Ilkley Harriers news archive 2019

Outstanding Achievements, August

From the Committee ...

Jayne Norman for organising the Dales Way relay
All Ultra runners, there were lots this month, whether the race was completed or not. Special mentions to
Ben Sheppard, Oscar Stapleton, Andrew Merrick & Adrian Hall- Dales Way Challenge
Petra Bijsterveld - Nendaz trail
Tom Adams - new record at Round Hill fell race
Lucy Williamson - general good performances, Eshton Moor fell race 2nd lady
Jack Cummings - Burnsall 10 win
Oscar Street parkrun PB
Jonathan Turner 5km PB
Sally Armitage 5km PB
Hilda Coulsey parkrun PB

Nendaz Trail, Sat 31 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld... The Nendaz Trail 'Petit Parcours' is a 30 km mountain trail race from Haute-Nendaz in the Valais region of Switzerland taking in 5,820 ft of ascent. Other distances on offer are 17 and 70 km. Starting out under a bright blue sky from the ski resort Haute-Nendaz (1300 m) we took 9 km to climb to the highest point of the race, le Basso d'Alou at 2337 m, descended, climbed a bit more to just over 2000 m, and descended again. The last 8 km were spent running back along the 'bisses', ancient small artificial waterways carved into the mountainside. The footpaths alongside these are fairly level, which should have made for easier moving, but I found the endless tree roots and small rocks a challenge for my two left feet which by now were a little tired, and I managed to go flying in the last mile resulting in a bloodied knee and elbow but no worse. Once we reached more even ground I had enough energy left for a determined sprint on approaching the finish to just gain a couple of extra places. When you are at the back end of a race you have to cherish the small triumphs!
This was my second Alpine race this summer and again I had a fantastic day out, with such a friendly atmosphere amongst the runners, lots of helpful volunteers, great feed stations along the way (cheese, bananas and cola rule OK for me!) and a lovely bowl of pasta at the end.
Results ...

(1  3:10:23 Antoine Piatti, Team Cristal Sport (SUI))
302 6:11:46 Petra Bijsterveld
344 finished

parkruns, Sat 31 Aug

Results ...

Leeds Evensplits 5k, Wed 28 Aug

From Jonathan Turner ... There were ideal conditions at the latest Evensplits 5k at the Brownlee Centre - with the winning time of 15:32 just two seconds off the event record and solid runs again from the Harriers contingent.
Results ...

(1  15:32 Marcos Angel Valero Palacios, Roundhay Runners)
24  17:42 Dan McKeown
39  18:27 Dave Foyston
43  18:34 Jonathan Turner
56  19:07 Mike Abrams-Cohen
83  20:39 Daryl King
105 21:42 James Greenlay  (Junior)
177 ran

Kilnsey Show fell race, Tue 27 Aug

Results ...

(1  7:53 Nick Swinburn, Northumberland)
6   8:40 Jack Wood
42 11:48 Helen Wood
53 12:26 Roy Ruddle
100 finished

Reeth Show fell race, Mon 26 Aug

Results ...

(1 16:05 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
5  18:31 Iain Gibbons 1st V45
86 finished

Halton Gill Sports fell race, Sun 25 Aug

A win for Jack Wood we hear, and Helen Wood well up in the results. More soon.

Burnsall Classic fell race, Sat 24 Aug

Results ...

(1 15:28 Robin Howie, Wharfedale)
57 22:28 Peter Shelley
140 finished

Burnsall 10, Sat 24 Aug

Results ...

1   56:27 Jack Cummings
18  69:09 Lawrence Basham
21  69:25 Nick Helliwell
35  75:02 Steve Murray
52  80:00 Daryl King
74  85:01 Catherine Crawley
95  90:50 Mark Judkowski
119 97:18 Hilda Coulsey
126 99:07 Nicole Liptrot
155 finished

Malham Show fell race, Sat 24 Aug

Results ...

