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Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

Stoop Junior fell races, Haworth, Sun 16th Dec

Well done to the 19 juniors who raced at the Stoop junior fell races at Haworth. U8's - 13th Anna Black 3.42, 26th Sarah Black 4.14, 44th Felix Weston 5.14. 1 mile race: U10's - 47th Ben Houlihan 8.51, 55th Emily Elmes 9.02, 60th Poppy Anderson 9.21, 65th Annie Brown 9.30, 76th Molly Pearson 10.09, 99th Georgia Weston 12.17. U12's - 14th Jacob Hellewell 7.31, 51st Molly Jeffels 8.56, 63rd Nea Weston 9.27, 69th Eva Jeffels 9.37 U14's - 22nd Lucy Jacques 7.52, 28th Tilly Melechi 8.05, 34th George Hardesty 8.24. 2 miles: U16's - 3rd Ruaridh Mon Williams 13.53, 4th Lucy Haines 14.11, 7th Joanna Williamson 16.40.

West Yorkshire XC League race 4, Wakefield, Sun 9th Dec

On Sunday it was the final West Yorkshire XC event at Thornes Park, Wakefield. Results were: U11 Boys: 11th Dominic Coy (5.37) and 15th Robbie Matthews (5.47). U11 Girls: 7th Catherine Westhead (6.12), 14th Emily Elmes (6.35), 20th Poppy Anderson (6.44), 24th Katie Meredith (6.53) and 31st Molly Pearson (7.03). They were 4th team on the day. U13 Boys: 17th Euan Brennan (11.13), 22nd Francis Westhead (11.27), 43rd Oscar Stapleton (12.41), 53rd Cameron Reilly (13.26) and 56th Ben Clarke (13.46). They were 9th team on the day. U13 Girls: 24th Bethan Morley (13.29), 28th Molly Jeffels (13.42), 34th Megan Hayes (13.57), 39th Eva Jeffels (14.08), 43rd Alessandra Ricci (14.22), 47th Ella Shouler-Harris (14.36) and 49th Jess Burgess (14.42). They were 6th team on the day. U15 Boys: 27th Ruaridh Mon-Williams (17.18) and 39th James Pickering (19.16). U15 Girls: 9th Sarah Pickering (14.37), 10th Lucy Haines (14.52), 20th Lucy Jacques (16.15), 23rd Josie Clarke (16.30), 27th Joanne Williamson (16.37), 30th Tassy Heslop (16.48), 34th Elizabeth Westhead (17.04), 37th Ellie Coones (17.59) and 40th Harriet Jackson (18.18). They were 2nd team on the day. U17 Boys: 25th Ed Bickerdike (25.18). U17 Girls: 1st Georgia Malir (16.21).

In the series we had 16 juniors who did 3 or more races and gained an overall individual placing: Georgia Malir 1st, Sarah Pickering 7th, Lucy Haines 10th, Lucy Jacques 16th, Joanne Williamson 22nd, Tom Kerr 22nd, Elizabeth Westhead 25th, Ruaridh Mon Williams 26th, Ellie Coones 28th, James Pickering 35th, Megan Hayes 35th, Eva Jeffels 36th, Jess Burgess 41st, Edgar Woodhead 41st, Cameron Reilly 53rd and Ben Clarke 54th.

We also had three overall team placings: U15 girls were 3rd; and U15 Boys and U13 Girls were both 6th.

West Yorkshire XC League race 3,Huddersfield, Sat 24th Nov

Malcolm Pickering reports..... Some 19 juniors made the journey over to Huddersfield for the 3rd West Yorkshire cross country league race.The sun was unable to break through and the winding course with a couple of steep hard climbs was made even harder by the very muddy underfoot conditions.However this in no way stopped any of our athetes from giving their very best and they did themslves proud. Well done to all.
Results were: U13 boys - 46th Ben Clarke (17.20); U13 girls - 31st Jess Burgess (14.07), 35th Eva Jeffels (14.18) 39th Megan Hayes (14.30), Molly Jeffels also ran. They were 9th team. U15 boys - 18th Tom Kerr (17.20) 22nd Ruaridh Mon-Williams (17.43) 27th James Pickering (18.51), 29th Tom Cross (19.04), 35th Edgar Woodhead (19.52). They were 4th team. U15 girls - 8th Sarah Pickering (15.30), 9th Lucy Haines (15.36), 10th Lucy Williamson (16.00), 14th Lucy Jacques (16.53), 15th Zoe Judkowski (17.03), 20th Joanne Williamson (17.48), 21st Josie Clarke (18.00), 28th Ellie Coones (19.01), 31st Harriet Jackson (19.40). They were 3rd team.

Northern Indoor Open Track & Field meet, EIS Sheffield, Sat 17th Nov

Roisin Ramage competed in her first U15 track and Field meet and chose the highly competitive Northern Indoor Open in Sheffield. In the 60m she was 2nd in her heat with 8.53 secs; 4th in the shot with 7m.96 and 14th in the long jump with 4m.05. A very sound performance.

West Yorkshire XC League race 2,Nunroyd Park, Sat 10th Nov

Report from Sally Malir..... The second West Yorkshire Cross Country race took place on Saturday 10th Nov at Nunroyd Park Yeadon. It was a lovely sunny day but muddy conditions made running tough. Ilkley Junior Harriers were depleted in numbers because of school races but still managed to have 16 runners toe the line. Again they had good team results and Georgia Malir was 1st (U17 ladies) in her race. Individual and team results are as follows:

U11 Boys: 26th (08:10) Joe Bramham-Butts, 59th (09:13) Tom Robertshaw.

