Ilkley Harriers News Archive Oct-Dec 2004

11th Auld Lang Syne fell race, Fri 31 Dec

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A slightly lengthened course was much slower than previous years due to the "heavy" conditions underfoot. Ian Holmes was beaten into 2nd place by Salford''s Andi Jones, 39:05. Every runner (430+ of them) enjoyed a bottle of Briscoes Brewery auld lang syne ale.

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And more photos on www link David Brett's site

24 Stefan Macina 44:20 P&B
42 Jamie Hutchinson 46:18  
77 Mike Baldwin 48:39  
83 Roy Ruddle 49:15  
92 Nick Pearce 50:02  
119 Sally Malir 51:12 4th lady
140 Brian Melia 51:50  
143 Kevin Gooch 52:11  
152 Ian Marshall 52:42  
165 Geoff Howard 53:21  
166 Richard Malir 53:23  
173 Ashley Hardwell 53:58  
186 Neil Chapman 54:28  
192 Norman Bush 54:39  
196 Bob Wightman 54:50  
212 John Smith 55:43  
214 Rahel Friederich 55:46  
268 Ed Battye 59:18  
302 Steve Cockerham 61:07  
308 Andy Wiggans 61:41  
314 Rachael Gooch 62:20  
343 Rob King 64:15  
377 Lindsey King 68:54  
409 Emma Payne 74:35 Otley AC

Jolly Holly Jog, Tue 28 Dec

We had 95 Victoria Wright 46:31; 108 Linda Wright 47:16; and 191 Andrew Wright 54:33

Coley Canter, Tue 28 Dec

Jamie Hutchinson reports ... The Coley Canter took place on Tuesday 28th of December starting from Shelf near Bradford (Calderdale Relay leg 5/6 c/o). It was a very wet and muddy (I think the canter refers to the livestock that had been over the fields before us!) 7 miles and 1000ft climb trail race. It's a quick start downhill for several miles and then a grind back uphill for several miles. I managed to get round in about 49 minutes and finished tenth out of about 80 ish runners.

Ribble Valley 10k, Mon 27 Dec

Neil Chapman reports ... Only a handful of Harriers made the trip to Clitheroe this year, to compete with over 670 other runners. I was first Harrier 108th in 38:48, with Vic Verecondi finishing 267 in 44:00, Andy Kitchen 294 in 45:09 and Di Kitchen 368 in 47:45. In our junior Harriers, Dan Roebuck ran a PB, 461st in 51:01 and Simon Chapman struggling to overcome a cold was 599 in 58:50. Eleanor Kitchen, who trains with the Harriers, had an excellent race finishing 263rd and first junior lady in 43:53. This was the final counter in the Harriers Running League 2004, won by Preston's Adam Sutton in 29:35

Full results on www link

Chevin Chase, Boxing Day

Neil Chapman reports ... A good turnout of over 20 Harriers out on a superb sunny winter morning, with great spectator support. First Harrier in was Jim Ryder, slicing around 3 minutes off last years time with Tim Ashelford a little slower than normal, but one of the fastest Santa's on the course. Our first lady was Sally Malir, finishing 3rd lady in just over 49 minutes, over 2 minutes quicker than last year. This was the penultimate counter in the Harriers Running League 2004

1 Neil Cayton 39:56 Otley AC
25 Jim Ryder 44:17  
69 Steve Turland 47:25  
70 Tim Ashelford 47:30  
88 Mike Baldwin 48:36  
95 Neil Chapman 48:53  
98 Sally Malir 49:02  
111 Alison Bennett 49:52  
142 Heather Dawe 51:09  
161 Jo Foster 52:12  
230 John Woodward 54:45  
245 Elizabeth McCann 55:09  
301 Les Atkins 56:58  
347 Keith Wood 58:40  
349 Vince Gibbons 58:44  
364 Sue Bickerdike 59:12  
425 Richard Gray 61:11  
439 Bernie Gibbons 61:46  
502 Ed Battye 64:04  
575 Richard Midgeley 66:35  
720 Bernie Connor 74:24  
721 Andy Sarah 74:31  
734 Amanda Parnaby 75:21  

Full results on www link Aire Centre Pacers' site

Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10K, Sun 19 Dec

Vic Verecondi reports Went for a lovely drive to the Lake District for a 10k today... Weather was perfect, sunny and crisp with snow capped hills all round making beautiful scenery also... The course (out and back) was along a valley with both undulating and some flattish bits.... Anyway I came 105th out of field of 475 with a time of 44.41 a pb by 16 seconds... Received the inevitable christmas pudding and enjoyed a sociable pint at the local with a couple of Scousers which rounded off an enjoyable day...

