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Results 2008
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

Stoop junior Quarry Runs, Haworth, Sun 21st December

Malcolm Pickering writes .. .well done to all the 19 juniors who started their Christmas holidays battling against the wind and rain at the Stoop Quarry races. In the U8 Logan Hargreaves-Madhas finished 5{ 3;30 }, Madeleine Smith 12 {3;53} and 2nd U8 girl, Molly Cheetham 13 {3;54} and 3rd U8 girl, Nea Weston 23 {4;14,} and Lyra Weston 59 {5;59]. In the girls U10 Sarah Pickering finished 2nd. {9;33}. In the U10 boys Ben Cheetham, 7 {9;09}, and James Pickering, 17 {10;39}. In the U12 girls Grace Malir finished 6 {9;35], Odin Hargreaves-Madhas 8 {10;20} and Anna Pickering 11 {13;26} In the U12 boys Sam Hopkinson-Cook finished 8 {8;25}, Edward Bickerdike 14 {9.20} and Gregory Smith 16 {10;21} In the girls U14 race Georgia Malir finished 5 {9;02}, Ella Bickerdike 9 {10;33} and Lily Kitchen 10 {11;19}. Finally in the U14 boys Sam Haggar finished 4 {8;36} and Sam Wood 9 {10;09}. In particular well done to those juniors who raced in both the Stoop and Peco XC.

Peco League 2 mile Junior XC Challenge Race, Golden Acre Park, Sat 20th December

Well done to the 11 juniors who raced in this event and it was good to see a few new faces competing for the first time. The race was won in a time of 13.26 by a junior from Eccleshill with Sam Haggar the first Ilkley runner home in 4th place (13.42), Jerome Martill, 5th (13.43), Jack Cummings, 6th (13.53), Fiona Jordan, 7th (14.14), Chris King, 9th (14.40), Edward Bickerdike, 10th (14.47), Ali Jordan, 13th (15.39), Sam Wood, 16th (17.04), Lily Kitchen, 17th (17.21), Harriet Jackson, 18th (17.33), Georgie Williams, 19th (18.23). Well done to everyone who raced.

Fell and Track & Field Colours

Colours winners

Full Fell colours were awarded to: (U10) Charles Smith & Logan Hargreaves-Madhas; (U12) Jack Cummings. Half colours were awarded to: (U14) Bradley Chapman and (U16) Fiona Jordan.

Full Track & Field Colours were awarded to: (U17) Fiona Jordan, Emily Kerr and James Swinton. (U15) Beth Pugh, Jess Holden, Ellie Taylor, Sophie Latta, Lucy Deakin, Joanna Snook, Ban & Adam Swinton, Sam Haggar, Josh Crane, Bradley Chapman. (U13) Naomi Elliott, Elizabeth Heard, Hannah Heslop, Daniel Judkowski, Harry Maslen, Josh Stephens, Ali Kerr. U13 half colours were awarded to Amy Donohue.

Complete Runner Race 4,Wakefield, Sun 7th December.

Well done to the 17 juniors who competed in this fourth and final event in the series. Seven girls competed in the U11 race with Elizabeth Westhead the first home in 7th place (7.09), Naomi Brown, 11th (7.23), Tassy Heslop, 13th (7.28) giving them 2nd team place. Grace Malir, 15th (7.31) Lucy Williamson, 18th (7.40), Harriet Jackson, 32nd (8.20) and Laura King, 34th (8.29) gained 5th placing (out of 7 teams) for our 'B' team. The U11 boys were represented by Gregory Smith, 22nd (7.34). The U13 boys team were 4th overall on the day with Jerome Martill first home in 26th place (14.59), Henry Websdale, 32nd (15.50), Tom Bennett, 33rd (15.51) and Max Beesley 36th in 17.05. The U13 girls team were 9th overall on the day with Georgia Malir, 18th (11.25), Anna Sinclair, 22nd (11.28) and Hannah Heslop, 47th in 13.19. Sam Haggar was the only U15 boy racing finishing in 25th place in 17.54. Finally Jenny Dybeck ran in the U17 girls race finishing in 6th place in 16.35.

Overall Individual and Team placings

This was the final race in the series and the overall Ilkley placings were:

U11 girls: 1st in the team competition and individually 6th - Naomi Brown, 7th - Elizabeth Westhead, 11th - Tassy Heslop, 12th - Rose Hagan, 16th - Grace Malir, 19th - Lucy Williamson, 26th - Laura King and 33rd - Harriet Jackson. This has got to be the most outstanding performance to date for Ilkley at Cross-Country. Well done to all the girls.

U11 boys: Individually 14th - Ruaridh Mon-Williams and 17th - Gregory Smith.

U13 girls: 9th in the team competition and individually 19th - Anna Sinclair, 26th - Georgia Malir and 44th, Hannah Heslop.

U13 boys: 4th in the team competition and individually 27th - Jerome Martill, 31st - Harry Maslen and 36th, Tom Bennett.

U15 boys: Sam Haggar was 21st overall.

U17 girls: Jenny Dybeck was 2nd overall.


