Ilkley Harriers news archive 2018

Outstanding Achievements, October

From the Committee ...

Dick Waddington for Adventure into Wonderland ultra
Colin Williams for Keilder and Langdale marathons
Helen Thurston for first lady Harrogate park run and general great times
Lucy Williamson for Snowdon marathon
Jack Wood for his batch of first, seconds and third this month.

Jack Wood and Jann Smith for organising the teams for the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relays and at the British Fell and Hill Relay Championships, where the ladies and mens teams had brilliant performances coming in 10th and 11th respectively.

Bradford City Runs 10k, Sun 28 Oct

From Steve Murray ... With the clocks going back it felt like a late start Sunday morning for the Bradford City Runs series. A beautiful cold & sunny morning which was great for a 2 lap 10k course with a few hills, twists & turns. Normally a good wild card points scorer for the league but foiled this year by some very fast runners but did help drag me round for PB..
Results ...

(1 33:17 Joe Sagar, Spen)
5  37:41 Steve Gott
11 40:45 Steve Murray
76 51:47 Will Worboys
235 finished

Bronte Way, Sun 28 Oct

From Jo Foster... A cold and sunny day for a race from Wycoller to Haworth. Great atmosphere and great value at £8 for a bus transfer, fell race, soup & roll and free pint of beer.
Results ...

(1    51:58 Alasdair McLeod)
21  1:02:55 Jim Ryder 
89  1:18:48 Jo Foster 
107 1:22:58 Caroline Howe 
175 ran

Snowdonia Marathon, Sat 27 Oct

From Sue Williamson... An incredible day for Lucy to take part in the Snowdonia Marathon starting and finishing in Llanberris. Sunny skies, snow on the mountains and only a short burst of hail stones during the race. The course is a real toughie with stunning scenery. She had an amazing run up to mile 23 at the top of the third climb. It was then a steep descent back to Llanberris where unfortunately "jelly legs" got the better of her. The encouragement from the crowd got her to the finish in a great time. A great experience which she is happy to repeat. The only Ilkley Harrier in the race as unfortunately Petra is still injured. Maybe they will both be on the start line next year!

First place:  2:38:21
First female: 3:05:33
285 3:43:55  Lucy Williamson (27th female)
2205 finished

parkruns, Sat 27 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Some excellent 'away-parkrun' results this weekend with Oscar Stapleton as 1st finisher in Lancaster, Rebecca Mon-Williams 2nd F in Crissy Fields in San Francisco, and Kate Archer 3rd F in Oxford. Closer to home, whilst Michael Lomas came 4th in Bradford, if you sort the Bradford results by age-grade you will see Hilda Coulsey and Geoff Howard in 2nd and 3rd place respectively!
On that note, please be reminded that next week's parkrun at Bradford is a counter for the Harriers League.
Results ...

(1  16:38 James Eve, Headington RRC)
20  20:28 Kate Archer 3rd F
385 ran

(1  17:26 Pavit Singh Kullar, Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC)
4   18:57 Michael Lomas
30  22:03 Dave Reynier
65  23:41 Geoff Howard
93  24:56 Philip Hirst
105 25:21 Oscar Street
120 25:56 Hilda Coulsey
365 ran

(1  18:04 Josh Fuller, Harrogate Harriers AC)
216 28:01 Karen Lambe
385 ran

(1  18:15 Roger Comellas, U/A)
7   20:03 Jonathan Schneider
21  22:39 Adrian Bastow
57  25:15 Bess Sturman
91  28:07 Neil Pomfret
111 29:51 Sue Verspyck
201 45:58 Fiona Schneider
204 ran

Crissy Field
(1  16:26 Greg Krathwohl, U/A)
31  22:44 Rebecca Mon-Williams 2nd F
120 ran

1   17:57 Oscar Stapleton
318 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:55 David Taylor, Southend on Sea AC)
15  18:55 Rob Cunningham
462 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  18:56 Matthew Warters, U/A)
15  21:32 Colin Williams
263 ran

Even splits series, Leeds, Wed 24 Oct

From Hilda Coulsey... A faster time than last month for Nathan Edmonton and another second place. Not so many Harriers running, and a fairly low turn out in total, on this chilly, breezy autumn evening. Just one more race in the series this year on 28th November and it can be entered individually.
Results ...

(1  15:30 Jonathan Johnson, Rotherham)
2   15:39 Nathan Edmondson
59  20:38 Archie Budding
61  20:47 Robert Budding
104 23:25 Nicola Budding
123 24:45 Hilda Coulsey
138 26:40 Fiona Schneider
153 finished

West Yorkshire XC, Spenborough, Sun 21 Oct

Results ...

