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Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

West Yorkshire XC League race 1: Cleckheaton, Sunday 3rd October


U11 Girls Heather Crolla 10th; U11 Boys Robert Carter 1st (brilliant - well done).

U13 Girls Iris Smith 33rd; U13 Boys Janke Norris 10th, Oliver Pierce 34th.

U15 Girls Helena Coy 14th; U15 Boys Sam Bentham 2nd, Archie Budding 4th, Dylan Shinn 12th, Oscar Shinn 14th, Ethan Doyle 25th. 1st BOYS TEAM (Excellent - Well Done)

U17 Girls Emily Gibbins 5th and Lucia Stoney 9th


From Rachel Carter.... U17 - Beth Rogers 8th (3rd girl); Nicholas Archer 11th (6th boy); U12 Robert Carter 3rd, Millie Porteous 34th (14th girl), Pippa Singleton36th (15th), Josie Archer 47th (22nd girl); U9 Harriet Carter (1st girl), Robert Books 17th (12th boy).
Harriet Carter set a new record in the U9 girls. Well done Harriet (shirley)


From Rachel Carter....

Kilnsey Show 31st Aug: U14 - Oliver Holder, 10th (8th boy), U12 - Robert Carter 2nd, Emma Powell 27th (8th girl)

Burnsall 5th Sept: U17 - Sam Bentham 5th, Dylan Shinn 8th, Beth Rogers 10th (1st girl) U14 - 9th Oscar Shinn, 10th Oliver Holder, U12 - Robert Carter 3rd (2nd boy), U9 - Harriet Carter 5th (1st girl)

BOFRA HEBDEN SPORTS Fell races (30 August 2021)

From David Singleton.... U12 boys- Sevan Chotai (13th); U12 girls- Pippa Singleton (12th), Megan Snow (16th), Josie Archer (18th); U14 girls- Lily Singleton (9th), Easha Chotai (12th). U17 boys- Samesh Chotai (5th), Nicholas Archer (6th); U17 girls- Beth Rogers (3rd).

BOFRA ARNCLIFFE GALA Fell races (14 August 2021)

From Matthew Snow...... The Arncliffe Gala fell races were held on Saturday 14th August, complete with cake stand and brass band. When the fell race was over the Harriers turned their hand to sack and three legged racing. Well done to everyone that took part.

U17: Samuel Bentham (1st); U14: Lily Singleton (11th); Ella Snow (12th); U12: Pippa Singleton (18th); Millie Porteous (19th); Sophie Wilson (24th); Megan Snow (26th); U9: Robert Brooks (6th);

BOFRA CRACOE Fell races (18 July 2021)

From Matthew Snow...... Baking hot conditions for the fell race at Cracoe - Great effort from everyone involved.

U17 boys: Samuel Bentham (1st); Archie Budding (9th); U17 girls: Beth Rogers (2nd); U14 boys: Oliver Holder (6th); Oscar Shinn (8th); Seth Griffiths (13th); U14 girls: Grace Darlington (7th); Ella Snow (10th); U12 boys: Robert Carter (2nd); U12 girls: Millie Porteous (14th); Pippa Singleton (17th); Megan Snow (18th); Sophie Wilson (20th); U9 boys: Henry Darlington (6th); Robert Brooks (8th)

Senior British Decathlon Championships, 25 & 26 June, Sportscity, Manchester

From Shirley...... WELL DONE to HARRY MASLEN for his 4th place in the senior British Decathlon Champs in Manchester on the 25th & 26th June. His score of 7191 was a season best but he does have a PB of 7496. His individual 10 results were 100m 11.46 (has PB of 11.06); Long Jump 6m.85 (PB 7m.23); Shot 12m.50 (12.56); High Jump 1m.86 (1.98); 400m 50.79 (49.53); 110m Hurdles 14.73 (14.62); Discus 41m.46 (42.61); Pole Vault 4m.54 (4.70); Javelin 47m.38 (57.21) and 1500m 4m.43.38 (4.32.28). Having been in 2nd place for a good part of the competition it was a little disappointing for him to go into the javelin with a shoulder injury preventing him from throwing his usual 50m plus distance. I hope that he is proud of the result in what has been a difficult year for all athletes to train and compete.

Kettlewell Fell races (June 2021)

From Matthew Snow.... A lovely hot day in the Dales saw some strong performances from the Junior Ilkley Harriers:

U17 race: Samuel Bentham (2nd overall) and Beth Rogers (5th girl); U14 boys: Oli Holder (7th) and Harry Leijssen (21st); U14 girls: Lily Singleton (15th), Sophie Parkin (16th) and Ella Snow (17th); U12 boys: Robert Carter (2nd); U12 girls: Sophie Liejssen (22nd), Pippa Singleton (29th) and Megan Snow (30th); U9 race: Harriet Carter (2nd overall and 1st girl)

Hawkswick Dash (June 2021)

From Matthew Snow.... A really tough ascent in the sun with another good turnout from the Harriers

U17 race: Archie Budding (4th boy) and Hattie Bishop (17th overall); U14 boys: Oli Holder (17th); U14 girls: Grace Darlington (10th), Sophie Parkin (11th), Lily Singleton (14th) and Ella Snow (17th); U12 boys: Robert Carter (5th); U12 girls: Sophie Leijssen (18th), Megan Snow (26th) and Pippa Singleton (29th); U9 race: Harriet Carter (5th overall and 1st girl) and Henry Darlington (8th overall)

Hoppit Hill Race, Mirfield, Sunday 27th December 2020

Thanks to David Holder....... 2 Harriers ran the Hoppit Hill Race in Mirfield. U12: Ollie Holder 4th and Seth Griffiths 7th.

Inter-counties XC, Loughborough, Feb/March

Thanks to Rachel Carter for report

... to Alexander Wolfenden proudly representing Yorkshire for the first time at the Intercounty cross country champs at Loughborough in the U13 boys. He finished 65th out of 283. Yorkshire U13B took the silver medal. Emily Gibbins was 17th and 2nd counter in the U15G team which also won silver.

