Ilkley Harriers news archive 2014

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, June

Val Kerr Organising relays including Billy Bland Challenge Other nominations were:
Georgia Malir - won FU23 junior women race, at the British Athletics Senior Home International
Mark Mon-Williams - HDSRL 4 and Wharfedale Half
Dan Wilklinson - Great Dodd Fell Race
Dick Waddington - Swaledale Marathon and other results
Jane McCarthy - Swaledale Marathon and other results
Alison Eagle - vertical kilometre, Chamonix
Caz Farrow 1st female at Wharfedale Half, Hawkshead 10k and other results

Additionally, an 'Outstanding Achievement' award was made to Sally Morley for her result at the British Masters 5k, 1st LV40 and a club record of 17:57

More Harriers of the Month ...

Millenium Way Relay, Sun 29 June

Val Kerr reports ... Our team of 10 Ilkley Harriers had a great day out yesterday on the BMW relay, enjoying a nice friendly race and some good running conditions. Andrew Merrick and Neil Smith got the team off to a speedy start, finishing among the first 10 teams for their leg despite having to run half a mile and one hill further than normal for this leg to avoid a potentially disruptive landowner on Marsh Lane. Adela Reperecki and I enjoyed our run over Keighley Moor and over into Laycock and were happy to hand over to Keith Wood and Lynn Donohue on Leg 3 before the mass start. Driving home I was stopped by a road race marshal in Silsden for Keith and Lynn to cross the road in front of me and hand over to Clare Smith and Elle Bradley on Leg 4. I then raced home, grabbed the dogs and dashed over to Ilkley Moor just in time to see Nigel Tapper and Helen Horton heading up towards Rocky Valley and looking strong on Leg 5. Nigel and Helen brought the team home, finishing in Bingley just before 3.30 pm. Leg times to follow but overall team time around 7h 30min.
Some photos
Results ...

(1  5:34:17 Wharfedale Harriers)   

21  7:37:59 Ilkley Harriers (3rd Vets team): 
Leg 1 1:33:21 (11) Andrew Merrick + Neil Smith    
Leg 2 1:31:54 (18) Val Kerr + Adela Reperecki        
Leg 3 1:18:46 (19) Keith Wood + Lynn Donohue     
Leg 4 1:28:19 (22) Clare Smith + Elle Bradley          
Leg 5 1:45:39 (21) Nigel Taper + Helen Horton       

(43 teams finished)

Mont Blanc Marathon Race weekend, 27-29 June, Harriers in Chamonix!

From Caz Farrow... Just a brief report on behalf of Alison Eagle & myself....
Fantastic weekend of events in Chamonix including the Skyrunning World Championships which meant some big names were in town, as well as a few Harriers.
Alison Eagle in her first 'Vertical Kilometre' (3.8km long & obviously 1000m ascent!), has found her forte, and had an awesome result, finishing 1st V50 in 58.20
I did the Chamonix Cross (23km, 1665m of ascent, 658m descent), finishing 59th (of 1500) overall in 2hrs 48mins 49secs, and was 4th woman & 1st Vet, despite British Airways losing my luggage!

Kirkby Gala, Sat 28 June

From Jack Wood ... my first BOFRA race of the season. I thought it started at 2 so pedalled furiously from Ulverston train station to get there in time. In fact it was the gala that started at 2 and the fell race wasn't until 4 so I had a couple of hours to sit and eat some cake whilst wellies were wanged around me. The race itself was longer than most BOFRA races (4 miles with 1300 feet of climb). I wouldn't say it was a classic route but there were nice views of the bays either side of Furness and a fast grassy descent down from the moor. I came in 9th, about 5 minutes down on the winner Ted Mason. In the U14 race Euan Brennan was pipped into second place by just 3 seconds.

(1 32:14 red Mason, Wharfedale)
9  36:58 Jack Wood
42 finished

Eldwick Gala, Sat 28 June

Some photos.
Results ...

