Ilkley Harriers news archive 2020

Podium 5k, Sun 27 Dec

From Sally Armitage ... Cam Reilly ran in Podium's 5k's sub 15 minute elite race
Results ...

(1 14:11 Emile Cairess, Leeds City AC)
17 14:56 Cameron Reilly
24 ran

Ilkley Harriers Virtual Christmas Relay 2020, Final Results

From Jeff Green ... ...

Main Prizes:
Overall Team of 6 winners: Jingle Fell Juniors (Alexander Wolfenden & Dylan Shinn, Archie Budding & Harry Stead, Oscar Shinn & Ethan Doyle)
Overall Pair winners: Ebeneezer Herod FC (Dan McKeown & Danny Thompson)
Handicap Team of 6 winners: Jingle Bell Rock (Rachel Carter & Nick Kealey, Kate Archer & Helen Thurston, Nick Helliwell & Steve Murray)
Handicap Pair winners: The Full Colin: Rachel and Nick (Rachel Carter & Nick Kealey)
Fancy Dress Team of 6 winners: Tinsel Toes (Catherine Crawley & Zoe Donnely, Tom Lally & Jayne Norman, Justin Pierce & Tom Lambe)
Fancy Dress Pair winners: Turkey Twizzlers (Jonathan & Dawn Turner)

Spot Prizes:
Catherine Crawley & Zoe Donnely (Tinsel Toes) who "went the extra mile" and submitted the longest fell leg route as they were having too much fun and overshot the Badger Stone by some way!
Dick Waddington & John Hayes (Dos Santos) for their post-run shower in Willy Hall's Spout and fell leg boulder antics.
Alexander Wolfenden and Dylan Shinn (Jingle Fell Juniors) for their blisteringly quick fell leg.
Dave Robson & Mike Duffield (Rum and Racing) for making everyone jealous with their experimental recovery nutrition: rum & mince pies!

Special mentions:
All the runners that ran more than 3 legs competitively, topped by Rachel Carter who ran a total of 7 legs for 4 different teams.
All the pairs that ran all 3 legs in one go (known as a "Full Colin", after Colin Williams' tendency to do this when entering Dan McKeown's Strava segment time trials).

Clockwise or Anticlockwise:
Surely the biggest controversy since Mike AC's latest pair of trainers... which was the best way round?
Fell: 78% ran clockwise (Rocky Valley then Badger Stone)
Trail: 59% ran anticlockwise (Up Heber's Ghyll; down White Wells steps)
Road: 67% ran anticlockwise (Down Well's Road)

Thank you:
To Dan McKeown, Adam Nodwell of Great Owl Running and Keighley & Craven's Gathering Winter Fools relay for help and inspiration.
To the small but perfectly-formed event team (Jean Sullivan, Jonathan Turner and Sally Armitage) and to others on the committee who helped out and supported.

Link to results:

Link to photo gallery:

Ilkley Harriers Virtual Christmas Relay 2020

There's a different look to the Harriers' Christmas Relays this year, but they still feature fancy dress and Festive fun - although you'll have to provide the mulled wine and mince pies yourself!

We've come up with a new format featuring three different 5km routes in Ilkley - one fell, one trail and one road.

You can do them at any point from now until Christmas Eve - in socially-distanced pairs. Choose whether to take on all three or be part of a team of six and just tackle one of them.

And there's the option to enter individually too as we'll pair you up with someone of a similar pace - just let us know whether you want to be in a team of two or six. The more, the merrier.

Just like Dan's popular weekly time trial segments, you can have as many goes as you like, with the fastest counting towards the regularly-updated leaderboard.

As well as fancy dress, socially-distanced selfie photos are also strongly encouraged. There are prizes for a range of categories, including best outfit, so it's as much about the taking part as being the quickest.

The rules, legs and an entry form are all available by clicking here.

Club training from 5 Dec

In line with Government guidelines training can resume with bookable sessions as before the 'lockdown'. See the Training page.

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 1 Nov

From Petra Bijsterveld... This annual mixed terrain half marathon organised by Baildon Runners had been postponed from April to today, felicitously just a few days before the next lockdown will be upon us. The club put on a masterclass of how to host an event during a pandemic, with perfect social distancing and a race in time trial format and a staggered departure in groups of 6 runners at 1 minute intervals from the field at race HQ to the start line half a mile down the hill. The course was marked as well as fully marshalled and without exception the Baildon marshals were full of cheer and encouragement, so even though most runners spent the entire race on their own, there was a proper race atmosphere to enjoy. The forecast had been for a lot of rain, but we were very lucky today as the sun shone on us the entire morning. Sadly that had no effect on the underfoot conditions which due to the heavy rain during the week were pretty dire. I have done this race quite a few times and this must be the muddiest I have ever seen this course, it made it harder on the legs but didn't dampen my enjoyment. There were some excellent Harrier times with Dan McKeown coming in the top 10 and Kate Archer was second female overall. I can only imagine they glided over the mud through sheer speed! Sadly that is not part of my skill set, I was pleased enough to avoid face planting in the mud. We were all rewarded with a small pack of Yorkshire Tea teabags at the finish, my favourite, so what more can you want? Well done Baildon Runners for staging this event!
Results ...

(1  1:25:39 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
8   1:34:22 Daniel McKeown 1st M40
17  1:38:49 Danny Thompson
28  1:45:48 Kate Archer 2nd F
29  1:45:51 Dave Robson
61  1:55:24 Steve Murray
63  1:56:33 Catherine Crawley 2nd F40
83  2:02:35 Mark Judkowski 2nd M60
107 2:08:38 Mike Baldwin
108 2:08:38 Claire McLoughlin
196 2:37:11 Petra Bijsterveld
201 2:38:08 Helen Doyle
225 2:49:10 Amanda Newham
251 finished

York 5k series, Tue 20 Oct

From Sally Armitage ... This is a monthly 5k series organised by Evensplits which consists of 5 1k laps of the York Sport Village cycle track. The flat profile makes it a slightly more attractive course than the Leeds version of the same series (not yet resumed), which runs at the Brownlee Centre and has a slight hill with each lap.
This was the first race back since COVID halted the series in March. The organisers do a fantastic job of making the event 'COVID safe', including separating runners into 3 waves, within each wave 8 socially distanced runners are set off at 10 second intervals. We were then quickly ushered away from the track immediately on crossing the finish line.
3 Harriers made the trip to York. I went specifically with the goal of a sub 19 minute time, which I was pleased to achieve. Mike obliterated his current PB yet again by 16 seconds with a stonking fast sub 18 minute time. Rhys also ran fantastically and came in well under the 20 minute mark.
Results ...

(1 15:07 Rob Scott,Richmond & Zetland) 
38 17:45 Michael Abrams-Cohen 
66 18:59 Sally Armitage 
78 19:34 Rhys Jones 
142 ran

Pen-Y-Ghent Ultra, Sat 17 Oct

From Jann Smith... 50km, 4300ft - 5hr 54 mins - 8th overall.
Ranger Ultras did so well to put this event on combined with its sister event the 3Peaks Ultra at 70km. We were set off in groups of 6, every 5 minutes which made it a bit more intetesting, also wearing face masks for the first and last two miles.
These races are very friendly and low key and great as an introduction to Ultras. We set off from Hawes, uphill to Ten End then across to Horton in Ribblesdale where we climbed Pen Y Ghent then rejoined the Pennine Way and made our way back to Hawes, all great views and landscapes.
I was 5th overall and finished in 5h44, half an hour within the ladies course record but there was another lady in front of me!

Big Flat Runway Races, Elvington Airfield, York, Sun 4 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld... For most of us the first racing event since lockdown in March, this very well organised event by Evensplits offered a choice of all distances, using laps of the Elvington Airfield runway. Runners were set off in groups of 8 at short intervals therefore this was a time trial rather than a race, and it felt very safe as far as social distancing is concerned. The location would have been a road runner's paradise had it not been for the strong headwind which put paid to any aspirations of a PB for most of us, hares or tortoises alike. Excellent times nevertheless for Dan and Michael who tackled the marathon which surely must have been the most mind-numbing as well as leg-numbing experience ever, with almost 10 laps of the circuit and absolutely zero of interest to look at. Personally I think I ran an all time worst for a flat 5k, it didn't help that it was mile 3 which was straight into the wind! That aside, it was great to be at an event again with some fellow Harriers.