National XC Champs, Wollaton Park, Nottingham, Saturday 22nd February

Thanks to Rachel Carter for results

U17G: 214 Poppy Anderson, 29:03

U13 G: 144 Helena Coy, 18:05

U17B: 193 Nathan Coy, 27:36

U15G: 14 Emily Gibbins 19:56; 172 Beth Rogers 22:47; 327 Erin Doyle 26:00

U13B: 30 Alexander Wolfenden 15:31; 66 Archie Budding 16:04; 117 Dylan Shinn 16:30; 204 Caleb Dix 17:23; 347 Ethan Doyle 20:05; 380 Oscar Shinn 23:00

Hoppit Hill Race, Mirfield

Thanks to David Holder....... 4 Harriers ran the Hoppit Hill Race in Mirfield today. Ollie Holder 3rd U12 boy, Seth Griffiths 6th u12 boy. Euan Griffiths 4th U10 boy and Pru Griffiths 4th u10 Girl.

PECO XC series # 4, West Park, Sunday 9th February

Thanks to David Holder....... 14 kids ran race 4 in the PECO XC series at West Park yesterday. Conditions were challenging to say the least with 40-50mph winds and driving rain, very soggy underfoot but in general the kids loved it, not sure about the parents! Both races run over the same shortened course of around 1 mile due to conditions:

Younger Race: 10th Ollie Holder 5th 5-6 boy; 19th Robert Carter 2nd 2-4 boy; 21st Seth Griffiths 10th 5-6 boy; 28th Harry Leijssen 12th 5-6 boy; 33rd Ben Richardson 9th 2-4 boy; 37th Lily Singleton 12th 5-6 girl; 38th Iris Smith 2nd 2-4 girl; 44th Grace Darlington 14th 5-6 girl; 57th Emily Wood 20th 5-6 girl; 71st Bella Atwell-Skevington 13th 2-4 girl; 75th Pippa Singleton 13th 2-4 girl; 76th Sophie Leijssen 14th 2-4 girl

Older Race: 6th Alexander Wolfenden 2nd 7-8 boy; 8th Archie Budding 3rd 7-8 boy

West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials, Sunday 2nd February 2020, Halifax

Well done to Farrah Kennedy Harting, Sam Bentham, Samesh Chotai, Sam Dixon and Archie Budding on being selected to compete in the West Yorkshire U13 teams. And to Annabel Petyt who was selected for the U15 West Yorkshire team. Well done also to all the U11's who attended (always tough to get into the team and a lot of you are very young still) - Temi Adeniji, Amy Gordon, Sam & Amelia Nichols, Ethan Nicholson and Easha Chotai. Also to U13 - Theo Sturman and Nicholas Archer who attended. Well done everyone

PECO XC series # 3, West Park, Sunday 19th January

Thanks to David Holder for results from the third PECO XC race.

Junior 1 Mile Race: 216 Runners

16th and 9th year 5-6 boy Oliver Holder: 27th and 3rd year 2-4 boy Robert Carter; 32nd and 16th year 5-6 boy Seth Griffiths; 46th and 24th year 5-6 boy Harry Leijssen; 55th and 22nd year 5-6 girl Sophie Parkin; 73rd and 2nd year 2-4 girl Iris Smith; 74th and 27th year 5-6 girl Grace Darlington; 83rd and 3rd year 2-4 girl Amelia Nichols; 92nd and 34th year 5-6 girl Lily Singleton; 111th and 10th year 2-4 girl, Harriet Carter; 112th and 39th year 5-6 girl, Annabel Rhodes; 123rd and 45th year 5-6 girl Ella Snow; 138th and 13th year 2-4 girl Bella Atwell-Skevington; 161st and 22nd year 2-4 girl, Pippa Singleton; 171st and 35th year 2-4 boy, Francis Brown; 178th and 28th year 2-4 girl Sophie Leijssen; 182nd and 29th year 2-4 girl Megan Snow; 200th and 56th year 5-6 boy Ellis Brown.

2 Mile Race 99 runners

5th and 2nd year 7-8 Boy Alexander Wolfenden; 7th and 1st year 7-8 girl Emily Gibbins; 9th and 3rd year 7-8 boy Archie Budding; 71st and 14th year 7-8 girl, Jemima Overend.

The Soreen junior fell races, Haworth, Sunday 12th January

From David Holder: 17 Ilkley Kids ran in the mud yesterday with some great results:

U9 (quarry circuit): 2nd Girl (and 2nd overall) Harriet Carter

U11/13/15 (1 mile circuit):

U11: 2nd Boy (and 19th overall) Robert Carter; 2nd Girl (28th overall) Iris Smith

U13: 1st Boy (and 1st overall) Alexander Wolfenden; 4th Boy (18th overall) Oliver Holder; 5th Boy (39th overall) Oscar Shinn; 5th Girl (34th overall) Lily Singleton; 6th Girl (36th overall) Ella Snow; 7th Girl (42nd overall) Annabel Rhodes; 8th Girl (43rd overall) Easha Chotai; 9th Girl (44th overall) Megan Robinson

U15: 1st Boy (and 2nd overall) Archie Budding; 2nd Boy (4th overall) Dylan Shinn; 9th Boy (17th overall) Samesh Chotai; 1st Girl (7th overall) Erin Doyle; 2nd Girl (16th overall) Beth Rogers

U17/U19 (2 x 1 mile circuit): 2nd U17 boy (8th overall) Harry Stead

The Stoop junior fell races, Haworth, Sunday 15th December

From David Holder: The stoop was run in freezing and snowy conditions, a number of Ilkley Harriers braved the elements and some great results in this last Ilkley & BAN league counter:

U9: 2nd overall and 2nd boy Robert Carter and 4th overall and 1st girl, Harriet Carter.

U11/U13/U15: 4th overall and 3rd U13 boy Alexander Wolfenden; 10th overall and 3rd U15 boy Dylan Shinn; 13th overall and 2nd U15 girl Erin Doyle; 16th overall and 2nd U11 boy Oliver Holder; 17th overall and 7th U13 boy Ethan Doyle; 20th overall and 4th U15 girl Beth Rogers; 41st overall and 12th U13 boy Oscar Shinn and 51st overall and 8th U11 girl Lola Stead.

