Ilkley Harriers news archive 2013

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, November

Nicky Green Sub 3 hour marathon at Nice in tough conditions - fastest IH marathon this year Other nominations were:
Neil Smith - for his performance at the Full Tour of Pendle. PB by over 25 minutes compared to last year a result of his commitment to training over the last month or so.
Dan Wilkinson - Abbey Dash and Tour of Pendle
Sally Morley - Abbey Dash club record, sub 37, 2nd F40 & fastest IH ladies 10k this year. Also a great West Yorkshire Cross Country League, finishing top ten and winning the F40 category in each of her three races, 1st F40 in the League.
Georgia Malir - Liverpool Cross Challenge exceptional performance
Eddie Irving BMAF XC relay championsips - 1st M55 on 1st leg, 3rd overall

Other Harriers of the Month ...

Parkruns, Sat 30 Nov

Bradford Lister Park
The following club members participated:
1   15:55 Tom Adams
30  20:47 Nick Pearce
212 30:36 Christine Reilly
324 finished

Middlesbrough Albert Park
90 27:39 John Marshall

Skipton Aireville Park
66 31:19 Elaine Ibbotson

11 19:09 Adam Bennett PB

From Adam ... I got a new PB on the Parkrun - 19:09. So actually slower that my 10k 5k pace! There was a strong headwind which made the cycling down (to the start) and running tough and I had had two Christmas meals on the days previous so probably slowed me down a bit. Hopefully I'll get sub 19 next week.

Peco XC 1 Temple Newsam, Sun 24 Nov

Henry Heavisides reports ... There was a record turnout of more than 500 (651!) runners for the first Peco race of the winter, with an excellent contingent of Ilkley Harriers. The course was a 'something for everybody' kind of route, with hills for the fell runners, hard gravel paths for the road runners & sufficient mud for those who like that kind of thing. There were some delays at registration & recording runners at the finish...the finish line had to be moved back down the course as the funnel became congested....still it was the first race with the new number system. Matt Newell was first Harrier to finish, reflecting the good work he's been doing in training recently. Results ...

(1  26:27 Tom Bishop, Leeds Triathlon Centre )
22  28:54 Matt Newell
36  29:34 Martin Archer
39  29:44 Gavin Lamb
49  30:12 Steve Coy
54  30:25 Rob Cunningham
60  30:43 Jim Ryder
86  31:45 Jamie Hutchinson
111 32:40 Henry Heavisides
121 33:07 Steve Newell
195 35:39 Adrian Bastow
266 37:38 Andrew Jackson
306 40:14 Nick Mellor
324 41:28 Eric Morley
336 42:09 Peter Lewis
340 42:39 Paul Sugden
387 men finished

(1  28:43 Lois Rosindale, Leeds Triathlon Centre)
10  34:17 Eleanor Kitchen
36  36:33 Amanda Fox
42  37:03 Jo Foster
89  40:25 Di Kitchen
94  40:48 Gaenor Coy
98  41:02 Hilda Coulsey
106 41:19 Lynn Donohue
155 44:19 Julie Elmes
156 44:23 Petra Bijsterveld
158 44:26 Emma Payne
167 44:46 Sue Williamson
195 46:13 Sue Morley
223 48:49 Kate Lofthouse
264 women finished

For the seniors, this was the final counter in the XC/Trail section of the Ilkley Harriers Race League.

Some excellent junior results too.

Run Sunday, Sun 24 Nov

Steve Turland was 2nd in 19:24 at this weekly 3 mile timed run at Danefield, 17 finished.

