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Results 2007
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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Stoop Junior Quarry Runs, Haworth, Sun 16th Dec

At an incredibly freezing cold Stoop fell race we had 10 Junior Harriers compete in the quarry runs. In the U8's Logan Hargreaves-Madhas finished in 18th place in 4 mins, followed by 20th, Molly Cheetham in 4.09, 24th, Rachel Conlon in 4.37, 43rd, Esme Pearce in 5.36 and Nina Pearce, 54th in 6.39. In the 1 mile race Ben Cheetham was Ilkley's first finisher, 19th overall and third U10 in 8.02. In the U12 category Jack Cummings was 32nd in 8.32, Sam Wood, 37th in 8.44, Sam Haggar, 44th in 8.57 and Scott Marshall, 49th in 9.12. Well done to everyones efforts. Full results and photos can be found on

West Yorkshire X-C, Wakefield, Sun 2nd December

Click for larger photo Alison Eagle reports..... a day to celebrate, despite downpours and high winds all through the night and early morning in Ilkley, Junior Harriers still turned out in force for the last West Yorkshire Cross Country race in the series. 15 juniors made it to Wakefield to compete in probably the toughest races in the series, especially with muddy hills, up and down, as well as a long finishing straight, which tests strength all the way to the end. This year the Juniors have come of age, both by the numbers turning out for each race, as well as some tremendous results, both individually and team.
Naomi Elliot, finished her first season in the West Yorkshire with a strong 11th position in 7.24, giving her a series positon of 10th overall, a very creditable placing. Although there were no U11 boys racing at Wakefield, Sam Gate gained 21st place overall in the series, Jack Cummings, 25th and Tom Bennett, 30th. In the U/13 Girls it was good to finish with a full team out, Ellie Taylor had another good run to finish 13th (15th overall in the series) in 11.10, with Sophie Latta in 50th place in 13.41 and Jessica Holden, 52nd in 14.26 (47th in the series). The team was both 11th on the day and in the series.
The highlight of the day was the U/13 boys, who put out a team of 7, our highest number ever (and that is with Matthew Whitehead missing due to football duties). It was great to see a continous stream of Ilkley vests crossing the finish line reflecting the growing strength of Ilkley Juniors. Leading the team home was Joshua Stephens in 12th place in 14.05, followed by Ben Swinton in 15th in 14.11 (17th in the series), Adam Swinton in 17th in 14.19 (22nd in the series), Josh Crane 18th in 14.22 (21st in the series), Sam Haggar 19th in 14.50 (20th in the series), Jerome Martill 20th in 15.01 and Matthew Kirkham 21st in 15.04. They gained 3rd place on the day and Bronze position in the League overall, receiving their medals after the race.
In the U15's Ruth Doherty found the going tough against good competition and a hard course in the girls race and Stephen Clarke finished a good season in his first year in 24th place in 17.25 (28th in the series).
In the U/17 girls Jenny Dybeck ran another great race, in her first season in this age group, finishing 7th in 17.32 on the day and 7th overall in the series.
Will Plastow finished off his first competitive season in the U/17's, where the standard is so high that the majority would be well placed in the Senior Races with an 11th place in 18.44 giving him 9th overall in the series.
It has been a tremendous season and the future of Ilkley Harriers is safe in the hands of these juniors, congratulations to all who took part.

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Club Colour presentations (Track & Field, Fell and Road Running), November

At the end of the Autumn term we presented club colours to those Junior Ilkley Harriers who have shown commitment to training and representing Ilkley at events. Track & Field colours were presented to (U13); Ellie Taylor, Bethany Pugh, Jessica Holden, Daniel Judkowski, Ben & Adam Swinton, Josh Crane, Sam Haggar. (U15): Louisa Clark and Emily Kerr. Half Colours were presented to Elizabeth Heard (U13) and Melissa Fletcher (U11). Fell colours were presented to Jack Cummings (U10), Fiona Jordan, Ellie Taylor and Bradley Chapman (all U14) and Adam Bennett & Jenny Dybeck (both U16). Half colours were presented to Sam Haggar (U12), Josh Crane and Emily Kerr (both U14). Road colours were presented to Patrick & Catherine Gibbons and half colours to Ben Rowley and Adam Bennett. In addition YAL Track & Field graded performance badges and certificates were presented to Bethany Pugh, Ellie Taylor, Josh Crane and Daniel Judkowski.

