Ilkley Harriers HoM archive



Harrier of the month nominations: Andrew Merrick for the West Highland Way; Kate Archer for 2nd Lady in Windermere Marathon; Paul Carmen for his significantly solo BGR; Dan Wilkinson for his BGR with Ben Sheppard and entertaining report; Istvan Jasco for impressive trail times; William Gosling and Caroline Tong for Leeds Half being last year's beginners; Ewan Welsh for his entertaining write up of GoatFell Hill, Arran
The winner is Kate Archer .

Volunteer of the month: Lawrence Basham for the very successful and enjoyable Trail race
The winner is Lawrence Basham.


Harrier of the month nominations: Colin Williams for completing Thirsk 10 then Blackpool marathon 3hrs 21 and a week later the Fellsman; Dave Reynier for London Marathon and a week later the 3 Peaks; Hilda Coulsey for Guisley Gallop, Thirsk 10, Fountains 10k; Pete Shields for Bradford 10k result in comeback; Jack Wood for his under 3 hrs in the 3 Peaks plus Bunny runs first; Mike Baldwin for his impressive 23rd in 3 Peaks; Claire Baldwin for completing 3 Peaks in comeback; Alison Weston 3rd LV50 in British Fell Champs and 3 Peaks; Steve Murray Thirsk 10, York 10 and Bradford 10k pb; Matt Cox sub 3hr (2:52) Manchester Marathon; Jack Cummings 1st Guiseley Gallop and 1st Dick Hudsons
The winner is Peter Shields.

Volunteer of the month: Pete Shields for his Wednesday sessions; Peter Lewis for newsletter; Petra Bijsterveld for modernising the membership process.
The winner is Peter Lewis.


Harrier of the month nominations: Lucy Williamson 1st lady in Anglesea half marathon in impressive time and with a pb; Tom Adams for 1st place in Monserrat skyrace, Keighley big 10k, Cartmel trail; Jane Bryant for continuing every day running.
The winner is Lucy Williamson.

Volunteer of the month: Pete Shields for his Wednesday sessions; Peter Lewis for newsletter' Petra Bijsterveld for modernising the membership process.
The winner is Petra Bijsterveld.


Harrier of the month nominations: Euan Brennan for his impressive 5k time in the Armagh international and 10th in national XC; Jann Smith and Paul Carmen for commitment to training and completing their first ultra, the tough Transgrancanaria; Tom Adams for 1st place at IMFR and Yorkshire Champion.
The winner is Jann Smith and Paul Carmen.

Volunteer of the month: Pete Shields for his Wednesday sessions; Steve Weston for the IMFR race, combined with Yorkshire championships, organisation
The winner is Steve Weston.


Harrier of the month nominations: Jane Bryant for running every day in January (RED); Michael Lomas for coming 4th at Mytholmroyd Fell; Harry Sime for RED; Dawn Turner for RED; Jack Wood for firsts at both Stanbury Splash and Mytholmroyd; Martin Archer for first at Skipton parkrun; Steven Gott for great performances at Peco and Northern XCs.
The winner is Jack Wood.
A special mention for all those Harriers who RED in January.



Harrier of the month nominations: Anna Pickering for the Stoop; Nathan Edmondson for comiing in 5th at the Stoop, 8th at Chevin Chase; Jack Wood for Mysercough 10m win, WYXC and 4th at Chevin Chase; Pauline Munro for being 1st FV45 in WYXC series, 3rd lady at Chevin Chase, also Stoop and Auld Lang Sang performances.
The winner is Pauline Munro.

Volunteer of the month: Natalie York for initiating the successful Predictor and with the team aiming for an annual event; Peter Shields for Wednesday evening sprint training
The winner is Natalie York.


Harrier of the month nominations: Martin Archer for Lister Park parkrun, Burley Moor and consistently great results; Jack Wood for first in the last even splits 5k and 2nd at Tour of Pendle; Cameron Reilly for Abbey Dash time of 34.28; Jonathan Turner for impressive progress over the year with great times at Burley moor, at Wetherby parkrun and last month's marathon time; Michael Lomas for great times and improvements, particularly Burley Moor and Tour of Pendle; Rob Budding for cross country race improvements and good results in general.
The winner is Michael Lomas.

Volunteer of the month: Gaenor and Steve Coy for all they do for the x countries; Petra Bijsterveld for the membership renewals admin; Helen Waddington for HoM write-ups; Neil Chapman for Thursday evening session; Peter Shields for Wednesday evening sprint training
The winner is Helen Waddington.


Harrier of the month nominations: Caroline Howe for commitment to training and Yorkshire Marathon time and PB; Alison Weston for Lakes Grand Prix placings; Tom Adams for 'dirty double' wins in Lakeland Trails; Petra Bijsterveld for Keilder Double weekend and Snowdonia Marathon; Harry Sime for recent 'eventsplits' 5k time returning from injury; Lucy Williamson for Bangor Half Marathon time and PB
The winner is Caroline Howe.

Volunteer of the month: Helen Waddington for the monthly reviews of performances; Hilda Coulsey for committee work; Peter Shields for his Wednesday evening training sessions
The winner is Hilda Coulsey.


Harrier of the month nominations: Geoff Howard for park run times and Leeds Golden Mile; Brian Melia Ultra Tour Monta Rosa; Iain Gibbons for 4th at Burnsall Fell and 7th at Embsay fell; Ewan Walsh for Incline time; Jo Foster 1st LV45 Scafell Pike fell
The winner is Brian Melia.

Volunteer of the month: Helen and Dick Waddington for organising the Incline; David Ibbotson, whilst recovering, for leading the Tuesday and often Saturday groups; Gavin Lamb for auditing the accounts at short notice
The winner is David Ibbotson.


Harrier of the month nominations: Alison Weston for the Burnsall double (including 3rd lady on the fell) and Borrowdale; Tom Adams for 10k pb at Blackpool Illuminations; Norman Bush for his 6 fell races this month, all good results
The winner is Norman Bush.

Volunteer of the month: Petra Bijsterveld for conscientiously collating the park run results weekly.


Harrier of the month nominations: Helen Waddington for Ultimate Trails. Helen Waddington and Richard Joel for Ultimate Trails Tom Adams wins this month plus 3rd in Snowdon international championship. Ben Shepherd for Lakeland 50. Abi Bailey for Race to the Stones. Martin Archer for Harrogate 10k. Dave Millson encouraged by Antonio to return to running and arriving back from the Addingham gala still smiling. The slower Leeds 10k bunch, mostly beginners from last year: Wendy Bishop, Damaris Bedford, Libby Heppenstall, Nicky Sollowey, Diane Ollier plus regulars Kate Lofthouse and Claire Shouler.
The winner is Abi Bailey.

Volunteer of the month nominations: Dan Wilkinson for Addingham Gala, Alison Weston Gazette reports.
The winner is Dan Wilkinson.


Harrier of the month nominations: Steve Turland for successfully completing the Bob Graham round, Andrew Merrick for the South Downs Way, Jack Cummings for his first senior race win at Buckden, Euan Brennan as FRA u17 champ and coming 5th in an England vest (first for England), Helen Waddington for the double skyline, Sharon Meadows for the Lakeland Trails race and Ben Shepherd for the Three Peaks Challenge.
The winners are both Steve Turland and Jack Cummings with a special mention for Euan Brennan.

Volunteer of the month nominations: Helen Waddington for HoM write ups, Paul Wood for website updates, Jane Bryant for coaching, Andrew Sheldon for organising the HDSRL this and previous years.
The winner is Andrew Sheldon.

May Runner of the month:
Jane McCarthy
for successfully completing the Bob Graham Round Other nominations were:
Caroline Howe for her Edinburgh half pb
Jack Wood for great results and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships selection
Mary Gibbons for 3rd lady at Chevin Fell
Jack Cummings for another great month of results plus 2nd at John Carr
Petra Bijsterveld for various pbs
Dick Waddington for supporting Jane
Will Simmons recently joined and 3rd inTrail race
Amanda Parnaby for the LDWA 100m
Hilda Coulsey for 1sts F60 John Carrs and Leeds half
Volunteer of the month:
Lawrence Basham and the Trail race team
  Other nominations were:
Beginners 0-5k team
Paul Sugden
Jane's support team
April Runner of the month:
Jack Wood
for sub-3 hour Three Peaks run, including a fall Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for Basildon Boundary Way, Guiseley Gallop and 3 peaks
Jack Cummings for Bunny runs and Dick Hudsons
Cam Reilly for Bunny runs
Euan Brennan for Bunny runs
Ben Sheppard for Manchester marathon and Blubberhouses
Helen Waddington for Ilkley Skyline.
Volunteer of the month:
Alison Weston
for Ilkley Gazette reports Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman for Thursday training
Alison Bennett for Carnival volunteer organisation
March Runner of the month:
Ben Sheppard
for Haworth Hobble Other nominations were:
Caroline Howe for Keithley 10k, Haweswater half and Harrogate parkrun
Jack Wood for Long Mynd and Edale the same weekend
Kate Archer for Pendle
Volunteer of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for organising our Northern Road Relays teams Other nominations were:
Alison Weston for Gazette reports
February Runner of the month:
Paul Stephens
for completing an excellent 21 Rombald's Strides, and in very consistent times, year on year Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for 1st lady Rombald's Stride
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston (and Team)
for organising the Ilkley Fell Race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for providing the HoM summary every month
January Runner of the month:
Normal Bush
V75 record for Skipton parkrun Other nominations were:
Geoff Howard for consistent 22 and 23 min parkruns through January
Rob Cunningham for 1h19 Brass Monkey half PB
Matt Newell for parkruns and cross-country commitment plus SM18 record at Skipton this month
Tim Ashelford for parkruns and cross-countries.
Volunteer of the month:
Gaenor and Steve Coy
for their diligent PECO and representative cross country organisation Other nominations were:
(none this month)


