About the Ilkley Harriers website

The website aims to keep Ilkley Harriers up to date with news, photos, etc.; as well as to tell prospective and new members, and anyone else who's interested, something about the club.

Content is normally updated late on Sunday or early on Monday (but often more often ...). The 'home page' with the latest news is the hottest, and often highlights changes on other pages.

This is an edited site. For example, if someone is a tad too negative in an event report, that may just be toned down a bit for the 'greater good'.

The website is just one of many channels of communication for Ilkley Harriers, but with hundreds of 'visits' a day it is probably the busiest.

The general tech design 'philosophy' is to keep things simple so that most Browsers and settings work (since April 2015 we have used the Twitter Bootstrap approach the site should look OK on mobiles and tablets as well as PCs etc.)


Many photos are used on this site. Unless it's you in the photo, please don't re-use photographs without the photographer's permission - see the copyright notice.


This site (like many others) uses cookies (small temporary files) to store information on your computer. There is nothing sinister here: we use cookies for one purpose only:

Website author

The Ilkley Harriers website was originally created in 1999 by Paul Wood, who maintained it until 2020. The website is currently maintained by Sam Wood @ Bitamin Ltd who has been maintaining the website since 2020.


You can see some old renditions of the website on the "Internet Archive wayback machine" for ilkleyharriers.co.uk, and (before we even registered the domain name) daisyhill.demon.co.uk/ilkleyharriers. That archive seems to be missing some formatting but you can see the page content and some aspects of the design.