us it is not too late
This was Alison's first ultra marathon and we found the event well organised and there was some great cameraderie amongst the runners.
First in was a fabulous 6:42 by Julian Ayres.

Pendle Three Peaks English championship race, Sat 20 August

From Alison Weston ... Only Jack and I entered the 5th English championship race. (16km/870m) Bit wet and windy in comparison with recent weather but Jack had a flyer to finish 13th overall in 1hr 20. I finished well over half an hour later in 1hr 56 and was pretty low down in my age category but it was a good course and very well organised. A small section of fence and wall had been removed for the race but was rebuilt before the prize giving took place!
Results ...

(1 75:41 Sam Tosh, Rossendale)
13 80:54 Jack Wood
229 finished

(1  94:06 Sharon Taylor, Helm Hill)
39 116:51 Alison Weston
77 finished

parkruns, Sat 20 August

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  18:11 Matthew Akpan, U/A)
48  21:43 Tom Worboys
318 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  16:42 Elliot Hind, Leighton Buzzard)
2   19:13 Paul Carman
14  22:02 Jann Smith
97  30:52 Polly Crawley (junior)
139 ran

(1  18:18 Thomas Durcan, Derwent AC)
56  28:29 Fiona Schneider
102 ran

Peckham Rye
(1  17:12 Andy Bond, Dulwich AC)
2   17:17 Alex Hirst
146 ran

Hardmoor Wainstones Trail Race, Sun 14 August

Vince Gibbons reports ... Bernie Gibbons was first female vet 60 at the Hardmoor Wainstones Trail Race (9.6 mile course with 1,900 feet of climbing) in 2hr 10min. Tough course on a gloriously sunny day at Chopgate, Great Broughton, Teesside.

Sedbergh Hills fell race, Sun 14 August

Results ...

(1 2h26:55 Steven Snape, Salford)
64 3h27:24 Robin Nicholson
96 finished

Littondale road and fell races, Sat 13 August

From Petra Bijsterveld... I went to the Littondale Gala in Arncliffe for the 2nd time with two non-Harrier friends from Reading. The road race is a 4 mile out and back course along the river, not as flat as you might imagine being in the valley bottom, mainly downhill out and uphill back, and we were treated to a stiff summer breeze against us to add to the uphill. Jack Wood and I were the only Harriers in the road race, which was won by Daniel Cliffe from Liverpool in a new course record of 19:43 (he has a 5K PB of 14:00 - I was rather starstruck briefly chatting to him in the tea rooms). Jack came 6th against some fast competition. My Reading friends raced well, Colin coming in as 3rd M50 and Tom, who turned 80 last month, winning the M80 category! It being a small race (77) I had hoped to perhaps win the F50 category but a Settle runner beat me to it. I was happy with my running and a time of 33:47 though. A bottle of Wharfedale Blonde for all finishers made it even more worthwhile.
The fell race is a steep course, 1.9m and 459 ft, and not the sort of terrain for me. Jack Wood and Norman Bush flew the flag for Ilkley. My friend Colin decided he might as well do a Yorkshire fell race and bravely joined the 98 hardy Northern fell runners on the start line. The race was won by Simon Bailey, followed by Ted Mason and Jack was 3rd. Norman came 51st looking very strong! Colin held the honour of the Reading Road Runners high by coming 67th.
I saw a lot of Ilkley Juniors in the junior fell races. I can recommend this gala as a lovely family day out and it would be great to see some more Harriers running next year!

Photos on Woodentops ...

Fell race results ...

(1 10:27 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
3  11:20 Jack Wood
51 16:03 Norman Bush
98 finished
Road race results ...

(1 19:43 Daniel Cliffe, Liverpool)
6  21:44 Jack Wood
50 33:47 Petra Bijsterveld
77 finished

parkruns, Sat 13 August

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:41 Steve Collins)
8   18:51 Paul Carman
40  21:22 Jann Smith
209 27:15 Julie Elmes
364 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:36 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
55  26:07 Daniel Fazackerley (junior)
82  28:24 Fiona Schneider
148 ran

1   17:50 Cameron Reilly (junior)
61  25:00 Arthur Reilly
179 ran

Peckham Rye
(1  17:11 Timothy Bowen, Dulwich Runners)
2   17:31 Alex Hirst
107 ran

Kings Challenge, Thu 11 August

Woodentops photos

From Michael Lomas... Four Harriers went over to Silsden on Thursday night for the Kings Challenge. With only 17 runners in previous years it was a surprise to see at least double the amount milling outside the Kings Arms for the start. Organisers quickly stopping cars on the street for a 100m dash up the main road before turning off, through the houses and out onto the clag on the moor up to the trig at long ridge end and back. A bit of local knowledge helps on this race as the markers were a bit sparse, I thought following a Wharfie would see me right but even he went wrong! Jann Smith ran a stunning race and was first lady across the line after chasing down the Monica from Wharfedale. Paul and I came in the top ten and Martyn Stocker finished strongly in 24th.
Results ...

(1 39:59 James Hall, Wharfedale)
7  46:00 Paul Carman
9  47:48 Michael Lomas
22 56:06 Jann Smith  1st lady
24 56:56 Martyn Stocker
44 finished

Round Hill fell race, Sun 7 August

From Paul Stephens ... After a hot and sunny Saturday it was a relief to have it windy and overcast for the 2016 Round Hill fell race. It was good racing conditions - firm underfoot but not too hard and the strong wind never seemed to be coming straight at you. Only 7 Ilkley Harriers made the short trip with Martin Archer the first male Harrier home and Sarah Hayes the first female. I was pleased with my time and position - in the top half (just) and less than 2 minutes slower than my last attempt in 2013. But there were still 4 M60s in front of me! Michael Lomas wasn't far behind Martin Archer with Dave Robson a couple of minutes further back. I'd overtaken Mike Baldwin about 2 miles in and was able to hold him off. I also overtook Martin Stocker with about 3 miles to go but he was too strong and finished 30 seconds in front of me. It was Sarah Haye's first time at Round Hill and she was 5th LV40 home.
Results ...

(1    55:50 Lee Athersmith. Wharfedale)
14  1:01:03 Martin Archer
19  1:01:52 Michael Lomas
23  1:04:11 David Robson
62  1:13:50 Martin Stocker
67  1:14:09 Paul Stephens
74  1:16:01 Mike Baldwin
123 1:30:39 Sarah Hayes
151 finished

Cross Bay Challenge, Sun 7 August

From Fiona Schneider ... This half marathon is described as a challenge for a reason and Sunday did not disappoint with deafening headwind roaring across the bay. The direction changed from my previous effort, the race was run East to west Lancashire to Cumbria and 8 miles into the wind. Underfoot is surprisingly variable with the need to ford channels and rivers well above knee level, splash through puddles and portholes, squelch into mud and some solid sand. Conditions were reported as the most difficult yet, but I love this wilderness and the privilege of running across it safely outweigh any extra effort needed this year. It would be a great day out for an IH league run.

(1  1:37:17 Lewis Barton 
206 2:47:50 Fiona Schneider 40th Fv
215 Finished

Hoad Hill Half Marathon, Sun 7 August

From Helen Waddington... Only the second year for this multi-terrain and hilly event. There is also a full marathon and a children's mile race. Brilliantly organised and heavily supported by GlaxoSmithKline which has a large factory in Ulverston and employs 300 locally, I think it's the only event I've ever done where the police stopped traffic for the runners at the two road crossings. Multi-terrain includes road, track, field, beach and moorland and the 'half' in the half marathon description actually means closer to 14 miles, but who's counting. I was getting fed up of long road runs in preparation for the autumn Yorkshire marathon so this was a very welcome break from the routine. I would highly recommend it, but be prepared for the kick at the end which laid waste to a few runners who hadn't left enough in the tank.

(1 1:30:00 Joe Kenny)
53 2:04:46 Helen Waddington
154 ran

Borrowdale fell race, Sat 6 August

From Alison Weston... A warm beautiful day for Borrowdale fell race 27km/2000m today (4th English championship race) though it was still really tough. Jack Wood came a brilliant 17th overall out of about 400 runners, followed by Brian Melia and Outi Kamarian who both ran well and Alison Weston (3V50). Kate Archer had a great run all the way to Great Gable but unfortunately had to retire at Honister feeling unwell.
Results ...

(1  2h49:21 Ricky Lightfoot, Ellenborough)
17  3h13:50 Jack Wood
204 4h25:58 Brian Melia
232 4h36:15 Outi Kamarainen
237 4h36:58 Alison Weston
352 finished

parkruns, Sat 6 August

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:09 Martin Fillingham, Saltair Striders)
16  21:14 Tom Worboys
139 26:58 Hilda Coulsey
371 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:00 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
96  29:26 Neve Tennant (junior)
150 ran

Fountains Abbey
1   17:27 Euan Brennan (junior)
2   18:11 Dominic Coy (junior)
4   18:29 Stephen Coy
108 26:11 Gaenor Coy
250 ran

Peckham Rye
(1  17:28 Philip Sanders, Kent AC)
5   18:06 Alex Hirst
125 ran

Older News, July 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, July

Runner of the month:
Sarah Pickering
who won the FRA U18 champs Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for Muker, Addingham and Bingley performances
Harry and Robert Sime for Bramham 10k run and report and dedication to Tuesdays
Jemima Elgood for Addingham fell race
Jane McCarthy for Ultimate Trails Lakes 100k
Kate Archer for Snowdon
Andrew Merrick for Ultimate Lakes 100
Dan Wilkinson for Ingleborough 1st V40.
Volunteer of the month:
Val Kerr
for recent Washburn and Danefield relays and previous relay organisations together with long and successful committee work Other nominations were:
Abigail Bailey for leading Improvers group having really good feedback
Dan Wilkinson for another outstanding Addingham Gala race organisation

More Harriers of the Month ...

Cowling Gala, Sat 30 July

From Robin Nicholson ... Results ...

(1 19:25 Matthew Mackay, Rossendale)
7  21:56 Steve Turland
9  22:09 Robin Nicholson
39 finished

Rydal Round fell race, Thu 28 July

From Alison Weston ... Jack Wood, Mary Gibbons and I left Ilkley with intention of running the Rydal Round AM fell race (really the Fairfield Horseshoe) at the Ambleside Sports day but a few minutes before the race started the course was shortened considerably due to poor weather conditions. So we all ran a 4 mile very steep route to the top of Nab Scar and back the same way. Jack was 3rd and Mary and I some time later! (no official results as yet).

Ambleside Sports fell race, Thu 28 July

From Alison Weston ... As the above race was pretty short we then persuaded each other (following bacon sandwiches and lots of tea!) to also run the BOFRA 2 mile race later in the afternoon. More runners turned up for this championship race but Jack still managed 9th position and Iain Gibbons 7th V40. I have never run twice in a day before never mind racing and my legs strongly objected! BOFRA's may be short but they're certainly not easy.
Results ...

(1 13:56 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
9  15:47 Jack Wood
24 17:51 Iain Gibbons
72 21:59 Alison Weston
76 22:19 Mary Gibbons
118 fisnished

Pomona King of the Mountains, Sun 24 Jul

From Mark Mon-Williams ... Pomona is a small town in the hinterland of Noosa (Queensland, Australia) that has a single distinguishing feature - a large lump of volcanic rock named Mount Cooroora. In 1958, a bloke called Bruce (what else?) ran to the top of Mount Cooroora (438m) and told his mates in the bar (where else?) that he'd managed it in under an hour. Bruce's mates didn't believe him and so he did a demonstration run and thereby started the annual "King of the Mountain" race. The KoM race is now a big event in the area and attracts a large crowd. The race itself makes Coniston Gullies look like a parkrun...there is a large rock section with a chain that runners need to negotiate to get to the top. Ruaridh Mon-Williams was holidaying in Queensland with his family (returning to Brisbane - his birthplace - for the first time in 18 years) and decided he'd enter the race. The race was a fantastic affair with the runners first doing a short run down the main street (where the race starts and ends) and being introduced to the crowd. The whole community line the route and there are more rescuers on the mountain than runners. Ruaridh had a great run to finish in third place and first under 20 year old, with first place going to the 2016 Australian Mountain Running champion (Mark Bourne) and second place to a New Zealand runner. Ruaridh's parents were delighted (primarily with the fact that the small print about competitive sports in the travel insurance didn't need to be contested...) but now worrying about how to get his prize (a unicycle) home...
Results ...

(1 23:53 Mark Bourne)
3  27:18 Ruaridh Mon-Williams (1st Mens Junior)
94 finished

Trans d'Havet Harrier, Sun 23 July

From Alex Hirst ... on Saturday I completed the Trans d'Havet mountain marathon in the Italian Alps. Running up and down some pretty intense peaks for 40k (the short race!)
Out of 250 on the start line only about 150 completed the race (of which I was 74) with my good friend from the States Braden who currently lives in Florence alongside me. As the only Brit and American we gave the event an international flavour!
Results(not a marathon PB event) ...

Bingley Show fell race, Sat 23 July

Photos and provisional results on

1  38:17 Tom Adams
11 47:11 Martin Archer
12 48:06 Gavin Lamb
144 finished?

Lakes Sky Ultra, Sat 23 July

From Brian Melia ... What a fantastic race this turned out to be. Beautifully organised and supported on a very technical route.
Starting on the streets of Ambleside we climbed up to Fairfield via Dove Crag & Hart Crag, before dropping down across the scree slopes to Grisedale Tarn (CP1) and then traversing the Helvellyn massif. One of the best descents in the Lake District, Swirral Edge (grade 0.5 scramble), gives way to the classic mountain top of Catstycam (CP2) before plunging down the north-west ridge to the valley floor below (CP3 + Feed Station) . Climbing back up, onto Birkhouse Moor (CP4) and joy of running the whole length of Striding Edge (CP5 & easy grade 1 scrambling), before the route tops out back on the Helvellyn massif. Countouring around the top of the headwall of Nethermost Cove, leads onto the lesser-known line off Nethermost Pike (CP6), dropping into Grisedale on ropes. A short & very sharp uphill grind onto the Grisedale face of St. Sunday Crag (CP7) then there was exposure and steepness of Pinnacle Ridge itself (grade 3). Tasty! and great fun with rope assistance.
There was a great fast descent into Patterdale (CP8) and the chance for a refuel at the supplied aid station before climbing once again onto the high tops, via Boardale Hause (CP9) to visit Angle Tarn, The Knott and High Street. Another bone shaking descent off Long Stile passing Blea Water and down the valley to join the track (CP10) leading up past Small Water, on to Nan Bield Pass and back to the summits, bearing round a beauty of a track at the head of the Kentmere Valley. Some fantastic undulating running from The Beacon through Threshthwaite Mouth and over Caudale Moor to Kirkstone Pass via St Ravens Edge down to Kirsktone Pass Inn (CP11). One last climb - up Red Screes (CP12) and then the fast easy 5km descent back to Ambleside.
I was 30th in 10hrs 30 mins. There were quite a few Dragon Back racers so we had a good catch up over good food and coffee.

Cracoe fell race, Sun 17 July

From Mary Gibbons ... 2.6 miles, 900 feet of climbing. Straight up, around the 'pointy thing' and back down again... the tried and tested fell formula. Well done to the Gibbons pair (not related) out for Ilkley Harriers.
Results ...

(1 21:05 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
13 25:25 Iain Gibbons
52 31:31 Mary Gibbons
86 finished

Bramham 10k, Sun 17 July

From Harry Sime ... Robert Sime and I were at this inaugural 10k run in Bramham. It was a very friendly event ran by the Parish council. Lots of marshals and a large pavilion with changing rooms and most importantly lots of home made cakes and refreshments at the end plus a medal and loads of free photos. A nice quick first km on the road was as easy as it got with some fairly rough tracks making up most of the course. It was quite undulating and a very steep 200m climb in the final km. Virtually no shade and very little breeze so it felt much warmer than 19 degrees. We were quite steady paced ignoring the first km and glad to both cross the finish at 49.37 or thereabouts. Within hours got a message about improvements planned for 2017. Nice car and tractor free course.
Results ...

(1 35:46 Paul Milgate, Wetherby)
36 49:36 Harry Sime
37 49:38 Robert Sime
64 56:17 Timothy Ratcliffe
103 finished

Snowdon Internation mountain race, Sat 16 July

From Alison Weston ... Four Harriers took part in the Snowdon Internation mountain race up and down from Llanberis. It was wet and misty but not unpleasant running conditions. Michael Lomas had a great race to be first back for the Harriers in 1:29:07, followed by Kate Archer 7th lady in 1:36:15, Alison Weston 1:47:02 (2nd LV50) and Martyn Stocker 1.52:15. Results ...

Ingleborough fell race, Sat 16 July

From Dan Wilkinson ... A classic up and down gala race from Ingleton to the top of Ingleborough. Billed as an AM category race, it's got to be the easiest of this category on the calendar, useful for anyone wanting qualifying races for the likes of the 3 Peaks. I managed to place in the top 10 and with the V40 prize so I came home with my best prize haul at a race ever £35 in Pete Bland vouchers. Nick Pearce won the V60 category and Paul Carman and Jane McCarthy also ran placing well.
Results ...

(1 48:53 Nick Leigh, Horwich)
6  53:12 Dan Wilkinson
17 56:25 Paul Carman
42 63:15 Nick Pearce
47 64:20 Jane McCarthy
76 68:35 Jann Smith
128 finished

DT 30 Muker, Sat 16 July

From Gavin Lamb ... Great series of races which I will be putting all 3 in my diary for next year, albeit I was underprepared on this one when my legs packed in with 10km to go!

