Ilkley Harriers fixtures

CAUTION: swapping race numbers/entries

From time to time the issue of 'swapping' race entries comes up: person A has entered a race in advance but can't do it, person B wants to do the race but hasn't got an entry. So person B wants to run in person A's number. Fair enough?

Take care, some races do not allow race numbers to be swapped to another person. If you do that anyway and break the race rules (creating potential logistical and safety problems) you are also breaking the Rules of UK Athletics and that is quite serious. If a race organiser becomes aware of such a breach they are obliged to take disciplinary action against both runners. Unfortunately, we do have real experience of this in Ilkley Harriers, and the possible consequences include:

  • the race organiser may ban either or both runners from entering the race in future years;
  • the Ilkley Harriers Committee may be obliged to investigate the complaint and take disciplinary action, which is unpleasant for everyone and a poor use of committee volunteer time;
  • in some cases the regional association may impose a lengthy region-wide race ban on the individual;
  • if it is a FRA fell race the FRA Disciplinary Committee may take action, including a racing ban.

So, this is serious: you are advised not to offer or take a race number without the explicit permission of the race organiser and the race entry details being updated.

The Google Calendar of race fixtures should appear on the left. Click on any event to see more details. (Ignore the 'map' in the details.)

The Club's racing program includes events on road, country, and fell. Some of these events are nominated by the Committee as Ilkley Harriers Race League events.

The fixtures list is maintained by Neil Chapman: if you have details of a race to include or any updates you can contact Neil by email at

The junior section has a comprehensive race programme documented on the Junior Pages.

Cross country

Fell running


parkrun - free 5k timed runs every Saturday morning, nationwide, local events include:

NB you need to be registered in advance with parkrun and have a 'parkrun barcode', see links.

Harrogate District Summer Race League

5 evening races from May to July. Upcoming locations and dates can be found at