(1 18:28 Adam Osborne, CVFR)
2  19:24 Jack Wood
19 24:51 Helen Wood 3rd lady
51 finished

Double or Quit, Sat 24 Aug

From Dan McKeown ... Ilkeston RC's 'Double or Quit' race offers a choice of one, two or (for the first time this year) three 5-mile laps of Shipley Country Park in the blazing late afternoon Bank Holiday Saturday sun. In keeping with the faintly sadistic concept behind the race, all finishers received a packet of crumpets.
So long as you're within the time cut-offs, you don't have to decide whether you're continuing or quitting until the end of each lap. Having resisted temptation twice, I came second overall in the 15-mile event, sufficiently far behind the winner that he could probably have toasted his crumpets on the bonnet of his car and eaten them before I arrived. This was, however, good enough to secure the rather blingy vet MV40 trophy and a voucher for Derbyshire Runner.

Double or Quit 5 / 10 / 15-mile race (Ilkeston, Derbyshire)
(1 1:35:11 James Caldon, Benfleet Running Club)
2  1:39:53 Dan McKeown - 1st MV40
21 finished 15-mile race

parkruns, Sat 24 Aug

Results ...

Sedbergh Hills fell race, Sun 18 Aug

Results ...

(1 2:22:21 James Harris, Ambleside)
3 2:29:11 Nathan Edmondson
105 finished

Tynedale 10 miles, Sun 18 Aug

From Geoff Howard... History had provided a target for my only go at a 10 miler this year (Tynedale 10 at Ovingham village) in that my times at ages 60, 65 & 70 were within seconds of 61m, 65m & 70m respectively. So hoping for 75m or so to maintain the trend, I was pleased to finish in exactly 100th place with 73m 46s. 407 ran with Dominic Shaw of New Marske Harriers first in 52m 7s. Supposedly flat, the out and back route actually had 450' of ascent (about 2/3rds of the Ilkley 1/2). The only race I've run that had compulsory jelly and tea at the end.

Coniston Country Fair fell race, Sun 18 Aug

From Alison Weston... I went to a traditional Lakeland fair in Torver on Sunday which had a fell race to the top of Coniston Old Man - a lovely route up but sadly no views due to mist.
The winner was Tom Simpson from Ambleside in 47:27 minutes in a small field of 40 runners and I was 31st (5th lady) in 1:10:23.
Highly recommended race!

Punk Panther Dales Way Challenge, 17-18 Aug

From Adrian Hall ... An 82 mile ultramarathon to celebrate 50 years of the Dales Way. A challenging run from Bowness-in-Windermere back to Ilkley with aid stations every 9 - 12 miles and a gear drop at 40 miles. About 150 competitors set off from the Lakes. Whilst the going was boggy for large sections, the threatened rain never materialised which made the event more pleasant than expected.
I had wanted to complete the Dales Way for nearly 20 years during which time the length seems to have increased significantly. I was fortunate to have piggy-backed on the IH relay two weeks earlier which allowed a long section to be reccied that I wasn't familiar with - many thanks to the Harriers on Legs 2 and 3 for their patience. After boggy sections it was a relief to reach Buckden and Wharfedale in daylight having passed one of the trickier sections. I finished along with friend, Mike Bottomley in 20 hrs 5 mins having completed nearly 83 miles, with no navigation errors. It was a relief to survive with nothing more than a couple of blisters.
Results ...

(1 14h35 Keith Wigley)
6  17h44 Ben Shepherd 2nd V40
18 19h56 Andrew Merrick 3rd V50
20 20h11 Adrian Hall
55 24h20 Oscar Stapleton
109 completed