The Stoop fell race, Sun 19 Dec

5m, 800' (actual distance of the revised course is nearer the 5m than the usual course, and 2-3 mins longer) The race was won by Rob Hope in 30.43 for the 4th time, ahead of 10-times winner Ian Holmes. The Ilkley ladies won the team prize

20  Jason Hemsley  34:14  P&B 
31  Jamie Hutchinson  36.35   
35  Steve Turland  36.47   
41  Chris Gale  38.03   
46  Nick Pearce  38.21  3rd V50 
48  Mike Baldwin  38.28   
85  Sally Malir  40.58  4th lady 
86  Richard Gale  41.01   
103  Rahel Friederich  42.29   
148  Paul Wood  45.40   
161  Ed Battye  46.21   
171  Eleanor Kitchen  46.56  Bingley 
188  Di Kitchen  48.36   
204  Andy Kitchen  49.58   
250  Emma Payne  56.35  Otley AC 

Some great photos on www link David Brett's site

Quite a few juniors out too - results on the Junior results page.

Predictor Run, Tue 14 Dec

Thanks to Richard Gray for organising this. Approx 5.6M/9km Vince Gibbons won a bottle of fine wine.

  Predicted Actual  
Vince Gibbons 45.00 44.56 00.04
Eugene Doherty 39.30 39.16 00.14
Stefan Macina 34.00 33.39 00.21
Leri Morgan-Wynne 47.00 46.37 00.23
Phil Judd 40.00 40.24 00.24
Dave Jepson 36.40 37.06 00.26
Ian Marshall 39.00 39.37 00.37
Keith Wood 41.50 42.28 00.38
Neil Chapman 37.30 38.19 00.49
Andy Webster 42.18 41.29 00.49
Carol Armitstead 47.40 46.37 01.03
Joyce Marshall 44.00 42.50 01.10
Elizabeth McCann 43.00 41.41 01.29
Jamie Hutchinson 38.00 36.28 01.32
Stuart Taylor 45.00 43.10 01.50
Antonio Cardinale 45.00 47.02 02.02
Ed Battye 45.00 42.52 02.08
Chris Gale 39.00 36.45 02.15
Helena Deeney 45.00 42.34 02.26
Bob Hamilton 34.00 36.50 02.50
Brian Sweet 60.00 57.10 02.50
Mike Rhodes 40.00 36.36 03.24
Jason Hemsley 30.00 33.29 03.29
Ian Jenkins 49.30 53.21 03.51
Manuel 59.55 56.00 03.55
Alison Bennett 43.30 39.02 04.28
Heather Duke 52.00 47.02 04.58
Graham Pearce 34.00 39.09 05.09
Linda Wright 50.00 42.39 07.21
Amanda Parnaby 52.30 59.55 07.25
Steve Fletcher 50.00 58.06 08.06
Richard Gale 52.00 39.25 12.35
John Atkinson 38.00    
Clive Smith 37.30    
Bernie Connor 53.00    

Calderdale Way Relay, Sun 12 Dec

Calderdale! It's the biggest fell relay of the year, and a real toughie. Ilkley fielded 3 teams: a Ladies team and two Open teams.

Photo link below

The BIG NEWS is that our ladies team won - a first for Ilkley Harriers. Indeed the performances were so strong that they beat the mass start at all checkpoints, a first for Ilkley ladies and possibly a first for any ladies team?

On Leg 1, Mike Baldwin and Iain Gibbons made a good start for our A team, 33rd in 79:52. They were followed by Jo Foster and Heather Dawe 58th and 4th ladies team in 88:08. Then our B team with Adrian Hall and Phil Atkinson finished 65th in 91:06

On Leg 2, Roy Ruddle and Eddie Winslow ran 76:42 to bring us in 39th. Emma Barclay and Sally Malir stormed the leg - their 70:14 was 6 minutes quicker than last year, 30th fastest team on the leg, and most importantly made Ilkley first ladies team with over 5 minutes lead. Dennis Ackroyd and Paul Wood ran 78:50 to bring us up to 60th place overall: and all our teams beat the leg 3 mass start.

