Ilkley Harriers news archive 2017

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, May

Runner of the month:
Jane McCarthy
for successfully completing the Bob Graham Round Other nominations were:
Caroline Howe for her Edinburgh half pb
Jack Wood for great results and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships selection
Mary Gibbons for 3rd lady at Chevin Fell
Jack Cummings for another great month of results plus 2nd at John Carr
Petra Bijsterveld for various pbs
Dick Waddington for supporting Jane
Will Simmons recently joined and 3rd inTrail race
Amanda Parnaby for the LDWA 100m
Hilda Coulsey for 1sts F60 John Carrs and Leeds half
Volunteer of the month:
Lawrence Basham and the Trail race team
  Other nominations were:
Beginners 0-5k team
Paul Sugden
Jane's support team

Special mention to Jack for his British Athletics selection.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Otley Chevin fell race, Wed 31 May

Results ...

1  17:34 Jack Wood (and 1st local)
3  18:47 Jack Cummings
14 20:49 Michael Lomas
46 23:32 Martyn Stocker
60 24:56 Lawrence Basham
72 25:24 Mary Gibbons 3rd lady, 1st local
76 25:46 Bob Hamilton 1st V60
136 finished

Badger Stone Relays, Wed 31 May

Results here soon ...

Ilkley Trail Race, Mon 29 May

A fine win and a new course record for Tom Adams, and team prize (1,2,3,4!) for Ilkley's men. Full results and lots of photos now on the Trail Race page.

1   38:42 Tom Adams 
2   41:09 Rob Little
3   41:28 Will Simmons
4   41:66 Jack Cummings
9   44:58 Ben Sheppard
16  47:06 Mchael Lomas
24  47:55 Stephen Coy
39  50:07 Jonathan Sinclair
44  51:03 Steve Murray
45  51:19 Lucy Williamson
54  52:12 Michael Duffield
63  52:56 Rachel Carter
76  53:30 Duncan Cooper
78  53:38 Sally Mahir 1st F50
90  55:20 Robert Budding
93  55:22 Peter Shelley
106 56:14 Geoffrey Howard
108 56:18 Samuel Burden
160 61:54 M Gibbons
171 62:43 Adela Reperecki
186 64:51 Sarah Hayes
193 65:35 Liz Price
207 67:19 Donna Jackson
219 69:23 Tracey Watson
222 70:26 Amelia Miles
246 76:21 Bernie Gibbons
250 77:02 Kate Lofthouse
278 finished

LDWA100, Sat 27 May to Mon 29 May

From Eddie Winslow... Well that was a tough come-back event. Some of you may have noticed my absence from competition for a while. This has been as a result of injuring my back two years ago in the LDWA 100. It has been a long, slow recovery and I for some time have had this year's event as my target for a return to serious competition. Preparation has not gone entirely smoothly but I was determined that I was going to complete this event, if for no other reason than to dispel the shadow of the last two years.
This year's event was a clockwise loop from Malton in the Vale of York out into the North York Moors National Park. My expectation was to be in the hilliest sections overnight and that is what unfolded. I started with the faster (we hope) entrants at midday Saturday with the day already scorching. I started at an easy pace that eats up the miles whilst staying aerobic but by CP2 at 9 miles I realised that even this was too quick in the ever rising temperature. Normally early on I walk only the uphills but after CP2 I changed this to include walking the flat sections until the temperatures dropped overnight.
I can't remember where I passed Amanda Parnaby, but it was sometime on Saturday afternoon (Amanda having started at 10am) on a downhill track through some woods. When I had last seen Amanda she had been very nervous about her 1st 100 so it was good to see that she was about the most cheerful person I'd passed all day.
My feet had been hot all day and by 40 miles I could feel some blistering developing around my toes. By 50 miles I knew the blistering was going to get serious but I had a kit bag available at the CP 12 miles further on with a change of shoes available, and by then it would be first light, always a psychological lift. Without that change of shoes I think I would have abandoned then. However, they gave some relief and on I went. It was, however, clear to me that any ideas of running further were over; it was now just about completing. My feet were letting me know that I was adding further damage to the already bad blistering but once I get to a certain point I'm so close to finishing that I'm not going to quit - that point is usually about 2/3rd distance. I therefore walked the next 38 miles at a good pace, ticking off the CPs, eating and drinking steadily and always with one eye on the constantly rising temperature and the risk of heat stroke. Despite some internal debate about my sanity in continuing, once I'd got to 80 miles there was no way I was stopping, short of physical collapse.
I therefore walked into the finish at 5.30 on Sunday afternoon. My time of 29h33m is the slowest 100 I've ever completed but it was still the 20th quickest time for the event.
Congratulations to Amanda on also completing. 30 percent of starters didn't but Amanda completed after 43 hours at 5am on Monday morning, comfortably inside the 48 hour time limit.

