Ilkley Harriers news archive 2017

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, June

Harrier of the month nominations: Steve Turland for successfully completing the Bob Graham round, Andrew Merrick for the South Downs Way, Jack Cummings for his first senior race win at Buckden, Euan Brennan as FRA u17 champ and coming 5th in an England vest (first for England), Helen Waddington for the double skyline, Sharon Meadows for the Lakeland Trails race and Ben Shepherd for the Three Peaks Challenge.
The winners are both Steve Turland and Jack Cummings with a special mention for Euan Brennan.

Volunteer of the month nominations: Helen Waddington for HoM write ups, Paul Wood for website updates, Jane Bryant for coaching, Andrew Sheldon for organising the HDSRL this and previous years.
The winner is Andrew Sheldon.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Murder Mile, Thu 29 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The Murder Mile race in Silsden, organized by Wharfedale Harriers, is an uphill course fairly similar to the Ilkley Incline, with 500ft of ascent over 1 mile.
76 seniors and 143 juniors lined up at the somewhat chaotic start by Silsden Golf Club, I was idly chatting with Kate Archer in the middle of the throng when we suddenly saw the front of the field had moved off already! Initial progress was hampered by the steepness of the ascent but also by a multitude of very small persons stop-starting virtually under my feet as only young children do. All part of the fun in this type of race.
Not many senior Harriers there, Kate Archer was 4th senior lady and Alison Weston 1st LV50. The normally very speedy Robin Nicholson ran together with his son. I knew I would not be able to beat Alison for the category win but was happy enough to be only 30 seconds behind her on my second 1 mile race in as many days. I'm beginning to like the distance!
Some excellent junior Harrier results too.
Results ...

(1  06:57 Craig Shearer, Barlick FR)
62  09:23 Kate Archer
119 11:03 Alison Weston
141 11:32 Petra Bijsterveld
168 12:22 Robin Nicholson
219 ran

Summer Mile, Wed 28 Jun

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This annual competition staged by Hyde Park Harriers on Woodhouse Moor was a very soggy affair this year. Runners run 1 mile in 14 heats which are progressive in pace, on a 2 lap course. Despite the relentless rain there was an upbeat atmosphere and I was glad I went. Tom took the win amidst some serious competition, and I managed a 17s PB, so a good night for Ilkley.
Results ...

1   4:47 Tom Adams
185 7:31 Petra Bijsterveld
244 ran

International news

Euan Brennan and Bethan Morley competed for England at the International Mountain Running Youth Cup in Gagliano del Capo, Italy on Saturday 24th June. Euan came 5th overall and led the boys team to a Bronze medal and Bethan came 14th and led her team to 6th place overall. Very well done to both on such outstanding results.

Bob Graham Round, Sat 24 June

From Steve Turland ... Pleased to report that I completed the Bob Graham round on Saturday in 22hr 40.
With an 11pm start, I ran the first two legs solo, but immediately got into a bit of navigational difficulty coming off Skiddaw. Low mist and drizzle combined with the bounce back from the headtorch was giving about 2m visibility, making it very difficult to follow the path finding myself wading through knee deep heather on at least a couple of occasions. Pleased to finish leg 1 only 10 minutes down on my 22hr 15 schedule. Another group just ahead of me had lost 90 minutes in the mist!
The clouds cleared and with dawn approaching, I made good progress on leg 2, regaining the lost time and finishing the leg 15 minutes up on the overall schedule. It was a surreal experience to see such a busy Hellvellyn summit at 5am in the morning due to the 10 Peaks race that was also taking place that day. It was a midgefest at Dunmail so no time to sit in the chair, and we were off on leg 3.
I was paced really well throughout leg 3, but low mist and wet rock hampered progress after Bowfell, and we lost about 20 minutes skating over the rocks to Scafell Pike. Then onto my favourite bit of the round - Lords Rake, West Wall Traverse and the superb scree descent into Wasdale. Leg 3 done. With thighs burning and the climb up Yewbarrow beckoning, I languished probably a little too long in the chair being force fed food from my checkpoint team - my Mum and two sisters who did a fabulous job throughout.
Then it was off out of Wasdale, with words of encouragement from Joss Naylor (I don't think I was hallucinating at that point) and the 'eagerly awaited' climb up Yewbarrow. Felt good on leg 4, gaining time on each summit and allowing the luxury of another stop at Black Sail pass to take on more food from my sisters who had walked up from Wasdale. Eventually arrived in Honister, leg 4 complete, and good to see Jack there supporting after his Buttermere race that day.
I was joined by my son at Honister who did the last leg with me (he had the patience of a saint). My uphill legs were still going strong, but the downhill legs had packed in for the day. Reached Robinson summit only just behind schedule, but after that point things started to unravel and a fair amount of coaxing was required to get me down off Robinson. Road into Keswick went on forever and ever and ever, but fantastic moment finally running down Keswick high street with my son beside me and to the railings at Moot Hall.
All in all, a fantastic day (and night) out in the hills, with friends and family supporting.

