Ilkley Harriers news archive 2014

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, January

Julie Elmes Improvement, stepping in as ladies XC Captain, participation in WYXC, PECO, Yorkshire and Northern XC races Other nominations were:
Georgia Malir - XC races and international results
Caz Farrow - 1st woman in Central Lancs Half Marathon
Steve Weston - 1st Harrier at the Brass Monkey
Tom Adams - 1st places in Stoop Fell Race and Peco XC at Golden Acre
Matt Newell - good performance at PECO XC
Jacqui Weston - organising Annual Awards Do
Dan Wilkinson Stanbury Splash result

Other Harriers of the Month ...

Ilkley Harriers Presentation Evening, Fri 31 Jan

A good crowd enjoyed Elvis, a curry supper, and the presentation of the annual awards ....

Photo, Anna Nolan

More photos from Anna on our Facebook Group page

Ilkley Harriers Awards for 2013

Best RunnerTom AdamsSally Morley
Most Improved RunnerRob CunninghamJane McCarthy
Best Endurance RunnerDave WilbyClare Smith
Best Runner, Under 23Bradley ChapmanGeorgia Malir
Contribution to the ClubPaul StephensJane Bryant
Captains' AwardWill BucktonHilda Coulsey

See the previous holders in the roll of honour here.

Ilkley Harriers Race League 2013, Champions

Overall:Henry Heavisides
Road:Henry Heavisides
Fell:Martin Archer
Trail/XC:Henry Heavisides

The final results of the 2013 League and the dates for the 2014 League are on the League page.

Northern XC, Sat 25 Jan

Results ...

(1  41:17 Daniel Garbutt, Durham City)
147 50:03 Dave Wilby
288 54:14 Will Buckton
322 55:38 Stephen Coy
613 finished

(1  30:22 Katie Walshaw)
231 49:43 Julie Elmes
262 finished

Junior women
(1 21:48 Katy Wood, York)
2  22:28 Georgia Malir
51 finished

Some great junior results, report on the junior pages.

Parkruns, Sat 25 Jan

Helen reports ... Joshua's first attempt - he nearly got me ...

Skipton Aireville Park
16 26:23 Lewis Carr (junior)
19 26:37 Helen Waddington
35 28:31 Joshua Waddington  (junior)
36 28:31 Dick Waddington
54 28:31 Dylan Carr (junior)

Bradford Lister Park
50 22:36 Cameron Reilly (junior)

Leeds Hyde Park
213 27:20 John Marshall

Georgia's international win, Sun 19 Jan

From Sally Malir ... Georgia Malir was selected to run for England for the second time this season. The race was The Cross Internacional de Italica, Seville, Spain, on January 19. The race attracts a strong international field, but the junior men's and women's races were dominated by England with the first four positions taken by them in both events. Georgia ran strongly to win the Junior Women's race. Results and report on British Athletics website and

Soreen Stanbury Splash, Sun 19 Jan

From Paul Stephens ... A beautiful morning for another canter round the Bronte moors (or a gallop if you're Tom). We all know how grim it can be at Penistone Hill, but not on Sunday. It was great to be out, albeit with 400 others and plenty of Harriers. To be fair the course coped, and it didn't feel like that many. The mud was sticky, the climbs were hard, and the 3 river crossings, well..... My time wasn't great, but I've usually been about half way down the field and this year was no exception. I had thought this used to be a relatively small race - 100+, but I was wrong, it's always been popular. It was twenty years ago that I first did the Stanbury Splash and there were 299 people finished that day. And thanks to Nick for the lift.
Results from the Woodentops (photos there too)

Woodentops photos
1   43:50 Tom Adams
25  52:03 Dan Wilkinson
37  53:20 Will Buckton
96  58:00 Duncan Cooper
97  58:04 Dick Waddington
100 58:13 Paul Calderbank
103 58:23 Jane McCarthy
108 58:44 Nick Richardson
156 62:40 Jann Smith
181 64:36 Alison Weston
209 66:31 Paul Stephens
220 67:23 Alison Eagle
235 68:20 Norman Bush
250 68:52 Diane Haggar
251 68:56 Chantal Brisby
306 72:32 Sarah Edwards
356 77:42 Nick mellor
365 78:57 Peter Lewis
379 80:50 Sue Morley
385 83:24 Sophie Brown
388 83:52 Geoff White
395 84:54 Amanda Newham
399 85:47 Jayne Sort
401 85:53 Sally Wright
410 87:19 Eric Morley
412 87:48 Kate Wilkinson
429 97:43 Julie Elmes
437 finished

The IH Race League has been updated and Jane McCarthy has a great lead not just from this race but from playing her wild card to great effect.

Many super runs from the juniors too U8-U18!

Brass Monkey, Sun 19 Jan

Interestingly, both the Brass Monkey and the Stanbury Splash are in their 31st year!
Justin Phillips reports ... I managed to secure a last minute entry to run the Brass Monkey and joined a car load of Harriers for the trip to York. Chilly weather had us all shivering on the start line but by mile 1 the rain was replaced by sunshine and made way for a beautiful day.
Steve Weston shot off from the ‘whistle' (the hooter had succumbed to the rain) and by the time I finished he'd already had a massage and a tuna sandwich.
The course is one of the fastest around and after swapping post-race stories it seems the Harriers contingent were pretty pleased with their morning's work.
Results ...