Liverpool Cross Challenge, Sat 23 Nov

From Georgia Malir ... on Saturday I competed in the second of The British Athletics Cross Challenge series. The race also incorporated the European Cross Country Championship trial. The field was stacked including the likes of Emelia Gorecka, who has been pretty much unbeatable throughout the whole of her running career. With only six places available on the GB team the race was bound to be a fight all the way to the line! With such a high standard of competition the plan was to sit in the front group and see how long I could hold on. Before long 4 athletes were out the front, leaving me and 5 other girls chasing them down. As I came into the finishing straight I heard the commentator announce that the fight was on for 5th place and the last automatic qualifying spot on the team! Unfortunately my legs couldn't carry me any faster and I crossed the line closely behind the girls I'd been running with throughout the race in 10th place, not with a GB vest but only a few seconds away! Oh well, I'd given it everything so maybe next year! Unsurprisingly Emelia Gorecka won the race in 14:27 and I was 10th in 15:10. Check out some of the footage from my race.

From Sally Malir ... Georgia Malir has been selected to run for England in The Lotto Cross Cup Brussels on the 22nd December from her great run in Liverpool. This is Georgia's first vest for cross-country. Info ...

Georgia at Liverpool

British Masters XC Relay Championships, Sat 23 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... There were 24 teams from all over the country entered in the M55 category of the British Masters XC championships at Moorways Stadium in Derby. For our age group the race was 4 legs of just over 3k each. Eddie Irving got us off to a fantastic start running the fastest 1st leg in 11:37, giving him the 2nd fastest M55 leg a very high quality field. Richard Reeve, returning to racing after recent injuries ran well in 13:15 to put us in 4th place after leg 2. Nick Pearce maintained 4th position in 12:41. I was overtaken by a couple of runners to bring us home 6th overall with a time of 12:52 for my leg. The winning team were Oxford City AC. There wasn't much of a gap between the first 7 or 8 teams in our age group. Results

Tour of Pendle Sat 23 Nov

Quite a few Harriers at this tough long fell race, results ...

(1  2h17:22 Matthew Roberts, Eryri)
59  2h47:07 Daniel Wilkinson
78  2h49:05 Will Buckton
79  2h49:27 Ian Rowbotham
118 2h58:03 Paul Calderbank
140 3h02:30 Neil Smith
151 3h05:05 Dick Waddington
157 3h06:49 Kate Archer
234 3h21:42 John Hayes
321 3h42:28 Chantal Busby
331 3h44:30 Steve Weston
350 3h52:40 Val Kerr
356 3h53:45 Adela Reperecki
421 finished, 16 retired

Dan Wilkinson says ... it was freezing, Will Buckton and I played cat and mouse for the entire race, eventually, after he spent the middle half of the race in front I overtook him on the final descent and finished in 2:47, he was 2 mins behind, which was 17 minutes faster than his 2013 time!
From Adela Reperecki ... a really tough one. A good experience tho. It took me around 3.54 and Val Kerr came in before me. Kate Archer came in at around 3.06

More Woodentops photos

From John Hayes ... When I queued for my number in Barley village hall, the man in front of me took it. It turned out he was called Jonathan Haynes. He was looking doubtfully at the missing "athan" and "n" and was scratching his head why his club was shown as Ilkley Harrierrs. I pointed out that we shared similar names and grabbed my number from him. This near disaster averted I headed to the start line. There I decided to try and keep pace with Kate Archer who had been my unofficial "pacemaker" for much of the Langdale Horseshoe. However, this plan went awry as she skipped away from me up the first hill. In her place I found Neil Smith to run with. I ran alongside him for a while attempting light-hearted chat. But Neil soon tired of my idle ramblings and he too sped off ahead of me. I then gave up trying to latch on to other Harriers and ran/stumbled/crawled around the rest of the course. This race is the roller coaster of fell running - lots of steep ups and downs and it leaves you feeling a bit sick and dizzy at the end of it..... But fun nonetheless which is why we keep going back to it!

Parkruns, Sat 23 Nov

Skipton Aireville Park
38 27:11 Hilda Coulsey

Bradford Lister Park
12 20:15 Arthur Reilly
72 24:47 Will Worboys
73 24:52 Cameron Reilly:

Ben Rhydding Primary School XC, Sat 23 Nov

478 kids were running today! Results on the junior pages.

