Ilkley Harriers news archive 2016

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, April

Runner of the month:
Tom Worboys
for his 3 marathons this spring plus 3 last autumn for charity Other nominations were:
Alex Hyde for Paris and London
Jane McCarthy for Open 5
Jack Wood for 3 Peaks
Alison Weston for Anniversary Waltz and3 Peaks
Ruaridh Mon-Wiliams for Pendle
Matt Cox for Dick Hudsons
Mary Gibbons for Dick Hudsons
Outi Kamarainen for Teenager with Altitude
Jann Smith for Blubberhouses
DanWilkinson for Blubberhouses
Tom Adams for Baildon Boundary Way
Volunteer of the month:
Peter Lewis
Newsletter Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey for committee work
Petra Bijsterveld for social media

From Petra ... We would like to give a special mention to Jack Wood for an astounding result of 3:02 at his first 3 Peaks Race, coming 6th in an elite field, and winning a silver Yorkshire Championship medal at the same time

More Harriers of the Month ...

3 Peaks fell race, Sat 30 April

Woodentops photos

From Jack Wood ... hanks to all the people supporting the Three Peaks on Saturday, it gives you a boost when you hear your name or see someone you know. One of the highlights from my race was running down the track after Penyghent and being encouraged by runners who were on their way up. Enjoyed the run and happy with my result, the beers at the end tasted good. Well done to the other Harriers who ran, especially those with PB's and Alison who was 2nd V50 in her 17th Three Peaks!

From Alison Weston ... A good turn out at the 62nd Yorkshire 3 Peaks Race on Saturday and I think every Harrier with the exception of Jack Wood found the race hard going this year with frequent hail showers and snow on the tops. It was Jack's first 3 Peak's race and he came an amazing 6th position in a very competitive field in an incredible elite time of 3:02 hours, also claiming a silver Yorkshire medal as the race was also the Yorkshire Championship race for 2016. Next Harrier home was Michael Lomas (PB) closely followed by Steve Turland. Dick Waddington, Richard Joel and John Hayes finished within 4hrs 30 and great run by Dave Robson and Michael Duffield in their first 3 Peak's race, closely followed by Michael Duffield, Martyn Stocker, Richard Morris, David Chandler (first 3 peaks race) and Paul Langan. Unfortunately due to recent injuries there were fewer Ilkley ladies this year. Alison Weston came in 4:36 hrs (2 nd LV50) followed by Caz Farrow and Chantal Busby. This year there was a long queue to cross the fence before the climb up Whernside and Sarah Hayes, though running well to Hill Inn did not quite make the tight cut-off time. Hopefully she will be back next year.

Graham Weston's photos, Woodentops' photos

Results ...

(1  2:48:58 Marc Lauenstein, Team Salomon)
6   3:02:32 Jack Wood 
264 4:13:50 Michael Lomas
267 4:14:06 Steve Turland
340 4:25:38 Dick Waddington
365 4:28:49 Richard Joel
347 4:29:56 John Hayes
409 4:36:47 Alison Weston
533 4:55:13 Dave Robson
538 4:55:53 Michael Duffield
606 5:07:54 Martyn Stocker
675 5:23:15 Richard Morris
679 5:24:19 David Chandler
693 5:31:04 Chantal Busby
698 5:36:48 Paul Langan
703 finished

Coniston Fell Race, Sat 30 April

From Robin Nicholson ... I ran Coniston fell race on Saturday. Alternate course due to heavy snow on the peaks.
Results ...

(1 60:08 Carl Bell, Keswick)
43 75:37 Robin Nicholson
180 finished

parkruns, Sat 30 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:33 James Raven, Cardiff AAC)
5   19:26 Paul Carman
18  21:16 Tom Worboys
69  25:46 Polly Crawley (junior)
192 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  15:59 Shaun Dixon, Highgate Harriers)
4   17:37 Alex Hirst
218 ran