Buttermere Horseshoe, Sat 24 June

Results ...

(1 3h57:28 Carl Bell, Keswick)
 8 4h41:07 Jack Wood
56 finished

Kirkby Gala fell race, Sat 24 June

Results ...

(1 33:10 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
 8 36:24 Iain Gibbons
53 finished

Eldwick Gala fell race, Sat 24 June

Woodentops photos

A win for Tom Adams, Results and photos ...

1  16:40 Tom Adams
37 24:37 Rob Budding
78 28:53 Peter Lewis
89 finished

UWFRA Wharfedale 3 Peaks Challenge, Sat 24 June

From Jez Hellewell ... Back in the saddle with my first race (or challenge as Ben kept pointing out) in beautiful upper Wharfedale. Taking in Birks Fell, Buckden Pike & Great Wherside, over 22 miles & just shy of 4000 feet of climbing, this was tough, but a stunning route.
Starting off in Kettlewell with a tough climb up towards Birks Fell I watched in awe as Ben scampered off in to the distance like a mountain goat with nobody for company. The paths were boggy & not too obvious in places but the course was extremely well marked/flagged as you would expect being organised by the UWFRA. Buckden Pike was a pretty brutal climb before a boggy descent down towards the final climb up to Great Whernside. My lack of 20+ miles runs started to show as I slowed up & got passed on the last 2 miles back down to Kettlewell.
Ben was back with his feet up in the village hall after a mere 3 hours 29 minutes & 10 minutes clear of 2nd place to take a hugely impressive 2nd win of the year. I had to keep telling him that the minute runners appear on the start line it becomes a race!
I was around 8th in 3.57 & Jann Smith ran excellently in 4.17.
A fantastic challenge/run/race in a stunning part of The Yorkshire Dales. Highly recommended.

3 Peaks challenge - 22 miles, 4000ft. Birk Fell, Buckden Pike, Great Whernside
1  3:29:10 Ben Sheppard   
8  3:57    Jez Hellewell      
14 4:17    Jann Smith          
33 5:37    Adela Reperecki   

2 Peaks Challenge - 13 miles Buckden Pike, Great Whernside
 1 2:02 Paul Carman
34 5:20  Ellie Kitchen (walker)

parkruns, Sat 24 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:22 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire Striders)
3   18:53 Will Wood
21  21:10 Sally Malir 1st F
406 ran

Woodhouse Moor
(1  18:04 Thomas Midgley, Otley AC)
169 26:21 Petra Bijsterveld
395 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:50 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
70  23:51 Norman Bush
319 ran

Beamsley Beacon fell race, Thu 22 June

Results ...