(1 2.30:21 Ben Hukins)
11 2.53:03 Gavin Lamb
217 finished

parkruns, Sat 16 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:18 Ciaran Forde, Horsforth Harriers)
189 26:45 Julie Elmes
348 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  18:16 Mark Callaghan, Dulwich Runners)
2   18:27 Alex Hirst
207 ran

Temple Newsam
(1  17:59 Dominic Petersen, Leeds City AC)
25  22:27 Tom Worboys
181 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  16:53 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
84  27:05 Polly Crawley (junior)
182 ran

Washburn Valley relays, Fri 15 July

From Val Kerr ... We had 3 mixed teams and 1 men's team in these relays, run around Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs in the Washburn Valley. As is customary for this event there was a lovely friendly atmosphere with plenty of support on the final 'hill' at the end of each leg. The evening was warm and muggy, which made the running more difficult than it should have been for the distances involved and brought the midges out in force as the evening went on. There were some great performances with Jack Cummings finishing in 2nd place and Paul Carmen finishing in 6th place on Leg 1 and Martin Archer finishing in 7th place on Leg 2.

Ilkley Late Arrivals
Leg 1    Paul Carmen          18:49 (6)
Leg 2    Martin Archer        24:31 (7)
Leg 3    Andrew Sheldon       22:24 (27)
(1:05:44 - final position 8)

Ilkley Mixed Bag
Leg 1    Jack Cummings        17:27 (2)
Leg 2    Ben Joynson          26:25 (10)
Leg 3    Mary Gibbons         23:45 (40)
(1:07:37 - final position 15)    

Ilkley Mixed Spice
Leg 1    Jean Sullivan        23:44 (39)
Leg 2    Jane McCarthy        27:34 (35)
Leg 3    Richard Joel         21:17 (14)
(1:12:35 - final position 27)

Ilkley Allsorts
Leg 1    Val Kerr              25:15 (55)
Leg 2    Andrew Jackson        30:04 (50)
Leg 3    Petra Bijsterveld     28:04 (65)
(1:23:23 - final position 57)
(72 teams took part)

Ilkley Harriers Race League

From Jane McCarthy ... The Harriers League is now up to date to include the three races in June - Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon, HDSRL(3) at Thirsk (Road) and Buckden Pike Fell Race. There were many strong Harrier performances - including top 3 finishes for Matt Cox at Wharfedale Half and Jack Wood second at Buckden Pike. From a League perspective, the best scores (age adjusted) were earned by Matt Cox and Nick Pearce (102 and 101 points for the Wharfedale Half), Norman Bush with 101 points at Buckden Pike, and Sally Malir with 98 points for Thirsk. With results to the end of June, Jack Wood still leads the Fell category (4 races), Hilda Coulsey now leads Trail (4 races) and Steve Murray leads Road (3 races). Overall, Lucy Williamson is still in top position after 8 races and 674 points, followed by Michael Duffield. Peter Lewis cleverly nominated an excellent result at Beamsley Fell as his Wildcard and moves to 6th place. Nick Pearce, after recent superb results is in 5th, with the highest average race score after completing 5 League races. Plenty more to come! We have had Addingham Gala last weekend, and next races in August are Round Hill in Fell (7th August) and Burnsall 10 in Road (24th August). Good Luck Everyone! More ...

Leeds 10K, Sun 10 July

From David Green ... Eleven Harriers took part in the 10th Jane Tomlinson Race for All Leeds 10

(1   31:51 Jamil Parapia, Leeds City A.C.)
417  44:22 Rhys Jones
476  44:41 Erin Keating
526  45:44 Harry Sime
543  45:52 Robert Sime
1323 49:47 David Green
1443 52:26 Charlotte Smithson
1684 52:35 Alex Hyde
3001 62:24 Abigail Bailey
3389 52:12 William Woodhead
3594 52:57 Donna Hattersley
5421 68:13 Annabel Bailey
6733 finished

Addingham Gala fell race, Sat 9 July

From Dan Wilkinson ... The Gala Race, now in its 7th year, was won by Liam Dunne and our own Jemima Elgood who smashed the women's course record by 45 seconds and came 4th overall. A great turnout from Harriers with Paul Carman and Jann Smith both in the top 3.

(1 44:08 Liam Dunne, Otley)
2  44:40 Paul Carman
4  46:17 Jemima Elgood
5  46:40 Gavin lamb
8  48:13 Dave Robson
9  49:07 Richard Joel
10 49:36 David Foyston
18 52:05 Julian Carter
20 52:19 Stephen Murray
22 52:27 John Hayes
26 54:10 Paddy Hagan
30 55:12 Jann Smith
44 62:25 Geoff White
48 65:03 Peter Lewis
56 finished

Borrowdale half marathon, Sat 9 July

From Paul Sugden ... results ...

(1  1:40:07 Oliver Smith)
42  2:17:55 Stuart Herrington
83  2:38:10 Dave Ibbotson
120 3:04:43 Paul Sugden
121 3:04:45 Donna Hattersley
150 ran

Sedbergh Sports fell race, Sat 9 July

From Alison Weston ... Kate, Martin and myself took part in the Sedbergh English and British fell race on Saturday. A short and steep marked route (5.6km/400m) in wet, misty weather. It was very competitive with men and women racing separately and runners packed closely together. Graham's photos (though much appreciated) are not very complimentary to many runners - everyone looks pretty spent by the time they got to the final descent!
Graham Weston's photos.

(1  24:58 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
122 31:30 Martin Archer
232 ran

(1 29:05 Victoria Wilkinson, Bingley)
36 36:36 Kate Archer
48 37:33 Alison Weston
98 finished

Baildon Canter, Sat 9 July

From Robin Nicholson ... results ...

(1 1920 Micaael Malyon, Bsildon)
8  23:00 Robin Nicholson

Wasdale fell race, Sat 9 July

(1 4h11:35 Neil Talbot, Ambleside)
65 6h08:40 Brian Melia
84 finished

parkruns, Sat 9 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A first finish for Alex Hirst down at Hilly Fields this week. Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:54 unknown)
14  18:49 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
289 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:04 Mark Bryant, Harrogate Harriers)
30  21:01 Tom Worboys
185 26:13 Julie Elmes
379 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:45 Sam Watson, Wharfedale Harriers)
63  27:14 Polly Crawley (junior)
130 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   17:24 Alex Hirst 
192 ran

Stirton fell race, Wed 6 July

From Jann Smith ... 5.6miles / 1181ft

(1 38:55 Sam Watson, Wharfedale)
3  40:18 Paul Carman
28 50:10 Jann Smith
76 ran

Danefield Relays, Tue 5 July

From Val Kerr ... It was fantastic to get five teams out for these relays on Tuesday evening (three men's and two ladies teams). Conditions were perfect for running - sunny and slightly breezy, which kept the midges at bay. There were some great performances especially from Jack Cummings, Dave Wilby (making a return to running after injury) (12th team) and Rosie Darwood, running one of her first races for the club. I was a spare but ran round the course anyway and received much support from the marshalls! The race was won by a team from Pudsey and Bramley. 113 teams took part. Results ...

Skiddaw fell race, Sun 3 July

From Robin Nicholson ... Results ...

(1 65:18 Jonathan Albon, U/A)
46 88:04 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
59 89:33 Robin Nicholson
135 finished

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, 2-3 July

From Sarah Edwards ... For those that don't know the Saunders is a two day event where competitors set off from an event centre somewhere in the lakes on Saturday morning. This year we started at Pooley Bridge. They must navigate through a number of control points to end the day at a mid camp, which was in Deepdale this year. You carry your kit for two days including tent, sleeping bag, stove, food, spare clothes etc, camp overnight Saturday then return to the event centre via an alternative route through Sunday. There are a number of different courses of varying length and difficulty, most of which require you to work as a team of 2. I did the Wansfell (bottom) class this year with my dad. He completed the Joss Naylor challenge last weekend in 13 hours 39 so we thought we'd best stick to the easiest option. The weather was wet and windy on Saturday making for a chilly day in the hill for all. We were lucky to arrive at mid camp at 12.00 noon and avoided the worst of the weather snuggled in our tent. Others were not so lucky. Sarah and John Hayes had a gruelling 8 hour day in Kirkfell class and arrived very cold a wet late in the afternoon. Visibility was pretty good allowing for quick navigation. Sunday dawned much brighter and warmer with beautiful views across the lakes. Dad and I set off 4th in the chasing start and made up a place despite a navigation error that cost us a good 15 mins. We finished 3rd overall. My wife and mum did their first mountain marathon as a team and finished 53rd after some great navigation and effort by both.

From Mary Gibbons ... I agreed to do the Kirkfell Class with my friend Simon Freytag in a moment of madness. Outi Kamarainen and Edward Ingham (Aire) finished 21st overall. They were the fourth mixed pair in 11:09:02. Simon and I were 41st overall and seventh mixed team in 14:16:29.
This was my first mountain marathon: I throughly enjoyed it, despite the unrelenting rain on Day One and falling over on the top of High Street! The exhilarating landscapes and sense of achievement on crossing the line made it memorable. I strongly recommend it. Special thanks to Outi, Alison, Ben and Jack for sound advice (and kit). Your encouragement has been greatly appreciated; we are lucky to have you at the club.

Results ...

Eccup 10, Sun 3 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1    53:46 Jason Cherriman, Leeds City AC)
102 1:11:10 Rachel Carter 2nd F40
304 1:21:10 David Ibbotson
377 1:24:00 Caroline Howe
475 1:28:53 Donna Hattersley
479 1:29:13 Alex Stanley-Hyde
559 1:33:40 Petra Bijsterveld
821 ran

Lakeland Trails 110km, Sat 2 July

From Jane McCarthy ... Dick Waddington, Andrew Merrick and I took on the 110km Ultimate Trails Challenge (second year for Dick and I, Andrew Merrick doing it for the first time to make the 3-strong Harrier 'team') at the weekend. This as a tough, challenging ultra marathon course over (almost) 110km through some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the Lake District. It includes 6 mountain passes, 5 lakes, 14,000 ft ascent/descent, and with (thank goodness) 8 feed stations. The weather was also challenging this year, with our midnight start shortly preceded with torrential rain that resulted in a 'waterproof trousers on/ trousers off' routine on the start line. This set the tone for most of the next 16 hours, which, while still showcasing our beautiful Lake District, was evenly soggy and boggy aswell. From my own personal viewpoint, it felt harder than last year. Not as much training as I should have done, coupled with a cold last week, and I thought I might pull out early on. But having made it halfway, and being met by Helen (Waddington) who provided hot tea and a restaurant-style selection of food, I started to feel a lot better and decided it would be a bit rubbish not to continue. Especially as Helen was going to be at the rest of the checkpoints, along with lots of friendly supporters giving us a welcome cheer and reassurance that it wasn't too far to go (even though it really was). Andrew, Dick and I stuck together for most of the way which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. Dick ran strongly throughout and Andrew put in an amazing performance for his first time at this sort of distance. I would recommend the event to anyone looking to take on a big distance challenge, but without the stress of navigating. There is also a 55km option, which looking at the relatively fresh and bright finishers coming in amongst the 110km finishers (the 55km having started at 10am) might be worth considering.
Results ...

(1 12h36:07 Andrew Horrobin, U/A)
42 16h19:09 Jane McCarthy 3rd lady
43 16h19:10 Dick Waddington
49 16h35:22 Andrew Merrick
211 finished

European Mountain Running Championships, Sat 2 July

Well done to Tom Adams, 17th overall and part of the Bronze-winning GB team.

parkruns, Sat 2 July

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A first finish for Alex Hirst down at Hilly Fields this week. Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:52 Nick Little, U/A)
74  22:05 Harry Stead (junior)
428 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:59 unknown)
45  21:40 Jann Smith
362 ran

Leeds Roundhay Park
(1  18:09 unknown)
25  21:27 Tom Worboys
270 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   17:44 Alex Hirst
210 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:00 Jake Ridding U/A)
3   18:24 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
9   20:37 Steve Murray
22  22:50 Robert Budding
26  23:11 Will Worboys
57  25:34 Polly Crawley (junior)
134 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:56 Gary Dunn, Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers)
78  23:39 Norman Bush
302 ran

Older News, June 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, June

Runner of the month:
Paul Carman
parkruns, Buckden Pike, Beamsley Beacon, Kettlewell results Other nominations were:
Matthew Cox (results at Wharfedale half marathon and Beamsley Beacon fell race)
Outi Kamarainen (Jura and Highlander results)
Jack Cummings (results at Beamsley Beacon and Badgerstone relays)
Dan Wilkinson (results)
men's Badgerstone relay team (Ruraidh M-W, Dan H, Jack C)
Mary Gibbons (progress and dedication to training)
Jann Smith (commitment to fell races and parkruns)
Volunteer of the month:
Andy Wolfenden
'Away runs' Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey (beginner's group)
Jane Bryant (beginner's group)
Jane McCarthy (encouraging updates on Harriers league).

More Harriers of the Month ...

Summer Mile, Wed 29 June

From Petra Bijsterveld... Helen Waddington and I were the only two Harriers running at the annual Summer Mile in Hyde Park, efficiently and cheerfully organised by Hyde Park Harriers. Tom Adams was prevented from defending his 2015 win by being in Italy for the European Mountain Running Championships. The mile is run over an almost flat two lap course on the tarmac paths, with chip timing and a beautiful medal for all. We were set off in 14 consecutive heats of about 20 runners each, matched for predicted pace and gradually getting faster. There was also a heat of race walkers (winning time 6:08!!). After heavy rain much of the afternoon we had a lovely sunny evening which made the whole event very pleasant, apart from the small inconvenience of having to run that mile.
How hard can it be? Though I had never raced a mile before I was under no illusions that it was going to be anything other than very unpleasant. And I was right. The start was just ever so slightly uphill and after about 200 meters I already felt like stopping and lying down. However, by focussing on overtaking one of my office colleagues I managed to gain momentum, and by the second lap it actually felt slightly easier, within the spectrum of terrible agony that is. The going was not entirely without hazard as it was slippery after the rain, the tarmac was broken and uneven in some places, there were a few corners to negotiate and the setting sun was in our eyes. All good excuses! Helen ran a fantastic 7:02 to come second in her category and I was pleased enough with 7:48. I also managed to stay ahead of my colleague so the office hierarchy has been maintained. Thanks to Neil Chapman for coming down especially to support and encourage us from the sidelines which I am sure knocked a couple of seconds off.
Results ...

(1  4:48 Adam Stacey, U/A)
135 7:02 Helen Waddington
170 7:48 Petra Bijsterveld
216 ran

HDSRL Handicap race, Tue 28 June

Results ...

(1   44:27 Kevin-Malachy Murphy, Harrogate Harriers, first finisher)
(132 30:05 Paul Millgate, Wetherby, fastest runnner)
43   35:22 Steve Murray
58   42:08 Geoffrey White
110  51:46 Tracy Russell
111  51:46 Sally Wright
203  42:04 Sarah Hayes
208  51:39 Laura Dawes
215  37:50 Lucy Williamson
218  51:27 Donald Macrae
232  53:23 Sue Williamson
240 finished

Wharfedale 2 Peaks Challenge, Sat 25 June

From Val Kerr ... I had decided to enter this 13.5 mile event (run by the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association) as a road back to fitness as it was billed as a challenge rather than a race and I knew that I could always walk if the going got tough. Adela Reperecki had also entered so we decided to go round together. The first part of the challenge involved a very hot 2 mile run along the Dales Way footpath from Kettlewell to Starbottom. This was followed by a long, hot ascent of Buckden Pike via the lead mine path and an extremely boggy descent down past the war memorial to Cam Gill Road. After drinking copious amounts of water at the refreshment station we headed up Great Whernside and finished off with a lovely run down through the grassy fields back into Kettlewell. A paddle in the river, pie and peas and lovely cakes greated us in Kettlewell village hall. Our finishing time was not impressive (3:22:00) but was immaterial as we had both enjoyed being back on the fells again.

Buttermere Horseshoe, Sat 25 June

From Jack Wood ... Me and Dan took on the Daz Holloway Buttermere race on Saturday and were beaten! The route is a 22mile (2500m climb) horseshoe going up one side of the Buttermere valley to Honister Pass and coming back the other. I felt fine for the first couple of hours but then the wheels started coming off and spent much of the second half walking. Dan made it to Newlands Hause but the refreshments put on there by the marshals were so good he just couldn't go on. A great selection of cakes were a consolation at the finish.
Results ...

(1 4:18:06 Simon Booth, Borrowdale)
18 5:14:03 Jack Wood
76 finished

parkruns, Sat 25 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:30 John Hobbs, Valley Striders AC)
29  20:35 Tom Worboys
346 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:51 Craig Shearer, KCAC)
95  25:37 Alex Stanley-Hyde
352 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:25 Andy Grant, Harrogate Harriers)
184 25:58 Julie Elmes
369 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:12 Jake Ridding, U/A)
5   18:59 Paul Carman
31  21:44 Jann Smith
108 27:43 Polly Crawley (junior)
181 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:12 Jonathan Tipper, U/A)
4   18:05 Alex Hirst
205 ran

Beamsley Beacon fell race, Thu 23 June

Graham Weston's photos

Results ...

(1  36:47 Ali Burns, Valley Striders)
7   38:00 Matthew Cox
10  38:36 Jack Cummings
13  39:50 Paul Carman
15  40:35 Ben Sheppard
36  43:01 Paul Calderbank
40  44:07 John Hayes
45  44:48 David Fotsyon
48  44:59 Jane McCarthy 2nd lady
72  48:36 Chantel Busby
83  49:08 Lucy Williamson
88  49:42 Mary Gibbons
89  49:46 Jann Smith
91  50:11 Paul Stephens
93  50:17 Outi Kamarainen
103 54:19 Alison Weston
115 58:12 Peter Lewis
124 63:51 Amanda Newham
128 finished

Solstice Saunter, Mon 20 June

From Alex Hyde ... A beautiful evening on the longest day saw the inaugural Solstice Saunter 5 mile race at Bolton Abbey. A challenging course with some serious slopes through Strid Wood out to Barden bridge and back finishing opposite the Cav Pav. The small matter of a clash with England v Slovakia meant that the field was 75% female which gave me a rather flattering finishing place of 98th out of 457 in a time of 47:01 .... but I'll take that!! Great organisation, lovely atmosphere and a medal and bottle of Timothy Taylor's at the finish made it all worthwhile.