U11 Sportshall Athletics Trials 2008

Of the 30 athletes selected for the City of Bradford U11 Sportshall Athletics team, 11 are from Wharfedale Schools - this is fantastic. Eight are Junior Ilkley Harriers who have been doing Sportshall Athletics for some time. Many congratulations to them all. JIH selected were Laura Chapman (Menston), William Giles (Sacred Heart), Tassy Heslop (Moorfield), Francesca Fearnley (Moorfield), Ella Fitzpatrick (Sacred Heart), Ben Jarvis (Sacred Heart), Gregory Smith (Sacred Heart), Joseph Tindall (Menston). Also to Henry Ogilvie (Ghyll Royd) and Alex Henney (Burley Woodhead) who were selected after attending the 'trials preparation' sessions at Ghyll Royd School organised by us. To make the Wharfedale group complete Alex Charles (Burley Woodhead) was also selected for the team. Grace Malir was also selected for the City of Leeds team.

Peco League 2 mile Junior XC Challenge Race, Nell Bank, Sun 16th November

Well done to the 16 juniors who competed in this first event in the series. The Ilkley juniors in order of finishing were: Harry Maslen (1), Jack Cummings (3), Sam Haggar (4), Stephen Clarke (5), Anna Sinclair (6), Will Tench (7), Sophie Latta (8), Adam Bennett (12), Tom Bennett (13), Henry Websdale (14), Sam Wood (16), Scott Marshall (17), Steph Hunter (18), Eileen Gibbons (19), Lily Kitchen (20), Anna Pickering (22). It was great to see juniors who do not normally compete race in this event. The next race in this series is on Saturday 20th December at Golden Acre Park.

Complete Runner Race 3,Wetherby, Sat 15th November.

Well done to the 23 juniors who competed in this third event in the series. The U11 boys were third overall with William Heard in his first race for Ilkley, 8th (4.24), Thomas Kerr, 12th (4.28), William Giles, 21st (4.40), Ben Cheetham, 25th (4.43), Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 28th (4.47) and Gregory Smith, 43rd (5.14). Eight girls competed in the U11 race with Naomi Brown the first home in 9th place (4.43), Elizabeth Westhead 10th (4.46), Rose Hagan, 13th (4.51) giving them 2nd team place. Grace Malir, 15th (4.54) Tassy Heslop, 16th ( 4.55) , Lucy Williamson, 21st (5.09), Laura King, 33rd (5.20) and Harriet Jackson, 42nd (5.32) gained 4th placing (out of 10 teams) for our 'B' team. In the U13 boys Ilkley had 3 runners. Harry Maslen was first home in 41st place (17.08), Jerome Martill, 42nd (17.12) and Max Beesley in his first race for the club, 49th in 19.11. For the U13 girls Anna Sinclair was 18th (10.12) and Georgia Malir, 27th (10.36). In the U15 boys race we had Josh Crane, 29th (22.03), Stephen Clarke, 31st (22.48) and Sam Haggar, 32nd (22.53). And finally Jenny Dybeck ran in the U17 girls race to finish an impressive 5th in 21.00. Well done to everyone who competed for Ilkley and particularly to those racing for the first time.


Withins Fell Rat Runs, Sun 26 Oct.

Well done to the 9 juniors who raced at the junior rat runs. Logan Hargreaves-Madhas was 10th in the U8 race in 3.52. In the 1 mile race, Sam Wood was first home in 28th place in 8.50 followed by Sarah Pickering, 32nd in 9.22, Tom Pritchard, 37th in 9.43, Odin Hargreaves-Madhas, 39th in 9.46, James Pickering, 44th in 9.52, Bethany Crowther, 46th in 10.16, Abbie Spencer, 48th in 10.32 and Anna Pickering, 63rd in 16.40.


Complete Runner Race 2, Nunroyd Park, Sun 26th Oct.

Well done to the 24 juniors who competed in this second event in the series over challenging muddy courses at Nunroyd Park. The U11 boys were represented by Thomas Kerr finishing in 11th place in 7.59, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 20th (8.25) and Gregory Smith, 28th (9.19). Nine girls competed in the U11 race with again an impressive display of sound running and team packing. Naomi Brown was 6th (8.11), Elizabeth Westhead 7th (8.14), Tassy Heslop, 9th ( 8.24) giving Ilkley 1st team; Rose Hagan, 12th (8.29), Lucy Williamson, 16th (8.40), Grace Malir, 20th (8.52) gave Ilkley 3rd team overall; Laura King, 23rd (9.11), Chloe Slater, 29th (9.21) and Harriet Jackson, 35th (9.35) gained 6th placing (out of 9 teams) for our 'C' team. In the U13 boys our team gained 6th place overall with Joshua Stephens finishing first for Ilkley in 20th place (13.04), Harry Maslen, 27th (13.24), Jack Cummings, 35th (13.38), Henry Websdale, 41st (14.17), Calum Carslaw, 49th (14.44) and Tom Bennett, 50th (14.45). For the U13 girls Naomi Elliott was the first to finish in 17th place (11.05), Georgia Malir, 33rd (11.43), Anna Tench, 34th (11.44), Bea Bradley, 48th (12.41) and Hannah Heslop, 51st (12.55). The team finished 7th overall out of 14 - a really good result. Sam Haggar was our only older runner in the U15 boys race finishing in 23rd place in 15.59. Well done to everyone who competed for Ilkley and particularly to those racing for the first time.

Complete Runner League Race 1, Otley, Sun 12th Oct.

