Ilkley Harriers on Facebook

Ilkley Harriers has both a Facebook Group and a Facebook page. Of the two the Group is the more active and important.

Facebook Group FAQ

Why is the Club on Facebook?
Because many of our members use Facebook and because there was demand for the Club to be on it too. The Facebook Group is a place to chat, support fellow members, share photos, and pass on information. The Ilkley Harriers Facebook Group is 'closed', open to Ilkley Harriers members.
How do I find it?
If you are a Facebook user, go straight to the Ilkley Harriers Facebook Group by clicking on this Ilkley Harriers Facebook Group link. Or on Facebook search for Ilkley Harriers and select the "open group" option (the "organisation" option is the Facebook 'Page' which is a different thing (info below).
Who can contribute?
Only members of the Facebook Group may add content.
Who can join the Group?
Current members of Ilkley Harriers, and a few others at the Admins' or the Committee's discretion.
How do I get started?
You need to be a Facebook user to see or do (most) things on Facebook. Click on this Ilkley Harriers Facebook Group link. The next step is to apply to become a member using the link on the Ilkley Harriers Group page (see notes). NB the Admin will check you are a Ilkley Harriers member before approving the FB group membership.
What shall I write?
Facebook is a place for chat and banter. Let's have lots of friendly chat, constructive feedback on races and events, photos, fun links, etc. Facebook stuff!
Is it private?
Yes. But we recommend that you do not post personal details, phone numbers, which flowerpot you keep the front door key under, etc. etc. on the Facebook Group page.
Are there any rules?
Normal web etiquette applies: do not say something on Facebook that you wouldn't say directly to a fellow Ilkley Harrier. We need to minimise admin, policing, and hassle! Anyone who causes undue upset and work may be removed from the Group (membership of the Group is not a right of Ilkley Harriers membership).
Can I promote my favorite shop, or recommend any other product or service?
No, let's keep this commerce-free.

Facebook Page FAQ

Group, Page, what's the difference?
We set up a Group first as we think it meets the Club requirements best. Once approved, Club members can contribute freely, updates appear on your own Facebook pages, etc. A 'Page' works slightly differently (some clubs use this approach).
So why bother with a 'Page'
To increase our web presence. To make information available to non-Facebook users and non-Club members. To reserve the space on Facebook. To do some things that you can't (?) do in a Group like integrate the Twitter feed.
How do I put stuff on it?
You can't, we've not set it up for people to post messages on to it.
Where can I see it?
If you are a Facebook user you can search for Ilkley Harriers in Facebook and select the "organisation" option (the "open group" option is the Facebook Group (info above).
Or anyone including non-Facebookers can Google it, or use this link