December Runner of the month:
Tom Adams
for amazing results this month, particularly running Jonny Brownlee so close in the Chevin chase, 1st at the Stoop and his Berlin 10k 'race for the donut' 1st place Other nominations were:
Sarah Pickering for her Stoop result and WYXC
Tim Ashleford for his 1st v50 at Chevin Chase
Volunteer of the month:
The whole Christmas relays/quiz organising team
lots of people doing individual things to make it a great evening, we had very good feedback with a record attendance. So we decided to add an additional £20 from the club for Val to send to the LS29 charity Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for organising the league
Petra Bijsterveld for the membership effort this quarter
November Runner of the month:
Lucy Williamson
for sub-40 minute 10K PB at Abbey Dash Other nominations were:
Ewan Welsh for getting back to racing and good results at Burley Moor, Shepherd's Skyline and Glentress 21K
Jack Wood for wins at Guy Fawkes and Pendle
Tim Ashelford for excellent 3rd V50 in WYXC series and for performance at Burley Moor Run.
Volunteer of the month:
Shirley Wood
for organizing the Santa Run Other nominations were:
Dan Wilkinson for setting up and doing the monthly e-newsletter
October Runner of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for Kielder and Snowdonia marathons Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for Yorkshire marathon PB
Lucy Williamson for 1st lady Bangor 10k and parkrun
Tom Adams for Race to the Summit
David Howe for York and Berlin marathon PBs
Iain Gibbons BOFRA results
Outi Kamarainen for navigation at FRA relay
Jack Wood for Langdale and Withins results
Volunteer of the month:
The Improvers Group
the Committee decided to recognise the great work done by all those involved in the Improvers, including the Improvers themselves who have made stunning progress Other nominations were:
Abi Bailey for Improvers
Neil Chapman for coaching commitment
September Runner of the month:
Kate Archer
Queen of the mountains (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) Other nominations were:
Sally Malir for Yorkshire Vets gold medal
Volunteer of the month:
Hilda Coulsey
for work as Secretary and stand-in Chair, Clubmark and Improvers success and prep and chair of the AGM Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for auditor duties
Petra Bijstervedt for improvers, parkrun and other electronic actions
Gaenor and Steve Coy for the Aquathlon organisation
August Runner of the month:
Jane Mccarthy and Dick Waddington
for their stunning performance in the ultra CCC at Mont Blanc Other nominations were:
Alison Bloor for her first ultra, Run to the Castle
Michael Lomas for his 19th Roundhill, 9th Kings challenge, 14th Burnsall (after running the 10m this year)
Martyn Stocker for races and improvement
Ben Joynson for downhill reps
Volunteer of the month:
Rachel Carter
for undertaking and transforming the membership process as secretary, now relinquishing the role Other nominations were:
Andy Wolfenden for leading his Tuesday sessions and the summer away runs
Paul Stephens for leading a series of interesting runs through the summer
July Runner of the month:
Sarah Pickering
who won the FRA U18 champs Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for Muker, Addingham and Bingley performances
Harry and Robert Sime for Bramham 10k run and report and dedication to Tuesdays
Jemima Elgood for Addingham fell race
Jane McCarthy for Ultimate Trails Lakes 100k
Kate Archer for Snowdon
Andrew Merrick for Ultimate Lakes 100
Dan Wilkinson for Ingleborough 1st V40.
Volunteer of the month:
Val Kerr
for recent Washburn and Danefield relays and previous relay organisations together with long and successful committee work Other nominations were:
Abigail Bailey for leading Improvers group having really good feedback
Dan Wilkinson for another outstanding Addingham Gala race organisation
June Runner of the month:
Paul Carman
parkruns, Buckden Pike, Beamsley Beacon, Kettlewell results Other nominations were:
Matthew Cox (results at Wharfedale half marathon and Beamsley Beacon fell race)
Outi Kamarainen (Jura and Highlander results)
Jack Cummings (results at Beamsley Beacon and Badgerstone relays)
Dan Wilkinson (results)
men's Badgerstone relay team (Ruraidh M-W, Dan H, Jack C)
Mary Gibbons (progress and dedication to training)
Jann Smith (commitment to fell races and parkruns)
Volunteer of the month:
Andy Wolfenden
'Away runs' Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey (beginner's group)
Jane Bryant (beginner's group)
Jane McCarthy (encouraging updates on Harriers league).
May Runner of the month:
Donna Hattersley
for her first sub 2 hour HM at Leeds, after trying for several years, and training very hard recently Other nominations were:
Steve Murray, a relatively new member, for dedication to racing (10 races in May!)
Dave Robson, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Jack Bloor)
Paul Sugden, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Over the Odda)
Tom Adams, for outstanding results (John Carr, Ilkley Trail Race, European Trials)
Adela Reperecki, for excellent results (John Carr, Over the Odda, Ilkley Trail Race)
Volunteer of the month:
Andrew Jackson
for taking the Saturday morning session in Neil's absence Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman, for organization of the HDRSL race
Jan Carrier, for taking special care of a new runner when help was required
April Runner of the month:
Tom Worboys
for his 3 marathons this spring plus 3 last autumn for charity Other nominations were:
Alex Hyde for Paris and London
Jane McCarthy for Open 5
Jack Wood for 3 Peaks
Alison Weston for Anniversary Waltz and3 Peaks
Ruaridh Mon-Wiliams for Pendle
Matt Cox for Dick Hudsons
Mary Gibbons for Dick Hudsons
Outi Kamarainen for Teenager with Altitude
Jann Smith for Blubberhouses
DanWilkinson for Blubberhouses
Tom Adams for Baildon Boundary Way
Volunteer of the month:
Peter Lewis
Newsletter Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey for committee work
Petra Bijsterveld for social media
March Runner of the month:
Jack Wood
for Heptonstall, Edale and Pendle results Other nominations were:
Kate Archer for Black Combe result
Geoff Howard for Blackpool 10m
Alison Weston for Black Combe
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for Podium 5k
Mary Gibbons for week on week improvements
Rob Cunningham for Keithley and Bradford 10ks
Tom Adams for the Monserrat sky race
Volunteer of the month:
Jane Bryant
Neil Chapman
Jane for Thursday speed session
Neil for Thursday field and fell session
Other nominations were:
None this month.
February Runner of the month:
Outi Kamarainen
for 2nd place and 1st mixed team at the Marmot Dark Mountain Marathon and also an excellent result at the Rombald's Stride Other nominations were:
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for excellent result at the fell race,
Matt Newell for his PB at the Dewsbury 10K,
Jack Wood for Rombald's Stride and the fell race,
Mary Gibbons for PECO and fell race results,
Sue Williamson for perseverance at the fell race,
and Mark Mon-Williams for Rombald's Stride.
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston
for superb organization of the Ilkley Moor Fell Race Other nominations were:
Other nominations were all related to the fell race and included marshals, sweepers and junior fell race organizers. The committee would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this race such a success.
January Runner of the month:
Michael Lomas
for his outstanding performance at the Fan Dance race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for her HM PB at the Brass Monkey,
Ben Sheppard for his excellent time at the Temple Newsam Ten,
and Hilda Coulsey for racing on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Volunteer of the month:
Paul Sugden
for on-going commitment to the club e.g. as run leader and helping with the Thursday night training sessions. Other nominations were:
The efforts of all club members who helped organize the Awards Do were much appreciated


December Runner of the month:
Jemima Elgood
for excellent performances at the Stoop and Auld Lang Syne Other nominations were:
Will Worboys for supreme effort to get to the Chevin Chase,
Kate Archer for 1st F35 at the Chevin Chase,
and Alex Hirst for ongoing excellent results at parkrun
Volunteer of the month:
Helen and Dick Waddington
for providing wine and mince pies at the Xmas Relays Other nominations were:
Peter Lewis for ongoing commitment to producing the newsletter
November Runner of the month:
Dan Hayes
for great times at Burley Moor, Abbey Dash and 1st at Skipton parkrun Other nominations were:
Tom Adams for wins at Burley Moor, WYXC, Harriers v Cyclists
Jane McCarthy for Tour of Pendle
Sarah Hayes for Abbey Dash 10k PB
John Hayes for great results
Jemima Elgood for great results
Volunteer of the month:
Alison Weston
for the Gazette reports Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman for continued coaching commitment
October Runner of the month:
Jane McCarthy
Yorkshire Marathon Other nominations were:
Andrew Merrick for Yorkshire Marathon
Lucy Williamson for Bradford 10k
Petra Bijsterveld for Kielder Marathon
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for Fell relays
Jemina Elgood for Fell Relays
Steve Weston for Yorkshire Marathon
Tom Worboys for 3 marathons in 3 weeks
Dave Robson for Langdale Horseshoe
Hilda Coulsey for holding all LV60 records at once
Volunteer of the month:
Steve and Gaenor Coy
for getting XCs off to a good start  
September Runner of the month:
Dick Waddington
Berlin Marathon Other nominations were:
Norman Bush and Geoff Howard for performances in the World Masters Mountain Champs
Tom Adams for England at World Mountain Champs
Helen and Dick Waddington for Berlin
Jane McCarthy for Bradford 10K PB<
Volunteer of the month:
Paul Stephens & Jane Bryant
Services as committee officers Other nominations were:
David Chandler for organising the navigation courses
Helen and Dick Waddington for organising the Incline
Gaenor and Steve Coy for the Aquathon
Jane McCarthy for organising the Junior Sprint Relays
August Dan Wilkinson New email newsletter Other nominations were:
Brian Melia - Joss Naylor Challenge
Dave Wilby - Glencoe Skyline
David Chandler Burnsall races, and improvement
July Andrew Sheldon Harrogate District Summer Race League co-ordination Other nominations were:
Alison Weston - Joss Naylor Challenge
Harry Maslen - Bronze Medal U20 England Home Internationals
Sharon Meadows ULTD 100
June Brian Melia Dragons Back race, 17th Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy - Ultimate Trails 110, 2nd lady
Ben Sheppard - Ultimate Trails 110, 15th
Jamie Hutchinson - Clif 10 Peaks
Helen Waddington - Clif 10 Peaks
Jamie Partovi - results as new member
Peter Lewis Club newsletter
May Lawrence Basham Ilkley Trail Race organiser Other nominations were:
Jann Smith - new club vests
Jane Bryant - coaching and encouragement
Neil Chapman - coaching and encouragement
Helen Waddington - V45 winner at John Carr
Hilda Coursey - 1st V60 at Odda and ITR
Ben Sheppard - Jack Bloor, ITR and OCT results
Alison Weston - OCT result
Jane McCarthy - OCT result
Petra Bijsterveld - V50 winner at John Carr
Dave Wilby - Buttermere Sailback and Isle of Jura results
Will Worboys - PBs at John Carr and ITR and training
Harry Maslen - Silver medal in decathlon England U20 Combined Events Championships
Jack Cummings Race results: John Carr, Jack Bloor, Ilkley Trail Race
April Petra Bijsterveld Twitter feed and website updates Other nominations were:
Sally Malir - London Marathon time
Helen Waddington - 3 Peaks time
Dan Wilkinson - 3 Peaks time
John Hayes - 3 Peaks time
Kate Archer - Baildon Boundary and Pendle results
Jann Smith - Bunny Run results
Tom Adams - Bunny Run Results
Natalie York - leading Tuesday runs
Antonio Cardinale - leading Tuesday runs
Jacqui Weston - 3 Peaks support
Jack Wood Dick Hudsons and Anniversary Waltz wins
March Val Kerr Dales Way Relay organisation Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman - leading Winter training sessions
Petra Bijsterveld - Twitter feed
Steve Weston - organsing men's Northern Road Relay team
Kate Archer - Flower Scar and Fell Champ s points
Ben Sheppard - Blubberhouses and Haworth Hobble
Helen Waddington - PB at Wilmslow 1/2
Sally Malir - Thirsk 10
Brian Melia -Edale Skyline, Haworth Hobble etc
Lucy Williamson Yorkshire U23 Fell Championship U23 Silver
February Duncan Cooper Ilkley Moor fell race organisation Other nominations were:
Steve Weston, - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Chris Oxlade - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Jane McCarthy - Junior Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Shirley Wood - Ilkley Moor fell race organisation
Petra Bijsterveld - Twitter and Tuesdays
Jack Cummings - Ilkley Moor FR and training
Jane McCarthy - Rombalds Stride
Dan Wilkinson - Rombalds stride and Ilkley Moor FR
Sarah Edwards - Ilkley Moor FR
Jack Wood - Wadsworth Trog and Peco XC
Sally Malir - Dewsbury and Liversedge
Outi Kamarainen - Rombalds Stride result
Matt Newell Dewsbury 10 and training
January Jacqui Weston Organiser of the Presentation Evening and Do Other nominations were:
Petra Bijsterveld - Tuesday nights, lots of Tweeting during Jan, keeping our name out there, commitment to XC and encouragement of others
Jane McCarthy - PB at Brass Monkey
Steve Weston - good come back times following serious injury
Dan Wilkinson - PB at Brass Monkey
Will Worboys running every day, dedication, and recent race results