(1 16:57 James Hall, Wharfedale)
16 21:09 Lucy Haines  2nd lady and 1st U16
23 22:41 Lucy Jacques 3rd U16
57 finished

Buttermere Horseshoe, Sat 28 June

(1 4:46:28 Richard McGrath, Ellenborough) 
17 5:52:16 Roy Ruddle  [3rd V50]

parkruns, Sat 28 June

From Petra ... Oscar Stapleton (junior) came 2nd this week at Skipton parkrun. It is worth taking a look at Geoff Howard's fantastic times, a regular Harrier parkrunner who consistently achieves an age-grading of between 80 and 85%, something most winners do not even manage! Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:33 Rashaad Jorden, U/A)
208 27:42 Harry Stead (junior)
348 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:53 Jordan Bransberg, Skyrac AC)
41  21:35 Geoffrey Howard
166 26:53 Petra Bijsterveld
197 28:13 Eve Whitaker (junior)
198 28:13 Helene Whitaker
267 33:48 Gemma Carpenter
283 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 18:37 Lucas Payne, Barlick Fell Runners)
2   20:55 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
12  23:41 Lewis Carr (junior)
39  28:21 Dylan Carr (junior)
47  30:06 Alex Millar
66 ran

North Face Ultra Trail Lavaredo

From Brian Melia ... I ventured to Cortina for the 9th North Face Ultra Trail Lavaredo on the 26th June. It begins at 11 pm interestingly which you need to think about. I met up my pal Jon Tidd and wife Luciana from Uruguay the day before in Venice in time to travel and register. The kit requirements are slightly more relaxed than UTMB, UTMFuji, but it is a mistake to be out here without full weather gear! and extra gear just in case.
The race is 119km and 5850 m of height and has some massive ups and downs an truly isolated points... I lay around trying to sleep on and off through Friday arriving at the start with Jon about 10.50. The atmosphere although not UTMB was very friendly. The race began uneventfully. I tried to settle without any injury which given the speed of the first descent to the first aid station proved more difficult. Any how all was fine. My biggest problem was to trying to keep awake over the next 5 hours which proved too difficult in the end. I was tripping on some very dangerous paths. I decided a snooze was the best option so lay down on some comfy heather. I was woken 50 minutes later by Jon's wife Luciana laughing her head off wondering why I was sleeping!! From then on I was fine with no fatigue. I ran well over the Forc Lavaredo by the three chimneys at sun up which was simply stunning. There is then a huge leg to the next aid station which I overtook many runners. Equally a very difficult section up and over to col Gallina. Jon dropped here as he was on empty. The scenery was beautiful and had massive vistas I was slightly disorientated which is quite exciting in the race and adds to the mystery of the event. You feel just one more mountain top then Cortina , but it did not work out like that there was always another pass then another!! All totally fabulous.
I finished really strongly in 18hrs 30 mins 28 sec in 77th. Anton Krupicka won the mens and Rory Bosio the ladies. A great event worth the trip and is part of the World Ultra trail Series Have a look!

Great Dodd Fell Race, Wed 25 June

Dan Wilkinson reports ... The search for a tune up race for the Kentmere champs race took me to Dockray, where nav4 put on a great low key, mid week, navigational AM (9 miles 2,800) fell race. The running is very similar to Kentmere, almost 100% runnable, over the grassy Dodds. Despite being a Wednesday evening a larger than expected field of around 75 had registered. There were some quality runners there too, including Rhys Findlay Robinson and Kim Collinson. I have history with this race, I first ran it two years ago as a relative novice fell runner, getting horrendously lost in the clag and finishing second last in 1:52.
This year conditions were good; it was quite cool with cloud cover, but not covering the tops this time. I set off with the front runners and kept them in sight almost all the way to the top of Great Dodd. The return leg has lots of route choice, and you either follow well worn trods but run half a mile further or battle through tussocks. I opted for the tussocks following some runners with local knowledge. A significant improvement on 2012, I crossed the line 12th in 1:16:05, Rhys Findlay Robinson won in 1:09:29

YVAA Grand Prix, Meanwood, Tue 24 June

From Lynn Donohue A beautiful evening saw the fifth in the YVAA Grand Prix series at Meanwood taking in part of the Meanwood valley trail race, largely woodland and dry due to the recent good weather. Two Harriers at this event run only for veteran racers - ladies over 35 and men over 40. Results ...

(1 32:25 Tanya Seager, Stainland)
23 42:07 Lynn Donohue
46 46:14 Amanda Newham
86 finished

Puma Pudsey 10k, Sun 22 June

From Gavin Lamb ... If you have not run this before I would recommend to make a note in your diary for next year, great course taking in a mixture of road, trail, woods, streams, park, hills.

(1  34:25 Testaye Debele, Leeds City AC) 
42  44:20 Gavin Lamb
278 61:14 Amanda Newham
409 finished

Clougha Pike, Sun 22 June

Results ...