U13 Boys (12th team): 48th (17:09) Cameron Reilly, 50th (17:20) Oscar Stapleton, 54th (17:37) Ben Clarke.

U13 Girls: 53rd (13:11) Megan Hayes.

U15 Boys (7th team): 17th (17:27) Thomas Kerr, 21st (17:39) Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 35th (19:19) James Pickering, 42nd (20:02) Edgar Woodhead.

U15 Girls (5th team): 18th (17:17) Elizabeth Westhead, 25th (17:32) Joanne Williamson, 31st (17:50) Eleanor Coones, 41st (19:05) Harriet Jackson.

U17 Boys: 41st (22:56) Edward Bickerdike.

U17 Ladies: 1st (16:45) Georgia Malir.

Withins Rat Runs, Haworth, Sun 21st Oct

Well done to the 25 juniors who raced at the Withins junior rat runs at Haworth. U8's - 23rd Tom Bramham Butts 3.54, 27th Robyn Anderson 4.00, 28th George Morley 4.03, 31st Lyra Weston 4.07, 44th Felix Weston 4.45, 45th Summer Skye Smith 4.47. 1 mile race: U10's - 27th Joe Bramham Butts 7.59, 50th Ben Morley 8.58, 51st Annie Brown 9.01, 59th Emily Elmes 9.20, 76th Poppy Anderson 9.48, 89th Molly Pearson 10.10, 112th Georgia Weston 11.57, 114th Angel Smith 12.06. U12's - 21st Robbie Matthews 7.40, 24th Jacob Hellewell 7.46, 49th Beth Morley 8.52, 65th Nea Weston 9.27, 75th Sam Bramham Butts 9.45, 77th Ella Shouler-Harris 9.50, 87th Charlie Tiger Smith 10.06. U14's - 15th Lucy Jacques 7.27 (3rd girl), 19th Ben Kettleborough 7.37, 23rd Tilly Melechi 7.44. 2 miles: U16's - 119th (3rd girl) Joanna Williamson 16.22.

West Yorkshire XC League race 1 Wetherby, Sat 20th Oct

Report from Sally Malir..... Saturday 20th of October was the first race in the West Yorkshire Cross Country League. The race was held at Wetherby RUFC the course was undulating and the weather was fantastic. Ilkley Junior Harriers had a great turnout of 32 runners, lots of them running in a race of such a standard for the first time. Everybody gave their best and all really enjoyed their race.

Individual and team results are as follows:

(U11 boys) 8th Dominic Coy (6.21), 29th Robbie Matthews (6.30), 31st Joe Braham-Butts (6.39). 5th team placing.

(U11 girls) 8th Catherine Westhead (6.51), 12th Rachel Scott (7.10), 15th Evelyn Malir (7.21), 20th Katie Meredith (7.27), 22nd Poppy Anderson (7.29), 31st Molly Pearson (7.51), 33rd Isabel Sowden (7.54). 4th team placing.

(U13 boys) 9th Francis Westhead (14.05), 52nd Cameron Reilly (17.17).

(U13 girls) 31st Molly Jeffles (9.37), 32nd Alessandra Ricci (9.39), 36th Eva Jeffles (9.49), 37th Megan Hayes (9.51), 48th Jess Burgess (10.07), 60th Ella Shouler-Harris (10.46). 9th team placing.

(U15 girls) 4th Sarah Pickering (14.50), 12th Lucy Haines (15.38), 13th Lucy Williamson (15.39), 15th Zoe Judkowski (15.58), 21st Lucy Jacques (16.29), 25th Tassy Heslop (16.59), 26th Elizabeth Westhead (17.01), 27th Joanne Williamson (17.04), 48th Harriet Jackson (19.20). 2nd team placing.

(U15 boys) 30th Thomas Kerr (18.49), 40th Tom Cross (19.35), 46th James Pickering (20.32), 49th Edgar Woodhead (20.48). 8th team placing.

(U17 ladies) 2nd Georgia Malir (17.37).

English Schools Fell Running Championships, Cockermouth,Sun 30th Sept

Steve Brennan writes..... Euan came 2nd today in the English Schools Fell Race Championship in Cockermouth. He was presented with his trophy & a T-shirt by Simon Booth. It was a foul day in driving rain, strong wind, with lots of mud & standing water. A true fell race!!!

Ed Muirhead was 33rd in 27.35 in the Years 10/11 category and Ellie Coones was 89th in 31.27 in the 8/9 category.


Yorkshire Championships Combined events,Carnegie,Leeds,Sat/Sun 22nd/23rd Sept

Roisin Ramage competed in the U13 Track & Field Triathlon and can away with a gold medal and is now the Yorkshire Champion. 80m 11.30 (611 points), long jump 4m.16 (345) and shot 8m.86 (455). Total points 1411.

Harry Maslen (U17): 100m hurdles 14.45 (1st) 750 points, long jump 5m.97 (1st) 580 pts, shot 10m.30 (2nd) 504pts, 400m 57.31 (3rd) 508pts, discus 24m.60 (4th) 359, high jump 1m.74 (2nd) 577pts, javelin 37m.70 (1st) 409pts and 1500m 5:02:04 (2nd) 546 pts. Total points 4233, gold medal and Yorkshire Champion.

Daniel Judkowski (U17): 100m hurdles 16.50 (6th) 541 points, long jump 5m.65 (3rd) 512 pts, shot 11m.67 (1st) 586pts, 400m 56.31 (2nd) 547pts, discus 26m.30 (2nd) 392, high jump 1m.62 (5th) 480pts, javelin 36m.63 (2nd) 385pts and 1500m 5:05:83 (3rd) 527 pts. Total points 3970 and silver medal.