2015 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

In August the Committee made an award to Harry Maslen for his Bronze medal in U20 Decathlon at the England Home Internationals.


December Georgia Malir First lady and new record Chevin Chase Other nominations were:
Ben Sheppard - Frostbite 30
Sally Malir - Ribble 10k
Jack Wood - PECO XC 2nd
Jane Mccarthy - PECO XC result
Tom Adams Chevin Chase result
November Dan Wilkinson New course record at Burley Moor run Other nominations were:
Goeff Howard for his amazing time and 1st V70 at Abbey Dash
Jane McCarthy for 1st at PECO XC #1
Mike Duffield for PB at Abbey Dash
Will Worboys for PB at Abbey Dash
Steve Coy Organising XC teams
October Charlotte Smithson Yorkshire Marathon time, improvement Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey - Gt Eastern Half V60 Club record
Ruaridh Mon-Williams - FRA relay leg 1 time
Jack Wood - fell results including Withins and Saddleworth Edges - 3rd in both
Mike Duffield - Bradford Half PB
Geoff Howard - Lancaster 10k V70 Club record
Andrew Merrick - Yorkshire Marathon time
Mens FRA relay team - best ever Club performance
Paul Stephens - for work on the new constitution
Will Buckton, Alison Weston Organising FRA teams
September Harry Maslen U20 Yorkshire Combined Events Decathlon Champion and Yorkshire record Other nominations were:
Norman Bush: 1st V70 in English Fell Champs
Alison Weston: LDMT
Jack Wood: 1st at Ilkley Incline
Dan Wilkinson: 3rd at Embsay and Salford 10k time
Jonathon Whittaker: 1st medium LDMT
Adela Reperecki: 1st V50 Yorkshireman Full
Nick Richardson: 2nd V40 Yorkshireman Half
Gaenor and Steve Coy: Ilkley Aquathlon organisers
Geoff Howard Ilkley Incline organiser (10 years)
August Gavin Lamb Burnsall Other nominations were:
Steve Turland - Burnsall
Paul Wood website
July Nick Pearce First V60 kentmere, Snowdon, and Addingham Gala! Other nominations were:
Georgia Malir Junior Women's European Mountain running champion, 6th female and 2nd FU23 at Snowdon International
Lucy Haines for her fell results (not a senior)
Dan Wilkinson for organising the Addingham Gala and Kentmere and 7th at Rydal
Andrew Sheldon HDSRL co-ordination
June Val Kerr Organising relays including Billy Bland Challenge Other nominations were:
Georgia Malir - won FU23 junior women race, at the British Athletics Senior Home International
Mark Mon-Williams - HDSRL 4 and Wharfedale Half
Dan Wilklinson - Great Dodd Fell Race
Dick Waddington - Swaledale Marathon and other results
Jane McCarthy - Swaledale Marathon and other results
Alison Eagle - vertical kilometre, Chamonix
Caz Farrow 1st female at Wharfedale Half, Hawkshead 10k and other results
May Clare Smith Organising our HDSRL race, LDWA 100 Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman - organising our HDSRL race
Val Kerr - relay team organisation
Lawrence Basham - Ilkley Trail Race
Sally Morley - won the overall John Carr series with a PB at every race
Charlotte Smithson - 7min PB at Sunderland 10k and a 14min PB at Leeds Half
Kate Archer - Fairfield Horseshoe result 4th lady
Martin Archer - Ilkley Trail Race
Tom Adams - 6th in Inter Counties and a new record in Ilkley Trail Race
Nicky Green, Edinburgh marathon
Stephen Coy - John Carr results
Caz Farrow - result at the Ripon 10m - 1st F40
Neil Smith LDWA 100
April Emma O'Looney Beginners Group Other nominations were:
Alison Weston - 3 Peaks
Will Buckton - 3 Peaks and Pendle
Tom Adams - Bunny Runs and Pendle
Ben Shepherd - 3 Peaks
Tom Warboys - 1st Marathon and fancy dress
Nicky Green - London Marathon
Dan Wilkinson - 1st Marathon and under 3 hrs
Dave Wilby - 1st in Winlatter extreme Duathlon
Nick Pearce - 3 Peaks
Jane McCarthy - 3 Peaks
Adela Reperecki - Guiseley Gallop
Paul Wood - website and on-going support
Andrew Sheldon - Harrogate Race League
Brian Melia Ultra Trail Mt Fuji
March Petra Bijsterveld Club Night announcements Other nominations were:
Jann Smith - Trollers Trot
Jane McCarthy - Wilmslow half
Tony Melechi - Trollers Trot
Nicky Green - Wilmslow half and Hull 20
Will Buckton Ilkley Moor, Black Combe and Haworth Hobble
February Jane McCarthy Dewsbury 10k results Other nominations were:
Kate Archer - results at Rombalds
Sally Morley - Dewsbury 10k results
Matt Newall - Dewsbury 10k, PECO 4 and training
Hilda Coulsey - PECO results
Steve Weston Fell race organisation
January Julie Elmes Improvement, stepping in as ladies XC Captain, participation in WYXC, PECO, Yorkshire and Northern XC races Other nominations were:
Georgia Malir - XC races and international results
Caz Farrow - 1st woman in Central Lancs Half Marathon
Steve Weston - 1st Harrier at the Brass Monkey
Tom Adams - 1st places in Stoop Fell Race and Peco XC at Golden Acre
Matt Newell - good performance at PECO XC
Jacqui Weston - organising Annual Awards Do
Dan Wilkinson Stanbury Splash result

2014 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

In June the Committee made an award to Sally Morley for her performance at the Brtish Masters 5k, 1st LV40 and a club record of 17:57

In November an outstanding achievement award was made to Sally Morley for representing England at the British & Irish Masters Cross Country.