(1  2:25:45 Michael Wright, Central Athletic Club)
34  2:55:24 Dan McKeown
92  3:42:15 Michael Ho
131 ran

(1  31:43 Joe Sagar, Spenborough AC)
91  42:42 Harry Stead
298 ran

(1  15:25 Gary Priestley, Salford AC)
42  18:28 Michael Abrams-Cohen
62  19:46 Sally Armitage
78  21:00 Archie Budding
101 23:26 Rob Budding
110 25:02 Nicola Budding
127 28:09 Petra Bijsterveld
158 ran

From Sally Armitage ... A multi race event holding a 5k, 10k, 10 miler, half marathon and full marathon on the runway. There were 6 harriers entered in the 5k which was one lap of the runway, finishing with a 1 mile straight run to the finish. The first 2 miles got all our PB hopes up, I am convinced there was no wind at all, however turning the corner to begin the 1 mile home-straight saw us all run into an horrific headwind. Whipping PBs from under our feet!
However, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was fantastically organised, there couldn't have been more room to social distance and, despite the 5k being the last event of the day, the portaloos were still immaculately clean! The sun was shining and it was brilliant seeing friends again.

lkley Incline Time Trial, Sun 27 Sep

From Dan McKeown... Sunday saw our annual Ilkley Incline race re-imagined as a socially distanced time trial for club members only. Runners ascended the hill with no company save their own thoughts, the morning birdsong, and the occasional errant 4x4.
(In order to be extra Covid-compliant, I pre-added safety pins to all the race numbers on the eve of the race to prevent germs being passed via the communal safety pin pot. Not only was this a particularly prosaic use of a Saturday evening - even in the age of Covid - but it probably sets an unfortunate precedent for future events.)
We had a great turnout on the morning with over 40 Harriers taking part and a lot of red and green vests getting their first outing in a while. Steve and Gaenor sent the runners off every minute, and Neil and I awaited them at the top with our timing sheets and a few choice words of encouragement.
Not that the runners needed it - despite the unfamiliar format, we were treated to some very quick times, with the final runner of the day, Nathan Edmondson, delivering a stellar 7:05 to unseat long-time leader Oli Murphy (7:31). Dan Dry (third overall) and Nathan Coy (fourth) also went inside eight minutes.
Jane McCarthy took the ladies' race in fine style, almost making up the gap on second-placed runner Fay Walsh who started a minute ahead of her. Fay edged out Catherine Crawley by a bare second, with Catherine taking third.
We're a bit up in the air on prizes at the moment; hopefully we'll sort out the how, what, where and when (and possibly even the why) in the next few days. In the meantime, pinning on a number and seeing some friendly faces doesn't seem like a bad reward in itself.
Many thanks to everyone who came out and took part, and especially to Steve, Gaenor and Neil for marshalling on the day, Hilda, Jonathan and Petra for other work behind the scenes in the lead-up to the race, and to Oli for some great snaps, which are on the club members' FB page.

1   Nathan Edmondson  7:05
2   Oli Murphy  7:31  
3   Dan Dry   7:34  
4   Nathan Coy  7:47  (first MU23)
5   Jon Denniss  8:10  
6   Steven Gott  8:17  (first MV40)
7   Istvan Jacso  8:21  
8   Jeff Green  8:29  (first MV50)
9   Michael Abrams-Cohen 8:34  
10  Steven Bysouth  8:42  
11  Rob Cunningham  8:50  
12  Nick Kealey  8:51  
13  Jim Ryder  9:04  
14  Dan McKeown  9:16  
15  Peter Shelley  9:17  
16  Jonathan Turner  9:32  
17  Forrest Hamilton  9:37  
18  John Hayes  9:57  
19  Colin Williams  10:05  
20  Jane McCarthy  10:08  (first FV40)
21  Matt Snow  10:22  
22  Richard Joel  10:25  
23  David Singleton  10:28  
24  Tim Johnson  10:29  
25  Mike Williams  10:37  (first MV60)
26  Robert Hamilton  10:43  
27  Michael Ho  10:46  
28  Tom Lambe  10:49  
29  Duncan Cooper  10:55  
30  Fay Walsh  10:56  (first FOPEN)
31  Catherine Crawley  10:57  
32  Justin Pierce  11:17  
33  Zoe Donnely  12:10  
34  Jane Bryant  12:23  (first FV50)
35  Tom Lally   12:26  
36  Phil Chappell  12:30  
37  Alison Weston  12:43  
38  Jean Sullivan  12:57  
39  Clare Boyle  13:05  
40  Hilda Coulsey  13:21  (first FV60)
41  Dawn Turner  14:37  
42  Jacqui Weston  16:01

The Southern Fells, Fri 25 Sep

From Steve Turland... Last Friday I finished the challenge of running the 214 Wainwrights in the Lakes by doing a "book a day" solo and unsupported. I'd saved the Southern Fells until last as it was notably harder than all of the other books - covering the Coniston Fells, the Scafell Range, Bowfell, Crinkle Crags and various others in between. In the end it turned out to be broadly equivalent to a Bob Graham in terms of distance and height, and took me just short of 26 hours. Around 12 hours had to be in the dark, but on the plus side, with a 4am start, I managed to catch two sunrises in one run.
Thoroughly enjoyed doing these books as single outings - been a great alternative whilst most races have been cancelled. Got to parts of the Lakes I'd never been to before and seen some great views and amazing sunsets/sunrises. This was my final tally.

Great Owl GPX Grand Prix

From Jeff Green ...

Race #1 The Roundhay Rumble (6.2k)

The Great Owl GPX Grand Prix is a series of 12 time trials which can be run at any time from when the race opens until 06th December:
- Course lengths range from 4.5k to 45k.
- Your best 5 scores count towards the overall result.
- Enter and pay what you like through RaceBest.
- Download the GPX file and route description, run a recce if you like, then go for it and submit your time.

It's like Dan's weekly segment time trials but with longer routes - even the on-line form will be familiar to those who've submitted a segment effort. The only thing missing is the entertaining weekly write-up, but I guess you can't have everything!

Attempt 1 on 9th Sep. Time: 28:34
Full of enthusiasm, but short of time, I decided to have a crack at the Roundhay route without a recce and rely on the fairly primitive navigation functionality that my watch provides. Conditions were pretty good, but I took a couple of wrong turns and had to double back, which probably cost me around 90s. Getting home, and re-reading the rules before submitting my route and time, I realised that you had to enter before running (fair enough), so my scrappy attempt wouldn't count anyway!

Attempt 2 on 19th Sep. Time: 07:30
Perfect conditions for runners and, as it happens, for mountain-bikers. Coming round a corner in the woods I collided head-on with one coming full-speed in the opposite direction. I suffered a few scratches and a bloody knee, but neither of us was seriously injured - I was more shaken up than anything else. The rider was very apologetic and helped me find my glasses which were lying some distance away in the undergrowth!

Attempt 3 on 23rd Sep. Time: 27:07
Heavy rain all day meant that by the time of my evening effort the trails were muddy and a bit slippery in places, but everything else went to plan. I even ran a slightly faster average pace than my first attempt - third time lucky!

Recceing already underway for my next route, The Dick Double: visit Ilkley Moor and Baildon Moor trig points, starting and finishing from Dick Hudson's - any route you like.

Further info
Results so far

Podium 10k, Sat 19 Sep

From Sally Armitage ... This race consisted of 9.5 laps of the Steven Burke Cycle track in Barrowford. The race was run in 5 heats, sub 40, sub 37:30, sub 34:30, sub 32:00 and sub 30 minutes. Each heat had a maximum of 20 runners. It was really well organised, there were no spectators and social distancing rules were in place.
Myself and Cam Reilly were the only Harriers to attend. I had a difficult run and was a bit disappointed. I even started making involuntary groaning noises on the final lap which I've NEVER done before... Cam Reilly however flew round at the speed of light for a fantastic personal best of 32:16
Results ...

Sub 32 heat
(1 30:41 Tom Higgs, South London Harriers) 
14 32:16 Cam Reilly 
15 ran

Sub 40 heat
(1 32:18 Matthew Watson, unattached)
10 39:52 Sally Armitage 
13 ran

Wainwright Challenge - The Eastern Fells, Wed 16 Sep

From Steve Turland... As part of my lockdown plan to run all the Wainwrights, last week I managed to get round all of the Eastern Fells in the Lakes. 35 Wainwrights, but basically the Fairfield Horseshoe, Helvellyn Ridge plus a handful of other tops and outliers. Was in the mist for much of the day, which made the navigation difficult at times and a fair amount was in the dark given the time of year. But managed to catch a great sunset on Great Mell Fell. Pleased to get round in just over 19 hours, clocking 57 miles and 18,000ft of ascent. One more book to go - the Southern Fells. Hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks - just waiting for a 24hr weather window.

Hardmoors 110, 22/23 Aug

From Andrew Merrick ... And finally ... my first running event of the year, taking place on the Cleveland Way over 110 miles and 6000m of ascent. It was initially scheduled for the end of May but was delayed until last weekend for obvious reasons. I can report that, overall, navigation was pretty straightforward, with the occasional aid of the GPX file. I made a couple of small errors at forks in the path and when following a couple of people, but noticed pretty quickly ... and I had at least remembered to recharge my watch in daylight during periods where the path was obvious so I had a fully charged watch by the time I got to the night sections.

Covid restrictions resulted in runners being set off in pods of six at 3 minute intervals and all the check points/feed stations being outdoors with a limited range of supplies, and no hot drinks or food. The emphasis from the Hardmoors team has also been on runners having a support crew - they require serious race experience before letting you run unsupported - but it was even more important under these conditions. Entertainingly the organisers specify compulsory check points for the support crew!

The kindest description of the weather would be blustery and showery - with the wind initially blowing from behind but it didn't seem to take long to change direction.... (it was probably us that changed direction!). As I was running I was reminded of having left my washing out on Thursday night!!.... for much of Friday just as the strong wind was drying it again, another shower appeared. I felt in the same state of wind blown dampness for much of Saturday - it stopped raining about 10pm - with the rain showers ranging from refreshing to beyond unpleasant.

