Ilkley Harriers news archive 2021

IH 2020 Recognitions, 24 Jan 2021

Thank you for taking the time to send in emails of recognition.

I have received over 30 separate emails, most with two or more nominations included, all of which have been inspiring to read through and a testament to the whole club of keeping us all going.

I would like to thank the rest of the committee, coaches and run leaders who have volunteered their time and contributed to keeping the club alive. As Hilda Coulsey - the 'rock' of the club (as was noted by a few) - says: "It's been great to see so many step up to join the committee. It is a strong community that I am proud to be part of."

A specific mention for Paul Wood as after many years he has retired from running and updating the website. His knowledge, dedication and support for the club are likely to be unmatched and difficult shoes to fill, but we have plans in place to split the various roles around the committee to keep the website and comms to members up to date. Thanks Paul and enjoy retirement !

So, onto the nominations. I have split into three areas; Club activities, Coaches and Run Leaders and Running Performance and Races. I have grouped similar responses, but all received nominations have been included below and left verbatim in most cases.

Happy reading, I hope it makes you feel as proud to be part of a great club as I do, and I look forward to having face-to-face sessions going again when we can in 2021.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy your running.


Club Activities

Nomination Rationale
Dan McKeown
  • For the Strava segment challenges and brilliant posts and organising the Ilkley Incline
  • As well challenging routes, his write ups were some of the funniest things I’ve ever read and his points system challenged all the known laws of mathematical theorem.
  • His weekly challenges were incredibly motivating through lockdown
  • As an injured Harrier, I loved reading his brilliantly written weekly reports and finding out what other people were up to!
  • His segment challenges……and….the brilliant write ups, keeping us all entertained and feeling a lot less gloomy than we might otherwise
  • For keeping people going/entertained with the strava segment competition and for organising the incline. I think Dan very much deserves recognition for his efforts.
  • Jeff Green and Jean Sullivan and team
  • Organising the highly successful Xmas relays
  • Like Santa, brought some joy to a very odd Christmas.
  • For organising the IH Christmas relays, a great event that lifted everyone's spirits
  • Brit Tate For doing the online strength training - really good to be able 'see' some other Harriers, whilst also getting a good strength workout!
    Petra Bijsterveld For doing the unenviable task of membership secretary and social media rep so skilfully
  • The Committee for their selflessness, tireless hard work and commitment. Their efforts have kept the club going in the toughest of times, when its members needed it more than ever.
  • For sorting all the Sign Up stuff which has helped make the training sessions possible, and for their endless patience helping us all out with tech issues!
  • I think the club has done a great job in adapting to the changing restrictions. Very clear guidance and well organised groups. Makes a nice change from the government’s response!
  • Coaches and Run Leaders

    Nomination Rationale
    Jane Bryant
  • For those early post initial lockdown speed sessions when she held 2 each Thurs with a 15min break in between, and perhaps only 2-3 people in each session
  • For the Weds night speed sessions that have happened come rain or shine whenever it was possible
  • Neil Chapman
  • Neil has been as reliable as ever, turning out every Thursday (when allowed). He’s adapted his session to accommodate restrictions even though it’s meant he’s running two sessions back to back (and as ever, standing in some horrible weather conditions). He’s a star.
  • Neil because his sessions have improved my running and speed immensely, and for being able to operate his session in a socially distanced method.
  • In a normal year, Neil does so much for IH, but when training resumed in the summer, his Thursday session was extra special (and hard work!). It was great to be able to take part in a structured session again, but also meet fellow Harriers again in a safe environment (many of whom I hadn’t seen for several months).
  • Sally Armitage
  • For running the Saturday long sessions and for Facebook posts
  • Her relentless encouragement and good humour on Strava
  • For her exuberance and entertaining encouragement via her activities
  • For organising the Saturday morning efforts without fail and more importantly always turning up with a smile to take the edge off the early starts.
  • Taking over as club road captain
  • Antonio Cardinale
  • Most dedicated motivator!......I have had first hand weekly experience of his dedication to running & his desire to involve as many people as possible in the sport
  • He has been there for our group the entire time. When we couldn't meet up due to restrictions, he emailed us to keep our spirits high encouraging us to keep exercising… He is a great role model, especially as he's in his 70s.
  • I nominate Antonio who knows some amazing trails and routes around Ilkley, Burley and Menston. When the rules were 6 people he kept me motivated to get up and run every week. He is absolutely amazing.
  • Peter Roll I stupidly took on some long distance challenges last year for a charity I support. Peter joined me on practically all or part of my weekly long training runs - as soon as we were allowed - and was just the best companion. My favourite week was the week I had to do a marathon distance training run. We set out with him saying he would join me for about 16 and he just didn’t stop - his first marathon for 10 years under his belt. He really did make a difference to me and whilst he knows it I would like him to have the Harriers recognition
    Jayne Norman
  • Kept a number of us going on by leading Tuesday night runs. She always makes sure everyone's ok and looks after the group - we have a laugh and get fit while we're at it.
  • She's also had an impressive year if running herself, not least of which was a great performance and pb at Yorkshireman Marathon. Well done Jayne and keep doing what you do so well!
  • Nicola Budding Support coach for the junior fell session on a Monday Night, the best support I could have she is always there whatever the weather, she is amazing at putting things on line for me. She just makes coaching a pleasure
    Jane McCarthy and Jonathan Turner
  • For setting up the Tuesday evening IH sessions in Burley
  • Running the Burley sessions with Nick Kealey and Mike AC
  • Running Performance and Races