PECO XC series # 1, Temple Newsam, Sunday 24th November

Thanks to David Holder for results from the first PECO XC race

Junior 2 mile 133 runners.

10th Emily Gibbins, 1st girl in year 9-11 category; 25th Archie Budding, 4th boy in year 7-8 category; 93rd Jemima Overend, 19th girl in 7-8 category

Junior 1 mile, 217 runners.

11th Ollie Holder, 5th boy in 5-6 category; 17th Seth Griffiths, 10th boy 5-6 category; 25th Robert Carter, 3rd boy 2-4 category; 26th Harry Leijssen 16th boy in 5-6 category; 41st Ben Richardson, 6th boy in 2-4 category; 60th Iris Smith, 2nd girl in 2-4 category; 88th Annabel Rhodes, 25th girl in 5-6 category; 94th Amelia Nichols, 6th girl in 2-4 category; 102nd Harriet Carter, 8th girl in 2-4 category; 105th Sophie Leijssen 9th girl in 2-4 category; 123rd Pippa Singleton, 13th girl in 2-4 category; 125th Emily Wood, 37th girl in 5-6 category; 152nd Francis Brown 38th boy in 2-4 category; 187th Megan Snow, 33rd girl in 2-4 category; 192nd Ellis Brown, 54th boy in 5-6 category.

Shepherd's Skyline Fell race, 3rd November

Thanks to David Holder for results from a very wet and muddy Shepherds Skyline race on Sunday.

U9 Boys: Sebastian Berrang 5th

U11 Boys: Oliver Holder 3rd

U13 Boys: James Greenlay 7th, Theo Ford 15th

Withins Rat Run Fell race, 13th October

Thanks to David Holder for results........

Lots of runners in the rain at the Withins Quarry Run on Sunday.

U9 Boys: 1st Robert Cater, 10th Sebastian Berrang

U9 Girls: 2nd Harriet Carter, 5th Sophie Leijssen, 7th Pippa Singleton, 9th Megan Snow

U11 Boys: 5th Ollie Holder

U11 Girls: 5th Grace Darlington, 6th Sophie Parkin, 7th Iris Smith, 13th Ella Snow, 14th Annabel Rhodes

U13 Boys: 3rd Alexander Wolfenden, 10th James Greenlay, 11th Ethan Doyle, 17th Oscar Shinn, 18thTheo Ford

U13 Girls: 4th Lily Singleton, Megan Robinson 8th

U15 Boys: 2nd Archie Budding, 3rd Dylan Shinn

U15 Girls: 3rd Erin Doyle, 5th Beth Rogers, 7th Hattie Bishop

U17 Boys: 3rd Harry Stead

Embsay Fell race, 15th September

Thanks to David Singleton for results........

U14- Erin Doyle 17th (8th girl), Nicholas Archer 18th, Beth Rogers 20th (10th girl), Hattie Bishop 23rd (12th girl), Jonty Hayward 24th

U12- Alexander Wolfenden 3rd, Ethan Doyle 22nd, James Greenlay 30th, Sophie Parkin 49th, Easha Chotai 52nd, Lily Singleton 53rd, Ella Snow 60th, Annabelle Rhodes 68th, Megan Robinson 73rd, Amy Hayward 75th

U9- Robert Carter 4th, Harriet Carter 25th (10th girl), Emma Powell 32nd (13th girl), Pippa Singleton 38th, Megan Snow 43rd, Josie Archer 52nd

Bradley Show, 8th September

Thanks to Becky Lee and Matt Snow for results........

U9 Bella Atwell-Skevington 16th (7th girl), Pippa Singleton 19th (9th girl), Megan Snow 22nd (11th girl), Josie Archer 24th (13th girl)

U12 Oliver Holder 14th (10th boy), Sophie Parker 28th (12th girl), Lily Singleton 30th (14th girl), Ella Snow 31st (15th girl)

U14 Nicolas Archer 6th (5th boy), Beth Rogers 11th (5th girl), Hattie Bishop 13th (7th girl)

Burnsall Show, 1st September

Thanks to Becky Lee for results........

U9 Bella Atwell-Skevington 24 (13th girl)

U14 Beth Rogers 15 (6th girl), Hattie Bishop 17 (8th girl)

Kilnsey Show, 27th August

Thanks to David Singleton for results........

U14- Hattie Bishop 11th (4th girl)

Reeth Show, 26th August

U14 - Hattie Bishop 9th (5th Female)

Hebden Show, 26th August

U9: 2third girl Bella Atwell-Skevington;

Burnsall Classic, 24th August

on a sweltering bank holiday weekend....

U9 Girls - Pippa Singleton 4th; U11 Boys- Ollie Holder 3rd; U13 Girls- Lily Singleton 2nd

Gargrave, 17th August

U12- Grace Darlington 8th (3rd Female)

Arncliffe Gala, Saturday 10th August

U9: 20th (12th girl) Bella Atwell-Skevington; 23rd (14th girl) Pippa Singleton
U12: 25th (7th girl) Lily Singleton; 34th (15th girl) Grace Darlington

Hellifield Gala, Saturday 3rd August

Thanks to Rachel Carter for results:
U9: 2nd Robert Carter (4:05), 10th (3rd girl) Harriet Carter (4:42), 18th Prue Griffiths (5:47)
U11: 6th Oliver Holder (4:44), 7th Seth Griffiths (5:01), 11th Iris Smith (5:33), 18th Grace Darlington ()
U13: 2nd Alexander Wolfenden (7:16), 14th Megan Robinson (10:32)
U15: 5th (3rd girl) Emily Gibbins (12:20), 6th (3rd boy) Archie Budding (12:46), 8th Elizabeth Gibbins (13:18)

Cowling Gala, Saturday 27th July

U9: third girl, Bella Atwell-Skevington;

Baildon Canter, Saturday 13th July

Thanks to Rachel Carter: A BAN league counting race.