Senior men, 3rd team!
(1  29:10 Graham Rush, Leeds City)
2   29:47 Jack Wood
3   29:59 Euan Brennam
38  33:17 Ustvan Jacso
40  33:26 Daniel McKeown
52  34:15 Steven Gott
62  34:44 Stephen Coy
65  34:58 Tim Ashelford
93  37:27 Andrew Overend
112 39:13 Michael Abrams-Cohen
131 40:18 Michael Duffield
134 40:48 Derek Oliver
143 41:20 Mark Iley
146 41:48 Malcolm Pickering
177 finished

Senior ladies, 6th team
(1 19:50 Jennifer Walsh, Leeds City)
32 23:49 Sarah Pickering
39 24:31 Beth Massey
46 24:50 Dally Malir
56 25:11 Caroline Howe
82 27:26 Jane Bryant
85 27:44 Diane Kitchen
86 27:49 Nicola Budding
96 30:04 Gaenor Coy
99 30:31 Anna Pickering
111 finished

British Fell And Hill Relay Champs, Sat 20 Oct

From Jann Smith ... One of the strongest performances from Ilkley men and ladies for a long time. In a field of 250 teams Ilkley men came 11th overall and Ilkley Ladies were 10th Ladies team. Conditions were wet and misty which made the event focusing on the mountains near near Grasmere challenging. The relay consisted of four different legs, the first solo, the second paired and longer, the third paired long and navigational (maps with checkpoints on were given to runners after they had started running) and the fourth leg was solo.
Results ...

(1  3:43:13 Pudsey & Bramley)
11  4:04:27 Ilkley Men
101 5:15:40 Ilkley Ladies (10th ladies team)
239 teams finished

Ilkley Men
Leg 1 Nathan Edmondson
Leg 2 Matt Cox and Istvan Jasco
Leg 3 Jack Wood and Will Simmons (6th on leg)
Leg 4 Jack Cummings

Ilkley Ladies
Leg 1 Jane McCarthy
Leg 2 Helen Wood and Kate Archer
Leg 3 Jann Smith and Alison Weston
Leg 4 Helen Thurston

Northern Athletics XC Relays, Sat 20 Oct

From Dave Woodhead ... Ilkley Harriers WU17 7th at the Northern Athletics XC Relays at Graves Park Sheffield,
Results ...

Langdale Marathon, Sat 20 Oct

From Colin Williams ... advertised as "the toughest road marathon in the UK" with 3,400 ft of climb with some assents as steep as 1:3, I can confirm that for a road marathon it is very hard going.
The 170 marathon runners line up with the 500 half marathon competitors, and Rod Berry, "Rocket Rod" the founder of the Langdale Road race said a few word at it's the 30th anniversary of the race, then we were off.
This year was the first with the race being run by Brathay Running, the course is unchanged, 13.1 miles on country road, some of which covered in autumn leave were more like a trail race than a road race, the rain that accompanied us made some of the roads slippery adding to the feeling of being on a trail, I was glad that I had opted for my trail shoes rather than road. The marathon runners complete two laps of the course, I can recommend it for those looking for a bit of a challenge!
The race was won by Michael Sprot of Hallamshire Harriers in a time of 3:07:22, I finished in 18th place in a time of 3:42:02 the second V55 for which I won a trophy.

parkruns, Sat 20 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:11 Michael Waddington, Ware Joggers)
11  18:57 Rob Cunningham
181 26:23 Chris Cunningham
406 ran

(1  17:20 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
6   19:25 Jonathan Turner
9   19:37 Steve Murray
65  23:24 Oscar Street
80  24:06 Tom Lally
104 25:03 Will Worboys
160 27:19 Paula Reynier
162 27:26 Dawn Turner
360 36:57 Dave Reynier
412 ran

Wanstead Flats
(1   17:00 Daniel Steel, Woodford Green AC)
185  31:57 Sophie Brown
235 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  18:28 unknown)
36  24:04 Geoff Howard
111 29:38 Fiona Schneider
232 ran

Yorkshire Marathon and 10 Mile, Sun 14 Oct

From Helen Waddington ... Congratulations to all who took part, but particularly to the Harriers who opted for the marathon distance - it really was exceptionally wet and I'm sure those of us doing the 10 Mile felt humbled to think of you all battling it out! I suspect support on the course was depleted as a consequence of the predicted rain and the mental battle for all will have been that much harder. Some first time marathoners (Harry and Clare I know of) so a huge High Five to them, a baptism of, well, WATER I guess! Another impressive time from Derek Oliver, who was 5th in his age category. I did spot at least one other IH vest (lady) but couldn't find their name on the results, so apologies if I have left anyone out! Please send your result in.

