Ilkley Harrier of the month

The Harrier of the Month award is decided by the Ilkley Harriers committee, and is generally based on racing achievements, commitment to training, and contribution to Club. See below for more details on how it works and how to nominate someone, and the Outstanding Achievement Awards.


March Runner of the month:
Ben Sheppard
for Haworth Hobble Other nominations were:
Caroline Howe for Keithley 10k, Haweswater half and Harrogate parkrun
Jack Wood for Long Mynd and Edale the same weekend
Kate Archer for Pendle
Volunteer of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for organising our Northern Road Relays teams Other nominations were:
Alison Weston for Gazette reports
February Runner of the month:
Paul Stephens
for completing an excellent 21 Rombald's Strides, and in very consistent times, year on year Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for 1st lady Rombald's Stride
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston (and Team)
for organising the Ilkley Fell Race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for providing the HoM summary every month
January Runner of the month:
Normal Bush
V75 record for Skipton parkrun Other nominations were:
Geoff Howard for consistent 22 and 23 min parkruns through January
Rob Cunningham for 1h19 Brass Monkey half PB
Matt Newell for parkruns and cross-country commitment plus SM18 record at Skipton this month
Tim Ashelford for parkruns and cross-countries.
Volunteer of the month:
Gaenor and Steve Coy
for their diligent PECO and representative cross country organisation Other nominations were:
(none this month)