December Ben Sheppard 1st Harrier at Ribble Valley 10k Other nominations were:
Val Kerr for HOM for organising the Gathering Winter Fools Relay and her race results in December
Dave Wilby - 1st Harrier at Chevin Chase
Hilda Coulsey for 1st FV60 at the Ribble Valley 10K
Tom Adams for 1st places in Stoop fell cace and Peco XC at Golden Acre
Geogia Malir for 2nd place at Brussells Lotto Cross Country Cup - England selection - and other excellent results
Rob Cunningham, good month of race results and achieving second in the Harriers Race League
Helen Horton, Eric and Sue Morley for organising the fun Club Christmas Relays and Quiz
November Nicky Green Sub 3 hour marathon at Nice in tough conditions - fastest IH marathon this year Other nominations were:
Neil Smith - for his performance at the Full Tour of Pendle. PB by over 25 minutes compared to last year a result of his commitment to training over the last month or so.
Dan Wilkinson - Abbey Dash and Tour of Pendle
Sally Morley - Abbey Dash club record, sub 37, 2nd F40 & fastest IH ladies 10k this year. Also a great West Yorkshire Cross Country League, finishing top ten and winning the F40 category in each of her three races, 1st F40 in the League.
Georgia Malir - Liverpool Cross Challenge exceptional performance
Eddie Irving BMAF XC relay championsips - 1st M55 on 1st leg, 3rd overall
October Nick Pearce 3rd V60 (Bronze) in English & GB FRA Championships and his result at Snowdonia Marathon Other nominations were:
Norman Bush - 3rd V70 (Bronze) in GB FRA Champs
Val Kerr - Snowdonia Marathon result
Tom Adams - breaking Alistair Brownlee's record at Withins
Georgia Malir - 2nd in U20 Cross Challenge
Pete Shields - for great support to other in their training and racing
Will Buckton - good fell results throughout the month and being part of the fell relay team
Dan Wilkinson - results including Bronte Way and Shepherds Skyline
Jane McCarthy Bilbao Half Marathon, and Langdale fell race
September Jann Smith Edale fell race, and top 10 in English Fell Championships Other nominations were: Neil Chapman - for his commitment to club training, now including Monday night circuits
Hilda Coulsey - Club F60 record at Great North Run and other good results
Sharon Meadows and Andrew Merrick - for doing the full Bradford Millenium Way. Andrew because it was his 1st ultra and Sharon for guiding him round and advising him on ultra running
Paul Wood - for his commitment to the Club over the past years
Dave Wilby For great results at 3 Shires and Grisedale fell races
August Caz Farrow 4th W45 and GB team silver at the World Mountain Running Champs Other nominations were: Will Buckton - for great performances
Rob Cunningham - for doing both races at Burnsall and performing well in both
Bradley Chapman - for his performance at Burnsall
Nick Pearce - for fell race results at Round Hill & in English Champs
Val Kerr - for her Burnsall 10m result
Alison Eagle - for GB team silver at the World Mountain Running Champs
Norman Bush - for GB team silver at the World Mountain Running Champs
Steve Turland For consistently strong race results every week in August
July Kate Archer For continuing good race results on the fells Other nominations were: Sharon Meadows - for her Lakeland 100/50 race
Neil Smith - for training hard & completing the Lakeland 100/50 and continuing good results in long races
Neil & Clare Smith - for their performances in the Lakeland 100/50
Rob Cunningham - for numerous good race results
David Westhead For his sub 36min 10k at the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k
June Rob Cunningham For his PB at Otley 10m and 1st Harrier, also his good run at the Beamsley Beacon Other nominations were: Val Kerr - for arranging the Billy Bland Challenge;
Val Kerr, Alison Weston & Clare Smith - for helping organise the Billy Bland Challenge;
The whole Billy Bland Challenge Team - for cheerfully & willingly turning out in awful weather and putting IH on the map finishing in 23hours and 6mins
Beth Massey - for winning BMAF 5k Championship (FV40)
Sue Morley - for her fell racing in June
Matt Newell - for his performances at HDSRL, terrific debut results
Rebecca Mon-Williams For her good performances at Wharfedale & Hawksworth and for organsing the Aquathon
May Hilda Coulsey For performances at John Carr 5km series setting new F60 club record, Yorkshire F60 champion and 1st F60 in the series Other nominations were: Georgia Malir - for brilliant 3rd place in Mountain Running Championships and being selected to run for England and GB;
Eddie Winslow - for his LDWA 100 performance;
Clare Smith - for organising a great Calderdale Way Relay and social;
Bradley Chapman - for consistently good race results;
Val Kerr - for great results at Lothersdale, Jack Bloor, Calderdale Way and 1st F50 at Ilkley Trail race;
Tom Adams - 3rd at Inter Counties Championships & part of team winning Yorkshire Gold, his performance at Mountain Running Champs and being selected for England;
Emma O'Looney - for continued improvement in Bradford Park Runs; Paul Sugden - for setting a new marathon PB at Edinburgh.
Sally Morley For winning the John Carr 5km series outright
April Nick Pearce Sub 3h08 V60 Club Record at Manchester marathon Other nominations were: Brian Melia - 100 mile Mt Fuji Ultra; Kate Archer - fantastic runs at her first 3 Peaks and the Baildon Boundary Way; Will Buckton's - result at the 3 Peaks; Rebecca Moores - improving her London Marathon time by over 20 minutes; Mike Baldwin - completing his 21st Three Peaks Fell Race; Andrew Merrick - dogged determination to run and not only complete but run competitively at the Boston marathon in 3h22 despite suffering a serious foot injury only 4 weeks beforehand; Jann Smith - awesome 3 Peaks time (PB) also despite have a knee injury leading up to the race; Neil and Clare Smith for succesfully completing the Fellsman (61M) in under 20h
Adela Reperecki Under 5 hrs in the 3 Peaks (and a broken tooth!); improved each time in her 3 Bunny runs; Lady Vet prize at Over the Oda; Baildon Boundary Way
March Tom Adams Guiseley Gallop and Lightwater 10 wins Other nominations were: Christine Cox - 1st FV55 Dentdale; Rebecca Mon-Williams - High Peak Marathon (2nd ladies team, 10 hours) Bradley Chapman - setting an excellent example for the younger runners through his training, racing and in particular his leading training sessions.
Henry Heavisides Great track results, GB Vet selection and a good Peco result
February Georgia Malir 13th at the National XC in the U17 Women's race Other nominations were: Will Buckton - weekly Gazette newsletter article; Adela Reperecki - training hard all last year and into this, race times improvement, good Rombalds time; Beth Massey - PB at Snake Lane 10; Mark Hall for record breaking run/setting new club records at Wombwell 5 and also for results Snake Lane 10 mile 56:22 1st M50, UK top ranking; Dave Wilby for impressive PB and 2nd place at Rombalds and great result in Ilkley Fell race; Tom Adams Ilkley Moor fell race win!; Martin Archer Ilkley Moor fell race; and Vince Gibbons improvement
Sally Malir Club F45 record at the Snake Lane 10
January Jack Wood for his runs in the PECO and Yorkshire Cross Country Championships and also his 5th place at the Stanbury Splash. There were no other nominations.
Outi Kamarainen for her Kinder Trail result

2013 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

In May the Committee made award to Mike Baldwin for completing his 21st 3 Peaks race.
In June three awards were made: to Georgia Malir and Tom Adams for their England selection and fantastic performances in their races representing England. Also to Beth Massey for winning FV40 gold at BMAF 5km Championships.


December Dave Wilby great results in the Peak District and Chevin Chase PB Also nominated: Bradley Chapman for his fantastic PB at the Ribble Valley 10k, good results at Parkrun 5k and The Stoop, a great improvement recently with lots of hard training.
Will Buckton for race results
Vince & Bernie Gibbons for organising the Christmas Relays and quiz night
November Beth Massey F40 Club record & best 10k female time this year at the Abbey Dash & really good cross country results; 1st lady at the Preston 5km Also nominated: Sheena Pickersgill - fantastic PB at the Abbey Dash 10k of 48.42, and her commitment, hard work and dedication to Wednesday night track training in order to achieve her goal of breaking 50 minutes at the Abbey Dash
Peter Shields - excellent coaching & commitment to the Wednesday night track sessions which has seen all his regular group achieve PBs or SBs in recent races and also for his support and encouragement at races.
Rebecca Moores - commitment to training and resulting improvement
Alison Eagle - successful YVAA Grand Prix league and becoming the overall FV45 Champion (as a FV50)
Nicole Dillon - Burley Moor run
Julie Elmes XC racing, and tremendous improvement in running times
October Caz Farrow 1st lady at Rivington Trail Half marathon then ran in our Ian Hodgson team the next day Also nominated: Tilly Melechi - first lady at Beefy's Nab fell race and setting a new ladies record at Run Sunday! (NB HoM rules do not allow juniors to receive the award, and we needed to consider recent precedents for this, but congratulations on her nomination.)
Helen Horton - fabulous FV50 time for her first marathon in Berlin 3.47.54 which will earn her a good for age place in London Marathon. Solid commitment to training and great determination despite injuries. (September)
Ian Rowbotham - 4th in the Para P Company Challenge (September)
Jamie Hutchinson - won the Harewood 5
Lee Morley - top results incl, 8th Gt Whernside, 19th Withins, 57th WYXC, ΚFRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Bradley Chapman - strong team runs at FRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Will Buckton For steadily-improving results incl, 30th Gt Whernside, 49th Withins, 116th WYXC, Langdale Horseshoe
September Helene Whittaker For her Dragon's Back achievement! 200 miles & 50,000ft of ascent - 4th overall Also nominated: Dave Wilby for 4th in the Three Shires fell race; Jamie Hutchinson for a great effort in his first Ironman; Gaenor Coy for her first Half Ironman; Paul Sugden for his impressive PB at the Berlin Marathon and structured training regime.
Sue Bickerdike For her sub 4 hour Berlin Marathon (PB) and her dedication and her walk/run strategy in achieving it
August David Millson Supporting Tuesday night groups with dedication and enthusiasm Also nominated: Mark Hall and Beth Massey for outstanding results - pretty much from the moment they joined IH!; Hector Haines for top class fell results; Sharon Meadows for her 50-mile Ridgeway Challenge; Rebecca Mon-Williams for BOFRA race results; Nicky Jaquiery, 3rd LV40 in the UTMB 111km race
Mark Hall For his club age records and title winning performances at 5km, 10km & 10m.