Dick Hudsons fell race, Wed 28 April

From Matt Cox ... A chilly start to Dick Hudson's race which now starts form the barrier at White Wells car park. A hailstorm greeted us as we registered, and continued until just after the race started. This meant for a difficult clothing choice - full hat, Jacket and leggings were appropriate when we set off, but 10 minutes in the sun came out and we were greeted with a snowy but sunny moor on the climb up. I opted for long sleeves and bottoms, I could have done with shorts in the end!
I followed Dan Wilkinson off at the start, taking a line up the side of the waterfall and on to the top of the moor. A few followed us, some went up the main path past White Wells and on up the steps -a longer line in my opinion! Once on top, the snow made it difficult to see the sheep track that provided the best line to the main flagged path, so after some slight deliberation I chose a line and made the best of it. The others seemed to follow ...!
I led up the main flagged path to the 12 Apostles, but was passed by another runner once we were on top. It seemed however that he was unsure of the route. I managed to keep 2nd place up to the turn, and on heading back saw that there were a couple of other runners hot on my heels... Dan Wilkinson was in about 6th / 7th place at this point. Heading back, the leader was running strongly and pulled away, and was 4-500 yards in front by the time we got back up to the 12 Apostles, but he failed to make the right turn back down on to the Millennium Way flagged path towards the finish. After a quick shout fell on deaf ears (honest!), I found myself leading once again, with Ali Burns of Valley Striders hot on my heels.
I stretched out on the descent, managed to open up the gap on Ali, and led home for my first race win in a long time. Very happy.
The rest of the field took varying route choices back down to the finish, with a number of others carrying straight on along the top of the moor, and missing the turn back towards Ilkley. This worked to Dan Wilkinson's advantage, finding himself finishing in 3rd. Great race, well done to all that braved the weather.
Results ...

1  49.59 Matt Cox
3  51:45 Dan Wilkinson
4  52:53 Martin Archer
5  53:03 Paul Carman
18 58:07 Ben Joynson
20 58:38 David Foyston
31 62:45 Paddy Hagan
34 63:46 Mary Gibbons
39 64:46 Alison Eagle
49 68:08 Paul Stephens
53 70:59 Helen Waddington
55 73:50 Phil Hirst
65 84:35 Petra Bijsterveld
66 finished

Notice: Tuesday Night Training 26th April

From Petra ... the building work at ILTSC has almost been completed but the car park will be out of bounds on Tuesday April 26th. We will meet at the Old Bridge at 7 pm for the Tuesday night club runs once more..

London Marathon, Sun 24 April

From Alex Hyde ... I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands running London on Sunday and eventually came in as the last Harrier in 4:46:13, critically a full 59 seconds quicker than my Paris time 3 weeks ago! Conditions were pretty much perfect - cool and dry except for a light flurry of snow early on - but my legs were telling me that 3 weeks between marathons isn't long enough for an old boy!! The atmosphere was absolutely amazing - I thought Paris was good but London trumped that many times over and the noise from the crowds throughout was awesome.
Results ...

(1    2:03:05 Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya)
2703  3:06:08 Steve Weston
3669  3:13:14 Derek Oliver
5395  3:24:33 Steve Newell
12155 3:53:52 Claire McLoughlin
13955 3:59:02 Tom Worboys
15963 4:06:47 Caroline Howe
23086 4:34:08 William Woodhead
25967 4:46:13 Alex Hyde

YVAA Grand Prix, Honley, Sun 24 April

From Alison Eagle ... First race of the Grand Prix series and a good race for me as mainly off road, with short hills up and down. Not bad weather or underfoot conditions. Feel as though finally may be on way back to racing, hopeful the result will motivate to get back to speed training, need it!
Well organised race as usual and great food after, lots of great tray bakes! These are well worth doing next one is at West Park Tues 24th May.
Results ...

(1 40:57 Tanya Seager, Stainland)
7  50:32 Alison Eagle 1st LVet 50
49 65:20 Amanda Newham
62 finished

parkruns, Sat 23 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A first-place finish this week for Jack Wood at Skipton. Results ...