    Nomination Rationale
    Club Records 2020
  • Open:
    • Jemima Elgood 5k 16:46 and 10k 35:27.
    • Cam Reilly 5K 14:46.
    • Jack Wood half marathon 1:08:24.
  • V55 - Sally Malir half marathon 1:35:57.
  • V65 - Hilda Coulsey 5k 24:08, 10k 49:45, half marathon 1:51:51.
  • Steve Turland
  • for his inspirational Wainwrights project which allowed some of us to enjoy ultra running vicariously
  • adventures in the Lake District, completing all 214 Wainwright’s over 5 (non-consecutive) long days. Quite inspiring!
  • Oli Murphy & Jane McCarthy for their inspiring Ilkley Skyline runs. As NLFR haven’t updated their Skyline results, I guess both are “unofficial” course records, but either way they were both fantastic runs that reflect the “Fastest Known Time” spirit of lockdown.
    Jann Smith for a V50 (also still to be officially recognised) record for ilkley Skyline over the Summer.
    Hilda Coulsey
  • for her excellent performances at the Virtual Masters over the Summer
  • for her fantastic contribution to the club in her role as secretary, constantly going above the call of duty and nothing is ever too much trouble for her to take on
  • Andrew Merrick
  • for completing the Hardmoors 110 in September
  • for another year of fantastic ultra running
  • Paul Carman for his double Ilkley Skyline (yet to be formally recognised but) New Record time
    Mike Abrams-Cohen
  • put so much focussed training over months into breaking his 5k18 mins barrier, getting closer and closer, together with his tolerant and entertaining shoe ribbing.
  • Taking over as club road captain
  • Lucy Williamson for her performance to be 1st lady at Anglesey half marathon
    Joanne Williamson
  • She is doing some great runs with ever increasing speed
  • She has completed a few half marathons driven by self motivation and most importantly is enjoying it
  • Ilkley Harriers trip to the Coniston Trail Half Marathon
  • like to nominate Caroline Tong and Jo-Ann Pattinson, Janette Sauly and Paul Sugden for organising the trip for Coniston Trail Half Marathon
  • This was the only competitive / organised race that I and some of other participants completed in 2020. Despite injury, and concerns as to whether our group would be able to finish the race, we managed to get round and have a thoroughly enjoyable day.
  • Club Training update, 4 Jan 2021

    Following the announcement on 4th Jan 21 of a further lockdown period, the latest Government rules with regard to exercise and activities are as follows:

    You may leave the home to

    This means that all organised club sessions are cancelled with immediate effect. If you do meet with another club member as part of your allowed exercise this must not be as a 'club activity' and so we would ask that you do not wear Ilkley Harriers branded clothing etc.

    As further clarification is published by the Government or from UK Athletics on what is / is not allowed then we will update you all accordingly.

    In the meantime, stay safe and stay active (within the rules) :)

    Great Owl Running GPX Grand Prix, Fri 1 Jan

    From Jeff Green ... The Great Owl GPX Grand Prix series which kicked off in July and included 12 races (best 5 to count) finally drew to a close on 1st Jan 2021. Only two Harriers competed - myself and Steven Bysouth - but we both finished in the top 10 with Steven just missing out (by 1 point) in a very closely fought battle for first place. I got off to a good start with efforts that placed me 4th in The Roundhay Rumble (see earlier race report), 2nd - to Steven, obviously! - in The Dick Double (Medium Fell) and 3rd in Wild West Park (Short Trail). Unfortunately, an ongoing Achilles problem meant I had to stick to the short races for my last two counters and couldn't match my earlier form, finishing 6th overall and first MV50. Steven on the other hand, ran 11 out of the 12 races, won 4 and never dropped below 3rd place, including a win in the 45k North Leeds Trail Marathon! A well-deserved custom-made trophy should soon be sitting on Steven's mantelpiece!
    Results ...