Leg 3, and Nick Pearce and Mark Iley ran 47:29, losing a little time getting lost, and swapping places during the course with our ladies pair of Rahel Friederich and Joyce Marshall who had run a good leg, 37th fastest team, in 46:26. Barbara Bullock and Heather Maud ran 58:08 to bring us in 71st, and again we all beat the mass start!

Leg 4 is one of the legs where clubs play their strongest runners, and Jim Ryder and Jamie Hutchinson ran hard to bring us in about 76 minutes (the results are wrong here). Andrea Priestley and Helen Sedgwick ran 82:22, keeping 7 minutes clear of the next ladies team Holmfirth. Alas the B team's gallant battle against the mass starter failed here, Ian Marshall's and Ashley Hardwell's 83:18 bringing them in just after Ed and Susie had been set off.

Leg 5, and late sub Tony Thornley ran well with Mike Rhodes to bring us in 32nd in just over 67 minutes (the results are wrong here). Alison Eagle and Nicky Kime's 64:07 brought the ladies team in 34th, so 2 of our 3 teams beat the leg 6 mass start. Ed Battye and Susie Jollie ran about 78:25 to bring us in 65th

Finally, on Leg 6, Pete Shields and Jonathan Sage ran 86:08 to bring the first Open team in 31st place in 7h13:26
Hero of the hour Suzanne Bickerdike ran with Alison Bennett to complete this long leg in 102:41, to keep our lead over the second ladies team at about 6 minutes. The Ilkley ladies were 43rd overall in 7h33:58
Neil Chapman and Brian Melia's 89:25 brought our second open team in 60th overall 7h59:12 (with 34 teams behind them)

photos Rahel's photos

Full results on the www link Halifax Harriers web site

Stockport 10, Sun 12 Dec

From: Terry Lonergan 
To:   Harriers News
Subject: Stockport 10 "Road Race"
Course:  Very hilly with 2 mile of trail!
Position: 45th.
Vets: 2nd. V55
Time: 64.16
Finishers: 664
Comment:   OK if in the area at the time

ROM November 2004

The Ilkley Harriers Runner of the Month for November is Emma Barclay - internal link click here for details.

Nene Valley 10, Sun 5 Dec

Geoff Howard reports ... Caroline and I ran the Nene Valley 10 mile race today (perfect conditions with the only "hills" being four road bridges and two underpass exits) coming 113rd in 69:29 and 39th in 61:35 respectively in a field of 322.

WYXC #4, Wakefield, Sat 4 Dec

In the final race of the series, Jim Ryder was 73rd in 36:45; Geoff Howard 112th in 39:48; Neil Chapman 116th in 40:08; and Andy Kitchen 158th in 47:55. Second-claimer Jason Hemsley ran 34:15
The ladies finished 4th team on the day, and a superb 3rd overall in the series: Alison Bennett was 15th in 23:34; Helen Sedgwick 21st in 24:00; Sally Malir 22nd in 24:12; and Elizabeth McCann 38th in 26:28. Helen was 5th lady in the series; Cath Wolfenden 6th; and Alison Bennett 4th lady vet.
Earlier in the day the U13 girls were 4th ... more.

This was a counter in the internal link Harriers Running League. The men's race was won by Ian Fisher in 30:26; the ladies' race by Natalie White in 21:36

Full results on the www link Complete Runner web site

Abbey Dash, Sun 28 Nov

A BIG 10k race, with some 4,000 runners, and very popular for its fast course. Final results are: 133 Jamie Hutchinson 36:43; 229 Neil Chapman 38:22; a great result for Cath Wolfenden 234th in 38.27, (a PB by 1min30) beating most of our men and 17th in her class; 251 Dave Jepson 38:40; 261 Mark Iley 38:51; 309 Ewan Welsh 39:27; John Woodward 552nd in 42:18 coming back to form; 668 Andy Wolfenden 43:34; a great result for Suzanne Bickerdike 902nd in 45:39 and a PB by 2 minutes; 979 Vince Gibbons 46:15; 985 Jeff Paget 46:16; and 1151 Jane Bryant 47:34 having a good run; and 1646 Susi Leach 51:13.

This is a Harriers Running League counter, won in 29:43 by Altrincham's Andrew Norman.