Skipton Aireville Park
1   16:45 Jack Wood
5   18:39 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
92  27:14 Polly Crawley (junior)
191 ran

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:50 Daryl Hibberd, Valley Striders)
176 25:51 Gaenor Coy
445 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:20 Graham Corbett, Saltaire Striders)
37  22:39 Ethan Thompson (junior)
78  24:16 Stephanie Fox
406 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:50 Stephen Ellison, U/A)
71  23:18 Phil Hirst
197 26:54 Julie Elmes
349 ran

Mile End
(1  16:44 Rick Weston, Serpentine RC)
115 24:17 Tom Worboys
314 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:53 Thomas Humphrey, Plymouth Harriers)
2   17:56 Alex Hirst
227 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:43 Daniel Holdsworth, Richmond & Zetland Harriers)
61  23:17 Norman Bush
287 ran

(1  18:40 Al Chapman, Pudsey Pacers)
11  22:32 Harry Stead (junior)
68 ran

(1  17:26 Ewen Malloch, Team Bath AC)
73  25:11 Alison Bennett
280 ran

Anniversary Waltz and Teenager With Altitude, Sat 16 April

Photo: Dick W

From Alison Weston... Two great races from Newlands valley in the Lakes on Saturday. Jack Wood came an amazing 3rd overall in the gruelling Teenager with Altitude (15.4 miles with 7600 foot of ascent). Outi Kamarainen also successfully completed the race and finished well in the ladies results.
A good turn out in the shorter Anniversary Waltz (a mere 11.5 miles with 3600 foot of ascent) with Dan Wilkinson first Harrier home followed by Jane McCarthy (1st LV40), Dick Waddington, Kate Archer, Alison Weston (1st LV50) and Mary Gibbons (as her first lakeland race!). It was a beautiful day with stunning views, making all the climbing well worthwhile.

Dick Waddington adds ... The Anniversary Waltz takes a turn around the Newlands valley over peaks including Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head and Catbells. It is about 11 miles long with 3500ft of climbing. The Teenager adds about 4 miles and doubles the climbing, taking in Grassmoor, Whiteless, High Snock Rigg before going the Waltz at Robinson. It is a very pretty route with something for everyone - a flat mile on a nice track at the start, a steep path, then a steeper Whernside-like heather slope, smooth moorland, rocky outcrops to scramble up and down, very steep grass down Dale Head, then a few tourists to dodge on Catbells.
Ilkley put in a good number of runners with Outi Kamarainen and Jack Wood taking on the Teenager and Kate Archer, Mary Gibbons, Jane McCarthy, Alison Weston, Dan Wilkinson and me taking on the Waltz.
Jack was 3rd in the Teenager with Altitude. Jane was 1st FV40 and Alison 1st FV50 in the Anniversary Waltz. Well done everyone!

Full results later

Bunny Run #3, Tue 12 April

Tom Adams 12th Bunny and 18th Egg Stage - matching Ian Holmes' 18 Egg Stage wins. Ilkley's men won the team prize. Photos and results ...

1   15:55 Tom Adams
5   16:48 Jack Wood
18  18:15 Dan Wilkinson
19  18:17 Paul Carman
32  19:08 Oscar Stapleton
58  20:25 Ben Joynson
61  20:33 Richard Joel
76  21:15 Lucy Williamson
80  21:18 James Pickering
96  22:00 Charlie Tiger Smith
98  22:02 Poppy Anderson
100 22:13 Malcolm Pickering
103 22:24 Mary Gibbons
122 23:10 Bernadette Raven
128 23:30 Tom Jackson
129 23:34 Andrew Jackson
134 23:42 Joanne Williamson
139 24:14 Alison Weston
157 25:33 Helen Waddington
158 25:34 Geoffrey White
217 30:57 Anna Pickering
223 31:35 Sally Wright
243 finished

Overall results (all 3 races)
1 Tom Adams
7 Paul Carman

11 Mary Gibbons

7 Charlie Tiger Smith

Manchester Marathon, Sun 10 April

From Tim Buckingham ... I completed the Greater Manchester Marathon in 3h29m30s Really happy with the run and really recommend the Manchester Marathon to anyone interested as a good alternative to London!