Abbey Dash 10k, Sun 17 Nov

Sally M, more Woodentops photos

From Henry Heavisides ... Conditions were near perfect for today's Abbey Dash in Leeds: dry, mild & virtually no wind. The start was bit chaotic, being changed from previous years to allow a record 12500 entries, the system of runners being in 'pens' based on anticipated times didn't seem to be particularly effective. There were lots of Ilkley vests throughout the masses of runners. The results seem to miss the name of the club for several Ilkley Harriers, including (I think) our first 3 male finishers: Dan Wilkinson, Rob Cunningham & Ben Sheppard. Sally Morley did a great run in the fastest IH ladies 10k time this year (setting a new Club F40 record, beating Beth Massey's 38:29 from last year's Dash) & finishing 2nd F40 in the race. Also in the prizes were Hilda Coulsey (2nd F60) & Henry Heavisides (2nd M55).

Adam getting a PB, more Woodentops photos
(1   29:23 Matty Hynes, N York Moors)	
356  35:48 Dan Wilkinson
410  36:24 Rob Cunningham
439  36:57 Sally Morley
485  37:05 Ben Sheppard
510  37:36 Henry Heavisides
585  37:56 Steve Turland
621  38:36 David Brown
697  39:04 Andrew Merrick
844  38:17 Adam Bennett    PB
926  40:17 Kate Archer
1105 42:15 Simon Jenkins   PB
1115 42:03 Amanda Sterling
1139 41:48 Adrian Bastow
1546 43:21 Nigel Tapper
1647 44:13 Sean Murphy
1684 44:56 Jane Bryant
1752 45:18 Helen Horton
1837 45:22 Keith Wood
1879 44:51 Eric Hawthorn
2852 48:02 Dave Ibbotson
3099 50:09 Hilda Coulsey
3379 51:24 Allison Ricci
3490 48:34 Will Worboys
3644 51:04 Geoffrey Bowman
3702 52:19 Julie Elmes    PB
3929 53:13 Sue Williamson
4292 54:45 Emma Payne
4516 55:48 Sally Wright   PB
4895 56:34 Jacqui Weston
5432 56:18 Natalie York
5614 56:02 Donna Hattersley
6279 57:56 Elaine ibbotson
6282 56:35 Les Bradshaw
6715 59:14 Catriona Hawthorn
6921 56:57 Sheena O'Connor
7928 58:20 Gillian Booth
9443 finished

WYXC, Sun 17 Nov

Results ...

Ladies, 10th team
(1 24:52 Katie Walshaw, Holnfirth)
13 28:34 Sally Malir
47 32:18 Sarah Edwards
61 35:14 Di Kitchen
62 35:29 Gaenor Coy
79 finished

Men, 10th team
(1 34:38 James Hall, Wharfedale)
53 40:40 Jim Ryder
57 40:47 Will Buckton
63 41:02 Steve Coy
77 42:04 Mark Iley
91 42:57 Arthur Reilly
134 50:14 Paul Sowden
142 finished

38 juniors raced, with superb individual and team results, more on the junior pages.

Run Sunday, Sun 17 Nov

Weekly 3 mile timed run on Otley Chevin. Results:

(1 18:50 Jon Deegan, Ambleside)
 6 23:37 Alison Weston 
11 finishers

Harriers vs. Cyclists, Sat 16 Nov

For the 4th year in a row Tom Adams beat all runners, in his best time yet of 34:02, but this year he also beat all those on bikes! Dave Wiby was one of those cyclists, his placing affected by a puncture. No Rob Jebb (the 3 Peaks Cyclocross champion) this year, but could Tom beat even him (as Simon Bailey did in 2009?) Have a look at the photos on and the cracking race video on Youtube.

Woodentops photos

Results ...