It was actually my first time having a support crew, I did at least have an insight into how tough it is having supported an ultra friend in challenging conditions in Wales earlier in the year (storm Ciara weekend I think)... The support team (my daughter Sophie and Lis) did an outstanding job - getting to all our planned spots on time (I had declared myself as an unsupported runner to avoid Lis and Soph having to do the compulsory overnight check points but as it turns out.....) which made for very speedy pit stops. Early on in the race, I simply swapped empty soft flasks for full ones, grabbed a (peeled) banana and was on my way... Later on, as tea and hot food was required, my best buy of the year - a car kettle - proved its worth!

Releasing runners in pods of six, after our pre-registration temperature check and tracker fitting, made for an interesting dynamic - do I try to stay in my pod, or try to catch up the next one as that spread out in front of us? I was guilty of the latter approach with the help of a strong supporting breeze at least initially so was travelling more quickly than I had intended. Similarly with no indoor feed stations, support was much more distributed along the course which also made running in groups more challenging as runners stopped in different places for different amounts of time. Fortunately, overnight I was lucky to find people travelling at a similar pace so I ended up with company for all of the night sections. It was hard work - with two or three of you travelling at a similar speed, there is no let-up, not least on the climbs, but certainly better that way.

Our pod set off at 8:33 on Saturday morning from a sunny if windy Filey Brigg, and my progress was reasonably smooth up the coast until Saltburn about 50 miles away, and still not half way, before beginning to head inland. Over this section the biggest challenges were a significant number of steps, trying to avoid getting sand in my shoes across various beaches (at least the tide was out), and weaving through a very busy Whitby amongst a number of other coastal towns, all of which were closer to sea level than most of the Cleveland Way.... hence the steps.

I wasn't expecting to make it to the summit of Roseberry Topping by daylight, and I wasn't wrong! A challenging climb - the inland section of the Cleveland Way specialises in uneven, slippery-when-damp, stone steps on the uphill and downhill sections along much of its length. Topping Roseberry was made more challenging mentally since it was an out and back section of the route, exacerbated by the significant downhill that preceded it, which gave us a further uphill to look forward to on the way back.

Once I escaped from the Roseberry loop, it was at least downhill to the next feed station. I worked hard to force a pasta pot down and was clearly looking (and feeling) so rough at that point that Lis & Soph offered to meet me at the next checkpoint 14 miles further on, and at the second time of asking I said yes despite my intention to let them sleep at this point. A long overnight slog over the moor followed a climb up from Kildale but at least the group (2-4 of us) continued to move at a reasonable pace. I was feeling better by the time we got to the next checkpoint, just as well, since we had the "three sisters" to look forward to (I counted five) - some challenging short steep climbs up some more uneven slippery steps. Happily I had caught up my Geordie running buddy, after a double cup of tea stop, on the first sister so more route marching was the order of the night. I had also made a surprisingly sensible decision to grab my poles for this leg, which helped on both the ups and downs. And finally we made it to Osmotherly, where Lis and Soph were staying - they did at least get some sleep to make me feel less guilty... They had found the ideal parking spot in the centre of Osmotherly where I stopped for more tea and a porridge pot (more successful than the pasta pot) and parted company with John the Geordie who carried on to the race check point which was two miles further on (uphill) from the town itself.

Feeling slightly refreshed and knowing the next two miles from a previous outing I cracked on in full route march mode, feeling happy with my progress until I got to within sight of Sutton Bank. I underestimated quite badly how long I had to go to finish this penultimate leg and was feeling slightly dispirited as John cruised past as we finally reached the descent to the car park at the bottom of the Bank. I had planned a short stop here and forced myself to have a quick cuppa before climbing the steps back out of Sutton Bank. At this point, 101 miles in, there were about 9 to go, and it was a section I knew, which was helpful. I promised myself as soon as I escaped from the top of the bank, I would try to run at least some of the last leg - I felt I owed it to my support team given the effort they had put in. Once that message got from my mind to my body it seemed to get the hang of it although I was overtaken by a gang of about 6 runners, 5 of whom I think were supporting (support runners are allowed from Runswick Bay onwards). However I managed to keep them in my sight for a few miles, only tripping over once in the process, and saw Geordie John one more time as I cruised past him. One more steady uphill and then pretty much downhill to the finish, with just one more set of steps either side of a stream to allow some coastal (step) reminiscing on the run to the outskirts of Helmsley, where Soph was waiting to guide me to the finish.

My feet finished in better shape than most ultras I have done (which certainly helped with running the last leg) due to a combination of a strategically placed blister prevention patch (thanks for that tip Sharon & Helen), foot cream (thanks Brian), and less long wet grass than on most recent events - I realised the latter is much more likely to create wet feet than rain. Two lost toe nails and two falls were both about average for my ultra adventures....

I finished at just after 11am about 26 ? hours after I had started and in plenty of time for Sunday lunch at the Black Swan, having stayed long enough at the finish to drink my first beer, be given a first V50 trophy, cheer in Geordie John, and change in the car park. My watch refused to tell me the estimated calorie burn - I think it only goes up to four figures....

A challenging race with tough under foot conditions which has a reputation for being a little hard core but with reasonably well spaced checkpoints, and some beautiful cliff top scenery, and lovely views from the top of Sutton bank. I would recommend as a relatively local challenge but be ready for the steps and the stony, slippery climbs! I would also recommend a support crew!!

On which note, a massive thank you to Lis and Sophie without whom I simply would not have finished.

Results link

Wainwright Challenge

From Steve Turland ...At the start of lockdown when all races started getting cancelled I set myself the challenge of running all of the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District by doing a "book a day" (Wainwright organised all the mountains in the Lakes by geographic area into 7 books).
So far I've completed 5 of the books, with the latest at the weekend. Two more books to go over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Each outing has been solo (apart from a couple of sections) and unsupported, which means carrying a full pack, but it keeps the logistics more straightforward.
It's been great fun planning the routes, seen some amazing views and have found parts of the Lakes I've never been to before. The smaller outliers are probably the harder ones to reach! I've actually not missed racing at all - enjoyed every single minute (apart from a few dark moments).
This is my progress so far. Will report again soon ...

Lowther Lakeland Fell & Trail Run, Sun 9 Aug

From Bob Hamilton ... Forrest discovered a few weeks back that this long-standing fixture had secured permissions from UK Athletics and the FRA to go ahead. Having joined the Harriers at the end of last year and having only had the chance to wear the club vest the once since then, he was keen to enter and show the old man just how well the lockdown training had gone. At 13 miles and 1,400 ft of climb, it was definitely more of a trail race than a fell race, but there were a few steep climbs and even a river crossing. The scenery was entirely new to me and very beautiful. Strict Covid protocols were in place, runners being set off at five minute intervals, six at a time. It made for a rather lonely race for me. After running the first mile with my son, I wisely let him go and then saw only six other runners all the way around the course, overtaking four and being overtaken by two. But a race is a race and it was good to be able to talk to a few old friends afterwards and kind of remember what it used to be like. Much respect and many thanks to the organiser, Martin Stone, for being bold enough to jump through all the hoops necessary to make this event happen. The consensus was that it was a great success.For the record ...

(1  1:19:54, Chris Holdsworth, CVFR)
60  1:55:21 Forrest Hamilton
103 2:06:43 Bob Hamilton
234 finished

Podium 5k, Sat 8 Aug

From Mike Abrams-Cohen ... "the first race since lockdown was hotly anticipated, so much so that all 6 races were sold out in 1 minute and 24 seconds. In the elite race Marc Scott and Alex Yee both went under the previous British Road 5k record and were also notably within a few seconds of the European record (held by Jimmy Gressier, I think).
In the "equally" anticipated 'D' race, Mike AC ran 18:20 to secure 17th place out of 22, in another stellar field with the winning runners well below 17 minutes.
The standard in all the races was stacked and it was great to see such high quality racing. I look forward to the race scene opening up in future months.

Booking of training sessions for members from 1st August

All members will have received an info email and this updated information and booking link is on the Training page.

Club newsletter, Sun 28 June

Newsletter, PDF download

Club newsletter, Sun 2 June

Newsletter, PDF download

Club newsletter, Sun 12 May

Newsletter, PDF download

Pete Shields

From Hilda Coulsey ... Very sadly I report that Pete Shields has passed away. A Harrier since 1992, an outstanding coach, leading training sessions, setting out race routes, seeing a task that needed to be done and doing it and he was a pretty nifty racer too. Always helpful and encouraging whether taking a group session, setting detailed plans for individuals, or just being there to talk to and run with. But most of all a very kind man, a top bloke. Our sympathy and thoughts are with his family.

From Geoff Howard ...At some time after the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, Pete Shields' family hope to hold a memorial service and celebration of his life. As part of this, they have asked if I could deliver an extended version of the five minute limited tribute I was deeply honoured to give at his cremation service. As well as having a wealth of personal memories of Pete, and of the anecdotes he would tell when travelling to races, I would like to include any special memories or stories that others may have. Although the memorial service could well be a good way off, it would be helpful if anyone who would like to contribute could contact me well beforehand so that I can try to blend things together in a way truly befitting of Pete at

Club newsletter, Sun 26 Apr

Newsletter, PDF download

Local lockdown-friendly running routes

Has the lockdown set you on the path to running? Whether you're a beginner or re-discovering your love for it, Ilkley Harriers have put together some local routes, mostly around 7-8k.
They stick to roads and avoid gates as much as possible. Please use pavements where they exist - but if you do need to run on the road, then use the right-hand side so you can see oncoming traffic.
Hopefully they'll help to keep things ticking over whatever your usual sport - and new members are always welcome.
Strava map links in this PDF document.