West Yorkshire X-C, York, Sat 17th November

Well done to the 19 juniors who competed in the third race in the series at York. In the U11 boys we had 26th, Sam Gate in 8.09, 30th, Jack Cummings in 8.22 and Tom Bennett, 34th in 9.11. Naomi Elliott had a good run in the U11 girls race to finish 9th in 6.50. In the U13's girls race Ellie Taylor was 17th (8.10), Jessica Holden 63rd (10.05) and Lily Kitchen 64th (10.47). The three girls gained a 13th team placing. The U13's boys team of Matthew Whitehead (11th in 7.33), Josh Crane (17th in 7.55), Ben Swinton (20th in 7.57), Sam Haggar (21st in 7.58), Adam Swinton (25th in 8.09) and Jerome Martill (26th in 8.10) gained 3rd team overall - a brilliant result. Fiona Jordan ran in the U15 girls race and gained 22nd place in 12.19. Stephen Clarke & Bradley Chapman ran in the U15 boys race finishing in 52nd and 54th places repectively (16.05 and 16.22). Our three U17's continue to show great strength and determination with Catherine Gibbons finishing in 7th place in 15.05 and Jenny Dybeck, 8th place in 15.13. In the boys race Will Plastow was 11th in 15.59.

West Yorkshire X-C, Bramley Park, Sat 27th October

Well done to the 14 juniors who competed in the second race in the series at Bramley Park, Leeds. In the U11 boys we had 18th, Sam Gate in 6.06, 23rd, Jack Cummings in 6.19 and Tom Bennett, 36th in 7.07. Running in her first race for the club Naomi Elliott (U11) had a fantastic run to gain 6th place in 6.07. Ellie Taylor was 14th in 13 minutes in the U13 girls race. The U13's boys team of Ben Swinton (14th in 14.26), Adam Swinton (20th in 14.48), Sam Haggar (21st in 14.48) and Josh Crane (24th in 14.56) gained 3rd team overall - a brilliant result. Fiona Jordan was 20th in 14.57 in the U15 girls race and Stephen Clarke 55th in 20.24 in the boys race. Our three U17's all had excellent runs - Catherine Gibbons just pipped Jenny Dybeck to the finish line (6th place in 18.18 and 7th place in 18.25) and Will Plastow continued his good form for 7th place in 17.50 in the boys race. Although there was only one complete team there were juniors running in every race and there were some highly commendable individual performances.

Withins Curly Wurly Junior Quarry runs, Sun 21st October

There were 9 Junior Harriers in the Quarry Runs. In the U8 race Nea
Weston was 3rd girl in 3.58, just ahead of Logan Hargreaves 14th overall
in 4.02 and Rachael Conlon 6th girl in 4.43; in the U10 Ben Cheetham running the 1 mile course for the first time was 4th U10 in 8.08; Joshua Kerr in his first race for Ilkley was 11th in 9.12; Georgie Williams 8th girl 10.10; and in the U12 Jack Cummings was 10th in 8.32; Harry Willliams 11th in 8.48; Sam Wood 12th in 9.04. Full results and lots of photos can be found on

West Yorkshire X-C, Nunroyd Park, Sun 14th October

Well done to the 11 juniors who competed in the first race in the series at Nunroyd Park, Guiseley. In the U11 boys we had 19th, Sam Gate in 8.09, 21st, Jack Cummings in 8.22 and 24th, Tom Bennett in 9.11. For the U13 girls 54th, Stephanie Hunter in 12.13, 56th, Jessica Holden in 12.30 and 58th, Lily Kitchen in 13.59. The three girls gained 12th team overall. For the remainder of the races we had a single competitor in each one. Sam Haggar, 20th place in the U13 boys race in 13.16. Ruth Doherty, U15 girls race finishing 38th in 15.04; Stephen Clarke in the U15 boys race was 32nd in 18.56; Jenny Dybeck was 11th in the U17 girls race in 18.34 and Will Plastow a magnificent 8th in the U17 boys race in 18.59.