(1 38:33 Jack Wills, Middlesborough)
71 57:24 Lucy Williamson
85 61:12 Joanne Williamson
107 finished

U16 Girls
1  Luch Haines

3 Euan Brennan

Tom Tittiman, Sat 21 June


(1 27:24 Shaun Godsman, CVFR)
18 33:52 Lucy Haines 1st FU16, 3rd lady
52 41:22 Sarah Haines
92 finished

Billy Bland Challenge, 20/21 June

From Val Kerr ... A great run out in the Lake District enjoyed by 21 Harriers. What a difference a year makes. This time we were greated by blue skies, sun and heat - the Lake District at its best.
We had changed the start time slightly this year so that Leg 2 would be run in the dark rather than Leg 1. Sarah Edwards, Alistair Barlow, Paul Sowden and Jamie Hutchinson got the relay off to a good start leaving Keswick at 7.00 pm and arriving at Threlkeld, still in daylight, in just under 4 hours at 10.59 pm. Photos were taken quickly due to the clouds of hungry midges and Clare and Neil Smith, John Coates and Andrew Merrick (doing his first ever mountain run, and in the dark) then headed off up the Dodds. Unfortunately, this group had the worst of the conditions with mist on the summits making navigation a bit tricky in the dark. Leg 2 handed over to Dan Wilkinson, Jack Wood and Ben Shepperd at 3.45 am. As expected these three runners ran a really fast leg, despite having had little sleep, this being the longest leg, and stopping to take lots of photos on the way (see facebook) and finished at 9.00 am. Leg 4 runners, consisting of Alison Weston, Kate Archer, Brain Melia, Dick Waddington and Jane McCarthy also ran a really fast leg handing over to Sharon Meadows, Alison Bennett, Adela Reperecki, Val Kerr and Neil Chapman at 13.24 pm. With the end in sight these five runners set off up Dale Hed. The steep scrambled descent of Robinson was easier this year as the rocks were dry and did not look as menacing in the daylight. Stopping for a quick chat with Dave and Kelly Wilby on the way down, we soon hit the road and the temperatures rose as the wind died away. The last mile was a bit of a struggle in the heat but we eventually reached the finish at the Moot Hall at 16.07 pm to be greated by Alison and Kate, followed by fish and chips!
All in all a tremendous day out and some great photographs to show for it. Overall finish time 21h 07 min (2 hrs faster than last year)

Leg 3 report from Dan Wilkinson ... With a 3:45 scheduled start time we went to bed at 10:30, in our bunkhouse, with the alarm set for 2:45, after mustering up the willpower to leave the pub before closing time! . After 45 minutes we received a text from Val to say that leg one were 30 minutes up. The alarm was reset for 2:15 to allow for a fast leg 2. At 1:30 we finally got to sleep. 45 minutes later we were up eating breakfast and getting ready for the leg..
We jogged over to Dunmail where a middle of the night mini metropolis of BG support was gathered, the weather was fine and spirits among contenders and support was high. We waited whilst a few other attempts passed through, among them Pennine and the imfamous Dark Peak Machine.
Back on schedule at 3:45 prompt Andrew and Clare appeared off the hill and after a last minute decision to ditch our head torches we were off. The pace was pretty quick and we passed the Dark Peak machine within 2 minutes and were on top of Steel Fell in just over 15 minutes, we continued on to Calf Crag as the sun rose. Next was the steady climb up to the Langdales. The going underfoot was great, the bogs of last months recce had dried up into spongy grass and we were maintaining a great pace. As we reached Sergeant Man we entered the clag and spotted the Pennine BG attempt. We overtook them over High Raise and continued running in the clag until we saw the sky appear at Harrison Stickle.
We were greeted with some of the most amazing views I've ever seen in the lakes, we were above a bank of cloud inversion that seemed as if it was about to tumble out of the plateau and into Langdale, with one side the sun rising and the other side a Brocken Spectre, a magical experience! Next we made our way to Pike O' Stickle, getting briefly lost in the clag.
Next was a nice easy run down to Langdale Combe. We picked up some water from the beck and had some food then began the contouring climb to Rossett Pike. We were rewarded with some fine views of Langdale as we made our way to the summit, then is was back into the clag for the traverse to Bowfell.
We stayed in the clag for a couple of hours as we picked out way steadily across the boulders of Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Ill and Broad Crag and finally Scafell Pike. the cloud broke as we picked our way past lots of walkers on the way to Mickledore. We stopped to admire Broad Stand for a moment before making our way across to Lords Rake. I was first up followed by a now very tired Jack and a tentative Ben, we joined the West Wall traverse then finally the steep scramble out of Deep Gill to the top of Scafell where we had superb views across Wast Water.
We now had 28 minutes to hand over to leg 4 if we were to keep to my revised schedule of 5:15, it was going to be a long descent from 3,162 ft. We set off at a blistering pace down the stone path, almost race pace. Soon the running was easier as we left the main path headed for the scree. Still no time to pause for photos here as we dived down the scree at full pelt towards to the tourist path and our handover at Wasdale head.
We made our rendezvous at 9:00am dead, bang on schedule, and after a few photos the leg 4 team were off. All in all it was a fantastic mornings running and a great event, huge thanks to Val for organising.
Some photos