Coniston Gullies fell race, Sun 28 May

Results ...

(1 15:04 Jack Smith, Wharfedale)
4  16:42 Iain Gibbons
55 26:50 Mary Gibbons
66 finished

Edinburgh Half and Full Marathon, Sun 28 May

From Caroline Howe... The first 6 miles of the ever popular Edinburgh Half Marathon was in blazing sunshine, despite the 8am start. Thankfully the cloud came over in the latter stages giving some respite. Beautifully flat with nice long stretches along the coast; the toughest bit is the long stretch from 9-11 with faster runners in the opposite direction before the loop-back on to the home straight. A pb course it is, and a pb it was for me, as I finished in 1:44:02 - over 5 minutes off my previous best.

From David Howe ... A later start for the marathon meant a nice lie-in on race day for once. Cloud cover in the early stages lifted to give a very warm second half. With reasonable pacing I finished my 16th marathon in my 4th fastest time of 3:41:01.

Great Manchester Run, Sun 28 May

From Alex Hyde ... Very emotional event in Manchester today but also very uplifting with a tremendous atmosphere throughout and wonderful support from the people of this amazing city. It started with a rousing round of applause for the unbelievable work that the emergency services carried out on Monday night, followed by a minute's silence, more applause and then a heart-rending rendition of 'Don't Look Bank in Anger' .... I don't mind saying I shed a good few tears. The race itself was brilliantly organised and supported, and followed a relatively flat course from the City Centre, out to Manchester City's Etihad Stadium, back to Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium, and then on to a grandstand finish on Deansgate. Permitting me a little self-indulgence, I had a great run with really even splits (5k in 28 mins, 10k in 56 mins and 15k in 84 mins) but finished in an agonising 2:00:12 ..... 13 seconds off 'glory' but a PB by over 2 minutes so can't complain. Final place was 2581 out of 5717 and I was the first (only) Ilkley Harrier home from what I can see!

Cwmdu fell race, Sun 28 May

From Dave Robson ,,, As I was in the area I thought I would give the Cwmdu fell race a go. 920m ascent in just under 10 miles made up of three steep climbs and rapid descents through the grass, heather and bracken of the Brecon Beacons. The weather managed to be hot,humid, and misty with wind and poor visibility at the highest points. Route finding was a challenge in a few places but the race was well organised and marshalled so no real problems. I was pleased with my 14th place out of 53 and with Entry at £5 including tea and cake it was a good, friendly event that I would recommend if you are in the area.

(1 1:23:41 Robin Wood)
14 1:35:13 Dave Robson
53 finished

Jura fell race, Sat 27 May

From Outi Kamarainen ... Lucy Haines ran well, 5th female and 3rd non-vet. Very impressive. Whole of Haines family ran, Harriers results below. I survived with legs feeling lethargic but struggled aroubd and got the T-shirt. I was awarded the John Dare Shield together with my Islands Peaks Race partner Leyre Flores for the combined Scottish Islands Peaks race and Jura performance. My legs were cramping at the ceilidh later that night.

76  4:45:43 Lucy Haines 
126 5:20:05 Peter Haines
191 6:07:05 Outi Kamarainen
192 6:07:53 Florence Haines
193 6:07:53 Sarah Haines

Bastillipo Popular 8.6k, Sat 27 May

From Vince Gibbons ... Second claim Ilkley Harrier, Catherine Gibbons (left, in the picture), running with Universo Sevilla AC, was 2nd lady in 38 minutes 27 secs at the thirtieth annual Bastillipo Popular 8.6k race held at El Viso del Alcor near Seville. Temperature was a cool 27C. The race was sponsored by an artisan bakery.

Bob Graham Round, Fri 26 May

From Jane McCarthy ... a massive thank you to everyone who supported Dick Waddinton and me attempting the Bob Graham Round. Not just our four brilliant leg supports (Alison Weston, Kate Archer, Nick Pearce and Helen Waddington) but also Jann Smith and Paul Carman for turning out at Honister and everyone tracking us from home (or work!) and sending so many messages of support. Great to be part of such a fantastic community at Ilkley Harriers. Yesterday was epic (the Bob Graham Round consists of 42 Lake District summits, 66 miles and 27,000 ft of climbing in under 24 hours) - it was also very hot. During Leg 3 Dick took the difficult decision to end his attempt, disappointing for us both. It was great to see him safely at Wasdale and recovering in the shade when Kate and I came in at the end of Leg 3. Special mention to Helen Waddington who tirelessly supported us from 4am Friday morning through to 1am Saturday and ran Leg 5 with me, encouraging me all the way on the long tarmac finish in to Keswick. Delighted to finish in 23 hrs and 7 minutes.