BOFRA Summer races continued

Hawkswick Dash 17th June: U17: 5th Ruaridh Mon-Williams 12.16, 7th Jack Cummings 13.40; U12: 37th Charlie Tiger Smith 7.54; U9: 2nd girl Poppy Anderson 4.00 and 9th girl Robyn Anderson 4.41.

Helm Hill 8th July: U17: 7th Ruaridh Mon-Williams 13.36, 1st girl Lucy Williamson 13.58; U12: 16th girl Molly Pearson 9.06; U9 Summer Skye Smith.

Cracoe 22nd July: U17: 3rd girl Lucy Williamson 31.18; U12: 12th Robbie Matthews 9.22, 32nd Charlie Tiger Smith 11.18, 42nd Angel Havanna Smith 14.41.

Farleton Knott 5th August: U12: 31st Charlie Tiger Smith 8.30, 32nd Angel Havanna Smith 10.04; U9 17th Summer Skye Smith 5.28.

Cray 12th August: U9: 6th Georgia Weston 4.37, 7th Felix Weston 8.10.

Murder Mile: 22nd Euan Brennan 8.55 and 23rd Sarah Pickering 8.58.

Arncliffe Gala 11th August: U17: 4th Ruaridh Mon-Williams 13.17, 1st girl Lucy Williamson 14.40; U12: 17th Charlie Tiger Smith 9.31, 27th Angel Havanna Smith 12.14; U9: 3rd girl Poppy Anderson 6.22, 6th girl Robyn Anderson 6.44, 10th girl Summer Skye Smith 8.46.

Gargrave Show 18th August: U17: 1st girl Lucy Williamson 16.45; U12: 24th Molly Pearson 9.23.

Reeth Fell 29th August: U17: 5th Ruaridh Mon-Williams 14.39.

Bradley Fell 2nd September: U17: 3rd Ruaridh Mon-Williams 27.05; 1st girl Georgia Malir 28.42, 2nd girl Lucy Williamson 29.51, 7th girl Joanna Williamson 35.25, 12th girl Anna Pickering 53.27; U14: 2nd girl Sarah Pickering 12.30 and 8th James Pickering 13.13.

Burnsall Fell 9th September: U17: 2nd Ruaridh Mon-Williams 12.10; U12: 3rd girl Bethan Morley 4.06, 41st Molly Pearson 5mins; U9: 3rd girl Poppy Anderson 2.14, 10th Ben Morley, 7th girl Robyn Anderson 2.31, 28th George Morley 2.59 and 30th Summer Smith 3.22.

Embsay Fell 16th September: U17: 3rd and 2nd boy Ruaridh Mon-Williams 18.36, 8th Jack Cummings 21.37, 3rd girl Lucy Williamson 21.50; U12: 3rd Euan Brennan 9.01 and 48th Angel Havana Smith 15.29; U9: 2nd girl Poppy Anderson 4.01, 7th girl Robyn Anderson 4.30, 15th girl Summer Smith 6.21..

Pendle Open Track & Field meet, Sunday 2nd September

Only Roisin and Zoe made it to this event. Roisin Ramage (U13) 100m 14.0; shot 9m.32 and Discus 22m; Zoe Judkowski (U15) 800m 2.42.7 and long jump 3m.83.

Ingrams Track & Field League meet 3, Sunday 19th August

Five juniors made it to this meet. Roisin Ramage (U13) 2nd 80m 11.2 secs, 1st shot 8m.38 and 4th in the long jump 3m.98; Dan Judkowski (U17) 1st in both javelin 37.50 and shot 10m.46 and 3rd long jump 5m.55; Harry Maslen (U17) 2nd in all 3 of his events 100m hurdles 14.4, high jump 1m.81 and long jump 5m.58; Matthew Postlethwaite (U17) 2nd in javelin 35m.29 and 3rd in triple jump with 9m.92; Richard Burn (U17) 100m 12.1 and 200m 24.6.

Overall: Evelyn Malir (U11) 4th; Roisin Ramage (U13) 1st; Alex Murray 10th; Zoe Judkowski (U15) 4th; Daniel Judkowski (U17) 3rd; Harry Maslen (U17) 4th.

Brownlee Gold Run, Tues 7th August

George Elmes writes..... 17 Junior Ilkley Harriers made it across to Penistone looking to support the Brownlee brothers by running in a special fell race and then watching the brothers go for gold in the pub afterwards. The Weather stayed dry for most of the day apart from in typical Yorkshire fashion pouring down as all finished!!!! Yet again some great performances from all that took part.

0.5 mile race: U8's Robyn Anderson came first outright (including boys) in 3.53 followed by George Morley 7th (4.06), & Summer Smith 7th GU8 (4.39). BU10's Dominic Coy 3rd (3.09), Ben Morley 5th (3.14), and Nathan Coy 12th (3.44). GU10 we had all 3 "Olympic podium positions" - Emily Elmes 1st (3.24), Annie Brown 2nd (3.28) and Poppy Anderson 3rd (3.33) followed by Hattie O'Looney 12th & Angel Smith 13th (both 4.39).

In the main 1.7M race: U12's Robbie Matthews 6th (13.42), Charlie Tiger Smith 11th (15.31), and Beth Morley 3rd GU12 (15.32). U14's Sarah Pickering was second (13.03) with brother James second U14 (13.47). U16's Anna Pickering 3rd girl in 20.25.

