Ilkley Harriers on Twitter

Ilkley Harriers is on Twitter.

Twitter FAQ

What is Twitter?
Twitter is an online service for people with similar interests to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "Tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. If you have a Twitter account these messages are posted to your "profile", sent to your "followers" and are searchable on Twitter search.
If you are new to Twitter you can read more about the concept here:
and about the basics of using it here:Twitter new user FAQs
Why is the Club on Twitter?
Twitter instantly connects us to the rest of the running community, both locally and further afield, and provides a very direct and rapid way of exchanging information. Examples are upcoming races, last minute changes, race results and photos. Twitter relies on people and organizations "following" each other. Following someone means you have chosen to subscribe to their updates which then appear in your Twitter feed (like the news feed on Facebook). The Club has more than 500 "followers", a mixture of individuals, running clubs, and organizations/businesses. There is therefore lots of interaction, in particular with other local running clubs and their individual members. People tweet with particular intensity just before and after races to share their experiences and results, and often to thank the race organizers and marshals.
What we tweet
The Club tweets updates about upcoming races, about results, and about items of general interest to runners. The Club "retweets" Tweets that have been posted by others if they are relevant, appropriate, and interesting. So if you tweet to @IlkleyHarriers, or send a tweet with @IlkleyHarriers contained anywhere in the text, you have a good chance that it will be retweeted by the Club.
How do I find it?
The Club's latest Tweets are shown in the "Widget" on the right hand side of the of the Club website home page and are updated in real time. You can also see us at You can read both these without having a Twitter account.
If you want to interact with the Club on Twitter by "following" @IlkleyHarriers and being followed you need to set up your own account at then you can
Who maintains it?
Currently the Club's Twitter account is being managed by Petra Bijsterveld who tweets on behalf of the Club and is accountable to the Committee. If you have any suggestions or comments please do get in touch!