These and other routes on the Run Library page.

Club newsletter, Sun 12 Apr

Newsletter, PDF download

Club newsletter, Sun 5 Apr

Newsletter, PDF download

Resources for those new to running in this Covid-19 period 2020


Half marathon results
(1 1.21.08 Martin Green, North Wales Road Runners)
   1.32.56 Lucy Williamson 1st female 
1198 ran

10k results
(1   34.18 Ryan Davis, Wrexham) 
   1.01.01 Sue Williamson
   1.01.47 Kate Lofthouse
641 ran

parkruns, Sat 29 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This was the first ever leap year Saturday to witness parkruns, and with the next possible leap-parkrun being 2048 it felt important to get this one in! I went to Bowling Park in Bradford which started parkrunning only 6 weeks ago. A park made for parkrun I would say, large enough to require only 2 and a half laps, with very wide all tarmac paths so no congestion and a good running surface. A cafe with toilets at the park entrance. Lovely friendly volunteers. What's not to like? Oh, hills, did I mention hills? Yes well, it makes Lister Park's 'Teeny Tiny Hill' look teeny tiny indeed. Bowling has an uphill start, that same substantial hill has to be negotiated a further two times, and then just to add to the joy there is an uphill finish. For me it was part of the Leeds & Bradford Tri club's 2020 parkrun league, I gave it my all and battled hard all the way with a fellow woman LBT'er who looked to be of a similar age to me, I finished 4 seconds ahead but lost on age-grading. Could be a tough year ahead:)
Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  15:40 Marcos Angel Valero Palacios, Roundhay Runners)
77  22:43 Tom Lambe
640 ran

(1  17:03 Andrew Humphries, Airecentre Pacers)
11  19:37 Michael Abrams-Cohen
184 27:19 Stephanie Fox
187 27:22 Melanie Edwards
199 27:44 Paula Reynier
533 ran

(1  17:03 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
16  22:13 Catherine Gibbons
231 ran

Coldham's Common
(1  15:57 Joseph Smith, Cambridge and Coleridge)
74  26:01 Diane Kitchen
225 ran

Centre Vale
(1  18:08 James Jordan, Rochdale Harriers)
34  25:41 Will Worboys
115 ran

Bowling Park
(1  16:25 Tom Collinge, Queensbury RC)
117 27:33 Petra Bijsterveld
261 ran

PECO XC league final individual & team positions

From Daniel McKeown ... It may have passed unremarked over the weekend, but the cancellation of the final PECO XC fixture (Roundhay Park having unfortunately not recovered from the rigours of hosting an Ed Sheeran concert, I ask you) meant a couple of prizes were confirmed for Harriers.
Nathan Edmondson, with a perfect record of three wins from three races attended, was crowned league champion without even having to get out of bed on Sunday (although to give him due credit, he did do the Ilkley Moor Fell Race instead).
Meanwhile the men's team, which would probably have been *stuffed* by the fixture clash with the Fell Race, were instead left with first place and promotion in the league's second division. A big well done to everyone who showed up through the season and especially for the frankly horrible conditions at West Park in race 4. The PECO men's league boasted 704 competitors this year and, behind Nathan, we had three others in the top 100.
The ladies' team finished fifth overall in the second division, spearheaded by Alison Bennett (72nd overall out of 592 league competitors) and ever-present Diane Kitchen (103rd, second F60). Both vet teams finished fourth in the first* division (the PECO follows the risible trend of having a 'premier' division, above the first division) and the club finished fourth in the League's Colin Morath trophy for most improved club.
The league officially concludes with the PECO relays, which should be on 29 March, presuming Middleton Park doesn't get trashed by a Rita Ora concert in the meantime.

League position (out of 704)  
                     Races run	Cat pos	  Overall points
1	Nathan	Edmondson 3	(#1 MSEN)	1500
19	Daniel	Mckeown	4	(#4 M40)	1427.8
21	Steven	Gott	4	(#5 M40)	1419.1
67	Jaysson	Sawyer	3	(#12 M40)	1255.2
174	Robert	Budding	3	(#16 M50)	870
267	Simon	Richardson 2	(#51 M40)	629.8
300	David	Singleton 3	(#54 M45)	568.3
345	Matt	Cox	1	(#62 M45)	477.9
353	Matthew	Snow	3	(#67 M40)	462.6
383	Geoffrey White	3	(#65 M35)	417.2
394	Steve	Murray	1	(#40 M50)	403.8
406	David	Westhead 1	(#41 M50)	379.8
547	Malcolm	Pickering 1	(#10 M65)	195.2
612	Roar	Leijssen 1	(#96 M45)	112.9

League pos (out of 592)
72	Alison	Bennett	3	(#5 F55)	1067.4
103	Diane	Kitchen	4	(#2 F60)	940.9
141	Nicola	Budding	3	(#10 F50)	793.6
202	Ros	Brown	2	(#26 F45)	597.9
251	Rachel	Carter	1	(#39 F40)	483
278	Anna Pickering	2	(#91 FSEN)	441.7
290	Caroline Howe	1	(#46 F35)	421
311	Anna	Nolan	1	(#42 F45)	400.7
312	Jane	Bryant	1	(#35 F50)	399.5
340	Helen Waddington 1	(#41 F50)	343.1
371	Adela Reperecki	1	(#33 F55)	311.5
374	Helen	Horton	1	(#34 F55)	304.7
395	Sue Williamson	3	(#37 F55)	270.5
463	Jacqui	Weston	1	(#70 F50)	174.9
482	Kate Lofthouse	2	(#52 F55)	149.7
529	Sally	Wright	1	(#57 F55)	89.2

Leeds Evensplits 5k, Wed 26 Feb

From Hilda Coulsey ... 15 minutes is beaten at the Brownlee Centre in Leeds for the first time and hence Liam Rabjohn sets a new course record. It was wintery chilly and the attendance wasn't great for this first of the 2020 series of 10 monthly 5ks. I'm sure that will change as the year progresses. The juniors provided good competition with Alexander arriving first. I was pleased to clip a couple of seconds of my 2018 Harriers v65 record - an endorsement perhaps of the benefits of the Wednesday track session and the Saturday 7:45am 'lite'!
Results ...

(1  14:53 Liam Rabjohn Richmond and Zetland)
11  17:29 David Foyston 
22  18:19 David Westhead 
27  18:29 Alexander Wolfenden (junior)
33  18:49 Alistair Mcinnes 
37  19:05 Archie Budding  (junior)
40  19:21 Harry Stead  (junior)
63  20:14 Robert Budding 
81  21:23 Catherine Gibbons 
85  21:26 Claire Mcloughlin 
126 24:08 Hilda Coulsey 
127 24:17 Nicola Budding
184 finished

From David Westhead... A cold night but the lack of rain, snow and wind gave good running conditions and brought some fast times over the flat 5k course, notably a course record for Liam Rabjohn from RZH, which seriously scaled down the Harriers league points for anyone who wanted to use this as a wildcard! Good performances all round from Ilkley (Dave Foyston 2nd MV40; Dave Westhead 1st MV50; Alexander, Alistair and Archie 1,2 and 3 MJUN, Hilda 1st FV65 and Nicola 1st FV50).

League Update

From Jane McCarthy... We're three races in to the 2020 Harriers League - after some superb performances at Harewood 10K on Sunday - we've had one Fell, one Road and one Trail race. By virtue of completing all three, Jane McCarthy has the current highest total tally with 279 points, but Hilda Coulsey sits behind with a spectacular near 206 points from 2 races, 108 points from Harewood 10K and 98 points from her wildcard. Higher average point scores also for Jonathan Turner (2 races), Steve Gott (2 races) and Dan McKeown (1 race - winning at Harewood). Also great performances over 2 races from Jann Smith, Paul Carman, Dawn Turner, Jayne Norman and Sue Williamson, making up the Top Ten places. Next League Race is Ilkley Fell Race this Sunday .. Good Luck Everyone!
Please Note: There is a clash between the Beamsley Beacon Fell Race on 18th June and Ilkley Harriers hosting the HDSRL Road Race, so we will be announcing an alternative fell race shortly ...
2020 results tables as at 24 Feb

Harewood 10k, Sun 23 Feb

From Hilda Coulsey... A text somewhat late in the morning told us the race was delayed 3.5 hours due to the estate not using the grass for parking and letting the half marathoners mostly complete and get away before we arrived. I watched them returning covered in mud and on asking what the terrain was like I'm told the views were great. However it wasn't so bad, certainly nothing like the pictures of the national cross country yesterday. Nevertheless our winner managed to head plant and looks like he's been a few rounds with Tyson Fury, this after racing in Nottingham yesterday! The starting pen was churned up and in trying to jump to keep warm I struggled to lift my feet. Rather than do that I retied my shoe laces tighter. I started with Jayne and went ahead on the initial few kilometres downhill before she overtook me and relentlessly plodded on up hills, straight through puddles and across muddy fields always in my sight but I was unable to catch her, my shoe coming off in the final field didn't help. So much for pre-race prep! It was a tough day for the organisers: I did feel for the marshals etc who'd had a very long day, the coffee van found some hard standing by the toilets and did a roaring trade once their generator was fixed, the pizza van got stuck in the mud and that was it for food. We were grumpy at the entry cost but afterwards the happy chatting of finishers retelling the tales of their mishaps and struggles was quite fun. (Apologies if I've missed any Harriers running)
Results ...