From Tom Worboys ... This month I completed the second set of three marathons for the Huntington's Disease Association, the first three being in October. Manchester was incredibly tough, a struggle from 16 miles in but something managed to keep me running. Brighton was much better with excellent support and sunshine, an excellent race except for the somewhat soul destroying lap of the power station towards the end. London was bloody marvelous and the most fun I've had running despite it being my slowest ever marathon. Just under 4 hours of high fives and tomfoolery. Over £800 raised for charity and all the marathons under four hours, though the times weren't all that important.

Results ...

(1   2:22:34 Steven Bayton, Hallamshire Harriers)
1781 3:39:30 Tim Buckingham
3952 3:56:38 Tom Worboys
15149 finished

Open 5, Sun 10 April

From Jane McCarthy ... A few Harriers (Sue Booth, Paul Sugden, Dick Waddington and I) travelled to Todmorden on Sunday to take part in the final Open 5 in the Series, enjoying beautiful sunshine and stunning course scenery covering Stoodley Pike and parts of the Calderdale Way/Pennine Way. Sue Booth and her partner Louise Hanley had an excellent day out, winning the female pairs category. Paul Sugden finished a tough course with his second highest score of the Series, and Dick and I partnered in a mixed pair and had a good day out!
There have been six events in the Open 5 Series (November - April), in which competitors have 5 hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible, either by bike or on foot. There is a map for each course, and it is entirely up to you to decide route and split between run and MTB. The scores for the checkpoints are only released as you start the event, normally requiring some quick re-planning of route. These are excellent events for runners looking to improve navigation whilst enjoying some fantastic courses put together by the Open Adventure Team. Also great training for longer events and a great, fun atmosphere.
In the Overall Series, Outi Kamarainen finished 2nd overall in the Female Solo Category, only narrowly behind me. Sue Booth and Louise Hanley were 2nd in the Female Pairs, John Houlihan and his partner were 1st in the Male Pairs category, Helen and Dick Waddington competed in 2 events in the Mixed Pairs and Harriers were represented by Paul Sugden, Dick W and Jamie Hutchinson in the Male Solos. Apologies if I have missed anyone. Check the website if interested for next year!

Jo Taylor adds: ... Can't resist adding to the Open 5 report as this was mine and Dave's 16th event and having accumulated a career 5000 points so far we were delighted to pick up certificates and champagne for our effort. The weather was kind but the terrain was a horror and it was notable how many teams lost points going over the 5 hour limit. We managed to come in on time for 9th mixed pair and 9th mixed pair in the series overall this year. The atmosphere at these events is second to none and the score format makes them especially suitable for those wanting to try a longer event but nervous about finishing a long event at the back.

parkruns, Sat 9 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:15 unknown)
29  20:25 Adrian Bastow
95  23:31 Ethan Thompson (junior)
404 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:25 Nathan Martin, Wharfedale Harriers)
387 36:38 Abbie Reynier (junior)
446 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:30 Tom Mitchell, U/A)
153 27:18 Julie Elmes
293 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
1   18:13 Alex Hirst
168 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:14 Neil Maloney, Skipton AC)
11  21:04 Lewis Carr (junior)
111 28:45 Dylan Carr (junior)
181 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:52 Nathan Smith, City of York)
60  23:07 Norman Bush
319 ran

(1  20:27 Duncan Spence, U/A)
24  24:14 Harry Stead (junior)
134 ran

(1  18:49 Harvey Lord, Black Combe Runners)
5   19:35 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
231 ran

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Jane McCarthy ... After 4 races in the Harriers League Lucy Williamson is at the top of the Leaderboard with 245 points from 3 races. Michael Duffield, last year's winner, is in second place having also raced in 3 events. The next 3 races are all in May, starting with Road with the first John Carr 5K on 4th May, Fell with the Jack Bloor on 10th May, and Trail with Over the Odda on the 14th May. John Carr Series is pre-entry only from Saltaire Striders.
Updated 2016 League results after 4 races
More on the League page.

Bunny Run #2, Tue 5 April

Well done to Tom Adams who won his 11th Bunny and 17th Egg Stage - can Tom match Ian Holmes' 18 Egg Stage wins next week (no pressure!). Photos and results ...

