Ilkley Harriers news archive 2013

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, December

Ben Sheppard 1st Harrier at Ribble Valley 10k Other nominations were:
Val Kerr for HOM for organising the Gathering Winter Fools Relay and her race results in December
Dave Wilby - 1st Harrier at Chevin Chase
Hilda Coulsey for 1st FV60 at the Ribble Valley 10K
Tom Adams for 1st places in Stoop fell cace and Peco XC at Golden Acre
Geogia Malir for 2nd place at Brussells Lotto Cross Country Cup - England selection - and other excellent results
Rob Cunningham, good month of race results and achieving second in the Harriers Race League
Helen Horton, Eric and Sue Morley for organising the fun Club Christmas Relays and Quiz

Other Harriers of the Month ...

Auld Lang Syne, Tue 31 Dec

Photos and results on

Sophie's shoe
(1  42:09 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
52  51:48 Alistair Mcinnes
72  53.21 Ian Rowbotham
74  53:26 Sally Morley
125 56:57 Kate Archer
147 58:17 Jann Smith
178 60:25 Steve Weston
198 61:33 Alison Weston
230 64:05 Dan Wilkinson
248 65:24 John Coates
272 67:03 David Ibbotson
299 69:20 Alison Ricci
326 72:06 Adela Reperecki
379 78:53 Emma Payne
382 79:46 Sally Wright
394 82:42 Julie Elmes
421 98:59 Sophie Brown
425 finished

Ribble Valley 10k, Sun 29 Dec

Henry Heavisides reports ... Conditions were very good for today's Ribble Valley 10k at Clitheroe. The quality of the field was really high with runners from all over the country taking part, 5 people managed to get under 30 minutes. As usual Ilkley Harriers were well represented. In a sprint finish Ben Sheppard was just ahead of Rob Cunningham with Justin Phillips not far behind. For the ladies Caz Farrow & Beth Massey both ran really well but somehow missing from the first official results (faulty chips). Amongst the prize winners, Hilda Coulsey was 1st F60, Christine Cox 3rd F55, Henry Heavisides 3rd M55 & Beth 2nd F40. Results ...

(1  29:12 Jonny Mellor, Liverpool)
149 37:11 Ben Sheppard	
153 37:20 Rob Cunningham
156 37:22 Justin Phillips
164 37:44 Henry Heavisides
187 38:21 Will Buckton
235 39:22 David Brown
237 39:37 Caz Farrow  (gun time)
254 39:49 Mark Iley
336 41:58 Beth Massey (gun time)
344 41:45 Andrew Sheldon
381 42:30 Adrian Bastow
424 43:44 Neil Chapman
493 45:31 Alison Weston
560 46:54 Val Kerr
659 48:36 Christine Cox
672 49:24 Hilda Coulsey
1019 1:01:03 Carole Cunningham
1086 finished

This was the final counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League 2013

Jolly Holly Jog, Sun 29 Dec

Results ...

(1 33:28 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
98 46:56 Norman Bush
607 finished

Wansfell, Sat 28 Dec

Will Buckton reports ... after being reminded that Saturday morning training wasn't on this week I checked the FRA website and sure enough there was a Lakeland fell race to do instead, Cat A, 3.3km/405m I felt the extra weight of the Christmas food and drink on the climb but I dug in and managed to make up a few places on the steep grassy descent.

(1 19:48 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
24 26:05 Will Buckton
75 finished

Parkruns, Sat 28 Dec

Harrogate Stray
124 26:26 Eric Morley

Guisborough Woods, Fri 27 Dec

Jez Hellewell reports ... had a tough race at Guisborough in 70 mph winds. The moor section, in particular, seemed like one step forward & 2 back. The course, I was told, had been extended by 1 mile to 7 this year. I finished 30th, in 55 mins, out of around 125. The winning time was 43 mins, a full 5 minutes ahead of 2nd place. A great morning out in North Yorkshire.