(1  35:58 Chris Miller, Harrogate)
9   38:26 Matthew Cox
10  38:45 Oscar Stapleton
12  39:00 Martin Archer
24  40:45 Jim Ryder
27  41:18 Robin Nicholson
58  45:20 Lucy Williamson
72  47:15 Duncan Cooper
98  50:33 Ewan Welsh
111 51:54 Alison Weston
113 52:06 Bob Hamilton
155 62:22 Nea Weston
160 65:13 Paul Stephens
167 finished

HDSRL #4 Knaresborough, Tue 20 June

From Caroline Howe ... The fourth and final 'normal' race in the league (before the handicap on 6 July) was Knaresborough Striders' inaugural hosting of a HDSRL race, and 19 Ilkley Harriers turned up for the occasion. This was an out-and-back starting with a lap of 'Horseshoe Field' in the Conyngham Hall grounds, from where we ran across the High Bridge, down the Beryl Burton cycleway, to Bilton and back, with a lovely skyline of Knaresborough Castle in the distance. By far the flattest of the four races, with a downhill finish, it was a fast course with conditions thankfully a little cooler than the previous few days. Knaresborough Striders did themselves proud as hosts - excellent organisation, great marshalls and a fantastic buffet at the Working Men's Club afterwards, with a balcony giving great views of the famous Knaresborough Viaduct... a great evening all round, with some excellent Harrier performances!
Results ...

(1  31:34 Ben Pease, Ripon)
7   34:16 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
75  40:26 Ellie Kitchen
89  41:08 Tom Worboys
119 42:45 Malcolm Pickering
129 43:10 Paul Stephens
175 45:29 Caroline Howe
197 46:08 Mary Gibbons
200 46:20 Geoffrey White
202 46:34 David Ibbotson
209 47:00 Jean Sullivan
235 48:43 Alison Bennett
238 48:56 Emily Elmes
302 52:09 Paul Sugden
306 52:30 Diane Kitchen
356 56:52 Donald Macrae
361 57:29 Bernadette Gibbons
379 60:39 Anna Pickering
383 60:57 Vincent Gibbons
388 62:00 Sally Wright
408 ran	

Great Lakes FR, Sun 18 June


From Dick Waddington ... The Great Lakes Fell race (21km, 2100m) is a modern classic covering (in my opinion) the best bits of the Lakes. Race HQ is in a barn at Stool End Farm at the end of Great Langdale. Going straight up Bowfell gets you warmed up and I made good use of any trickle of water I could find to douse myself. After that the running over Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike was beautiful, with just enough breeze to make it pleasant. The gully up to Foxes Tarn is so steep you don't even have to bend over to put your head in a waterfall. From Scafell it's all a bit wild down to Slight Side - the runners were all very strung out by this point and nobody seemed to be taking the same line as anyone else. People would pop out from behind a crag and then disappear. After this the race description says: "There follows a a crossing of what feels like Middle Earth, forging a path from Slight Side to Pike O'Blisco fast running over the trackless reaches south of Great Moss". I paused my fast running(!) for a swim in the River Esk that perked me up no end and I immediately gained 3 places to a trio that was flagging in the heat. Across the moors to Red Tarn was new terrain to me - not one for the clag due to a real lack of features. At Red Tarn the stream was too shallow for a swim so I did my front then rolled over on to my back. Blisco is the last climb before the direct descent challenges the quads as it gets steeper and steeper on good runnable grass. Wow! What a day out, packing so much in to my 4:24, about half way down the field. I recommend this one - as long as you like harsh terrain and don't mind navigating!

Helm Hill fell race, Sun 18 June

Results ...

(1 22:44 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
 6 27:10 Iain Gibbons
57 finished

Buckden Pike, Sat 17 June

From Alison Weston ... Another win for Jack Cummings and Lucy Haines at Buckden fell race this weekend. It was a lovely day for this race, if not a bit too hot, and fewer runners than normal this year due to the Championship Race taking place at Tebay. The gala was in full swing as the race started.
Jack set off fast from the start, even managing to run the extremely steep first section and set a good lead which he held all the way. Dave Wilby is getting back into fine race form finishing 5th. The ladies race was won by Lucy Haines who finished in 9th position overall, being chased by under 18 Helen Thornton of Buxton AC. Jane McCarthy was 3rd and first V40 in a great time and Alison Weston 1st V50. Category prizes also for Bob Hamilton and of course Norman Bush.
Ilkley harriers also won both male and female team prizes: Male - Jack, Dave Wilby and Dave Robson; Female - Lucy, Jane and Vicky
Results ...

