Ilkley Moor Fell Race 2024

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1990- Summary of all previous winners  
2014 senior, junior Woodentops photos, Graham Weston's photos
2013 senior, junior Woodentops photos, Graham Weston's photos
Woodentops videos YouTube'd by Will Neill: seniors, juniors

2012 Results PDF David Brett's at the Cow & Calf;
Neil Smith's at Badger Stone;
Graham Weston's of junior and senior races;
Paul Sugden's of senior race;
Brian Sweet's at Keighley Gate Rd.;
Dave & Eileen Woodhead's junior, senior, and group photos
2012 race videos filmed by Robert Adamson and YouTube'd by Will Neill: junior races video, senior race video
2011 Results PDF David Brett's, Richard Reeve's, Andrew Bennett's, Dave Woodhead's
2010 Results PDF Brian Sweet's photos (mainly Harriers)
Paul Sugden's photos
Marlon Frost's photos (mainly Harriers)
Andy Wolfenden's videos on YouTube Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Mr Brightside's photos
Dave & Eileen Woodhead's photos
2009 Results PDF Eileen Woodhead's photos at the start
Dave Woodhead's photos at the Cow & Calf
David Brett's photos at Cow and Calf
Dave Woodhead's photos at Hangingstone Beck
Bob Wightman's photos at Badger Stone
Brian Sweet's photos at Keighley Gate Rd
Dave Woodhead's photos at the Finish
Richard Butterwick's photos (all over!)
Paul Sugden's photos
Dave Woodhead's photos at the Prizegiving
2008 Results Excel, PDF Brian's, Dave Woodhead's, and more of Dave Woodhead's!
2007 Results Excel PDF Dave Woodhead, Start, Keighley Gate Rd, Prizegiving
2006 Results 2006 2006 photos
2005 Results 2005 2005 photos
2004 Results 2004 2004 photos
2003 Results 2003 2003 photos
2002 Results 2002 2002 photos
2001 Results 2001 2001 photos, Dave Woodhead's photos
2000 Results 2000 2000 photos
1999 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1998 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1997 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1996 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1995 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1994 P1 (.Gif file) Newsclipping (.Gif file)
1993 P1, P2 P3 (.Gif files) Newsclipping (.Gif file)
1992 P1, P2 (.Gif files) N/A
1991 P1, P2 P3 (.Gif files) N/A
1990 Cover Page, P1, P2, P3, P4 (.Gif files) N/A

Results before 2000 are scanned copies - .GIF files. The latest Browsers should allow you to 'zoom' and print these.

A nice review of the race from the Fellrunner magazine - copy here.

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