From Alison Weston ... some photos from leg 4 and finish

Buckden Pike, Sat 21 Jun

From Nick Pearce ... now organised by Barlick Fell Runners, Buckden Pike is a longstanding classic fell race over a 4 mile course including a river crossing and near vertical climb at the start; and vertiginous descent, river crossing and wall jump to the finish, with 1,500 feet of ascent in total. The race was won by Ted Mason of Wharfedale Harriers in 35:09. Ilkley Harriers amongst 90 competitors were Nick Pearce 15th (1st V60) in 43:12; Richard Joel 24th in 44:26; and Norman Bush 48th in 49:21 (1st V70).

parkruns, Sat 21 Jun

From Petra ... Results ...

Skipton Lister Park
(1  17:22 Edward Evans, Wharfedale Harriers)
6   21:29 Geoffrey Howard
9   22:21 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
53  31:41 Amy Foy (junior)
64 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:30 Ed Beecher, Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club)
158 26:45 Petra Bijsterveld
287 34:24 Gemma Carpenter
319 ran

HDSRL 4, Esholt, Thu 19 June


(1  30:45 Mike Burrett, Harrogate)
9   33:28 Dan Wilkinson
15  34:47 Mark Mon-Williams
25  36:18 Dick Waddington
40  37:55 Andrew Sheldon
42  38:14 Jane McCarthy
81  41:37 Rebeca Mon-Williams
84  41:50 Stephen Rhodes
102 43:39 Phillip Hurst
139 46:36 Stephanie Fox
142 46:47 Caroline Craske 
151 47:29 Helen Waddington
164 48:07 Jean Sullivan
176 49:21 Allison Ricci
188 50:16 Sue Williamson
189 50:22 Louise Airey
194 50:46 Geoffrey White
197 51:01 Peter Lewis
201 51:29 Adela Reperecki
209 52:11 Jacqui Weston
219 53:32 Petra Bijsterveld
241 57:42 Donald Macrae
252 62:47 Laura Dawes
253 63:21 David Millson
262 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Beamsley Beacon fell race, Thu 19 June

BOFRA fell race.

Photos on Woodentops.

(1 37:01 Chris Loftus, KCAC)
8  41:01 Jamie Hutchinson (2nd V40)
13 44:25 Paul Calderbank (2nd V50)
24 48:46 Alison Weston  4th Lady (1st LV45)
26 49:36 Lucy Williamson 5th Lady (1st Girl under 17 yrs)
27 50:28 Chantel Busby 6th Lady 2nd LV45
43 finished

Will Ramsbotham Badger Stone Relays, Wed 18 June

Another super event from Ilkley Harriers, well done to the Mark Mon-Williams organising and all the helpers. Photos and results on the Badger Stone Relays page.

We understand an ace team of older juniors took the Ladies Team prize, well done to them!

Woodentops photos

Hawkshead 10km, Wed 18 June

Caz Farrow reports ... Boiling hot evening, stunning location (country lanes around Esthwaite water), "undulating", BBQ in Hawkshead village square at the end. Very friendly race, should you happen to be in the area! Provisional results:

(1 34:24 S Hebblethwaite, Keswick AC)
19 40:22 Caz   3rd Female, 1st V40

BMAF 5k, Sun 15 June

Sally Morley was 1st LV40 and set a club record of 17:57, beating Amanda Oddie's 18:27 from Horwich in 2008. Results

Hawkswick Dash, Sun 15 June

BOFRA fell race.

(1 11:53 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
15 14:02 Mark Mon-Williams
16 14:09 Steve Turland
17 14:34 Iain Gibbons
45 16:56 Paddy Hagan
46 17:02 Norman Bush
78 ran

(1  12:54 Thomas Nelseon, Wharfedale)
10  14:22 Lucy Haines  1st girl
12  14:58 Jemima Elgood 3rd girl
24 ran

Good results from other Ilkley juniors inclidung Euan Brennan 2nd U14. Photos on Woodentops.