From Andrew Merrick ... the opportunity to run the Dales Way with logistical support and a finish location which made for an easy journey home was too good to miss.....
Organised by the local ultra organisers Punkpanther, we were coached to the start from Ilkley Tennis Club, with a vaguely civilised 6am departure allowing plenty of faffing time in Bowness prior to the 8:30 start time. I was slightly concerned I might not see my drop bag again as I stuffed it in the back of an estate car along with everyone else's - approximate 200 in total I think!
The race itself started about half a mile up the hill from the lake - ie the actual start of the Dales Way - which did make for early stile queuing.
The checkpoints were pretty well stocked although not the largest I have come across, with a couple being small gazebos, and only the drop bag checkpoint (and the end) offering hot drinks. At this station, although there was only just room to swing a compeed, there was a very wide range of hot food options, which numbered more than the available chairs. Our "chef" seemed slightly disappointed with my choice of a plate of baked beans.... ("you lot have strange appetites") I couldn't fault the level of support we received from all the volunteers along the way. A thank you also to the other runners' support teams who were well organised in finding appropriate locations to cheer us on and offer support.
A couple of small navigational errors, despite the GPX file provided by Punkpanther, my incompetence not theirs; their file even included the sections off the Dales Way to the various checkpoints which was helpful additional reassurance.
As Adrian mentioned we were very fortunate with the weather having swerved the heavy rain of Friday at the cost of some very soggy going in places.... wet feet is not the best for long distance running, but my feet survived better on this run than my previous outing in Devon. I spent much of the run with Chris Smith having got chatting about 25 miles or so into the route. We were both glad of my local knowledge over the last 20 miles of the route as we headed back to Ilkley in darkness - a moonlit Wharfe will be an abiding memory of that section. At the end, to prove we had completed the full route we had to go past the Tennis Club to the official finish of the Dales Way at the Old Bridge and then go back to the club to tell the organisers the letter on the sign hung there (Fittingly a "Y" for the end of the Dales Way). I bumped into Adrian as I headed home after a quick cup of tea at the finish tent outside the tennis club entrance, and offered to show him where the Old Bridge was - he very politely indicated he knew.......
Overall, a well organised race and a great opportunity to run our local ultra footpath with friendly, enthusiastic support. I understand there is a plan to do it again next year. Give it a go - what's the worst that could happen?!

Gargrave show fell race, Sat 17 Aug

Results ...

(1 22:37 Joe Hudsoon, KCAC)
4  23:50 Jack Cummings
78 finished

Podium 5k, Sat 17 Aug

From Sally Armitage ... This was my 4th trip to Podium 5k in Barrowford for yet another bid for a personal best over the 5k distance. 4 and 3/4 laps of a totally flat cycle track. The wind was not anticipated and definitely made it more challenging, I was joined by Euan Brennan and Mark Iley. Euan put in a stonking performance for 3rd place in the 'A' race, Mark and myself were also pleased with our performances in the 'B' race.
Results ...

'A' race
(1 14:17 Charlie Hulson, Liverpool Harriers) 
3  14:52 Euan Brennan  (PB)
23 15:55 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
58 ran

'B' race
(1 16:33 Ian Carruthers, unattached) 
22 19:44 Sally Armitage  (PB)
30 20:27 Mark Iley 
45 ran

Euan's time is a new club record, beating Tom Adams' 15:02 at Barrowford on 17/6/16.

parkruns, Sat 17 Aug

Results ...

Trail du PNR Perigord-Limousin, Sun 11 Aug

From Gavin Lamb ... 39km Didn't spot any more Harriers here, sorry if I missed you! First time I have ever seen one of the competitors stub out a cigarette on the way to the start line (he beat me I think!) - only in France!

(1 2:49:54 Pierre Provest)
18 3:34:52 Gavin Lamb
54 finishers

parkruns, Sat 10 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Hilda Coulsey claimed the age category record at Portrush this Saturday and came top of the age grade table! Well done Hilda! Tom Worboys found himself in Frankfurt but had some problem finding the parkrun venue. Not easily deterred he still ran even though he had arrived well after the start!
Results ...

(1  17:37 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
84  24:44 Phil Hirst
142 27:13 Petra Bijsterveld
236 30:30 Paula Reynier
427 ran

(1  16:34 Nick Bester, Herne Hill Harriers)
16  19:10 Rob Cunningham
354 ran

(1  18:47 unknown athlete)
112 25:31 Hilda Coulsey
338 ran

(1  19:01 Ed Newbould, Horsforth Harriers)
20  22:37 Catherine Gibbons
64  26:14 Robin Nicholson
204 ran

(1  20:13 Shaun Heys, Trawden AC)
56  34:28 Andrew Wilson
70 ran

Nidda (Frankfurt)
(1  16:35 Nikita Golowizin, U/A)
50  37:36 Tom Worboys
55 ran

Mole Valley
(1  16:56 unknown athlete)
41  22:14 Peter Roll
373 ran

Centre Vale
(1  19:02 James Franklin, U/A)
26  25:05 Will Worboys
90 ran

Round Hill fell race, Sun 4 Aug

Results ...