In a packed pub afterwards with a superb atmosphere all had a fantastic time with loads of superb Brownlee signed Olympic mementos given as spot prizes. I think that all our Juniors walked away with something to remember the day?. After this surrounded by numerous TV crews and photographers we settled down to watch the main event on the big screen. The brothers did the whole of Yorkshire proud with as we all know Alistair and Jonny finishing with Gold & Bronze respectively. Later that night you could play "spot the Ilkley Junior Harrier" on the Look North news program.The guy interviewing our Juniors asked if any of the youngsters could make it to future Olympics. The rather energetic answer he got was a resounding yes as Alistair and Jonny have shown it can be done after running Penistone on many occasions in the past.

Who's next to make the Olympics from a Penistone background !!!???

Hellifield Yorkshire Champs, Sat 4th August

George Elmes writes.... 8 Junior Ilkley Harriers made the trip up to Hellifield for the Junior Yorkshire Fell championships where again we had a number of strong performances. Top of the pile was an outstanding performance from Lucy Williamson resulting in her being crowned GU16 Yorkshire champion. (And picking up a magnificent trophy). Full results: U16 1st girl Lucy Williamson 20.56, 5th girl Joanne Williamson 25.08; U14 13th Tilly Melechi 13.52; U12 8th Euan Brennan 8.30, 18th Robbie Matthews 9.28; U10 16th (3rd girl) Emily Elmes 5.18, 25th Poppy Anderson 5.38 and 27th Molly Pearson 5.41.

Ingrams Track & Field League meet 3, Sunday 15th July

Six juniors made it to this meet. Evelyn Malir (U11): 2nd long jump 3m.52, 5th 600m 2.12 and 4th shot 4m.95; Roisin Ramage (U13) 1st in both 80m 11.3 secs, shot 9m.41 and 2nd in the long jump 4m.28; Alex Murray 3rd high jump 1m.25, 2nd 150m 22.0 secs and 4th 75m Hurdles 13 secs; Zoe Judkowski (U15) 2nd long jump 4m.09, 2nd javelin 17m.93 and 3rd shot 7m.05; Dan Judkowski (U17) 1st in both javelin 30m.54 and shot 10m.56 and 2nd long jump 5m.77; Harry Maslen (U17) 2nd 100m hurdles 14.9 and 6th 100m in 12.3 secs.


Junior English Uphill only Fell Championship, Sedbergh, Sat 14th July

It was great to see 11 Ilkley vests on show and for the club to be competing right across the age categories. Full results -

U8G Robyn Anderson 11th 4.29.
U10G Emily Elmes 3rd 8.04, Molly Pearson 10th 8.59, Poppy Anderson 13th 9.14.
U12G Nea Weston 10th 14.16.
U14G Sarah Pickering 5th 15.40, Lucy Jacques 11th 16.49.
U14B Ruaridh Mon-Williams 9th 14.31, James Pickering 28th 17.25.
U16G Georgia Malir 6th 29.57, Lucy Williamson 7th 31.22.

Washburn Valley Relays, Fri 13th July

Well done to the 21 juniors who ran. All the teams did fantastically well. See results here.

Barnsley Open meet, Sun 8th July

Chris Ramage reports.... update from Roisin's efforts at Barnsley (the only representative from Ilkley present ).
100m a very strong field with heats, semis and finals - she did really well to get to the final and came in 6th I think in 13.8 (she did 13.9 in each of the heat and semi). Long Jump - a new PB of 4.56m which was good enough for 3rd and a trophy. Shot - crushed the field by over 2m to win with a massive 9.76 on her second throw (first throw was 9.12m) and a new PB (which puts her approx no 3 in the country currently). Brilliant day Roisin - well done.

Hawkswick, Junior English Championship race 5, Sun 1st July

George Elmes reports.... An Impressive 15 Juniors made the trip into the Dales to compete at Hawkswick for race 5 of the Junior English Fell Championship hosted by Wharfedale Harriers. Duncan Richards the FRA Junior coordinator made the following statement - The courses were challenging but enjoyed by all I spoke to, great for spectators too watching our best juniors powering up, hurtling along & flying down the hills. The weather came good in the end with some superb running right across the age groups.

As far as Ilkley were concerned it was great to see so many Ilkley vests on show and for the club to be competing right across the age categories.Some great individual performances from all on a tough course with podium places for Emily Elmes 2nd GU10 and Georgia Malir 3rd GU16. Full results -

U8G Robyn Anderson 6th, Lyra Weston 7th
U10G Emily Elmes 2nd, Molly Pearson 7th, Poppy Anderson 8th
U12B Euan Brennan 14th, Robbie Matthews 26th, Jacob Hellewell 34th
U12G Nea Weston 10th.
U14G Sarah Pickering 6th, Lucy Jacques 9th, Elizabeth Westhead 18th
U14B James Pickering 21st
U16G Georgia Malir 3rd, Lucy Williamson 4th

Well done to all who made the trip.

Eldwick Gala Fell race, Saturday 30th June

Nea Weston (U12) missed the start but was 31st and 6th girl. Molly Pearson and Poppy Anderson (U10) were 24th and 25th (1st & 2nd girls) respectively.

Ingrams Track & Field League meet 2, Saturday 23rd June

Six juniors made it to this meet. Evelyn Malir (U11): 2nd long jump 3m.66, 3rd 600m 2.11.7 and 3rd shot 4m.86; Roisin Ramage (U13) 1st in all 3 of her events 80m 11.3 secs, shot 8m.88 and long jump 4m.46; Alex Murray in her first competition for the club was 3rd high jump 1m.15, 5th 150m 22.5 secs and 10th long jump 3m.37; Zoe Judkowski (U15) 1st long jump 4m.25, 3rd javelin 18m.13 and 7th discus 18.86; Rosie Shouler-Harris in her first competition for the club was 2nd long jump 4m.20, 4th discus 20.40 and 5th high jump 1m.25; Harry Maslen (U17) 1st 100m hurdles 14.6 and also did the 100m in 12.1 secs.