From Dick Waddington ... it felt a bit too warm for 1am when Jane and I set off from the Moot Hall in a muggy 17 degrees. We paced ourselves well up Skiddaw and found Great Calva well in the dark. The parachute route off Blencathra is quite exciting and is easier the Hall's Fell ridge. We came in to a welcome porridge break provided by Helen at Threlkeld and picked up Alison, who set a great pace for us. The beautifully cool breeze was a headwind, but it had the required effect and we picked up some time. Spirits were up at Dunmail Raise for porridge, noodles, coke and jelly (and that was just for me). Steel Fell is steep, but is quickly over with. It was about 10am now and of course it would get hotter and hotter for the next few hours. This slowly cooked me and I have form for heat stroke, which I started to recognise. At Pike of Stickle, I decided to float the idea that I was done for. By Rossett Pike Kate and Jane had very reluctantly agreed to carry on to Bowfell with me tracking along the tourist path to Esk Hause, over Scafell Pike and down to Wasdale - one man's depressing exit strategy is another's nice day on the fells. Many thanks to Kate for her support. By taking a shorter route I got back to Wasdale to see Kate and Jane (who were very relieved to see me again) before Jane set off up Yewbarrow with Nick. I continued with Helen and Andrew to support at Honister. Overall all it was an amazing day, I was so pleased to see Jane, Helen and Andrew running in to the Moot Hall (I drove from Little Town!) a little after midnight. Would I try again? It's too early to say.

HDSRL, Harrogate, Tue 23 May

Results ...

(1    32:35 Ben Pease, Ripon
7     35:04 Matt Newell
93    41:02 Ellie Kitchen
100   41:07 Tom Worboys
124   42:27 Michael Duffield
141   43:21 Malcolm Pickering
163   44:26 Paul Stephens
215   46:47 Philip Hirst
233   47:32 David Ibbotson
239   47:43 Mary Gibbons
243   47:53 Caroline Howe
257   48:39 Jean Sullivan
276   49:46 Geoffrey White
341   52:52 Paul Sugden
378   55:14 Diane Kitchen
419   57:45 Donald Macrae
427   58:05 Anna Pickering
437   59:10 Emma O'looney
455 1:01:08 Bernadette Gibbons
464 1:02:34 Vincent Gibbons
468 1:03:20 Sally Wright
471 1:03:35 Emily Elmes
483 1:08:15 Abigail Bailey
493 finished, a League record