Pudsey 10k, Sun 19 June

From Paul Stephens ... A superb multi-terrain 10k which I first ran in 1994 although the course has changed a couple of times since. Well organised and friendly with markers every kilometre and plenty of marshalls and spectators. I was a couple of minutes off the pace this year and finished 116 out of 476 in 49:22. The first 2km are on the road followed by about 5km on rough tracks and a muddy footpath through the woods in the Fulneck valley before a steep climb back into Pudsey and the final 3km on the road. At the finish, fruit - I had a banana - and a flourescent orange technical t-shirt. Sue Williamson was the only other Harrier there. Her first time. I hope she enjoyed it.
Results ...

(1  35:26 Tesfaye Debele, Leeds)
116 49:22 Paul Stephens
386 67:50 Sue Williamson
476 finished

Buckden Pike fell race, Sat 18 June

From Sarah Edwards ... This was a short 4 mile fell race but threw as much as they could at us in that distance (including 1500ft of climb): very steep scramble up from the start, not so steep runnable up, a bit of flat then a runnable descent followed by a leg wobbling final downhill. Throw in a river crossing, stile and a wall to jump over at the end and there's nothing more a fell race needs. Except tea and ice cream afterwards (which was available at the gala)! Great afternoon. Results ...

(1 34:17 Jamie Parkinson, P&B)
2  34:51 Jack Wood
8  38:52 Jack Cummings
9  39:05 Paul Carman
14 42:14 Alex Hirst
18 43:56 David Robinson
27 45:28 Nick Pearce
29 45:32 Richard Joel
55 49:31 Norman Bush
57 49:48 Mary Gibbons
63 51:09 Jann Smith
73 52:43 Sarah Edwards
98 finished
Ilkley had 1st and 4th men's teams
and 1st ladies team

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

parkruns, Sat 18 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  15:50 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
31  20:14 Tom Worboys
355 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:48 Sam Clegg, Idle AC)
274 31:29 Alex Stanley-Hyde
408 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:02 unknown)
209 26:45 Julie Elmes
357 ran

(1  17:31 Oliver Matharu, U/A)
11  19:29 Adam Rhodes
358 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:27 Tom Pratt, Leeds and Bradford Tri Club)
99  27:11 Hilda Coulsey
101 27:24 Polly Crawley (junior)
186 ran

Barrowford Grand Prix 5k, Fri 17 June

Well done to Tom Adams on breaking the Club 5k record of 15:06, first set by Jack Brown at Meanwood track in 1990 and equalled by Tom at this year's John Carr race 1.
Results ...

A race
(1 14:59 Ben Fish, Blackburn)
2  15:02 Tom Adama
19 16:08 Matt Newell
22 16:12 Cameron Reilly
37 ran

B race
(1 17:05 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire)
41 19:17 Mark Iley
62 ran

From Pete Shields ... Mark Iley ran well in the B race as 3rd V50. In the A race Ilkley had Tom Adams, Matt Newell and Cameron Reilly on the start line. Tom was looking to get under 15 mins, he very nearly succeeded running a very close second to Ben Fish of Blackburn Harriers in 15:02, the sub 15 is not far away from him on this form. The other Ilkley interests both ran very mature races in top class company, both got PB's - Cameron was timed at 16:12 which still keeps him as 2nd fastest for his age in the country.
Ilkley have hit a rich seam of young male athletes alongside tonight's three runners there is Jack Wood, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Oscar Stapelton and others who can hold their own in any company, relays come to mind!!
Applause must go to Steve and Arthur the supportive fathers and Tom's wife for adding to the Ilkley presence in the inclement conditions.

HDSRL race 4, Thu 16 June

Results ...

(1  26:16 Jamil Parapia, Otley)
28  30:13 Daniel Hayes
75  33:35 Steve Murray
86  34:07 Sally Malir
105 35:01 Lucy Williamson
132 36:19 Sarah Edwards
164 37:43 Sarah Hayes
197 39:53 Geoffrey White
241 41:46 Hilda Coulsey
243 41:49 Peter Lewis
256 42:47 Julie Elmes
287 45:04 Donald Macrae
299 46:22 Sue Williamson
306 46:49 Kate Lofthouse
317 48:12 Laura Dawes
319 48:45 Sally Wright
337 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Swaledale marathon, Sun 12 June

Report from Alison Weston ... I decided to enter the LDWA Swaledale marathon this year, getting close on 20 years since I last ran it! A lovely route from Fremington near Reeth climbing 4,000ft in 23 miles on mainly gradual ascents. Unfortunately the mist was down at Great Punchard Gill where the only tricky navigation bit is and I did a rather long detour on tussocks with 10 other runners to find the path again!
Over 400 runners/walkers with good meal at the end and endless cups of tea. My final time was 4hrs 33 and the winner was just under 3 hours.

Howtown fell race, Sun 12 June

From Dan Wilkinson ... lovely low key long race on the eastern fells from Howtown, this race was rescued from the brink of cancellation this year. £3 gets you 14 miles and 4,200ft of climb and more cake than you can shake a stick at. Super day and I managed 4th and 1st M40, a trend for the week.
Results ...

(1 2:12:35 Matk McGoldrick Wharfedale & Phil Winskill Keswick)
4  2:15:17 Dan Wilkinson
68 finished

Hawkswick Dash Sun 12 June

From Paddy Hagan ... As steep as the last time I tried it...just as you reach the top (having scrambled up on all fours) and think you can finally stretch out, it turns out your legs have deserted you. Gravity does the rest.
Results ...

(1 11:23 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
9  13:21 Jack Cummings
13 14:02 Iain Gibbons 
37 16:33 Paddy Hagan 
44 17:41 Mary Gibbons 
73 finishers

Weets fell race, Sat 11 June

Results ...

(1 38:08 Thomas Corrigan, Barlick)
33 49:00 Kate Archer
137 finished

Ennerdale fell race, Sat 11 June

From Steve Turland ... as preparation for my forthcoming BG attempt, I did the Ennerdale race at the weekend. At 23m with 7500ft of climb it was the first time the full route had been run in the last 3 years due to previous bad weather. However, the weather didn't disappoint with low cloud for much of the route making the navigation 'interesting' although spirits were high on the first summit with Joss Naylor manning the checkpoint and offering words of encouragement. A small field of 65 (due to the British Champs that day), and I finished in 20th position in just over 5 hours.

Scottish road trip - Jura fell race and Highlander Mountain Marathon

From Outi Kamarainen ... I got an entry to the Jura fell race this year and was very excited to head up to the island after all the tales of great racing and atmosphere from Dave Wilby. I had decided to cut the drive North short and left the car in the port of Ardrossan and boarded the ferry with my bike. I cycled across to the North of Isle of Arran, a short ferry ride and a cycle across Mull of Kintyre and two more ferries later, I landed in Jura on late Friday afternoon. My 'shortcut' saved about 100 miles and quite a few hours of driving in favour of nice scenery and just over 20 miles of cycling which was a good warm up for bigger things to come. The Jura fell race starts at the Jura distillery before climbing up to the Paps of Jura and then back along the seashore and the route is 28 km long with just under 2400 m of climb. The race day dawned slightly overcast but the cloud soon lifted to reveal the rocky tops in all their glory. I had been warned of the rough terrain and steep ascents and descents so took the start steady and still felt to have something left on my legs for the last decent towards the seashore 4 hours later. That feeling soon disappeared, especially once I hit the tarmac after nice and long springy descent and the last 5 kilometres on the shore road towards the finish felt really long and tough. Finlay Wild was fastest around the course in 3:09 and Jasmin Paris was the first female in 3:41 but I was very pleased that I got around succesfully in 5h 19 minutes with still being able to walk the day after. Some of the descents were very rocky as well as steep and you had to concentrate hard not to dislodge any large boulders as there were lots of runners below as you were sliding down scree. That night there were lot of happy and slightly sunburned people in the pub and later in ceilidh too and Dave was definitely right about the great atmosphere.

I spent the rest of the week cycling across Islay and Arran and visiting friends close to Edinburgh before heading up towards Cannich by Lochness for the Highlander Mountain marathon (this time in my car). It was the 10th and last edition of the race, which is a shame as it was once again a great weekend. I ran with Kirsty Bryan-Jones from Dark Peak and after slightly bad start on Saturday when we were trying to find a random boulder in hillside with only 5 meter visibility, we picked up the pace and lots of more controls to finish first day as first females and 13th position on the Score course. The mid camp had a marquee again and lots of food to buy as well as a ceilidh band but this time I managed to restrain myself to only a handful of dances as my legs were feeling the 7 hours spent running around the hills. Sunday morning was misty first thing like the day before but this time we managed to find the early controls without any problems and there was a fantastic cloud inversion once we got on top of the first peak of the day. The cloud soon cleared completely and we were trying to hunt streams for water as well as controls under the relentless sun. My legs were feeling very tired by mid day and bit later I could feel my whole body flagging, probably partly due to the heat and our progress was steady but navigation remained spot on. We decided to go for one more 15 point control with 20 minutes before our 6 hour time limit was up and ended up having to sprint the last 2 kilometres in order of not to get any time penalties. Despite not feeling that fast, we were pleasently surprised to discovere that we were 7th overall on second day's course, which also got us a first female pair and 7th overall place in the whole score class of 89 teams with some good runners behind. A great week away with two fantastic races, though I do feel like I may need another holiday to recover...

parkruns, Sat 11 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A first finish this week for junior Oscar Stapleton at Skipton!
Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  15:57 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
45  21:03 Tom Worboys
409 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:05 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
31  21:34 Rhys Jones
394 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:54 Stephen Ellison, U/A)
30  21:16 Helen Thurston
342 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:23 Hugh Salway, U/A)
2   17:33 Alex Hirst
274 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   18:15 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
3   19:05 Paul Carman
20  21:59 Jann Smith
64  26:14 Polly Crawley
130 ran

League update

From Jane McCarthy ... After 9 races the league competition is hotting up! Over 100 Harriers have run in at least one League race and over 50 have run at least two. In May there were 5 races on the League calendar and some fabulous performances including wins for Jack Wood at Jack Bloor, and two wins for Tom Adams, in John Carr (1) and Ilkley Trail Race (in which a fantastic 46 Harriers ran!).
In the Overall League Competition Lucy Williamson continues to lead with 588 points from 7 races. Last year's winner Michael Duffield is in close second with 574 points, also from 7 races. Adela Reperecki and Steve Murray are currently in 3rd and 4th place. Only Matthew Cox - winner of Dick Hudson's Fell Race - has so far posted his wildcard result, gaining him 106 points.
Jack Wood leads the Fell League, Adela Reperecki the Trail League and Michael Duffield the Road League.
After the Wharfedale Half Marathon which was on June 4th the next league counter is the HDSRL Race in Thirsk on the 16th June.
Full results, calendar, and wildcard information on the Ilkley Harriers Race League page.

Kettlewell Anniversary fell race, Thu 9 June

From Dan Wilkinson ... Lovely evening race from Kettlewell, well supported by Harriers, if there was a ladies prize I think Ilkley would have won it. Chantale Busby was 3rd lady and there were vet prizes for Paul Calderbank and myself.
Results ...

(1 36:44 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
4  39:37 Dan Wilkinson
10 41:44 Paul Carman
21 47:33 Paul Calderbank
35 50:58 Chantale Busby
38 51:03 Jann Smith
40 51:41 Mary Gibbons
72 finished

Will Ramsbotham Badger Stone Relays, Wed 8 June

From Mark Mon-Williams ... A great night of racing - many thanks to everyone who made it happen (named in the attached report). It was a great night for Ilkley Harriers and it was wonderful to see the three young and upcoming male Harriers show a clean pair of heels to Pudsey and Bramley. It's the first time in a long time that an IH team has managed to get its name on the WRBR trophy... too many P&B entries for my liking! The IH female team have had more recent success but it was great to see them complete the IH winning streak and ensure that IH won the male and female team prize in the trail race and the WRBR. Hopefully an omen for the FRA relays and the Hodgson brother relays? Special mention needs to be made of Mary Gibbons as this was her first victory - but I am sure that she will have many more wins notched against her name before long. Thanks to all runners and volunteers for making this such a special evening.

Results and report

Ilkley had first men's team Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Dan Hayes, and Jack Cummings; and fastest ladies' team Alison Weston, Jann Smith, and Mary Gibbons.

Graham Weston's photos.

Archive results etc. on the Badger Stone Relays page

Otley 10, Wed 8 June

From Helen Waddington ... perfect conditions and another great result for Jack Wood and plenty of PBs . . .
Results ...

(1  55:23 Jason Cherriman, Leeds City AC)
2   56:41 Jack Wood PB
48  68:33 Michael Lomas	 PB
77  71:37 Jane McCarthy	PB
78  71:45 Paul Calderbank
93  73:25 Tom Worboys PB
168 81:16 Martyn Stocker
180 82:45 Helen Waddington  PB
210 84:53 Jean Sullivan
367 ran

Kettlewell fell race, Sun 5 June

Results ...

(1 11:33 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
11 13:57 Iain Gibbons
49 16:58 Kate Archer
102 finished

Pen y Gent fell race, Sat 4 June

From Paddy Hagan ... Run under clear blue skies: sun tan cream the main requirement!
Graham Weston's photos

(1 49:59 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
24 59:47 Steve Turland 
53 66:35 Kate Archer
66 68:44 Paddy Hagan
82 72:03 Alison Weston
91 73:32 Jann Smith
164 finishers

Wharfedale Half Marathon, Sat 4 June

Woodentops photos

From Hilda Coulsey... an amazing 25 Harriers ran the Wharfedale Half this year. Wow it was hot, slowing most of us but, on the very positive side, the views were stunning. Congratulations to all who finished. Mathew Cox was 3rd and 1st MV40, Nick Pearce was 1st MV60 and Hilda Coulsey 1st FV60. I was held a couple of minutes 400m from the end by the ambulance but a great job done by the finished Harrier who supported the unfortunate passenger.
This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.
Results ...

(1  1;28:31 Harry Coates, Wallsend)
3   1:31:56 Matthew Cox
30  1:48:16 Dave Robson
32  1:49:22 Nick Pearce
40  1:50:07 John Hayes
42  1:50:23 Paul Calderbank
63  1:54:17 Michael Duffield
97  2:02:22 Andrew Merrick
116 2:04:58 David Howe
168 2:13:48 Richard Morris
182 2:15:47 Sarah Edwards
197 2:17:57 Helen Horton
212 2:20:05 Eleanor Bradley
242 2:26:08 Sarah Hayes
243 2:26:22 Chantal Busby
249 2:27:30 David Taylor
263 2:30:06 Geoffrey White
274 2:31:16 Jan Carrier
281 2:32:55 Paul Sugden
293 2:35:43 Alison Dawson
296 2:37:13 Hilda Coulsey
324 2:45:30 Jayne Fort
346 2:53:01 Sally Wright
352 2:57:50 Joanna Taylor
364 3:07:05 Sue Williamson
365 3:07:07 Julie Elmes
389 finished	

Duddon fell races, Sat 4 June

From Alison Weston ... Jack Wood was a very impressive 3rd overall in the long event (29km / 1830 m) in 3:11:17 and Mary Gibbons was 20th in the medium event (14km / 900m) in 2:23:37. Great runs by both.

parkruns, Sat 4 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  15:41 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
27  19:42 Adrian Bastow
421 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:07 Stephen Ellison, U/A)
337 34:03 Lyn Towers
376 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:20 Robert Laing, Kent AC)
2   17:25 Alex Hirst
214 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:18 Jake Ridding, U/A)
30  23:33 Will Worboys
65  26:36 Polly Crawley (junior)
157 ran

Otley Chevin fell race, Wed 1 June

From Ali McInnes ... A great run from Jack Wood to win the 40th Otley Chevin fell race. There was a few tired legs around after the Ilkley Trail race on Monday (mainly mine) and swaledale the night before so Numbers were a little down on previous years. Great little local race well done to all the Harriers that finished. Results ...

1  17:45 Jack Wood
14 20:51 Alistair McInnes
40 22:45 Paul Calderbank 1st V50
43 23:11 Nick Pearce 1st V60
65 24:30 Mary Gibbons
69 25:20 Mike Baldwin
83 26:47 Alison Weston 1st LV50
104 finished

Older News, May 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, May

Runner of the month:
Donna Hattersley
for her first sub 2 hour HM at Leeds, after trying for several years, and training very hard recently Other nominations were:
Steve Murray, a relatively new member, for dedication to racing (10 races in May!)
Dave Robson, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Jack Bloor)
Paul Sugden, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Over the Odda)
Tom Adams, for outstanding results (John Carr, Ilkley Trail Race, European Trials)
Adela Reperecki, for excellent results (John Carr, Over the Odda, Ilkley Trail Race)
Volunteer of the month:
Andrew Jackson
for taking the Saturday morning session in Neil's absence Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman, for organization of the HDRSL race
Jan Carrier, for taking special care of a new runner when help was required

More Harriers of the Month ...

HDSRL #3, Swaledale, Tue 31 May

Results ...

(1  31:54 Marc Scott, RZH)
70  41:43 Lucy Williamson
81  42:08 Sally Malir
84  42:18 Steve Murray
230 53:37 Julie Elmes
257 57:21 Donald Macrae
285 finished	

Ilkley Trail Race, Mon 30 May

Hilda Coulsey reports ... Stunning performances by so many Harriers today. Congratulations to Tom Adams who won in a new record time of 38:44. Ilkley Harriers took both men's and ladies' team prizes with Tom Adams, Ruardith Mon-Williams, Ben Shepherd and Jack Cummings for the men and Rachel Carter, Jann Smith and Lucy Williamson for the ladies. Ruardith was 1st U23, Nick Pearce was 1st V60. Rachel Carter took 1st V40, Jann Smith 1st V45, Adela Reperecki 1st V55 and Hilda Coulsey 1st V60. Lots of Harriers took part in this League counter, a special mention for Ruth Jones in her first race. The weather was not too hot, it was dry underfoot. A great race again and a good social occasion. Thank you to Lawrence and all the helpers.

Photos on the Woodentops website.