Rivock Edge Hill race, Sun 28 Nov

This year Neil Chapman was the only Harriers to do the double of the Abbey Dash and this race, arriving at Silsden with minutes to spare. The race was shorter and gentler this year (but still tough enough), at 7.3 miles with 785', won by K&C's Lloyd Kellet in 50:03. Jason Hemsley was 4th in 50:38; Shane Green 6th in 51:11; and and Stefan Macina 16th in 53:23. Other Harriers gaining Harriers Running League points were new member Steve Turland 23rd in 54:32; 38th Geoff Howard 57:27; 40 Mike Rhodes 57:35; 44 Emma Barclay 58:18 (2nd lady); 47 Iain Gibbons 58:30; 51 Mike Baldwin 59:01; 67 Ian Marshall 60:50; 73 Pete Shields 61:35; 74 Sally Malir 61:46; 75 Iain Mann 61:53; 76 Richard Malir 61:58; 81 Brian Melea 62:15; 83 Neil Chapman 63:22; 89 Ashley Hardwell 63:40; 95 Dennis Ackroyd 64:20; 140 Rachael Gooch 71:48; and 163 Antonio Cardinale 87:28 - results from

Some great photos on www link David Brett's site

Cheddleton Christmas Pudding 10K, Sat 27 Nov

Vic Verecondi reports ... Thought I'd go for a nice drive for a 10K .... The race was three laps of an extremely undulating/hilly circuit. Basically I was knackered after the first circuit with approximately 6.5 km of a daunting run to go. Anyway I staggered across the finish line in 47.15. For my efforts I received a Christmas Pudding. There was also tea, mince pies and scones provided in the village hall which made the day very nice....

Harriers Do, Feb 2005

NB The Ceilidh and Presentation of 2004 awards at The Hollygarth will be on Friday 4th February
(not Saturday 5th February as advised in the newsletter).

Preston 10, Sun 21 Nov

Andy Wolfenden reports ... My journey across the divide in search of a fast time on this flat course proved in vain. The weather did not help, with a wind as raw as a baboon's bottom making warming up beforehand almost impossible. But no real excuses for my rather disappointing 160th place in a time of 1hr 13m 27sec. The race was won by Sale Harriers' Rick Hayman in 53.22.

Roundhay Park Races, Sun 21 Nov

Neil Chapman reports ... A few junior Harriers and myself tackled the Roundhay races today, in extremely cold and damp conditions.
In the three mile race James Wardman ran around 19:25 to finish 6th overall and 1st in U16, with Simon Chapman finishing in 22:35 and Bradley Chapman running 24:45. Josh Atkinson arrived expecting to run a one mile race, and responded well to the challenge of three miles, finishing strongly in 28:34. All the Juniors ran PBs for that distance.
I tackled the 5 mile race, after completing the 3 mile race with Bradley, finishing in a rather dissapointing 32:16. Perhaps my future lies in pacemaking 10 year olds?

Leicester Marathon

Richard Midgley ran 4h07

WYXC #3, Nell Bank, Sat 20 Nov

Thanks to all the organisers, marshals, and helpers who helped make our XC event a great success today.

Photo link below

We managed to get 2 men into the top 100: 79 Jim Ryder 36:46; and close behind him 82 Jamie Hutchinson 37:00 (Ian Fisher won in 30:45 for the 9.6km course, and 2nd-claim Harrier Jason Hemsley was 35th in 34:22). Then we had: 113 Mark Iley 38:35; 125 Geoff Howard 39:22; 142 Ewan Welsh 40:36; 148 Iain Mann 41:07; 151 Neil Chapman 41:16; 176 Paul Wood 43:15; 184 Steve Cockerham 44:30; and 194 Andy Kitchen 48:01 - 15th team.
Earlier, the ladies race over 5.4?km was won in 20:51; we had 2nd team with 10th Emma barclay 22:18; 13th Helen Sedgwick 22:31; 15 Alison Bennett 22:35; 16 Cath Wolfenden 22:38; 25 Sally Malir 23:39; 32 Joyce Marshall 24:37; 35 Jo Foster 24:55; 46 Elizabeth McCann 25:38; and 58 Di Kitchen 26:21
Earlier, our U13 Girls team was 6th ( internal link more ...) .

photos Rahel's photos

Full results on the www link sponsor's web site

First Great Whernside fell race, Sat 13 Nov

AS 4M/1555' 13th Stefan Macina 35:53; 24 Jonathan Sage 38:12; 45 Norman Bush 41:47; 49 Heather Dawe 42:21