Clougha Pike, Junior English Championship race 4, Sat 23rd June

George Elmes reports..... 5 JIH's made the trip across to the Forest of Bowland to compete in the latest English Junior Fell Championship race. Unfortunately the associated Gala and Sports day was cancelled as a result of the atrocious weather, but typically the Fell races went ahead. (One comment on the Fell Runner Association Forum made the accurate statement that perhaps the Juniors should bring water wings as well?! )

On the day whilst the ground underfoot was very wet and boggy in certain sections luckily the rain held off for the races. The race organiser stated that the courses were all demanding and at the top end of distances allowed for Juniors but encouragingly again we had some good performances.

GU10 Emily Elmes 3rd, Molly Pearson 8th , Poppy Anderson 9th.
BU12 Euan Brennan 9th
GU16 Georgia Malir 5th

Well done to all who made the trip.

Harrogate Stray 2.5km, Sat 16th June

Well done Emily Elmes who ran in the U12 race - 9th overall and 3rd girl.

Ingrams Track & Field League meet 1, Saturday 9th June

Six juniors made it to this meet which was cut short by the torrential downpour following thunder and lightening. It was a shame that some did not get to do all the events that they had entered. . Evelyn Malir (U11): 2nd long jump 3m.58 and 5th 600m 2.10; Roisin Ramage (U13) 1st long jump 4m.18 and 2nd shot 7m.91; Zoe Judkowski (U15) 2nd in both 800m 2.40.3 and long jump 4m.04; James Pickering (U15) 8th 800m 2.43; Dan Judkowski 3rd shot 10m.89 and 4th long jump 5m.43; Harry Maslen 1st 100m hurdles 14.6 and 3rd long jump 5m.72; Georgia Malir (U17) ran in the 3000m but we do not have a time.

BOFRA Summer races

Kettlewell, Sun 10th June: U17 Jack Cummings 7th in 12.05. U14 Jacob Hellewell 11th 8.25. U12 Euan Brennan 2nd 5.32, Angel Havana Smith 56th 10.44. U9 Amelia Gibbons 12th 5.04, Summer Sky Smith 23rd in 6.36.

Coniston Gullies, Sun 27th May: U17 Ruaridh Mon-Williams 3rd in 10.48, Jack Cummings 7th in 12.41. U12 Charlie Tiger Smith 31st in 8.54. U9 Summer Sky Smith 21st in 4.29.

Sedbergh Gala, Sat 12th May: U17 Ruaridh Mon-Williams 7th in 14.38, Jack Cummings 9th in 15.26. U14 Tilly Melechi 13th in 15.06, Jacob Hellewell 14th in 15.40.

Cowpe, Junior English Championship race 3, Sat 26th May

George Elmes reports..... An impressive 10 JIH,s made the trip across to Cowpe in Lancashire for round 3 of the English Junior championships hosted by Rossendale Harriers. All courses were along the Whittle Pike senior race which has been used as a Senior English Championship race 3 times in the last 15 years which shows that terrain was likely to be” interesting”.

The Race organiser described it as - “ A Rough & tough course for all age categories – typical south Pennines terrain offering a proper test of Fell Running skills”. I must say I agree, very tough technical fell running with no flat sections for all - with the added “bonus” for the U16/18 of a long stretches of extremely tough open moorland. The weather was glorious, really sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Once on the tops a reasonable breeze made the conditions for running slightly easier than at the start/Finish. Some excellent performances in light of the terrain.

U8 Lyra Weston 15th (6th Girl) Robyn Anderson 16th (7th Girl); U10 Emily Elmes (16) 3rd Girl, Molly Pearson 38th (14th Girl) Poppy Anderson 39th (15th Girl); U12 Euan Brennan 12th, Robbie Matthews 21st, Nea Weston 51st (15th Girl); U14 Tilly Melechi 33rd (14th Girl); U16 Georgia Malir 14th (4th Girl).

Again really good to see so many Juniors out including Robbie for his first experience of Championship races, well done. Great performances by all of which you should all be proud. Final mention to the parents/supporters at the start and finish + those of the hills. A number of people commented positively on the noise and encouragement for all the Ilkley Runners from our supporters! A cracking day out which I am sure was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

John Carr race 3, Wednesday 16th May

Well done to: Francis Westhead 18.28; Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 18.58; Jack Cummings, 19.15; Ed Bickerdike 19.25; Lucy Williamson, 19.41;Tilly Melechi, 20.51; Jacob Hellewell, 21.27; Lucy Jacques 22.25; Catherine Westhead 22.27; Joanne Williamson, 22.47; Harriet Jackson 23.48; Alessandra Ricci 24.05; Bridget Taylor, 29.58.

In the cumulative results for the series the girls took the first 7 places - Lucy Williamson, Tilly Melechi, Joanne Williamson, Catherine Westhead, Harriet Jackson, Alessandra Ricci and Bridget Taylor. The boys almost did equally as well - 2nd Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 3rd Francis Westhead 4th Jack Cummings, 6th Ed Bickerdike, 7th Jacob Hellewell.

