Ilkley Harriers Race League

League age factors

The Ilkley Harriers Race League is an annual competition, first run in 1995 to stimulate friendly competition between Club members, and is based on results in races agreed by the Club Committee and announced in the newsletter and fixtures list.

Your time relative to the winner's time is scaled by an age/gender factor as in the table (right) to calculate race points.

Up to 4 races count in the category competitions (trail and xc, road, and fell).The overall League results will include 3 races from each category plus a wild card race.

2021 League

In lieu of our usual Harriers Race League, for 2021 we are organising a shortened summer league of races, running from now until September. This will combine organised races in the local area with virtual / self-timed events.

If you’re not comfortable with attending events for the time being, there are individual prizes for both categories, so you can focus on the self timed events.

Submit your results for the self-timed events to Dan McKeown via via Google Form here.


A list of events can be found in the table below, with more details further down the page:

  Self-timer / virtual Organised race event
May   Jack Bloor Maprun
  • Dick Hudson route
  • Ilkley Trail route
Eccup 10
  • Old Bridge 5
  • Hermit pub-Whetstone Gate
Otley Chevin Fell Race
August Beamsley Beacon fell race route John Carr 5k (Saltaire)
  • Vale of York Half Marathon
  • Ilkley Incline


ALL MONTH: Jack Bloor Maprun challenge Must be completed on MapRun per instructions, notify Dan McKeown of result


ALL MONTH: Dick Hudson Route (self-timed)
Start and finish at track gate by White Wells Car Park (SE115469), run across Moor to Otley Rd Gate by Dick Hudson pub (SE125421) - you don't have to go through gate onto road, just visit gatepost, turn around and return to start point. Runners are free to choose their own route across Moor, but please follow guidance re ground-nesting birds.

ALL MONTH: Ilkley Trail Route (self-timed)
Start and finish at bottom of Curly Hill (SE117486) visit following checkpoints in order. Checkpoints: Entrance to Middleton Woods (SE121488); cattle grid by Myddleton Lodge (SE111491); Concrete Square (SE115506); Foldshaw Ridge (SE116516); Hardings Lane (SE101511); Lumber Pile (SE108506); return to Concrete Square; return to start

27/06/2021: Eccup 10 200+ PLACES REMAINING


14/07/2021: Otley Chevin Fell Race

ALL MONTH: Old Bridge 5mi
Run route anti-clockwise: start Old Bridge (wooden gate on north end of bridge), head to Nesfield, Addingham suspension bridge, Low Mill Village, and back to Ilkley. Finish point is Dales Way start post by Old Bridge. You can return from Addingham along the main road or via Dales Way. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose off-road, you will get a 45-second time bonus, plus it's slightly shorter.

ALL MONTH: Hermit Pub-Whetstone Gate
Start at Hermit Pub (SE154448) run via any permitted route to Whetstone Gate (SE101453)


ALL MONTH: Beamsley Beacon fell route
Start at West Hall triangle junction (SE086503, accessible from Addingham suspension bridge), run to Beamsley Beacon trig point (SE099524) and return to start via any permitted route.

18/08/2021: John Carr 5k (c. 200 PLACES REMAINING)


(TBC) Ilkley Incline either race as usual, or same time trial format as last year

12/09/2021 Vale of York Half (c. 1900 PLACES REMAINING)

Please feel free to contact with any ideas or recommendations.

2020 League Races

2020 results tables as at 24 Feb


Wild card

From 2014 the League overall standings will include your best 3 scores from each category plus an additional 'wildcard' race. The wildcard allows runners to pick a race that isn't one of the listed League races. So, if you have a particular favourite race or just had a really good run then you can count that toward your League score. We hope that people will be sensible about this and keep to the spirit of the League but here a few rules:


2016 -
Jane McCarthy
2013 - 2015
Martin Wright
Paul Wood
1997? - 2001
Andy Sarah


Before 2014, the overall standings were based on 10 races, at least 3 from each category. In 2014 the new 'wild card' was introduced.

The League record of 1032 points was set in 2007 by Geoff Howard.

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Previous Winners

2018Colin Williams
2017Jane McCarthy
2016Lucy Williamson
2015Michael Duffield
2014Jane McCarthy
2013Henry Heavisides
2012Henry Heavisides
2011Mark Mon-Williams
2010Nick Pearce
2009Kevin Gooch
2008Kevin Gooch
2007Geoff Howard
2006Jamie Hutchinson
2005Mark Iley
2004Geoff Howard
2003Nick Pearce
2002Nick Pearce
2001(* There was an interruption to racing because of Foot & Mouth affecting access and travel)
2000Andrew Wade
1999Mark Iley
1998Nick Pearce
1997Nick Pearce
1996Malcolm Pickering
1995Nick Pearce