2012, sponsored by UP & RUNNING to July

July Martin Archer 5th at Idle Trail Race & other race results. Also nominated: Rebecca Moores for her dedication to training and huge transformation since April as well as her winning mind that inspires us all, no challenge scares her!; Alison Eagle for Mont Blanc Marathon, 2nd LV50; Paul Wood for his organization of the successful Addingham Gala race, even arranging for some sunshine, and for being so actively involved in the Harrogate Race League series as Secretary and being at every one of the races to register, support and take photos; Nikos Georgiadis for training sessions
Neil and Clare Smith Lakeland 100
June Bradley Chapman For recent great fell results and dedication improvements in training. Great run at Kettlewell and then improving at the next race to take the 2 evasive scalps at Hawkswick! Bradley is now a formidable challenger to our senior men and a great asset to the club. Also nominated: Dave Wilby for a top top class performance coming 14th at the English fell champs Great Lakes Race; Rebecca Mon-Williams for her excellent organisation of the Aquathon; Nikos Georgiadis, who has organised some superb new training sessions, a BMW Relay team, and with John Coates saved the day on Scafell in the Real Relay; Diane Haggar for brilliant fell results at Penyghent - 3rd lady, Austwick - 1st Lady, Kettlewell -1st FV45, Beamsley 2nd lady; Neil Smith for completing a hat-trick of Lakeland fell races. Ennerdale, Duddon and Great Lakes on consecutive Saturdays; Paul Wood for Club support; Caz Farrow for race results: 1st lady Wharfedale off-road half, Mob Match, and HDSRL 5
Nick Richardson For his results and commitment in the HDSRL races
May Alison Bennett For her brilliant marathon result at Windermere Marathon (new club V50 marathon record) and Jack Bloor race Also nominated: Alison Weston and Clare Smith for organising the Calderdale Way Relay teams; David Westhead for sub 17min 5k at John Carr Race 3; Bradley Chapman for his effort in training and BOFRA races; Sheena Pickersgill for completing her first ever marathon in Edinburgh and for her motivation and organisation of marathon training runs for some of her other running colleagues
John Coates For his 50 races in his 50th year
April Rebecca Moores For knocking an amazing 40 mins off her marathon time in London, a fantastic and beautifully paced race, training really hard, and leading a group on a Tuesday Also nominated: Jez Hellewell - 3 Peaks results - nearly 5 minutes quicker than last year!; The ladies 3 Peaks team; Clare Smith, Alison Weston and Dave Wilby for being great fell captains, Clare for organising Calder relay, Alison for 3Ps time and encouragement, Dave for recent race results and for handing out food and drink near the top of Ingleborough; Clare and Neil Smith for tackling the Fellsman challenge and Clare for organising events and relays; Alison Weston for her 14th 3 Peaks race!; Jonathan Sinclair for a terrific run andΚPB at London Marathon run, 746th place, setting a new club record & a very high placing in his age group; Liz Price for her commitment to training, determination, perseverance and fantastic attitude in her 3P; Jann Smith and the Three Peaks girls for their performances and achieving a top place in the Yorkshire Chamionships, and Jann's Coledale result; Nicky Jaquiery for her ultra race in Mallorca; John Coates for all his training, hard work and continuous dedication and commitment to 3 Peaks; Eddie Winslow on his first Ultra win; Rob Cunningham for a great Manchester Marathon time.
Sally Malir For her outstanding Marathon time at Manchester in appalling conditions, 2nd lady, breaking club age group record at same time; and 1st LV45 in Guiseley Gallop. These results are the result of months of focussed training, dedication and hard work!
March Rebecca and Mark Mon-Williams for organizing from scratch the new Ilkley Harriers Weekend away in the Lake Distric, incorporating fun, running, Black Combe and orienteering events - excellent. Also nominated: Sue Morley - dedication to Cross Country 2011/12 season: completing all the West Yorkshire League races, and all the Peco League Races and beingΚ 1st Lady Vet 55 in both leagues plus completing the Northerns and Yorkshire Championships; Nikos - who has gone way above the call of duty with his new training classes and suggestions for future runs etc not to mention his enthusiasm and cooking; Jack Wood - 6th @ Dainfield PECO, 4th Windmill Whizz and winning his orienteering event from an arch rival by a few seconds; Dave Westhead - sub 36 mins in the Bradford 10k; Alison and Andrew Bennett - Dales Way Relay. They did a fabulous job organising everyone, driving in between relay points, running some of the legs, taking photos and providing cake!
Andrew Sheldon For his 10k PB at Dewsbury, under the elusive 40 mins and for his 10 mile PB at Thirsk in 66 mins, for flying in training and continued improvement.
February Tom Adams race wins at Ilkley Moor fell race, and PECO XC Also nominated: Jann Smith - Rombalds Stride result; Andy Jackson - Rombalds Stride, PECO XC performances, and improvement in the last year; Peter Shields - Rombalds Stride and commitment to training for others and himself in his 65th year; Nikos Georgiadis - for showing great enthusiasm for the club and encouraging beginners by setting up new training sessions; Paul & Shirley Wood - for organising the Ilkley Moor fell races
Christine Cox Great NW Half in 1h45, a PB by 5 minutes
January Nigel Tapper leading groups on a Tuesday and reccies of the 3 Peaks and Rombalds Stride Also nominated: Tom Adams for his Stanbury Splash 1st place, 1st place at the Peco, Yorkshire and Northern XC results and 2nd place on New Year's day in Gloucestershire; Dave Westhead for his performance in the Yorkshire & Northern XC; and Sue Bickerdyke for her enthusiasm, participation, and encouragement of others
Kate Archer for tremendous results in Jan

2012 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

The Committee made one award in 2012, to Tom Adams for racing achievements over many months.

2011, sponsored by UP & RUNNING

December Norman Bush 4 good race results incl V70 record Stoop and 1st V70 at Auld Lang Syne Also nominated: Gemma Carpenter - new(ish) member but has shown great commitment in turning up to races throughout the year and has shown improvement over 2011. Good results in Dec include WYXC, Stoop, and Giants Tooth; David Westhead - 1st Harrier at WYXC Wayfield, and overall V40 Champ; Hector Haines - 4th at Chevin Chase
Lee Morley Whinberry Naze and Cowm Reservoir race wins and good results at Auld Lang Syne
November Emma Barclay Sub-40 mins & 2nd lady at Dalby Dash 10k trail race, and XC results Also nominated: Dave Wilby for recent race results incl. Tour of Pendle; Martin Archer for recent race results incl. Burley Moor run win; Jim Ryder for four excellent and consistent runs in the Complete Runner XC series, making a great contribution to the team and finishing 5th M45 in the league; Di Haggar for her Tour of Pendle result and West Yorkshire x/c results; Jez Hellewell for his 1st in his 1st ultra race; Chris Cunningham for his PB's at Scarborough, Abbey Dash and the 5 mile road race; Abigail Bailey for recent races including two marathons and contribution to organising teams, dedication to training and for motivating people to get involved who would not normally; Dave Millson for his PB at the 5 mile road race; Andy Jackson for his Abbey Dash PB
Will Buckton new member, dedication to training and fell races including the Full Tour of Pendle
October Mark Mon-Williams For assisting an injured runner in the Langdale Horseshoe fell race Also nominated: Norman Bush - recent V70 fell results incl. Gt Whernside
Martin Wright 5 marathons in 5 weeks to raise money for charity
September Peter Shields and Nick Pearce Scafell, Snowdon and Ben Nevis fell races, and Lands End to John O'Groats cycle ride, all wearing the Ilkley Harriers vest to celebrate the Club's 25th Also nominated: Tom Adams - course records at Kirkstall 7 and Bradley Fell Race, first in Rombalds Romp and Ilkley Incline; Christine Cox, Great North Run almost 4 minutes faster than 2010; Georgia Malir - for all her hard work and excellent results (Georgia too young to be awarded HoM); Helene Whitaker - first lady in the Lake District Mountain Trial
Tracey Greenway F45 Gold at the World Masters Mountain Running Championships - Paluzza, Italy
August Diane Haggar BOFRA races, results and encouraging others Also nominated: Alison Weston - English Fell Champs placing and encouraging others; Morgan Williams - CCC ultra; Brian Melia - UTMB ultra; Nicky Jaquiery - UTMB ultra
Dave Wilby Sedbergh Hills race and English Fell Champs placing
July Paul Sowden Bob Graham Round Also nominated: The Thunder Run Team
Emma Barclay Whittle Park result
June Vic Verecondi BMW Relay teams coordination Also nominated: Mark Mon-Williams, HSDRL and fell results
Eddie Winslow & Stuart Pitches 2nd in 3 Peaks Yacht Race
May David Westhead John Carr sub 16:45 Also nominated: Helen Horton, 2nd LV45 Meanwood VT and Triple Series (1st LV45 Wharfedale Half); Tom Adams, Ilkley Trail Race course record, and race results; Helen Whittaker, Yorkshire selection; Sally Morley, Yorkshire selection; Neil Smith, LDWA 100; BMAF V35 ladoes team Jane Bryant, Sally Morley, Sharon Williams, Jann Smith
Andrew Merrick PBs at Rothwell, Leeds Half, John Carr
April Ian Rowbotham 3 Peaks and Dick Hudsons Also nominated: Gaenor Coy – Paris marathon time; Emma O’Looney – Training and London Marathon; Dave Cummings – 3 Peaks debut and John Carr 5k<; Sue Booth – Open 5 winner; Steve Weston – London; Jann Smith - London; Mike Baldwin – 19th 3 Peaks race; Andy Merrick - race results; Tom Adams - Guiseley Gallop win and Bunny Run results
The Bennetts Dales Way Relay organisation & support
March Jann Smith Spen 20 1st F40 Also nominated: Dave Wilby - Race results, leading from the front!; Geoff Howard - Thirsk 10, Club record, YV Champ; Eddie Irving - St Annes 10 (Club record), Thirsk; Jane Bryant - Thirsk sub-70 10; Dougie Scarfe - Thirsk massive PB; Rebecca Mon-Williams - Thirsk sub-70 PB; Caroline Morley - Liverpool Half PB
Steve Weston Thirsk sub-60 PB
February Dave Cummings Ilkley Moor fell race Also nominated: Christine Cox - Dewsbury 10k and GNW Half; Duncan Cooper - Ilkley Moor fell race, Rombalds Stride; Sally Malir - Liversedge Half
Paul Sugden Snake Lane 10, Dewsbury 10k

2011 Outstanding Achievement Awards

No awards were made in 2011.