1 Alexander Wolfenden U13B Ilkley Harriers 6:17
3 Lucia Stoney U14G Ilkley Harriers 6:25
7 Dylan Shinn U13B Ilkley Harriers 6:47
12 James Greenlay U13B Ilkley Harriers 7:05
15 Hatti Bishop U13G Ilkley Harriers 7:21
16 Ethan Nicholson U9B Ilkley Harriers 7:25...1st U9
21 Oscar Shinn U13B Ilkley Harriers 8:17

FRA Championship race, Up the Nab, Glossop, Sunday 7th July

Thanks to David Holder for results:

U11: Oliver Holder 7th, Sophie Parkin 18th, Ella Snow 32nd, Lola Stead 36th

U13: Ethan Doyle 27th, Oscar Shinn 48th, Lily Singleton 60th

U15: Archie Budding 31st, Dylan Shinn 37th, Erin Doyle 46th

U17: Harry Stead 19th

Eldwick & Gilstead Gala fell race, Saturday 29th June

Thanks to Rachel Carter: A few Juniors took part in the Eldwick and Gilstead Gala fell race (a BAN league counter) organised by Bingley Harriers on Sat 29th June - a very hot afternoon for running!

Results for long course (U13 and U15): Alexander Wolfenden 2nd, James Greenlay 9th, Hattie Bishop 18th, Oscar Shinn 21st

FRA Championship race, Clougha Pike, Saturday 22nd June

From David Holder... Results from the Clougha Pike Fell Race on Saturday:

U11: Oliver Holder 11th, Seth Griffiths 32nd, Lola Stead 62nd

U13: Ethan Doyle 30th

U15: Archie Budding 45th, Erin Doyle 56th

U17: Harry Stead 36th, Poppy Anderson 48th

Burnley U11 open medal meet, Sunday 9th June

From Shirley... I was so massively impressed with the 9 juniors who took part in this meet. For everyone it was the first time of being on a 'real' track. Performances were brilliant regardless of whether you made it on to the podium or not. Results:

U11: Jake Norris, 600m, 6th, 2 min.04.2 and 75m, 8th, 12.1.

U10: Temi Adeniji, long jump, 7th, 2m.96 and 75m, 10th, 12.5: Lucy Usherwood, shot (2.72 weight), 1st 4m.41; Cricket ball, 1st, 23m39 and 600m, 9th, 2mins. 15.04: Christopher Tolch, 75m, 2nd, 12.1; 600m, 3rd, 2mins,14.2 and long jump, 2nd, 3m.02.

U9: Iris Smith, long jump, 3rd, 2m.83; 50m, 6th, 9.1 and 150m, 6th, 27.2; Frances Parsons, 50m, 2nd, 8.8 and long jump, 4th, 2m.73; Amelia Nichols, 50m, 8th, 9.2; long jump, 6th, 2m.58 and 150m, 2nd, 25.1: Bronte Neasham-Carr, 50m, 14th, 10.1; long jump, 10th, 2m.33

U8: Harry Tolch, 50m, 5th, 9.8; long jump, 3rd, 2m.39 and 150m, 4th, 28.2.


BOFRA Lowgill Fell, Saturday 8th June

From David Holder... Results
A number of Harriers ran in the Lowgill Sports BOFRA race in very wet and muddy conditions on Saturday.

U12: Oliver Holder 18th and Seth Griffiths 34th

U14: Hattie Bishop 15th and Beth Rogers 16th

(There may have been others - Shirley)

York Summer T&F League meet 3, Sunday 25th May

From Shirley... Results

U17: Charlotte Elston, 80Hurdles, 15.06 (5th); long jump 4m.33, (4th) and 200m 31.17 (6th)

U15: Annabel Petyt, high jump, 1m.40 (5th), 100m, 13.27 (2nd), 13.27;

U13: Archie Budding, high jump, 4th, 1m.20, 800m, 5th 2mins 36.01, Long Jump (12th) 3m.69; Kristian Holdsworth, long jump, 4th 4m.07, 100m, 4th, 14.39, 75mHurdles, 1st, 15.07; Katherine Duffield 100m 125.13 (2nd), Javelin 4th, 17m.62


BOFRA Fell Championships, Sedbergh,Saturday 18th May

From Rachel Carter ... Alexander Wolfenden was 2nd in U12s, Robert Carter 3rd in U9's.

York Summer T&F League meet 2, Monday 6th May

From Shirley... I don't think I have ever been so cold and then cold and wet!!! Such a challenge to perform in any event in the conditions but well done to everyone. Results

U17: Charlotte Elston, 80Hurdles, 15.28 (2nd); long jump 4m.52, (2nd) and 200m 31.37 (8th in race and 4th U17)

U15: Daisy Tarbett, long jump 2.94 (just didn't get the run up right and was jumping 1m+ more than recorded every time); Eden Hewett, shot, 3rd, 10.01, 100m, 1st in heat (4th o/a) 12.97.

U13: Archie Budding, high jump,5th, 1m.20, 800m, 1st 2mins 36.75, 200m, 4th in heat (6th o/a) 30.42; Kristian Holdsworth, long jump, 8th 3m.82, 100m, 2nd in heat (6th o/a) 14.58, 75mHurdles, 1st, 15.03; Katherine Duffield 80m 12.49 (4th in heat and 19th overall (out of 39!!)).


York Summer T&F League meet 1, Monday 22nd April

From Shirley... Great to have an early meet in the season and to see one or two new juniors taking part. Well done to everyone - this is the starting point for the season. Results

U17: Charlotte Elston, 800m, 5th, 2mins 45.87.

U15: Annabel Petyt, high jump, 3rd, 1m.42, 100m, 1st in heat (3rd overall), 13.27; Daisy Tarbett, long jump 13th, 4m.08, 100m, 4th in heat (10th o/a); Eden Hewett, shot, 3rd, 9m.45, 100m, 1st in heat (5th o/a) 13.01; Robyn Anderson, 800m 8th, 2 mins 45.98.

U13: Archie Budding, high jump, 3rd, 1m.25, 800m, 4th (5th o/a) 2mins 38.94, 200m, 4th in heat (5th o/a) 31.10; Samesh Chotai, 10th, long jump 3m.68, 800m, 8th in heat (16th o/a) 2mins 57.88; Kristian Holdsworth, long jump, 3rd 4m.42, 100m, 2nd in heat (6th o/a) 14.57, 75mHurdles, 2nd, 15.39.