Scottish Islands Peaks Race, 19-21 May

Fropm Outi Kamarainen ... "Did you bring your bikinis?" is not a question one normally hears before the start of a fell race. Then again, this was no ordinary fell race. Though Scottish waters aren't as famed as the Mediterranean for improving your tan line, I had in fact packed a bathing costume and suntan lotion, together numerous fleeces and woolly jumpers, just in case.
This year I got a chance to compete in the Scottish Islands Peaks race. After putting up (an unsuccessful!) dating advert on the race website roughly along the lines of "Two female runners looking for able bodied seamen for a wet and wild weekend", I was very excited to hear that, despite my disappointingly empty inbox, we did indeed have a boat. My running partner Leyre's friend had a yacht - Cloude Nine of Lorne. Normally chartered out, the owner Davie had thankfully decided that he wanted a return to racing after a few years break.
Briefly, the SIPR, as it is known, requires teams of 5 - 3 sailors and 2 runners, and the race involves sailing between certain islands off the West Coast of Scotland, and running to the top of the highest peak on each island.
The race starts in Oban, and finishes in Troon, after having visited the isles of Mull, Jura and Arran. The runners make their way over the highest point (Ben Moore, the Paps of Jura, and Goatfell respectively) on each island. The combined running distance is just over 100 km, with a few kilometres of assent thrown in for good measure. However, the sailing component seems to me to be far more challenging. For starters, the distance is 300 km (which to me is a lot of nautical miles), but the real difficulty lies in navigating through the different tidal flows between the islands. If you miss a tidal gate, the yacht can be stationary for up to 6 hours, or even pulled backwards by the tide. Being always in command, our skipper only slept about 4 hours between Friday morning and Sunday night. We, on the other hand, were free to sleep the whole time spent at sea.
Thursday night in Oban, we boarded the yacht and were assigned our cabins. But I was far too excited to sleep, as the boat gently rolled on the small waves. Little did I know that in two days' time, I would be similarly lying awake, this time keeping half an ear open in order to guess when the sailors were going to tack next. This gave me a chance to shift my legs to brace the opposite wall of the cabin and stop myself being tossed across the cabin and hitting the wall, as the boat tilted from one side to the other.
I raced with a Spanish lady, Leyre Flores, who is based in Glasgow. Though we'd never ran as a pair, we'd complete in several of the same races, so I knew that I didn't have to worry about her hill legs. The initial 'sprint' around the coastal trails of Oban went well, comfortably running towards the back of the pack, as the fast male teams shot off in uncontrollable enthusiasm. There was still a very long way to go, so we tried to conserve our energy. After arriving back at the yacht club, we were swiftly rowed to the yacht and off we went. Except we didn't really. The lack of wind meant that the whole fleet slowly drifted out of the harbour over the next few hours, propelled only by the tide, or in some cases, runners rowing the yachts along! The wind picked up slightly on the way to Mull, but we still had enough time to enjoy a freshly cooked stir-fry for lunch, and admire the stunning views out on deck. We were back on dry land at about 5 pm, for the first (22 miles) run on Mull. After a long, steady road section, this was an enjoyable scramble up a scree slope, followed by a traverse on lovely springy ground, getting us back on board for 11 pm. The run on Jura followed a similar pattern, and the colourful flowers and crystal-clear waters along the coastal road helped to pass the time. In particular, we were surrounded by blue bells the whole time. The first Pap is approached from a different direction compared to the Jura fell race, and, from a distance, it looked impossible to climb up without a rope. Closer up, we were relieved to find a faint trot at the bottom of the steep climb leading to the top, and the rest of the run went well. The sail around the Mull of Kintyre that followed was much more exciting, given that the winds had picked up considerably. As such, the evening meal consisted of instant pasta, to which you only need to add hot water. This was "cooked" whilst wedged in the kitchen galley, with one hand always holding on to the sink. The timed our arrival into Lamlash, for the final run on Arran, perfectly. The rain stopped just as we were being rowed on shore, and by the time we'd run from Salen to the bottom of Goatfell the clouds had lifted, so that only the very top was obscured. Arran was similarly very picturesque, with masses of flowers in bloom, and beautiful forests to run through. By this point, my legs were quite tired, but it was a fantastic feeling, knowing that after few more hours our race would be done. We even manage a beer each during the final 2 hour sail over to Troon on the mainland.
It was a brilliant race, with four very different runs, and the brand new experience of being on a yacht thrown in for good measure. Combining sailing and running made the race far more interesting - we were overtaken several times by the same teams whilst running, since we could overtake them, in turn, on each sailing leg, given the speed of our boat.

Essar Chester Half Marathon, Sun 21 May

From Ben Sheppard ... Results ...

(1 1:07:20 Mohammad Abu-Rezeq, Altrincham & District AC)
10 1:14:48 Will Simmons
4797 finished

British Masters Road Relays Sutton Park, Sat 20 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Four of us drove to Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield for the British Masters Open Road Relay Championships. The course consisted of a one lap, undulating circuit through the park, on wide tarmac paths, with a distance of exactly 3 miles. We left Ilkley in glorious early sunshine but by the time we reached the venue it was grey and overcast and the predicted rain showers came thick and fast. We were glad we had brought the club tent!
As to be expected at national championships there was tough competition, but we had primarily entered this as a social event, like an away-day from Jane's Thursday evening speed sessions. That is not to say that we did not give it our absolute maximum effort on what we all felt was a tough course. I am not sure if having just run 3 John Carr 5K's was an advantage or disadvantage: 3 miles remains a painful distance especially with an uphill start.
Still, the positive experience of being in a relay team cancels out most of the pain, and we would recommend this event for 2018 to every Harrier with an interest in road running.
Results ...