2010, sponsored by UP & RUNNING

December Tom Adams 3rd WYXC, and fell results Also nominated: Sally Morley - Auld Lang Syne result; Don Mcrae - PECO XC commitment; Sharon Meadows - PB at Chevin Chase
Ben Stevens Chevin Chase result
November Brit Tate 1st IH lady in Abbey Dash Also nominated: Henry Heavisides - Abbey Dash results and other races; Sally Morley - 8th place West Yorks XC and 1st F Ben’s Run; Steve Weston - 20 mins off Tour of Pendle time; Chris Matthews - 10 mile Club record; Julian Carter - Abbey Dash time; Neil Chapman - organising Ben’s Race; Martin Archer - Burley Fell Race win; Tom Adams - 3rd place West Yorks XC and Harriers v cyclists result
Rob Cunningham 5k and Abbey Dash time
October Jeff Paget Sub 3hr marathon and club record Also nominated: Martin Wright - 2 marathons in 1 month!; Amanda Parnaby - Rotherham 50m; MV60 team at YVRR - Colin Lugton, David Millson and Don McCrae; The Ladies Ian Hodgson team; Chris Matthews- Italian 1/2m and club record; Heather Dawe and Andrea priestly - 1st in OMM; Derek Fuller - OMM result
Geoff Howard Selby 10m time and club record
September Sharon Williams 1st LV45 Horsforth Also nominated: Tracey Greenway – English Fell Champion LV40; Sarah Fuller - 1st RAB MM; Alison Weston – Scafell race; Henry Heavisides – Track Success; Vince Gibbons – Wetherby 10k time
Dave Cummings BOFRA results
August Jez Hellewell Race results Also nominated: Ladies team at Burnsall; Norman Bush – WMRA Masters Silver; Julian Carter - Fleetwood half; Rob Cunningham – race results
Justin Phillips Burnsall time
July Alison Weston 1st vet45 Snowdon and SLMM result Also nominated: Andrew Bennett – results and improvement; Val Kerr – 1st v50 HDSRL; Henry Heavisides – Silver Medal V55 British Masters Track; Dave Wilby – 1st in Carrock at SLMM; Mark Mon-Williams – 1st M Osmotherly marathon
Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st F Osmotherly Marathon
June Kelly Harrison 1st lady Coniston Triathlon Also nominated: Steve Turland – English Championships, Ennerdale; Alison Weston/Tracey Greenway – Ennerdale results; Sally Morley – British Masters Silver; Geoff Howard – British Masters Bronze, V60/65 records; Brian Sweet – HDSRL and contribution to club; Amanda Parnaby – 1st lady Wharfedale Rugger Ramble; Martin Archer - results
Mark Mon-Williams Results
May Sally Morley Overall ladies winner of John Carr series and 1st V35 Also nominated: Stuart Pitches – Bob Graham Round; Nicky Jaquiery - Bob Graham Round (in the heat!); Norman Bush - 1st v70 and 2nd V65 at English Fell Champs race at Coniston; Jamie Hutchinson - winning the Airedale Triple Trail series; Christine Cox - overall improvement including a sub 2hr Leeds half marathon time and time at latest HRL race; Mike Picken - overall improvement, setting PB's in 5k, 10m and 1/2m all in May; Ladies V35 team at BMAF Relays: Sue Bickerdike, Jane Bryant, Sally Morley, Jann Smith
Andrew Bennett Overall improvement, particularly his times at the John Carr races taking 7mins off time from last year
April Neil Chapman HDSRL race organiser Also nominated: Paul O’Looney – for results at Blackpool and London; Sally Malir – London result; Alison Eagle – 3 Peaks; Amanda Parnaby – Dedication and LDWA events; Helen Horton – 1st LV45 Blackpool; Catering Team – Ilkley HDSRL
Jonathan Sinclair sub 3hr at London
March Kate Archer improvement and recent results Also nominated: Dave Cummings – for XC results; Rachel Wolfenden – for Trimple 20 results; Don MacRae – for Peco runs; Dave Wilby – for 10k results; Jo Prowse – for N Rd Relays; Henry Heavisides – for hard work and captaincy; Janet Bairstow – for group leads; Vic Verecondi and Jann Smith – for the cycling gear; Alison Eagle – for results
Tom Adams Recent race wins
February Sally Malir 1st lady at Liversedge Half, and contribution to Marathon 'wee gathering' Also nominated: Jenny Dybeck, XC inter-counties selection; Amanda Parnaby, long distance events and supporting fellow members; Bob Payne, 29min off PB at Rombalds; Kay Pearce, 3rd lady Rombalds (1st long race of this sort); Justin Phillips, consistently good results incl. Dewsbury 10k and Tokyo 10k; Malcolm Pickering, great XC captaincy and results; Ewan Welsh, organising the 'wee gathering' socials; Andy Wiggans, results incl 1st V45 in 80 minutes at NW Half
Dave Wilby 35.06 Dewsbury 10k plus Ilkley Moor and Noon Stone results
January David Westhead PECO XC result, supporting juniors Also nominated: Justin Phillips, Brass Monkey sub-80; Paul O'Looney, Brass Monkey, PECO XC; the organisers of t'Do; Diane Haggar, Northern XC; Lyn Eden, 65@65; Sue Bickerdike, newsletter; Paul Sugden, consistently achieving PBs; Kelly Harrison, PECO XC & Northern XC
Henry Heavisides Brass Monkey 1st V55 and Club records

2010 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

September 2010 Tracey Greenway English Fell Champion LV40
August 2010 Norman Bush Silver Medal WMRA Masters, Poland
July 2010 Henry Heavisides Silver Medal V55 British Masters Track
June 2010 Geoff Howard British Masters Bronze, V60/65 records
June 2010 Sally Morley British Masters Silver
January 2010 Lyn Eden Completing '65@65', 65 fell races in the 12 months before her 65th Birthday

2010 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

September 2010 Tracey Greenway English Fell Champion LV40
August 2010 Norman Bush Silver Medal WMRA Masters, Poland
July 2010 Henry Heavisides Silver Medal V55 British Masters Track
June 2010 Geoff Howard British Masters Bronze, V60/65 records
June 2010 Sally Morley British Masters Silver
January 2010 Lyn Eden Completing '65@65', 65 fell races in the 12 months before her 65th Birthday

2009, sponsored by UP & RUNNING

December Jeff Paget Luton Marathon: 1st V55, Club Record, and fastest male Harrier time in 2009 Also nominated: Richard Hinsley Langdale 10k; Henry Heavisides Ribble Valley 10k; Justin Phillips Ribble Valley 10k and PECO XC
Jann Smith Club kit
November Steve Turland 1st Harrier at Thirsk in 61.29 (fastest Harrier 10m this year), 1st Harrier at Rivock, 3rd Harrier at Withins Also nominated: Malcolm Pickering, our XC Captain leading by example with great results at both PECO (3rd Harrier) and WYXC 3 (2nd Harrier) and WYXC 2 (5th Harrier); Emma O'Looney - Abbey Dash PB; Geoff Howard - 3 club records in a month: 5k, 10k & 10 miles & set the second fastest time in the UK this year for his age group; Jenny Dybeck - 1st Harriers lady in CRXC; Jane Bryant - CRXC results; Helen Horton - PB half marathon and Abbey Dash; Henry Heavisides - race results; David Westhead - new member and a Dad from the Saturday morning 'family' runs with the kids, 3rd Harrier at WYXC 2 and 1st Harrier at WYXC 3
Richard Reeve Abbey Dash PB
October Graham Arthur completing the highest no. of Scottish Classic Hill Races this year (of anyone in the UK; 10 out of 11 and each one a major challenge) and taking the V60 title for the 2nd consecutive year. Also nominated: Helene and Jonathan Whitaker 1st mixed pair OMM Long Score; Jann Smith 1st LV40 Warrington Half, 1st lady Bradford 5; Jim Ryder for race results
Helene Whitaker race results incl Wasdale
September Ian Rowbotham Whernside & YVAA Relay results; supporting others in training Also nominated: Jenny Dybeck - For clinching the ladies BOFRA title and for results in the senior relay teams; Richard Reeve for his run in the vets relay, he was second fastest Ilkley Harrier; Graham Arthur for stepping in to run the vets relay at very short notice after running an 18 mile fell race in Scotland the day before; Chairman for the last year, Andy Wolfenden; Brian Melia for his Ultra Trial du Mont Blanc completion; Helene Whittaker for her victory in the Ladies Mountain Trial; Geoff Howard for his 5th place in the World Masters V65 race; Alison Eagle for her 5th place in the World Masters LV45 race and for leading England to a team gold medal
Pete Shields and team Organising the YVAA Road Relays
August Jenny Dybeck Gargrave fell race Also nominated: Mike Baldwin for Zinner Zinal; Rebecca Mon-Williams for the Rombalds Romp; Andy Wiggans for a sub 2.30 Olympic distance triathlon; Brian Sweet for group leading and a great performance at the Jane Tomlinson 10K; and Rachael Gooch for Sedbergh Hills.
Nicky Jacquiery 2nd lady in the Lakeland 50
July Lyn & Jim Commitment to racing, prolific participation on the fells Also nominated: Chris Gale - results - high overall race placings at Eccup 10, Ingleborough Fell; Paul Stephens - leading Tuesday evening groups and race participation Eccup 10, HRL, Rombalds Romp, Pudsey 10k; Jenny Dybeck - 1st U23 and 2nd overall at Hawkswick Dash
Geoff Howard Wasdale 1st V65 and securing overall V65 English Fell Championship series
June Shirley Wood Junior commitments and Clubmark development Also nominated: Andrew Bennett for commitment to training and racing; Hector Haines for race performances; Alison Eagle for Junior coaching and good performances at Tebay, Yorks vets and numerous other races; Jack Wood for race results.
Ladies Horwich 5K team of Jane Bryant, Sally Morley, Jann Smith Silver medallists
May Andy Wiggans 5 PBs in May at various distances - Rothwell 10k, Leeds 1/2 marathon, and at each 5k in John Carr Series Also nominated: Rachel and Brian Websdale - Organization of Junior Ilkley Trail Race; Ian Hargreaves - for fitting own time in Leeds 1/2 marathon to encourage and assist a fellow IH achieve a PB; Fiona Jordan - 300m Hurdles Gold medal in Yorkshire Champs; Richard Reeve - Great runs in HRL Thirsk race and Leeds 1/2 marathon; Lee Morley - John Carr 5k PB; Sally Morley - John Carr 5k PB; Emma Barclay - Fairfield Horseshoe
Tom Adams 2nd at Kildwick Fell race and Winner of Ilkley Trail Race
April Nick Richardson excellent race times and leading training groups Also nominated: Val Kerr - FV50 Bunny run success; Sally Malir - London Marathon and Guiseley Gallop; Neil Chapman - commitment to coaching; Lee Morley - Anniversary Waltz; Tom Adams - fell success; and Clare Smith - 3 Peaks
Ian Rowbotham Three Peaks and Bunny Run 1st V50
March Paul Sugden overall and consistent improvement Also nominated: Emily Wood for contribution to the Junior section, Geoff Howard for Tour of Pendle, Lee Morley for Tour of Pendle, Steve Turland for Edale Skyline and Fiensdale, Jane Bryant for St Anne's 10 (pb), Christine Mathews for St Anne's 10 (club record), Karen Lambe for consistent training and recent race results, Sally Malir Spen 20 Yorkshire Champion
Jacqui Weston Quiz night, social food at the club, and ideas for other social events
February Emma Barclay Rombalds Stride Also nominated: Paul Wood for organising the fell race, Liz Price for a 3min PB for half marathon, Andrew Bennett for repeatedly racing and breaking PB's
Margot Dale Yorks Vets XC silver medal and 1st V60 at the YVGP at Horsforth
January Jane Bryant Brass Monkey PB Also nominated: Becky Malby for organising Primary School XC
Amanda Parnaby Scarborough LDWA event

2009 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This Award is not automatically given for breaking Club records, it is only given where the achievement has a real 'wow' factor. This award was instituted in September 2008.