Junior Sprint Fell Relays.Wednesday 3rd September

In 2007 only 10 teams competed but two records were broken. The older mixed team of Fiona Jordan, Ruth Doherty, Ali Jordan and Josh Crane took 5 secs off the old record and the younger mixed team of Anna and William Tench and Bea and William Bradley took a minute and 6 seconds off the existing record.

Yorkshire Fell Championships. Sat 4th August

3 junior Ilkley Harriers competed in these championships. Logan Hargreaves-Madhas was 15th in the U10 race. Fiona Jordan repeated her feat of last year by winning a silver medal in the U14 championship race and Ellie Taylor won a bronze medal in the same race. Fiona was the first ever Ilkley junior to win a medal back in 2005 so it is great to see her continue to progress.

Young Athletes League - Halifax. Sun 22nd July

Five U13 junior Harriers competed as a combined team with Bradford Airedale at Halifax. Bethany Pugh achieved 3 graded performances and was awarded female athlete of the meet. Her results came in the 75m, 2nd in 10.5 (grade 2), 2nd in the Long Jump with 4m.09 (grade 3) and 3rd in the Shot with 5m.75 (grade 4). Jessica Holden was 2nd in the 70m Hurdles in 15.7, 3rd in the High Jump with 1m.10 and 4th in the Long Jump(B) with 2m.91. For the boys Ben and Adam Swinton both came first in their respective High Jump competitions and both jumping 1m.15. Adam was 2nd in the 75m Hurdles in 16.2 and 3rd in the 200m in 31.9. Ben won the 200m in 31.2 and was 2nd in the 100m in 15.0. Daniel Judkowski was 2nd in the 100m in 16.1, 2nd in the Shot with 6m.18 (grade 4) and 2nd in the Long Jump with 3m.64. Well done to you all and many thanks to all the parents who have supported the four events in the YAL series by helping on the day as officials.

English Uphill Fell Championships. Sun 1st July

15 junior Ilkley Harriers competed in the U8/U10 uphill race from the paddling pool to White Wells. Our 4 medallists were Laura King, 1st in the U8 girls race, Molly Harris, 2nd in the U10 with Georgina Bentley, 3rd and Sam Corbett 2nd U8 boy. Other runners in order of finishing were: Calum Carslaw, Joseph Tindall, Jack Cummings, Rose Hagan, Scott Marshall, Sarah Elliott, Lucy Williamson, Isobel Hirst, Joanne Williamson, Logan Hargreaves-Madhas and Tommy Hagan. In the tough U12/U14 uphill race which finishes just before the duckboards we had 4 competitors. In the U14 category Stephen Clarke was 29th in a time of 15.35, Bradley Chapman, 36th in 16.22 and Ellie Taylor, 37th in 16.25. In the U12 category Naomi Elliott did exceptionally well for a 10 year old to finish in 42nd place in 18.01. You were all fantastic.

Young Athletes League - Cleckheaton. Sun 24th June

Eight U13 junior Harriers competed as a combined team with Bradford Airedale at Cleckheaton. Josh Crane (A) was 1st in the 200m in 31.5, 2nd in the shot with 6m.37 (Grade 4 standard) and 3rd in the 800m in 2.42.3. Ben Swinton was 2nd in the 75m Hurdles (B) in 17.4 and 1st in the 100m (A). Adam Swinton was 1st in the 200m (B) in 31.7 and 1st in the 75m Hurdles(A) in 16.5. Daniel Judkowski in his first league event was 1st in the Long Jump (A) with 3m.75 (grade 4 standard) and 1st in the shot (B) with 5m.88 and ran in the 100m. The 4 boys rounded the day off perfectly by winning the U13 Boys 4 x 100m relay in a time of 61.2. Sam Haggar was 2nd in the Long Jump (B) with 3m.03 and ran in the 1500m. For the girls Bethany Pugh (A) was 1st in the 150m in 21.6 (grade 3 standard), 2nd in the 75m in 10.7 (grade 2 standard) and 3rd in the shot with 5m.58. Ellie Taylor (A) was 2nd in the 1200m in 4.21.5 (grade 4 standard), 1st in the High Jump with 1m.20 (grade 4 standard) and 2nd in the Long Jump with 3m.64 (grade 4 standard). Jessica Holden was 2nd in the 70m Hurdles (A) in 15.2, 3rd in the 150m (B) in 25.0 and 1st in the Long Jump (B) with 3m.15