Tour of Pendle, Sat 13 Nov

AL 17M/4250' Jo Foster reports ... Won by Paul Thompson (Clayton Le Moors) in 2 hours 20 51 seconds! 4 Harriers turned out - cold, crisp, beautiful day. Roy Ruddle was 39th in 2.55.34 (some 1h51mins faster than 2002!), Nicky Kime was 53rd and 3rd Lady in 3.05.12, Mike Baldwin was 54th in 3.06.19 and Jo Foster was 73rd (6th Lady) in 3.22.56. Struck me how different fell racing is from road running in that in the course of the race I managed to lose a shoe in a bog and fall over about 5 times (good job I'd decided not to wear the short skirt to the FRA do in the evening as the knees are ruined!)- this never happens to Paula Radcliffe!!! Amazing to see how some very muddy people could spruce up well for the FRA presentation and dinner in the evening at Kendal!

Burley Bridge Hike, Sat 13 Nov

Amanda Parnby reports ... Shane Green ? but possibly first !! 28th Richard Midgeley 4hrs 10 min Suzanne Bickerdike 4hrs 25 min Barbara Bullock 4hrs 35min Roger Pyle 4hrs 37min Amanda Parnaby 4hrs 43min Jamie Hutchinson and Laura hiked it. Roger and myself both had trouble negotiating a cunningly hidden peat bog and both ended up to our middles in the contents of the bog !!.

More info on the www link Burley Bridge web site

ROM October 2004

The Ilkley Harriers Runner of the Month for October is Cath Wolfenden - internal link click here for details.

45th Derwentwater 10, Sun 7 Nov

Andy Wolfenden reports ...A perfect day for racing saw the 45th running of what must be the most scenic 10 mile road race in the country. Despite the undulating/hilly course a strong field saw some 29 athletes get under the hour. Yours truly however, drifted in just a little after this 197th in 73.28 Nevertheless I was pleased to have improved on my previous years' times. Official results later on Keswick AC's site.

Guy Fawkes 10, Sun 7 Nov

Neil Chapman reports ... Only a handful of Ilkley Harriers were out with hundreds of other runners for this testing ten mile race in a superb countryside setting. First Harrier in was Neil Chapman 63rd in 1:08:23, with Nick Richardson 117th in 1:12:05, coming back from injury. Alison Bennett was our first lady, finishing 133rd in around 1:12:57 and 2nd V40. Rob Pawson was 267th in 1:20:16 Second claim Harrier Antonio Cardinale finished in 1:28:50 with Amanda Parnaby having a good run slicing more than 6 minutes of her last years time to finish 583rd in 1:41:31 657 ran

Full results on the www link NVRR web site

Shepherds Skyline, Sun 7 Nov

BM 6.25M/1150' Jo Foster reports ... 8 Stefan Macina 47:30; 38 Jonathon Sage 52:12; 42 Mike Baldwin 52:35; 56 Emma Barclay 53:53 3rd lady; 80 Kevin Gooch 57:50; 84 Sally Malir 58:08 (7th lady); 86 Heather Dawe 58:23 (8th); 94 Jo Foster 59:18 (10th); 171 Rachael Gooch 69:31 - 209 ran. Emma, Sally and Heather got the ladies team prize. The race was won by Ian Holmes in 44:01. Sally Newman was first lady in 52:03. Times were slow due to very muddy, boggy, wet conditions.

Full results on the www link Tod Harriers' web site

Dunnerdale fell race, Sat 6 Nov

AS 5M/1800' Nicky Kime was 4th lady in a quality field, and 78th overall out of 220, in 51:15

Sport Direct XC dates

Just out ...

Sun 14 Nov Eller Carr Rd off A657 Reg/Start/Fin;
Regn. from 10am
Details on noticeboard
Eccleshill RR
Sun 5 Dec Otley Chevin Fellandale
Sun 16 Jan Bramley Fall Woods Kirkstall/Horsforth
Sun 27 Feb   Rothwell Harriers
(clashes with our fell race!)
Sun 10 March   Kippax Harriers

Race You to the Summit, Sun 31 Oct

Iain Gibbons reports ... Just thought Id let you know about my race at the Summit Inn, Littleborough CS 4M/800. A steady climb with a disappointing downhill. Never the less good experience and a run out. I came 23rd in 33:04.

Snowdon Marathon, Sun 31 Oct 2004

Suzanne Akeroyd reports ... Just to let you know my result- 3hrs 50 mins - it was an absolute superb day with excellent running conditions- no wind, blue sky - wish I could say the same about the course which I am sure gets harder with each year I run it (either that or its that nasty thing called age which is catching up with me!!)