1  38:24 Dan McKeown
2  40:26 Jonathan Turner
10 45:19 Jane McCarthy 1st female
28 48:38 Colin Williams 1st v50
83 53:31 Jayne Norman
89 53:54 Hilda Coulsey 1st v60
153 58:25 Dawn Turner 
224 63:57 Sue Verspyck
260 65:23 Sue Williamson
264 65:35 Katherine Lofthouse
399 completed

Brighton Half Marathon, Sun 23 Feb

(1   1:09:05 Kevin Moore, Brighton & Hove AC)
11   1:14:01 Oli Murphy
2123 1:51:27 Zoe Donnely
7618 finished

Huddersfield 10k, Sun 23 Feb

From Sally Armitage... Today I ventured over to Huddersfield 10k. A hilly course, I decided, would do me good and make a change from all the fast flat ones I usually enter! A small field, all road, 240 metres climb, chip timed. I was rather pleased that the fastest woman on the entry list didn't turn up allowing me to take the win!

(1 34:32 Joe Sweetnam-Powell, Steel City Striders) 
33 42:02 Sally Armitage (1st lady)
568 ran

Canalathon 20, Sun 23 Feb

From Nick Kealey ... Fancying some long but not too challenging miles, I raced the Canalathon 20 today. It is a point to point starting in Rochdale and finishing in Sowerby Bridge. The start time allows for travel on the first train from Sowerby Bridge to Rochdale meaning your car is waiting for you at the end. The majority of the route is along the canal, which is relatively flat albeit a bit wet and muddy after the recent bad weather. You would have expected navigation to be simple but, in my opinion, a shortage of signs and marshals made it more difficult than it needed to be, resulting in some unnecessary extra yards! I was pleased with a podium finish (3rd) and the warm soup on completion was very welcoming. All in all I would recommend to anyone needing some miles before the Spring marathon season.

National XC, Sat 22 Feb

Photo: Adrian Royle

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This was my 5th National XC event and my 2nd time in Wollaton Park in Nottingham. Whilst in 2017 it was moderately muddy, for 2020 the wet weather in the preceding few weeks had ensured a venerable mud bath, with several deep dips which could be described as 'water features'. Running at some speed through knee high smelly muddy water ensured that everyone was splattered from head to toe with the stuff. In fact despite a thorough shower yesterday (obviously) I still found a streak of mud in my ear this morning!! As if the water wasn't enough the organisers had also placed a couple of large trees across the course which needed to be jumped, or in my case stepped across in old-lady fashion. As I couldn't even leap over solid obstacles in my younger years I certainly wasn't going to try now!
The day did not start well for many of us as there was considerable parking havoc which I believe was not the fault of the race organisers, as Nottingham CC was in charge of parking. The addition of off-site parking on a disused supermarket site was a good call due to the grass parking at the park being very wet, but signposting and direction was poor leading to chaotic queues near the venue and stress for runners. It put me in a bad mood, especially being shouted at by an unhelpful parking marshal, but I was soon back on an even keel once I reached the club tent. I love the atmosphere of the Nationals with hundreds of tents and thousands of runners all squeezed onto a patch of mud, I love the feeling of 'being in it together' and running with (or rather, behind) the best in the country. In which other sport can you enter National Championships at any level of ability?
Considering the weather we have recently had conditions on the day were quite good. No rain to speak of and whilst it was blowy, it was more a stiff breeze than a gale. I actually loved my run (and the mud!) even though at 5.5 miles it went on a bit. Strava tells me I was considerably slower than in 2017, but I seemed to be battling it out with women I recognised from the Northerns a few weeks ago and from previous years, so I am blaming the underfoot conditions rather than being 3 years older!
Thanks must once again go to Steve and Gaenor Coy for organising another brilliant XC season and supporting all the runners.
Results ...

Under 17 Women
(1   21:49 Maya Todd-McIntyre, Rushcliffe AC) 
213  29:03 Poppy Anderson
257 ran

Junior Men
(1  36:27 Zakariya Mahamed, Southampton AC)
26  39:05 Dom Coy
195 ran

Senior Women
(1   32:59 Anna Moller, Aldershot, Farnham and District AC)
167  41:03 Rachel Carter
544  49:55 Sarah Edwards
765  57:03 Petra Bijsterveld
799  58:29 Anna Pickering
808  58:43 Sally Pickering
911 ran

Senior Men
(1   43:36 Calum Johnson, Gateshead Harriers)
432  53:47 Dan McKeown
1169 65:32 Steve Coy
1447 71:57 Malcolm Pickering
1710 ran

From Malcolm Pickering ... Well I ran my first English National in the Youth's race at Parliament fields back in 1968. Since then I have run many more but Nottingham 2020 must be near the top on the mud scale. It's a classic event with a long tradition which any club runner can toe the line with some the best distance runners in the country. So one for the bucket list......

parkruns, Sat 22 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
1   16:22 Nathan Edmondson
565 ran

(1  17:36 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
26  22:23 David Singleton
31  22:47 Matthew Snow
370 ran

(1  17:12 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
17  22:28 Catherine Gibbons 2nd F
57  26:01 Geoff Howard
176 ran

(1  22:01 Jonathan Moon, Sowerby Bridge Snails)
22  28:34 Will Worboys
61 ran

(1  18:32 Morgan Kendall, U/A)
3   19:01 Lucy Williamson 1st F
184 ran

(1  20:07 Christopher Loftus, KCAC)
5   21:42 Michael Abrams-Cohen
103 ran

Dalesway Adventure, Tue 18 feb

From Paul Calderbank ...How do you fancy the Dales Way Tuesday / Wednesdy? John asked on Sunday evening.
Achilles? mmm sure I can muddle through! Chantal wanted to join us Tuesday morning so we dropped a car at Kettlewell and had an eveing meal in the Dales.
8.00am Tuesday morning we were at the old bridge ready to go. Thank you for dropping us off Alison.
A pit stop at Bolton Abbey and a team of friendly faces of the Ilkley Tuesday morning run team.
A good cafe stop in Kettlewell we left a relieved Chantal, who had insisted on pushing the early pace.
As we climbed the Wharfe the weather closed in and the hail made frogsporn in the puddles. 45 miles later we rolled I into the old Youth Hostel at Dent Station like drowned rats. Thank goodness for the excellent drying facilities.
The plan was for the 6pm train from Windermere so we got away for 7am my very tender achilles. A perfect morning with only missing washed away foot bridges and poor signage to get in the way of a perfect morning. Then as we crossed the M6 the rain did its worst driving hard all the way till the end! As my right foot started complaining adjusting for my achilles I got my walking poles out to help get me home. Station reached 36 miles later with over an hour to spare before the train. (23&24 of 60).
Achilles just about held together and at the end it was 81 miles over all!
One of the most amazing things was looking at the flood levels in the different rivers we ran along from last weekend. 15 to 30 ft up on current high levels amazing!
Looking forward to the Dales Way relay at the beginning of August.

Barcelona Half, Sun 16 Feb

From Paul Sugden ... Results ...

(1      59:58 Victor Chuma, Kenya)
11708 1:57:52 Lisa Mcdonell 			
12276 1:59:19 Paul Sugden 			
13162 2:02:00 Sheena Pickersgill 		
13244 2:02:15 Peter Tapper 			
13525 2:03:12 Melanie Edwards 		
14953 2:08:39 Donna Jackson 		
16062 2:14:32 Jo Pattinson (PB 6 mins)
18572 ran

Great North West Half Marathon, Sun 16 Feb

From Andrew Merrick ... I normally like to do a half (at intended marathon pace) 2 or 3 weeks in advance of a marathon - in this case Tokyo on 1 March. Due to a number of adventures, this was about the only part of my marathon preparation which has been on schedule....
Three of us set off on a happily dry morning, arriving on the sea front in Blackpool - road parking was straightforward - with an hour to go before the 11am start. It had stayed dry but was very cold and windy at this point - registration, at an outside set of desks, took minutes giving us time to faff, get organised and then try to find a way to stay warm. I had already decided to wear the long sleeved running top, that I had planned to change into at the end, underneath my Harriers vest, and was regretting the absence of a hat, buff or gloves in my kit bag.
A well marshalled route, on the wide paths along the sea front took us out in a loop which brought us back to the start point in just over 2 miles, at which point I had visions of another 5 or so similar laps..... Happily that wasn't the case and we then had a relatively lengthy downwind section before turning into the wind for a couple of loops ending with a tough 3 mile into the wind finish. A distinct variation in mile times (about 1 ? mins in my case) reflected the challenging conditions. I was pleased with my on schedule finish in 1:44:15, within 45 seconds of my plan, albeit I probably had to work a little harder than intended..... at least it kept me warm.
An excellent pub lunch on the way home was probably the highlight.
Organised with no fuss, a relatively easily accessible, flat half marathon at the right time of the year for Spring marathon training.

parkruns, Sat 15 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
1   16:29 Nathan Edmondson
562 ran

(1  16:59 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
92  25:42 Will Worboys
422 ran

(1  18:08 Chris Mullen, U/A)
12  19:23 Helen Thurston 1st F
403 ran

(1  17:42 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
6   19:49 Jim Ryder
7   19:53 Rachel Carter 1st F
29  22:40 Catherine Gibbons
37  23:41 Geoff Howard
218 ran

Horton Park
(1 18:29 Joe Baker, Stadium Runners)
2   19:26 Jonathan Turner
38  27:32 Dawn Turner
85 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:06 Johnny van Deventer, Clapham Chasers)
20  19:52 Rob Cunningham
630 ran

Armagh road races men's 5k, Thu 13 Feb

From Hilda Coulsey... A new 5k club record for Cam Reilly (beating Euan Brennan's 14:58 from Barrowford last August) on a 5 lap course, "one of the fastest and most competitive races in the world", attracting world class athletes with 144 under 15 mins on a blustery evening.
Results ...