Lothersdale English Championship Fell Race - Sun 3rd June

Five juniors competed in this local Championship fell race. In the U8's Logan Hargreaves-Madhas was 10th in 5.26. U10 Ben Cheetham was 4th in 5.39, U12 Odin Hargreaves-Madhas was 25th in 24.03, Fiona Jordan was the 7th U14 girl in 36.25 and Jenny Dybeck was 14th U18 girl in 37.47. Well done to everyone in this tough event.

Young Athletes League - Wakefield. Sun 3rd June

Seven junior Harriers competed as a combined team with Bradford Airedale on Sunday. In the U13 Boys events we had 3 competitors. Joshua Stephens in his first competition was 1st in the 200m (B) in 30.1, 1st in the 100m (A) in 15.3 and 4th in the 800m in 2.49.5. Josh Crane (A) was 2nd in the 200m in 30.7, 3rd in the 800m in 2.45.6 and 1st in the Long Jump with 3m.64. Sam Haggar (A) was 1st in the 1500m in 5.42.7 and 3rd in the Long Jump (B) with 3m.08. There were 2 girls in the U13 events. Jessica Holden (A) was 3rd in the 70m Hurdles in 15.4, 2nd (B) in the Long Jump with 3m.30 and 4th in the 150m (A) in 24.9. Ellie Taylor (A) was 4th in the 1200m in 4.30.3, 3rd in the High Jump with 1m.10 and 2nd in the Long Jump with 3m.68. In the U15 Girls we had 2 competitors. Louisa Clark(A) was 3rd in the 800m in 2.43.7, 2nd in the Long Jump with 3m.95 and 3rd in the 100m in 14.2. Emily Kerr(A) was 4th in the 75m Hurdles in 15.9 and 2nd in the Long Jump (B) with 3m.78 and raced in the 1500m. Well done to all of you.

Young Athletes League - Witton Park. Sun 20th May

Nine junior Harriers competed as a combined team with Bradford Airedale and what fantastic results were achieved. In the junior events there is an A and a B competitor. In the U13 Girls events we had 3 competitors - Bethany Pugh (A) was 2nd in the 150m in 22.5, 1st in the 75m in 11 secs which is a grade 3 standard (well done) and 1st in the shot with 7m.30. Jessica Holden (B) was 3rd in 25.6, 3rd in the 800m in 3.13.1 and 3rd in the 70m Hurdles (A race)in 15.9. Ellie Taylor (A) was 3rd in the 800m in 2.49.9, 3rd in the High Jump with 1m.15 and 2nd in the Long Jump with 3m.38. In the U13 Boys events we had 4 competitors. Josh Crane (A) was 1st in the 200m in 31.0, 2nd in the 800m in 2.43.9 and 2nd in the shot with 5m.70. Adam Swinton (B) was 1st in the 200m in 32.3, 2nd in the 100m in 15.6 and 1st in the 75m Hurdles (A race) in 16.4. Ben Swinton (A) was 1st in the 100m in 15.4, 4th in the Long Jump with 3m.13 and 1st in the 75m Hurdles (B race) in 17.4. Sam Haggar (A) was 1st in the 1500m in 5.35.4 and was 2nd in the Shot (B) with 4m.44 and 2nd in the Long Jump(B) with 2m.81. Together the four boys won the 4 x 100m Relay. In the U15 Girls we had two competitors. Louisa Clark(A) was 3rd in the 800m in 2.48.4, 3rd in the Long Jump with 3m.67 and 3rd in the 100m in 14.6. Emily Kerr(A) was 2nd in the 75m Hurdles in 16.5 and 3rd in the Long Jump (B) with 3m.35. What a brilliant first event .