Senior Home International, Sat 14 June

Well done to Tom Adams 4th in the senior men's race and Georgia Malr who won the FU23 'junior women' race, at the British Athletics Senior Home International which was also the BA trial for the European Championships. A super result too from Lucy Williamson in the FU23 race. No official results yet but lots of photos on Woodentops.

Swaledale Marathon, Sat 14 June

Jez Hellewell reports ... the breaking news from today's race is that Jane McCarthy stormed home to take First Lady's place in 3h35. Dick Waddington had another superb race finishing 1 minute in front in 3h34. This is a truly stunning race. So much so that I stopped to take half a dozen photos at various points. Anybody who was disappointed that The Wharfedale Off Road Marathon didn't run this year should come up & do this next year. At the finish I got collared by a runner who told me it was the Ilkley Trail Race that got him in to fell running! Results ...

(1  3h00 Tony lambert, Swaledale)
16  3h34 Dick Waddington
19  3h35 Jane McCarthy 1st lady
41  4h05 Jez Hellewell
131 4h51 Helen Horton
132 4h51 Nigel Tapper
436 finished

parkruns, Sat 14 June

Petra Bijsterveld reports ... Quite a number of Harriers out at parkruns this weekend. Oscar Stapleton (junior) came 3rd at Skipton, and Alex Hirst improved his time yet again and came in first.
Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:31 Chris Green, U/A)
49  22:49 Joe Reynier (junior)
76  23:47 Will Worboys
100 24:54 Paul Sugden
328 37:31 Emma O'Looney
398 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  16:51 Mike Burrett, Leeds City)
43  22:03 Geoffrey Howard
77  23:49 Emily Elmes (junior)
108 25:55 Julie Elmes
115 26:11 Karen Lambe
243 36:09 Gemma Carpenter
267 ran

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  18:18 Tim Ashelford, Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club)
3   20:01 Oscar Stapleton (junior) PB
34  27:19 Fiona Schneider
46  30:28 Alex Millar
65 ran

Mile End
(1 17:41 unknown)
25 21:47 Tom Worboys
102 ran

Hilly Fields, Lewisham
1 18:39 Alex Hirst PB
125 ran

(1 19:06 Alan Walsh, Wharfedale Harriers)
6  20:01 Steve Turland
81 ran

Otley 10 miles, Wed 11 June

From Hilda Coulsey ... Results ...

(1    55:34 Nathaniel Williams u/a)
42  1:06:08 Gareth Lamb
128 1:14:53 Stephen Rhodes
135 1:15:27 Simon Jenkins
140 1:15:50 Rachel McKay
304 1:31:00 Wendy Newell
328 1:35:23 Jacqui Weston
330 1:35:56 Janet Weston
376 1:46:15 Sarah Burke
392 finished

Ennerdale Horseshoe, Sat 7 June

Dan Wilkinson reports ... We arrived exited for this super long Lakes classic, the entry list read like a who's who of fell running. The forecast looked grim, but with cooling rain and low cloud I was looking forward to the race. When we arrived at race HQ there were rumours of a route change. When this was finally posted there were lots of disappointed mumblings. Due to lightning risk the route had been changed to a low level trail run taking in Buttermere, Scarth Gap pass and the forest trail back to the end of the lake. In the end I retired at checkpoint one after having to stop with a severe stitch for several minutes, once I knew a Champs point was out of the question I pulled out to save my legs for the rest of the season, not a route that I wanted to run for fun, but I fully respect the decision made to protect our and the marshals' safety.
Results ...

(1  2:52:16 Rob Hope)
70  3:27:46 Dave Wilby
114 3:43:05 Nick Pearce 2nd V60
130 3:52:29 Ben Sheppard
131 2:52:39 Duncan Cooper
172 4:06:37 Jann Smith  3rd L45
197 4:17:15 Roy Ruddle
200 4:17:59 Kate Archer
206 4:19:12 Will Buckton
208 4:20:01 Alison Weston
275 finished

Penyghent fell race, Sat 7 June

Results ...

(1 50:46 Craig Roberts, Kendal AC)
26 60:53 Richard Joel
106 finished

Wharfedale Half Marathon, Sat 7 June

Caz Farrow was first lady, photos on Woodentops.
This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League. Results ...