10 Mile
(1     51:38 Joshua Rowe, Leeds Uni AC/CCC)
694  1:24:43 Helen Waddington 
985  1:28:42 Stephanie Fox
1048 1:29:37 Andrew McCallion
1082 1:30:21 Sheena Pickersgill
2155 1;44:43 Rachel Corrigan
3037 finished

(1    2:15:12 Chris Nash_
343   3:16:31 Derek Oliver (5th V55)
1398  3:52:17 Simon Jenkins   
1783  4:04:04 Harry Sime
2322  4:22:59 Clare Boyle
4232 finished

Rombalds Romp, Sun 14 Oct

Results ...

(1 50:39 Alasdair McLeod, Leeds City)
2  50:40 Jack Wood
6  59:04 Ben Sheppard
9  59:56 Jeff Green
31 68:50 Colin Williams
53 76:04 Duncan Cooper
95 finished

Langdale Horseshoe fell race, Sat 13 Oct

From Will Buckton... This was a classic fell race in the Langdale valley with heavy rain, strong wind and poor visibility making the going tough over Thunacar Knott, Bowfell, Crinkle Crags and Pike of Blisco. The RO said at the start that less than half of the 520 who had entered turned up and by the finish 62 had retired or missed checkpoints. Ambleside AC did a great job to put on the full route in extreme weather conditions.

(1  2h25:23 Rhys Findlay-Robinson, Dark Peak)
3   2h31:39 Jack Wood
53  3h05:38 Steve Turland
92  3h27:12 Roy Ruddle
125 3h49:28 Will Buckton
180 finished

Wasdale Show fell race, Sat 13 Oct

Results ...

(1 18:11 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
2  20:03 Jack Cummings
7  21:49 Iain Gibbons
40 finished

Adventures into Wonderland Ultra, Sat 13 Oct

From Dick Waddington...Adventures into Wonderland is a new series of trail races (a half marathon, marathon and a 64km ultra) in Perthshire, just north of Edinburgh. I was on the hunt for some more points for a UTMB-series race in the Alps next year and the ultra fitted the bill nicely. The climbing of 2000m was a bit less than I am used to, which was good given a current lack of fitness. Watching the forecast the week before was a bit dispiriting - they were adamant is would rain A LOT on Saturday. It started raining at about 6:45, just before the start, so I put my waterproofs on. The variety of terrain was amazing though, starting off on woodland trails and then climbing onto sketchy moorland trods, dropping through forestry land and down into an RSPB reserve (with a mandated walking section for a few hundred metres - a first for me). The 20,000 pink-footed geese that spend the winter there were very vocal! More moors and woodland and some lovely low angled descents on very runnable tracks were satisfying. A housing estate at the far end of the course made for a pleasant change. Farm land with impressive castle and very butch sheep led back to the RSPB reserve and the finish - still raining, still in full waterproofs. The marshals were all very enthusiastic and helpful, the race organisers dressed as the mad hatter and there was even a white rabbit marshal out on the course. The finishers medal is a Queen of Hearts playing card - what else?

(1 6h36:34 James Crozier)
13 8h23:47 Dick Waddington
34 finished

Lakes in a Day ...... of firsts, Sat 13 Oct

From Andrew Merrick ... Having enjoyed the experience in 2016, I went back for another attempt this year. The logistics of this well organised North to South run are best handled by staying in Cartmel on the Friday night and catching the early coach to Caldbeck for the run South, an 8am start. It is the first time I have hired a camper van for that purpose, which I would definitely do again. It was also a first for me that I have done a long race during which it has rained the entire time, necessitating a rope guide line for the river crossing before the climb up Blencathra, and making Halls Fell Ridge (even) less pleasant than usual. I wasn't expecting to describe the descent off Blencathra as the highlight of my day..... And the final first ... I bailed at the second check point, almost 11 hours and as many falls into the race. 11 hours in which I had completed 29 miles..... My first DNF, but it was the right call, despite having done all the hard work, the route becoming somewhat flatter after Ambleside.
From below Blencathra, the route takes you up Clough Head for a run across the tops before descending to check point 2 in Ambleside. Whilst the incessant rain was manageable, the wind from Clough Head onwards was really challenging, the particular low light being the battle up Fairfield, before a slippery run down to sanctuary. As I search for the positives from yesterday, the camper van was a definite success, dampened only by having to wade through a flooded camp site to get back to it yesterday evening.... ... And only one of my cuts required a dressing, applied by a member of the very helpful support team, who also very kindly found me a mug, mine having succumbed in another fall... A race that I would still recommend, despite this experience!