1   33:06 Tom Adams
(the next 6 places were cyclists ...)
47  41:10 Stuart Pitches
56  41:53 Ian Rowbotham
62  42:24 Paul Calderbank
75  43:48 Duncan Cooper
133 49:05 Dave Wilby & bike
149 53:04 Neil Bloor
199 62:17 Amanda Newham
207 finished

Parkruns, Sat 16 Nov

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 18:11 A mystery runner!)
32 26:41 Janet Grace
37 26:54 John Brown
80 37:09 Oscar Stapleton (junior)
83 finished

Bradford Lister Park
199 31:16 Christine Reilly

Harrogate Stray
147 26:55 Petra Bijsterveld

Cote d'Azur Marathon, Sun 10 Nov

From Pete Shields ... Caz Farrow and Nicky Green ran in the Cote d Azur Marathon, a point to point route that took them from Nice to Cannes, west on the coast road. Caz and Nicky have really focused on this race and worked extremely hard over the last year in preparation, one period of their training included 90/100 miles per week. They were well prepared, however, you can be well prepared in this athletics game but there are other considerations that come into play one being the weather! The Riviera seems a safe bet to run a race so late in the year but unfortunately, not this one. We had followed the forecasts over the last week, the weather had been fairly settled other than race day, where high winds were forecast from the west, the race as previously stated was going west into it, its force gauged at 42/48 kph, not gusting just blowing!
They both started the race with the other 13,000 competitors trying to keep as much to their race plans as possible, Nicky went through 10k in 41:51, half in 1:27.47 and 30k in 2:05:06 the wind started to make play at this point slowing her pace down by over a minute per Km, she even thought of running backwards at one point because of the difficulty the wind was having on her breathing, she wasn't joking! Her finishing time considering the conditions was 2:58:31 which got her 3rd female over 40 a PB by 10 secs and 120th place; we are left with what could have been.
Caz went through the first 10 miles in 66 mins, a PB and part of her plan, through the half in 1:28, she then got a niggle in her hip at 26kms but kept pushing on, going through 20 miles in 2:14 another PB; unfortunately, a combination of the hip problem and even bigger problem of the wind ended her race shortly afterwards. This didn't come easy to such a hardy competitor but after some reflection she will be taking her place at the Elite start in London, health allowing. Again what could have been, such are the vagaries of our sport.

Wadsworth Half Trog, Sun 10 Nov

Results ...

(1 1:08:42 James Logue, CVFR)
22 1:22:19 Jamie Hutchinson
79 1:43:16 John Coates
124 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 10 Nov

Weekly 3 mile timed run on Otley Chevin. Results:

(1 20:25 Simon Edgar, LBT)
8  24:33 Will Worboys
11 27:57 Emma Payne
25 33:20 Petra Bijsterveld (sweeper)
25 finishers

Rhobell Fawr, Sat 9 Nov

From Sarah Edwards ... I needed another qualifying race for the Three Peaks before 1st January. I don't have the legs for the long races at the moment so I scoured the FRA calendar for AM races. There are a Wales! I drove down to a place called Llanfachreth for a lovely little race called Rhobell Fawr. It's a 6.5 miles/1900ft out and back race on a mixture of public bridleway and open fell. The bottom section was fast good running but the top was rough, slippery and wet. With a hailstorm at the top just before we set off it was cold at the trig and very slippy. A slow trudge up and flying, if a little ungainly, sprint down. All in all a really fun race. Results ...

(1 56:42 Matthew Fortes, Eryri)
26 75:07 Sarah Edwards 3rd lady
43 finished

Burley Moor run, Sat 9 Nov

Quite a few Harriers out in this IH Race League counter, Results ...