Jack Bloor Junior Fell Races - 8th May

111 juniors raced around the Jack Bloor courses, 40 were Junior Ilkley Harriers. Well done to everyone who competed - here are just a few of the leading positions. In the 14-16 age category we had - 4th Fiona Jordan in 14.30, 5th Adam Bennett, 16.37 and 6th Ruth Kitchen in 17.47. In the 10-13 category our first 3 boy finishers were 8th Stephen Clarke in 8.28, 9th Bradley Chapman in 8.46 and 16th Sam Haggar in 9.30. The leading three girls were 13th Cerys Jones in 9.14, 18th Naomi Elliott in 10.15 and Natalie Below, 22nd in 11.05. In the 8/9 category the first three boys were 2nd William Giles in 3.42, 3rd Ben Cheetham in 3.44 and 5th William Tench in 4 mins. The girls were 17th Lucy Williamson in 4.24, 23rd Rose Hagan in 4.30 and Laura Cheesewright, 24th in 4.31. In the 6/7 category our 7 finishers were 9th, James Pickering (5.10), 12th, Sarah Pichering (5.21), 19th, Billy Hagan (5.44) ,21st, Logan Madhas (5.46), 27th Nea Weston(6.10) , 30th, Milly Websdale(6.17) and 34th, Tom Hagan (7.42).

Bunny Run Relays - 1st May

Bunny RelaysThree teams competed at the Bunny Relays - the baton was a silver egg and it wasn't hard boiled !! There were 52 teams altogether with our highest placed team 18th - Simon Chapman in 17.23, Catherine Gibbons in 12.29 and Harry Tarrant in 11.05. We also had 34th plce with Bradley Chapman in 19.57, Adam Bennett in 13.48 and Patrick Gibbons in 12.33. Our third team was made up of the Kerr family, Val did 19.39 and Alasdair and Emily both doing 14.21.

Bunny Run Series - April 2007

Six juniors competed in this series of 4 x 3 mile fell/terrain races at Haworth. Bradley Chapman did all four races with times of 23.01, 21.40, 21.20 and 21.51. Adam Bennett did three of the races with times of 24.15, 22.54 and 23.31. Ben Rowley did two races (20.57 and 20mins) as did Sam Haggar (21.55 and 22.06). Emily Kerr ran one race in a time of 25.56 and Brittany Dawson also ran one in 22.35. Well done to everyone.

National Sportshall Athletics Finals,Birmingham.Sun 22 April

Lucy Deakin (U13), Thomas Scott and James Swinton (both U15) competed for the West Yorkshire teams at the National Sportshall Athletics finals in Birmingham. Lucy competed in the Standing Triple Jump, jumping a best of 5m.74 and helping the West Yorkshire team to 9th place overall. James competed in the 2 lap Relay and did a time of 22.3 (40th place), a Standing Long Jump of 2m.23 (40th) and 67 in the Speed Bounce (40th=). Thomas Scott was 1st= in the Speed Bounce with 88 in 30 secs and stood on the podium to receive his gold medal. He did 46.8 in the 4 lap relay for 35th place and 6m.22 in the Standing Triple Jump for 40th place. The West Yorkshire Boys U15 team were 13th overall. Just to take part in such an event is an experience in itself so well done to all three of them for such an achievement.

Badger Stone Relays, Saturday 14th April

Adam Bennett (28.13), Bradley Chapman (24.02) and Ben Rowley (22.40) represented the juniors at the Badger Stone relays and finished a creditable 11th overall.

English Junior Fell Championships,Wrekin, Sunday 1st

3 juniors did the long journey to the Wrekin for the first race in the junior fell Championship series. In the U14 Boys race Josh Crane was 16th. Fiona Jordan was 8th in the U14 girls race and Jenny Dybeck, 5th in the U16 girls race.

Norwich Union Sportshall Athletics Awards

Click for photos This week saw the final Sportshall Athletics sessions and the presentation of awards. On Monday 45 children received their Level 3 Sportshall Athletics Heptathlon awards for 11 to 15 year olds. Three received gold awards - they were Thomas Scott and James Swinton who will both be taking part in the National Sportshall finals in Birmingham in April and Peter Linnegan, who has gained gold standard awards for 4 consecutive years. The two most improved athletes were Samuel Dowling and Emily Wood and we said farewell to four athletes who will be too old to rejoin sportshall in the Autumn - Adam Bennett and Emily Wood, who have been with us since the very first session at Clevedon 5 years ago and Ben Rowley and Helen Sugden.