Yorkshire Track & Field Champs, Cudworth, 12th/13th May

Well done to the 6 juniors who competed in these championships - this is a great step forward for Ilkley. U13 girls: Roisin Ramage - 2nd and silver medal in the shot with 8m.78, 1st in the heats of the 80m in 11.30 and 5th in the final with 1.53, 7th in the long jump with 3m.89; U15 girls: Lucy Tindale - 5th in the heats of the 200m with 31.37 and 9th in the high jump with 1m.25; Zoe Judkowski - 7th in the shot with 7m.53, 7th in the javelin with 17m.50, 2nd in the heats of the 800m with 2.34.79 and 8th in the final with 2.47.84, 10th in the long jump with 4m.08. U17 girls: Georgia Malir - 5th in the 1500m with 4.58.72, 2nd in the heats of the 800m with 2.26.08 and 6th in the final with 2.30.68; Chloe Tindale - 1st and gold medal in the triple jump with 9m.06, 5th in the 300m with 47.35. U17 boys: Daniel Judkowski - 6th in the Javelin with 33.30 and 6th in the heats of the 200m with 25.89.

John Carr race 2, Wednesday 9th May

Well done to: Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 18.33; Francis Westhead 18.47; Jack Cummings, 18.59; Ed Bickerdike 19.49; Lucy Williamson, 19.52;Tilly Melechi, 20.38; Jacob Hellewell, 21.21; Elizabeth Westhead, 22.45; Joanne Williamson, 23.00; Catherine Westhead, 23.58; Alessandra Ricci 24.39; Harriet Jackson, 24.56; Bridget Taylor, 29.11.

John Carr race 1, Wednesday 2nd May

Well done to: Ruaridh Mon-Williams, 18.42; Jack Cummings, 18.52; Francis Westhead, 19.01; Lucy Williamson, 19.35; Ed Bickerdike, 19.56; Tilly Melechi, 20.34; Jacob Hellewell, 21.23; Elizabeth Westhead, 22.25; Lucy Jacques, 22.31; Joanne Williamson, 23.14; Catherine Westhead, 23.54; Harriet Jackson, 23.56; Alessandra Ricci, 25.32; Bridget Taylor, 27.48.

Trafford Grand Prix, Tuesday 1st May

Sally Malir reports..... Georgia Malir ran her first track race of the season on Tuesday 1st May at the Trafford Grand Prix. She ran well coming second in her age group and attaining a PB of 10:44.18

Harrogate Park Run, Sat 21st April

Well done Nathaniel Richardson, 27.19 in the Harrogate Park Run in his first race for the club.

Bunny Runs - April 2012

Last year 9 juniors ran in the Bunny Runs but this year we've had a magnificent 18 - Well done to everyone. The 2012 fastest Bunny times were: U16's - Ruaridh Mon-Williams 19.18; Georgia Malir 20.25; Jack Cummings 20.26; Ed Bickerdike 20.31; Lucy Williamson 21.09; Ben Jacques 22.25; Iso Hirst 25.06 and Joanne Williamson 25.56. U14's - Tilly Melechi 21.36; Robbie Matthews 21.38; Dominic Coy 22.09; Jacob Hellewell 22.57; Lucy Jacques 23.01; Bethan Morley 25.48; Ben Morley 25.48; Nathan Coy 26.44; Harriet Jackson 26.50 and Alessandra Ricci 28.57.

10 juniors raced in the Bunny Relays over the shorter 1 lap distance. Best times were: Ruaridh Mon-Williams 11.35; Lucy Haines 12.36; Robbie Matthews 13.01; Lucy Williamson 13.02, Tilly Melechi 13.05; Jacob Hellewell 14.12; Iso Hirst 14.26; Harriet Jackson 15.24; Joanne Williamson 15.30 and Alessandra Ricci 15.54.

London Mini Marathon, Sun 22nd April

Well done to Georgia Malir (48th U17 girl in 19.07) and Sarah Pickering (59th U13 girl in 20.40) in the London Mini Marathon.

Anniversary Wa English Junior Championship fell Race, Sat 21st April

George Elmes reports .... 4 JIH's made the trip across to the Lake District for the Anniversary Wa! which was race 2 of the English Junior Fell Championships. The race was held in the beautiful setting of the Newland valley in the shadow of Catbells. Again as in most championship races a very tough climb followed by a very fast decent off the turnround which made for a really exciting race.
Before the start rain was falling really heavily and the tops covered in clag. Fortunatly similar to the last championship Race at Pendle a few weeks ago the clouds parted just in time for the start of the U8 race and the sun came out to make perfect racing conditions. Again we had some very good results from those that travelled culminating in two podium finishes from Robyn Anderson and Emily Elmes finishing 2nd girl in the GU8 and GU10 respectively, well done to all. Overall results as follows -

Robyn Anderson produced her best performance so far in an Ilkley vest by crossing the line in 5th place and 2nd Girl.

In the U10's we again had 3 girls runner with Emily Elmes finishing 13th (2nd Girl), Molly Pearson 25th (8th girl) and Poppy Anderson 28th (10 girl).

Another great day out which was enjoyed by all who made the trip (especially the free Chilli after the race!)

Sheffield Festival of athletics, Don Valley Stadium, Sun 22nd April

Malcolm Pickering reports.... At the Sheffield festival of athletics at the Don Valley Stadium. James ran 15.28 for 100 m and 2:49 for 800m and Anna 3:41 for 800m.

