Ilkley Harriers News Archive Oct-Dec 2001

Auld Lang Syne fell race, Mon 31st December

This 6 mile race with 900' of climb is a traditional way to see out the year for many local runners, and there were over 20 Harriers amongst the 400-strong field. Bingley's Ian Holmes won in 34.48; first Harrier (just) was Jim Ryder 69th in 43.55, with Andrea Priestley 72nd, 2nd lady, and first lady vet 35 in 44.17. Nick Pearce was 82nd in 45.07; Mike Baldwin 87th in 45.42; Graham Pearce 102nd in 46.26; Pete Shields 144th in 48.08; Ian Marshall 147th in 48.24; Ashley Hardwell 153rd(?) in 49.27; Alison Weston 173rd and 7th lady in 49.28; Dennis Ackroyd 184th in 49.59; Neil Chapman 191st in 50.30; Paul Wood 227th in 52.46; Keith Wood 246th in 53.43; Andy Wiggans 255th in 54.04; Joyce Marshall 257th in 54.21; Rachael Gooch 260th in 54.47; Jo Foster 287th in 56.32; Anna Liuba 291st in 56.43; Andy Webster 307th in 58.35; Shirley Wood 322nd in 59.45; Jill Cooke 68.00; and Chris Porritt 383rd in 73.34 - a lady Vet 60 record. The ladies were the 2nd team.
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Ribble Valley 10km, Sun 30th December

A normally fast course here attracts a large and classy field, but this year slush probably added 30s to most times. Andy Wade was 20th in 34.27; Billy Kerr 42nd in 36.19; Mark Iley 45th in 36.33; Phil Atkinson 54th in 37.23; Terry Lonergan 57th and 3rd Vet-50 in 37.53; Neil Chapman 64th in 38.27; Pete Shields 86th in 39.47; Ewan Welsh 99th in 40.38; Cath Wolfenden 117th and 9th lady in 41.46; Keith Wood 125th in 42.14; Andy Webster 153rd in 43.46; Andy Wolfenden 197th in 45.43; and Bernie Connor 229th in 47.53 - 380 ran .
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Jolly Holly Jog, 30th December 2001

A good turn-out for 9.5km of road and path over an 'alternative' course: Richard Gray ran about 42.30; Shirley Wood 48.26; and Joy Gray 51.30. In the 2-mile cross-country fun run, Sam Wood was 34th in 14.14; Emily Wood 35th in 15.04; and Jo Gray 41st in 16.17 - well done to them all.

Chevin Chase, 26 Dec 2001

(Official results) A great race, with over 30 Harriers amongst the 850-odd runners. Ian Fisher won it in 38.15, chased by John Taylor 38.22, with a man dressed as a Christmas Pudding (Richard Allen, triathlete) not far behind! Andy Wade wasn't far behind either, 25th in 43.52; then Kevin McMullan 41st in 46.00; Clive Smith 48th in 46.31; Mike Baldwin 64th in 47.28; Neil Chapman setting a PB of 48.35 in 78th place; Dave Matthews incognito; Rob Pawson 150th in 51.46; Alison Weston 200th in 53.38; Julie Harvey 209th in 52.52; David Moutrie 232nd in 54.37; Andy Wiggans 240th in 54.40; Phil Chappell 241st 54.50; Suzanne Akeroyd 258th in 55.06; Alison Crane 271st in 55.39; Keith Wood 283rd in 55.57; Peter Cook 308th in 56.48; Andy Webster 310th in 56.51; Dave Ibbotson 326th in 57.28; Richard Gray 334th in 57.40; Steve Cockerham (Bernie Connor?) 395th in 59.33; Claudia Barjolin 436th in 61.13; Linda Wright 461st in 62.01; Richard Midgeley 488th in 62.44; Judith Smart 495th in 62.56; Shirley Wood 505th in 63.08; Victoria Wright 533rd in 64.10; Michelle Moutrie 548th in 64.40; Jill Cooke 563rd in 65.13; Les Atkins 620th in 68.00; Ronnie Shackleton 633rd in 68.35; Andrew Wright 638th in 68.50; Andy Sarah + Landlord 652nd in 69.32; Amanda Parnaby 679th in 70.58; Brian Sweet 712th in 73.47; Mandy Chapman 753rd in 77.02; Jane Leather 775th in 83.18.
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Sport Direct XC, Race #3, Kippax, 6 Jan 2001