Well done to the 25 juniors who competed in this first event in the series over challenging courses at Otley. There were some fantastic individual and team results and everyone should be congratulated for their effort and determination on the day. The U11 boys were first to race with Ruaridh Mon-Williams finishing in 12th place in 6.58, William Giles, 19th (7.10) and Gregory Smith, 23rd (7.18). Seven girls competed in the U11 race with an impressive display of sound running and team packing. Naomi Brown was 3rd (6.59), Elizabeth Westhead 6th (7.07), Rose Hagan, 8th ( 7.10) giving Ilkley 1st team, and with Tassy Heslop, 10th (7.13), Grace Malir, 15th (7.23), Laura King, 27th (7.43) and Harriet Jackson, 37th (8.04) we also gained 5th= placing (out of 9 teams) for our 'B' team. All the U11's were competing for Ilkley at XC for the first time so what outstanding performances. In the U13 boys our team gained 5th place overall with Joshua Stephens finishing first for Ilkley in 12th place (15.08), Jerome Martill, 28th (16.37), Jack Cummings, 34th (16.55), Harry Maslen, 40th (17.26) and Tom Bennett, 43rd (17.56). Henry Websdale also ran in the race for Bradford Grammar School finishing in 37th place in 17.16. For the U13 girls Anna Sinclair was the first to finish in 19th place (11.35), Georgia Malir, 34th (12.08), Hannah Heslop, 36th (12.11), Anna Tench, 43rd (12.19), Bea Bradley, 48th (12.42). The team finish 7th overall out of 13 - a really good result. Sophie Latta was our only U15 girl but had a good run to finish 37th in 18.04. For the U15 boys Sam Haggar finished 21st in 19.48 and Stephen Clarke, 23rd in 20.06. Possibly keeping the best to last Jenny Dybeck had an excellent run in the U17 girls race to finish 3rd overall in 18.59. The results gained at the Otley event were a great start to the series and hopefully just the beginning of greater things.

Dave's photos
Eileen's photos
Paul's photos

Junior Athletics Club of the Year

On Saturday 4th October Junior Ilkley Harriers were awarded the Yorkshire and Humberside Junior Athletics Club of the Year award at a ceremony in Leeds. The junior section was set up in September 2003 and since then has grown into a hugely successful and popular local athletics club. Our aims are simply to provide as many different athletics disciplines to the children of Wharfedale and to raise the profile of athletics in general. We currently have just over 200 junior members from 8 to 16 years and our most popular activity is Sportshall Athletics which is great for all abilities. 150 eight to fifteen year olds are working towards nationally recognised awards and some will go on to attend West Yorkshire and City of Bradford trials to represent their region and hopefully gain national honours. Our locally organised Wharfedale Schools XC League is providing grassroots competition for children from Reception to Year 6 and is a great preparation for children to make that step into club athletics. Older juniors compete in the Complete Runner League and this season will be allowed to compete in Peco League XC races too. We are also a Fell running club and many of our juniors compete regularly in FRA and BOFRA races at all levels of competition and our Saturday morning 'family' fell run is becoming incredibly popular with parents too. In the Summer we organise a short series of Orienteering events for children of all ages, with the presentation of medals and eXplorer Challenge certificates and badges. And most recently in 2008 we entered Track and Field Athletics for the very first time with a junior team competing in the Young Athletes League. However like all successful clubs/organisations there is always a vast number of people behind the scenes who make it all happen. This award isn't just about what we do or the results we gain but for those individuals who give up their time to make the sessions run (over 30 volunteer coaches/helpers each week); to all the juniors for their commitment and enthusiasm; to all the parents who support everything that we do; to the schools and local community groups that support us and to everyone along the way who has played their part in our success. Many thanks to everyone.

Myrtle Park Cross-Country races, Wed 24th Sept.

Well done to the 27 Harriers who competed for their schools in this event. Results were (and apologies to anyone that I have missed):Year 5 Boys: 4th Will Tench, 15th Ben Jarvis; Yr 5 Girls: 1st Tassy Heslop, 3rd Jemima Elgood, 4th Francesca Fearnley, 19th Tara Hunt (Moorfield were first team - Well done); Year 6 Boys: 1st James Woodward, 18th Ben Cheetham, 21st Will Giles, 46th Gregory Smith; Year 6 Girls: 15th Ella Fitzpatrick, 62nd Lucy Tindale; Years 7+8 Boys: 19th Jerome Martill, 21st Harry Maslen, 30th Elliott Dowley, 38th Jack Cummings (IGS were 4th team - well done); Years 7+8 Girls: 4th Naomi Elliott, 5th Anna Sinclair, 10th Anna Tench, 12th Bea Bradley (IGS were first team - Well done); Years 9+10: 4th Josh Crane, 7th Sam Haggar (IGS were 3rd team - Well done); Years 8+9 Girls: 9th Sophie Latta; Years 11,12+13 Boys: 5th Alex Sinclair, 12th George Stevens, 14th David Sneider, 17th Danny Elliott; Years 11, 12+13 Girls: 2nd Jenny Dybeck, 3rd Fiona Jordan, 11th Chloe Haines.