FRA race 2, Kettlewell Kaper, Yorkshire Dales, Saturday 13th April

From Rachel Carter.............. Harrogate Harriers organised the Kettlewell Kaper, the second counter in the 2019 FRA Junior Fell Running Championships!

Their description was found to be a very accurate representation of the course:

This will be fell running at its best in the very heart of the Yorkshire Dales – we’ve planned exciting routes that offer tough uphill climbing and adrenaline-charged descents, all set in this most fantastic of locations – we promise this race will be one to remember. Based on a ‘there and back’ route format the races see the different age categories climbing higher and higher on to the beautiful slopes above Kettlewell covering limestone terrain and swooping grassy paths. The views are far-reaching and the running exhilarating. Results

U9: 5th Robert Carter, 17th Pippa Singleton (6th girl), 19th Sophie Leijssen, 23rd Josie Archer

U11: 17th Oliver Holder, 37th Sophie Parkin, 39th Harry Leijssen, 58th Ella Snow, 64th Lola Stead

U13: 3rd Alexander Wolfenden, 15th Seth Toye, 30th Ethan Doyle, 32nd James Greenlay, 36th Nicholas Archer, 39th Charlie Catchpole, 61st Oscar Shinn, 71st Lily Singleton

U15: 25th Archie Budding, 49th Dylan Shinn, 56th Hattie Bishop, 65th Robyn Anderson

U17: 28th Harry Stead, 33rd Poppy Anderson

Bunny Run race 1, Haworth, Tuesday 2nd April

From Kim.... Well done to those that ran at the first Bunny run, two more to follow and then the relays the week after. You have to be 12 or older for the Bunny runs and 10 or older for the relays.

40th Emily Gibbins 20.08, 46th Elizabeth Gibbins 20.38, 47th Archie Budding 20.46, 52nd Poppy Anderson 21.10, 59th Erin Doyle 21.40, 68th Dylan Shinn 22.22, 68th Isabel Macina 22.26, 121st Charlie Macina 27.08,

Division 2, Decathlon, Austin, Texas, USA, 27/30 March

Well done to Harry Maslen, competing in Austin, Texas in his first outdoor Decathlon of the season in Austin, Texas. Harry came 5th overall with 7304 points. This places him 1st in the UK rankings but it is early in the season and most athletes in the UK have not competed yet. In the 10 events his results were: 11.03 (100m), 7m.19 (long jump), 12m.15 (shot), 1m.89 (high jump), 50.32 (400m), 14.74 (110m Hurdles), 38.81 (Discus), 4m.50 (pole vault), 47m.11 (Javelin) and 4mins.46.05 for 1500m. An excellent start to the season.

FRA race 1, Clough Head, Threlkeld, Sat 30th March

From Kim....... Well done to the eight juniors that ran in the first FRA race of 2019. The next race is on Saturday 13th April in Kettlewell.

U11 17th Ethan Nicholson 10.48, 82nd (36th girl) Lola Stead 15.18

U13 59th Oscar Shinn 16.35

U15 44th Dylan Shinn 20.56, 47th (16th girl) Hattie Bishop 21.09

U17 26th Harry Stead 25.43, 30th (6th girl) Bernadette Raven 27.00, 34th (9th girl) Poppy Anderson 28.28

2019 NCAA Division 2 indoor Track & Field Champs, Pittsburg USA, 8/9 March

Well done to Harry Maslen, competing in Pittsburg, USA in the 2019 NCAA Division 2 indoor track and Field Championships. In the Heptathlon Harry came 4th overall with a new PB of 5506 points. This places him 5th in the UK rankings. In the 7 events his results were: 7.23 (60m), 7m.15 (long jump), 11m.72 (shot), 1m.95 (high jump), 8.27 (60m Hurdles), 4m.40 (pole vault) and 2mins.41.14 for 1000m. Brilliant.

Indoor Heptathlon, Lubbock, Texas, USA, 16/17 February

Well done to Harry Maslen, competing in Texas, USA in the Heptathlon. Harry came 3rd overall with 5355 points. In the 7 events his results were: 7.28 (60m), 6m.98 (long jump), 12m.13 (shot), 1m.91 (high jump), 8.26 (60m Hurdles), 4m.55 (pole vault) and 2mins.49.59 for 1000m. Brilliant.


West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials, Halifax, Sunday 27th January

Shirley reports.... well done to the 8 juniors who attended the West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials in Halifax - (U11) Sam, (U13) Annabel, Samesh, Reuben, Kristian, Sammy and Ollie, (U15) Eden. All the U13's were selected for the region and Eden had a great trial and is awaiting a decision on whether WY will put forward a team. And Sam - the toughest team to get into is always the U11's.

PECO XC League race 4, Crimple Valley, Sunday 20th January

Rachel Carter reports..... Harrogate Harriers hosted PECO no. 4 on a new course at Crimple Valley (Great Yorkshire Showground territory), providing a course of varied terrain and with plenty of hills. It was well organised, with easy access and plenty of parking. 4 juniors raced:

2 mile race - Archie Budding 37th and Hattie Bishop 61st.

1 mile race - 2nd Alexander Wolfenden, 14th James Greenlay, 48th Robert Carter, 54th Benjamin Richardson, 65th Sophie Parkin, 82nd Grace Darlington, 92nd Emily Wood, 101st Lily Singleton, 104th Ella Snow, 130th Pippa Singleton, 142nd Megan Snow.

Soreen junior fell races, Haworth, Sunday 16th January

Rachel Carter reports..... Results from the Stanbury Splash yesterday, undertaken in conditions of very gusty wind, and at times driving rain with plenty of photographic proof courtesy of Woodentops on the facebook page.

U9 - 3rd Robert Carter 03:12, 16 finished
U11-U15, 2nd Alexander Wolfenden (1st BU13) 06:59, 5th Archie Budding (2nd U15B) 07:08, 12th Seth Toye 07:40, 30th Dylan Shinn, 08:37, 53rd Oscar Shinn 10:15. 64 finished.