(1  48:02 Liam Dunne, Otley)
4   50:56 Will Buckton
5   51:17 Alistair McInnes
7   53:25 Ben Sheppard
8   54:39 Justin Phillips
9   54:56 Rob Cunningham
11  55:01 Richard Joel
12  55:22 Dick Waddington
15  55:27 Duncan Cooper
17  56:05 Kate Archer
19  56:35 Emma Barclay
29  58:58 Steven Weston
30  59:01 Andrew Merrick
45  61:07 Alison Eagle
50  62:03 Alison Weston
57  63:21 Chris Oxlade
63  65:20 Kevin Gooch
64  65:23 Nigel Tapper
68  65:51 Val Kerr
75  67:15 Adela Reperecki
84  70:01 Rachael Gooch
85  70:24 Keith Wood
86  70:31 Helen Horton
90  71:11 Jan Carrier 
95  72:29 Ian Conyers
101 73:19 Peter Lewis
104 73:24 Anna Nolan
108 74:11 Sarah Hayes
111 74:14 Lyn Donohue
120 77:11 Eric Morley
122 77:12 Geoffrey White
123 77:15 Jean Sullivan
131 80:05 Sally Wright
132 82:14 Julie Elmes
133 82:28 Paul Sugden
151 96:05 Laura Dawes
153 finished

Andrew Thrippleton's photos

Evil Sheriff Duathlon, Sat 9 Nov

Jamie Hutchinson reports ... a great event in Sherwood Pines Forest starting with a 5k run, followed by a two lap bike course covering 20k, before a final 3k run. A real sprint event where you go as hard as you can and hope you can hold on. I did it on a cross bike and finished in 1 hour 18 mins coming in 7th overall, 2nd in my category, out of 307 duathletes. Karl Webster won in 1 hour 16 mins.

Parkruns, Sat 9 Nov

Skipton Aireville Park
(1 19:59 Gary Chapman, KCAC)
21 25:21 Jane Bryant (1st lady)
69 34:14 Elaine Ibbotson
94 finished

Bradford Lister Park
7   19:36 Henry Heavisides
236 31:57 Christine Reilly

St Albans
60 21:59 Joe Reynier (junior)

Guy Fawkes 10, Sat 3 Nov

Results from

(1    55:26 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
24  1:04:26 Nick Richardson
79  1:10:25 Andrew Merrick
164 1:16:53 Nigel Tapper
229 1:19:53 Philip Hirst
263 1:22:05 Paul Sowden
304 1:23:41 Adela Reperecki
314 1:24:00 David Ibbotson
321 1:24:17 Helen Horton
426 1:29:16 Stuart Herrington
448 1:30:22 Will Worboys
461 1:30:49 Hilda Coulsey
542 1:34:39 Paul Sugden
568 1:36:16 Petra Bijsterveld
614 1:39:13 Julie Elmes
801 finished

This was a Harriers Race League counter

Run Sunday, Sun 3 Nov

Weekly 3 mile timed run on Otley Chevin. Results:

(1 19:15 Patrick Cotton, U/A)
2  19:31 Steve Turland
28 finishers

Shepherds Skyline, Sat 2 Nov

Woodentops photos

Results ...

1  41:44 Tom Adams
24 49:23 Dan Wilkinson
88 57:41 Roy Ruddle
277 finished

WYXC 2, Bramley, Sat 2 Nov

Results ....

(1 18:11 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
8  20:02 Sally Morley
29 21:46 Emma Barclay
32 21:55 Sally Malir
34 22:02 Kate Archer
58 24:42 Sarah Edwards
81 28:59 Julie Elmes
90 finished
3rd team

(1  33:17 Joshua Woodcock-Shaw, Spenborough)
62  39:12 Jamie Hutchinson
67  39:31 Mark Iley
72  39:59 Will Buckton
77  40:13 Steve Coy
92  41:06 Nick Pearce
105 42:01 Arthur Reilly
120 43:58 Ben Joynson
136 47:04 Paul Sowden
146 finished
12th team

Many great junior Ilkley results too.

Parkruns, Sat 2 Nov

Skipton Aireville Park
19 24:26 Diane Haggar
78 34:37 Elaine Ibbotson

Bradford Lister Park
14 20:05 Caz Farrow

Harrogate Stray
135 26:15 Eric Morley

Leeds Hyde Park
17 18:57 Henry Heavisides

159 23:18 Andrew Wilson

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