City of York Combined events open meeting, Sun 7th Sept

Val Kerr writes....Just a quick report on the Open athletics meeting yesterday in York.
First, we had an excellent day weather-wise despite the forcast and ended up sitting in hot sunshine for most of the afternoon. The standard of the athletics was generally very high - Em and I watched an U13 boy clear 1.69 m in the high jump !
5 members of IH attended and all competed well although they were a bit rusty after 2 months off over the summer. Results were:

Hannah Hesslop U13G: 1200 M - 4.58.00; 100 M - 17.8.
Tassy Hesslop U11G: 75 M - 12.9; 600 M - 2.16.8; LJ - 2.51 M.
Zoe Judkowski U11G: 75 M - 13.0; 600 M - 2.25.2; LJ - 2.69 M.
Daniel Judkowski U13B: Shot - 7.33 (3/3); 100 M - 15.7; LJ - 3.95 M.
Emily Kerr U17G: LJ - 4.10; TJ - 8.88 (3 attempts as event running very late)

Young Athletes League,Halifax, Sun 20th July

The final YAL event was held at Halifax and organised by Holmfirth Harriers. 14 Junior Harriers competed and the results were. Fiona Jordan (U17), 1st in both the High Jump (1m.40) and 300m Hurdles (47.8) and 2nd in the 200m with 28.3. For the U15's Joanna Snook, 2nd Javelin (15m.96), 3rd 100m (14.8) and 4th shot (5m.72); Lucy Deakin, 3rd High Jump (1m.40), 4th in both the long Jump (3m.93) and 200m (29.3); Jess Holden, 3rd 75m Hurdles (15.9), 4th Long Jump (3m.56) and 5th 200m (34.9). For the boys Josh Crane was 4th in his three events, 200m (30.2), Long Jump (4m.12) and Javelin (25.48); Bradley Chapman was 3rd in his two events, Discus (13m.48) and Hammer (14m.37). For the U13 Josh Stephens was 2nd 800m (2.34.8) and 3rd in both the 200m (30.0) and 100m (14.7); Daniel Judkowski was 1st in the shot (8m.07), 4th Long Jump (3m.99) and 5th 100m (15.5); Harry Maslen was 2nd in both the 75m Hurdles (14.6) and Long Jump (3m.99) and 3rd in the High Jump (1m.22); Sam Gate in his first appearance for Ilkley was 2nd in the 75m Hurdles (16.3), 3rd 200m (33.4) and 4th 800m (3.02.1). In the U13 Relay the 4 boys came 3rd with 61.6. For the U13 Girls Naomi Elliott was 1st in the 70m Hurdles (14.8), 2nd 800m (2.47.9) and 3rd 75m (11.7); Hannah Heslop was 3rd in both the 75m (13.3) and 1200m (5.03.1) and 5th 150m (26.2); Amy Donohue was 2nd in both the 70m Hurdles (16.7) and High Jump (1m.05) and 5th in the Long Jump (2m.76); Georgie Williams in her first appearance for Ilkley was 2nd in the shot (4m.84) and 3rd in both the 150m (26.4) and Long Jump (2m.25). In the U13 girls relay the team were 3rd in 70.6. Well done to all the juniors who have competed in this league this season.

Wharfedale Schools Orienteering Summer Series

This finished today with the Nell Bank Relays - see the photos to get a flavour of the action. This series has been well attended with on average 60 children at each event. Although all the sessions are low key they are designed for parents and children to learn map and navigational skills together. 23 children received their medals for gaining more than 100 points on the timed yellow courses with Sam Wood being the overall winner. However the engraved shield for the first JIH 12 years or under went to second placed Max Taylor. 52 children gained their eXplorer Challenge badges and certificates with Laura King and Dominic Ellis achieving their Forest award and Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Lucy Haines and Matthew Ellis their Wood awards. Well done to every child who took part in the series of events and hopefully we will see you back again next year when we return on a Wednesday evening.

Young Athletes League,Nelson, Sun 22nd June

Not a day for Track and Field Athletics with gale force winds, heavy rain clouds overhead, occassional rain and to top it all the High Jump competition was abandoned after the landing bed was blown across the track. The 15 Ilkley athletes can be justifiably pleased with themselves for not only coping as best they could with the conditions but in many cases for having the courage to try different events. For us this season is all about trying different things and having a go - well done to you all. Overall we came 6th and the individual results were: For the U17 Fiona Jordan was 2nd in both of her events with a time of 27.9 in the 200m and 49.5 in the 300m hurdles. Emily Kerr 2nd triple jump (8m.97) and 4th long jump (3m.63). For the U15 Lucy Deakin 3rd 100m (14.4), 2nd 75m hurdles (15.1) and 4th, discus (12m.87), Beth Pugh 2nd long jump (4m.49) 2nd shot (6m.91) and 2nd discus (12m.56), Ellie Taylor 2nd 200m (30.3) and 4th 75m hurdles (16.3), Sophie Latta 5th 200m (30.0) and 1st long jump (3m.90), Joanna Snook 2nd 100m (14.5) 3rd javelin (12m.50) and 2nd shot (5m.20). In the 4 x 100m relay Joanna, Ellie, Lucy and Sophie were 2nd in 58.2. For the U15 boys Josh Crane 2nd long jump (3m.98), 4th javelin (18m.48) and 4th 800m (2.41.6), Bradley Chapman 3rd hammer (11m.68) and 3rd discus (11m.29), Sam Haggar was 3rd in the 1500m in 5.37.1 For the U13's Naomi Elliott was 2nd 800m (2.58.2), 3rd 70m hurdles (16.1) and 4th long jump (3m.45), Hannah Heslop 5th 150m (25.0) and 4th 1200m (5.14.3). For the U13 boys Daniel Judkowski 1st shot (7m.78) 2nd long jump (4m.09) and 5th 100m (15.1), Alasdair Kerr 2nd long jump (3m.22) and 4th 75m hurdles (17.9) and finally Scott Marshall in his first ever track and field event was 1st shot (4m.84) 5th 800m (3.23.1) and 6th 200m (38.7). The final event is at Holmfirth on Sunday 20th July.