Chevin Chase, Boxing Day

John Hayes reports ... If the organisers of the Tour de France need any reassurance about the size of cheering crowds in Yorkshire next year, they need only attend this event. Huge crowds line the route giving encouragement and laughing at those in fancy dress. It's a great race - a lovely route and a lively atmosphere especially at the top of the Chevin on the way back. The race is also a good way to burn off all those excess Christmas calories. I had a good run although I still only narrowly beat a man in an inflated clown outfit. In my defence, his costume was SO big he was hard to overtake. But I squeezed past him on the road section and sprinted for home.
Results ...

Photo: Allison Ricci
(1    39:01 Jonny Brownlee, Bingley)
16    43:33 Dave Wilby
23    44:33 Alex Sinclair
25    44:39 Martin Archer
36    45:30 Rob Cunningham
48    46:51 Ralph Tench
49    46:50 Adam Bennett
60    47:24 Alistair McInnes
62    47:41 Justin Phillips
73    48:14 Steve Turland
87    48:52 Jonathan Sinclair
90    48:58 Caz Farrow
99    49:24 David Brown
106   49:36 Dick Waddington
118   50:08 Sally Malir
122   50:17 John Hayes
127   50:35 Kate Archer
140   51:06 Steve Weston
150   51:28 Jane Mccarthy
214   53:27 Andrew Merrick
256   55:49 Paul Stephens
286   56:48 Andrew Jackson
349   58:48 Keith Wood
352   58:44 Alison Bennett
364   59:20 David Ibbotson
380   59:36 Helen Horton
381   59:42 Ruth Kitchen
443 1:01:42 Tim Brear
456 1:02:05 Adela Reperecki
489 1:02:33 Sharon Meadows
533 1:04:01 Ros Brown
543 1:04:15 Gaenor Coy
558 1:05:26 Allison Ricci
566 1:05:32 Emily Kerr
567 1:05:33 Val Kerr
578 1:05:40 Will Worboys
605 1:06:41 Martin Wright
614 1:06:56 Chloe Haines
631 1:07:46 Sue Bickerdike
643 1:07:42 David Green
651 1:08:35 Julie Elmes
664 1:08:31 Emma Payne
679 1:09:30 Paul Sugden
707 1:09:59 Sarah Hayes
723 1:11:27 Sally Wright
745 1:12:22 Andrew Kitchen
774 1:13:40 Sophie Brown
782 1:14:05 Peter Lewis
794 1:14:16 Jacqui Weston
831 1:16:19 Michael Picken
892 1:20:15 Fiona Schneider
962 finished

Christmas Day Parkrun, Aireville Park, Skipton

(1  18:44 Jack Smith, Wharfedale)
11  24:21 Lewis Carr (junior, PB)
17  26:01 Sam Wood
27  28:00 Emily Wood
41  32:10 Dylan Carr (junior)
43  33:29 Shirley Wood
50 finished

Well done to Miranda, Run Director

The Stoop, Sun 22 Dec

The Stoop

Steve & Duncan amongst 400 Santa hats at the Stoop race. Tom Adams won in 30:51, beating some quality opposition again and his time from last year, and Ilkley had first ladies team.

From John Hayes ... I've never done The Stoop before. My favourite part of the whole day was arriving to a sign at registration saying "Santa Hats MUST be worn". These are handed out at with a Curly Wurly and race number. By some miracle we persuaded all four of our kids to run the Junior races. These involved a circuit of a kamikaze course of mud and rocks. They all survived and then huddled in the car munching on their goody bags of sweets whilst Sarah and I ran the Senior race. I beat a man in a full length Santa outfit and an elf in a sprint finish. On reflection, this was not in the spirit of the race or Christmas. So I'm a bit worried my stocking may be empty this year...