(1  1:15:25 South London Harriers)
22  1:36:58 Ilkley Harriers

Jane Bryant      (23) 23:35
Hilda Coulsey    (23) 24:28
Sue Harris       (24) 24:36
Petra Bijsterveld (22) 24:19     

(nn) is team position after each stage

25 complete teams finished

Goat Fell Race Isle of Arran, Sat 20 May

From Ewan Welsh ... When I first started fell running the Goat Fell race was one of my local races back in the day, this was something to contemplate as I made my way over on the Ferry as a v50 for the first time.
Have to say I still have the same unbridled enthusiasm I had as a teenager as I jump onto the ferry, you still get a sense of escaping the mainland onto another way of life. It's been a number of years since I ran this wee gem of race (too many really), however any grand plans (not that there were any) were thwarted by a dead leg on the downhill (that's my own dead leg , not a random dead leg left aside by someone!) , the dead leg was the result of a slip on the stairs several weeks ago and resulting bruised back. The steep downhill (after a steep uphill) proved to be a step too far too soon.
Having to adopt a rather hobbled technique leading with one leg and one leg only to descend I had to endure a cramp fuelled mile on the road and a final lap of the park to finish. No matter how often I've ran this race the mile on the road at the end always seems a ? mile longer than the last time and I forget about the final lap of the park, until I get there at the end. At least I have a tangible improvement to aim for next year!
The weather proved to be ideal, as always, the post race spread was the usual high quality, atmosphere is extremely welcoming from the moment you board the ferry , they have showers, so the traditional fell runners don't have to wait to Sunday for bath night to get a wash, and there was the unique aspect of registering on the ferry on the way over. I haven't checked the results out yet, they'll be somewhere on the web and/or, social media thingy stuff ... I switched off from the race a bit due to my physical state and I was the only Ilkley Harrier, I had to have wee lie down when I finished until the cramp eased up a bit.
The race route is 8 miles, and 2900ft, straight up and down from Brodick, first/last mile or so is flat and on the road, the main ascent is just under 3 miles, so it gets a bit steep at times and there is quite a bit of granite rock to meander on, all in all, it's all good.
If anyone is interested for future reference, Ardrossan (from where you get the ferry) is about a 4 hour drive from Ilkley, Arran itself has some really understated but spectacular walking/running routes , there a a few decent ridges for those that like that sort of terrain (not to mention a SPA Resort, Cheese Shop, Brewery , Chocolate Shop , Arran Aromatics, decent Bakers for those that like that sort of terrain !), cycling as well, it's a bit of a traditional Sunday cycle route over the summer, big dilemma for the cyclist is to go clockwise or anti-clockwise around the Island, and that's before they analyse the figure of 8 route !
PS The Three Peak Sailing race tends to be on same weekend, they land at Arran on the Sunday and head up Goat Fell.

Old County Tops, Sat 20 May

From Brian Melia... I always like to do this race for personal reasons. Unfortunately for me partners were thin on the ground... Facebook helped with Tony Marlow entering with me. We had a good run round in 2nd place for age, which was good considering the weather. A lot of teams dropped going up to Scafell. We took a lengthy line - my fault off Scafell which cost us, but neither Tony or myself seem bothered.We enjoyed the event, which is beautifully run as a low key race for fell runners. It is tough and does always test me, but it is worth the effort. The T shirt is converted. Time 9 hrs 34 mins 37 miles 10000 feet of climb. Helvellyn,Scafell Pike, Coniston Old Man It is well worth a look for those who like days out in the Mountains!

parkruns, Sat 20 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A 1st finish for Jack Wood this week on the Stray at Harrogate. Some excellent junior performances too, which can be seen by clicking through to the results.
Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:18 Ciaran Ford, Horsforth Harriers)
14  18:36 William Wood
539 ran

(1  16:32 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
12  20:40 Tom Worboys
51  24:20 Norman Bush
170 ran

1   17:10 Jack Wood
467 ran

(1  15:52 Callum Rowlinson, Sale Harriers)
13  18:9 Rob Cunningham
652 ran

John Carr 5K 2017 series race report

From Petra Bijsterveld ...The ever popular John Carr 5k race series in Esholt was run on yet another new course this year. Efficiently organized by Saltaire Striders, chip timed, and held on closed roads within the Yorkshire Water estate, the race (which had been a net downhill course until 2015, and a straight out and back course in 2016) now starts and finishes at Esholt Hall and loops around in 2 directions. Runners do a short circuit around the Hall and then run out towards Apperley Bridge station, returning past the Hall and up the hill towards Esholt, looping around the small 'roundabout' at the top of the hill before a fast descent back to the Hall and the finish line. This course has more total elevation than the previous two iterations, and the hill in the 3rd mile certainly came as an unpleasant surprise (having been in the middle last year) which took a little adjusting to. Nice to have the Hall as the backdrop to the start and finish (as well as having the use of the luxurious toilets), most felt that this was an improvement over having to congegrate by the roadside as we did last year.
Ilkley Harriers were present in large numbers, especially for the first race which was a club league counter, and where there were excellent results especially at the sharp end with 5 young Harriers in the first 10 finishers, Jane McCarthy taking 1st F40, Hilda Coulsey 1st F60 and Geoff Howard 1st M70. The second race was a little quieter, coming the day after Jack Bloor, but saw Sally Malir finish as 1st F50 and Hilda 1st F60 again. Race 3 saw Tom Adams take the win in 15:31 which set the standard on this new course, and Hilda cruised to a category win for the 3rd week in a row.
The end of the 3rd race brought the series trophies out of the cupboard, with Nina Pearce winning F11, Jack Cummings coming 2nd in the senior men, Alison Bennett and Adela Reperecki being 2nd and 3rd in F55, Hilda gaining the F60 series trophy, and I was fortunate enough to take the F50 title, more for turning up thrice than for absolute speed! Trophies aside there was a lot of dedicated, eyeballs-out, lactate-zone racing from all, resulting in several new 5K PB's, amongst others for Michael Duffield, Steve Murray and myself.
Thanks must also go to several Harriers who came along to offer support and cheer from the roadside which is much valued.
Final positions (runners taking part in 3 races) by category:...