December Runner of the month:
Tom Adams
for amazing results this month, particularly running Jonny Brownlee so close in the Chevin chase, 1st at the Stoop and his Berlin 10k 'race for the donut' 1st place Other nominations were:
Sarah Pickering for her Stoop result and WYXC
Tim Ashleford for his 1st v50 at Chevin Chase
Volunteer of the month:
The whole Christmas relays/quiz organising team
lots of people doing individual things to make it a great evening, we had very good feedback with a record attendance. So we decided to add an additional £20 from the club for Val to send to the LS29 charity Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for organising the league
Petra Bijsterveld for the membership effort this quarter
November Runner of the month:
Lucy Williamson
for sub-40 minute 10K PB at Abbey Dash Other nominations were:
Ewan Welsh for getting back to racing and good results at Burley Moor, Shepherd's Skyline and Glentress 21K
Jack Wood for wins at Guy Fawkes and Pendle
Tim Ashelford for excellent 3rd V50 in WYXC series and for performance at Burley Moor Run.
Volunteer of the month:
Shirley Wood
for organizing the Santa Run Other nominations were:
Dan Wilkinson for setting up and doing the monthly e-newsletter
October Runner of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for Kielder and Snowdonia marathons Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for Yorkshire marathon PB
Lucy Williamson for 1st lady Bangor 10k and parkrun
Tom Adams for Race to the Summit
David Howe for York and Berlin marathon PBs
Iain Gibbons BOFRA results
Outi Kamarainen for navigation at FRA relay
Jack Wood for Langdale and Withins results
Volunteer of the month:
The Improvers Group
the Committee decided to recognise the great work done by all those involved in the Improvers, including the Improvers themselves who have made stunning progress Other nominations were:
Abi Bailey for Improvers
Neil Chapman for coaching commitment
September Runner of the month:
Kate Archer
Queen of the mountains (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) Other nominations were:
Sally Malir for Yorkshire Vets gold medal
Volunteer of the month:
Hilda Coulsey
for work as Secretary and stand-in Chair, Clubmark and Improvers success and prep and chair of the AGM Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for auditor duties
Petra Bijstervedt for improvers, parkrun and other electronic actions
Gaenor and Steve Coy for the Aquathlon organisation
August Runner of the month:
Jane Mccarthy and Dick Waddington
for their stunning performance in the ultra CCC at Mont Blanc Other nominations were:
Alison Bloor for her first ultra, Run to the Castle
Michael Lomas for his 19th Roundhill, 9th Kings challenge, 14th Burnsall (after running the 10m this year)
Martyn Stocker for races and improvement
Ben Joynson for downhill reps
Volunteer of the month:
Rachel Carter
for undertaking and transforming the membership process as secretary, now relinquishing the role Other nominations were:
Andy Wolfenden for leading his Tuesday sessions and the summer away runs
Paul Stephens for leading a series of interesting runs through the summer
July Runner of the month:
Sarah Pickering
who won the FRA U18 champs Other nominations were:
Gavin Lamb for Muker, Addingham and Bingley performances
Harry and Robert Sime for Bramham 10k run and report and dedication to Tuesdays
Jemima Elgood for Addingham fell race
Jane McCarthy for Ultimate Trails Lakes 100k
Kate Archer for Snowdon
Andrew Merrick for Ultimate Lakes 100
Dan Wilkinson for Ingleborough 1st V40.
Volunteer of the month:
Val Kerr
for recent Washburn and Danefield relays and previous relay organisations together with long and successful committee work Other nominations were:
Abigail Bailey for leading Improvers group having really good feedback
Dan Wilkinson for another outstanding Addingham Gala race organisation
June Runner of the month:
Paul Carman
parkruns, Buckden Pike, Beamsley Beacon, Kettlewell results Other nominations were:
Matthew Cox (results at Wharfedale half marathon and Beamsley Beacon fell race)
Outi Kamarainen (Jura and Highlander results)
Jack Cummings (results at Beamsley Beacon and Badgerstone relays)
Dan Wilkinson (results)
men's Badgerstone relay team (Ruraidh M-W, Dan H, Jack C)
Mary Gibbons (progress and dedication to training)
Jann Smith (commitment to fell races and parkruns)
Volunteer of the month:
Andy Wolfenden
'Away runs' Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey (beginner's group)
Jane Bryant (beginner's group)
Jane McCarthy (encouraging updates on Harriers league).
May Runner of the month:
Donna Hattersley
for her first sub 2 hour HM at Leeds, after trying for several years, and training very hard recently Other nominations were:
Steve Murray, a relatively new member, for dedication to racing (10 races in May!)
Dave Robson, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Jack Bloor)
Paul Sugden, for improving times (Wharfedale HM, Over the Odda)
Tom Adams, for outstanding results (John Carr, Ilkley Trail Race, European Trials)
Adela Reperecki, for excellent results (John Carr, Over the Odda, Ilkley Trail Race)
Volunteer of the month:
Andrew Jackson
for taking the Saturday morning session in Neil's absence Other nominations were:
Neil Chapman, for organization of the HDRSL race
Jan Carrier, for taking special care of a new runner when help was required
April Runner of the month:
Tom Worboys
for his 3 marathons this spring plus 3 last autumn for charity Other nominations were:
Alex Hyde for Paris and London
Jane McCarthy for Open 5
Jack Wood for 3 Peaks
Alison Weston for Anniversary Waltz and3 Peaks
Ruaridh Mon-Wiliams for Pendle
Matt Cox for Dick Hudsons
Mary Gibbons for Dick Hudsons
Outi Kamarainen for Teenager with Altitude
Jann Smith for Blubberhouses
DanWilkinson for Blubberhouses
Tom Adams for Baildon Boundary Way
Volunteer of the month:
Peter Lewis
Newsletter Other nominations were:
Hilda Coulsey for committee work
Petra Bijsterveld for social media
March Runner of the month:
Jack Wood
for Heptonstall, Edale and Pendle results Other nominations were:
Kate Archer for Black Combe result
Geoff Howard for Blackpool 10m
Alison Weston for Black Combe
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for Podium 5k
Mary Gibbons for week on week improvements
Rob Cunningham for Keithley and Bradford 10ks
Tom Adams for the Monserrat sky race
Volunteer of the month:
Jane Bryant
Neil Chapman
Jane for Thursday speed session
Neil for Thursday field and fell session
Other nominations were:
None this month.
February Runner of the month:
Outi Kamarainen
for 2nd place and 1st mixed team at the Marmot Dark Mountain Marathon and also an excellent result at the Rombald's Stride Other nominations were:
Ruaridh Mon-Williams for excellent result at the fell race,
Matt Newell for his PB at the Dewsbury 10K,
Jack Wood for Rombald's Stride and the fell race,
Mary Gibbons for PECO and fell race results,
Sue Williamson for perseverance at the fell race,
and Mark Mon-Williams for Rombald's Stride.
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston
for superb organization of the Ilkley Moor Fell Race Other nominations were:
Other nominations were all related to the fell race and included marshals, sweepers and junior fell race organizers. The committee would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this race such a success.
January Runner of the month:
Michael Lomas
for his outstanding performance at the Fan Dance race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for her HM PB at the Brass Monkey,
Ben Sheppard for his excellent time at the Temple Newsam Ten,
and Hilda Coulsey for racing on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Volunteer of the month:
Paul Sugden
for on-going commitment to the club e.g. as run leader and helping with the Thursday night training sessions. Other nominations were:
The efforts of all club members who helped organize the Awards Do were much appreciated

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