(1  13:41 Adam Clarke, Team Real Runners)
117 14:46 Cameron Reilly
237 ran

Rotselaar International XC, Sun 9 Feb

Well done to Tom Adams, 27th overall and a counter for the 'North' team - more on the club's Facebook page.

PECO XC, Sun 9 Feb

From Geoffrey White ... A very wet PECO at West Park, jointly hosted by Horsforth Harriers & Ackworth RR, on a slightly shortened course due to bad weather. After huddling like penguins on the start line in freezing rain, we warmed up somewhat during the race itself. Ground underfoot was very wet. Congratulations to Nathan Edmondson and all who braved the conditions, and a big thank you to the organizers and marshals.
Results ...

1   24:45 Nathan Edmondson
20  27:41 Daniel Mckeown
21  27:43 Steven Gott
49  37:34 Alison Bennett
72  39:46 Diane Kitchen
192 36:13 David Singleton
204 37:06 Matthew Snow
208 37:17 Geoffrey White
227 38:40 Roar Leijssen

parkruns, Sat 8 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:15 George Ravenhall, LBT)
354 28:23 Gaenor Coy
711 ran

1   16:19 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
520 ran

(1  16:58 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
35  23:21 Tom Lambe
37  23:32 Geoffrey Howard
77  26:44 Melanie Edwards
220 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:56 Ben Parker, U/A)
28  19:38 Rob Cunningham
847 ran

Rothay Park
(1  18:37 Scout Adkin, Ambleside AC)
20  23:06 Catherine Gibbons
151 ran

International selection

Well done to Tom Adams, selected for the Rotselaar International XC in Belgium on 8/9 Feb

Montserrat Skyrace 25k, Sun 2 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Tom Adams won this race (16 miles and 4,295 ft of ascent) for the 4th time in an astounding 2:02:45 with 9 minutes elapsing before no.2 arrived!! Also a Yorkshire 1, 2, 3 with Ben Mounsey (Calder Valley) and Joe Baxter (P&B)

Dewsbury 10k, Sun 2 Feb

From Jonathan Turner ... It was great to see a fantastic Ilkley turnout in Dewsbury on Sunday. If you're after a 10k PB then this is definitely one to consider. It's a closed-road, out-and-back route with the first half gently uphill - meaning it's perfect for a negative split. It's also good to maintain interest during the race, with plenty of encouraging shouts between Harriers as those at the head of the field headed back first after the turning point. Matt Cox looked super-smooth as he led us home in 33:58 but there were so many other good times. I think the biggest PB upgrade (of nearly four minutes) was Catherine Crawley's 42:29 but any advance on that just email website guru Paul on the above address!
Results ...

(1   29:57 Chris Parr, Morpeth)
45   33:58 Matt Cox
92   35:24 Steve Gott
102  35:54 David Foyston
148  37:01 Jaysson Sawyer
153  37:02 Nick Kealey
179  37:34 Jonathan Turner
265  39:10 Michael Abrams-Cohen
267  39:13 Sally Armitage
274  39:13 Paul Carman
390  41:12 Jane Mccarthy
453  42:29 Catherine Crawley
499  43:21 Daryl King
575  44:08 Michael Ho
599  44:34 Claire Mcloughlin
610  44:44 Jann Smith
664  45:24 Mary Fairclough
1010 49:54 Tom Lally
1075 51:09 Jayne Norman
1187 52:28 Alex Stanley-Hyde
1264 53:22 Dawn Turner
1447 57:03 Amanda Newham
1566 58:35 Sue Williamson
2033 finished

Chichester 10k, Sun 2 Feb

From Hilda Coulsey... I ventured a long way south, but less than an hour from family, to take part in this 10k England masters qualifier (having gained qualification for the half marathon a few weeks ago). Part of the attraction was that the final 4k was run on the Goodwood motor racing circuit which we'd visited various times in the past. It was described as an undulating course but together with fairly ok weather it was fine for a lass travelling from Yorkshire! I was pleased to have broken the 50 min barrier after some 5 years, bettering my Harriers record and achieving England qualifying.
Results ...

(1  29:01 Nick Goolab, Belgrave Harriers)
696 49:45 Hilda Coulsey 2nd FV65
1519 ran

Glaisdale Rigg Fell Race, Sun 2 Feb

From Jim Ryder... I think I was the sole Ilkley Harrier at the Glaisdale Rigg Fell Race in the North Yorkshire Moors. It was 8.7 miles and 1370ft of boggy moor, tussocks, track, muddy fields, conifer forest and a bit of road. I came in 2nd V50 at 1h10m49s. Well-organised, low key, friendly and a generous prize giving. A great fell race event.

Rombalds Stride, Sat 1 Feb

From John Hayes... An excellent turnout by many Ilkley Harriers at this iconic event. Congratulations to all those who battled through the strong winds and made it back for their end of race "school dinner".
The results may take some time to appear, as they send them out to anyone who included a stamped addressed envelope with their entry. I rather like this old-fashioned approach, just as I like the fact that every year the meal is identical to all previous years - a pie, boiled potatoes, peas and gravy followed by rice pudding and tin peaches.
But why change a winning formula? For many, the meal at the end is the best bit. There is no question that the true "winners" of the Rombalds Stride are the organisers and the marshalls. The 40 mph winds made this year's conditions very tough over Baildon Moor, Ilkley Moor and (just to add to the agony) even along the road coming off Otley Chevin. Yet at each checkpoint there was a team of volunteers who had somehow managed to put up a tent and were serving food and drink whilst cheerfully attempting to stamp your control card as it blew about in the wind. We really are very lucky that they put on such a good show for us every year.

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This was my first ever attempt at the Rombald's Stride. Always held on the same weekend as the Dewsbury 10K the road race had always been my go-to event. With lack of dedication to 'proper' training my road times are not improving and causing me frustration, so why not change to what is essentially a walking event hijacked by runners? At least I would always be ahead of the walkers and anyway, unless you are at the sharp end of the race times don't really matter that much here. The weather was 'interesting' with a relentless gale force wind from the west, making in particular the section from the Twelve Apostles to the turn at Pipers Gate a constant battle into the wind, and on approaching Burley Woodhead I was almost blown off the edge at times. Conditions underfoot were wet but at least better than when I last reccied it. I really enjoyed myself and felt better than expected, must have been all those jaffa cakes I scoffed at the checkpoints. Next year I will take my running poles, not wanting to look like 'all the gear and no idea' I had left them at home, but they would have helped. The (vegetarian) school dinner back at the school tasted delicious so I must have been hungry! Going steadily meant that after the start I did not see any of the many Harriers taking part, but I met some nice people along the way. The most kudos go to the marshals and volunteers at the checkpoints who did not seem fazed by the wind and looked after us very well. I shall be back in 2021.

From Petra Bijsterveld and Rachel Carter ... results ...

(1  2:51:28 Philip Boynton, Horsforth Harriers)
9   3:03:36 Ben Sheppard
16  3:08:53 Dan McKeown
23  3:15:15 Kate Archer 3rd F
25  3:17:08 Dave Robson
28  3:23:31 Rachel Carter
53  3:41:12 Dick Waddington
61  3:46:31 John Hayes
71  3:49:34 Richard Joel
72  3:49:53 Michael Duffield
73  3:50:44 Duncan Cooper
75  3:51:13 Colin Williams
81  3:53:46 Andrew Overend
97  4:03:01 Mark Judkowski
120 4:12:30 Alison Weston
127 4:18:53 Rebecca Mon Williams
130 4:19:08 Adela Reperecki 1st F55
136 4:21:02 Paul Stephens
150 4:27:01 Chantal Busby
163 4:36:16 Paul Calderbank
188 4:49:18 Sarah Edwards
222 5:17:02 Petra Bijsterveld
481 walkers & runners finished.

Wadsworth Trog, Sat 1 Feb

Results ...

(1  2:42:24 Martin Howard, CVFR)
6   2:55:49 Nathan Edmondson
25  3:11:13 Jeff Green
94  3:54:12 Paul Howard
98  3:57:21 Richard Eccles
115 4:06:37 Brian Melia
125 4:11:45 Dave Reynier
154 finished

parkruns, Sat 1 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:10 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
36  22:33 Oscar Street
116 27:03 Paula Reynier
441 ran

Crystal Palace
(1  17:08 Peter Lighting, Kent AC)
13  19:09 Neil Wilson
531 ran

Ganavan Sands
(1  18:24 Russell Daniels, U/A)
2   19:58 Alistair McInnes
33 ran

(1  17:18 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
22  22:53 Tom Lambe
37  24:16 Harry Sime
235 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:51 Richard Ollington, Thames Hare and Hounds)
38  19:58 Rob Cunningham
899 ran

Centre Vale
(1  17:55 James Jordan, Rochdale Harriers)
27  23:27 Geoffrey Howard
238 ran

Older News,January 2020

Outstanding Achievements, January

From the Committee ...