1  37:14 Jack Cummings
5  40:13 Dave Wilby
9  43:22 Lucy Haines
12 43:55 Dave Robson
18 45:38 Jane McCarthy
40 51:29 Victoria Stevens
43 51:49 Alison Weston
48 53:11 Norman Bush
52 54:13 Bob Hamilton
75 finished

Chase the Train, Sat 17 June

>p>From Petra Bijsterveld... This new race on the North York Moors, based on the iconic 'Race the Train' in Tywyn, saw almost 500 runners chase the train from Grosmont to Goathland and back along good trails and paths. The route was 8.4 miles with 860 ft of elevation, and with the train timetabled to take 1 hour and 20 minutes there was plenty of scope for many runners to beat the train.
The relentless heat of this glorious day made it quite a lot harder to maintain whatever pace one had hoped for, and I quickly decided that 'Jog behind the Train' would be all I could manage for much of the route.
Only afterwards did I spot I had not been the only Harrier, Robin Nicholson had an excellent run to come in 13th in only just over an hour. The train got its own listing on the results in 167th position, and I 'jogged' in quite happily 15 minutes after the train to rejoin my Reading Roadrunner friends who had come up for the event (they both beat the train). All finishers received a nice medal and a bottle of 'Jet Black' from the Whitby Brewery. The race was flawlessly organized by Evensplits/Racebest with excellent facilities, friendly marshals, and most importantly on a day like this, plenty of water. I can very much recommend this event for anyone who likes trail running, it is a good day out for all the family. Non-running friends and relatives can ride on the train or explore the nice teashops of Grosmont.
Results ...

(1  55:01 Mike Jefferies, Richmond and Zetland)
13  61:59 Robin Nicholson
167 83:01 The Goathland Express
299 98:09 Petra Bijsterveld
465 finished

parkruns, Sat 17 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:13 Will Kerr, Saltaire Striders)
6   18:50 Will Wood
183 28:17 Catriona Hawthorn
412 ran

(1  18:56 Sam Davies, U/A)
93  27:02 Hilda Coulsey
226 ran

(1  17:55 Stephen Garland, Belfast RC)
13  19:42 Adam Bennett
324 ran

(1  17:39 Tom Barrett, Keighley and Craven)
38  23:46 Caroline Howe
49  24:46 Chris Cunningham
182 ran

(1  17:19 David Frankland, West End Runners)
9   18:30 Rob Cunningham
507 ran

HDSRL 3, Wetherby, Thu 15 June

From Caroline Howe ... a hot and sticky, and mercifully short (4.4m), HDSRL in Sicklinghall near Wetherby on Wednesday evening.
Results ...

(1  22:58 Andrew Grant, Harrogate)
10  25:20 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
91  29:51 Ellie Kitchen
154 32:23 Paul Stephens
158 32:30 Malcolm Pickering
210 34:25 David Ibbotson
228 35:02 Caroline Howe
234 35:16 Jean Sullivan
258 36:25 Geoffrey White
266 36:49 Alison Bennett
273 37:10 Paul Sugden
369 41:09 Peter Lewis
375 41:24 Diane Kitchen
405 43:57 Donald Macrae
411 44:48 Emily Elmes
421 45:46 Bernadette Gibbons
436 48:32 Vincent Gibbons
439 48:49 Anna Pickering
447 finished

Hawkswick Dash, Sun 11 June

Results ...

(1 11:46 Ben Murray, Calder Valley)
3  12:04 Jack Cummings
9  13:11 Iain Gibbons
82 finished