Senior race results

Junior races, results

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Edinburgh Marathon, Sun 29 May

From Fiona Schneider ... We had a very sunny weekend in Edinburgh, really enjoying the course. This was my second marathon this year with a son. After Paris with David, it only seemed right to join Edinbugh with Jonathan. It was a first marathon for them, but this has brought me up to finish a tenth. I didn't see any other Harriers ? Results ...

(1   2h19L53 Boaz Kiprono)
1018 3h35:45 Jonathan Schneider
4525 441m:00 Fiona Schneider
6568 finished

European Mountain Running Trial, Sat 28 May

Woodentops photos

(1 50:24 Andrew Douglas)
8  52:10 Tom Adams
11 53:29 Jack Wood
21 finished

Hutton Roof Crags fell race, Sat 28 May

Jann Smith reports ... Great cakes! Results ...

(1 51:06 Adam Osborne, Leeds City)
19 59:19 Paul Carman
141 75:33 Jann Smith
293 ran

HDSRL #2, Nidd Valley, Tue 24 May

Results ...

1   29:03 Jack Wood
3   29:16 Matthew Cox
15  31:59 Daniel Hayes
46  34:58 Ben Joynson
80  36:21 Steve Murray
89  37:10 Lucy Williamson
92  37:24 Sally Malir
121 38:57 Paul Stephens
153 40:49 Philip Hirst
169 41:32 Sarah Hayes
184 42:28 Geoffrey White
198 43:00 Alison Bennett
269 47:15 Julie Elmes
298 49:30 Donald Macrae
318 51:08 Tracy Russell
323 51:30 Laura Dawes
325 51:56 Bernadette Gibbons
329 52:27 Sue Williamson
330 52:27 Kate Lofthouse
333 53:02 Sally Wright
352 finished

Roseberry Romp, Tue 24 May

From Dan Wilkinson ... A great evening race up Yorkshire's own Matterhorn, Roseberry Topping, quite popular this year with a field of over 150. I found some surprising good form and managed 2nd place.

(1 34:28 Harry Hiolmes, York Knavesmire)
2  34:52 Dan Wilkinson
153 finished

Manchester 10k, Sun 22 May

Results ...

(1   21:20 Simon Lawson, Carlisle Tri)
2145 46:30 Helen Waddington
3177 48:26 Dave Ibbotson

Old County Tops, Sat 21 May

From Kate Archer ... Brian Melia and I decided to have a go at this 37 mile race with 10,000 feet of climb. A lovely route taking in Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Old Man of Coniston. It's a pairs race. Brian had done the race a few times before and trotted off at the start and I spent most of the day trying to keep up. The morning was wet and tough going with little to be seen from the tops. At one point I fell into a bog up to my middle and had to be pulled out by Brian (to much laughter from other runners)! But by the afternoon the rain had cleared and with two peaks done we had a welcome stop at the Cockley Beck checkpoint for sandwiches and cake before tackling the climb up to Coniston Old Man. From this last hill the views were amazing and well worth the hard work and aching legs! We completed the course in 61st place in 10hrs 25 mins. Results ...

(1  6h53:51 Paul Tierney & Matt Reedy, Ambleside)
61 10h25:10 Kate Archer & Brian Melia
93 teams finished

Buttermere Sailbeck fell race, Sat 21 May

Results ...

(1  1:29:52 Carl bell, Keswick)
108 2:17:21 Alison Weston
175 finished

Keswick Mountain Festival, 25K Trail Run, Sat 21 May

From Ben Joynson ... Results ...

(1 1:51:15 Eoin Lennon, Team Mountain Fuel)
26 2:24:42 Ben Joynson
419 finished

Charlesworth Chase, Sat 21 May

Jann Smith reports ... Appletreewick to Simons Seat and back and you must down a pint of beer before you go through the finish line! Results ...

(1 36:31 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
14 43:21 Paul Carman
53 51:35 Norman Bush
70 55:28 Jann Smith
118 finished

parkruns, Sat 21 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:47 Matt Atkins, Kingston AC)
101 20:40 Neil Thurston
1136 ran

Hilly Fields
1   17:45 Alex Hirst
232 ran

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:47 Dale Worton, Wakefield Harriers)
30  20:08 Adrian Bastow
466 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  16:55 unknown)
80  27:06 Polly Crawley (junior)
112 21:09 Bradley Brennand (junior)
192 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:58 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
54  23:05 Neil Bloor
161 28:27 Alison Bloor
238 ran

European Masters 10k, Fri 20 May

From Geoffrey Howard...The European Masters' Road (officially "Non Stadia") Championships are usually hosted each year by different countries. Vila Real de Santo Antonio in Portugal must have done a good job in 2005 because it was given the job again this year (or maybe its just that it's a very pleasant place for all concerned - officials, competitors and supporters). The runners who enter these events (no selection is involved and the field included an 85+ German guy) tend to be those who fancy their chances of a medal and those who see it as a part of a longer holiday in the competition area. My only previous participation was in fact in 2005, and I knew that Santo Antonio would fit in well with a walking holiday the previous week along Portugal's Alentajo coast during its peak wildflower period. I entered the flat two lap10k race which was held at 7.20 on the evening of 20 May when the day should supposedly have cooled to about 20C. In reality it was still 25C. Everyone seemed anxious to get on with it and, to me, the first lap was fast and furious so I found myself going stride for stride with a couple of v60s completing 5k in about 20m 30s but feeling like a steaming pressure cooker and wondering if another lap at that pace was possible. Unfortunately, however, this question turned out to entirely hypothetical as, just re-passing the start my hamstring went and I had to drop out. A disappointing outcome regarding the race but still it was exhilarating while it lasted and great to be a part of what in reality is a festival of running. I would normally recommend to anyone thinking of having a go in this type of event to do so and I have never (in about a dozen events) had any problems re entry, accommodation, transfers etc. until this year when going through the officially designated travel company for the World Masters' Mountain Running Championships in Susa, Italy. If any Harrier is thinking of going to Susa and using this company I would be happy to explain the difficulties I have had with the company.

Kildwick fell race, Wed 18 May

Results ...

(1 26:17 Sam Watson, Wharfedale)
6  28:21 Paul Carman
11 29:03 Gavin Lamb           
65 35:39 Chantal Busby       
68 36:28 Jann Smith            
116 finished

John Carr 5K 2016 series race report

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The ever popular John Carr 5k race series in Esholt was run on a new course this year. Efficiently organized by Saltaire Striders and held on closed roads within the Yorkshire Water estate, the race (which has previously been a net downhill course) is now an out and back course, starting and finishing in the same place at Apperley Bridge. Still fairly flat with only 84 ft of elevation to contend with, but without the fast downhill finish of previous years. Chip timing had been introduced for the first time this year. The only downsides to the venue are the unmistakable odour of the water treatment works and the plentiful midges. Ilkley Harriers were present in large numbers, especially for the first race which was a club league counter. Tom Adams won race 1 in 15:06, thereby making the record for the new course a tough one to beat straightaway. He also equalled our 5K club record which has been set in 1990 by Jack Brown on the track.
Cameron Reilly came first in his category (Junior M11) at each of the 3 races. Bethan Morley and Lucy Haines came first in their respective categories (Junior F11 and F16) in races 1 and 3, both missed race 2 and could therefore not compete for the series wins. Geoff Howard, last year's V70 trophy winner, won his category in race 1 but missed races 2 and 3. Perhaps Geoff is running out of space in his trophy cabinet by now anyway!
Taking part in all 3 races means, apart from collecting a nice bottle of ale, a chance of winning a series trophy, and we saw some excellent Ilkley performances here. Cameron Reilly and Oscar Stapleton were 1st and 2nd in their category (Junior M11) and Ella Shouler-Harris 3rd (Junior F11). For the seniors, Lucy Williamson was 3rd FSEN, Mark Iley 3rd M50, and Adela Reperecki 2nd F55.
Trophies aside there was a lot of dedicated, eyeballs-out, lactate-zone racing from all, resulting in several new 5K PB's, amongst others for Helen Waddington and Steve Murray. On the lighter side, Tom Worboys still ran a good time in race 1 despite setting off several minutes late, unable to find the relocated start (hurrah for chip timing at least). Peter Lewis and myself ran with matching right arms in plaster, which I am certainly using as my excuse for being a little slower than I would have liked. The Saltaire Amarillo Gold Ale will surely taste good regardless. Thanks must also go to several Harriers who came along to offer support and cheer from the roadside which is much valued.
Final positions (runners taking part in 3 races) by category:...

Junior M11
1 Cameron Reilly
2 Oscar Stapleton

Junior F11      
3 Ella Shouler-Harris

5 Jack Cummings
20 Robert Sime

3 Lucy Williamson

9 Tom Worboys

5 Steve Murray

5 Jean Sullivan
6 Helen Waddington
7 Julie Elmes

3 Mark Iley
11 Harry Sime

7 Sue Williamson

7 Phil Hirst

2 Adela Reperecki

5 Peter Lewis

John Carr race 3, Wed 18 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  15:58 Matthew Grieve, Border Harriers)
7   16:20 Matt Newell
10  16:27 Cameron Reilly
14  16:43 Euan Brennan
17  16:57 Jack Cummings
47  18:08 Oscar Stapleton
62  18:29 Francis Westhead
85  18:59 Mark Iley
96  19:08 Bethan Morley
106 19:27 Lucy Williamson
110 19:34 Steve Murray
139 20:23 Tom Worboys
148 20:38 Lucy Haines
195 22:05 Harry Sime
196 21:56 Robert Sime
199 22:02 Harry Stead
203 22:09 Helen Waddington
216 22:28 Jean Sullivan
217 22:26 Phil Hirst
220 22:34 Adela Reperecki
240 23:07 Ella Shouler-Harris
249 23:36 Stephanie Fox
276 25:01 Julie Elmes
283 25:14 Peter Lewis
296 25:50 Petra Bijsterveld
329 27:49 Sue Williamson
354 29:39 Sally Wright
391 ran

Two Ilkley Harriers winning GOLD for YORKSHIRE

Tom Adams and Jack Wood were representing Yorkshire at the Inter-county FRA championship race at Moel Eilio 12.8km, 915m on Saturday 14th May. Yorkshire claimed 1st position with Tom Adams 5th overall in 62:15 and Jack Wood 22nd in 65:45.

Over the Odda, Sat 14 May

David Green reports ... My first attempt at this hilly off road 10k. The race starts near Hawksworth Primary School and is well organised and marshalled. The course is hilly but thankfully and perhaps unusually was dry underfoot, taking in picturesque land south of Hawksworth village, before turning back again for a long climb back up the hill, past the start line and continuing up the Odda. From there the course runs to the rear of High Royds, crossing Mire Beck before another climb past Tranmere Park, back up the Odda before a final fast descent through woodlands and finishing in Hawksworth School. First Harrier home was Robin Nicholson in 44.37 with Lucy Williamson third female in 50.42.

From Hilda Coulsey ... What a super Saturday morning; the weather was good and the trail was dry for this friendly, local, approx 10k run over the fields from Hawksworth with plenty of challenge. Robin Nicholson was first Harrier home, Lucy Williamson 3rd Lady and Adela Reperecki 1st F55 (beating 1st F50 and F35 times!). I was savagely beaten to the post by Paul Sugden who had been reeling me in for the last mile and if I'd known I'd have had a go at reeling in the lady ahead of us, beating me to 1st F60 by 8secs - aargh! Ho ho what fun.

(1  39:31 Michael Malyon, Baildon)
10  44.37 Robin Nicholson 
28  48.30 Michael Duffield 
34  49.20 Steve Murray
43  50.42 Lucy Williamson  3rd Female
64  54.13 Sarah Edwards 
81  55.49 Adela Reperecki 1st F55
82  56.24 Philip Hirst
89  57.45 Jonathan Fountain
126 63.01 Liz Price
133 63:43 David Green
134 63:44 Peter Lewis
142 64;44 Paul Sugden
143 64:45 Hilda Coulsey
185 70:08 Deborah Nicholson
206 74:04 Julie Elmes
207 74:04 Sue Williamson
251 ran	

Malham Kirkby fell race, Sat 14 May

Results ...

(1 22:06 Jack Hindle, Blackburn)
2  22:31 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
4  24:12 Paul Carman
36 30:28 Norman Bush 1st V70
38 31:25 Alison Weston 2nd lady
40 32:05 Jann Smith 3rd lady
58 finished

parkruns, Sat 14 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:40 Ben Rhodes, Heanor RC)
43  20:28 Adrian Bastow
492 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:59 Andrew Dovernor, Queensbury RC)
79  23:41 Tom Worboys
211 27:38 Petra Bijsterveld
465 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:02 Graham Powell, U/A)
76  22:42 Neil Bloor
252 28:26 Alison Bloor
387 ran

John Carr race 2, Wed 11 May

Results ...

(1  15:41 Scott Harrington, Otley)
9   16:35 Cameron Reilly
13  16:51 Euan Brennan
18  17:15 Jack Cummings
33  17:58 Oscar Stapleton
55  18:36 Francis Westhead
87  19:38 Lucy Williamson
95  20:00 Steve Murray
99  20:09 Mark Iley
127 20:59 Tom Worboys
166 22:02 Harry Sime
167 22:02 Robert Sime
182 22:34 Jean Sullivan
183 22:37 Helen Waddington
190 22:43 Adela Reperecki
201 23:10 Philip Hirst
213 23:34 Ella Shouler-Harris
222 23:52 Stephanie Fox
224 24:03 Emily Elmes
242 25:14 Julie Elmes
252 25:50 Peter Lewis
266 26:13 Petra Bijsterveld
294 28:15 Sue Williamson
333 finished

Jack Bloor races, Tue 10 May

Congratulations to Jack Wood on his 2nd consecutive win and Lucy Haines on 2nd lady. The men were first male team with Jack, Matt Cox, Dan Wilkinson and Jack Cummings to count. Results ...

1   39:26 Jack Wood
5   42:07 Matt Cox
10  43:19 Dan Wilkinson
15  44:33 Jack Cummings
16  44:40 Paul Carman
23  45:56 Daniel Hayes
24  46:07 Gavin Lamb
31  47:38 Michael Lomas
44  49:17 John Hayes
45  49:20 Dave Robson
46  49:31 Richard Joel
49  49:39 Ben Joynson
53  50:10 Lucy Haines 2nd lady
56  50:22 David Foyston
59  50:34 Nick Pearce
78  52:59 Michael Duffield
85  53:31 Steve Murray
88  53:55 Paddy Hagan
99  54:58 Lucy Williamson
101 55:02 Laura King
111 55:58 Mary Gibbons
113 56:13 Outi Kamarainen
120 57:18 Paul Stephens
124 57:52 Jann Smith
127 58:12 Alison Weston
128 58:42 Robert Budding
136 61:04 Ian Marshall
143 62:14 Philip Hirst
148 62:44 Joyce Marshall
158 65:35 Geoffrey White
164 66:47 Rose Hagan
176 71:39 Sophie Brown
187 80:32 Sally Wright
198 finished

Yorkshire Selection

Tom Adams and Jack Wood have been selected to run for Yorkshire in the Fell Inter Counties at Moel Eilio, North Wales on 14th May.

Leeds Half Marathon, Sun 8 May

Results ...

(1   1:07:12 Mohammed Aburezeq, U/A)
62   1:24:22 David Westhead
121  1:27:46 Jonathan Sinclair
448  1:36:27 Andrew Merrick
799  1:42:48 David Howe
1351 1:49:13 Caroline Howe
1413 1:50:23 David Ibbotson
1717 1:47:48 Rhys Jones
2002 1:58:38 Donna Hattersley PB 
2050 2:00:43 Charlotte Smithson
2051 1:59:36 Elizabeth Westhead
3688 2:10:13 William Woodhead
4053 2:06:39 Sally Lynch
4777 2:28:21 Emma Curran
6334 finished

Hawkswick Fell Race, Sat 7 May

From Jann Smith ... Results ...

(1 33:19 Ashley Holt, Rosssendale)
4  34:41 Paul Carman
14 38:14 Steve Turland 
23 39:47 Kate Archer (2nd lady)
46 46:15 Jann Smith
61 finished

This was also the Yorkshire Junior Championships, with many good Ilkley results.

Malhamdale Trail Challenge, Sat 7 May

From Paul Sugden ... If you like the Wharfedale half then this is a must for you. This is a well organised and excellent event around Malham. Starting in Kirkby Malham with a flat mile, then a steep climb of 1100 feet up Predaw Hill to to the top of Kirkby fell. This gave excellent views of Malham Tarn in the distance. It was then downhill to Malham Cove and then through Janets Foss into Malham and back into Kirkby Malham. To finish off there was cake and meat pies. An excellent day out. May be next year we may think about the 22 mile route. Results ...

(1 1:08:05 Julian Hood, Barlick Fell Runners)
4  1:17:2 Jamie Hutchinson
11 1:29:42 Stuart Herrington
28 1:44:50 David Taylor
37 1:51:42 Paul Sugden
38 1:51:46 Jan Carrier
56 1:57:04 Joanna Taylor	

Kentmere Trail Race, Sat 7 May

From Ben Joynson ... A glorious sunny day in the Lakes for a very hard race. There were 3 other races before mine and spotted a few Harriers in there. I had a good start up the 2 mile road section with the front end of the race and kept up with a front group. I was aware I had maybe not done enough miles for the task in hand but thought to give it a go. Plenty of climbing in this race and nice trails to run on. Enjoyed most of the race until the wheels fell off with about 2 miles to go. Put this down to not enough water and a empty stomach!. It was amazing how quickly I dropped down the field :(. The ice cream and food at the end was welcomed. Recommend the trail race series and well done to the other Harriers who made the other races. Results ...

17k Trail Race
(1 1:08:56 Ben Livesey, Lincolnshire)
63 1:37:09 Ben Joynson
191 finished

17k Trail Challenge
(1 1:26:35 Andy Rees, U/A)
85 1:52:32 Neil Pomfret
464 finished

Up the Nab fell race, Sat 7 May

From Dan Wilkinson ... Congratulations to Jack again, 6th at the English Championship race Up the Nab, beating lots of fell running's big names again! Results ...