Results and photos on

The Stoop
1   30:51 Tom Adams
15  35:38 Jack Wood
25  36:21 Martin Archer
27  36:32 Gavin Lamb
41  38:11 Steve Turland
88  41:10 Duncan Cooper
89  41:11 Richard Joel
91  41:17 Steve Coy
93  41:22 Rob Cunningham
95  41:29 Dick Waddington
100 41:45 John Hayes
117 42:29 Alistair Barlow
124 42:44 Neil Smith
155 44:26 Jane McCarthy
169 45:14 Jann Smith
195 46:57 Alison Weston
203 47:16 Di Haggar
204 47:18 Chris Oxlade
246 49:27 Norman Bush
253 49:59 Sarah Edwards
257 50:22 Val Kerr
281 51:49 Andy Jackson
295 52:43 Helen Waddington
300 53:39 Anna Barlow
339 57:37 Eric Morley
343 58:10 Amanda Newham
354 59:12 Sue Morley
356 59:29 Sarah Hayes
363 61:12 Kate Wilkinson
381 65:16 Julie Elmes
383 67:33 Jacqui Weston
402 finished

And 42 Ilkley juniors raced in the Quarry Runs!

This was the final fell counter in the 2013 Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Run Sunday, Sun 22 Dec

Jez Helewell reports ... Jacob put his growing pains behind him today to come 2nd, beating his own J13 record, in 20:37

Lotto Cross Cup, Sat 21 Dec

Georgia Malir reports ... Last Saturday I headed to Brussels to compete in my first ever England cross country vest. Having never raced cross country in Europe before I was unsure what the course would be like after the recent debates following the European championships being held on a firm, flat and almost track like course. However, in Brussels it was muddy and hilly, just like in the UK but with the addition of a few surprise hurdles which took me a while to master! My 4km race took place over 4 1km laps, with a lap counter and a bell to signal the final lap, which did remind me of a track race! I had no idea what the standard of competition would be so it was nice to find myself at the front of the pack with the rest of the England girls after the first lap. As the race went on me and teammate Alex Clay pulled away from the rest of the group. Alex when on the win the race and I finished second. Racing in Europe was a great experience and hopefully I'll get more opportunities to do it again in future! This is the England Athletics report and a picture of me on the podium

A great photo of Georgia on the Lotto Cross Cup website

Parkruns, Sat 21 Dec

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 19:08 Jack Smith, Wharfedale Harriers)
2  19:45 Matt Newell
6  23:17 Steve Newell
18 25:10 Diane Haggar
52 32:09 Dylan Carr (junior)
68 ran

Christmas Relays and Quiz, Tue 17 Dec

A big thank you to Helen Horton who organised the Christmas Fancy Dress relays. A super turnout (60+ people?), lots of fun, and super organisation.
And to Eric and Sue Morley who organised the Christmas Quiz (45+ people there).
As people said 'a great Harriers tradition', and 'it feels like Christmas has started now'.

PECO XC 2, Golden Acre Park, Sun 15 Dec

Tom flying, Woodentops photos

A very good turnout of junior and senior runners. A special thanks to everyone who helped with the junior races: Dave Westhead, Steve Newell, Gaenor Coy, Sue Williamson, Dale Bramham Butts, Francis Westhead, Sam Wood, Paul Wood, Sally Wright, Kim Anderson, Sam Bramham Butts, Elizabeth Westhead, Sian Dover, Shirley Wood, Kate Lofthouse, Lucy Williamson, and Joanne Williamson.
Woodentops photos
Results ...

Men: 2nd team in Premier Division (2nd overall)
1   26:59 Tom Adams
20  29:43 Matt Newell
36  30:34 Martin Archer
42  31:08 Gavin Lamb
45  31:13 Rob Cunningham
60  31:41 Steve Turland
66  31:54 Steve Coy
75  32:14 Jim Ryder
112 33:30 Henry Heavisides
140 35:00 Steve Newell
169 35:52 Adrian Bastow
237 38:22 Andrew Jackson
300 41:39 Nick Mellor
326 44:16 Eric Morley
329 44:33 Peter Lewis
362 49:10 Andrew Kitchen
371 finished

Ladies: 3rd team in the First Division (2nd overall)
(1  Heather Sellars, Abbey Runners)
48  39:51 Helen Horton
49  39:52 Adela Reperecki
83  42:09 Anna Barlow
84  42:11 Janet Grace
87  42:15 Hilda Coulsey
91  42:33 Gaynor Coy
141 46:05 Julie Elmes
150 46:32 Sue Morley
156 46:50 Sue Williamson
171 47:42 Sally Wright
191 49:54 Kate Lofthouse
227 finished

Really Wild Boar fell race, Sun 15 Dec

Will Buckton reports ... two of us made the trip to Kirkby Stephen for the AS Really Wild Boar fell race. The 8km/427m route climbs the Pennine Bridleway to the shoulder of Boar Fell with a loop to the summit and a steep descent back to the Bridleway. Dave Wilby battled the really wild weather and ran well to finish 16th in his first race since October. Will Buckton ran through the high wind and hailstones to take 43rd, results ...