South Downs Way Ultra, Sun 11 June

From Andrew Merrick... In a time-to-push-the-running-boundaries moment of weakness I decided some time ago to enter the South Downs Way 100 organised by Centurion Running - it seemed to be at about the right time of the year and have good reviews and made for a further challenge.......
I was slightly surprised that the mandatory kit list (more of that later) didn't include waterproof trousers, but I was slightly less surprised when I got off the train in Winchester on Friday afternoon, wondering why my upbringing didn't allow me to get a taxi to my airbnb accommodation a couple of miles away...... It was a similar distance to the Chilcomb Sports ground (my landlady "I didn't realise there was one there" was as well informed as google maps), which I found relatively easily with the aid of the tourist map of Winchester I had acquired on may way from the station, once I ignored the online help.
The kit check and number collection process was pretty straightforward and everyone seemed friendly in the late evening sunshine, although the level of kit even for drop bags was slightly intimidating, followed by a pub evening meal with one compulsory beer on my way back to my accommodation. At this point I hadn't worked out to my drop bag strategy for the two places on offer so did a bit of kit faffing to allow me to turn up vaguely organised the next morning.
The 4:45 alarm allowed me to eat the pre-race essential porridge before the gentle jog to the start having found more faffing to be done, arriving in good time (60 seconds) before the 5:45 briefing which also done in a cheerful manner. One lap round the field - just enough time to recruit a running mate - and we were let loose on the South Downs Way (SDW). It turned out that my running mate was also an accountant by background and was attempting her second 100 miler, with support from her husband and a running friend. We stayed together for the first 60 miles or so, during which I concluded she had also had the Brian Melia "lecture" on not wasting time at checkpoints, so there was no messing about at any of the 12 intermediate points on our journey to Eastbourne. As a non supported runner the service at each check point was approaching Helen Waddington levels of excellence - they couldn't have been more helpful (it was very obvious that they had all shared the pain at previous events). There were also separate spots for supporters to provide additional assistance, although no support runners were allowed until you had earned your spurs by completing the first 50 miles solo.
After parting company with my running mate, we were by then moving at slightly different speeds, I seemed to occupy myself by regularly attempting the calculation of how many minutes per mile I could travel at in order to complete our challenge (I don't regard ultras as a race) in under 24 hours. This gave me focus to keep me moving during the challenging but also scenic overnight hours - courtesy of quite a full moon, helped by a very well signed route - essential given the spread out nature of the field by that stage. I also calculated a liquid intake of 8/9 litres over the duration, having refilled my bottle at every one of the checkpoints until the last couple. The only challenge with checkpoints was, of course, they were largely sited in villages at the lower points on the SDW. At least it meant you could complete your refuelling as you walked up the next hill handily placed immediately on exit from the aid station.... (12,700 feet of climb in total for those of you who like to know these things, and less tough than the Lake District equivalents)
The heat certainly made it challenging, as much for food intake reasons, as anything else. I focused largely on a fruit based diet, having at one stage required ? litre to digest one ginger nut...... A bowl of pasta/tomato sauce just after halfway helped enormously both mentally and physically.
The most challenging descent was saved for the final one down into the streets of Eastbourne - I had got away largely with the lower light setting on my torch until then, but a steep narrow overgrown descent required full concentration and visibility. Having survived that intact, I reached the Eastbourne running track about 3:30am at which point a lap of the track was non-optional before the finish line.
Immediately thereafter I found out I had been selected at random for a kit check - 2 torches, jacket, base layer, emergency blanket, whistle, water bottle, and cup and my work was done (no trousers required!) .... A sample may have taken somewhat longer...... The only remaining challenge was to work out what to do with myself until my return train journey north, to which the answer largely consisted of sitting down and drinking tea.
I can certainly recommend the Centurion series for anyone interested in ultra races - they run a series of 50 and 100 mile events in the South. The organisation, navigational support and attitude of all their support staff was excellent both before during and after the race.

parkruns, Sat 10 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  18:39 Kevin Wallace, Cumberland AC)
23  23:19 Geoff Howard
73 ran

(1  17:55 Adam O'Hare, Newcastle AC)
23  20:11 Adam Bennett
335 ran

(1  16:09 Matthew O'Connor, Wakefield & District)
14  18:32 Rob Cunningham
369 ran

