Ilkley Harriers news archive 2020

Podium 5k, Sun 27 Dec

From Sally Armitage ... Cam Reilly ran in Podium's 5k's sub 15 minute elite race
Results ...

(1 14:11 Emile Cairess, Leeds City AC)
17 14:56 Cameron Reilly
24 ran

Ilkley Harriers Virtual Christmas Relay 2020, Final Results

From Jeff Green ... ...

Main Prizes:
Overall Team of 6 winners: Jingle Fell Juniors (Alexander Wolfenden & Dylan Shinn, Archie Budding & Harry Stead, Oscar Shinn & Ethan Doyle)
Overall Pair winners: Ebeneezer Herod FC (Dan McKeown & Danny Thompson)
Handicap Team of 6 winners: Jingle Bell Rock (Rachel Carter & Nick Kealey, Kate Archer & Helen Thurston, Nick Helliwell & Steve Murray)
Handicap Pair winners: The Full Colin: Rachel and Nick (Rachel Carter & Nick Kealey)
Fancy Dress Team of 6 winners: Tinsel Toes (Catherine Crawley & Zoe Donnely, Tom Lally & Jayne Norman, Justin Pierce & Tom Lambe)
Fancy Dress Pair winners: Turkey Twizzlers (Jonathan & Dawn Turner)

Spot Prizes:
Catherine Crawley & Zoe Donnely (Tinsel Toes) who "went the extra mile" and submitted the longest fell leg route as they were having too much fun and overshot the Badger Stone by some way!
Dick Waddington & John Hayes (Dos Santos) for their post-run shower in Willy Hall's Spout and fell leg boulder antics.
Alexander Wolfenden and Dylan Shinn (Jingle Fell Juniors) for their blisteringly quick fell leg.
Dave Robson & Mike Duffield (Rum and Racing) for making everyone jealous with their experimental recovery nutrition: rum & mince pies!

Special mentions:
All the runners that ran more than 3 legs competitively, topped by Rachel Carter who ran a total of 7 legs for 4 different teams.
All the pairs that ran all 3 legs in one go (known as a "Full Colin", after Colin Williams' tendency to do this when entering Dan McKeown's Strava segment time trials).

Clockwise or Anticlockwise:
Surely the biggest controversy since Mike AC's latest pair of trainers... which was the best way round?
Fell: 78% ran clockwise (Rocky Valley then Badger Stone)
Trail: 59% ran anticlockwise (Up Heber's Ghyll; down White Wells steps)
Road: 67% ran anticlockwise (Down Well's Road)

Thank you:
To Dan McKeown, Adam Nodwell of Great Owl Running and Keighley & Craven's Gathering Winter Fools relay for help and inspiration.
To the small but perfectly-formed event team (Jean Sullivan, Jonathan Turner and Sally Armitage) and to others on the committee who helped out and supported.

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Ilkley Harriers Virtual Christmas Relay 2020

There's a different look to the Harriers' Christmas Relays this year, but they still feature fancy dress and Festive fun - although you'll have to provide the mulled wine and mince pies yourself!

We've come up with a new format featuring three different 5km routes in Ilkley - one fell, one trail and one road.

You can do them at any point from now until Christmas Eve - in socially-distanced pairs. Choose whether to take on all three or be part of a team of six and just tackle one of them.

And there's the option to enter individually too as we'll pair you up with someone of a similar pace - just let us know whether you want to be in a team of two or six. The more, the merrier.

Just like Dan's popular weekly time trial segments, you can have as many goes as you like, with the fastest counting towards the regularly-updated leaderboard.

As well as fancy dress, socially-distanced selfie photos are also strongly encouraged. There are prizes for a range of categories, including best outfit, so it's as much about the taking part as being the quickest.

The rules, legs and an entry form are all available by clicking here.

Club training from 5 Dec

In line with Government guidelines training can resume with bookable sessions as before the 'lockdown'. See the Training page.