(1 34:04 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
6  35:06 Jack Wood
72 39:49 Dan Wilkinson
267 finished

parkruns, Sat 7 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:28 Will Smith, Keighley and Craven AC)
43  23:00 Tom Worboys
444 54:11 Amy Del Sol Brown Carrera (junior)
452 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  16:33 David Morgan, Serpentine RC)
4   18:06 Alex Hirst
241 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:45 Shaun Lawson, Easingwold RC)
51  22:59 Norman Bush
278 ran

HDSRL #1, Thu 5 May

Great feedback on the race we hosted, the first of this year's League, with comments on friendly marshals and good organisation. Thanks to Neil Chapman and anyone who helped. Results ...

(1  26:16 Jamil Parapia, Otley AC)
4   27:18 Matthew Cox
16  29:14 Jack Cummings
20  29:25 Daniel Hayes
44  31:29 Adrian Hall
60  32:27 Mark Iley
69  33:01 Alex Murphy
70  33:12 Lucy Williamson 2nd lady
115 35:13 Steve Murray
135 36:16 Mary Gibbons
153 36:56 Paul Stephens
179 38:22 Philip Hirst
193 39:06 Sarah Hayes
231 40:42 Jane Bryant
245 41:20 Geoffrey White
308 44:53 Julie Elmes
324 46:13 Donald Macrae
326 46:27 Laura Dawes
347 49:01 Bernadette Gibbons
357 50:54 Tracy Russell
359 51:09 Kate Lofthouse
378 finished

Lothersdale fell race, Wed 4 May

From Jann Smith ... results ...

(1 23:27 Jack Smith, Wharfedale)      
2  26:07 Paul Carman
31 32:14 Paddy Hagan
43 33:37 Jann Smith 
82 ran

John Carr race 1, Wed 4 May

From Petra ... Tom Adams equalled the (1990!) club record for 5K in 15:06, results ...

1   15:06 Tom Adams
17  16:39 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
18  16:48 Cameron Reilly
29  17:22 Jack Cummings
38  17:57 Oscar Stapleton
80  18:59 Mark Iley
95  19:35 Bethan Morley
102 19:46 Lucy Williamson
105 19:54 Steve Murray
116 20:17 Michael Duffield
123 20:34 lucy Haines
147 21:22 Geoffrey Howard
164 21:43 Harry Sime
165 21:43 Robert Sime
179 22:12 Sarah Edwards
192 22:36 Jean Sullivan
200 22:57 Philip Hirst
208 23:04 Helen Waddington
209 22:58 Adela Reperecki
214 23:18 Joanne Williamson
221 23:28 Alison Bennett
226 23:53 Ella Shouler-Harris
234 24:16 Tom Worboys
265 25:15 Julie Elmes
268 25:37 Kate Wilkinson
292 26:54 Peter Lewis
318 28:08 Sue Williamson
339 29:58 Sally Wright
371 finished

Beginners 0-5k Challenge

Starting Tuesday 3rd May 2016, Ilkley Harriers are starting a six week beginners' running course. The aim of the course is to introduce others to the joys of running and show that everyone can run and enjoy it! More info and application form.

A great start, with over 70 new runners taking part, welcome!

Older News, April 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, April

Runner of the month:
Tom Worboys
for his 3 marathons this spring plus 3 last autumn for charity Other nominations were:
Alex Hyde for Paris and London
Jane McCarthy for Open 5
Jack Wood for 3 Peaks
Alison Weston for Anniversary Waltz and3 Peaks
Ruaridh Mon-Wiliams for Pendle
Matt Cox for Dick Hudsons
Mary Gibbons for Dick Hudsons
Outi Kamarainen for Teenager with Altitude
Jann Smith for Blubberhouses
DanWilkinson for Blubberhouses
Tom Adams for Baildon Boundary Way
Volunteer of the month:
Peter Lewis
Newsletter Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey for committee work
Petra Bijsterveld for social media

From Petra ... We would like to give a special mention to Jack Wood for an astounding result of 3:02 at his first 3 Peaks Race, coming 6th in an elite field, and winning a silver Yorkshire Championship medal at the same time

More Harriers of the Month ...

3 Peaks fell race, Sat 30 April

Woodentops photos

From Jack Wood ... hanks to all the people supporting the Three Peaks on Saturday, it gives you a boost when you hear your name or see someone you know. One of the highlights from my race was running down the track after Penyghent and being encouraged by runners who were on their way up. Enjoyed the run and happy with my result, the beers at the end tasted good. Well done to the other Harriers who ran, especially those with PB's and Alison who was 2nd V50 in her 17th Three Peaks!

From Alison Weston ... A good turn out at the 62nd Yorkshire 3 Peaks Race on Saturday and I think every Harrier with the exception of Jack Wood found the race hard going this year with frequent hail showers and snow on the tops. It was Jack's first 3 Peak's race and he came an amazing 6th position in a very competitive field in an incredible elite time of 3:02 hours, also claiming a silver Yorkshire medal as the race was also the Yorkshire Championship race for 2016. Next Harrier home was Michael Lomas (PB) closely followed by Steve Turland. Dick Waddington, Richard Joel and John Hayes finished within 4hrs 30 and great run by Dave Robson and Michael Duffield in their first 3 Peak's race, closely followed by Michael Duffield, Martyn Stocker, Richard Morris, David Chandler (first 3 peaks race) and Paul Langan. Unfortunately due to recent injuries there were fewer Ilkley ladies this year. Alison Weston came in 4:36 hrs (2 nd LV50) followed by Caz Farrow and Chantal Busby. This year there was a long queue to cross the fence before the climb up Whernside and Sarah Hayes, though running well to Hill Inn did not quite make the tight cut-off time. Hopefully she will be back next year.

Graham Weston's photos, Woodentops' photos

Results ...

(1  2:48:58 Marc Lauenstein, Team Salomon)
6   3:02:32 Jack Wood 
264 4:13:50 Michael Lomas
267 4:14:06 Steve Turland
340 4:25:38 Dick Waddington
365 4:28:49 Richard Joel
347 4:29:56 John Hayes
409 4:36:47 Alison Weston
533 4:55:13 Dave Robson
538 4:55:53 Michael Duffield
606 5:07:54 Martyn Stocker
675 5:23:15 Richard Morris
679 5:24:19 David Chandler
693 5:31:04 Chantal Busby
698 5:36:48 Paul Langan
703 finished

Coniston Fell Race, Sat 30 April

From Robin Nicholson ... I ran Coniston fell race on Saturday. Alternate course due to heavy snow on the peaks.
Results ...

(1 60:08 Carl Bell, Keswick)
43 75:37 Robin Nicholson
180 finished

parkruns, Sat 30 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:33 James Raven, Cardiff AAC)
5   19:26 Paul Carman
18  21:16 Tom Worboys
69  25:46 Polly Crawley (junior)
192 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  15:59 Shaun Dixon, Highgate Harriers)
4   17:37 Alex Hirst
218 ran

Dick Hudsons fell race, Wed 28 April

From Matt Cox ... A chilly start to Dick Hudson's race which now starts form the barrier at White Wells car park. A hailstorm greeted us as we registered, and continued until just after the race started. This meant for a difficult clothing choice - full hat, Jacket and leggings were appropriate when we set off, but 10 minutes in the sun came out and we were greeted with a snowy but sunny moor on the climb up. I opted for long sleeves and bottoms, I could have done with shorts in the end!
I followed Dan Wilkinson off at the start, taking a line up the side of the waterfall and on to the top of the moor. A few followed us, some went up the main path past White Wells and on up the steps -a longer line in my opinion! Once on top, the snow made it difficult to see the sheep track that provided the best line to the main flagged path, so after some slight deliberation I chose a line and made the best of it. The others seemed to follow ...!
I led up the main flagged path to the 12 Apostles, but was passed by another runner once we were on top. It seemed however that he was unsure of the route. I managed to keep 2nd place up to the turn, and on heading back saw that there were a couple of other runners hot on my heels... Dan Wilkinson was in about 6th / 7th place at this point. Heading back, the leader was running strongly and pulled away, and was 4-500 yards in front by the time we got back up to the 12 Apostles, but he failed to make the right turn back down on to the Millennium Way flagged path towards the finish. After a quick shout fell on deaf ears (honest!), I found myself leading once again, with Ali Burns of Valley Striders hot on my heels.
I stretched out on the descent, managed to open up the gap on Ali, and led home for my first race win in a long time. Very happy.
The rest of the field took varying route choices back down to the finish, with a number of others carrying straight on along the top of the moor, and missing the turn back towards Ilkley. This worked to Dan Wilkinson's advantage, finding himself finishing in 3rd. Great race, well done to all that braved the weather.
Results ...

1  49.59 Matt Cox
3  51:45 Dan Wilkinson
4  52:53 Martin Archer
5  53:03 Paul Carman
18 58:07 Ben Joynson
20 58:38 David Foyston
31 62:45 Paddy Hagan
34 63:46 Mary Gibbons
39 64:46 Alison Eagle
49 68:08 Paul Stephens
53 70:59 Helen Waddington
55 73:50 Phil Hirst
65 84:35 Petra Bijsterveld
66 finished

Notice: Tuesday Night Training 26th April

From Petra ... the building work at ILTSC has almost been completed but the car park will be out of bounds on Tuesday April 26th. We will meet at the Old Bridge at 7 pm for the Tuesday night club runs once more..

London Marathon, Sun 24 April

From Alex Hyde ... I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands running London on Sunday and eventually came in as the last Harrier in 4:46:13, critically a full 59 seconds quicker than my Paris time 3 weeks ago! Conditions were pretty much perfect - cool and dry except for a light flurry of snow early on - but my legs were telling me that 3 weeks between marathons isn't long enough for an old boy!! The atmosphere was absolutely amazing - I thought Paris was good but London trumped that many times over and the noise from the crowds throughout was awesome.
Results ...

(1    2:03:05 Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya)
2703  3:06:08 Steve Weston
3669  3:13:14 Derek Oliver
5395  3:24:33 Steve Newell
12155 3:53:52 Claire McLoughlin
13955 3:59:02 Tom Worboys
15963 4:06:47 Caroline Howe
23086 4:34:08 William Woodhead
25967 4:46:13 Alex Hyde

YVAA Grand Prix, Honley, Sun 24 April

From Alison Eagle ... First race of the Grand Prix series and a good race for me as mainly off road, with short hills up and down. Not bad weather or underfoot conditions. Feel as though finally may be on way back to racing, hopeful the result will motivate to get back to speed training, need it!
Well organised race as usual and great food after, lots of great tray bakes! These are well worth doing next one is at West Park Tues 24th May.
Results ...

(1 40:57 Tanya Seager, Stainland)
7  50:32 Alison Eagle 1st LVet 50
49 65:20 Amanda Newham
62 finished

parkruns, Sat 23 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A first-place finish this week for Jack Wood at Skipton. Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
1   16:45 Jack Wood
5   18:39 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
92  27:14 Polly Crawley (junior)
191 ran

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:50 Daryl Hibberd, Valley Striders)
176 25:51 Gaenor Coy
445 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:20 Graham Corbett, Saltaire Striders)
37  22:39 Ethan Thompson (junior)
78  24:16 Stephanie Fox
406 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:50 Stephen Ellison, U/A)
71  23:18 Phil Hirst
197 26:54 Julie Elmes
349 ran

Mile End
(1  16:44 Rick Weston, Serpentine RC)
115 24:17 Tom Worboys
314 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:53 Thomas Humphrey, Plymouth Harriers)
2   17:56 Alex Hirst
227 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:43 Daniel Holdsworth, Richmond & Zetland Harriers)
61  23:17 Norman Bush
287 ran

(1  18:40 Al Chapman, Pudsey Pacers)
11  22:32 Harry Stead (junior)
68 ran

(1  17:26 Ewen Malloch, Team Bath AC)
73  25:11 Alison Bennett
280 ran

Anniversary Waltz and Teenager With Altitude, Sat 16 April

Photo: Dick W

From Alison Weston... Two great races from Newlands valley in the Lakes on Saturday. Jack Wood came an amazing 3rd overall in the gruelling Teenager with Altitude (15.4 miles with 7600 foot of ascent). Outi Kamarainen also successfully completed the race and finished well in the ladies results.
A good turn out in the shorter Anniversary Waltz (a mere 11.5 miles with 3600 foot of ascent) with Dan Wilkinson first Harrier home followed by Jane McCarthy (1st LV40), Dick Waddington, Kate Archer, Alison Weston (1st LV50) and Mary Gibbons (as her first lakeland race!). It was a beautiful day with stunning views, making all the climbing well worthwhile.

Dick Waddington adds ... The Anniversary Waltz takes a turn around the Newlands valley over peaks including Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head and Catbells. It is about 11 miles long with 3500ft of climbing. The Teenager adds about 4 miles and doubles the climbing, taking in Grassmoor, Whiteless, High Snock Rigg before going the Waltz at Robinson. It is a very pretty route with something for everyone - a flat mile on a nice track at the start, a steep path, then a steeper Whernside-like heather slope, smooth moorland, rocky outcrops to scramble up and down, very steep grass down Dale Head, then a few tourists to dodge on Catbells.
Ilkley put in a good number of runners with Outi Kamarainen and Jack Wood taking on the Teenager and Kate Archer, Mary Gibbons, Jane McCarthy, Alison Weston, Dan Wilkinson and me taking on the Waltz.
Jack was 3rd in the Teenager with Altitude. Jane was 1st FV40 and Alison 1st FV50 in the Anniversary Waltz. Well done everyone!

Full results later

Bunny Run #3, Tue 12 April

Tom Adams 12th Bunny and 18th Egg Stage - matching Ian Holmes' 18 Egg Stage wins. Ilkley's men won the team prize. Photos and results ...

1   15:55 Tom Adams
5   16:48 Jack Wood
18  18:15 Dan Wilkinson
19  18:17 Paul Carman
32  19:08 Oscar Stapleton
58  20:25 Ben Joynson
61  20:33 Richard Joel
76  21:15 Lucy Williamson
80  21:18 James Pickering
96  22:00 Charlie Tiger Smith
98  22:02 Poppy Anderson
100 22:13 Malcolm Pickering
103 22:24 Mary Gibbons
122 23:10 Bernadette Raven
128 23:30 Tom Jackson
129 23:34 Andrew Jackson
134 23:42 Joanne Williamson
139 24:14 Alison Weston
157 25:33 Helen Waddington
158 25:34 Geoffrey White
217 30:57 Anna Pickering
223 31:35 Sally Wright
243 finished

Overall results (all 3 races)
1 Tom Adams
7 Paul Carman

11 Mary Gibbons

7 Charlie Tiger Smith

Manchester Marathon, Sun 10 April

From Tim Buckingham ... I completed the Greater Manchester Marathon in 3h29m30s Really happy with the run and really recommend the Manchester Marathon to anyone interested as a good alternative to London!

From Tom Worboys ... This month I completed the second set of three marathons for the Huntington's Disease Association, the first three being in October. Manchester was incredibly tough, a struggle from 16 miles in but something managed to keep me running. Brighton was much better with excellent support and sunshine, an excellent race except for the somewhat soul destroying lap of the power station towards the end. London was bloody marvelous and the most fun I've had running despite it being my slowest ever marathon. Just under 4 hours of high fives and tomfoolery. Over £800 raised for charity and all the marathons under four hours, though the times weren't all that important.

Results ...

(1   2:22:34 Steven Bayton, Hallamshire Harriers)
1781 3:39:30 Tim Buckingham
3952 3:56:38 Tom Worboys
15149 finished

Open 5, Sun 10 April

From Jane McCarthy ... A few Harriers (Sue Booth, Paul Sugden, Dick Waddington and I) travelled to Todmorden on Sunday to take part in the final Open 5 in the Series, enjoying beautiful sunshine and stunning course scenery covering Stoodley Pike and parts of the Calderdale Way/Pennine Way. Sue Booth and her partner Louise Hanley had an excellent day out, winning the female pairs category. Paul Sugden finished a tough course with his second highest score of the Series, and Dick and I partnered in a mixed pair and had a good day out!
There have been six events in the Open 5 Series (November - April), in which competitors have 5 hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible, either by bike or on foot. There is a map for each course, and it is entirely up to you to decide route and split between run and MTB. The scores for the checkpoints are only released as you start the event, normally requiring some quick re-planning of route. These are excellent events for runners looking to improve navigation whilst enjoying some fantastic courses put together by the Open Adventure Team. Also great training for longer events and a great, fun atmosphere.
In the Overall Series, Outi Kamarainen finished 2nd overall in the Female Solo Category, only narrowly behind me. Sue Booth and Louise Hanley were 2nd in the Female Pairs, John Houlihan and his partner were 1st in the Male Pairs category, Helen and Dick Waddington competed in 2 events in the Mixed Pairs and Harriers were represented by Paul Sugden, Dick W and Jamie Hutchinson in the Male Solos. Apologies if I have missed anyone. Check the website if interested for next year!

Jo Taylor adds: ... Can't resist adding to the Open 5 report as this was mine and Dave's 16th event and having accumulated a career 5000 points so far we were delighted to pick up certificates and champagne for our effort. The weather was kind but the terrain was a horror and it was notable how many teams lost points going over the 5 hour limit. We managed to come in on time for 9th mixed pair and 9th mixed pair in the series overall this year. The atmosphere at these events is second to none and the score format makes them especially suitable for those wanting to try a longer event but nervous about finishing a long event at the back.

parkruns, Sat 9 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:15 unknown)
29  20:25 Adrian Bastow
95  23:31 Ethan Thompson (junior)
404 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:25 Nathan Martin, Wharfedale Harriers)
387 36:38 Abbie Reynier (junior)
446 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:30 Tom Mitchell, U/A)
153 27:18 Julie Elmes
293 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   18:13 Alex Hirst
168 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:14 Neil Maloney, Skipton AC)
11  21:04 Lewis Carr (junior)
111 28:45 Dylan Carr (junior)
181 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:52 Nathan Smith, City of York)
60  23:07 Norman Bush
319 ran

(1  20:27 Duncan Spence, U/A)
24  24:14 Harry Stead (junior)
134 ran

(1  18:49 Harvey Lord, Black Combe Runners)
5   19:35 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
231 ran

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Jane McCarthy ... After 4 races in the Harriers League Lucy Williamson is at the top of the Leaderboard with 245 points from 3 races. Michael Duffield, last year's winner, is in second place having also raced in 3 events. The next 3 races are all in May, starting with Road with the first John Carr 5K on 4th May, Fell with the Jack Bloor on 10th May, and Trail with Over the Odda on the 14th May. John Carr Series is pre-entry only from Saltaire Striders.
Updated 2016 League results after 4 races
More on the League page.