International selection

From Shirley Wood ... Well Done to Euan Brennan and Bethan Morley who have been selected to compete in an England vest at the International Youth Cup for Mountain Running. The event takes place at Gagliano del Capo, Italy on 24th June. England has a strong record in this event, regularly winning team and individual medals, including a bronze by Jonny Brownlee back in 2007. Team members are all under 18.
Their route to gaining selection: Euan won the trial for this event to earn his first international mountain running vest. He was 4th in the 2016 British Mountain Running Championships. A strong cross country runner, Euan was 11th in this year's English Schools Cross Country Championships and 4th in the Yorkshire County Championships. Euan is currently leading the U17 English Fell Running Championship series. Bethan was 3rd in the trial and earns her second England vest after her debut at the 2016 Junior Home International where she was the 4th England athlete home. Like the rest of the squad, Bethan has a strong background in cross country. In the 2017 season, she finished 3rd in the Yorkshire and 5th in the Northern Cross Country Championships.

Full Bronte 5, Thu 8 June

From Andrew Jackson ... It is the 1st time I have run on the roads around Penistone Hill (other than to warm up for the Bunnies). Thankfully after a heavy shower around 7, the rain held off. It is an undulating course, with a fast downhill to finish.Had a target of under 40 minutes - failed by 1 second!
Results ...

(1 29:26 Chris Williams, Queensbury)
42 35:33 Sally Malir
79 40:00 Andrew Jackson
143 finished

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race, Thu 8 June

From Ewan Welsh... Four Harriers meandered over to Kettlewell just in time for the rumbling sky to clear, making it a fine night for the Kettlewell Anniversary Fell race. A lovely race, a lovely atmosphere, a lovely post race bowl of soup (gluten free as well!) and supply of McVities Club biscuits (not gluten free alas). Added attractions to this race is the challenge of the inflatable shark, first male and female to the top of the first climb is required to carry an inflatable shark for the remainder of the race plus there were prizes for people doing their first fell race, all very amicable. I would recommend this race as future entry into your 'top-five-local-summer-Thursday evening-mid-week-fell-races' list!
Harrier results were (out of 84 runners) :
22nd Paul Calderbank 48.22 1st M55 (started strong, stayed strong, finished strong)
40th Chantal Busby 51.44 3rd FM45 (appeared to float up the 2nd long steep climb)
46th Bob Hamilton 53.46 2nd M60 (Bob's time is inclusive of the time taken to capture a picture mid race just when the evening light was at its most captivating)
47th Ewan Welsh 54.06 8th M50 (strong on the up, not so strong on the down, and yes, Bob made a strategic move on the downhill, I've taken note)
Full results ...

Otley 10, Wed 7 June

Results ...

1   56:34 Jack Wood
28  65:42 David Foyston
48  68:23 Andrew Overend
95  73:58 Tom Worboys
98  74:08 Rachel Carter
167 80:26 Mary Gibbons
349 finished

Ilkley Harriers Race League update

From Jane McCarthy ... Harriers League tables now updated to include Ilkley Trail Race (29/5), HDSRL on 1st June and Wharfedale Half Marathon (4/6). After 11 races Michael Duffield leads the overall league, having run 9 races and accumulating a total of 739 points. Alison Weston is in second place after 8 races with 670 points. Dave Robson in 3rd, having declared a great Wildcard for his race at Cwmdu Fell Race.
At the Ilkley Trail Race, Ilkley men took the first four places, with Tom Adams setting a new course record. At Harrogate Road League (race 2) an excellent performance by Malcolm Pickering earned him 97 League points, just ahead of Matt Newell scoring 96 points for his 5th place. Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon saw Jonathan Sinclair scoring highest points for his great run. Michael Duffield leads the Road league, Adela Reperecki the Trail League, and Jack Cummings the Fell League. Next League races are Buckden Pike (Fell) 17th June, Addingham Gala (Fell) 8th July and Leeds 10K (Road) 9th July. GOOD LUCK!
More on the League page.

LAMM, 3-4 June

From Outi Kamarainen ... this year's LAMM was in the far North close to Ullapool. Nice remote Munros and mid camp with lake to swim in. I ran with Kirsty Brian-Jones on the score class. We were 8th overall and 1st female team.