Pendle English Junior Championship fell Race, Sat 7th April

George Elmes reports .... An impressive 10 JIH's travelled across the Pennines to compete in the first FRA Junior championship race of the year with two impressively coming away with podium finishes - Georgia Malir and Emily Elmes finishing 3rd in GU16 and GU10 respectively.
For a number it was there first experience of racing at championship level, encouragingly all acquitted themselves really well on what was a pretty tough and challenging course. The first climb for example making many of the Senior supporters blowing hard by the time they reached the top!!
The early mist had cleared leaving perfect fresh conditions for racing when George Morley and Robyn Anderson got the proceedings underway in the U8's. Both had good runs with George finishing in 17th and Robyn finishing 21st (6th girl)
In the under 10's we had a good presence with four running, Emily Elmes finishing 19th (3rd Girl), Ben Morley 29th, Molly Pearson 36th (8th girl) and Poppy Anderson 39th (10th girl)
Bethan Morley stepped up again to the longer distance in the U12's. After a difficult start where she got bumped and barged and as a result ended up in a poor start position she recovered well, ran strongly to claw back a number of places to finish in 60th (15th Girl)
In the U14's Tilly Melechi finished 33rd (12th girl) and Josie Clarke 50th (26th Girl).
Finally in the U16's Georgia Malir again ran well to finish 18th (3rd girl) to close a successful day for JIH.
It was really good to see so many JIH's out competing on the fells at this level. With Georgia leading the way we seem to have a number of JIH's that are coming through trying to emulate her success. 8 Girls and 2 boys racing today, it would be great to see a few more lads out racing at this level in the future. Its a great day out and fantastic experience for them (and the adults!)
Next FRA Junior championship race is the Anniversary Wa! on the Saturday 21st April at Newlands in the Lake district. It would be great to see a another great junior turnout of red and green vests in Cumbria.


In the Aviva Level 2 Decathlon Award five gold awards were presented to Emma Barwick, Robbie Matthews, Sam McKinnon-Evans, Harvey Sykes and Charlie Wilde.
We also presented Sportshall Athletics and Cross-Country Colours and Half Colours.
U11 Sportshall Athletics Colours: Jessica Bretherick, Megan Hayes, Sam McKinnon-Evans, Ella Moran, Bethan Morley, Charlie Wilde.
U11 Sportshall Athletics Half Colours (certificate): Sam Bretherick, Amy Cogan, Dominic Coy, Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Robbie Matthews, Ella Shouler-Harris.
U11 Cross-Country Colours: Euan Brennan, Dominic Coy, Emily Elmes, Robbie Matthews, Francis Westhead.
U11 Half Colours (certificate): Megan Hayes, Eva Jeffels, Evelyn Malir, Bethan Morley, Cameron Reilly, Ella Shouler-Harris.


In the Level 3 Decathlon Award nine Gold awards were presented to Sam Gate, Will Giles, Rose Hagan, Grace Malir, Kyle Oxtoby, Roisin Ramage, Gregory Smith, Max Taylor and Lucy Tindale.
We also presented Sportshall Athletics and Cross-Country Colours and Half Colours.
U13 Sportshall Athletics Colours: Roisin Ramage, Zoe Judkowski.
U13 Half Colours (certificate): Alex Murray, George Wilde.
U15 Sportshall Athletics Colours were awarded to Lucy Tindale.
U15 Half Colours (certificate): Rosie Shouler-Harris, Will Giles, Ed Muirhead, Greg Smith.
U13 Cross-Country Colours: Jess Burgess, Josie Clarke, Tom Cross, Harriet Jackson, Lucy Jacques, James Pickering, Sarah Pickering, Alessandra Ricci, Elizabeth Westhead.
U13 Half Colours (certificate): Jemima Elgood, Lucy Haines, Tassy Heslop, Molly Jeffels, Zoe Judkowski, Edgar Woodhead.
U15 Cross-Country Colours:Ed Bickerdike, Thomas Kerr, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Lucy Williamson.
U15 Half Colours: (certificate) Jack Cummings, Ed Muirhead.
U17 Cross-Country Colours: Georgia Malir.


March 2012

Malcolm Pickering reports ....... Ilkley junior 's Sarah Pickering U/ 13 and Georgia Malir U/17 finished their cross country season in fine style. Both represented Yorkshire in the Inter Counties cross country championships at Cofton Park, Birmingham. Their runs helping Yorkshire win the combine teams overall trophy.
On the following weekend Sarah ( Ilkley Grammar } and Georgia ( St. Mary's, Menston ) ran for West Yorkshire school's in the English Schools Cross Country championships at Iton, in Somerset.

National XC Champs, Parliament Hill, London, Sat 25th February

Pete Shields reports..... Elizabeth Westhead was the first Ilkley Harrier to run, she was in the under 13 girls race. It was a very big field and as with all the races very competetive she handled the occasion very well finishing in 289th position with a time of 15:14. We had two boys in the boys under 13 race, their race came late in the programe, so they had to deal with their nerves for quite a long time. Euan Brennan ran exceptionally well finishing in 226th position in a time of 13:06, Frances Westhead finished in 163rd position, looking very strong throughout in a time of 12:41. The Westhead and Brennan families were there in numbers to support their charges and it was fabulous to hear Ilkley's name being shouted out at a junior level, I just hope these athletes get a little something from the experience and it bring's them back to it next year. I would like to add that both Francis and Euan are only 11 and were probably two of the youngest runners in the race (Shirley).

Leeds indoor open Track & Field meet, Sat 18th February

What a brilliant start to the season for 5 of our athletes. In the U13's Roisin Ramage was 1st in both the 60m sprint (8.8secs) and shot (8m.40) and 5th in the 60m hurdles (11.2 secs); Megan Hayes in her first competition for the club was 7th in the High Jump (1m.10) and 9th in the 60m hurdles (12.5); In the U15's Zoe Judkowski was 6th in the long jump (3m.84), 7th in the shot (7m.17) and 11th in the 60m sprint (9.2secs); In the U17's Daniel Judkowski was 1st in the shot (10m.24), 5th in the long jump (5m.51) and 9th in the 60m sprint (7.8secs); Harry Maslen was 2nd in both the high jump (1m.80) and 60m hurdles (8.8secs) and 3rd in the long jump (5m.72).