(1 42:55 Danny Hope, P&B)
16 46:53 Dave Wilby
43 50:10 Will Buckton
132 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 15 Dec

Junior Harrier Tilly Melechi finished 6th, and set a new women's course record of 20:38 (beating Emma Barclay's 20:58) for this 3 mile timed run at Danefield, 45 finished this week.

Gathering Winter Fools Relay, Sat 14 Dec

Woodentops photos

From Val Kerr ... Well done to the two teams that took part in a very enjoyable GWF and thanks to Dan Hill and Martin Wright for standing in at the last minute.
The winning team was Bingley Harriers (male team) who completed the course in 3h23:11.
IH team 2: Leg 1 - Sharon Meadows + Dan Hill; Leg 2 - Christine Cox + Keith Wood; Leg 3 - Amanda Newham + Val Kerr + Cleo (woof); Leg 4 - Jan Carrier + Llyn Donohue - finished 24th team in 5h19:05.
IH team 1 ran as 'the nativity': Leg 1 - Sue Bickerdike + Martin Wright (shepherds); Leg 2 - Jan Smith (fairy) + Stephen Rhodes (Rudolph); Leg 3 - Clare Smith + Elle Bradley (sheep) + Betty (woof - shepherd); Leg 4 - Emma O'Loony (king) + Paul Sugden (reindeer) - finished 30th in 5:33:10.
34 teams took part (more teams each year) Results ...

Parkruns, Sat 14 Dec

Adam Bennett set his 3rd PB in 3 weeks at York, 5s off last week's PB. More Parkrun results ....

Leeds Hyde Park
110 25:37 Harry Stead
177 29:35 Michael Duffield
209 32:48 William Duffield

Skipton Aireville Park
17 25:13 Lewis Carr
43 33:46 Dylan Carr
46 35:05 Elaine Ibbotson

6  18:11 Adam Bennett

England Selection

From Sally Malir ... Georgia Malir has been selected to run for England in The Lotto Cross Cup Brussels on the 22nd December from her great run in Liverpool. This is Georgia's first vest for cross-country. Read about it on England Athletics news pages.

Stockport 10, Sun 8 Dec

Pete Shields reports ... this is a well established race on the calendar and attracts a huge field with plenty of big names at the sharp end. Although not a fast course, it has many undulations, winning times are generally under 50 minutes. Ilkley's 3 athletes coped with the course extremely well, Mark Hall, although not feeling at his best, ran a very good race finishing in a time of 57:51 which gave him 13th place overall and 1st V50. Nicky Green and Caz Farrow ran really well considering they were only running a marathon in Nice less than a month ago, Nicky finished in 71st place in a time of 64:04 giving her 1st FV40, Caz finished in 104th place in a time of 66:30 giving her 4th FV35.
Nicky Green beat Sally Malir's Snake Lane 2006 Club F40 record of 65:06
Results ...

(1  49:41 Mohammed Abu Rezeq, Altrincham & District AC)
13  57:51 Mark Hall
71  64:04 Nicky Green
104 66:30 Caz Farrow
938 finished

Mytholmroyd fell race, Sun 8 Dec

More Woodentops photos

From Will Buckton ... A great race in Calderdale, 11.3km/411m, a good mix of runnable terrain with a couple of tough climbs and steep slippy descents. Good to see Jann back out on the hills taking 2nd lady, beaten only by V50 British Champion Sally Newman.

(1 48:46 Joseph Crossfield, CVFR)
14 54:42 Will Buckton
49 62:58 Jann Smith 2nd lady
108 finished

Woodentops photos.

