Ilkley Harriers annual awards

Every Year the Committee determines the winners of the Ilkley Harriers Annual Awards, and these achievements are celebrated at a glittering Presentation Evening early in the New Year..

Annual Awards for 2019

Category 2019 Winner
Runner of the year - male Jack Wood
Runner of the year - female Kate Archer
Most improved - male Michael Abrams-Cohen
Most improved - female Sally Armitage
Endurance Runner - over 50 male Steve Turland
Endurance Runner - over 50 female Alison Weston
Endurance Runner - male Ben Sheppard
Endurance Runner - female Jann Smith
Runner under 23 - male Jack Cummings
Runner under 23 - female Lucy Williamson
Runner over 50 - male Geoff Howard
Runner over 50 - female Hilda Coulsey
Contribution to club - male Jonathan Turner
Contribution to club - female Caroline Howe
Captains award - male Dan McKeown
Captains award - female Rachel Carter
League winner Kate Archer
Fell league Jack Cummings
Road league David Westhead
Trail league Rachel Carter
One-off Contribution Jayne Norman - Dalesway Relay
One-off Performance Euan Brennan - 5k record
Much appreciation and thanks to all volunteers including specifically The coaches - Jane Bryant, Neil Chapman and Peter Shields
Petra Bijsterveld - membership management
Paul Wood - website

Annual Awards for 2018

Category 2018 Winner
Runner of the year - male Jack Wood
Runner of the year- female Kate Archer
Most improved - male Jonathan Turner
Most improved - female Helen Thurston
Endurance Runner - over 50 male Andrew Merrick
Endurance Runner - over 50 female Alison Weston
Endurance Runner - male Ben Sheppard
Endurance Runner - female Helen Waddington
Runner under 23 - male Euan Brennan
Runner under 23 - female Lucy Williamson
Runner over 50 - male Colin Williams
Runner over 50 - female Hilda Coulsey
Contribution to club - male Neil Chapman
Contribution to club - female Hilda Coulsey
Captains award - male Steve Murray
Captains award - female Rachel Carter
League winner Colin Williams
Fell league Jack Cummings
Road league Colin Williams
Trail league Jonathan Turner
One-off Contribution Petra Bijsterveld (membership database)
One-off Performance Paul Carmen (solo Bob Graham Round)
Additional Contribution The coaches: Jane Bryant, Neil Chapman, and Peter Shields
The website: Paul Wood
Chair 2018: Geoff Howard

Annual Awards for 2017

The Committee has changed some categories for 2017: info

Category 2017 Winner
Runner of the Year, Male Jack Wood
Runner of the Year, Female Jane McCarthy
Most Improved Runner, Male Jack Cummings
Most Improved Runner, Female Caroline Howe
Best Endurance Runner over 50, Male Brian Melia
Best Endurance Runner over 50, Female Adele Reperecki
Best Endurance Runner, Male Ben Sheppard
Best Endurance Runner, Female Helen Waddington
Best Runner, Under 23, Male Euan Brennan
Best Runner, Under 23, Female Lucy Williamson
Best Runner, Over 50, Male Derek Oliver
Best Runner, Over 50, Female Alison Weston
Contribution to the club, Male Neil Chapman
Contribution to the club, Female Hilda Coulsey
Captains Award; Male Ben Joynson
Captains Award; Female Sally Malir
Special Contribution Award Gaenor and Steve Coy
Recognition of coaches Jane Bryant, Neil Chapman, Pete Shields
Recognition of Bob Graham Round Steve Turland
Website Paul Wood
League winner Jane McCarthy
League road Jane McCarthy
League fell Jack Cummings
League trail Jane McCarthy