1   51:41 Tom Adams  New record
10  65:58 Jim Ryder
48  77:23 John Hayes
49  77:55 Colin Williams
88  95:39 Dan Simmons
109 finished

Manorlands 5k and 10k races at Bolton Abbey, Sun 4 Aug

From Caroline Howe... The club was pleased to be able to support Sue Ryder Manorlands in hosting a new 5k and 10k race at Bolton Abbey, with a team of 8 of us going along to marshall on the day. The event was a big success, and adds to the Sue Ryder calendar of runs which also includes another series at Bolton Abbey in November and the Solstice Saunter in June. Well done to the Harriers who took on the tough route on a hot morning, and thanks to Petra, Jayne, Nicky, Istvan, Mike, David and Sue for helping out - a lovely morning out!
Results ...

(1  40:50 Lee Athersmith)
34  55:09 Oliver Stoker
239 85:34 Jill Roberts
240 85:34 Emma Roberts
261 finished

Firefighter's 5, Sun 4 Aug

From Sally Armitage... A 5 mile hilly road race in Birkenshaw hosted by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Bradford Airedale Athletics Club. I ran this race 2 years ago so knew the course (albeit it was slightly tweaked this year), which has a total of 400 metres on the 'flat' and a brutal 1 mile climb to the finish. I was super happy to be 1st lady and much to my delight there was another Harrier there too, Robin Nicholson, who came 2nd out of the Fire Service runners. It's a nice small field and chip timed.

(1 26:54 Joe Sagar, Spenborough AC) 
14 32:23 Robin Nicholson 
32 34:59 Sally Armitage  
275 ran

Borrowdale Fell Race, Sat 3 Aug

From William Buckton... Organised by Borrowdale Fell Runners the Borrowdale Fell Race is one of the classic Lake District races. Starting from the village of Rosthwaite the route takes in 27km of the roughest terrain in the Lakes including Scafell Pike and Great Gable, and with 2,000m ascent it is right up there with Wasdale and Ennerdale. It was a hot day on Saturday and I was happy to get round and survive the scree descent from Scafell Pike!

(1  3h03:57 Ricky Lightfoot Ellenborough AC)
199 5h20:52 Will Buckton
237 finished

Dales Way Relay, Sat 3 Aug

From Jayne Norman ... After an absence of 6 years, we held a relay run along the Dalesway from Bowness on Windermere to Ilkley, a total of 81 miles.
Starting at 5am, and completing by 8:30pm carrying a rock as a baton along the way. Everyone enjoyed their leg/s running through beautiful countryside and amazing views. Followed by a few social drinks in the Vaults after. Hopefully this has helped revive this relay and many more years of running to come.
Thank you to all runners that took part, it is much appreciated to allow this great Relay to take place again. Watch this space for details of next years run, a great event that any in the club can take part in, fast and slow runners alike. It really is a run for all, and the more on each leg the merrier.
More pictures can be found on our facebook page.

parkruns, Sat 3 Aug

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:59 Tim Baldwin, Saltaire Striders)
4   18:52 Alex Hirst
6   19:06 Adam Rhodes
35  22:35 Oscar Street
72  24:49 Philip Hirst
197 30:14 Paula Reynier
399 ran 

Sale Water
(1  17:36 James Hutchison, Eton Manor AC)
30  22:06 Catherine Gibbons
204 ran

Clapham Common
(1  16:34 Joe Toomey, Hercules Wimbledon AC)
22  18:34 Rob Cunningham
602 ran

Conyngham Hall
(1  18:56 Cal Mills, U/A)
34  24:23 Malcolm Pickering
86  28:51 Sally Pickering
200 ran

Eshton Moor, Thu 1 Aug

Results ...

1  31:34 Tom Adams
7  36:02 Steve Gott
13 36:57 Dan Wilkinson
21 39:09 Lucy Williamson 2nd lady
79 finished
Ilkley took the men's team prize

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