(1  1:26:59 Harry Coates, Wallsend)
7   1:37:26 Mark Mon-Williams
11  1:29:59 Nick Richardson
17  1:42:33 Dick Waddington
28  1:46:25 Caz Farrow     1st lady
39  1:47:56 Jane McCarthy  2nd lady	
41  1:48:17 Paul Calderbank	
55  1:50:47 Emma Barclay	
58  1:51:22 Jonathan Sinclair	
91  1:58:21 Rebecca Mon-Williams	
113 2:01:38 Ewan Welsh	
140 2:05:40 John Coates	
145 2:06:26 Chantal Busby	
157 2:07:31 Adela Reperecki	
189 2:13:06 Helen Waddington	
204 2:16:02 John Marshall	
221 2:18:03 Keith Wood	
222 2:18:20 Lynn Donohue	
225 2:19:36 Nicholas Mellor	
235 2:21:17 Susan Short	
240 2:22:06 Kevin Lawson	
271 2:26:26 Elizabeth Price	
305 2:37:22 Martin Wright	
309 2:39:21 Jayne Fort	
319 2:43:03 Sally Wright	
322 2:43:23 Peter Lewis	
323 2:43:27 Paul Sugden	
325 2:44:31 Fiona Schneider	
331 2:45:37 Julie Elmes	
332 2:45:39 Sue Williamson	
365 finished

Woodentops photos

Junior fell Championships, Sat 7 June

Well done to our junior fell runners in round 5 of the fell Championships. Full report on the junior pages. Some photos from Graham Weston.

Parkrun results, Sat 7 June

From Petra ... Harriers were to be found at various parkruns across the country this week. Alex Hirst continues his good form and came second at Lewisham. Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:00 Rashaad Jorden, U/A)
352 34:01 Gemma Carpenter
381 ran
Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:20 Andrew Bedford, Saltaire Striders)
47  22:40 Joe Reynier (junior)
117 25:35 Samuel Turland (junior)
384 41:36 Abbie Reynier (junior)
426 ran
Harrogate Stray
(1  18:32 Darren McAvinue, Stadium Runners)
235 33:12 Helene Whittaker
267 ran

(1  16:26 David Rigby, Loughborough Students AC)
13  19:47 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
163 ran
(1  17:59 Paul Hill, U/A)
38  23:17 Will Worboys
156 ran
Wanstead Flats
(1  17:34 Gareth Wainwright, KPMG running club)
65  27:03 Sophie Brown
109 ran
Lewisham Hilly Fields
(1  19:17 Lex Reilly, Kent AC)
2   19:26 Alex Hirst
121 ran

Full Bronte 5 mile road race, Thu 5 June

Woodentops photos, Caz Farrow was 3rd lady. Results ...

(1  28:52 Will Smith, KCAC)
26  33:23 Caz Farrow 3rd lady
133 finished

HDSRL 3, Swaledale, Wed 4 June


(1  33:03 Mike Burrett, Harrogate)
26  37:51 Dick Waddington
51  40:12 Andrew Sheldon
72  41:39 Jane McCarthy
114 44:44 Stephen Rhodes
127 45:32 Phillip Hurst
143 46:38 Adrian Weatherley
159 48:00 Val Kerr
174 49:13 Helen Waddington
197 50:59 Jean Sullivan
218 53:35 Geoffrey White
238 55:46 Julie Elmes
282 67:05 Laura Dawes
283 67:15 David Millson
285 finished

Otley Chevin, Wed 4 June

Will Buckton reports on this BS local fell race, 4.5km/210m. Tilly and Outi were 2nd and 3rd ladies and Nick Pearce was 1st V60. Recent rainfall created muddy and slippery conditions on the Chevin. Results:

(1 18:15 Matthew John, Otley)
13 21:04 Jamie Hutchinson
15 21:12 Will Buckton
32 22:57 Nick Pearce
34 23:20 Tilly Melechi
57 26:25 Outi Kamarainen
90 32:49 Sue Morley
98 finished

Coniston Gullies, Sun 1 June

BOFRA fell race.

(1 14:32 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
14 17:26 Iain Gibbons
85 finished

Karrimor Great Trail Challenge, Sun 1 June

From Georgia Malir ... Tom Adams and I competed in the Karrimor Great Trail Challenge in Keswick. I ran for England and won the junior women's race, England also won the overall cup. Tom finished 10th in the senior men's race. There is a full report on the England Athletics website

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