Confirmed Details

Sport Direct XC, Race #2, Middleton Woods, 23 Dec 2001

There was a great turnout of 26 Harriers at the second race in the Sport Direct XC League, despite it being just a few days before Christmas. Over a frosty 5 mile course around Middleton Woods, Andy Wade led home the Harriers with a classy 3rd place in 28.26. It was good to see Billy Kerr racing again, 13th in 30.16; followed by Nick Pearce 19th in 30.40; Mike Baldwin 26th in 31.09; Phil Atkinson 27th in 31.12; Neil Chapman 38th in 32.07; Ian Marshall 40th in 32.15; and Dave 43rd. Paul Wood was 57th in 33.39; Dennis Ackroyd 64th in 34.21; Keith Wood 73rd in 35.20; Eric Phillipson 85th in 36.58; Steve Cockerham 86th in 36.59; and Andy Wolfenden just behind with 37.36. The men's team won 2nd place on the day, with good results likely in the Vet's competition too.

For the ladies, Cath Wolfenden had a brilliant run, 2nd in 33.27 - ahead of many of our men. Alison Weston was 4th in 34.13; Julie Harvey 6th in 35.26; and Alison Crane and Joyce Marsahall racing in for 9th and 10th places in 35.46. Clare Cheesewright was 12th in 36.13; Bridget Doherty 24th in 39.04; Susie Jollie 26th in 40.10; Judith Smart 27th in 40.29; Shirley Wood 28th in 40.30; and Margot Dale 35th in 52.32. Great packing gave our ladies a clear win, taking us into the lead in the League, and again with good results likely in the Vet's competition. Thanks to all the children and supporters who turned out, too. The next race in the League is at Kippax on the 6th January - let's have a repeat performance there.

STOP PRESS - In the 2nd race at Middleton Park we had first ladies, first ladies Vets, first Men's team in the First Division, and second Men's Vets team in the First Division.

Sally + 1

Sally would like to pass on her good news, baby girl born 7lb150z 18th Dec, all well

Handicap Tue 18 Dec 2001

Results (let Shirley know of any errors). Congratulations to Jo. Some good handicapping here, too.

PosnNameHcapNet time
1Jo Simpson052.50
2Steve Fletcher547.53
3Lynn Donohue250.53
4Elaine Ibbotson746.05
5Simon O'Hara053.29
6Andy Webster1340.30
7Alison Weston1439.34
8Cath Wolfenden1340.36
9Alison Crane11.3042.24
10Clare Cheesewright11.3042.24
11Graham Maud945.04
12Amanda Parnaby351.09
13Mandy Chapman252.18
14Andy Wolfenden1341.21
15Dave Ibbotson1341.25
16Eugene Doherty1539.27
17Ian Thornham??
18Alison Bennett14.3040.18
19Terry Lonergan2134.50
20John Spencer2034.53
21Julie Harvey1539.54
22Graham Pearce19.3035.31
23Clive Smith2035.08
24Mike Baldwin1936.28
25Neil Chapman2036.08
26Stefan Macina2333.20
27Billy Kerr2333.23
28Bidget Doherty11.3045.03
29Phil Hirst1740.08
30Ewan Welsh19.3037.45
31Dennis Ackroyd1938.22
32Paul Dennison2334.26
33Phil Chappell1839.27
34Andy Kitchen15.3042.01
35John Coen1938.59
36Vic Verecondi356.28
37Brian Sweet356.50

Club Meetings over the Christmas Period

The Stoop fell race, Sun 16 Dec 2001

Despite the Club Xmas Do the night before, we still had people out in this race over at Penistone, 5 miles and 800' with a steep climb and descent. Jim Ryder was 41st in 34.45; Nick Pearce 47th in 34.55 showing son Graham (61st in 35.53) the way home; Pete Shields was 114th in 38.56; and new signing Ian Marshall 120th in 39.01. Cath Wolfenden was 134th, and 5th lady, in 39.56 - an improvement of 7 minutes on last year's time; and Chris Porritt also had a good run to set a Vet-60 record of 55.15