PECO XC League race 3, West Park, Sunday 6th January 2019

Rachel Carter report..... results from the 1 mile race.... Alexander Wolfenden 2ndM, 06:40, Harry Leijssen 28th 07:54, Benjamin Richardson 32nd 07:58, Robert Carter 34th, 08:13, Jemima Overend 21st female 8:26, Grace Darlington, 27thF 08:38, Sophie Parkin 30thF, 08:46, Lily Singleton 40thF, 09:05, Emily Wood 44thF, 09:10, 51stF Neeve Gott 09:26, Ella Snow, 52nd F 09:39, Pippa Singleton 54thF, 09:40.

Stoop junior fell race, Haworth, Sunday 16th December

Kim Anderson and Rachel Carter report..... results

U9 8th Robert Carter 3.10, 12th (3rd girl) Iris Smith 3.30, 17th (7th girl) Lola Stead 4.14

U11 to U15 6th (2nd U11 boy) Alexander Wolfenden 6.58, 12th (5th U15 boy) Harry Stead 7.24, 18th (3rd U13 girl) Erin Doyle 7.34, 24th (6th U13 boy) Ethan Doyle 7.42, 25th (7th U11 boy) Henry Nossiter 7.49, 31st (1st U15 girl) Georgia Weston 8.22, 32nd (8th U13 boy) Dylan Shinn 8.24, 35th (9th U13 boy) Max Stead 8.44, 50th (12th U11 boy) Oscar Shinn 10.16, 51st (12th U13 boy) Felix Weston 10.21

U17 5th (1st girl) Poppy Anderson 13.32

North Yorks Indoor T&F, EIS, Sheffield, Sunday 16th December

Results: Charlotte Elston (U17) competing indoors at EIS, Pentathlon, 2nd with 1939 points, 60Hurdles 11.7; long jump 4m.30; high jump 1m.35; 800m 2.55.4. Archie Budding (U13) won his 800m with 2.39.6 and high jump 1m.28.

Withins Quarry Fell race, Haworth, Sunday 7th October

Kim Anderson reports..... Well done to the 17 Junior Ilkley Harriers at the Halloween themed races with optional fancy dress that were followed by prize giving and chocolate throw out.

U9: 16th Robert Carter 3.25, 28th (8th girl) Bella Atwell-Skevington 3.50, 34th Henry Darlington 4.14, 37th (11th girl) Lola Stead 4.21

U11, U13, U15 1.6km: 8th (2nd U11) Alexander Wolfenden 6.46, 9th (2nd U13) Seth Toye 6.50, 11th Archie Budding 6.57, 15th Harry Stead 7.09, 44th Hattie Bishop 8.07, 45th Dylan Shinn 8.08, 46th Henry Nossiter 8.09, 64th Max Stead 8.54, 76th Grace Darlington 9.22, 78th Oscar Shinn 9.29, 87th Lily Singleton 9.49

U17: 4th (1st girl) Poppy Anderson 12.57, 5th (2nd girl) Bernadette Raven 13.07

Embasy Fell race, Sunday 16th September

Rachel Carter reports.....A few Junior Harriers at embasy BOFRA in the rain yesterday, and some good results (on Bofra website and photos on fb)

U9 - Ben Richardson, 15th, Emily Wood 28th (12th girl)
U12 - Seth Toye 2nd, Alexander Wolfenden 3rd, Archie Budding 9th, Henry Nossiter 20th, Hattie Bishop 37th (16th girl)
U17 Bernadette Raven 2nd.

Bradley Fell race, Sunday 9th September

Rachel Carter reports...... 3 juniors ran at Bradley fell race last Sun 9th Sept.

U12's - Hattie Bishop 21st, Lily Singleton 36th
U9's, - Robert Carter - 13th.

York Summer league meet 4, Saturday 1st September

U15: Charlotte Elston 75m Hurdles 14.41, shot 5m.67, long jump 4m.21

U13: Archie Budding 200m 31.99, high jump 1m.33, 800m 2.49.04, Kristian Holdsworth 75m Hurdles 15.36, 100m 15.73, long jump 4m.01

Sat/Sun 25/26 August, EA T&F Championships, Bedford

Bethan Morley competed in the U17 800m final at the EA Track & Field Championships in Bedford over the weekend 25/26 August. In awful wet conditions Bethan was 2nd in a time of 2.12.45. An outstanding result.

York development T&F day and Pentathlon, Sunday 12th August

Charlotte Elston (U15) in her first combined event came 3rd in the Pentathon with 1930 points. Results: 75 Hurdles 14.8, long jump 4m.12, shot 6m.42, high jump 1m.35, 800m 2.54.08. A great start to combined.

Hellifield Gala Fell race, Saturday 4th August

Results from Kim Anderson.......

U9 3rd Ethan Nicholson 5.20, 7th Robert Carter 5.32, 19th (8th girl) Lola Stead 7.11

U11 3rd Alexander Wolfenden 7.44, 6th Henry Nossiter 8.28, 17th (8th girl) Emily Wood 11.23

U13 2nd Archie Budding 11.31, 3rd Seth Toye 11.35, 16th (7th girl) Hattie Bishop 14.40, 19th Max Stead 15.58

U15 7th Harry Stead 11.57

U17 (Senior race) 15th (2nd girl) Bernadette Raven 30.24

FRA Champs race 6 (inc Inter Counties), Up the Nab, Saturday 30th June

Results from Kim Anderson.......

U11 boys 16th Oscar Shinn 9.36

U13 girls 13th Erin Doyle 12.36

U13 boys 16th Jonathan Archer 11.07, 17th Seth Toye 11.08, 23rd Archie Budding 11.44, 27th Nicholas Archer 12.10, 30th Dylan Shinn 12.27, 32nd Ethan Doyle 12.49

U17 girls 3rd (2nd FRA) Bernadette Raven 27.45, 11th (8th FRA) Poppy Anderson 31.55

York Summer league meet 3, Saturday 16th June

U17: Poppy Anderson 800m 2.32.66, 300m 47.81

U15: Charlotte Elston 75m Hurdles 15.6, 800m 2.44.44, long jump 4m.15, Robyn Anderson 800m 2.47.72, 300m 52.30

U13: Archie Budding 200m 31.02, high jump 1m.15,

FRA Champs race 5, Clougha Pike, Saturday 16th June

Results from Kim Anderson.......