Bunny Run #2, Tue 5 April

Well done to Tom Adams who won his 11th Bunny and 17th Egg Stage - can Tom match Ian Holmes' 18 Egg Stage wins next week (no pressure!). Photos and results ...

1   15:22 Tom Adams
22  18:16 Paul Carman
62  20:17 Ben Joynson
80  20:57 Jane McCarthy
109 22:11 Mary Gibbons
111 22:15 Poppy Anderson
125 22:54 Bernadette Raven
151 24:11 Andrew Jackson
167 25:04 Adela Reperecki
175 25:21 Tom Jackson
178 25:28 Helen Waddington
189 25:28 Ella Shouler Harris
278 finished

Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 3 April

From Steve Weston ... Steve Newell and I travelled over to Cheshire for the Wilmslow Half Marathon, a large event for 5000 runners run on entirely closed roads.
On the trip over the weather the weather was a bit grim but thankfully the drizzle cleared below the M62 to allow the race to be run in sunshine with a little bit of breeze, almost perfect conditions. The course follows a gently undulating route around the Wilmslow lanes.
I started off well running what seemed like a comfortable pace of 6.10 and had Rob Cunningham in my sights for half of the race before overhauling him at around mile 7. Unfortunately it all went south then, with wheels coming off at mile 10 and Rob pushing on into the distance after 11. Steve Newell ran a great race despite less than ideal prep to come in well within his expected time.
Results ...

(1  1:04:59 Josphat Kipkemoi, Run Fast)
165 1:24:52 Rob Cunningham 
184 1:25:50 Steve Weston
255 1:28:37 Andrew Overend
415 1:33:24 Steve Newell
3796 finished

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 3 April

Woodentops photos

Dave Woodhead reports ... Tom Adams won by an astonishing 15 minutes - results ...

1   1:16:41 Tom Adams
38  1:43:44 Richard Joel
153 2:05:01 Neil Bloor
173 2:09:11 Adela Reperecki
252 2:22:28 Helen Horton
254 2:22:38 Nigel Tapper
280 2:29:54 Stephanie Fox
288 2:33:02 Jayne Fort
331 2:51:44 Julie Elmes
345 finished

Paris Marathon, Sun 3 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... I signed up for Paris with several other Harriers. Only my 2nd marathon and my 1st one on road. Warm sunny weather had been predicted for Sunday and the forecast, sadly, turned out to be very accurate, a stunning day for spectators but it made it hard for runners having trained in the Yorkshire winter.
The race is huge with over 40.000 finishers, starting and finishing near the Arc de Triomphe and taking in many of the major sights of Paris as well as going out into the Bois des Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne. The atmosphere was really positive, the route lined with spectators and bands providing music and especially lots of drumming, which is great when you are running. There were massive water stations every 5km with fresh oranges, bananas, dried fruit and sugar cubes. Les pompiers de Paris (fire brigade) also provided additional water stations and had their hoses out providing a welcome spray.
The entire course was quite congested with so many runners, many were walking quite early on and one had to weave in and out a lot which was tiring. Parisian spectators have an interesting way of just carrying on with their normal Sunday morning routine, and there was a constant stream of little old ladies and families with prams tackling the zebra crossings in the face of thousands of runners. I just mumbled 'vous etes fou' under my breath hundreds of times.
I had planned to do 10 minute miles all the way and this worked very well for the first half, but just as I was beginning to get quite impressed with my pacing (fatal) the wheels gradually came off as the heat and the relentlessness of the road running (and some cobbles!) caught up with me. The slopes out of the underpasses were becoming a problem that I had to walk, much as I was trying to tell myself they were barely worthy of the name hill and that I am from Ilkley after all! The last 6 miles I had to run/walk and was not fun, finishing eventually in 4:49, disappointed as I had hoped for 4:20. However, having seen several collapsed runners along the course being attended to by de Croix Rouge I was glad to finish in one piece. More fresh fruit on offer at the finish, and a very shiny large medal. There were some excellent results from other Harriers; Dave Ibbotson and Alex both struggled with cramp hampering their times which was likely related to the heat.
For anyone wanting to run a big city marathon I can very much recommend Paris, it is easy to enter, no ballot, just pay your money and you are in. The organization was faultless without losing its french relaxed character, and very friendly. Just hope for an overcast day.
Results ...

(1    2:07:11 Cybrian Kotut)
9697  3:47:16 David Schneider
12313 3:54:57 Stuart Herrington
12587 3:55:40 Erin Keating
17518 4:08:52 Jan Carrier 
25841 4:32:17 Dave Ibbotson
30454 4:47:12 Alex Stanley-Hyde
31163 4:49:53 Petra Bijsterveld
31810 4:52:34 Fiona Schneider
41708 finished

Blubberhouses 25, Sun 3 April

From Dan Wilkinson ... This really well organised LDWA event seemed to be well attended by Harriers, I saw several at the start. I was hoping for a good run after completing my recovery from injury and a group of 4 of us, including Ben Sheppard set off together and opened up an early lead. We ran together for the first 15 miles or so and at Beamsley Beacon I could tell the other guys were working a bit harder than me so I decided to see if I could open up a lead. It worked and I managed to drop Ben and the others to come home first in 3:06, despite getting momentarily lost on the run in (something I seem prone to in recent months!). Ben Was 3rd and John Hayes was 3rd Harrier home in around 3:25.
From Jann Smith ... A great route which takes in Beamsley Beacon, Round Hill, Rocking Moor, Timble and the all the Washburn reservoirs with an interesting section of bog around 8 miles in length ! Lots of Harriers there. I was doing well up to mile 23 when my calf popped and ruptured. The man behind basically told me to man up and jog it out so I hobbled to the finish. 1st lady.
Results ...

1  3:06 Dan Wilkinson 
3  3:12 Ben Sheppard
10 3:31 John Hayes
27 3:49 Jann Smith  1st lady
34 3:58 Andrew Merrick
38 4:02 Paul Calderbank
46 4:17 Chantal Busby
56 4:42 Sarah Hayes
65 4:52 Richard Morris
179 finished

Pendle fell race, Sat 2 April

Results ...

(1 33:46 Sam Tosh, Rossendale)
5  36:12 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
23 40:55 Martin Archer
95 51:23 Norman Bush
172 finished

BMAF 10k Champs, Sat 2 April

From Geoffrey Howard ... A sunny day in London town, and an inspiring setting, for the latest race in a monthly summer series of 10k races. The occasion last Saturday (2nd April) also doubled as this year's BMAF 10k Championship. The start was from the Podium Cafe next to the controversial Orbit sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (set between the Olympic Stadium to the West across a stretch of water and the Olympic Pool to the East also across a waterway). The three lap, mainly flat but loopy, course soon had us having to look out for locals out enjoying an early morning constitutional with the overall atmosphere very similar to that of a Park Run. There were 505 finishers with Tom Payn (unattached) winning in 31m 16s. I managed 93rd in 42m 40s as second v70 well behind Martin Ford of Cheltenham (72nd and first v70 in 41m 16s) who has been virtually untouchable in his age group in road races over at least a decade. For anyone fancying trying the event during a weekend trip to the capital, it can be reached from St Pancras in only 15 mins, has chip timing and ritual goodie bag but weighs in at a hefty £15 entry fee.

parkruns, Sat 2 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:26 Scott Harrington)
19  20:12 Tom Worboys
272 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:08 Michael King, Tunbridge Wells Harriers)
15  20:54 Theo Clay (junior)
290 35:08 Abbie Reynier (junior)
348 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:48 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
2   18:57 Alex Hirst
183 ran

Fingal Bay
(1  19:39 Daniel Hutchinson, U/A)
7   22:25 Eve Whitaker (junior) 1st female
36  27:02 Alexandra Whitaker (junior)
44  27:50 Helene Whitaker
92 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:07 Joe Mercer, Horwich RMI Harriers)
5   19:26 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
25  22:05 Lucy Jacques
67  26:00 David Taylor
94  27:40 Polly Crawley (junior)
110 28:50 Neve Tennant (junior)
129 30:44 Jo Taylor
171 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:58 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
88  25:56 Emily Elmes (junior)
123 27:36 Julie Elmes
236 ran

Older News, March 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, March

Runner of the month:
Jack Wood
for Heptonstall, Edale and Pendle results Other nominations were:
Kate Archer for Black Combe result
Geoff Howard for Blackpool 10m
Alison Weston for Black Combe
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for Podium 5k
Mary Gibbons for week on week improvements
Rob Cunningham for Keithley and Bradford 10ks
Tom Adams for the Monserrat sky race
Volunteer of the month:
Jane Bryant
Neil Chapman
Jane for Thursday speed session
Neil for Thursday field and fell session
Other nominations were:
None this month.

From Hilda Coulsey ... The Harrier was voted as Jack Wood for an awesome set of races in the month. We decided that both Jane and Neil deserved an award each for their significant and continuing serious commitment and it is great to have the opportunity to do this.

More Harriers of the Month ...

21st Guiseley Gallop, Sun 27 Mar

Woodentops photos

From Hilda Coulsey ... A lovely Easter Sunday morning at the revised course for this year's Guiseley Gallop. I liked this course, altered because of the winter floods, plenty of both hills and flat, through the trees and along Esholt. Rob Cunningham was first Harrier home and lots of other good times for the Harriers. I targeted this run as my first back from injury, I realise I'm still injured and not run-fit but it was great to be out.
Results ...

(1  36:50 Chris Miller, Harrogate)
23  42:45 Rob Cunningham
30  43:34 Jamie Hutchinson
46  44:31 David Chandler
52  44:58 Dave Robson
55  45:26 Ben Joynson
74  47:31 Nick Pearce
86  48:23 Lucy Williamson
89  48:27 Paul Calderbank
142 51:50 Chantal Binsby
170 53:49 Joanne Williamson
194 55:10 Neil Bloor
243 57:50 Adela Reperecki
247 57:56 Chris Cunningham
365 67:25 Sue Williamson
368 67:38 Hilda Coulsey
432 finished

parkruns, Sat 26 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:37 Jonathan Dudley, Wetherby Runners)
76  23:44 Andrew Overend
322 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:26 Andrew Siddle, Bingley Harriers)
332 35:32 Abbie Reynier (junior)
400 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   17:41 Alex Hirst
148 ran

(1  17:21 Luke Duffy, Billingham Marsh House Harriers)
44  27:12 Julie Elmes
93 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:03 Neil Maloney, Skipton AC)
12  20:36 Jonathan Schneider
27  22:18 Lucy Jacques
96  27:55 Fiona Schneider
104 28:28 Neve Tennant (junior)
112 28:38 Bradley Brennand (junior)
114 28:49 Polly Crawley (junior)
193 ran

Rivock Edge fell race, Sun 20 Mar

Woodentops photos

Results soon ...

Heptonstall fell race, Sun 20 Mar

From Ben Sheppard ... results ...

(1  1:49:05 Karl Gray, CVFR)
4   1:58:30 Jack Wood
46  2:22:56 Steve Turland
171 2:59:46 Mary Gibbons
180 3:01:35 Chantal Busby
247 finished

East Hull 20, Sun 20 Mar

From Alex Hyde ... A beautifully fresh Spring morning saw me flying the flag for Ilkley at the East Hull 20. The winner was Michael Hargreaves of East Hull Harriers in 1hr 51mins 52secs and if you waited long enough, you would have seen me come in at P393 out of 494 in a time of 3hr 14 min 4secs! Lovely flat course with the only hill of note about a mile from the finish .... why do course planners always do that?! Thoroughly enjoyable though, especially when I left two Bingley Harriers in my wake in the run for the line!

Thirsk 10, Sun 20 Mar


(1  49:43  Jonathan Taylor, Morpeth H)
313 1:14:59 Julie Watson
877 finished

Coniston 14, Sat 19 Mar

From David Ibbotson... I think I was the only Harrier over at Coniston yesterday. Winner Sam Stead Keswick 1:16:27 in field of 1098 runners. I ran 2:02:49 (551 position). Great event attracting runners from near and far too scenic if challenging course. Usual friendly atmosphere with Jazz band and showers, food and drinks provided in village school.

parkruns, Sat 19 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:26 Jonathan Goringe, Birchfield Harriers)
2   16:51 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
385 ran

(1  15:21 John Sanderson, Guildford and Godalming AC)
52  20:54 Geoff Howard
413 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:59 Graham Corbett, Saltaire Striders)
160 27:05 Petra Bijsterveld
360 ran

(1  17:30 Chris Cavey, Ealing Eagles)
5   18:55 Rob Cunningham
333 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:27 Nic Smith, U/A)
171 27:30 Julie Elmes
302 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  16:51 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
2   17:38 Alex Hirst
192 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:15 unknown)
2   18:21 Cameron Reilly (junior)
25  21:44 Lucy Jacques
28  22:05 Bradley Brennand (junior)
90  27:07 Oscar Gilroy-Bewell (junior)
98  27:34 Polly Crawley (junior)
164 ran

Junior Do, Fri 18 Mar

Over 150 juniors and parents enjoyed the Annual Presentation Evening, some great Woodentops photos.

Spen 20, Sun 13 Mar


(1  1:56:56 John Hobbs, Valley Striders)
132 2:47:00 Tom Worboys
254 finished

Sweatshop Blackpool 10m, Sun 13 Mar

From Geoff Howard... Nice benign conditions on the almost flat promenade made for quicker times than last year at the Sweatshop (Bispham) 10 miler on Sunday. First home was James Kevan of Horwich (53m 04s) and, more than a quarter of an hour later, I managed 70m 20s which was a pleasing 17s improvement and new V70 club record

(1 53:04 James Kevan, Horwich)
69 70:20 Geoff Howard  1st V70
237 finished

Edale Skyline fell race, Sun 13 Mar

From Jack Wood ... Me and Will Buckton (ex Ilkley now Settle Harrier) headed to Edale for the Skyline on Sunday determined to have a better day than last year where we both dropped out. Added to this I wanted to make amends for messing up the first English Champs race on Saturday. We arrived at Edale in time for a breakfast bap and coffee in a pub. It was good to catch up with Will who is getting back into shape and was aiming to make it to the halfway cut off at Mam Nick. There couldn't have been more of a difference to last year's weather, hazy blue sky and bright sunshine made the approaching 21 miles and 1200m climb less daunting. Once I got going my legs didn't feel too bad and in third through Hope, I put in some effort up Lose Hill and managed to get a lead. It was lovely running along the ridge to Mam Tor with paragliders flying overhead and the occasional tourist cheering on. After the vast Brown Knoll bog the path weaved through some gigantic rocks, though the snow in the shade made it hard to find a rhythm. I was getting tired and hungry, I walked some steps and had a couple of Tunnock's Wafers. Arriving at the penultimate checkpoint on Grindslow Knoll I could see 2nd place Richard Roberts had closed the gap. I was knackered and the final checkpoint looked so far away but I remembered what Pete Shields used to say to us during training: 'This is where you find out about yourself'. I kept moving and he didn't seem to get much closer. As I approached the final checkpoint at Ringing Roger I knew I was going to do it. I felt a wave of emotion and rode it down the hill, smile replacing grimace, to win by 20 seconds. Later on after I received the trophy and a block of blue cheese, Will came back having managed to finish the whole course under 5 hours and we celebrated our achievements with a beer in the sun.
Results ...

1  2:55:54 Jack Wood
232 finished

Bradford 10k, Sun 13 Mar

Woodentops photos

From Michael Duffield, results ...

(1  32:58 Joe Sagar
25  38:06 Robert Cunningham
56  40:51 Adrian Bastow
67  41:29 Michael Duffield
120 43:23 Harry Sime
126 43:25 Simon Jenkins
141 43:48 Steve Murray
238 47:11 Chris Cunningham
259 47:52 Stephanie Fox
632 58:31 Sue Williamson
970 finished

Black Combe fell race, Sat 12 Mar

From Dan Wilkinson ... Black Combe was the first counter in this year's English Fell Championships. The race has a reputation for sending wayward runners spiralling off into the mist and today didn't disappoint on that front. Several top runners, including recent champions Simon Bailey, Rob Jebb and Rob Hope went for a long walk around the fell. Unfortunately this included our own Jack Wood who was in 11th position until he went wayward after CP3. Alison Weston had a great race to finish 3 FV50 as did Mark Mon-Williams in 4th MV50. I faired just OK as my first race after injury and first as a Vet finishing 17th MV40, but further down the field overall than I had hoped in 76th after getting a bit lost after the final checkpoint cost me over 10 places.
Results ...

(1  1:10 28 Ben Mounsey, CVFR)
73  1:23:20 Mark Mon-Williams
74  1:23:24 Jack Wood	
76  1:23:30 Dan Wilkinson
240 1:39:22 Rob Cunningham
247 1:40:24 Kate Archer
309 1:47:53 Alison Weston
395 2:02:08 Ben Joynson

Haworth Hobble, Sat 12 Mar

From Ben Sheppard... While most of the top fell runners were heading to Black Coombe for the first counter in the English Fell Champs, a field of hikers and (mainly) less elite runners toed the line on the cobbles in Haworth for the Howarth Hobble (or Wuthering Hike). It is categorised as a "short" race by the series, who describe it as "Yorkshire Pennine paths and tracks from Haworth over the moors to Calderdale, up Stoodley Pike and back to Haworth via Heptonstall and Crimsworth Dean. The views are great, and it's nearly all runnable apart from the climb up the Pike.
The race was won in around 4 hrs 10 by renowned ultra specialists Ken Sutor and Calder Valleys's Ian Symington, running a pair. My aim was to be marginally less mediocre than last year and, at a push, finish in under 5 hours. With near perfect conditions and a plan not to do so much walking, I was pleased to cut 25 minutes off last year's time for 4 hrs 50. A cheery Amanda Parnaby was going great guns when I passed her at around 11 miles (she must go off like a shot to open up such an early lead!).
Superbly organised and marshalled by Keighley & Craven AC, this is a great local entry to ultra marathons.
Results ...