1   15:22 Tom Adams
22  18:16 Paul Carman
62  20:17 Ben Joynson
80  20:57 Jane McCarthy
109 22:11 Mary Gibbons
111 22:15 Poppy Anderson
125 22:54 Bernadette Raven
151 24:11 Andrew Jackson
167 25:04 Adela Reperecki
175 25:21 Tom Jackson
178 25:28 Helen Waddington
189 25:28 Ella Shouler Harris
278 finished

Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 3 April

From Steve Weston ... Steve Newell and I travelled over to Cheshire for the Wilmslow Half Marathon, a large event for 5000 runners run on entirely closed roads.
On the trip over the weather the weather was a bit grim but thankfully the drizzle cleared below the M62 to allow the race to be run in sunshine with a little bit of breeze, almost perfect conditions. The course follows a gently undulating route around the Wilmslow lanes.
I started off well running what seemed like a comfortable pace of 6.10 and had Rob Cunningham in my sights for half of the race before overhauling him at around mile 7. Unfortunately it all went south then, with wheels coming off at mile 10 and Rob pushing on into the distance after 11. Steve Newell ran a great race despite less than ideal prep to come in well within his expected time.
Results ...

(1  1:04:59 Josphat Kipkemoi, Run Fast)
165 1:24:52 Rob Cunningham 
184 1:25:50 Steve Weston
255 1:28:37 Andrew Overend
415 1:33:24 Steve Newell
3796 finished

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 3 April

Woodentops photos

Dave Woodhead reports ... Tom Adams won by an astonishing 15 minutes - results ...

1   1:16:41 Tom Adams
38  1:43:44 Richard Joel
153 2:05:01 Neil Bloor
173 2:09:11 Adela Reperecki
252 2:22:28 Helen Horton
254 2:22:38 Nigel Tapper
280 2:29:54 Stephanie Fox
288 2:33:02 Jayne Fort
331 2:51:44 Julie Elmes
345 finished

Paris Marathon, Sun 3 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... I signed up for Paris with several other Harriers. Only my 2nd marathon and my 1st one on road. Warm sunny weather had been predicted for Sunday and the forecast, sadly, turned out to be very accurate, a stunning day for spectators but it made it hard for runners having trained in the Yorkshire winter.
The race is huge with over 40.000 finishers, starting and finishing near the Arc de Triomphe and taking in many of the major sights of Paris as well as going out into the Bois des Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne. The atmosphere was really positive, the route lined with spectators and bands providing music and especially lots of drumming, which is great when you are running. There were massive water stations every 5km with fresh oranges, bananas, dried fruit and sugar cubes. Les pompiers de Paris (fire brigade) also provided additional water stations and had their hoses out providing a welcome spray.
The entire course was quite congested with so many runners, many were walking quite early on and one had to weave in and out a lot which was tiring. Parisian spectators have an interesting way of just carrying on with their normal Sunday morning routine, and there was a constant stream of little old ladies and families with prams tackling the zebra crossings in the face of thousands of runners. I just mumbled 'vous etes fou' under my breath hundreds of times.
I had planned to do 10 minute miles all the way and this worked very well for the first half, but just as I was beginning to get quite impressed with my pacing (fatal) the wheels gradually came off as the heat and the relentlessness of the road running (and some cobbles!) caught up with me. The slopes out of the underpasses were becoming a problem that I had to walk, much as I was trying to tell myself they were barely worthy of the name hill and that I am from Ilkley after all! The last 6 miles I had to run/walk and was not fun, finishing eventually in 4:49, disappointed as I had hoped for 4:20. However, having seen several collapsed runners along the course being attended to by de Croix Rouge I was glad to finish in one piece. More fresh fruit on offer at the finish, and a very shiny large medal. There were some excellent results from other Harriers; Dave Ibbotson and Alex both struggled with cramp hampering their times which was likely related to the heat.
For anyone wanting to run a big city marathon I can very much recommend Paris, it is easy to enter, no ballot, just pay your money and you are in. The organization was faultless without losing its french relaxed character, and very friendly. Just hope for an overcast day.
Results ...