1   Nina Pearce
2   Catherine Westhead
3   Emile Elmes

1   Petra Bijsterveld

2   Alison Bennett
3   Adela Reperecki
5   Diane Kitchen

1   Hilda Coulsey

2   Jack Cummings

7   Steve Murray

7   Philip Hirst

4   Peter Lewis

John Carr 5k race 3, Wed 17 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

1   15:31 Tom Adams
9   16:13 Jack Cummings
13  16:25 Dominic Coy
42  18:04 Stephen Coy
82  19:21 Steve Murray PB
100 19:34 Tom Worboys
143 20:45 Nina Pearce
147 20:49 Catherine Westhead
151 21:03 Harry Stead
195 22:29 Phil Hirst
218 23:19 Alison Bennett
222 23:29 Alison Weston
227 23:47 Adela Reperecki
240 24:11 Peter Lewis
244 24:16 Hilda Coulsey 1st F60
253 24:37 Emily Elmes
262 24:59 Diane Kitchen
263 25:06 Gaenor Coy
270 25:24 Petra Bijsterveld
373 ran

Great Whernside Uphill Race, Sun 14 May

From Rachel Carter ... Whilst in the Yorkshire Dales on a sunny Sunday for the Junior races with my kids, it seemed opportune to take part in the Great Whernside Uphill Race from Kettlewell. Having historically done only races on the roads or trails, this was my first 'fell race' with the exception of 'Jack Bloor' which I don't count as it's on home 'training' ground. With a bit of walking en route (that never happens on the road) I managed to make it to the top, and then enjoy the fantastic views during a more leisurely descent with my family.
Results ...

(1 19:15 Chris Edwards, Helm Hill) 
21 26.27 Kate Archer,  2nd Female
48 28.25 Rachel Carter
50 28.29 Norman Bush
73 finished

Montane Trail 13 Howgills, Sun 14 May

From Petra Bijsterveld... There was a choice between a full or a half marathon at this well organized, chip timed, trail running event in the Howgill Fells. Sarah Hayes and I traveled to Sedbergh for the half marathon option. With 3183 ft of total ascent this was obviously never going to be the easiest HM around. We climbed from Sedbergh via Winder and Arant Haw up to the Calf, which meant 5 miles of virtually constant climbing. Practically all the height gained was then lost over only 2 miles: a very steep descent by the side of Cautley Spout. After the Cross Keys checkpoint at mile 7 (with most welcome Jaffa cakes and flapjack) the course was fairly undulating, though on narrow stony tracks. We faced a shorter but very steep climb at mile 11, followed by the final descent back into Sedbergh. For most participants the entire race involved a lot of walking, the ascents were certainly too steep to run for many, though I made good progress power walking. At least the enforced walking enabled me to enjoy some of the great views from the tops. I am always a poor descender (unless it's tarmac!) and on the downhills I lost much of any time gained on the climbs. Sarah and I overtook each other a few times along the course but her better command of descending rightfully enabled her to beat me to the finish line.
Results ...

(1  1:49:33 Jonathan Cox, Eden Runners)
106 3:08:01 Sarah Hayes
111 3:08:42 Petra Bijsterveld
163 finished

Leeds half marathon, Sun 14 May

From Hilda Coulsey... A smaller than usual contingent from Harriers tackled the Leeds half (although there might be a few not registered as Ilkley H - let us know how you got on). Weather was weird: chilly breeze from time to time but seemingly very warm too. Having not run more for than 75 mins since last Sept I was a little concerned, it was warm and I did struggle. The cheery wave from Jane B as she eased past me and reminder of running form was helpful ..... for a little while. My time was not brilliant for me, just to keep going was the aim, and so I was most surprised to get 1st F60. It must have been tough for others too. Well done to all.
Results ...