BOFRA fell races Kettlewell, Sun 8th June

Diane Haggar has sent through this set of results. U17 Jenny Dybeck 4th girl in 15.11 (behind Mel Hyder who was beaten into 2nd by Emma Flannagan of Rossendale). U15 Bradley Chapman 9th boy in 9.24, Sam Haggar 11th boy in 10.30. U12 Jack Cummings 14th boy in 8.05, Tom Bennett 15th Boy, 8.08 and Charles Smith as an U9 came 19th in 8.15. U9 Ben Singleton 3rd boy in 4.29 and Logan Hargreaves-Madhas 10th boy in 5.08. A very tought steep course where even the U9s had to run the most part of the steep fell. U14s and above had to navigate a very steep scree descent, not a forte of Sam's!! Chiily weather for time of year but at least juniors escaped the deluge that hit as the senior race started.

Young Athletes League,Wakefield, Sun 1st June

The second YAL event was jointly organised by Skyrac and Ackworth on a cold wet miserable day in Wakefield. But the effort, enthusiasm and determination shown by all the junior Harriers was fantastic as was the support given by all the parents throughout the day. As a team Ilkley were 4th overall and the individual results were: Emily Kerr (U17): 1st long Jump (4m.14), 1st high jump (1m.25) and 3rd triple jump (8m.98). James Swinton (U17): 2nd long jump (4m.99), 4th javelin (19.88) and 4th triple jump (9m.74). Beth Pugh (U15): 1st 100m (13.8), 2nd javelin (9m.52) and 4th shot (6m.52). Jess Holden (U15): 3rd 75m hurdles (15.8), 5th 100m (17.1) and 6th javelin (10m.88). Ellie Taylor (U15): 5th 200m (30.8), 3rd high jump (1m.15). Sophie Latta (U15) 5th 800m (2.54.3), 2nd long jump (3m.50). Lucy Deakin (U15): 1st 200m (31.2), 3rd 75m hurdles (17.0) and 6th discus (11m.63). Joanna Snook (U15): 6th 800m (3.12.9), 3rd= long jump (3m.89) and 3rd shot (5m.40). In the 4 x 100m relay Sophie, Ellie, Jess and Beth were 2nd with 60.1. Josh Crane (U15): 3rd javelin (24m.33), 5th shot (6m.62) and 4th 400m (67.7). Ben Swinton (U15): 5th 200m (32.7), 3rd 100m (15.7) and 3rd long jump (3m.92). Adam Swinton (U15): 4th 200m (32.2), 2nd 100m (15.4) and 2nd long jump (3m.68). Bradley Chapman (U15): 3rd discus (13m.63), 3rd shot (4m.99) and 2nd javelin (14m.36). In the 4 x 100m relay Josh, Bradley, Adam and Ben were 3rd in 63.6. Naomi Elliott (U13): 1st 70m hurdles (14.6), 2nd 150m (23.3) and 1st 75m (12.1). Elizabeth Heard (U13): 1st 150m (23.0), 2nd long jump (3m.64) and 2nd 75m (11.8). Amy Donohue (U13): 2nd 70m hurdles (16.7) and 3rd long jump (2m.60). Josh Stephens (U13): 1st 200m (30.5), 4th 800m (2.41.5) and 4th 100m (15.6). Harry Maslen (U13): 1st 200m (30.2) 2nd= 75m hurdles (15.4), 2nd long jump (4m.26). Daniel Judkowski (U13): 1st shot (8m.19), 3rd long jump (3m.82)and 3rd 100m (16.0). Alasdair Kerr (U13): 2nd 75m hurdles (18.1), 3rd high jump (1m.14) and 4th 800m (3.09.1). In the 4 x 100m relay Alasdair, Harry, Daniel and Josh were 3rd in 64.2. Well done to all the juniors and particularly those who were competing for the first time.

Kildwick junior fell Races,Wed 21st May

What a brilliant turnout of 11 junior harriers at this local fell race. In the U12 4th, Naomi Elliott (2nd girl) in 11.06, 5th Harry Maslen (12.16), 6th Jack Cummings (12.24), 13th Elinor Foy (13.07), 14th Molly Harris (13.18) and 16th Katrina Saxton (14.09). In the U10's 2nd Ben Cheetham (3.17), 5th Elizabeth Westhead (1st girl) 3.40, 10th Sarah Pickering (3.57). In the U8's Charles Smith was 1st (2.29) and logan Hargreaves-Madhas 9th (2.49). Well done to everyone.

Leeds Bradford junior Aquathlon, Sun 18 May

a report from Paddy Hagan. Some great racing to report from the rather scary and very competitive (think 7 year olds with trisuits!!) Aquathon this Sunday. Rose and Sarah Elliot were in the tristar 1 (150m swim + c1500 metre run) and came 7th and 8th girl and Naomi came 6th girl in the tristar 2 (250m swim + c1900 metre run). For the boys, Thomas Kerr was 3rd Tristar 1 boy and William Tench 9th tristar 1 boy. Charles Smith did really well to come 4th, but I am not sure which tristar.