Leeds Christmas 10k, Sun 8 Dec


(1 35:48 Michael Elgie, Ripon)
8  38:59 Nick Richardson
328 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 8 Dec

Junior Harrier Euan Brennan was 3rd in 18:34, setting a category age record at the event and one of the fastest IH times at this weekly 3 mile timed run at Danefield, 25 finished this week.

Frostbite 30, Sat 7 Dec

Ben Sheppard reports ... Thirty scenic miles in Nidderdale starting and finishing at Pateley Bridge, the Frostbite 30 follows the Nidderdale Way for much of the route, passing Gouthwaite, Scar House and Angram resevoirs and then over the moor to Middlesmoor, through How Stean Gorge and cross country back to Ramsgil and along the river home. For my first ultra marathon race I was fortunate and grateful to benefit from Jez's experience as he paced us to our comfortable target time of five hours - the emphasis being on enjoyment rather than endurance. We crossed the line together in 5:00:41. A low key, friendly and well organised local ultra - highly recommended.

Jez Hellewell adds ... A fantastic choice for anybody tempted by the thought of an ultra. At "only" 30 miles this would be the perfect option as it was only 15 (including a quality Berghaus technical top, plenty of post race food & as many 9 bars as you can eat) & was impossible to get lost as it was so well marked out & on very obvious tracks/trails. Ben & I ran "within ourselves" to make sure we got to the 20 mile mark as easily as possible & reach our target of 5 hours. I think it would have been a few minutes extra had Ben not dragged me along, at pace, over the last 5 miles or so, beckoning me to overtake anybody that came in to view. A great day out, in stunning countryside, with great company. What more could you ask for?

Results ...

(1 3h56:40 John Lloyd)
28 5h00:42 Ben Sheppard (32nd?)
29 5h00:42 Jez Hellewell (33rd?)
65 finished (94 incl. ladies, listed seperately)

Parkruns, Sat 7 Dec

Adam Bennett set his 2nd PB in 2 weeks at York, 18:16 Almost a minute off last week's PB. More Parkrun results ....

Skipton Aireville Park
(1  20:39 Tony Booth, )
13  23:55 Adrian Bastow
15  24:33 Richard Morris
18  24:52 Lewis Carr (Junior)
36  29:28 Dylan Carr (Junior)
46  33:49 Elaine Ibbotson
51 finished

Bradford Lister Park
14  19:07 Steve Turland

36  19:58 Lucy Haines (Junior)

Harrogate Stray
170 25:41 Julie Elmes
211 27:27 Rebecca Moores

Leeds Hyde Park
10  18:36 Will Buckton

2   18:03 Ben Stevens

6   18:16 Adam Bennett PB

WYXC, Sun 1 Dec

From Will Buckton ... Sally Morley had another great run to finish 8th and Sally Malir and Kate Archer finished in the top half of the field to help Ilkley to 6th team on the day and 6th in the final standings. Sally Morley's excellent cross country season means she has taken 1st LV40 in the West Yorkshire League, winning her age category in all three of the races she competed in. In the men's race Jim Ryder was again first Harrier to finish, after a close battle with the improving Steve Coy. Ilkley's men were 13th team on the day and 7th team in the overall league. Results ...

(1 19:09 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
8  20:42 Sally Morley
24 22:18 Sally Malir
31 22:48 Kate Archer
59 24:49 Sarah Edwards
75 27:04 Gaenor Coy
82 28:13 Di Kitchen
86 29:41 Emma Payne
91 30:19 Julie Elmes
93 finished
6th team, 6th team

(1  29:07 David McNameee, Skyrac)
72  34:33 Jim Ryder
74  34:41 Steve Coy
95  35:31 Will Buckton
109 36:09 Mark Iley
130 38:09 Nick Pearce
162 42:36 Paul Sowden
172 finished
13th team, 7th team overall

There were 39 juniors racing with excellent results on the day and in the League, report in the junior section.

Run Sunday, Sun 1 Dec

Steve Turland was 3rd in 19:12 at this weekly 3 mile timed run at Danefield, Lynn Donohue was 17tth in 25:44 and 29 finished this week.

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