(1   1:10:22 Mohammad Aburezeq, Altrincham)
120  1:27:02 Jonathan Sinclair
525  1:37:41 Rhys Jones
1227 1:47:29 Jane Thomas
1876 1:54:28 Jane Bryant
2136 1:58:37 Hilda Coulsey
3655 2:06:38 Jacqui Weston
4007 1:59:29 Melanie Edwards
4112 2:11:13 Donna Jackson
4521 2:16:54 Alex Hyde
5387 2:16:43 Bernadette Gibbons
6187 2:35:17 Abigail Bailey
6753 finished

Fairfield Horseshoe, Sat 13 May

From Alison Weston ... I think I was the only Harrier at the classic Fairfield horseshoe race (14.5km/914m) on Saturday. It was clearly a popular race with a delayed start due to the numbers registering. It's a truly great course for very fit runners as the gradient up and down is not too steep. Alas for not-so-fit-runners (like myself) it seems to take an awfully long time to reach Fairfield itself! We were in mist on the tops and against the wind on the descent but it didn't stop it being very enjoyable. I was aiming for just less than 2 hours but made a few mistakes on the descent and finished nearly a minute over in 2:00:55

Malhamdale Trail, Sat 13 May

From Jo Foster ... I headed over to Kirkby Malham on Saturday morning to run this 9 mile race. There's a choice of two routes- 9 or 22 miles. Wet conditions made for very slippery limestone pavement and mist up high but still a great route. I was really pleased to finish as First Lady and Ralph Tench made it a clean sweep for Ilkley, winning overall.

From Duncan Cooper ... Results ...

22 mile race
(1 2:58:18 Alistair Shutleworth)
15 3:28:34 Duncan Cooper
88 4:27:59 Alison Eagle
170 finishers

9 mile race
1  1:15:52 Ralph Tench
10 1:28:31 Jo Foster 1st lady
42 1:45:41 Elizabeth Price
80 2:15:22 Amanda Poppleton
108 finishers

parkruns, Sat 13 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:11 Oliver Williams, Les Croupiers)
12  17:30 Alex Hirst
847 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:50 Timmy Gedin, Arena 80 AC)
22  21:09 Sally Malir 2ndF
495 ran

(1  16:29 Harry Holmes, York Knavesmire Harriers)
48  21:32 Andrew Sheldon
445 ran

(1  18:36 Matthew Warters, U/A)
2   19:05 Will Wood
108 29:28 Sue Verspyck
152 ran

John Carr 5k race 2, Wed 10 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Provisional results ...

(1  15:40 Tom Cornthwaite, Salford Harriers)
10  16:35 Jack Cummings
45  18:19 David Westhead
115 20:00 Steve Murray
138 20:47 Sally Malir 1st F50
139 20:49 Nina Pearce
153 21:06 Catherine Westhead
224 22:47 Phil Hirst
253 23:40 Adela Reperecki
255 23:31 Alison Bennett
268 24:11 Petra Bijsterveld PB
272 24:16 Hilda Coulsey
276 24:43 Emily Elmes
309 25:59 Diane Kitchen
329 26:38 Peter Lewis
420 ran

Jack Bloor Races, Tue 9 May

Woodentops photos

Jack Wood won for the third year in a row, and Ilkley won the men's and ladies' team prizes.
Results ...

1   38:57 Jack Wood
10  42:13 Jack Cummings 1st U23
15  44:14 Dave Wilby
16  44:49 Oscar Stapleton
18  44:55 Ben Sheppard
33  47:01 George Stevens
38  48:17 Ralph Tench 1st V50
40  48:20 Lucy Haines 1st lady
49  48:57 Jemima Elgood 2nd lady
50  48:58 Michael Lomas
61  50:30 Ben Joynson
62  50:33 Jonathan Sinclair
64  50:48 David Foyston
67  50:55 Peter Shelley
77  51:39 Paul Calderbank
85  52:45 Steve Murray
89  53:50 Paddy Hagan
93  54:07 Martyn Stocker
107 55:05 Sarah Edwards
110 55:12 Rachel Carter
120 56:04 Paul Stephens
127 56:53 Michael Duffield
129 57:04 Rebecca Mon-Williams
135 57:55 Alison Weston
138 58:05 Mary Gibbons
139 58:09 Robert Hamilton
160 62:05 Joyce Marshall
167 62:42 Anna Makin
168 62:43 Geoffrey White
171 62:50 Ian Marshall
172 62:58 Anna Nolan
186 68:26 Sarah Hayes
197 71:23 Peter Lewis
203 72:15 Alice Green
226 100:07 Rachel Websdale
227 finished

National selection

Well done to Jack Wood for his selection for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.