On Thursday 75 children received their Level 2 Decathlon Agility Challenge awards. Six gold medals were presented - William Giles, Tom Pritchard, Tom Bennett, Sam Gate, Melissa Fletcher and Chloe Tindale. Chloe was also the most improved athlete this year.

This year for the first time we presented Colours and Half Colours for both Sportshall Athletics and Cross-Country. They are presented for commitment to JIH teams as well as individual achievement. Full XC colours were awarded to U11 - Jack Cummings & Tom Bennett; U13 - Ellie Taylor, Lily Kitchen, Josh Crane, Sam Haggar, Ben & Adam Swinton, Stephen Clarke, Bradley Chapman; U15 - Jenny Dybeck, Ruth Kitchen and Louisa Clark; U17 - Catherine Gibbons. Half colour certificates were awarded to U11 - Helen Wood, Alasdair Kerr, Alexander Woodward, Matthew Whitehead; U13 - Jessica Holden; U15 - Fiona Jordan, Emily Kerr; U17 - Will Plastow. Full Sportshall Athletics colours were awarded to U11 - Daniel Judkowski, Chloe Tindale, Justine Wood, Charlotte Hatton, Melissa Fletcher; U13 - Lucy Deakin; U15 Thomas Scott and James Swinton. Half colour certificates were awarded to U11 - Sam Ogden, Curtis Tiplady, George Clough; U13 - Josh Crane, Chris Tomlinson, Toby Mountain and Ellie Taylor.

It is noticeable that the overall standard has risen quite considerably from the previous year and the number of athletes now representing the club at various disciplines is also very much on the increase. You are all brilliant - keep up the good work.

National XC Championships, Sunderland, Sat 10th March

12 juniors did the long journey to Sunderland for the National XC Championships, It is not often that juniors get to compete against the best in the country in their own age category so this race is very much an experience to remember. In the U13 girls race we had Ellie Taylor finishing in 152nd place in 13.21 and Lily Kitchen in 267th place in 18.14. The U13 Boys gave us our only team result of the day, finishing in 31st overall. Josh Crane was our first finisher in 184th place in 12.49; Sam Haggar, 187th in 12.50; Ben Swinton, 205th in 13.01; Stephen Clarke, 214th in 13.11; Adam Swinton, 224th in 13.19 and Bradley Chapman, 258th in 15.32. Just one short of a team for the U15 girls - Jenny Dybeck was 116th in 19.55; Ruth Kitchen, 216th in 22.03 and Louisa Clark, 237th in 23.24. Our only U17 was Catherine Gibbons who finished 101st in 21.24. To have 12 athletes compete is remarkable as the only other time that we have had juniors race at these Championships was two years ago in Birmingham when we had four U13 girls. Well done to all those juniors who have worked so hard over the whole season.

Ilkley Moor Junior Races, Sun 25th Feb

Click for photos 49 Junior Ilkley Harriers ran in our local fell race - that was one third of the total field of 146. What a fantastic achievement in itself. The race is our own Junior Harrier competition with Phil Dean trophies presented to the first boy and girl Harrier in the U10, U12, U14 and U16 age categories. On the courses there were some hard fought races - possibly the closest of the day was Jack Cummings being pipped at the post by Calum Carslaw in the U10 boys. In the U8's William Tench won outright and Laura King, 5th overall set a new girls course record. Georgie Williams once again regained her U10 trophy, but with Laura Cheesewright just a few seconds behind. In the U12's Ben Swinton was only 6 secs in front of his brother Adam and Anna Tench won her first Harrier title. In the U14's Fiona Jordan had a great run for 3rd overall, but still second girl in the race. Rosie Hellawell of Keighley and Craven had a storming run to take the girls course record ahead of her. Stephen Clarke followed up a brilliant cross-country season with success on the fells , taking the U14 Harrier title. In the U16's, Jenny Dybeck regained her title and Adam Bennett won it for the first time. The whole day was a great success and many thanks to all the competitors from other local clubs as well as all the helpers and marshals who gave up their time. More ...