Calderdale Way Relay, Sun 9 Dec 2001

The Calderdale Way Relay is the biggest event in the fell running calendar, with most respectable fell running clubs fielding teams of 12 runners - 6 legs run in pairs. This is a regular event for Ilkley, and as last year we fielded 3 teams: men's, mixed, and ladies.
The Ilkley Ladies team finished 2nd to mighty Bingley - Julie Harvey and Alison Weston led out on the first leg from Copley to Cragg Vale, 55th overall in 88.27. Rachael Gooch and Joyce Marshall carried the baton on to Todmorden, 62nd team in 79.44. Then Cath Wolfenden and Clare Cheesewright ran the uphill leg to Blackshaw Head, 42nd team in 47.35. Andrea Priestley and Emma Barclay ran the tough Leg 4 to Wainstalls, 48th team on 86.38. Anna Liuba and Susie Jollie ran on to Shelf, 68th in 78.18, and Di Kitchen and Alison Bennett brought the team back to Copley 56th on their leg in 91.58, making the team 52nd overall.
For the men's team, Mike Baldwin and Clive Smith gave us a sound start - 32nd in 80.13. Graham Pearce and Dick Hebbert dashed to the changeover, but still managed 49th on their leg in 75.32. Adrian Hall and Roy Ruddle had a strong run - 18th in 42.42, as did our next pair of Nick Pearce and Jim Ryder, 14th in 73.11. Kevin McMullan and Ken Souyave continued the good work, 21st on their leg with 63.42, and Pete Shields and Neil Chapman brought the team home 53rd on their leg but in 24th place overall with their time of 91.32.
Finally, our mixed team finished 57th overall and 4th mixed team (brilliant!) with good runs from Phil Atkinson and Dennis Ackroyd (47th in 86.31); Alison Crane and Jo Foster (64th in 80.18); Bridget Doherty and Janet Hebbert (81st in 58.50); Ashley Hardwell and Ian Marshall (a star turn, 28th in 78.56); Claire Williams and Suzanne Akeroyd (70th in 79.24); and Phil Hirst and Rob Pawson 64th in 94.38
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Full results on Halifax Harriers web pages

Tennis Club Grand Prix/Social, Wed 5 Dec 2001

Ilkley Tennis Club's 'Grand Prix' Squash + Quiz nights have been going for some 7 years now, but this week Harriers joined in the fun with teams racing in a 5-leg relay before going on to slug it out with the squash players (and each other!) in a fiendishly challenging quiz competition.
See the running results here
Next event 16 January

Leeds Abbey Dash 10km, Sun 2 Dec 2001

Update 6 Dec The Leeds Abbey Dash is a very popular local race, with a flat course that motivates people to go for fast times, and many Harriers managed this. Andy Wade showed that he's benefitting from Pete Shields' coaching, with an improved time of 34.15. Kevin McMullan ran 36.04; Mark Iley 36.13 (PB); Neil Chapman 37.58; Clive Smith 38.15; Ken Souyave 38.10; Ewan Welsh 39.09; Carl Smith 39.57; Chris Thompson 40.21; Clare Williams 41.56; John Woodward 42.34; John Coen 42.34; Andy Webster 43.03 (a PB by 3 minutes); Alison Bennett 43.19 (PB); and Richard Gray ran his fastest time in 6 years with 43.42. Judith Smart ran 44.24; Andy Wolfenden ran 45.15; Ian Adamson 45.40; and Bernie Connor his best time in 2 years with 45.50. ; Bob Whiting 46.58; Richard Midgley 49.08; Clare Park 50.20; Steve Fletcher 52.30; Chris Airey 53.57; Brian Sweet 55.00; and Amanda Parnaby 55.00. 2000 ran.
"What a lovely morning for a 10K, bright and cold. It was definitely a good idea to huddle together at the start to keep warm - it's a good job we are a friendly club! "

On completely different terrain, some of the club's long-distance specialists were competing in the Tanky's Trog - 26 miles across the Peak District from Marsden to Edale. Alison Weston was 2nd lady in 4h12m; Rachael Gooch was 3rd Lady Vet in 4h40m; and Ashley Hardwell completed in 5h.

West Yorks XC League, Race #3, Spenborough, 24 Nov 2001

We managed to field full teams at this distant race. The ladies raced first: Cath Wolfenden was 21st; Alison Bennett 25th; Diane Kitchen 29th; and Janet Hebbert 50th: the ladies finished 6th team out of 11.
Next, in the men's race over a 5(!) lap course, we were represented by Nick Pearce 58th in 35.30; Mark Iley 67th in 36.30; Kevin McMullan 86th in 37.00; Neil Chapman 108th; Ewan Welsh 112th; Phil Chappell 144th in 42.05; Andy Kitchen 158th; and Andy Webster 159th - the men were 15th out of 20 teams.