Young Athletes League,Wakefield, Sun 18 May

It was FANTASTIC to see the Junior Ilkley Harriers competing in track and field for the first time ever. The whole day was brilliant from start to finish with all 16 juniors doing their best in the events that they had entered. For most it was the first time that they had competed at Track and Field and a lot were doing events that they had limited experience of. However the effort and enthusiasm from the juniors and the support given by all the parents was amazing. In the end we were 6th overall, but not too far adrift of the clubs in 4th and 5th places. Individual results were (U17): James Swinton, 400m, 3rd (62.9), long jump, 3rd (4m.51), triple jump, 4th (10m.04); Fiona Jordan was 1st in all three of her individual events, 200m (28.8), 300m Hurdles (50.2) and high jump (1m39); Emily Kerr, long jump, 2nd (4m.14), Triple jump, 2nd (8m.88) and 1st in the high jump (1m.33). In the U15's Ben Swinton 100m, 3rd (15.5), 200m, 4th (32.2) 80m hurdles, 2nd (17.9); Adam Swinton 100m, 3rd (15.5), 200m, 4th (32.0) 80m hurdles, 4th (17.5); Sam Haggar, 1500m, 3rd (5.27.6). For the U15 girls Bethany Pugh, 100m, 1st(13.8), shot, 2nd (6m.57) and long jump, 3rd ( 4m.12); Jess Holden, long jump, 1st (3m.71), 75m hurdles, 3rd (16.1); Ellie Taylor, 1500m, 2nd (5.44.9), high jump 3rd (1m.15) and 200m, 4th (31.1). In the U13's boys events Daniel Judkowski was 1st in all three of his individual events, long jump (4m.31), 100m (15.5) and shot (7m.76); Harry Maslen 75m hurdles, 1st (14.4), high jump, 2nd (1m.21) and 1500m, 3rd (5.40.6); Josh Stephens had three 3rd places in 100m (15.2), 200m (31.1) and 800m (2.43.5); Tom Bennett, 75m hurdles, 2nd (18.5), high jump, 2nd (1m.05) and 200m, 3rd (36.6); Alasdair Kerr long jump, 1st (3m.69), 800m, 2nd (3.06.1). The U13 boys relay team of Tom, Harry, Daniel and Josh won the 4 x 100m event in 62.7. For the U13 girls Elizabeth Heard long jump, 1st (4m.08), 75m, 2nd (11.6), 150m, 2nd (23.2); Hannah Heslop 70m hurdles, 4th (21.7), shot, 4th (3m.51) and 1200m, 5th (4.55.2). Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the day and lets hope we can repeat it all again at the second event at Wakefield on the 1st June. See Mark Judkowski's photos here.

Dwayne took photos here, and some video clips of the Long Jump which are now on YouTube:
Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3

BOFRA Sedbergh gala fell Races,Sat 17th May

Jenny Dybeck was 3rd U17 girl in a time of 16.15. In the U12 boys race Jack Cummings was 15th in 10.02 and Logan Hargreaves-Madhas was 34th in 11.51.

Jack Bloor junior fell Races,Tues 13th May

Out of the 99 juniors who took part in the Jack Bloor junior races, 48 were junior Harriers or in the sportshall programme.

14-16 years: 5th overall and 1st girl Fiona Jordan 14.30.

10-13 years: 5th Stephen Clarke 8.28; 6th Ben Cheetham 8.42; 7th William Giles 8.44; 8th Bradley Chapman 8.56; 9th (and 1st girl) Naomi Elliott 9.03; 10th Jack Cummings 9.13; 13th Chris King 9.30, 15th Anna Tench 9.35; 16th Henry Websdale 9.53; 17th Calum Carslaw 9.59; 18th Anna Sinclair 10.02; 19th Lucy Williamson 10.05; Rose Hagan 10.09; 22nd Edward Muirhead 10.19; 23rd Tom Bennett 10.26; 25th Ewan Collier 10.27; Hannah Heslop 10.43; 29th Isobel Hirst 11.04; 31st Gregory Smith 12.00; 32nd Joanne Willimson 12.30.

8-9 years: 1st William Tench 3.42; 3rd Sam Corbett 3.56; 4th (and 1st girl) 3.58; 8th Tassy Heslop 4.13; 9th Elizabeth Westhead 4.14; 10th Matthew Sykes 4.16; 11th George Wilde 4.19; 14th Billy Hagan 4.24; 15th Phoebe Ogden 4.27; 16th Lucy Jacques 4.28; 17th Rosie Ogden 4.34; 20th Emily Sturgeon 4.45; 27th Maddy Smith 5.02; 30th Aidan Conlon 5.06; 31st Nadia Fewlass-Jones 5.31; 34th Rachael Conlon 7.16; 35th Lizzie Giles.

6-7 year: 5th (and first girl) Rebecca Hadfield 4.28; 6th Jack Sturgeon 4.33; 7th Logan Hargreaves-Madhas 4.48; 8th Rebecca Burnett 4.53; 12th Jess Hirst 5.02; 17th Amy Foy 5.21; 19th Milly Websdale 5.40; 20th Lucy Corbett 5.50; 21st Tom Hagan 5.54; 22nd Milly Fewlass-Jones 6.24.

Lothersdale junior fell Races,Wed 7th May

What a brilliant turnout of 9 junior harriers at this local fell race. In the U8's Logan Hargreaves-Madhas was 8th in 4.12 and Milly Willis Jones was 11th in 4.42. Ben Cheetham won the U10's race in 5.25 with Tassy Heslop 4th (and first girl) in 6.08, Emily Sturgeon 8th in 7.30 and Nadia Fewlass-Jones 9th in 7.34. At U12 level Harry Maslen was 3rd in 8.53, Jack Cummings 6th in 10.04 and Hannah Heslop was 10th in 12.39. Well done to everyone of you.