Kettlewell fell race, Sun 4 June

Woodentops photos

No times available? Provisional results and photos from the Woodentops

(1 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
4  Jack Cummings
9  Iain Gibbons
88 finished

Run for All Burnley 10k. A Family Affair! Sun 4 June

From Keith Wood ... my two brothers and I, ably supported by our mum, set off to Lancashire early aiming to complete the Jane Tomlinson Burnley 10k. Conditions were good for running, the course fairly fast in the main but with a few hills to contend with! First home was Andy, soon followed by Keith. Unfortunately older brother Tim was retired from the race due to a calf muscle injury.
Results ...

(1  32:59 Gethin Jones, Cybi Striders)
120 44:37 Andy Webster
159 46:27 Keith Wood
1357 finishers

Lakeland Trails Marathon, Coniston, Sun 4 June

From Sharon Meadows ... A beautiful trail race in the Lakes, on a beautiful sunny day! There are 2 start times for the marathon, one at 7am (challenge event with an 8 hour cut off) and the other at 9am (race event with a 6 hour cut off). I really wanted to do the first race but it was already an early start so had to do the 9am start, knowing I would be at the back of the pack. However, I was not expecting to be left behind after the first 200 metres! They just shot of into the distance. It was a stunning course though so I had plenty to look at, and the course is very well marked with good feed stations. I hardly saw anyone all day except for the marshalls (who were all very nice) and a fleeting glimpse of a t-shirt now and again. In the last couple of miles I actually caught a few people up. In the end it took me 5 hours 42, with the winning time being 3 hours 01! A very lovely day out.

Welsh 1000m Peaks Race, Sat 3 June

Jack Wood won this classy race.
Results ...

1 4:05:31 Jack Wood
97 finished

Wharfedale Off Road Half Marathon, Sat 3 June

Woodentops photos

Results ...

(1  1:24:38 Kyle Greig, Metro Aberdeen RRC)
23  1:41:58 Andrew Marshall
26  1:43:05 David Westhead
43  1:45:54 Jonathan Sinclair
53  1:48:11 Kate Archer 3rd lady
56  1:48:48 Dave Robson
59  1:49:15 Paul Carman
77  1:51:13 Ralph Tench
83  1:52:32 Michael Duffield
91  1:54:06 Mike Helme
178 2:08:38 Alison Weston
184 2:10:03 Sarah Edwards
224 2:16:23 Adela Reperecki
230 2:17:24 Jane Thomas
248 2:20:13 Susan Short
262 2:21:32 Richard Morris
295 2:27:49 ElizabePrice
313 2:30:40 Sarah Hayes
318 2:32:27 Ian Conyers
329 2:34:02 Jan Carrier
345 2:38:19 Donna Jackson
387 2:48:39 Paul Sugden	

Duddon Valley Fell Race, Sat 3 June

From Brian Melia... I ventured over to the Duddon valley for the classic fell race It takes in Harter fell, Hardknott, Swirl Howe, Dow Crag then over to Caw before a run down to the finish. I ran it 4hrs 34 mins and am not sure of my position. Rob Jebb won it. Beautiful weather to be in the lakes though. A little tough fell race!

parkruns, Sat 3 June

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:35 unknown)
189 25:59 Andrew Overend
472 ran

(1  16:47 Andy Grant, Harrogate Harriers)
221 26:54 Karen Lambe
325 29:53 Jennifer Carne
452 ran

La Mistela 9.7km, Seville, Fri 2 June

From Vince Gibbons ... Catherine Gibbons (centre) was second female in blisteringly high temperatures of 30 degrees at the 14th annual La Mistela 9.7km road race at Los Palacios, near Seville, in 46min 42 sec

HDSRL #2, Dragons, Thu 1 June

Results ...

(1  31:05 Reece Dalton, Ripon)
5   33:11 Matt Newell
56  38:59 Steve Murray
76  40:03 Michael Duffield
81  40:16 Ellie Kitchen
108 42:01 Malcolm Pickering
183 46:26 Caroline Howe
212 47:20 Geoffrey White
264 50:34 Peter Lewis
272 51:04 Paul Sugden
287 52:08 Hilda Coulsey
365 60:06 Bernadette Gibbons
366 60:07 Vincent Gibbons
397 finished

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