Roundhay 5 Mile, Sun 18th Nov 2001

31st Andy Wade 27.58; 45th Nick Pearce 28.55; 49th Kevin McMullan 28.58; 57th Adrian Hall 29.10 (PB); 88th Neil Chapman 30.51; 90th Ken Souyave (running for Darwen Dashers, shurely shome mishtake!!??) 30.56; 199th Andrew Webster 35.19; 265th Judith Smart 37.22; 442nd Bernie Davidson 42.57; 502nd Heather Duke 45.33; 526th Jane Coupe 46.38
In the 3 Mile race, Simon Chapman recorded a PB of 24.52, for 56th place; and Bradley Chapman was 121st in 35.57
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Ilkley Moor fell race, 11 Nov 2001

The Ilkley Moor fell race was one of the first fell races to be cancelled due to foot and mouth disease precautions back in February, so with the all-clear from all the appropriate authorities it was great to be able to stage this popular local race on Sunday. 210 runners finished the 4.5 mile course, with 1150' of climb. The race is a tough one (as well as perhaps being a little longer than the quoted 4.5 miles), with Rob Hope winning again, in a time of 38.23. There were some 20 Harriers in the field, including notably Tim Ashelford, 15th in 43.51; Graham Pearce 20th in 45.43; and Jim Ryder 27th in 46.08. Emma Barclay was 3rd lady in 51.16 after a great battle with Alison Weston (4th in 51.18); Rachael Gooch 6th and first Vet in 56.23; and Joyce Marshall 2nd Vet in 57.22. And Ilkley Harriers won the ladies' team prize with those 3rd, 4th, and 6th places.
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Sport Direct XC, Race #1, Bramley Fall, 11 Nov 2001

Sunday was a busy day because at the same time as our fell race a contingent of another 20 Harriers were at Bramley Fall running in the first of the Sport Direct Cross-Country League races. Our first runner home was Andy Wade in third place in a time of 23.56, followed by Kevin McMullan 13th in 25.04; Mark Iley 18th in 25.23; Ken Souyave 37th in 26.59; Neil Chapman 38th in 27mins; James Lind 39th in 27.01; Ewan Welsh 44th in 27.16; Phil Atkinson 47th in 27.27; Keith Wood 67th in 29.13; Andy Kitchen 69th in 29.27; Norman Bush 77th in 30mins; Andy Webster 91st in 31.45 and Ronnie Shackleton in 111th in 36.18.
The ladies also fielded a sound team with Cath Wolfenden as our first counter in 4th place in 29.32; followed by Alison Crane 9th in 30.13; Diane Kitchen 11th in 30.41; Janet Hebbert 22nd in 33.16; Judith Smart in her first race for us 24th in 34.15; Susie Jollie 25th in 34.17 and Chris Porritt 30th in 34.45. We were able to field both an 'open' and Vets team for both the men and ladies despite many of our runners racing on the fells. Both men's and ladies' teams were second on the day. This is an excellent start to the league series and well done to everyone who ran.

West Yorks XC League, Race #2, Adel, 4 Nov 2001

There was an improved turnout of Harriers for the second race in this series - but the other clubs seemed to have got stronger too! In the Ladies' race, 2 laps and about 6km, Cath Wolfenden had a strong run to finish in 28.05; then Diane Kitchen 28.12; Bridget Doherty 31.12; and Janet Hebbert 31.42 (all results unofficial as yet). 2nd claim Harrier Kirstin Bailey, running for Bingley, ran 28.37. Against top class competition, the ladies were 9th team.
In the mens' race, 3 laps over 9km, Tim Ashelford was 29th in 36.10; Nick Pearce 50th in 37.57; Mark Iley 55th in 38.11; Jim Ryder 63rd in 38.47; and Mike Baldwin 80th in 40.00. Then Paul Wood and Neil Chapman battled it out for the honour of being last counter for the team, finishing 99th in 41.31 and 100th in 41.32 respectively. Phil Chappell, 127th in 43.36, will be looking at how to shave 3 minutes off his time; Eugene Doherty was 141st in 45.02; and team organiser Andy Kitchen 145th in 45.50. The men finished a creditable 8th out of 19 teams.
And in the U13 Girls' race, Eleanor Kitchen was 6th out of 33.
Special thanks to the Harriers who turned up to support the runners.
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Results on Valley Striders web site click here

Meanwhile, Andy Wolfenden clocked 78.26 for the Derwentwater 10, a good time on a windy day and a tough course.