PECO XC League race 4, Golden Acre Park, Sun 19th February

The fourth race in the PECO XC League was held on a fantastic sunny day at Golden Acre Park. Euan Brennan won the 1 mile race followed by Robbie Matthews (3rd), Dominic Coy (4th), Joe Bramham Butts (5th), Emily Elmes (17th and 3rd girl), Nathan Coy (21st), Poppy Anderson (25th) and Molly Pearson in her first XC race for the club was 28th. In the 2 mile race Lucy Williamson was 6th and 2nd girl), Jack Cummings (7th), Ed Bickerdike (8th), Lucy Jacques (16th), Joanne Williamson (24th) and Harriet Jackson (29th). Full Results and League tables here.

Northern XC Championships, Pontefract Park, Sat 28th January

The Northern Cross-Country Championships were held at Pontefract Park on Saturday 28th January. The weather was glorious and the underfoot conditions were ideal for racing. We were so proud of the 15 Junior Ilkley Harriers who competed in their respective age classes in this high quality event. On the day Ilkley had one complete team in the U13 girls with 7th position. Full results:
U13 girls: 8th, Sarah Pickering (12.25), 48th Lucy Haines (13.32), 73rd Zoe Judkowski (13.53), 82nd Josie Clarke (14.04), 101st Elizabeth Westhead (14.36), 110th Lucy Jacques (14.49), 149th Alessandra Ricci (15.52) and 152nd Jessica Burgess (16.02).
U13 boys: 82nd Francis Westhead (12.52), 105th Tom Cross (13.19) and 135th James Pickering (13.45).
U15 girls: 48th Lucy Williamson (19.04).
U15 boys: 122nd Tom Kerr (18.17), 123rd Ruaridh Mon-Williams (18.18),
U17 Women: 6th Georgia Malir (18.04).

U13/15 West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials, Bradford, Sun 22nd January

Well done to Lucy Tindale (U15) and Roisin Ramage (U13) on their selection into the West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics teams. Others who attended the trials were Rosie Shouler-Harris, Alex Murray, George Wilde, Greg Smith, Will Giles and Ed Muirhead.

Soreen Junior Quarry Runs, Sun 22nd January

13 juniors competed in this race. U8: 12th Lyra Weston, 4.03 and 19th George Morley, 4.24. U10: 50th (and 1st girl) Emily Elmes, 9.25, 51st Ben Morley, 9.26, 52nd Ben Houlihan, 9.31, 88th Molly Pearson, 11.43, 95th Poppy Anderson, 12.03 and 103rd Angel Smith, 13.46; U12: 18th Robbie Matthews, 8.12, 25th Bethan Morley, 8.32 and 66th Nea Weston, 10.26; U14: 27th Tilly Melechi, 8.35 and 39th Josie Clarke, 9.05.

PECO XC League race 3, Temple Newsam, Sun 15th January

The third race in the PECO XC League was held at a frosty Temple Newsam. Euan Brennan won the 1 mile race followed by Dominic Coy (4th), Robbie Matthews (5th), Emily Elmes (15th and 3rd girl), Nathan Coy and Poppy Anderson, both competing in their first XC race for the club were 19th and 21st respectively. In the 2 mile race Ed Bickerdike had a fantastic race to finish 4th followed by Lucy Williamson (5th and 1st girl), Joanne Williamson (20th) and Harriet Jackson (22nd). Full Results and League tables here. Photos here.

U11 West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics trials, Bradford, Sun 8th January

Well done to Sam McKinnon-Evans, Charlie Wilde, Megan Hayes, Ella Moran, Jess Bretherick and Bethan Morley who were all selected to compete for the West Yorkshire U11 Sportshall Athletics team at the trials in Bradford. Sam was also nominated Aviva Athlete of the match for his performance in the Hi-Stepper where he broke the trials record. Well done also to Amy Cogan, Ella Shouler-Harris, Sam Bretherick, Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Dominic Coy and Robbie Matthews who took part in the trials but were not selected.

Yorkshire XC Championships, Thornes Park, Wakefield, Sat 7th January

The Yorkshire Cross-Country Championships were held at Thornes Park, Wakefield on Saturday 7th January and although the weather was windy the underfoot conditions were ideal for racing. We were so proud of the 21 Junior Ilkley Harriers who competed in their respective age classes in this high quality event. Sarah Pickering (U13) and Georgia Malir (U17) were both selected to compete for Yorkshire in the inter counties and on the day Ilkley had complete teams in the U13 girls and boys and the U15 boys. Full results:
U13 girls: 5th, Sarah Pickering (10.54), 23rd Lucy Haines (12.09), 30th Zoe Judkowski (12.34), 33rd Tassy Heslop (12.40), 40th Lucy Jacques (12.54), 42nd Jemima Elgood (12.58), 43rd Tilly Melechi (13.01), 48th Elizabeth Westhead (13.15), 49th Josie Clarke (13.18), 58th Jessica Burgess (13.48) 59th Alessandra Ricci (13.52). This gave Ilkley 4th, 8th and 10th team placings.
U13 boys: 36th Max Curran (11.59), 48th James Pickering (12.28), 53rd Edgar Woodhead (12.48), 57th Tom Cross (13.04). The team were 11th overall.
U15 girls: 18th Lucy Williamson (15.22).
U15 boys: 37th Tom Kerr (17.57), 40th Ruaridh Mon-Williams (18.04), 45th Jack Cummings (18.34), 54th Ed Bickerdike ( 19.13). The team was 9th overall.
U17 Women: 3rd Georgia Malir (17.19).

You're all brilliant - thanks to everyone for racing.
Here are a few photos taken by Emily photos
Photos taken by Dave Woodhead on

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