Sedbergh Gala fell race, Sun 7 May

Results ...

(1 19:48 Ben Mounsey, Calder Valley)
16 22:59 Iain Gibbons
82 finished

Harden 6M Trail Race, Sun 7 May

Results ...

1 37:26 Will Simmons
4 40:49 Martin Archer
33 finished

Over The Odda 10k, Sat 6 May

From Petra Bijsterveld... This local race is now in its fifth year and has become a very popular trail 10k from the village of Hawksworth. An informal atmosphere, friendly marshals, nice views, lambs in the fields, and plentiful flowering gorse and bluebells help to take the mind off the pain of the almost 900 ft total ascent to conquer. Some of the tracks in the early part of the race are narrow, with frequent stiles causing queues especially for the steadier runners at the back of the field. However, that is all part and parcel of this type of race and personally I was quite glad of the occasional enforced breather.
Tom Adams took the win and set a new course record, Robin Nicholson came a very creditable 7th, Steve Murray was home in 32nd place well under 50 minutes. Alison Weston and Adela Reperecki both claimed a category win, followed by Steph Fox, Hilda Coulsey, Debbie Nicholson and myself. I had Hilda in my sights for much of the race but was not able to catch her despite my best efforts, in part thwarted by a tree root at 7k which sent me flying to land flat on my face, thankfully unhurt and unseen!
Results ...

1   35:45 Tom Adams
7   42:55 Robin Nicholson
32  48:06 Steve Murray
90  55:02 Alison Weston 1st FV50
100 56:52 Adela Reperecki 1st FV55
146 62:49 Stephanie Fox
165 64:58 Hilda Coulsey
168 65:48 Petra Bijsterveld
192 68:48 Debbie Nicholson
248  finished

Kentmere Trail Race, Sat 6 May

From Helen Waddington... Great conditions for the second race in the Lakeland Trail Race series - 18k of undulating and scenic trail, open grassy moorland and rocky bridleways with a sting in the tail climb in the last 2k up Reston Scar followed by a fantastic heart in your mouth descent to the finish in Staveley Rec. Another great run by Jane McCarthy taking 5th lady and 1st LV40.

(1  1:10:07 Jonathan Cox, Eden Runners)           
31  1:27:53 Jane McCarthy                           
119 1:45:34 Helen Waddington                                
191 ran

parkruns, Sat 6 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  16:14 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
15  18:34 Tim Ashelford
47  20:23 Tom Worboys
587 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:41 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
64  22:43 Norman Bush
410 ran

John Carr 5k race 1, Wed 3 May

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Great Ilkley turnout and some fantastic results at the sharp end with 5 young Harriers in the top 10 at the first race of the John Carr series. A new course with the hill in the 3rd mile presented plenty of scope for speed and agony in equal measure. Superbly organized as always by Saltaire Striders. This was a counter in the race league.
Results ...

(1  15:43 Sam Clegg, Rotherham Harriers)
2   15:46 Euan Brennan 
3   16:17 Cameron Reilly
4   16:21 Jack Cummings
7   16:36 Dominic Coy
10  16:49 Oscar Stapleton
37  18:06 David Westhead
48  18:33 Stephen Coy
86  19:33 Dave Robson
89  19:33 Mark Iley
90  19:34 Jane McCarthy 1st F40
94  19:39 Steve Murray
113 20:01 Michael Duffield PB
153 21:02 Catherine Westhead 
154 21:07 Harry Stead
162 21:13 Nina Pearce
191 21:54 Geoff Howard 1st M70
216 22:36 Phil Hirst 
218 22:47 Caroline Howe
239 23:22 Adela Reperecki
241 23:32 Alison Weston
243 23:26 Alison Bennett
251 23:48 Emily Elmes
258 24:00 Stephanie Fox
270 24:21 Peter Lewis
272 24:24 Petra Bijsterveld PB
280 24:39 Hilda Coulsey 1st F60
304 25:50 Gaenor Coy
417 ran

Extraordinary General Meeting, Tue 2 May

From Hilda Coulsey ... 27 members attended and the resolution to amend the Constitution as proposed was agreed overwhelmingly.
Club Constitution, updated May 2017
Information on the development and fundraising for it is on the new website
More information on the committee page

Older News, April 2017