November Geoff Howard 3 club records in a month: 5k, 10k & 10 miles & set the second fastest time in the UK this year for his age group
September Jenny Dybeck For clinching the ladies BOFRA title and for results in the senior relay teams
May Jo Prowse For setting a new LV55 5K Club Record 22:55 at Halifax
April Geoff Howard For achieving a new MV65 record in the Wakefield 10K
April Christine Matthews LV55 club record in the St Annes 10 mile road race

2008, sponsored by UP & RUNNING

December Sabine Hauswirth and Sally Morley Calderdale Way Relay Leg 5 Also nominated: Ian Hunter- race results and commitment to training; Eddie Winslow - Winter Bob Graham Round; Andrew Bennett - Chevin Chase and Ribble Valley PB's; Kay Pearce - Chevin Chase and Auld Lang Syne
Catherine Gibbons Chevin Chase and Ribble Valley
November Sarah Jarvis Northern Champion and sub 60min 10m Also nominated: Vic Verecondi - pb at Thirsk 10m, and Amsterdam half; Justin Philips - pb at Abbey Dash and Thirsk 10m; Jane Bryant - pb at Abbey Dash and Amsterdam half.
Richard Gray service to club organising the predictor run
October Alison Eagle Yorkshire Vets GP Also nominated: Graham Arthur (Scotttish Long Classics), Catherine Gibbons (WYXC, Harewood 10), Pete Shields, Sarah Jarvis (England selection), Henry Heavisides (Brussels Half), Ian Marshall (L2 coach)
Alison Bennett/Sarah Jarvis/Amanda Oddie Ladies Masters XC
September Geoff Howard World Masters Mountain Race Also nominated: Kelly Harrison (Ilkley Tri), Ralph Tench (Ilkley Tri), and Sarah Jarvis
Pete Shields Contribution to club, esp. coaching
August Tom Adams Race results Also nominated: Sarah Jarvis, Holly Williamson and Sheena Pickersgill
July Kelly Harrison Race results Also nominated: Holly Williamson, Lee Morley, Eddie Winslow, Dave Wilby, Jenny Dybeck
June Brian Melia Bob Graham Round Also nominated: Di Haggar, Jenny Dybeck, Andrea Priestley
May Heather Dawe Bob Graham Round Also nominated: Alison Eagle, Morgan Williams, Eddie Winslow, Neil Smith, Jeff Paget, Alison Bennett
April Sally Malir Blackpool Marathon time Also nominated: Sarah Jarvis, Tom Adams, Graham Arthur, Emma Barclay, Dave Cummings and James Wood-Robertson
March Alison Weston Dales Way Relay organiser Also nominated: Sarah Jarvis race for results, Amanda Parnaby for long-distance runs and commitment to training, Brian Melia - Edale, Jeff Paget - race results
February Sally Malir &
Sarah Jarvis
Snake Lane club record
NW Half Marathon, Rombalds
Also nominated: Sheena Pickersgill, Dave Cummings, Amanda Parnaby, Andrew Bennett, Sarah Jarvis and Marc Teasey
January Jenny Dybeck XC racing achievements Also nominated: Jim Ryder, Alison Eagle

2008 Outstanding Achievement Awards

From time to time the Committee makes this award to recognise an achievement that exceeds even the criteria for the Ilkley Harrier of the Month Award. This award was instituted in September 2008.

December Eddie Winslow Winter Bob Graham Round
November Christine Matthews For breaking the club LV55 and LV50 record at 10m (Bampton to Carlisle).
September Sarah Jarvis England selection for the V35 team at the British and Irish Cross Country International meeting in Swansea

2007, sponsored by Complete Runner

December Nick Pearce Top form on road and fell Also nominated: Neil Chapman, Jamie Hutchinson
November Alison Bennett WYXC results, 10 mile record Also nominated: Sheena Pickersgill, Catherine Gibbons, Marc Teasey
October Will Plastow WYXC U17 results Also nominated: Heather Dawe, Dave Matthews, Emma Barclay, Sheena Pickersgill, Jon Sinclair, Dave Wlby, Ben Stevens
September Elizabeth McCann Race results Also nominated: Heather Dawe, Alison Bennett, Sheena Pickersgill, Jon Sinclair, Dave Wilby, Ben Stevens
August Geoff Howard Race results Also nominated: Nick Richardson, Holly Williamson, Jamie Hutchinson
July Richard Gray HRL Handicap Champion Also nominated: Graham Pearce, Jamie Hutchinson
June Simon Chapman HRL and Otley 10 results Also nominated: Graham Pearce, Holly Williamson, Caroline Ebert
May Christine Matthews Edinburgh Marathon Also nominated: Will Plastow, Hector Haines, Nick Richardson, Pete Shields, Malcolm Pickering, Simon Chapman
April Marc Teasey Team Coordination Also nominated: Simon Chapman, Catherine Gibbons, Sally Malir, Graham Pearce, John Atkinson
March Graham Pearce Racing achievements Also nominated: Amanda Parnaby, Marc Teasey
February Lawrence Basham Racing achievements Also nominated: Terry Lonergan, Dan Goodey, Amanda Parnaby, Joyce Marshall, Graham Pearce, Morgan Williams, Nick Richardson
January Diane Haggar Racing achievements Also nominated: Helen Ilsley, John Atkinson, Bob Payne

2006, sponsored by Complete Runner

December Vince Gibbons Improvement Also nominated: Jamie Hutchinson, Diane Haggar, Joyce Marshall, Paul Davidson, Geoff Howard, Bernie Gibbons
November Alison Bennett XC results and leadership Also nominated: Lawrence Basham, Hector Haines, Catherine Gibbons, Graham Pearce, Jemma Basham, Jane Bryant, Jamie Hutchinson, Jim Ryder, Paul Davidson, Tim Ashelford, Terry Lonergan, Alison Eagle
October The men's team at the Ian Hodgson fell relay! Best ever result, 9th team Also nominated: Helena Deeney, Terry Lonergan, Iain Gibbons, Morgan Williams, Diane Haggar, Alsion Eagle, Simon Chapman
September Hector Haines Three Shires and Ilkley Incline results Also nominated: Jamie Hutchinson, Geoff Howard
August Bob Hamilton Recent results, winning the Harriers Running League fell category Also nominated: Emma Barclay, Eddie Winslow
July Pete Shields Wharfedale TTT, 5th HRL Dragons Race at Guiseley, Burn Valley Half Marathon and "for all the encouragement, inspiration and motivation he has provided us on those gruelling, yet unmissable, evenings". Also nominated: Dave Wilby, Sarah Jarvis, Pete Shields, and the 1st Mixed Team at the Washburn Relays:- Dan Roebuck, Simon Chapman, Mary Gibbons, Catherine Gibbons
June Amanda Oddie British Masters 5k Champion Also nominated: Sally Malir, Graham Pearce, Lawrence Basham, Sarah Jarvis
May Alison Weston Bob Graham Round Also nominated: Amanda Oddie, Ben Stevens, Graham Pearce
April Helen Sedgwick Three Peaks fell race ladies winner Also nominated: Jane Cullingworth (Woldsman), Amanda Parnaby (Woldsman), Janet Grace (FLM), Amanda Oddie (Rothwell), Nick Richardson (Guiseley Gallop, Meanwood), Dave Wilby (3 Peaks, Anniversary Waltz)
March Amanda Oddie South Leeds Stadium 5M Also nominated: Sally Malir (Barcelona Marathon), Emma Barclay (Barcelona 10k), Bernie Gibbons (Sport Direct XC), Ladies 6-stage relay team
February Jemma Basham attitude towards and effort in training, 10m PB Also nominated: Lawrence Basham (continued improvement, 10m time and X-country), Amanda Oddie (racing), Sally Malir (Snake Lane 10m, Rombalds victory), Margot Dale (Dewsbury 10k), Ian Marshall (Rombalds)
January Pete Bedwell Race results Also nominated: Kay Lucas (XC), Lawrence Basham (XC, races), Jemma Basham (Stanbury, XC, commitment to training), Sally Malir (race results) and Joyce Marshall (XC).