(1  4:16:01 Ian Symington, Ken Sutor  CVFR Cheshire HHH)
9   4:50;15 Ben Sheppard
283 8:38:33 Amanda Parnaby
310 finished

Dentdale Run, Sat 12 Mar

From Sarah Hayes ... Results ...

From Adela Reperecki ... On Saturday four of the Ilkley girls got together and had a nice trip out to the village of Dent. Helen Waddington kindly drove and Sarah Hayes, Jean Sullivan and I took part in this very scenic (14.2m) road race. It is an undulating course with a few short sharp hills at the end and a downhill finish to the village. This is a race I am not familiar with, but it is one I would fully recommend. All proceeds go towards the local primary school and there is great support from the locals along the course, a good few water stations and complimentary food and drink at the school hall afterwards. Well done to Sarah and Jean. I will return in 2017. Please mark this one in your diaries for next year.

From Sarah Hayes ... Results ...

(1  1:23:58 Shaun Livesey, Blackburn Harriers)
150 1:59:10 Sarah Hayes
158 2:00:07 Jean Sullivan
186 2:06:48 Adela Reperecki
308 finished

parkruns, Sat 12 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:51 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire Striders)
10  19:58 Sarah Pickering (junior)
363 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:33 unknown)
66  23:40 Phil Hirst
150 27:36 Julie Elmes
263 ran

Leeds Roundhay Park
(1  17:55 Tom Venning, Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club)
17  20:36 Tom Worboys
347 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   17:47 Alex Hirst
202 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   18:28 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
19  21:59 Bradley Brennand (junior)
85  27:31 Polly Crawley (junior)
168 ran

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 12 Mar

The season had it's finale with a record 79 teams at the Nell Bank Relays, and the presentation of the League awards afterwards. More on the junior pages.

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Jane McCarthy ... Here are the updated 2016 League results after two races. If there are any mistakes please let me know ASAP. More than 40 Harriers have competed in one or both of the first 2 League races of the year. No changes at the top, with Tom Adams (200pts) and Jack Wood (188pts) in first and second place after fantastic 1st and 3rd finishing places in Ilkley Moor Fell Race. Sarah Haines is in third place with 164pts. The next League races are on the road with the Bradford 10K on March 13th and trails on March 27th with the Guiseley Gallop. Good Luck All!!
More on the League page.

Montserrat Skyrace, Sun 6 Mar

Well done to Tom Adams who won the 25k race in 2h08:53 in an international field of 392 runners. Resultats

Keighley Big K 10k, Sun 6 Mar

Woodentops photos

Results ...

(1  34:25 Sam Clegg, Rotherham H)
13  38:46 Rob Cunningham
120 47:25 Ed Bickerdike
192 50:34 Janet Carrier
218 51:56 Chris Cunningham
1056 finished

Haweswater Half Marathon, Sun 6 Mar

From Paul Sugden ... This was an out and back course from Bampton in the Lakes. The 2nd & 3rd miles were tough going uphill and the then it was undulating. This was the case until a nice mile down hill, until I realised that I would have to climb up all what I have just done came down, at the turn around point. However this was made up for by the fantastic scenery of the mountains with the snow and Haweswater lake itself. Not a PB course but I would do it again, with a free mug, full of tea at the end.

(1  1:13:59 James Buis, Border Harriers)
236 1:50:45 David Ibbotson
322 2:01:21 Paul Sugden
408 finished

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round fell race, Sat 5 Mar

Woodentops photos

From Dan Wilkinson ... Jack Wood has beat all comers at Pendle including Ted Mason, Rob Jebb and Carl Bell!! awesome effort mate! Results ...

1  1:12:15 Jack Wood
42 1:27:29 Steve Turland
44 1:27:49 Jamie Hutchinson
205 finished

Podium 5k, Sat 5 Mar

From Peter Shields ... I went over to Colne on Saturday evening to support Mark Iley and Ruaridh Mon Williams in the Podium 5k races. Anyone that doesn't know these races they are held on a Saturday evening at 6-00pm every month. They are held on a 1000 metre asphalt cycle track which is not a straight and two bends but winds itself a little to make it more interesting, it is as flat as you could get with a mere 3ft rise in the whole course, they also have electronic timing. For the spectator it is ideal because you get to see the athletes more than once. The organiser has been attracting top athletes to the course because of its pb potential. Last night was no exception because in the A race he attracted some real talent. The organisers break the number of athletes competing into two races based on potential times, the A race ask if the athletes are capable of running under 17 mins, those that say not go in the B race.
Mark put himself in the B race, Ruaridh in the A race. Mark as ever put his all into the race which was held in perfect conditions, keeping a very even pace he finished in 19:08 and 28th place. David Bagot from Clayton Le Moors won in 16:39, Beth Massey who has recently run with the club but now runs for Barnsley ran for 1st in her age group in 19:33.
The A race was to prove a superb spectacle littered with internationals and those that certainly will be. Elish McColgan , you might remember her mother from 10,000 and marathon fame, came down from Dundee to chase a good time, Eilish has followed her mother into endurance running and is up to proving her equal. She is currently GB's number 1 in the 3000 steeplechase and I'm sure will be Rio bound this year. There was also a female Dutch international there looking for a time, Jamie Van Leishout plus the evergreen Helen Clitheroe from just down the road in Preston. Helen has been a GB international for a long time and has numerous medals and titles to her name. Ruaridh was in good company and what an impressive young man he is, cool headed, confident and really a credit to his family and the junior coaching section of the club. He ran a very mature race, not putting to much pressure on himself and tracking firstly Eilish and latterly Helen who he eventually went past with consummate ease to finish in a time of 16:32 putting him in 30th position, a really great run in such company. Ruaridh is looking for a place in the UK European Mountain Running Team this summer and I'm sure that will be accomplished with efforts like this. The race was won by Chris Parr from Gateshead Harriers in 14:49.
Another old boy from the club Mark Hall ran in the A race as a v55 with a time of 16:57. Mark is heading his age group in times nationally in a number of distances at the moment, which with tonight's performance feels it will continue.
If you are after a 5k pb this is the course to look at, as a spectator I was thoroughly entertained.

parkruns, Sat 5 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Another first finish for Oscar Stapleton at Skipton, followed by Dan Hayes in 3rd place. Results ...

St Albans
(1  17:02 Tom Baker, U/A)
164 26:55 Jacqui Weston
314 ran

1   18:24 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
3   18:32 Dan Hayes
14  21:11 Lewis Carr (junior)
22  22:05 Bradley Brennand (junior)
42  24:14 Sarah Hayes
85  28:10 Dylan Carr
155 ran

Older News, Feb 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, February

Runner of the month:
Outi Kamarainen
for 2nd place and 1st mixed team at the Marmot Dark Mountain Marathon and also an excellent result at the Rombald's Stride Other nominations were:
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for excellent result at the fell race,
Matt Newell for his PB at the Dewsbury 10K,
Jack Wood for Rombald's Stride and the fell race,
Mary Gibbons for PECO and fell race results,
Sue Williamson for perseverance at the fell race,
and Mark Mon-Williams for Rombald's Stride.
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston
for superb organization of the Ilkley Moor Fell Race Other nominations were:
Other nominations were all related to the fell race and included marshals, sweepers and junior fell race organizers. The committee would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this race such a success.

More Harriers of the Month ...

National XC, Sat 27 Feb

From Steve Coy ... Well done to all who managed to make it to the fantastic spectacle that is the National XC Champs yesterday. A great day and lovely weather on a tough course. Due to illness and injury I was the only adult male finisher and well done to Gaenor Coy and Petra Bijsterveld in the women's as well as Lucy W and Ruaridh in the U20s and all the juniors. Photos to follow and results are up at

parkruns, Sat 27 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Not many Harrier parkrunners this week, but it was quality over quantity with Oscar Stapleton the first finisher at Skipton. Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
1   18:31 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
34  23:12 Bradley Brennand (junior)
179 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:51 Ben Pease, U/A)
86  23:29 Norman Bush
290 ran

(1  17:59 Philip Goose, Hyde Park Harriers)
11  22:29 Ethan Thompson (junior)
131 ran

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 21 Feb

Woodentops photos

From Steve Weston, race organiser, ...Another fantastic Ilkley Moor Fell Race, slightly wild conditions but then isn't it always! Good runs from the Ilkley Harriers bringing home 1st & 3rd overall, 2nd lady, 1st F50, and 1st M70, and ladies' team prizes.
Thankyou all to all the marshalls and officials that made it happen.
Chris Oxlade race secretary
Peter Shields, Nick Pearce, Geoff Howard - Flagging
Sue Verspyck and Andrew Sheldon race timing
Steve Coy & Ben Shepherd set up
Jane Bryant, Nick Mellor, Sandra Rochfort Registration
Petra Bijsterveld, Hilda Coulsey, Mark Kerr, Phil Hirst, Rob King, David Chandler, Philip Chappell, Dick Waddington, Suzi Gray, Rachel Hagan - Course Marshalls
Andrew Wilson - Race Doctor
Hilda Coulsey & Paul Stephens - Finish Judges
Christine Reilly, Mary Colson, Abigail Bailey, Jacqui Weston, Jonathan Whittaker, Sharon Meadows - Finish Team
Jovan Oxlade - Video judge
Georgia Weston & Eva Nolan - Buff Giving Out
Val Kerr & Sarah Hayes - Race Sweepers
Not forgetting Jane McCarthy, Helen Waddington, Shirley Wood and the Woodentops for making the junior race happen

1   39:13 Tom Adams 1st man
3   41:56 Jack Wood 3rd man / first local man
14  44:24 Ruaridh Mon-Williams 1st MU18
37  48:47 Matthew Cox 
39  49:00 Ben Sheppard 
42  49:20 Jack Cummings 
53  50:46 Michael Lomas 
58  51:06 Dan Hayes 
72  52:36 Jemima Elgood 2nd lady; 1st FU18; first local lday
92  54:58 Lucy Haines 2nd FU18
99  55:25 Richard Joel 
107 56:14 John Hayes 
111 56:27 Kate Archer 
119 57:13 Adam Rhodes 
124 57:52 Alistair Barlow 
129 58:12 Alex Murphy 
136 59:31 Helene Whitaker 1st F50
139 59:46 Lucy Williamson 2nd FU23
140 59:48 Paddy Hagan 
141 59:49 Michael Duffield 
145 60:11 Mike Baldwin 
149 60:36 Lucy Jaques 
159 61:37 Tim Buckingham 
163 62:49 Alison Weston 
167 62:57 Alison Eagle 
175 63:47 Sarah Edwards 
180 64:15 Rob Budding 
195 65:33 Mary Gibbons 
228 68:39 Sarah Haines 
261 73:01 Geoffrey Howard 
262 73:03 Adela Reperecki 
280 75:57 Geoffrey White 
306 86:12 Sophie Brown 
311 93:41 Sue Williamson
312 finished

parkruns, Sat 20 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:05 Robert Mann, Team Bath AC)
42  21:09 Tom Worboys
423 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:08 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire Striders)
33  22:04 Rhys Jones
355 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:32 Alan White, Sale Harriers)
98  26:14 Alex Stanley-Hyde
231 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:41 Tom Brewster, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers)
4   19:05 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
142 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:04 Ben Pease, U/A)
27  21:13 Jonathan Whitaker
60  23:05 Norman Bush
94  25:18 Alexandra Whitaker (junior)
200 30:37 Eve Whitaker (junior)
201 30:38 Helene Whitaker
276 ran

PECO XC, Sun 14 Feb

From Jack Wood ... Lovely blue skied morning for the final PECO cross country at Roundhay Park. In the men's race I had a good run coming 2nd, Steve Coy also ran well to come 5th M40 (42nd overall), Richard Joel was 12th M45 (103rd), Mark Illey 9th M50 (111th), Robert Budding 18th M45 (174th), Andrew Jackson was still recovering from Thursday night's Jack vs Jacko and was 34th M50 (240th) and Don Mcrae was 2nd M70 (328th). In the women's race Lucy Williamson survived a fall to finish 17th, Mary Gibbons made a strong XC come back in 30th, Alison Eagle was 3rd F50 (46th) and Gaenor Coy 19th F40 (109th).
Results ...

parkruns, Sat 13 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:23 David Driver, Hyde Park Harriers)
4   18:36 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
49  23:33 Lewis Carr (junior)
80  26:18 Dylan Carr (junior)
132 29:50 David Taylor
202 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:40 Ben Pease, U/A)
4   17:45 Euan Brennan (junior)
347 ran

Help the Club with fundraising for the new athletics facilities

Club Treasurer Martin Archer has set up an account with 'Easyfundraising' so that you can help raise funds for the proposed new athletics facilities when you shop online. This won't cost you anything, you just have to register and follow the simple instructions for shopping with a huge range of online retailers. There's more information on the junior website.

Dewsbury 10k, Sun 7 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... No one enters the Dewsbury 10K with its 9 am start for the scenery or for a pleasurable experience. An out and back course along a straight road through an indifferent urban landscape, this course offers excellent PB potential. With a slight rise on the 3 miles out, the return should in principal make a negative split easy to achieve. Today however the wind had other plans and we battled against a head wind on the way home, though none of us seemed to have noticed any benefit from the wind on the way out.
3 men and 3 women Harriers ran, and superb support was offered by Helen Waddington who rested her legs but did the driving and jumper-holding, as well as offering great moral support. All ran very well, with Matt Newell and Adrian Bastow both improving on their previous Dewsbury times.
Unfortunately I was suffering with stomach pains and had an underwhelming run today, which was disappointing after my PB there last year. I was over 3 minutes slower and seemed to almost come to a standstill in mile 6, being overtaken by a lot of runners which was morale-sapping. I shall just have to try again in 2017!
Results ...

(1  30:06 Mohammad Aburezeq, Altrincham AC)
28  34:54 Matt Newell PB
191 40:11 Jane McCarthy
227 40:55 Steve Newell
237 41:12 Adrian Bastow PB
260 41:45 Rachel Carter
793 54:35 Petra Bijsterveld
1081 ran

Rombalds Stride, Sat 6 Feb

From Ben Sheppard... A boggy and rainy edition saw Jack Wood give Graham Pearce a run for his money, with Jack arriving at the school gates marginally ahead after a sprint finish down the road into Guiseley. Unfortunately for Jack, it's whoever enters the building and reports to the desk first who goes down as the first one home in this long distance walking association event. He didn't seem bothered as he tucked into his school dinner in the hall afterwards. A good turn out of Harriers in challenging conditions.
From Jack Wood ... A wet and boggy day of learning from the Rombalds Master and ex Ilkley Harrier Graham Pearce. We ran together with Joe Baxter over the moors and up a muddy Chevin before I pushed on towards Guiseley. Despite getting on with these guys, they are P&B and I wasn't going to finish hand in hand with them if I could help it. As I reached St. Oswalds School with Graham just behind I looked for the finish but in my hesitation Graham went through a door and gave his number for the win! A cheeky but probably deserved victory having led us along fast lines for most of the course. A number of harriers both running/walking and supporting, special mentions to DanW taking pictures on the moor and NeilC who I saw on 3 separate occasions. Thanks DuncanC who kindly gave me his entry after being injured.
Results ... and PDF copy.

(1  2:42:00 Graham Pearce, P&B)
2   2:42:02 Jack Wood
9   3:03:00 Mark Mon-Williams
10  3:03:00 Ben Sheppard
17  3:15:00 Paul Carman
28  3:23:00 John Hayes
32  3:27:00 Kate Archer
67  3:55:00 Outi Kamarainen
70  3:59:00 Andrew Merrick
71  4:00:00 Michael Duffield
73  4:00:00 David Chandler
77  4:05:00 Mike Baldwin
105 4:23:00 Helene Whitaker
139 4:47:00 Sarah Hayes
Any more Harriers?
580 finished

parkruns, Sat 6 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Tom Adams set a new course record for the Cleethorpe parkrun course.
Results ...

1   15:07 Tom Adams 
86 ran

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:14 Ben Douglas, Durham University AC)
99  23:41 Tom Worboys
392 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:00 Danny Kendall, Cambridge Harriers)
4   18:30 Alex Hirst
205 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:09 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
70  25:56 Janet Grace
85  27:22 Sally Pickering
102 28:39 Anna Pickering
166 ran

Older News, January 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, January

Runner of the month:
Michael Lomas
for his outstanding performance at the Fan Dance race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for her HM PB at the Brass Monkey,
Ben Sheppard for his excellent time at the Temple Newsam Ten,
and Hilda Coulsey for racing on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Volunteer of the month:
Paul Sugden
for on-going commitment to the club e.g. as run leader and helping with the Thursday night training sessions. Other nominations were:
The efforts of all club members who helped organize the Awards Do were much appreciated

More Harriers of the Month ...

Marmot Dark Mountains, 30-31 Jan

From Outi Kamarainen ... I ran the Marmot dark mountains mountain marathon this weekend. I was 2nd overall and 1st mixed team in the long score (10 hours) course with a non-harrier Jeff Powell Davies. Last Saturday evening I was thinking that it would be a lot nicer to be heading out to a pub with a nice fire going rather than out on the hills for the Marmot Dark mountains mountain marathon. According to the organisers, it is like an ordinary mountain marathon, but rather than running for two days with overnight camp, why not pack all the fun in one and do the same distance in one go and overnight so you are spared of having to sleep in a small tent. We set off just before nine pm to a windy night and despite my earlier misgivings, a few hours into the run I was really enjoying myself in the dark Lakeland fells, especially as there was a nice dusting of snow on the hills and frozen ground underfoot. It was still a tough night due to the strong wind and navigation with torch light but with good route choices and only one minor navigation error that was soon rectified, we finished early on Sunday morning with 20 minutes to spare and still in relatively high spirits, especially after we got the breakfast plates in front of us.