And Roy Ruddle was 84th of 923 in the Dovedale Dash on Sun (4.75 miles cross country). Time of 34 mins + something.

Shepherds Skyline fell race, 3 Nov 2001

There were 5 Harriers at the Harry Clayton Memorial race on Saturday. Mike Baldwin was first home in 41st place in a time of 50.58 for the 6 miles with 1150' of climb. Ashley Hardwell was next, 77th in 54.40, just beating Geoff Howard 78th in 54.52; Dennis Ackroyd 136th in 59.48; and Anna Liuba 153rd in 61.36
Official results click here for Tod Harriers' web site

Harriers Running League - October 2001

The Committee have decided that the Sport Direct XC League results will be used in a similar way to the Harrogate Road League results to accrue points in the 2001 Harriers' Running League: an individual's best 3 results (weighted by age and gender in the 'normal' fashion) will count. Dates below.

KIMM, 27-28 Oct 2001

Final Results 17 Nov Harriers fielded several pairs in the 33rd annual Karrimor International Mountain Marathon, a two-day long-distance event including an overnight camp. Eddie Winslow and his partner were 16th in the Elite class, with a time of 15h4s over the 2 days. Joyce Marshall and husband Ian were 106th in 11h58m29s on the B course. Dave and Clare Cheesewright were 3rd in the C class, with a total time of 7h56m57s. In the Long Score class, Alison Weston and Rachael Gooch were 72nd in 12h24m5s, 2nd ladies team; Geoff and Caroline Howard were 178th in 10h36m in the same class, and Anna Liuba and Ashley Hardwell 231st in 13h07m. And in the Short Score class, Cath Wolfenden was 190th in 9h36m.
Full results etc. at

Snowdon Marathon, 28 Oct 2001

Suzanne Akeroyd was 7th lady in 3h48m40s, and Richard Midgeley ran 4h23s

Guy Fawkes 5M, 27 Oct 2001

Preliminary results Adrian Hall 30.04; Ken Souyave 31.15; Neil Chapman 32.25; Phil Hirst 33.47; Andy Wolfenden 37.05; Amanda Parnaby 44.30

WYXC Race #2, 4 Nov, details available

Click here for details

FRA Relays, 21 Oct 2001

Ilkley Harriers fielded three teams in the prestigious Fell Runners Association Relays - effectively the national fell relay championship, in Snowdonia. And our ladies' team were second by just 15 seconds after a thrilling four hours and 21 minutes of racing. Tracey Ambler ran a great first leg to finish 2nd lady in 46.39; then Alison Weston and Emma Barclay pulled us up to first place in 74.20. Rachael Gooch and Susie Jollie, on the navigational leg, ran 84.12 - keeping us in touch in 2nd place. Finally Andrea Priestley ran a very strong final leg in 56.26; almost catching the runner from Keswick AC.
Our first men's team also had a good result - 31st team in 4h5m18s. John Spencer ran 46.38; Nick and Graham Pearce 68.20; Eddie Winslow and Adrian Hall 67.58; and Geoff Howard 62.15. Such was the quality of the ladies' run that they split our two men's teams - finishing 54th overall, with our second men's team finishing in 60th place, another good result. Mark Priestley ran 53m; Anna Liuba and Ashley Hardwell 81m; Roy Ruddle and James Lind 71.03; and Peter Shields 61.57
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The same day, at somewhat lower altitude, Clive Smith ran a PB of 37.54 and Ian Adamson ran 46.36, in the Bradford 10km road race.

