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Forums FAQ

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What are the Forums?
A place where Ilkley Harriers can communicate and share information online, promoting and improving the Club. It is just one of many channels of communication for Ilkley Harriers.
Is it official?
The idea was approved by the Committee in December 2008, with the Forums coming online shortly after.
Who can contribute?
Any web user can read the forums. Only registered users, i.e. Ilkley Harriers, may 'post' content.
How do I register?
Go to the Ilkley Harriers Forums and look for the Register link at the top of the page. Only current members of Ilkley Harriers may register and update the forums. We'd prefer it if people used recognisable names, so people know who is 'speaking'. (If there is any issue we shall publicly identify the person in any case.) Once you apply to register the Forum Adminstrator (Paul) will need to check who you are.
What shall I write?
Only contribute if you've got something that other Ilkley Harriers need to hear and want to hear! This is a place for sharing information and views. Remember that anyone can read the Forums. Please use these forums only for things related to the club and running.
Is it private?
No. Anyone on the World Wide Web could read what is posted in the Ilkley Harriers Forums.
We recommend that you do not post personal details, phone numbers, etc. on the Forums (but it's up to you).
There is a 'Harriers Only' forum that only logged on users can read - or you can 'PM' or email others if you are logged on.
The most recent posts on the forums are precis'd on the front page of the web site (except posts in the 'Commercial Zone' and 'Harriers Only' forums').
Shall I put my race results there?
No. It would be best if everyone kept emailing results to as then they can be edited into the main news and results page.
Are there any rules?
Normal etiquette applies: do not say something in the Forums that you wouldn't say directly to a fellow Ilkley Harrier. We want to minimise admin, policing, and hassle! Anyone who causes undue upset and work will simply be removed from the Forums (membership of the Forums is not a right of Ilkley Harriers membership).
Can I promote my favorite shop, or recommend any other purchase or service?
There is a 'Commercial Zone' forum and anything of a commercial nature must go there (and only there).
How do I start?
Click here.
Can I help?
Let's have lots of constructive, useful, or fun running-related topics.
Please keep replies positive! This should be fun, not a strain.
If you need to make a reply to a thread that is personal maybe use a Personal Message or email instead
If there are any keen administrators or techies out there Paul would be pleased to have some help running the Forums!
I've lost my password, what do I do?
There is an email password reminder mechanism: go the Forums, click 'Login', and then click 'I forgot my password', or Click here. You'll need to know your Forums username so if you can't recall that get a friend to login and look for you under Members, or contact Paul.