Meltham Tough 10km, Sun 31 Jan

Jean Sullivan reports ... A low key 10km road race that starts and finishes in Meltham. An enjoyable race for those who enjoy the challenge of an uphill followed by the relief of some downhill. Hills all the way until mile 5 and then a lovely descent to the end (apart from the sting in the tail of a 200m climb to the finish line!). I would recommend this race; very well organised, very friendly marshalls and a lovely pair of fleece gloves given to all finishers! What a better start to a chilly and wet January morning!

(1  34:26 Matthew Pierson, Stainland Lions)
126 51:21 Jean Sullivan
221 finishers

Northern XC Championships Witton Park, Sat 30 Jan

Woodentops photos Woodentops photos

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Senior Men
(1  43:16 Charlie Hulson, Sale Harriers)
14  45:23 Tom Adams
273 57:44 Dave Westhead
319 59:51 Steve Coy
444 64:39 Malcolm Pickering
719 ran
Senior Women
(1  30:21 Claire Duck, Leeds City AC)
283 48:59 Gaenor Coy
311 51:21 Petra Bijsterveld
332 54:45 Julie Elmes
358 ran

U20 Women
(1 21:54 Abbie Donnelly, Lincoln Wellington)
39 28:28 Joanne Williamson
47 ran

parkruns, Sat 30 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A win at Skipton this week by junior Oscar Stapleton, followed in 2nd position by Mark Mon-Williams.
Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  15:38 Richard Allen, Bracknell AC)
33  20:12 Tom Worboys
454 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:53 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
156 28:11 Jacqui Weston
256 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
1   18:26 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
2   18:33 Mark Mon-Williams
41  23:22 Geoff Howard
170 ran

Ilkley Harriers Annual Awards 'Do', Tue 26 Jan

Over 50 Harriers enjoyed a friendly and informal evening with an excellent supper, and the presentation of the Annual Awards and League winners for 2015.

See Alison Weston's photos.

2015 Annual Awards

Best RunnerTom AdamsJane McCarthy
Most Improved RunnerWill WorboysHelen Waddington
Best Endurance Runner, RoadDick WaddingtonSally Malir
Best Endurance Runner, Off RoadBrian MeliaAlison Weston
Best Runner, Over 50Geoff HowardHilda Coulsey
Best Athlete, Under 23Jack CummingsJemima Elgood
Contribution to the ClubNeil ChapmanShirley Wood
Captains' AwardRob CunninghamSharon Meadows

See all the nominations.

2015 Ilkley Harriers Race League

Less than 30 points seperated the first three, with Michael Duffield the 2015 Champion. Jack Wood won the fell category, Ben Sheppard the trail/XC category, and Hilda Coulsey the road category.

2015 League results.

5k results

From Dick Waddington ... A big thank you and well done to all the runners and marshalls who came to take part in the Awards Night timed 5k. The results are as follows:

1  17:09 Jack Wood
2  18:36 Daniel Hayes
3  18:41 Jack Cummings
4  19:14 Steve Coy
5  19:30 Dave Foyston
6  20:11 Alex Murphy
7  20:19 Steve Weston
8  20:21 Ben Joynson
9  20:31 Dave Chandler
10 20:48 Saul Parkinson
11 20:52 Michael Duffield
12 21:18 Dave Robson
13 21:38 Nolan Tucker
14 22:49 Will Worboys
15 23:06 Jann Smith (21:46)
16 23:21 Mary Gibbons
17 23:31 Sarah Edwards
18 23:52 Paul Stephens
19 24:08 Alison Weston
20 24:23 Outi Kamarainen
21 25:30 Alex Hyde
22 27:59 Petra Bijsterveld
23 29:56 D0n Macrae

PECO XC, Sun 24 Jan

From Alison Weston ... Great turn out at the 4th PECO cross country race, at Golden Acre Park - the ladies finished 1st second division team and the men 2nd second division team. Thirteen ladies ran, 3 being from the same family (Joanne, Lucy and Sue Williamson). Lucy and Joanne were the first two ladies home for Ilkley in positions 14th 32:43 and 54th 36:57 respectively. Caroline Craske was third runner back in 76th position and 38:27. Other ladies included Helen Horton 92nd 39:33, Anna Nolan 96th 39:40, Gaenor Coy 129th 41.54, Hilda Coulsey 130th (2nd V60) 41:55, Allison Ricci 146th 42:43, Julie Elms 186th 45:31, Jacqui Weston 211st 47:20, Sue Williamson 222nd 47:20, Kate Lofthouse 251st 50:32 and Clare Shouler 296th 1.00:58.
Steve Coy was first harrier home for the men in 54th position and 30:11 followed by Richard Joel 78th 31:24 and David Chandler 93rd 32:19. Other men included Mark Iley 100th (6th V50) 32:25, Andrew Sheldon 140th 34:08, Robert Budding 164th 34:08, Nigel Tapper 206th 37:27, Neil Bloor 233rd 38:36, Edward Bickerdyke 255th 40:03, Peter Lewis 270th (5th M65) 41.24, Don Macrae 300th (3rd M70) 45:25 and Paul Sugden 305th 45:47.
A great day for the junior too with a win for Dominic Coy in the junior 2 mile course followed by Will Creske 17th, Poppy Anderson 18th (5th girl), Nathan Coy 23rd, Adam Townsend 26th, Bernadette Raven 34th (11th girl), Ben Marsden 36th, Emily Elmes 37th (12th girl) and Georgia Weston 50th (15th girl). In the junior 1 mile course Archie Budding was 7th and Dylan Shinn 28th.

Results ...

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 23 Jan

444 juniors enjoyed a sunny morning racing, results and league tables on the junior site.

parkruns, Sat 23 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Tom Adams found himself in Enfield and managed to set a new course record at Grovelands parkrun, as well as finishing a full 3 minutes before number 2!
Results ...

Grovelands, Enfield
1   15:22 Tom Adams
148 ran

Little Stoke
(1  16:55 Maciej Bialogonski, Bristol and West AC)
9   17:48 Mark Mon-Williams
315 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:37 unknown)
3   18:28 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
36  23:12 Sarah Hayes
59  24:59 Alex Hyde PB
85  27:02 Lewis Carr (junior)
171 37:34 Dan Hayes
183 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:57 Ben Pease, U/A)
59  23:08 Eve Whitaker (junior)
60  23:09 Jonathan Whitaker
76  23:52 Norman Bush
308 ran

Ilkley Harriers Race League 2016

From Jane McCarthy ... I have updated the Harriers League for the first race of 2016 - The Stanbury Splash. Tom Adams and Jack Wood make impressive starts with first and second placings, and maximum points going to Tom. There are some great races in the Harriers League this year, and the handicap system and wildcard makes it very exciting as the year goes on!! Best three races from each discipline (fell, trail and road) to count with the wildcard option for the Overall Standings, or best 4 races in each discipline. Get involved!
Jane McCarthy has taken over the updating of the League Stats this year, so please direct any queries to her at
Results and League calendar on the League page.

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, Sun 17 Jan

From Petra ... We were lucky that the weather-gods made sure no snow fell on York last night, and the Brass Monkey organizers had also gritted the entire course so unlike last year there were no worries about icy patches.
A beautiful sunrise and blue sky made way for overcast conditions without any wind at all, perfect running weather once the cold start was out of the way. Only 4 Harriers lined up at the start this year. Derek Oliver was first home in an excellent time of 1:27:36, which is 7 minutes faster than his time there last year. Helen Waddington was gunning for a PB and achieved her goal with a very evenly paced and fast run, finishing in 1:40:18. Very well deserved after months of dedicated training. Hilda Coulsey was home next in an excellent 1:55:21. Having not trained much recently due to various niggles I was not disappointed with my own time just outside 2 hours, I can add it to my growing collection of '2 hours and a few seconds' HM results.
Results ...

(1   1:08:52 Dan Kestral, Barnsley AC)
206  1:27:36 Derek Oliver
565  1:40:18 Helen Waddington PB
1066 1:55:21 Hilda Coulsey
1184 2:00:23 Petra Bijsterveld
1507 finished	

Stanbury Splash, Sun 17 Jan

Woodentops photos

A good turnout for the first counter in this year's IH Raceing League. A 1-2 for Ilkley with Tom Adams (enjoying his 4th Stanbury Splash win) and Jack Wood the first two home, on a snow-shortened course. Results and photos

1   31:14 Tom Adams
2   32:48 Jack Wood
32  38:45 Gavin Lamb
39  40:02 Richard Joel
42  40:13 Jamie Hutchinson
46  40:30 David Chandler
61  41:59 Dave Robson
70  42:22 Michael Duffield
86  43:09 Alistair Barlow
96  43:33 Lucy Williamson
105 43:54 Paddy Hagan
113 44:45 Robert Budding
145 46:54 Mary Gibbons
161 48:27 Sarah Haines
162 48:38 Alison Weston
163 48:41 Will Worboys
181 49:21 Philip Hirst
191 51:09 Geoffrey White
206 52:26 Peter Lewis
209 52:34 Anna Nolan
232 54:21 Anna Barlow
246 56:40 Louise Airy
257 58:52 Amanda Newham
264 62:02 Sophie Brown
267 62:33 Sally Wright
273 67:21 Julie Elmes
277 finished

The Fan Dance Winter 2016, Sun 17 Jan

photo: Michael Lomas ...

From Michael Lomas ... The Fan Dance Race is a homage to the military SAS/SBS selection march, a non-navigation 24km out and back over the highest mountain in South Wales, Pen y Fan. Traditionally with a 15kg pack and boots, the selection march is the same week as the race. The race has two categories, the march with the 15kg and boots or 'Clean Fatigue' with just race essentials (beyond FRA req + 2l water) and fell shoes. The race started next to the infamous red phone box and starts with the steep accent to the summit of the mountain, the bare path soon gave way to slush and then to full mountain winter conditions with large snow drifts and little visibility. I had started quite strong but the steep accent soon saw my heart screaming, I tried to relax a little and get into a rhythm, after the summit is a very steep decent and then an gentle gradient to the turnaround, the path all the way down is rocky and snowy but my recent concentration on descending paid off and I passed a few guys going down. At the turnaround I was able to count my position, 6th, wow, but with still half of the race to go, and knowing exactly what was to come, it meant little! I settled in to the long climb which starts very shallow and is not ideal of me, I like to be going up or down, so a couple of guys went passed. Closer to the summit the gradient picks up what feels like exponential growth, Jacobs ladder as its know is the last bit to the top, very little in the way of a clear path due to all the snow and super steep, similar to the Big End of Pendle or Whernside climb on PPP, I knew to stay well left as on the right is a sheer drop (the organiser (or DS) had already warned us of certain death if we strayed too far to that side!) At the summit I caught sight of a runner, one of the guys that I had got on the decent previous and who had come past me at the bottom of the long accent, I was quite confident I could put some distance on him on the decent, I just had to stay upright in very slippery ever changing conditions down the mountain, I finished well and put 8mins on the guy I passed on the summit, extremely happy for a top 10. I'm not too sure how long this race has been going but the DS mentioned in the results that this was the slowest and toughest race they have had yet.
Results ...

parkruns, Sat 16 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:06 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire Striders)
19  20:50 Ethan Thompson (junior)
386 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:04 Mark Bryant, U/A)
61  23:05 Phil Hirst
91  24:06 Alexandra Whitaker (junior)
125 25:47 Eve Whitaker (junior)
127 25:50 Jonathan Whitaker
287 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:50 Tom Brewster, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers)
2   18:11 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
4   18:47 Dan Hayes
32  23:12 Sarah Hayes
152 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:37  Andrew Stenson, RAF Cosford Running Club)
34  22:08 Geoff Howard
280 ran

Temple Newsam Ten, Sun 10 Jan

Ben Sheppard reports ... The inaugural ten mile TNT trail race - organised by local club St Theresa's AC - was a muddy affair, in places more like a cross country than a trail race. It was a great route and a challenging one in the conditions, the blend of muddy hills with sections of hard surface trails perhaps levelling the field for those of us who are neither cross country specialists nor speed demons.
Alex adds ... Inaugural Temple Newsam Ten on a cold, wet, grotty day although the rain mercifully held off for the majority of the race. Predominantly off-road with some serious amounts of mud, but once you got a solid caking on your legs it did seem to warm you up a little! The course was pretty benign for the first 7 miles with just a few small inclines, but then what felt like a 1 in 3 mud bank to stumble up just before mile 8 followed by an absolute killer hill half a mile from the finish really sorted out the wheat from the chaff. Overall, good course and really well organised with plenty of enthusiastic marshalls - one for the calendar.
Results ...

(1  60:05 Mark Smith, Rothwell H)
7   65:21 Ben Sheppard
306 92:00 Alex Stanley-Hyde
644 finished

Yorkshire XC Championships, Sat 9 Jan

From Gaenor Coy ... After very heavy rainy start putting up the harriers tent the rain eased for the start of the races. The course start was moved this year due ground conditions from the recent wet weather and numbered pen starts used for the first time. A fast start was essential to try to get some clear space before the first tight corner. The slightly undulating course was very soft most of the way round with big areas of deeper strength zapping mud. Tough running conditions this year. An excellent day for both junior and senior Ilkley Harriers with a grand total of 6 Yorkshire vests earned from Poppy Anderson (U13 girls), Bethan Morley (U15 girls), Euan Brennan (U15 boys), Jemima Elgood (U17 women), Lucy Williamson (U20 women) and Tom Adams (senior men). The U15 boys also came away with bronze in the team prize. A huge well done to all who ran.

From Petra ...Results ...

(1  37:09 Jonathan Thewlis, Notts AC)
2   37:16 Tom Adams
110 45:41 Dave Westhead
137 47:06 Steve Coy
189 50:29 Mark Iley
269 ran

Senior Women
(1  31:51 Claire Duck, Leeds City AC)
107 50:05 Hilda Coulsey
109 50:15 Gaenor Coy
113 51:22 Petra Bijsterveld
130 55:51 Julie Elmes
138 ran

Junior Women
(1  23:51 Bronwen Owen, Scarborough AC)
5   28:11 Lucy Williamson
11  31:05 Joanne Williamson
13 ran

parkruns, Sat 9 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:02 Ciaran Forde, Swim 1st Triathlon Club)
33  20:50 Tom Worboys
425 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:29 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
20  21:02 Steve Newell
78  24:20 Outi Kamarainen
83  24:29 Sarah Haines
485 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:20 Mark Bryant, U/A)
15  21:09 Andrew Merrick
22  21:51 Ethan Thompson (junior)
94  26:10 Alex Hyde
253 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  18:09 Hugh Salway, U/A)
2   18:44 Alex Hirst
233 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:53 Andrew Chew, Barlick Fell Runners)
8   20:17 Jane McCarthy 1st F
81  27:31 Fiona Schneider
163 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:13 Ben Pease, U/A)
72  24:06 Alison Eagle
271 ran

(1  17:44 Michael Kallenberg, Carmarthen and District Harriers)
8   19:47 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
374 ran

Ilkley Harriers Race League

The final results for the 2015 League are now available! The winners will be presented at 'The Do' so 'do'come along! (Details above.) A big thank-you to Martin Wright who as League Statistician has crunched the numbers for 3 years, he is now handing the abacus over to Jane McCarthy.

Also on the IH Race League Page we have the League fixtures for 2016.

PECO XC #3, Sun 3 Jan

Our men's tream finished 2nd in the Second Division, our vet's team at the top of the First Division, our ladies won the Second Division and the lady vets were 5th in the LV First Division. Results ...

(1  29:22 Jack Smith, Wharfedale)
3   30:06 Jack Wood
19  31:49 Matt Cox
66  34:33 Steve Coy
117 36:31 Mark Iley
123 36:48 Richard Joel
155 37:59 Henry Heavisides 1st V60
163 38:24 Andrew Sheldon
220 40:18 Robert Budding
272 43:55 Nigel Tapper
323 47:12 Peter Lewis
368 53:10 Don Macrae
390 finished

(1  34:14 Claire Green)
10  37:53 Lucy Williamson
59  42:58 Joanne Williamson
108 47:00 Helen Horton
123 48:13 Stephanie Fox
141 49:27 Hilda Coulsey
190 54:11 Sal Wright
201 54:49 Kate Lofthouse
208 55:28 Sue Williamson
285 70:55 Clare Shouler
292 finished

parkruns, Sat 2 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:25 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
10  19:07 Adam Rhodes
30  21:26 Tom Worboys
55  22:52 Will Worboys
390 ran

Colchester Castle
(1  17:24 Ramadan Osman, Colchester and Tendring AC)
10  19:54 David Brown
252 37:48 Rosalind Brown
268 ran

(1  18:31 Rosamund Ponder, West4 Harriers)
2   18:50 Rob Cunningham
302 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:53 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
5   18:54 Alex Hirst
155 ran

Temple Newsam Leeds
(1  19:32 Terry Midgley, St Theresa's AC)
26  24:26 Kelly Wilby
138 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:52 Tom Barrett, Keighley and Craven AC)
3   18:12 Mark Mon-Williams
44  24:45 Reuben Foster (junior)
58  26:05 Hilda Coulsey
137 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:09 Daniel Cheeseman, York Acorn AC)
6   18:15 Euan Brennan (junior)
34  21:40 Geoff Howard
263 ran

parkruns, Fri 1 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Temple Newsam Leeds
(1  17:54 Ciaran Forde, Swim 1st Triathlon Club)
157 25:36 Harry Stead (junior)
483 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:00 Julian Hood, Skipton AC)
7   19:48 Cameron Reilly (junior)
55  26:30 Hilda Coulsey
110 ran

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