KIMM, 30-31 Oct

There were many Harriers competing in various courses on the 2-day Karrimor International Mountain Marathon, a pairs event navigational event with a high-level overnight camp. Heather Dawe was in the second mixed team, 34th overall in 14h31:35 in the A class.
In the B class, Rupert Kempley was in the 28th team in 10h28:44; Ian and Joyce Marshall were 36th in 10h37:15; and Rob King was in the 72nd pair in 11h27:52
In the Medium Score class, Adrian Hall was in the 24th team in 10h54:20; Jamie Hutchinson was 66th in 10h45:38; Tim Ashelford 80th in 11h24:55; and Rachael and Kevin Gooch were 94th in 11h30:22

More on www link the KIMM web site

Halloween Howler fell race, Sun 31 Oct

3M/800' Jason Hemsley was 3rd in 25:12; Stefan Macina 9th in 27:20 in this K & C race.

WYXC #2, Bramley Fall Woods, Sat 30 Oct

photo link below

We fielded an U13 Girls team ( internal link more ... ) and senior women's and men's teams. For the ladies we had 10 Helen Sedgwick 27:53; 17 Cath Wolfenden 28:11; 21 Emma Barclay 28:23; 23 Alison Bennett 28:31; 28 Rahel Friederich 28:54; 37 Sally Malir 29:31; 38 Alison Eagle 29:39; 49 Caroline Howard 30:47; 51 Sarah Jarvis 30:56; 81 Susanne Bickerdike 34:07; and 108 Amanda Parnaby 43:15 - 2nd team, and the unofficial B team was 6th
For the men, it was 69 Jim Ryder 39:12; 121 Geoff Howard 41:53; 135 Dave Jepson 42:41; 142 Neil Chapman 43:03; 147 Ewan Welsh 43:17; 157 Iain Mann 43:50; and 183 Paul (that was no fun at all) Wood 46:25 - 16th team. Antonio Cardinale ran 58:03 for Otley.

This was a counter in the internal link Harriers Running League. The ladies race was won by Bradford Airedale's Andrea Dennison in 26:13; the men's race by Leeds' Darran Bilton in 32:28

Full results on the www link sponsor's web site

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Withins Skyline, Sun 24 Oct 2004

Click for Dave Woodhead's photo

BM 7000M/1000' A lovely day, but muddy underfoot. Ian Holmes wasn't there, and Pudsey's John Heneghan (the winner of our Ilkley Incline) won in 44:24 First Harrier was Jim Ryder 23rd in 50:46 (Jason Hemsley was 8th in 46:59, and Stefan Macina 9th in 49:26). Other results are:
55 Iain Gibbons 54:04; 56 Mark Iley 54:06; 82 Ian Marshall 56:21; 87th Nicky Kime 56:39 second lady; 110 Sally Malir 59:30 6th lady; 123 Bob Wightman 60:23; 133 Jo Foster 61:13 8th lady; 137 Paul Wood 61:27; 141 Joyce Marshall 61:50; 171 Alison Weston 64:28; 184 Ed Battye 65:50; and 199 Rachael Gooch 67:16. In the chocolate-fest at The Sun Inn afterwards, we took first ladies team prize, as well as many other prizes.

Earlier, Junior Ilkley Harriers had 1st U8 girl and 2nd U12 girl, and plenty of other good results in the junior races: internal link more...:

photos Emily's photos

Some terrific photos on www link David Brett's web site

Full results on www link

Amsterdam 10k, Sun 17 Oct 2004

Terry Lonergan reports ...
Question? How long does it take a person of modest stature to weave a path through nearly 3000 runners?
Answer? More than the 5 minutes I allowed for the task!
Consequence? Failure to be in the right position for a fast "gun to tape" race meant that it was several minutes before I started to run properly. Of course, by then I was chasing rather than racing and did not settle with a group with the same end in mind.
Result? 72nd. in 38.27 out of a field of 2936 finishers. By no means a calamity but a season's best time had been thrown away by a poor pre-race plan.
Lesson? Look at the times from the previous year if you can (which I had done!) and then act on this knowledge by making sure you are in the correct place at the start in big fields (like the Abbey Dash) even if this means standing in the masses for over 5 minutes.