U9 girls 17th Lola Stead 6.46

U13 boys 15th Jonathan Archer 15.49, 20th Seth Toye 16.10, 29th Nicholas Archer 17.27, 30th Ethan Doyle 17.33, 40th Max Stead 20.41

U15 boys 22nd Harry Stead 19.21

U17 girls 4th Bernadette Raven 22.14

York Summer league meet 2, 2nd June

U17: Poppy Anderson 1500m 5.18.49

U15: Charlotte Elston high jump 1m.40, 200m 30.58, long jump 4m.08

U13: Kristian Holdsworth 70m Hurdles 15.18, 100 15.51, long jump 3m.43; Archie Budding 200m 32.23, long jump 3m.42, high jump 1m.23, Farrah Kennedy Harting 75m 13.15, long jump 3m.37.

FRA Champs race 4 (and Yorkshire Champs), West Nab, Saturday 26th May

Report and results from Kim Anderson........ the 4th FRA race of 2018 was also the Yorkshire junior championships race. Well done to the ten juniors that ran.

U11 4th Alexander Wolfenden 10.43, 11th Henry Nossiter 11.27, 40th (19th girl) Jemima Overend 14.44

U13 15th Seth Toye 19.08, 27th Archie Budding 20.31, 29th (6th girl) Erin Doyle 20.40, 38th Nicholas Archer 21.13, 39th Ethan Doyle 21.41

U17 19th (4th girl) Bernadette Raven 34.36, 32nd (12th girl) Poppy Anderson 39.14

Yorkshire Junior Fell Running Championships

U13 3rd Erin Doyle and U17 1st Bernadette Raven

FRA Champs race 3, Malham, Saturday 19th May

Report and results from Kim Anderson........ well done to all that ran in the latest FRA race at Malham. It was a lovely day and there were reminders of other events happening that day with Royal Wedding flags at each turn point! The next FRA race is West Nab next Saturday which is also the Yorkshire championships.

U9 23rd Robert Carter 5.23, 58th ( 21st girl) Lola Stead 6.59

U11 3rd Alexander Wolfenden 7.38, 15th Jake Norris 8.25, 39th Charles Scott 9.28, 48th Teddy Patrick 9.43, 69th (22nd girl) Jemima Overend 10.17

U13 6th Jonathan Archer 11.27, 14th Seth Toye 11.47, 23rd Archie Budding 12.20, 25th (5th girl) Erin Doyle 12.50, 38th Nicholas Archer 13.05, 44th Ethan Doyle 13.11, 79th Max Stead 15.14

U15 48th Harry Stead 16.11, 65th (26th girl) Robyn Anderson 18.44,70th Max Overend 20.31

U17 26th (4th girl) Bernadette Raven 20.10, 35th (11th girl) Poppy Anderson 22.37

Yorkshire Track & Field Champs, Cudworth, 12/13/May

Bethan Morley became Yorkshire U17 800m Champion by winning her final in a time of 2.11.37 - outstanding. Cameron Reilly (U20) gained the Bronze medal in the 3000m in 9.04.54.

May 2018 NCAA Division 2 Track & Field Champs, USA

Well done to Harry Maslen competing in the Decathlon in the NCAA Division 2 outdoor Track and Field Champs in the USA. A sound two days of competition gave him 7311 points for 3rd place overall - just 3 points down on 2nd place. Individual results were 100m, 11.23 (9th), long jump, 7m.11 (3rd), shot , 11m.81 (11), high jump, 1m.89 (6th), 400m, 49.53 (7th), 110 Hurdles, 15.09 (3rd), discus, 37m.31 (6th), pole vault , 4m.55 (5th), javelin, 48m.81 (6th), 1500m, 4.32.28 (3rd). Brilliant Harry.

Jack Bloor Junior races, Tuesday 8th May

Results from Kim Anderson........

U9 2nd Ethan Nicholson 4.14, 5th Robert Carter 4.40, 9th Joseph Tomblin 5.10, 12th (3rd girl) Bella Atwell-Skevington 5.31, 15th (5th girl) Lola Stead 5.54

U11 1st Alexander Wolfenden 3.32, 3rd Jake Norris 3.44, 10th Reuben Tomblin 4.38, 13th (5th girl) Jemima Overend 4.59, 14th (6th girl) Emily Wood 5.02

U13 1st Seth Toye 8.31, 2nd Archie Budding 8.42, 5th (1st girl) Erin Doyle 9.21, 6th (2nd girl) Hattie Bishop 9.31, 10th Dylan Shinn 9.45, 11th Ethan Doyle 9.49, 13th (7th girl) Amy Brown-Carrera 9.59, 17th (10th girl) Katherine Duffield 10.43, 18th Daniel Tomblin 10.54, 19th Max Stead 11.14

U15 5th (2nd boy) Harry Stead 8.52, 8th (5th girl) Ivy Cooper 11.38

U17/U19 3rd (1st girl) Bernadette Raven 13.22

York Summer league meet 1, Monday 7th May

U17: Poppy Anderson 800m 2.31.75

U15: Charlotte Elston high jump 1m.30, 800m 2.56.45; Robyn Anderson 800m 2.56.54

U13: Oscar Gilroy Bewell 100m 16.47, Kristian Holdsworth 70m Hurdles 16.41, 100 15.43, 200m 31.72; Archie Budding 800m 2.47.75, 200m 31.11, Farrah Kennedy Harting 80m 14.02.


FRA Champs Race 2, Blacko, Lancs, Saturday 14th April

Results from Kim Anderson........
U9 25th Robert Carter 7.46, 60th ( 26th girl) Lola Stead 10.37
U11 6th Alexander Wolfenden 8.40, 36th Oscar Shinn 11.03, 68th (25th girl) Jemima Overend 13.55
U13 18th Seth Toye 20.46, 27th Nicholas Archer 21.30, 35th Archie Budding 22.21, 36th (10th girl) Erin Doyle 22.32, 39th Ethan Doyle 22.40, 49th (13th girl) Hattie Bishop 23.28, 75th Dylan Shinn 26.02, 98th Max Stead 29.13
U15 37th Harry Stead 27.59
U17/U19 1st Euan Brennan 29.40, 41st ( 5th girl) Bernadette Raven 39.43

Pendle Junior Fell Race,Saturday 7th April

Report from Robin Nicholson....... Well done to Ethan and Hattie at the Pendle junior fell races. Very wet, with proper 'fell conditions' underfoot on the day. Ethan (Nicholson) came third in his Under 9 race (30 runners) and Hattie Bishop was third female in the Under 13 race.