Mike AC, David Foyston & Nick Helliwell, all getting PBs at the Lyntham St. Anne's 10 mile race and taking 2nd team prize
Hilda Coulsey, breaking her own club FV65 half marathon record by 4+ minutes, at the Essar Four Villages Half Marathon
Sally Malir, breaking the club FV55 half marathon record by 1min 30 seconds, at the Essar Four Villages Half Marathon
Jack Wood, beating his own club record by over 2 minutes at the Brass Monkey Half marathon, coming in 3rd place in a time of 1:08:24

Sue Williamson and Hilda Coulsey for organising the Ilkley Harriers Awards evening.

Annual Awards for 2019

Presented at the Awards Evening on Friday 24th January. Congratulations, everyone.

Category2019 Winner
Runner of the year - maleJack Wood
Runner of the year - femaleKate Archer
Most improved - maleMichael Abrams-Cohen
Most improved - femaleSally Armitage
Endurance Runner - over 50 maleSteve Turland
Endurance Runner - over 50 femaleAlison Weston
Endurance Runner - maleBen Sheppard
Endurance Runner - femaleJann Smith
Runner under 23 - maleJack Cummings
Runner under 23 - femaleLucy Williamson
Runner over 50 - maleGeoff Howard
Runner over 50 - femaleHilda Coulsey
Contribution to club - maleJonathan Turner
Contribution to club - femaleCaroline Howe
Captains award - maleDan McKeown
Captains award - femaleRachel Carter
League winnerKate Archer
Fell leagueJack Cummings
Road leagueDavid Westhead
Trail leagueRachel Carter
One-off ContributionJayne Norman - Dalesway Relay
One-off PerformanceEuan Brennan - 5k record
Much appreciation and thanks to all volunteers including specifically The coaches - Jane Bryant, Neil Chapman and Peter Shields
Petra Bijsterveld - membership management
Paul Wood - website

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Ilkley Harriers 2019 Top 10s

From Caroline Howe ... 2019 Top 10 Ilkley Harriers Road Race Rankings, updated

Other records, and earlier years

Tigger Tor fell race, Sun 26 Jan

From Alison Weston... A large field as it was the second counter in the 50th anniversary FRA races. Just under 10 miles it was won by Greg Hopkinson in 1:11 in very wet and muddy conditions. I improved a bit on last year's time to finish in 1:47.
Ilkley fell race is one of the next 50th FRA races so get your entry in!

Lytham St Anne's 10 Mile, Sun 26 Jan

From Mike Abrams-Cohen... Nick Helliwell, Dave Foyston and Mike AC took on the Lytham St Anne's 10 mile race on Sunday. We set off in torrential rain and what can only be described as a hurricane, to see all 3 of us get a big PB and seal 2nd place in the team prize!!! Dave fuelled on 7 beers and a sausage roll smashed his PB, storming to a 1:01:12 time (11th place). Dave won 3rd in the M40 - a great achievement. Following closely behind was the in form Nick Helliwell in 1:02:20. (16th) Mike finished the trio of Harriers with a time of 1:03:21. (20th)

Meltham 'tough' 10k, Sun 26 Jan

From Hilda Coulsey... This 10k is up on the hills beyond Huddersfield and the weather adds to its 'charm' although ruggedness would be more appropriate. As usual the hills are tough but what goes up comes down again for a fast finish. The weather, whilst being not as cold as previously, was windy and the rain in your face was really not pleasant. I signed up to this event out of habit having done it in the previous two years plus I thought it was still on the League listing which it isn't. However on being asked afterwards whether I enjoyed it I said yes definitely - it's an enjoyable tough challenge! It helped that I achieved a course pb. A reusable beaker was the useful race takeaway.
Results ...

(1  35:35 Gareth Cooke, Penistone Footpath Runners)
74  46:01 Collin Williams
221 55:07 Hilda Coulsey 1st F65
365 finished

Northern XC, Sat 25 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Senior Men
(1  41:41 Calum Johnson, Gateshead Harriers)
9   43:01 Tom Adams
25  44:36 Jack Wood
138 50:03 Dan McKeown
159 50:51 Steve Gott
203 52:26 Istvan Jacso
254 54:29 Tim Ashelford
434 61:51 Rob Budding
462 63:12 Steve Coy
    68    Iain Young
584 ran
12th team

Senior Women
(1  28:48 Jessica Judd, Blackburn Harriers)
75  34:56 Rachel Carter
97  36:12 Sarah Pickering
231 42:52 Sarah Edwards
246 43:41 Joanne Williamson
300 47:23 Petra Bijsterveld
307 47:45 Anna Pickering
319 49:09 Sally Pickering
356 ran
24th team

Junior Men
(1  26:22 Joshua Dickinson, Leeds City AC)
9   27:12 Dom Coy
72 ran

parkruns, Sat 25 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:47 unknown)
75  21:53 Tom Lambe
718 ran

(1  17:06 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
38  21:52 Sally Malir
98  24:49 Philip Hirst
526 ran

(1  17:09 Benjamin Douglas, Leeds City AC)
61  22:57 Geoffrey Howard
449 ran

Ganavan Sands
1   20:17 Alistair McInnes
71 ran

(1  18:56 Tim Chadwick, Skipton AC)
10  22:34 Catherine Gibbons
18  23:55 Harry Sime
71  27:00 Fiona Schneider
108 29:35 Andy Wolfenden
212 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  15:59 Chris Oddy, Serpentine AC)
122 24:06 Helen Waddington
507 ran

Centre Vale
(1  18:48 Paul Smith, U/A)
38  25:36 Will Worboys
141 ran

Harriers Awards evening, Fri 24 Jan

Report soon.

PECO XC, Sun 19 Jan

From Rachel Carter ... The 3rd PECO cross country was jointly hosted by Nidd Valley RR & Knaresborough Striders at Crimple Valley. It is held on agricultural land adjacent to the West Yorkshire Showground with Crimple Viaduct as the back drop. The route (5.4 miles) had changed from last year, this year being 2 hilly laps all below the club tents. It was mainly on grass but with some sections on trail including a particularly muddy uphill section through a wooded area dotted with mud covered exposed tree roots. The early morning frost was quickly melted by the sun leaving the route wet under foot. The 2 junior races preceded the senior one with plenty of juniors then providing enthusiastic support for the seniors. Dan and Steve battled it out on the uphill finish with Diane Kitchen coming a brilliant 1st in her age category.
Results ...

(1  31:36 Marcos Valero Palacios, Roundhay)  
15  34:56 Dan Mckeown
16  34:59 Steve Gott
73  37:43 Jaysson Sawyer
226 44:07 Rob Budding
270 46:05 David Singleton
306 47:53 Malcolm Pickering (3rd V65)
347 50:06 Geoffrey White 
349 50:13 Matthew Snow 
401 53:45 Roar Leijssen 
496 finished
5th team in the 2nd division

(1  36:05 Alice Leak, Leeds City)
14  41:07 Rachel Carter(3rd FV40)
103 50:45 Alison Bennett
136 54:14 Diane Kitchen (1st FV60)
158 55:52 Ros Brown
175 56:44 Nicola Budding
248 62:18 Anna Pickering
258 63:07 Helen Jacques
327 70:23 Sue Williamson
330 70:32 Kate Lofthouse
368 finished
4th team in the 2nd division

Essar Four Villages Half Marathon, Sun 19 Jan

From Hilda Coulsey... It's only January and two more Harriers' half marathon records are broken. Three of us travelled across to Helsby in Cheshire for this 'undulating' course also claiming a best half marathon in the north award! It was almost all on quiet country roads and was probably very picturesque however the temperature was barely above freezing and there was thick fog so the focus was more on the road than the surroundings. The course was undulating but in a good way so that the hills up were steady and the down sections were a pleasure to see and run and particularly as the last couple of miles were mostly downhill. Daryl's time fitted in well alongside the men's great times last week at the Brass Monkey. Sally took Christine Mathews 10 year old LV55 record by 1 min 30 and I continued to chip away at my LV65 record, this time by 4+ mins. This race was an England masters qualifier and as such times across the board for age were pretty amazing and it was lovely to see that both of us achieved the qualifying criteria.
I would definitely recommend this race as a fine country road race with obvious PB potential.
A great start for 2020.
Results ...

(1  1:06:14 Mohammad Abu-Rezeq, unattached)
464 1:35:57 Sally Malir
515 1:36:52 Daryl King
956 1:51:51 Hilda Coulsey
2022 ran

Inskip Half Marathon, Sun 19 Jan

From Helen Waddington... This is one of the races organised by Alan Taylor which takes advantage of the mainly flat and quiet country roads which see more tractors than cars, around the villages northwest of Preston. It's old school in style - no chip timing here - parking in a field, a start sign at the side of the road and a nice friendly lady with a clip board taking numbers at the end. The roads are sketchy in places and the twists and turns of the course keep your mind off the miles. The field is mainly club runners many of whom were obviously regulars. If you need a January half marathon to kick start training it's not a bad choice. Results...

