Copyright © Ilkley Harriers

Why have a copyright notice?


The law on copyright is plain. If I have taken a photograph then it may only be used with my permission. Putting a photo on a web site does not imply that permission is granted for the photograph to be used for any purpose by others.

If no credit is given to another photographer, then the photograph was taken by me. My position on my own photographs is this:

Some photos on my web site are the work of other photographers, with a credit given. The copyright of the photo belongs to the photographer and their permission should be sought before the image is used.

This copyright applies to all photographs on this web site and on the Junior Ilkley Harriers site. Latterly I have been adding an explicit copyright notice to photo index pages, but this is only to draw attention to the issue - it is not a legal necessity.

Non-photographic material

Long live the web. I am all for sharing design ideas, code, and other material between web site authors. But please respect obvious copyright, e.g. the Ilkley Harriers logo, other logos where they are used, etc. And if you take one of my ideas and improve on it, please share it with me.