(1  1:10:19 Matthew Peirson, U/A)
78  1:21:39 Steve Weston
86  1:22:10 Rob Cunningham
112 1:23:44 Justin Phillips
132 1:25:07 Caz Farrow
148 1:25:43 Andrew Merrick
173 1:26:57 Stephen Coy
567 1:40:02 Helen Horton
921 1:51:40 Gaenor Coy
1459 finished

Parkruns, Sat 18 Jan

Skipton Airevile Park
9  22:38 Jane McCarthy  1st lady
20 26:39 Diane Haggar
55 35:30 Dylan Carr	
Bradford Lister Park
34 22:13 Arthur Reilly
65 23:56 Andrew Wilson

Harrogate Stray
180 28:33 Petra Bijsterveld

Leeds Hyde Park
118 23:44 Will Worboys

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, December

Ben Sheppard 1st Harrier at Ribble Valley 10k Other nominations were:
Val Kerr for HOM for organising the Gathering Winter Fools Relay and her race results in December
Dave Wilby - 1st Harrier at Chevin Chase
Hilda Coulsey for 1st FV60 at the Ribble Valley 10K
Tom Adams for 1st places in Stoop fell cace and Peco XC at Golden Acre
Geogia Malir for 2nd place at Brussells Lotto Cross Country Cup - England selection - and other excellent results
Rob Cunningham, good month of race results and achieving second in the Harriers Race League
Helen Horton, Eric and Sue Morley for organising the fun Club Christmas Relays and Quiz

Other Harriers of the Month ...

PECO XC 3, Middleton Park, Sun 12 Jan

The first counter in this year's Ilkley Harriers Race League. Will Buckton reports... Tom Adams recorded another win for Ilkley Harriers in the third PECO Cross Country race at Middleton Park. Tom finished over a minute clear of second place. Next home for Ilkley was 16 year old triathlete Matt Newell. Matt finished 20th overall out of 619 runners, just three minutes behind Tom. Alison Eagle was the first of the Ilkley ladies to cross the line, taking 33rd lady out of 231. Hilda Coulsey ran well to take 1st F60 and 89th overall, after running Bradford Parkrun the previous day. Results ...

1   26:13 Tom Adams
20  29:14 Matt Newell
36  30:07 Gavin Lamb
129 33:35 Steve Newell
168 34:43 Henry Heavisides
261 37:18 Alison Eagle
280 37:43 Adrian Bastow
409 42:02 Hilda Coulsey
429 42:49 Eric Morley
434 42:56 Peter Lewis
462 44:09 Lynn Donohue
494 45:13 Sue Morley
505 45:46 Julie Elmes
536 47:25 Sue Williamson
562 49:07 Petra Bijsterveld
599 53:28 Kate Lofthouse
619 finished

Parkruns, Sat 11 Jan

Bradford Lister Park
6   18:57 Will Buckton
100 24:55 Hilda Coulsey
296 32:29 Christine Reilly

Skipton Aireville Park
10 24:43 Lewis Carr (junior)
57 37:15 Dylan Carr (junior)

Central Lancs Half Marathon, Sun 5 Jan

Caz Farrow reports ... I finished first woman (28th overall) in 1 25 53 I think. 'Undulating' and nice and windy! Results ...

(1 1:16:45 Peter Bains, U/A)
28 1:25:53 Caz Farrow, 1st woman
418 finished

Yorkshire XC Championships, Sat 4 Jan

Woodentops photos

From Dave Wilby ... Superb run from Georgia Malir today, she gave fell and XC expert Katie Walshaw, and World Marathon Champs 10th place finisher Susan Partridge a real run for their money to finish 4th overall and 2nd junior. The first 4 put over a minute into the rest of the field, including Annabel Mason which just shows the quality they produced.
Results ...

(1  23:51 Katy Wood, York)
4   25:56 Georgia Malir (2nd junior woman)
25  28:31 Sally Morley
129 40:36 Chloe Haines
132 41:15 Julie Elmes
147 finished
14th team

(1  40:48 Andrew Heyes, Hallamshire)
68  48:24 Dave Wilby
121 51:41 Steve Coy
133 52:29 Will Buckton
150 53:39 Mark Iley
178 56:05 Arthur Reilly
260 finished

There were 25 Junior Ilkley Harriers racing, with some super team results, including the girls in the photo who won U15 Bronze.

Parkruns, Sat 4 Jan

Skipton Aireville Park
1  23:18 Jane McCarthy  *WINNER*
16 28:00 Helen Waddington
52 finished

Harrogate Stray
181 28:20 Petra Bijsterveld

Leeds Hyde Park
217 28:59 John Marshall

Nine Standards, Wed 1 Jan

Will Buckton reports ... Epic conditions for the New Years Day run up and down Nine Standards Rigg from Kirkby Stephen. BM 12.9km/549m Snow, hail and high wind made it a real battle on the climb.

(1 57:57 James Dunn, Edinburgh Uni)
42 1h12:46 Will Buckton
118 finished

Giant's Tooth, Wed 1 Jan

(1 17:10 James Hall, Wharfedale)
33 21:41 Toni Melechi
44 23:01 Tilly Melechi (junior)
124 finished

Captain Cook's race, Wed 1 Jan

Roy Ruddle reports ...8km/318m I was 95th in about 43:19

New Years Day Parkrun

Aireville Park, Skipton
(1 19:53 Lucas Payne, Barlick FR)
4  21:04 Rob Cunningham
40 33:12 Petra Bijsterveld
58 finished

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