(1    2:07:11 Cybrian Kotut)
9697  3:47:16 David Schneider
12313 3:54:57 Stuart Herrington
12587 3:55:40 Erin Keating
17518 4:08:52 Jan Carrier 
25841 4:32:17 Dave Ibbotson
30454 4:47:12 Alex Stanley-Hyde
31163 4:49:53 Petra Bijsterveld
31810 4:52:34 Fiona Schneider
41708 finished

Blubberhouses 25, Sun 3 April

From Dan Wilkinson ... This really well organised LDWA event seemed to be well attended by Harriers, I saw several at the start. I was hoping for a good run after completing my recovery from injury and a group of 4 of us, including Ben Sheppard set off together and opened up an early lead. We ran together for the first 15 miles or so and at Beamsley Beacon I could tell the other guys were working a bit harder than me so I decided to see if I could open up a lead. It worked and I managed to drop Ben and the others to come home first in 3:06, despite getting momentarily lost on the run in (something I seem prone to in recent months!). Ben Was 3rd and John Hayes was 3rd Harrier home in around 3:25.
From Jann Smith ... A great route which takes in Beamsley Beacon, Round Hill, Rocking Moor, Timble and the all the Washburn reservoirs with an interesting section of bog around 8 miles in length ! Lots of Harriers there. I was doing well up to mile 23 when my calf popped and ruptured. The man behind basically told me to man up and jog it out so I hobbled to the finish. 1st lady.
Results ...

1  3:06 Dan Wilkinson 
3  3:12 Ben Sheppard
10 3:31 John Hayes
27 3:49 Jann Smith  1st lady
34 3:58 Andrew Merrick
38 4:02 Paul Calderbank
46 4:17 Chantal Busby
56 4:42 Sarah Hayes
65 4:52 Richard Morris
179 finished

Pendle fell race, Sat 2 April

Results ...

(1 33:46 Sam Tosh, Rossendale)
5  36:12 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
23 40:55 Martin Archer
95 51:23 Norman Bush
172 finished

BMAF 10k Champs, Sat 2 April

From Geoffrey Howard ... A sunny day in London town, and an inspiring setting, for the latest race in a monthly summer series of 10k races. The occasion last Saturday (2nd April) also doubled as this year's BMAF 10k Championship. The start was from the Podium Cafe next to the controversial Orbit sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (set between the Olympic Stadium to the West across a stretch of water and the Olympic Pool to the East also across a waterway). The three lap, mainly flat but loopy, course soon had us having to look out for locals out enjoying an early morning constitutional with the overall atmosphere very similar to that of a Park Run. There were 505 finishers with Tom Payn (unattached) winning in 31m 16s. I managed 93rd in 42m 40s as second v70 well behind Martin Ford of Cheltenham (72nd and first v70 in 41m 16s) who has been virtually untouchable in his age group in road races over at least a decade. For anyone fancying trying the event during a weekend trip to the capital, it can be reached from St Pancras in only 15 mins, has chip timing and ritual goodie bag but weighs in at a hefty £15 entry fee.

parkruns, Sat 2 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:26 Scott Harrington)
19  20:12 Tom Worboys
272 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:08 Michael King, Tunbridge Wells Harriers)
15  20:54 Theo Clay (junior)
290 35:08 Abbie Reynier (junior)
348 ran

Hilly Fields Lewisham
(1  17:48 Noah Armitage-Hookes, U/A)
2   18:57 Alex Hirst
183 ran

Fingal Bay
(1  19:39 Daniel Hutchinson, U/A)
7   22:25 Eve Whitaker (junior) 1st female
36  27:02 Alexandra Whitaker (junior)
44  27:50 Helene Whitaker
92 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  17:07 Joe Mercer, Horwich RMI Harriers)
5   19:26 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
25  22:05 Lucy Jacques
67  26:00 David Taylor
94  27:40 Polly Crawley (junior)
110 28:50 Neve Tennant (junior)
129 30:44 Jo Taylor
171 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:58 Ben Pease, Ripon Runners)
88  25:56 Emily Elmes (junior)
123 27:36 Julie Elmes
236 ran

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