(1  1:10:11 Gary Briscae, Penistone Footpath Runners)
144 1:49:30 Helen Waddington
226 ran

parkruns, Sat 18 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:39 Laurence Griffin, York Knavesmire Harriers)
115 22:15 Geoff Howard
718 ran

(1  18:22 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
159 28:01 Melanie Edwards
412 ran

(1  16:26 Scott Hinchcliffe, Penistone Footpath Runners)
33  22:08 Beth Massey
264 ran

(1  16:47 Gordon Lennox, U/A)
3   19:26 Alistair McInnes
86 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:42 Richard Ollington, Thames Hare and Hounds)
72  20:12 Rob Cunningham
1218 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  17:51 Rob Byers, U/A)
2  19:55 Michael Abrams-Cohen
217 ran

Stanbury Splash fell race, Sun 12 Jan

From Adela Reperecki... Great race on a windy day not to mention the raging streams, rain, mud and bogs. Spectacular views at the top at Ponden Clough, well worth the climb.
Results ...

1   45:29 Tom Adamas
5   49:50 Oli Murphy
14  53:05 Steve Gott
25  55:15 Jeff Green
35  57:34 Paul Carman
59  61:43 Rachel Carter
69  63:36 Richard Joel
82  64:37 Alistair Barlow
93  66:07 Jane McCarthy
110 67:36 Colin Williams
119 68:43 Richard Eccles
127 69:38 Jann Smith
141 71:55 Alison Weston
169 76:45 Chris Oxlade
186 79:18 Adela Reperecki
188 79:36 Alison Bennett
225 91:14 Mary Jeal
254 finished

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, Sun 12 Jan

From Dawn Turner ... This flat and very fast (for some) half marathon starts at York's Knavesmire racecourse and is an out-and-back route along mostly closed roads. The weather on Sunday morning was shocking with heavy rain that looked like it was set in for a while. Foregoing a significant warm up I settled for a jog round the car park and just before 10am we were underway. 1,700 set off on this well marshalled and slightly soggy event.
The rain stopped for the latter part of my race and at around half way in Appleton Roebuck a smattering of locals enthusiastically cheered us on and handed out sweets. It was a day of incredible PBs for the Harriers. Jack Wood broke his own all-time club record with a 1:08:24 for third place, while Mike AC and Nick Helliwell destroyed their previous bests by 14mins and 8mins respectively!
Results below. Apologies to any missing Ilkley Harriers, we weren't all flagged up on the website.
Results ...

(1   1:07:33 Richard Start, N Derbyshire AC)
3    1:08:24 Jack Wood
137  1:20:22 Nick Helliwell
182  1:22:28 Michael Abrams-Cohen
280  1:26:47 Andrew Overend
297  1:27:28 Kate Archer
317  1:28:02 Jonathan Turner
639  1:37:08 Dave Reynier
761  1L44:17 Emma Sheppard
1079 1:57:57 Paula Reynier
1220 2:03:40 Dawn Turner
1484 finished

Jack's time beat his own 1:10:42 club record from last year's Brass Monkey.

parkruns, Sat 11 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:52 Rian McCawley, Aldershot, Farnham and District AC)
115 22:57 Tom Lambe
799 ran

(1  17:32 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
2   17:33 Steve Gott
35  22:00 Sally Malir
43  22:33 Oscar Street
176 27:03 Stephanie Fox
203 28:19 Paula Reynier
537 ran

(1  17:47 Chris Miller, Harrogate Harriers)
119 25:55 Jane Thomas
432 ran

(1  20:20 unknown)
59  28:50 Hilda Coulsey
130 ran

(1  17:27 Matthew Lalor, Ribble Valley)
89  26:05 Will Worboys
401 ran

Stewart (Middlesbrough)
(1  19:19 Daniel Angus, U/A)
27  23:19 Caroline Howe 1st F
414 ran

(1  17:12 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
16  22:31 Catherine Gibbons 1st F
44  24:42 Harry Sime
144 30:16 Jan Jones
303 ran

Horton Park
(1  20:02 George Dickinson, U/A)
2   20:29 Robin Nicholson
149 ran

Clapham Common
(1  17:55 Alex Donnet, U/A)
63  20:18 Rob Cunningham
1310 ran

(1  19:12 Hannah Oldroyd, Airedale Dodgers)
5   20:23 Michael Abrams-Cohen
223 ran

Yorkshire XC Championships Lightwater Valley, Sat 4 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

under 17 women
(1  16:03 Martha Calton-Seal, City of York AC)
21  19:53 Poppy Anderson
25 ran

under 20 men
(1  25:38 Joshua Dickinson, Leeds City AC)
4   26:21 Dom Coy
5   27:05 Cameron Reilly
24 ran

senior women
(1  28:22 Bronwen Owen, Leeds City AC)
41  33:45 Rachel Carter
84  37:05 Sarah Pickering
113 39:53 Alison Bennett
115 40:08 Sarah Edwards
147 44:02 Hilda Coulsey
152 44:26 Joanne Williamson
155 45:10 Petra Bijsterveld
164 46:46 Anna Pickering
168 47:23 Sally Pickering
173 ran

senior men
(1  30:59 Andrew Heyes, Hallamshire Harriers)
4   31:44 Tom Adams
9   32:13 Jack Wood
77  36:41 Steven Gott
127 39:22 Tim Ashelford
130 39:54 Jaysson Sawyer
180 42:15 Steve Coy
221 44:27 Mark Iley
285 48:38 Iain Young
317 ran

parkruns, Sat 4 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:31 Scott Harrington, Otley AC)
7   19:07 Nick Kealey
50  22:37 Oscar Street
114 25:21 Philip Hirst
196 28:02 Paula Reynier
530 ran

Hastings Foreshore
(1  15:32 Jess Dunsmore, Frankston AC)
33  23:15 David Singleton
163 ran

Greenpoint (SA)
(1  16:58 unknown)
62  22:20 Andrew Merrick
1084 ran

(1  17:45 Chris Ovenden, Skipton AC)
17  22:34 Catherine Gibbons
42  24:17 Harry Sime
251 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:45 Adam Pearson, Richmond and Zetland Harriers)
4   18:01 Michael Abrams-Cohen
483 ran

Horton Park
1   20:29 Robin Nicholson
9   22:46 Geoff Howard
80 ran

Harriers League 2019 winners

From Jane McCarthy... Well Done to Everyone who took part in the hotly contested 2019 Harriers League. Congratulations to Kate Archer, deserved Winner of the Overall League with a phenomenal score of 981 points, and a second generation win(!) following father, six-time League winner, Nick Pearce.
The Individual Leagues of Fell, Trail and Road, with a maximum of four races to count, were won by Jack Cummings (Fell), Rachel Carter (Trail) and Dave Westhead (Road), the latter less than a point ahead of Hilda Coulsey.
The Top Ten places in the Overall League went to 1st Kate Archer, 2nd Colin Williams (964 pts), 3rd Rachel Carter (878 pts), 4th Dave Westhead (845 pts) 5th Helen Waddington (808 pts), 6th Jonathan Turner (734 pts), 7th Steve Newell (721 pts), 8th Dan McKeown (653 pts), 9th Hilda Coulsey (647 pts), 10th Dave Robson (636 pts). Full Results Attached.
2019 final results tables
Congratulations All! Get your 2020 League Races in the Diary!

Captain Cooks race, Great Ayton, New Years Day

From Alison Weston ... won by Harry Holmes from Matlock in 30:37. I was 3rd lady vet 50 in 47:31. This was the first race of the 50@50 FRA listed races to celebrate the FRAs 50th anniversary. This list includes many of the original fell races including Ilkley fell race!

parkruns, New Year's Day

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Just a select few Harriers were out parkrunning on this beautiful sunny New Year's morning, with Jann Smith being first female at Myrtle. Some keen beans just couldn't get enough and did the double:
Alex Stanley-Hyde: Woodhouse Moor and Temple Newsam
Tom Lambe: Skipton and Cliffe Castle (Keighley)
Melanie Edwards: Myrtle (Bingley) and Cliffe Castle
Michael Abrams-Cohen, Jaysson Sawyer and Petra Bijsterveld: Harrogate and Conyngham Hall (Knaresborough)
Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:47 Ciaran Forde, Leeds City AC)
387 27:22 Alex Stanley-Hyde
740 ran

Temple Newsam
(1  17:07 Edward Cator, City of Norwich AC)
210 28:50 Alex Stanley-Hyde
453 ran

(1  18:54 Chris Watt, U/A)
30  22:50 Colin Williams
64  24:50 Tom Lambe
211 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  19:47 unknown)
53  24:56 Tom Lambe
161 30:25 Melanie Edwards
348 ran

(1  19:30 Adam Kirk, Nidd Valley Road Runners)
16  23:13 Jann Smith 1st F
80  28:44 Melanie Edwards
176 ran

(1  18:05 Eddie Garner, U/A)
6   19:12 Michael Abrams-Cohen
242 28:14 Petra Bijsterveld
394 34:53 Jaysson Sawyer
459 ran

Conyngham Hall
(1  17:39 unknown)
11  20:08 Michael Abrams-Cohen
238 30:27 Petra Bijsterveld
408 38:56 Jaysson Sawyer
460 ran

Barry Island
(1  18:56 Sam White, Taunton AC)
7   21:00 Michael Lomas
193 ran

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