Bridlington Half Marathon, Sun 17 Oct 2004

Andy Wolfenden reports ... This race incorporated the Yorkshire Vets Half Marathon Championships. Ideal running conditions together with an interesting undulating course made for an enjoyable afternoon at the seaside. This is a popular annual event at which most local clubs are well represented. Ilkley road runners however, yet again seen as an endangered species. I was 140th in 1hr 38m 24s. Not too bad considering my lack of appropriate training. Peter Bedwell 267th in 1h54:39.

Chester Zoo 10k, Sun 17 Oct 2004

Vic Verecondi reports ...The day started off nicely with a Fun Run of approximately 1 Km through the zoo. During the run we were cheered on by a variety of animals I think somewhat bemused by these humans merely running past and not stopping for a look. Luca Verecondi (yet 8 years of age) performed very well in his first race recording a time of 8.33 and duly received a medal for his efforts It was then off to the 10 Km race. A very large contingent of 1200 racers were at the start which made things slightly difficult... It took me 30 seconds to cross the start line and then approximately 2 Km until all slower traffic was passed and I could get into an even stride. The course was very pleasant running through some nice country roads with a couple of undulating hills which proved challenging. (official result 3478th 46:21) quite pleasing..... A day out at the zoo was then enjoyed by all.....

FRA Relays, Sat 16 Oct 2004

Ilkley fielded three teams in the British Fell Relay Championships, at Kinver in the Dark Peak this year. Emma Barclay led off for the Ladies' team and was the first Harrier back in 57:56 - 5th ladies' team. Next in was Dennis Ackroyd 80th for our Open team in 62:54, then the Vets team's Paul Wood 83rd in 64:11
On Leg 2, Mike Baldwin and Iain Gibbons finished 66th overall in 86.26; Pete Shields & Keith Wood 85th and 29th Vets team in 111.13; and Helen Sedgwick & Andrea Priestley's 86.36 brought Ilkley in as the first ladies team!
On Leg 3, Jo Foster & James Lind were 57th in 95.40; Ian Marshall & Ashley Hardwell 78th and 25th Vets in 101.40; and Alison Weston & Sally Malir 103.56, now 3rd ladies
On the final leg, Alison Eagle's 60:14 brought our Ladies team in to finish 2nd to the hosts Dark Peak Fell Runners - a magnificent result. The ladies team time was 5h10:31
Jon Sage's 51:43 brought the Open Team home 50th in 4h56:43
Bob Wightman ran anchor leg for the Vets - his 64:05 giving us 78th place overall and 25th Vets team in an overall time of 5h41:09

Report and results on the www link FRA site

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West Yorks XC, Shipley, Sat 16 Oct 2004

The XC season kicked off with this event at Northcliffe Park. Cath Wolfenden was 7th in the ladies race in 22:30; Alison Bennett 12th in 22:53; Bridget Doherty 58th in 26:01 and Di Kitchen 59th in 26:11 - all great results in a high-quality field 100 strong. 6th team.

For the men, Tim Ashelford was 44th in 36:39; then 105 Dave Jepson 40:09; 122 Ewan Welsh 40:55; 136 Neil Chapman 41:52; 155 Iain Mann 43:47; and 180 Andy Kitchen 49:02 - 16th team.

This was a counter in the internal link Harriers Running League: the men's race was won by Ian Fisher in 31:24; and second-claimers included 21 Jason Hemsley P&B 34:48 and 188 Antonio Cardinale Otley 53:51. The ladies' race was won in 20:13. The next WYXC race, at Bramley Fall on Sat 30 Oct, is also a counter.

Earlier in the day. our U13 girls team was 3rd: 11th Ruth Kitchen 13:02; 13th Fiona Jordan 13:05; 15th Emily Kerr 13:17; and 22nd Alice Munnoch 13:57 - 41 ran.

Full results on the www link sponsor's web site

photos Andy Sumner's photos

ROM September 2004

The Ilkley Harriers Runner of the Month for September is Jason Hemsley - internal link click here for details.

Bronte Way, Sun 10 Oct 2004

Bob Wightman says ... I ran in the 8 mile Bronte Way today - came 63rd (again) in a time of 72mins 57secs. Slightly slower than last year but this year was into a strong headwind.

