Ilkley Harriers contacts

The following email addresses forward to the right person in Ilkley Harriers ...

No unsolicited commercial email please

Please do not send any commercial or promotional email to any of these email addresses. There is simply too much unsolicited commercial or semi-commercial email and we do not expect our volunteer helpers to process it and we will not bother our members with it by forwarding it.


Are you a local runner looking for information on joining the club? Or are you a member with a query relating to Harriers membership? The contact is Petra Bijsterveld, the Membership Secretary at

Results for the web site and the Ilkley Gazette

Got some Harriers news or results? Send it to and it will be forwarded to Petra Bijsterveld and Jonathan Turner who will add it to the website and to Jean Sullivan for the Ilkley Gazette sports report. The Gazette deadlines (report sent Tuesday lunchtime) mean that we really do need reports asap please!

Harrier of the Month nominations

The Harrier of the Month nominations can be sent to Jean Sullivan by email

Fixtures info

The fixtures list is maintained by Neil Chapman: if you have details of a race to include in the list you can contact him at


For anything related to the web site, the contact is Sam Wood at Bitamin Ltd (

Official stuff

Our Club Secretary is Paul Stephens and emails sent to will be forwarded to him.

Members getting in touch with other members

See the Communications Page for ways to get out a general message, or ask Petra ( for a person's details if you really need to get in contact with someone.