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Phil Dean Awards
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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At the 2005 Ilkley Moor junior fell races we decided to give awards to the first boy and girl Junior Ilkley Harrier finisher in the U11, U13, U15 & U17 age categories (pre 2017 - U10, U12, U14 and U16). The awards were funded from Phil Dean's bequest to Ilkley Harriers. Phil was enthusiastic about encouraging young people to the sport which he loved so we are sure that he would have approved of this. The awards (shown below) are fantastic - thanks to Neil Chapman for lots of hard work in sourcing them.

Ilkley Moor fell races junior courses

2005 Sam Haggar and Gemma King
2006 Jack Cummings and Georgie Williams
2007 Calum Carslaw and Georgie Williams
2008 Joshua Kerr and Rose Hagan
2009 Thomas Cross and Laura King
2010 Francis Westhead and Bethan Morley
2011 Dominic Coy and Bethan Morley
2012 Ben Morley and Emily Elmes
2013 Joe Bramham Butts and Poppy Anderson
2014 Lewis Carr and Alexis Whitaker
2015 Ben Kelt and Eve Whitaker
2016 George Morley and Amy Brown Carrera
U11 (from 2017)
2017 Jonathan Archer and Lizzie Reilly
2018 Alexander Wolfenden and Jemima Overend
2019 Ethan Nicholson and Easha Chotai
2022 Harriet Carter (no boy)

2005 Josh Crane and Fiona Jordan
2006 Josh Crane and Ellie Taylor
2007 Ben Swinton and Anna Tench
2008 Jerome Martill and Naomi Elliott
2009 Elliot Dowley and Rose Hagan
2010 Thomas Kerr and Sarah Pickering
2011 Jacob Hellewell and Sarah Pickering
2012 Jacob Hellewell and Bethan Morley
2013 Robbie Matthews and Bethan Morley
2014 Max Bradley and Emily Elmes
2015 Lewis Carr and Poppy Anderson
2016 Lewis Carr and Eve Whitaker
U13 (from 2017)
2017 Max Ashelford and Emily Gibbins
2018 George Morley and Erin Doyle
2019 Alexander Wolfenden and Lily Singleton
2022 Ethan Nicholson and Iris Smith

2005 Tom Crane and Jenny Dybeck
2006 Michael Hinchcliffe and Fiona Jordan
2007 Stephen Clarke and Fiona Jordan
2008 Stephen Clarke and Stephanie Hunter
2009 Sam Hopkinson-Cook and Anna Sinclair
2010 Jack Cummings and Lucy Williamson
2011 Thomas Kerr and Lucy Williamson
2012 Ed Muirhead and Sarah Pickering
2013 James Pickering and Sarah Pickering
2014 Jacob Hellewell and Georgia Flaxman
2015 Oscar Stapleton (no girl)
2016 Dominic Coy and Poppy Anderson
U15 (from 2017)
2017 Lewis Carr and Poppy Anderson
2018 Max Ashelford and Georgia Weston
2019 Max Ashelford and Hattie Bishop
2022 Jake Norris and Esme Stoney

2005 Siman Chapman and Victoria Stevens
2006 Elliot Dawson and Jenny Dybeck
2007 Adam Bennett and Jenny Dybeck
2008 Fiona Jordan (no boy)
2009 Bradley Chapman and Stephanie Hunter
2010 Bradley Chapman and Georgia Malir
2011 Eddie Muirhead and Georgia Malir
2012 Ruaridh Mon-Williams and Lucy Williamson
2013 Jack Cummings and Lucy Haines
2014 Jemima Elgood (no boy)
2015 George Hardesty and Jemima Elgood
2016 Oscar Stapleton and Bethan Morley
U17 (from 2017)
2017 Oscar Stapleton and Georgia Flaxman
2018 Adam Mitchell and Bernadette Raven
2022 Archie Budding and Beth Rogers