Ilkley Harriers run library

Where does the Predictor Run go? Or the Big Dipper? This page is an attempt at mapping all our favorite Club training runs. Plus any other runs you'd like to share!

Local lockdown-friendly running routes

Has the lockdown set you on the path to running? Whether you're a beginner or re-discovering your love for it, Ilkley Harriers have put together some local routes, mostly around 7-8k.
They stick to roads and avoid gates as much as possible. Please use pavements where they exist - but if you do need to run on the road, then use the right-hand side so you can see oncoming traffic.
Hopefully they'll help to keep things ticking over whatever your usual sport - and new members are always welcome.

Strava map links in this PDF document.

Tuesday Night Classics

Name Map Link Terrain M/km Description Mapped by
Big Dipper MapMyRun Road 8.3M Flat run out to Ben Rhydding then two hills with lots of smaller ups & downs PSt
Burley Lollipop Garmin Connect Road 8M Flat run out to Burley and back. Starting and ending around the Junction of Bolton Bridge Road on Church Street, so call it 8M assuming a start and finish at or nearer the Club. BS
Predictor/Handicap Strava Road 10km Flat run out to Ben Rhydding then undulating JT
Three Peaks MapMyRun Road 7.5M Out along Valley Drive, a climb, then back along the higher roads in Ilkley PSu
Two Bridges MapMyRun Road/Trail 7M Ben Rhydding suspension bridge, Nesfield, Addingham supsension bridge, finishing on riverside paths if light PSu
West to East incl Rupert Rd MapMyRun Road 6.7M Like it says on the tin ... PSu
Western Zigzag MapMyRun Road 8M A climb at the start, then it's all downhill PSu
Ilkley anti-clockwise MapMyRun Road 12k Finishing via Rupert Rd PSt
Jack Bloor race Garmin Connect Fell 5.7M PSt
Mappers: BS Ben Sheppard, CS Clare Smith, PSt Paul Stephens, PSu Paul Sugden, JT Jonathan Turner

Some off-road runs from Ben Sheppard

Name Map Link Terrain M/km Description
Easy trail loop on Ilkley Moor Garmin Connect Trail/trod 4.25M Mix of maintained trails and fell/moorland trods. Start at the car park above Panorama Drive. Along the maintained trail to Swastika Stone. (For the first couple of hundred yards there is a nicer, green trail running parallel just a few yards to your left.) From just before Swastika bear left on a trod up to the gate in the top corner of the field; alternatively from Swastika straight on to the wall then turn left up to that gate. From the gate a few yards up a steep trail onto the ridge heading towards Keighley Gate Road, crossing the beck and a stile on the way. After crossing Keighley Gate Road cross another beck and follow the trail across the moor till you reach the cairn above White Wells. Sharp left and downhill passing above the trees, bear right and pop out at White Wells. Take the path back to the car park.
Menston Boundary Garmin Connect Trail 7.3M Menston boundary, courtesy of Justin Philips. Trails, fell and across fields.
Middleton Moor Garmin Connect Trail 8.4M Trail, moorland and a little road, following trail race route after Curly Hill
Ilkley Trail Race route Garmin Connect Trail 7M Come to the 2013 race on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, details
Burley Woodhead and Rombalds Moor Garmin Connect Trail/Fell 10M Cow and Calf, Burley Woodhead, 12 Apostles (Beware stone paving)
Two Moors, inc Beamsley Beacon Garmin Connect Trail/Fell 17M Ilkley Moor, Addingham Moorside, Beamsley Beacon, Middleton Moor
From Darwin Gardens to Swastika Stone and on to Windgate Nick and then to Addingham via Addingham Moorside and crossing the A65. Across the footbridge and head North (I think) through the fields and along the overgrown snicket/ginnel to get to Langbar Road. Beamsley Beacon, Round Hill, Middleton Moor, concrete square, Middleton Lodge, Middleton Woods and home.
Round Hill via Concrete Square Garmin Connect Trail/Fell 12.5M Similar to Middleton Moor route but taking in Round Hill. Can easily be extended to take in Beamsley Beacon.

Some maps from Nick Richardson

Name Map Link M/km
Denton, Langbar, Nesfield MapMyRun 15.8km
Haw Pike from Club MapMyRun 17.3km
Denton, Lippersley Pike MapMyRun 16.5km
Langbar from Club MapMyRun 17.6km
Beamsley and Round Hill from Club MapMyRun 17.6km
Keighley Gate Rd, Rivock from Club MapMyRun 18.1km
Burley Woodhead via 12 Apostles from Club MapMyRun 16.7km
Highfield farm via Langbar from Club MapMyRun 16.4km

Got another run that you'd like to share? It'd be perfect if you could map it yourself and send full details and a link as in the runs above, otherwise please send as many details as possible to and we'll try and get it mapped.


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