Anniversary Wa FRA junior English Championship Races,Sat 19th April

Just two competitors in this event. Calum Carslaw had a really good run in the U12 boys for 17th place and Logan Hargreaves-Madhas ran in the U8's.

Hawkshead Fun Trail Races,Sat 19th April

Bryan Websdale writes.... Emily Sturgeon won the under 8's with my Milly coming 6th out of a field of 48 girls. Rose Hagan as you would expect won the under 10's with another Ilkley girl Helen Still coming 3rd. And of course Henry came his patented 4th in the under 12's.

Sportshall Athletics 2007/2008 Review

This season 12 Junior Ilkley Harriers were selected to represent their regional teams in various Sportshall Athletics competitions. At U11 level William Giles and Ben Cheetham were selected for the City of Bradford team and Melissa Fletcher for the Leeds team. At the Yorkshire and Humberside Festival held at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield at the end of March all three performed well for their teams. Overall the U11 Boys team were second just 12 points behind Leeds and in the girls event Leeds were also second just 6 points behind the Sheffield team. Each child competes in relay races as well as field events. William was 1st in the balance test with the maximum score of 60; Ben was also competing in the balance and was 15th with a score of 41 and was 12th in the sitting throw with 7m.25. Melissa was 15th in the speed bounce with 50 and 14th in the triple jump with 5m.16. At U13 and U15 level 9 juniors were selected for their regional team. At U15 level Thomas Scott and James Swinton were selected for the West Yorkshire team and Fiona Jordan the North Yorkshire team, but both these teams were knocked out at the Yorkshire regional eliminator. For the boys it was very disappointing as they had competed in the National final in 2007 and this was their final year.
However both the U13 teams from West Yorkshire were represented at the National final held on the 12th April at the NEC in Birmingham. Overall the girls team came 10th and the boys team 7th. For the girls Joanna Snook was 14th in the standing long jump with 2m.17; Lucy Deakin was 16th in the standing triple jump with 6m.09; Bethany Pugh was 12th in the vertical jump with 49cm and Chloe Tindale was 23rd in the high jump with 1m.20. For the boys Ben Swinton was 23rd in the shot with 5m.64 and brother Adam was a reserve on the day. For all these juniors to experience such top class competition is a brilliant achievement and for all the helpers and coaches involved with Sportshall Athletics at Ilkley it has been a great way to conclude our season.

Norwich Union Sportshall Athletics Awards

Click for photos At Ilkley we coach just over 130 children each week for Sportshall Athletics and at the end of March we presented Norwich Union Awards to them all. Since September the 11 to 15 year olds have been working towards their Level 3 Sportshall Athletics Heptathlon Award and the 8 to 11 year olds their Level 2 Agility Challenge Decathlon Award. Each year children gain more experience and standards continue to rise. This year we gave 4 Heptathlon gold medals to Bethany Pugh, Thomas Scott, James Swinton and Peter Linnegan and the three most improved were Bethany Pugh, Beth Johnson and Keiran Roebuck. For the younger children we presented 21 Decathlon gold medals to Bea Bradley, Laura Chapman, Alice Edwards, Naomi Elliott, Melissa Fletcher, Elizabeth Heard, Zoe Judkowski,Tom Bennett, William Bradley, Jonathon Britton, Ben Cheetham, Ewan Collier, Jack Farrimond, Sam Gate, William Giles, William Heard, Tom Hills, Ben Jarvis, Tom Pritchard, Charlie Sykes and William Tench, The six most improved children were Laura Chapman, Amelia Rudloff, Charlie Dewhirst, Laura King, Joseph Tindall and Monica Seshan.

Sportshall Athletics and Cross-Country Colours

Click for photos At our presentation of awards we also gave Sportshall Athletics and Cross-Country colours and half colours to a number of Junior Ilkley Harriers who have represented the club throughout the season. James Swinton, Thomas Scott (both U15), Bethany Pugh, Joanna Snook, Lucy Deakin, Chloe Tindale, Ben and Adam Swinton (all U13), Melissa Fletcher, William Giles and Ben Cheetham (all U11) received full Sportshall Athletics Colours, with Aimee Guy (U15), Daniel Judkowski and Elizabeth Heard (U13) receiving their half colours. Cross-Country colours were awarded to Naomi Elliott, Sam Gate, Tom Bennett, Jack Cummings (all U11), Josh Crane, Sam Haggar, Adam and Ben Swinton, Jerome Martill, Ellie Taylor, Jessica Holden (all U13), Stephen Clarke (U15) Catherine Gibbons and Jenny Dybeck (both U17) and half colours to Lily Kitchen, Joshua Stephens (both U13) and Fiona Jordan (U15).
Well done to every junior who received an award this year and thank you to all the Junior Ilkley Harriers who have represented the club for all your hard work, effort and commitment this season.