West Yorkshire Cross-Country, Race #1, Bramley Fall, 20 Oct 2001

(Updated official results 25 Oct.) Harriers got off to a great start in this tough league, with full teams competing despite the FRA Relays the following day. For the ladies, Alison Bennett ran 30.36 for 20th place over the muddy 4 mile course; followed by Di Kitchen 21st in 31.57; Clare Cheesewright 31st in 33.27; and Suzanne Akeroyd 33rd in 33.35. The ladies were 6th team out of 9, just behind local rivals Harrogate.
In the men's race, over 6 miles, Kevin McMullan was 69th in 44.00; Mike Baldwin 78th in 44.56; Paul Wood 87th in 46.11; Neil Chapman 95th in 46.59; Ian Thornham 123rd in 49.33; and Phil Chappell pleased to be a counter for the team - 130th in 50.59. Eugene Doherty was right behind, 131st in 51.12; and Andy Kitchen team captain 132nd in 51.47. The men were 12th out of 15 teams.
Clich here to see the team photos

Sport Direct XC dates now available

We found these dates on Horsforth Harriers' web site :
11th Nov - Bramley Fall Park (Horsforth/Kirkstall)
23rd Dec - South Leeds Stadium (Rothwell)
6th Jan - Kippax
10th Feb - Ackworth
3rd March - Lawnswood YMCA (Abbey Runners)
All races are enter on the day and cost £2.00 (includes food afterwards)
Register by 10.30, race starts at 11.00am. Everyone runs same course 4-5 miles

Withins Skyline fell race, 13 Oct 2001

This race of the Woodheads is a local favorite, with a good turnout of Harriers. But Bingley's Ian Holmes was first, as always, romping round the boggy 7 mile course in 41.20. Nick Pearce was 42nd in 50.37; with Jim Ryder finishing fast 43rd in 50.43; and Mike Baldwin 48th in 51.07. Tracey Ambler, last year's Yorkshire Champion, was 3rd lady this year - 56th overall in 52.18. Pete Shields was 70th in 54.07; Geoff Howard 74th in 54.59; James Lind 96th in 57.11. Alison Weston was 9th lady - 101st overall in 57.55. Dennis Ackroyd was 106th in 58.20; Rachael Gooch 124th in 60.40; Anna Liuba 144th in 62.57; Dave Ibbotson 144th in 63.59; Graham Weston 162nd in 68.40; and Susie Jollie 175th in 75.30.
STOP PRESS Ilkley Ladies team (Tracey, Alison, Rachael) have been announced YORKSHIRE CHAMPIONS.

St Gemma's Hospice 5M, 7 Oct 2001

Amanda Parnaby ran in this small friendly race, 45m

Horsforth 10k, 7 Oct 2001

On a day with perfect racing conditions, Andy Wade finished 15th in 36:21; Kevin McMullan 34th in 38:08; Richard Gray 183rd in 45:28; Andy Wolfenden 233rd in 47:23; Bob Whiting 267th in 48:25; Margot Dale 356th in 51:18; Janet Souyave 387th in 52:14; Lynn Donahue (in her first race for Harriers) 495th in 56:34. 620 finished.
Meanwhile the more serious runners battled it out in the 2000 metre fun run, budding future Harriers Lauren Wade (age 8) and Katie Atkinson put in splendid performances both finishing mid way in a good turnout. (goody bags for both athletes lasted under 60 seconds PB's from both!!)
Results on Horsforth Harriers web site.

Skipton XC Races, 6 Oct 2001

Ilkley Harriers made a great start to the XC season, with individuals and teams in the prizes at the Skipton XC on Saturday. Over a tough 10km course, Nick Pearce was 24th in 46.54; Mike Baldwin 34th in 49.47; Phil Hirst 52nd in 55.39, just ahead of new member Andy Wiggans 53rd in 55.57; and Andy Kitchen 59th in 59.42.
In the Ladies' race over 7km we picked up the team prize with some great 'packing' - Alison Bennett was 11th in 35.15; Di Kitchen 12th in 36.15; Claire Cheesewright 14th in 37.12; Janet Hebbert 17th in 39.39; and Chris Porritt 18th in 41.25. Claire carried away the trophy for 2nd Vet-35, and Chris Porritt that for first Vet-45.
The Skipton XC offers races for all ages: The Skipton XC offers races for all ages: Eleanor Kitchen was 7th in 15.07 in the U13 race; and Catherine Hebbert ran well in the U11 race - 32nd in 10.44.

Circuit Training for Runners, from October 2001

Circuit Training for runners at Ilkley Grammar School gym, 6.30 (prompt!) - 7.30pm, £1 per session. Remaining dates at Ilkley Grammar School in the ‘Autumn term’ are:
October 15th 29th; November 5th 19th 26th; December 3rd 17th; As before we cannot use the gym on the second Monday of each month so on October 8th, November 12th, December 10th we will do ‘outdoors circuit training’ at the Tennis Club (same time).

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