Decathlon, USA, 5th/6th April

Harry Maslen competed in a decathlon in the USA over the last two days and scored the sixth best mark in ASU history and automatically qualified for the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

He won the decathlon with a personal best score of 7,496 points which ranks him No. 2 in Division II with the score (only 4 points behind leader). He surpassed his previous personal best by 431 points. His 10 results were: 100m (11.08); Long Jump (7m.22); Shot (PB of 12m.34); High Jump (1m.92); 400m (49.90); 110Hurdles (PB of 14.83); Discus (36m.93); Pole Vault (PB of 4m.65); Javelin (53m.63); and 1500m (4m.38).
Absolutely brilliant Harry...well done

FRA Champs Race 1, Todd Crag, Sunday 25th March

Report from Kim Anderson........Well done to the 14 juniors that ran in the first FRA championships race of 2018 at Todd Crag in the Lake District. The weather was lovely and it was a great day out. The kit requirements were strict with even U9 needing to run with kit – I bet the shops in Ambleside have never sold as many bum bags in one day! The races had a steep tarmac start that took the runners up to the fell. The U9’s carried on up the track but the older age groups climbed over a stile onto the fell. There was quite a wait if you weren’t quick to the stile. The routes carried on up the fell and around Lily tarn, with great views from up there. It was back down the fell or track depending on age group. There was a bit too much tarmac for some but they still seemed to enjoy it.

U9 17th Robert Carter 8.39, 45th (18th girl) Lola Stead 11.07

U11 2nd Alexander Wolfenden 9.46

U13 7th Jonathan Archer 10.39, 19th Archie Budding 11.17, 27th Seth Toye 11.30, 33rd (4th girl) Erin Doyle 11.53, 41st Nicholas Archer 12.22, 42nd (6th girl) Hattie Bishop 12.24, 53rd Dylan Shinn 12.50

U15 31st Harry Stead 17.53, 63rd (28th girl) Robyn Anderson 22.01

U17 30th (3rd girl) Bernadette Raven 20.07, 43rd (11th girl) Poppy Anderson 21.47

March 2018 NCAA Division 2 indoor Track & Field Champs, Pittsburg USA

Well done to Harry Maslen, competing in Pittsburg, USA in the 2018 NCAA Division 2 indoor track and Field Championships. In the Heptathlon Harry came 6th overall with a new PB of 5359 points. This places him 4th in the UK rankings. In the 7 events his results were: 7.33 (60m), 6m.87 (long jump), 11m.67 (shot), 1m.92 (high jump), 8.43 (60m Hurdles), 4m.50 (pole vault) and 2mins.41.85 for 1,000m. Brilliant.

Northern Cross Country Championships - 27th January 2018, Harewood House

Report from Gaenor Coy.........The Northern Cross Country Championships took place on our doorstep in the grounds of Harewood House this year. The rather undulating course, whilst quite runnable overall, but had patches of deep mud in places and a strong breeze added to the overall challenge of the race. Well done to all who took place. There was some great running by all but we had exceptional results from all of our U17 runners who all finished in the top 12.
U17 ladies: 5th Bethan Morley
U17 men: 3rd Euan Brennan, 8th Dominic Coy, 12th Cameron Reilly.
U 13 girls: 95th Lucia Stoney, 161st Erin Doyle, 184th Robyn Anderson, 198 Hattie Bishop, 211th Helena Coy, 234th Neve Tennant. 27th Team
U13 boys: 38th Wilbur Summerson, 91st Max Ashelford, 99th George Morley, 153rd Josh Beevers, 219 Dylan Shinn. 13th Team.
U15 girls: 34th Bernadette Raven, 101st Poppy Anderson, 110th Catherine Westead, 159th Charlotte Elston. 14th Team.
U15 boys: 126th Nathan Coy and 127th Adam Mitchell.

West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials, Sunday 14th January 2018, Halifax

Well done to Amy Brown Carrera, Lily Thompson, Kitty Hartley, Oliver Gordon and Sammy Mellor on being selected to compete in the West Yorkshire U13 teams. And to Katherine Duffield who was selected for the U11 West Yorkshire team. Well done also to Tom McCarthy, Sam Worley, Holly Machin, Farrah Kennedy Harting and Reuben Hozhabrfkan for attending the trials and gaining valuable experience for next year.

Yorkshire Cross Country Championships - 6th January 2018, Lightwater Valley

Report from Gaenor Coy......... Some good ground and weather conditions for the 24 Junior Ilkley Harriers who ran in the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships. Well done to all who ran, you should all be proud of your performances in a very competitive field.
Congratulations to Wilbur Summerson, Bethan Morley, Euan Brennan, Dominic Coy and Cameron Reilly who all earned their Yorkshire vests and qualified to compete for Yorkshire in the Inter County championships in Loughborough in March.
A huge well done to the Under 17 Boys who won the team competition.
Full JIH results below:
U13 Girls: 38th Phoebe Worrall, 51st Amy Brown Carrera, 53rd Hattie Bishop,59th Robyn Anderson, 60th Erin Doyle, 74th Helena Coy, 83rd Neve Tennant (14th team)
U13 Boys: 6th Wilbur Summerson, 30th Max Ashelford, 39th George Morley, 77th Dylan Shinn (5th team)
U15 Girls: 15th Bernadette Raven, 21st Nina Pearce, 38th Poppy Anderson, 39th Pippa Threlfall, 52nd Charlotte Elston, 61st Georgia Weston, 67th Emily Kenneth (4th team)
U15 Boys: 31st Nathan Coy
U17 Ladies: 1st Bethan Morley
U17 Men: 2nd Euan Brennan, 6th Dominic Coy, 7th Cameron Reilly, 26th Robbie Matthews (1st team)

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