Sportshall Athletics Regional Knock out, Sun 2nd March

8 JIH's represented West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire in their respective age categories in this Regional eliminator event held in Halifax. For West Yorkshire Ben Swinton was representing the U13 boys team and in his events he was 2nd in the shot with 5.08 and 3rd in the 4 lap race in 50.1. Four girls were competing for the U13 girls team. Beth Pugh was 2nd in the 2 lap race in 23.3 and 1st in the vertical jump with 52cm. Joanna Snook was 1st in the Standing Long Jump with 2.20 and 3rd in the 4 lap race. Lucy Deakin was 1st in the standing Triple jump with 6.60 and Chloe Tindale 5th in the High Jump with 1.10. Both the U13 teams won on the day and will be going through to the National final in Birmingham in April. The U15 boys narrowly missed out, by just 5 points to make it a clean sweep for the WY teams. However both our boys performed well. James Swinton was 6th in the 4 lap race in 46.8, 8th in the shot with 6,91 and 7th in the standing long jump with 2.18. Thomas Scott was 3rd in the 4 lap race in 46.2, 1st in the speed bounce with 84 and 6th in the standing long jump with 2.22. For North Yorkshire Fiona Jordan was competing in the U15 girls team and put together a very good programme, coming 2nd in the 4 lap race in 50.0, 4th in the speed bounce with 77 and 6th in the standing long jump with 2m. Well done to you all.


Ilkley Moor Junior Fell Races, Sun 24th Feb

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Almost 50 Junior Ilkley Harriers competed in our fell race. The first 3 home in the U8's were Emily Sturgeon, Logan Hargreaves-Madhas and Nea Weston. In the U10's the first 3 girls were Rose Hagan, taking a new course record, Tassy Heslop and Naomi Brown. For the boys it was Joshua Kerr, Tom Cross and James Pickering. In the U12's 3rd overall was Jerome Martill, followed by Harry Maslen and Jack Cummings and for the girls, Naomi Elliott, Hannah Heslop and Anna Sinclair. The U14's race had Stephen Clarke, Bradley Chapman and Sam Wood taking the first three places and for the girls Stephanie Hunter, Eileen Gibbons and Lily Kitchen. Our sole runner in the U16 race was Fiona Jordan. Phil Dean Trophies were presented to the first JIH girl and boy finisher in each age category: U10 - Rose Hagan & Joshua Kerr; U12 - Naomi Elliott & Jerome Martill; U14 - Stephanie Hunter & Stephen Clarke; U16 - Fiona Jordan. Well done to everyone who ran and in particular to Calum Carslaw who played the bagpipes in the pouring rain during the U8 race. £366 was raised for The Gemma King Memorial Fund and Adam Bennett raised £165 from his sale of cakes for his World Challenge trip to Borneo.

Junior Quarry Runs, Stanbury Splash, Sun 27th Jan

7 juniors competed in this event. In the U8's Nea Weston was 6th overall and first girl in 3.42, followed by 11th Logan Hargreaves-Madhas in 4.01, 19th Rachael Conlon in 4.18, 26th Esme Pearce in 4.44 and 35th Nina Pearce in 5.42. Over the one mile course Sam Haggar was 14th in 8.05 and Sam Wood was 39th in 9.19.

Northern X-C Champs, Leeds, Sat 26th Jan

Well done to the 13 Junior Harriers who competed in the Northern Champs. For both the U13 girls and boys categories we had complete teams - 23rd (girls) and 24th (boys). The results were 118 Ellie Taylor (13.36), 172 Sophie Latta (14.24), 216 Lily Kitchen (16.34) and 221 Jessica Holden (17.40). The boys had 97th Joshua Stephens (12.18), 134 Jerome Martill (12.44), 146 Sam Haggar (12.56) and 192 Josh Gill in his first race for the club in 16.22. Our two U15 competitors were Fiona Jordan in 104th place in 16.33 and Stephen Clarke in 187th place in 16.29. In the U17's race Jenny Dybeck was 47th in 19.00, Catherine Gibbons 64th in 19.44 and in the boys race George Stevens was 159th in 27.18.

Yorkshire X-C Champs, Huddersfield, Sat 5th Jan

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Well done to the nine Junior Harriers who made the commitment to run at the county Championships in Huddersfield. Our sole runner in the U13 girls race was Ellie Taylor, finishing in 41st place in 14.39. The U13 boys gave Ilkley there only team placing with 9th overall. Josh Crane was first home in 28th place in 12.59, followed by Jerome Martill who had a brilliant run for 38th place in 13.16, closely followed by Sam Haggar in 40th place place in 13.25, Ben Swinton, 43rd in 13.37 and Adam Swinton, 49th in 13.59. Joshua Stephens also raced. In the U17 girls race Both Jennie Dybeck and Catherine Gibbons continue to show great form with Jenny just having the edge in this race to finish a fantastic 8th in 20.30 and Catherine close behind in 11th place in 20.55.

Alison Eagle reports....The weather did not live up to it's initial gloomy start and we were met by bright sunshine as we arrived in Huddersfield for the Yorkshire Championships. Thanks to the Taylor family who came to our rescue as Di and I struggled with the boys to put up the tent. The course started each lap with a zig-zag up and down the field in front of the spectators, then round a couple of upper section with 2 short steep hills. Ellie ran really well against very tough opposition to come 41st. The U/13 boys, a little understrength through injury and late withdrawals put up a great fight, but found the going tough, again against such strong opposition, their winner set off at such a sprint he led the field by well over 50m for the whole race!! Josh C was first home in 28th place, Jerome was next in 38th place, Sam 40th, Ben 43rd and Adam (after an excellent start) was 49th. Unfortunatley Josh S had to retire through illness, after trying to keep going, I have not seen anybody so white for a long time! The team were very disappointed with their placing but should keep their heads up as there individual placings were a great improvement on last years. It was great to see them working right upto the finish, trying to gain as many places as they could for the team. The highlight of the day was however wonderful perfomances from our U/17 girls Jenny and Catherine, despite tough competition Jenny was 8th, and we think may be on the edge of a Yorkshire place and Catherine 11th.

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