High Brown Knoll fell race, Sun 10 Oct 2004

Jim Ryder reports ... Jason was 7th in 47:27 and I was 13th in 51:01 - results on www link ogdenwater site. Interesting race as after the first checkpoint it's any route to CkPt 2 then any route home! Following others doesn't really help as there are so many route choices. Everybody just scatters. I followed a Calder Valley runner who took an 'interesting' route by finding another hill to climb. It's supposed to be down hill from the finish!

Harewood 10 mile Trail Race & Harewood Hop 2 mile Junior Race, Sun 10 Oct 2004

Neil Chapman reports ...Junior Ilkley Harriers were well represented in the Harewood Hop 2 mile junior race, with nine runners tackling the course which has a tough hill to finish. First Harrier home was new member James Wardman in his first race for the club finishing 10th in 14:33, with Dan Roebuck hot on his heels 11th in 14:39, and Simon Chapman 20th in 15.43. Then came the family battle between Catherine and Mary Gibbons, finishing 28th & 30th in 16:22 & 16:27 respectively, but both finishing 1st in their age groups. Patrick Gibbons was the next Harrier in, 43rd in 17:40, just ahead of Bradley Chapman 45th in 17:55, with Kieran Roebuck 86th in 20:34 and Eileen Gibbons finishing well 111th in 22:19.

In the senior 10 mile trail race, which is enjoyable to run in pleasant traffic free surroundings, first Harrier was 50 Dominic O'Hooley in 67:41, followed by 61 Neil Chapman in 69:10. Then came a group of Harriers with Keith Wood 81:34, and 329 Vince Gibbons 84:14, with 363 Helen Shew having a good run in 86:08, just ahead of 367 Barbara Bullock 86:17 and 2nd claim Harrier Antonio Cardinale 374th in 87:44. Amanda Parnaby came in 552nd with a strong finish in 100:10, slicing more than seven minutes of last years time.

Results up super-quick on the www link Valley Striders site

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay, Sun 3 Oct 2004

Photo link below

The first, tough, leg of the relay saw the three Ilkley Harriers teams come in less than a minute apart: Mike Baldwin and Jon Sage handed over in 84:32 to Dennis Ackroyd and Paul Wood; chased in by the Open team pairing of Jim Ryder and Iain Gibbons in 84.55; then Ladies team Andrea Priestley and Helen Sedgwick in 85:17 (2nd ladies team at this stage, just shy of the old record for the stage)
Paul and Dennis soon had Emma Barclay and Sally Malir breathing down their necks, and were passed on the climb to Angle Tarn, but then Emma and Sally went on to finish 1st ladies team on the leg in 46:01; the valiant Vets running 49:19 to open up a little ground on the Open team of Ted Battye and Ewan Welsh who ran 52.15.
On Leg 3 it all came apart a bit as one team after another got lost in the 10m visibility on top. Alison Eagle and Nicky Kime were first Harriers to descend from the clag in 93:20, a little behind the first ladies team; then Geoff Howard and Mike Rhodes for the Vets in 96:56; and then the Open team of Richard Malir and Roy Ruddle who had not got lost at all in the mist and made up some little ground as they'd run 95:55
Alison Weston and Jo Foster ran a blinder on the final leg making full use of Alison's mountain navigation skills in the filthy weather on top: their 72:24 brought them in as first ladies team in an overall time of 4h57:02- 8 minutes clear of the next ladies' team.
Phil Atkinson and John Smith were next in for the Open Team, their 81:47 giving the team an overall time of 5h14:52, then Pete Shields and Keith Wood in 85:36 to give the Vets team a total time of 5h16:23
All the Harriers teams were well placed (31st, 43rd, and 45th) in what is the top fell relay in the country. Thanks to Morgan, Emma, and Sally who arranged and rearranged the teams, the many drafted-in runners, and the supporters out there on the day.

Full results on www link the SportIdent web site

photos Paul's photos

photos Mark's photos

photos Morgan's photos

Horsforth 10K, Sun 3 Oct 2004



				53  TERRY LONERGAN   39.01
				56  JAMIE HUTCHINSON 39.18
				77  CATH WOLFENDEN   40.09
				79  DAVE JEPSON      40.15
				112 ALISON BENNETT   41.42
				175 JOHN WOODWARD    44.30

The Yorkshire Vets 10k Championships were held in conjunction with the Horsforth 10k and two Ilkley Harriers were amongst the medallists:


Full results on www link Horsforth Harriers web site

Contrary to the fixtures list in the August newsletter this was not a Harriers Running League event, the last road event is actually the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k on Sun 28 Nov

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