2005, sponsored by Complete Runner

December Sarah Jarvis Race results Also nominated: Mark Teasey, Andy Wolfenden, Lawrence Basham, Jamie Hutchinson
November Lawrence Basham Race results Also nominated: Mark Teasey, Keith Wood, Sue Bickerdike, Graham Pearce
October Nicky Jaquiery & Eddie Winslow KIMM Elite 1st Mixed team Also nominated: Ros Leach (return from injury), the Ladies Fell Team (English Champs, Langdale, Ian Hodgson), Ed Battye (recent performances)
Jo Foster Ladies fell team organisation
September Heather Dawe 3 Shires and Hellvelyn Triathlon Also nominated: Jack Wood (Ilkley Incline, Harrogate Theatre Races), Neil Chapman (3 races in one day) and John Tindell/Suzie Bickerdike for the Yorkshireman.
August Richard Joel Recent results Also nominated: Rachael Gooch, Jack Wood, Neil Chapman
July The Ilkley Ladies Fell Team British Champions 2005 Also nominated: Louise Cartledge, Sarah Jarvis, Nicky Jaquiery, Keith Wood
June Helen Sedgwick Chevin, Edale, Kettlewell and Cutler Fell performances Also nominated: Helen Shew for her recent improvement over the HRRL series; Graham Pearce, Alison Bennett and Richard Joel for their improved performances over the month
May Bob Wightman Bob Graham Round Also nominated: Nicky Jaquiery and Heather Dawe
April Vince Gibbons Commitment and improvement Also nominated: Richard Joel, Sally Malir, Heather Duke, Caroline Howard, Andy Wiggans, John Atkinson, Emma Barclay, Jack Wood
March Jason Hemsley Race results Also nominated: Emma Barclay, Eddie Winslow, Heather Dawe
February Ian Marshall Race results Also nominated: Emma Barclay, Heather Dawe, Ashley Hardwell, Di Kitchen, Kay Lucas, Sally Malir, Joyce Marshall
January Elizabeth McCann Race results Also nominated: Jamie Hutchinson

2004, sponsored by Complete Runner

December Sally Malir Race results Also nominated: Suzanne Bickerdike & Alison Bennett, Neil Chapman, Jamie Hutchinson, Andy Kitchen
November Emma Barclay Race results Also nominated: Nicky Kime, Cath Wolfenden, Suzanne Bickerdike, Neil Chapman
October Cath Wolfenden Race results Also nominated: Emma Barclay. Helen Sedgwick, Jo Foster, Dave Jepson
September Jason Hemsley Fell race and cyclocross results Also nominated: Nicky Kime, Keith Wood, Barbara Bullock, and Sue Bickerdike
August Jamie Hutchinson Race results Also nominated: Geoff Howard, Nicki Kime, Ewan Welsh
July Geoff Howard Race results Also nominated: Dave Jepson, Amanda Parnaby, Julie Ratcliffe, Elaine Cossins
June Alison Eagle, Elizabeth McCann Race results Also nominated: Geoff Howard, Heather Dawe, Ashley Hardwell
May Graham Pearce World Duathlon Championships Also nominated: Cath Wolfenden, Sue Bickerdike
April Pete Shields London Marathon, Three Peaks fell race Also nominated: Geoff Howard, Graham Pearce
March Jim Ryder Consistently good results Also nominated: Barbera Bullock, Elizabeth McCann, Jo Foster, Geoff Howard, Vic Verecondi, Bernie Gibbons
February Andy Wolfenden Brass Monkey Half, Great NW Half, organising training Also nominated: Bridget Doherty, Keith Wood, Ian Marshall, Jeff Paget
January Terry Lonergan Commitment to XC and road racing, great results Also nominated: Phil Chappell, Susi Leach, Kevin Gooch, Amanda Parnaby

2003, sponsored by Booths

December Vince Gibbons Improved race results Also nominated: Jo Foster
November Geoff Howard Recent good results Also nominated: Terry Lonergan, Amanda Parnaby, Graham Pearce
October Dave Cheesewright Langdale fell race,
Ian Hodgson Fell relay
Also nominated: Jo Foster, Mike Baldwin, Emma Barclay
September Roy Ruddle South Wales "Brecon Beacons" Traverse in < 24 hours Also nominated: Jim Ryder, Richard Midgley
August Nick Pearce International selection, recent results Also nominated: Andrea Priestley
July Alison Crane Fell results Also nominated: Vince Gibbons, Jo Foster
Jason Hemsley & Stefan Macina Harrogate Road League
June Billy Kerr Outstanding race results on fell, trail, and road Also nominated: Alison Crane, Alison Bennett, Nicky Kime, Jim Ryder
May Tim Ashelford Duathlon and Triathlon results Also nominated: Anna Liuba, Ros Blackburn, Bernie Connor, Andrea Priestley
April Clive Smith Great recent race results Also nominated: Nick Pearce, Billy Kerr, Chris Porritt, Jane Leather, Roy Ruddle, Ken Souyave
March Jane Cullingworth Commitment to training, and recent race results Also nominated: Alison Crane
February Graham Pearce Recent fell racing performances Also nominated: Dave Jepson, Ashley Hardwell, Chris Porritt
January Geoff Howard Outstanding recent results Also nominated: Jane Cullingworth, Vince Gibbons

2002, sponsored by Booths

December Alison Bennett Improve perforances, with 10km PBs at Abbey Dash and Ribble Valley Also nominated: Karen Page, Claire Macina, Jane Cullingworth
November Neil Chapman Roundhay PB, Guy Fawkes, XC Also nominated: Alison Crane, Geoff Howard, Linda Wright
October Jane Bryant Improvement Also nominated: Christine Airey, Mark Iley, Jane Leather, Joyce Marshall
September Norman Bush English Fell Championships, 2nd Vet-60 Also nominated: Mike Baldwin, Neil Chapman
August Alison Weston Outstanding fell results Also nominated: Andrea Priestley, Richard Midgley
July Adrian Hall & Eddie Winslow Great results in Adventure racing Also nominated: Alison Weston, Nick Pearce
June Victoria Wright Improved performances, Harrogate Road League results Also nominated: Alison Bennett, Dominic O'Hooley
May Vic Verecondi Improved performance Also nominated: Alison Crane, Tim Ashelford, Steve Cockerham
April Suzanne Akeroyd London Marathon 3h14m10s, PB by 6 minutes Also nominated: Alison Weston, Neil Chapman, Keith Wood
March Andrea Priestley First Harrier and first lady, Pendle, English fell champs race #1
First lady at Criffel, British fell champs race #1
Also nominated: Dave Ibbotson, the Wright family
February Mike Baldwin Prolific racing & results on fell and cross-country Also nominated: Andrea Priestley, Eric Phillipson, Mark Iley, Jim Ryder
January John Kennedy Brass Monkey Half Marathon Also nominated: Phil Chappell, Suzanne Akeroyd, Jim Ryder

2001, sponsored by Booths

December Cath Wolfenden X-Country results, and improvement Also nominated: Andy Wade, Kevin McMullan, Jim Ryder, Chris Porritt, Judith Smart
November Neil Chapman Commitment to X-Country, improved results and commitment to training Also nominated: Cath Wolfenden, Graham Pearce, Andy Webster
October Alison Weston Improved results and commitment to training Also nominated: Susie Jollie, Eddie Winslow, Ewan Welsh
September Tracy Ambler Ben Nevis winner, World Mountain Champs 2nd English runner Also nominated: Andrea Priestley, Pete Shields, Eddie Winslow
August Andy Wolfenden Commitment to training, recent good results Also nominated: Margot Dale
July Paul Wood Web sites, Harriers' photographer, Newsletter, Gazette reporter Also nominated: Margot Dale
June Dave Matthews Harrogate Road League Vet 50 Champion Also nominated: Paul Wood, Alison Weston
May Amanda Parnaby Commitment to training and Harrogate Road League races.
Also 10k PB (by 15mins) and Leeds Half Marathon result.
Also nominated: Mike Baldwin, Cath Wolfenden
April Richard Gray organising alternative training venues, leading groups on club nights, improvement Also nominated: Rob Pawson, Emma Barclay
March Keith Wood Commitment to training and improved results in his build up to London Also nominated: Heather Duke, Elaine Ibbotson, Sue Kennedy, Rob Wills
February Janet Hebbert XC Season from first event through to National XC Also nominated: Alison Crane, Peter Shields
January Diane Kitchen Excellent XC results, organising WYXC teams Also nominated: Mark Iley, Sally Malir

2000, sponsored by Booths

December David Matthews Excellent fell results Also nominated: Mark Iley, Sally Malir, Janet Souyave
November Eddie Irving Vets Home International Cross-Country, running for England Also nominated: Anna Liuba, Andy Wade, Jim Ryder
October Christine Airey 15-minutes slashed off PB at Great North Run Also nominated: Dennis Ackroyd, Mark Iley
September Norman Bush Brilliant V60 results on the fells Also nominated: Neil Chapman, Tim Ashelford, Eddie Winslow, Eddie Irving
August Nick Pearce Prolific racing, great fell results Also nominated: Alison Weston
July John Coen Skipton 10km 37.13 (Personal Best)
First Ilkley counter in Otley and Swaledale Harrogate Road League races
June Helen Lambert & Gill Iley Commitment to training and
completing every race in the Harrogate Road League with a smile.
Also nominated: Bernie Connor, Norman Bush, John Coen, Ken Souyave, Richard Gray, Alison Bennett
May Peter Shields Commitment to teams, coaching, Vets organisation.
Winner Bradford-Ilkley walk.
Also nominated: Sally Malir, Martin Heath, Eddie Irving, Billy Kerr
April Helen Sedgwick English Championships Fell races: 27th at Wrekin, 13th at 3 Peaks Also nominated: Geoff Howard, Clive Smith, Andy Wade
March Ewan Welsh Dentdale 14M in 1:36, Coniston 14M in 1:32 Also nominated: Dave Ibbotson, Howard Allen, Jo Foster, Sally Malir
February Diane Kitchen High placings in Sports Direct XC Also nominated: Graham Pearce, Andy Wade
January Eddie Irving 71 minutes at the Brass Monkey Half Marathon Also nominated: Rachel Gooch, Jo Foster, Andy Wade

1999, sponsored by Booths

December Malcolm Pickering
November Tim Ashelford
October Geoff Howard
September Sally Malir
August Mark Iley
July Nick Mapstone
June Helen Johnson
May Andy Wade
April Alison Crane
March Alison Weston
February Emma Barclay
January Bernie Connor

1998, sponsored by Booths

December Chris Porritt
November Brian Sweet
October Julie Harvey
September Geoff Howard
August Pete Shields
July Billy Kerr
June Tracey Ambler
May Rachael Gooch?
April Jason Hemsley
March Janet Souyave
February Paul and Shirley Wood
January Andy Wade

1997, sponsored by Booths

December Bridget Doherty  
November Anna Liuba First Booth's RoM?

There were Runners of the Month prior to the Booths sponsorship: we will publish them when we can.