Sportshall Athletics trials - U13's and U15's

Last year was the first year that we had junior Harriers selected for the West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics teams. This year we have had three athletes selected - one more than in 2006. For the U13 Girls Lucy Deakin was selected for the Standing Triple Jump. At the Yorkshire regional event she did a best jump of 5.64, giving her 4th place as well as competing in some of the relay events. For the U15 Boys we had two competitors - Thomas Scott (selected for the U13's in 2006) and James Swinton. In the individual competition Thomas gained an 11th overall position with the following results; 4th in the 4 lap relay, 2nd= in the Speed Bounce with 69 and 7th in the Standing Triple Jump with 5.90. James was 13th overall with a 6th place in the Speed Bounce with 67, a 6th place in the 2 lap relay and a 5th place in the Standing Long Jump with 2.36. Both the U13 girls and U15 Boys won through to the National final to be held in Birmingham. Many congratulations and have a fantastic day.

Northern XC Champs, Heaton Park, Manchester, Sat 27 Jan

Deep mud and physically tough courses made the going hard for even the fittest of athletes. 12 junior Harriers made the journey to Manchester and their performances were commendable. Our only team result of the day came from the U13 boys who were 15th overall. The team was brought home by Josh Crane in 125th place in 12.24, followed by Stephen Clarke in 129th in 12.33, Sam Haggar in 131st in 12.35 and Bradley Chapman in 162nd place in 13.49. Both our U13 and U15 girls teams were one short of a complete team. In the U13's Ellie Taylor was 99th in 12.43, folowed by Lily Kitchen in 184th place in 15.32 and Hessica Holden in 187th place in 16.11. In the U15's Fiona Jordan was our first finisher in 96th place in 16.06, followed by Jenny Dybeck in 106th place in 16.21 and 129th, Ruth Kitchen in 16.51. Our other competitors were Chloe Haines in 106th place in the U17 girls race in 22.22 and David Schneider (competing for BGS) in 140th place in 21.47 in the U17 boys race. Many congratulations for competing in such a high quality event.

Sportshall Athletics trials - U11's

Since we set up Ilkley Sportshall Athletics in 2002 we have had children successfully attend U11 trials and compete for the City of Bradford team, This year we have had our best year ever with 8 boys and girls selected to compete in firstly a Yorkshire knock out eliminator event in Bradford and then a Yorkshire Championship event in Sheffield. Chloe Tindale, Justine Wood, Charlotte Hatton, Melissa Fletcher, George Clough, Curtis Tiplady, Sam Ogden and Daniel Judkowski competed well in their selected events. In the Bradford event the girls team were first and the boys team second (out of 5) and in the Sheffield event both teams finish in 4th place (out of 9).

Yorkshire X-C Championships, Skipton, Sat 6th January.

15 juniors from U13 to U17 competed over some excellent challenging cross-country courses at Aireville Park. In the first race of the day Ellie Taylor was our sole competitor in the U13 girls race, finishing in 35th place (out of 82 competitors) in a time of 15.33. In the U13 boys race over the same course there were 74 competitors with our first finisher Josh Crane in 30th place in 13.46, followed by Sam Haggar, 32nd in 14.02, Stephen Clarke, 45th in 14.38, Ben Swinton, 47th in 14.41, Adam Swinton, 52nd in 14.51 and Bradley Chapman, 67th in 16.01. These results gave the U13 team 8th place overall. In the U15 girls race we had 5 competitors. Jenny Dybeck had a fantastic run for 13th place (out of 58) in a time of 19.41, followed by Ruth Kitchen, 39th in 22.18, Brittany Dawson, 46th in 22.51, Fiona Jordan, 50th in 23.40 and Louisa Clark, 53rd in 23.58. This gave the team 6th place overall - just one point in front of Scarborough so every place counted. In the U17's we had three competitors - for the girls Catherine Gibbons had a brilliant 16th place out of a field of 42 in 21.57 and Chloe Haines was 36th in 25.44. Elliot Dawson was our sole U17 boy finishing in 37th place in a time of 30.32. Tough races but some fantastic racing - well done to everyone.

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