Past awards

2016 Jack Wood Kate Archer An exceptional performance award was made to Tom Adams
2015 Tom Adams Jane McCarthy  
2014 Tom Adams Georgia Malir  
2013 Tom Adams Sally Morley  
2012 Tom Adams Jann Smith  
2011 Tom Adams Sally Morley  
2010 Tom Adams Sally Morley  
2009 Tom Adams Sally Morley  
2008 Tom Adams Alison Bennett  
2007 Geoff Howard Alison Bennett  
2006 Jamie Hutchinson Amanda Oddie  
2005 Jamie Hutchinson Helen Sedgwick  
2004 Geoff Howard Alison Eagle  
2003 Nick Pearce Alison Bennett  
2002 Mark Iley Andrea Priestley  
2001 Andrew Wade Andrea Priestley  
2000 Andrew Wade Helen Sedgwick  
1999 Tim Ashelford Sally Malir  
1998 Billy Kerr Helen Johnson  
1997 Jason Hemsley Tracey Ambler Trophy and plate from 1997
2016 Michael Lomas Lucy Williamson  
2015 Will Worboys Helen Waddington  
2014 Dan Wilkinson Jane McCarthy  
2013 Rob Cunningham Jane McCarthy  
2012 Will Buckton Rebecca Mon-Williams  
2011 Andrew Merrick Jann Smith  
2010 Henry Heavisides Rachel Carter  
2009 Richard Reeve Jane Bryant  
2008 Kevin Gooch Sally Morley  
2007 James Wood-Robertson Christine Mathews  
2006 Lawrence Basham Jemma Basham  
2005 Andy Wiggans Sarah Jarvis  
2004 Jamie Hutchinson Suzanne Bickerdike  
2003 Graham Pearce Alison Eagle  
2002 Steve Cockerham Alison Bennett  
2001 Andrew Wolfenden Alison Weston  
2000 Mark Iley Jo Foster  
1999 Andrew Wade Alison Bennett 'Most Improved Runner' trophy from 1999 (female)
1998Pete Shields  
1997Andrew Wade 'Most Improved Runner' trophy from 1997 (male)
2016 Steve Weston Helen Waddington  
2015 Dick Waddington Sally Malir  
2014 Andrew Merrick Sally Malir  
2016 Dick Waddington Jane McCarthy  
2015 Brian Melia Alison Weston  
2014 Brian Melia Alison Weston  
2013 Dave Wilby Clare Smith  
2012 Dave Wilby Helene Whitaker  
2011 Dave Wilby Helene Whitaker  
2010 Derek Fuller Nicky Jaquiery  
2009 Graham Arthur Sally Malir & Helene Whitaker  
2008 Eddie Winslow Heather Dawe  
2007 Dave Wilby Sally Malir  
2006 Jon Sinclair Sally Malir  
2005 Bob Wightman Heather Dawe & Nicky Jaquiery  
2004 Pete Shields Barbara Bullock  
2003 Neil Chapman Amanda Parnaby  
2002 Richard Midgley Suzanne Akeroyd  
2001 Rob Pawson & Keith Wood Christine Porritt  
2000 Ewan Welsh (not awarded)  
1999 Geoff Howard Alison Crane  
1998 Tim Ashelford Bridget Doherty  
1997 John Adamson  
1996 Nick Pearce  
1995 Rachael Gooch  
1994(No name recorded on trophy)    
1993J. S. Ellis  
1992P. Baldwin  
1991P. Baldwin  
1990(no record on trophy)  
1989C. N. Newton  
1988K. O'Hara 'The Paddy Holmes Marathon Trophy', from 1988
2016 Malcolm Pickering Alison Weston  
2015 Geoff Howard Hilda Coulsey  
2014 Nick Pearce Hilda Coulsey  
2016 Matt Newell Jemima Elgood  
2015 Jack Cummings Jemima Elgood  
2014 Harry Maslen Georgia Malir  
2013 Bradley Chapman Georgia Malir  
2012 Bradley Chapman Georgia Malir  
2011 Jack Wood Florence Haines Extended to U23
2010 Adam Bennett Brit Tate  
2009 Adam Bennett Jenny Dybeck  
2008 Simon Chapman Jenny Dybeck  
2007 Ben Stevens Catherine Gibbons Trophies instituted in 2007 as BEST RUNNER UNDER 20
2016 Nail Chapman Hilda Coulsey  
2015 Nail Chapman Shirley Wood  
2014 Paul Stephens Emma O'Looney  
2013 Paul Stephens Jane Bryant  
2012 Richard Reeve Shirley Wood  
2011 Neil Chapman Shirley Wood  
2010 Neil Chapman/Paul Wood Jane Bryant  
2009 Neil Chapman Shirley Wood  
2008 Peter Shields Shirley Wood  
2007 Neil Chapman Shirley Wood  
2006 Paul Wood Shirley Wood  
2005 Neil Chapman Amanda Parnaby  
2004 Pete Shields Amanda Parnaby  
2003 Paul Wood Shirley Wood  
2002 Richard Gray Shirley Wood  
2001 Paul Wood Shirley Wood  
2000 Peter Shields Shirley Wood  
1999 Bernie Connor Shirley Wood Trophies instituted in 1999
2016 Rob Budding and Iain Gibbons Petra Bijsterveld and Mary Gibbons  
2015 Rob Cunningham Sharon Meadows  
2014 Jack Wood Sally Morley  
2013 Will Buckton Hilda Coulsey  
2012 Lee Morley Jane Bryant  
2011 Malcolm Pickering Bernie Gibbons  
2010 Paul Stephens Jann Smith  
2009 Vic Verecondi Christine Matthews  
2008 Nigel Tapper Sue Bickerdike  
2007 Marc Teasey Sarah Jarvis & Bernie Gibbons  
2006 Brian Sweet Alison Eagle  
2005 Keith Wood Rachael Gooch & Emma Barclay  
2004 Neil Chapman Helen Sedgwick  
2003 Pete Shields Emma Barclay & Chris Porritt  
2002 Neil Chapman Alison Weston Men's Captains' Award trophy instituted in 2002
2001   Heather Duke & Diane Kitchen  
2000   Sally Malir Ladies' Captains Award instituted in 2000
2016 Lucy Williamson  
2015 Michael Duffield  
2014 Jane McCarthy  
2013 Henry Heavisides  
2012 Henry Heavisides  
2011 Mark Mon-Williams  
2010 Nick Pearce  
2009 Kevin Gooch  
2008 Kevin Gooch  
2007 Geoff Howard  
2006 Jamie Hutchinson  
2005 Mark Iley  
2004 Geoff Howard  
2003 Nick Pearce  
2002 Nick Pearce  
2001 (There was an interruption to racing because of Foot & Mouth)  
2000 Andrew Wade  
1999 Mark Iley  
1998 Nick Pearce  
1997 Nick Pearce Trophy instituted