parkruns, Sat 13 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:52 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
3   18:41 Steven Gott
4   19:23 Michael Lomas
11  20:43 Steve Murray
52  24:02 Martyn Stocker
313 ran

(1  17:46 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
8   19:20 Helen Thurston 1st F
369 ran

(1  17:15 Jamie McKee, U/A)
71  29:02 Hilda Coulsey
132 ran

(1  15:37 Daniel Mikielski, U/A)
73  23:42 Tom Worboys
169 ran

(1  18:12 Luke Moses, Telford AC)
11  20:59 Jonathan Schneider
15  21:23 Martin Archer
139 ran

Fulham Palace
(1  17:12 Vincent Riviere, U/A)
17  19:30 Rob Cunningham
459 ran

(1  22:52 Lorne Kerr, Kilmarnock Harriers)
5   27:33 Mike Baldwin
22 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  18:53 Christian Holmes, Wharfedale Harriers)
45  26:44 Oscar Street
76  29:54 Paula Reynier
139 41:20 Dave Reynier
161 ran

Kielder Half Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

From Caroline Howe ... Petra has been telling us for years what a fantastic race this is, and I can now corroborate that claim!! This was such a beautiful course that I found myself regretting halfway round that I hadn't entered the full marathon... I truly didn't want the race to end! Undulating, but in the good sort of way where you feel the benefit of the downhills more than the struggle of the uphills. Mainly nice spongy forest trails, with some gravelly bits and a tiny bit of road. Incredible views across Kielder Water while winding through the trees, in serene forest surroundings. A freezing cold start warmed up a little to make for good running conditions. I set out steady - it was quite congested for the first few miles - and then found some rhythm. After a hilly mid-section I was pleased to finish strongly. But in all honesty, this was a race to simply enjoy, and not one in which to chase down a pb. I snuck in just under 1:45 and just outside the top 10 females. It was great to see the only other Harrier, Petra, at the start but sadly her calf injury got the better of her and she had to retire. David didn't even get that far unfortunately... an illness over the past few weeks meant he didn't make it to the start line of the marathon, but I think we will both return to this beautiful part of the world for the race next year and I encourage all Harriers to consider this one... as well as the half and full marathons, there's also a 10k and run-bike-run on the Saturday, so something for everyone!!
Results ...

(1  1:15:57 Luke Adams, South Shields)
116 1:44:38 Caroline Howe
894 finished

Kielder Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

From Colin Williams ... as Caroline said about the Kielder Half Marathon, the Kielder Marathon is a fantastic race with a route around Kielder Water with lots of ups and downs on good forest tracks, I too would recommend it to other Harriers. A great event and very well organised. I ran the Marathon in a time of 3hr 33 min 20 second earning 49th position. It was won by Russell Maddams of Keswick AC for a second year running in a time of 2hr 46 min 24 seconds (6 seconds slower than last year)... 648 ran.

Withins Skyline, Sun 7 Oct

Results ...

(1  41:51 Callum Davidson, Ribble Valley)
2   42:22 Nathan Edmondson
134 60:51 Darryl Stead
158 63:26 Robert Budding
246 finished

Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay, Sat 6 Oct

Results ...

(1 3:30:23 Keswick AC)
29 4:47:39 Ilkley men
60 5:28:08 Ilkley ladies
70 teams completed

parkruns, Sat 6 Oct

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:53 Martin Shore, Thames Hare and Hounds)
6   19:17 Rob Cunningham
429 ran

(1  17:47 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
12  20:17 Rhys Jones
401 ran

(1  17:56 Samuel William, U/A)
16  21:50 Malcolm Pickering
18  22:04 Jonathan Schneider
72  26:37 Anna Pickering
165 ran

(1  17:54 Steve Halsall, Westerlands XC Club)
37  23:10 Geoff Howard
204 ran

(1  17:16 Patrick Vis, Southport Waterloo)
3   18:38 Steven Gott
129 ran

Cliffe Castle
(1  18:17 Andrew Humphries, Airecentre Pacers)
40  24:58 Oscar Street
56  26:08 Will Worboys
92  29:10 Paula Reynier
234 ran

From Malcolm Pickering ... Anna Pickering ran a PB.

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