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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).


National XC Championships, Wollaton Park,Nottingham, Sat 22nd February

Sally Malir reports ... The English National Cross Country Championships was held at the beautiful venue of Wollaton Park in Nottingham. The weather was sunny but very breezy and the course was varied and challenging including log jumps and stream crossings.
There were many records broken, from the number attending the event to record fields of finishers from the 10 races in the programme. There were over 10,000 spectators and entrants at the event and this made for a fantastic atmosphere. The first Ilkley Harrier to race was George Hardesty (U15 Boy) Who finished 282nd in a time of 17:45.
The Junior Women's race was next, Georgia Malir ran well to finish in 8th position in a time of 22:39. This race was won by Georgia Taylor Brown in a time of 21:03 who led from start to finish and had nearly a minute on the chasing pack of which Georgia Malir was part. There was a record number of finishers in this race 134.
In the Under 13 girl's race there was again a record number of finishers, 431, and the Ilkley girls came 47th team. Individual results were 116th Bethan Morley 13:28, 295th Emily Elmes 14:44, 316th Eva Jeffels 14:50, 361st Ella Shouler Harris 15:20 and Alessandra Ricci 402nd in 14:04.
The Ilkley Under 15 Girls finished 25th team being led home by Lucy Haines 94th in 17:46 with Tilly Melechi in 146th position in a time of 18:11, 178th Jemima Elgood 18:27, 296th Georgia Flaxman 20:49, 302nd Molly Jeffels 20:49 and Elizabeth Westhead 311th in 20:54.
The Under 13 Boys race was the last junior race of the day with another record number of entrants, 385. The two Ilkley boys ran brilliantly and gained fantastic finishing positions of 72nd Euan Brennan in 12:11 and Dominic Coy 188th in 13:00
Next were the senior races, the Women's race finished a record number of competitors 708. Ilkley had three women in this event. Sally Morley ran well and came in 54th in 31:49, Allison Ricci 536th in 42:57 and Julie Elmes 641st in 47:08.
Ilkley had two men in the spectacular finale to the day. Stephen Coy was 728th in 47:37 and Will Buckton also ran.
The whole day was very exciting and well organized a fantastic event to take part in, a definite for me next year!

PECO XC race 4, West Park Fields, Sun 16th February

1 Mile race: 16th Nathan Coy (8.07), 17th Poppy Anderson (8.10), 37th Robyn Anderson (9.08).

2 mile race: 7th George Hardesty (13.10), 8th Dom Coy (13.14), 9th Cameron Reilly (13.18), 10th Lucy Williamson (13.21), 22nd Emily Elmes (14.46), 25th Harry Barker (15.04), 29th Joanne Williamson (16.12).

West Yorkshire Sportshall Athletics competition, Sun 9th February

Report from Kate Lofthouse: Everyone did brilliantly today and all the WY teams (U13 B & G and U15 B & G) got through to represent Yorkshire in the national final in April. Sam’s performance in the running was outstanding. Robbie and Bethan did very well in their events. Roisin competed well and I believe came 3rd in standing long jump.

Reuben and Tom performed well, contributing to the under 11 boys win for WY.

They all had a great time and really enjoyed the experience.

Northern XC Championships, Knowsley Park, Liverpool, Sat 25th January

Report from Sarah pickering: Well,....sun....,rain,..hail,..., bit of everything really,...(coincidently the rain and hail began at the start of the U15 Girls, as it seem is tradition!!!!). Overall an extremely well organized event me thinks,..... How many races nowadays allow you to run 4km without running round in ever decreasing circles?
Now in no particular order (well kind of): U17 Women, Lucy Williamson(54th) and Joanne Williamson(79th) completed there 5.3km race with the course at its best for underfoot friction! And even then I doubt there was much!!! Really well run guys!!!
Right I dunno about u but it was super exciting hearing them call on the big speaker (Junior Women) ".....and in 2nd Georgia Malir..." Well done Georgia!
There seemed a few from the U13 Girls who were sporting coulouful knee socks, very nice! Although you probably won't be able to tell by the time Bethan Morley(25), Emily Elmes(94), Alessandra Ricci(162) and Ella Shouler Harris(172) had finished racing what colour the socks were! They had all turned a kinda browney....grey.......!19t
U17 Men then churned up the course more so for the U13 Boys....... Euan Brennan(20), Matthew Kenneth(38), Dominic Coy(76) and Robbie Matthews who also ran. Great effort made by all U13 boys, plus you've all got years of this race to come and look forward to!!!!!
And then,......Down came the rain, beautiful (arguable in a wet, muddy, kinda way). Something about running in the rain, just carnt beat it, not realllly! U15 Girls...Jemima Elgood(30), Sarah Pickering(35), Lucy Haines(44), Tilly Melechi(48), Lucy Jacques(65), Eleanor Coones(126), Elizabeth Westhead(137). Team 5th
I reckon Ilkley should invest in super spikes, I mean like nails so we can grip in the muddiest mud, frictionless hills (e.g Yorkshire xc) or we could just keep practicing high knees!!?
Really well done to all the competitors (p.s U13 Girls finished 19th team and U15 Girls finished 5th team!!!) and thankyou to everyone who's supported us!!!, right whats the next one? Bring it......

Soreen Quarry Runs, Haworth, Sun 19th January

An amazing 28 juniors raced at this popular fell race. U8 results (half mile): 21st and 5th girl Katherine Duffield (4.15), 23rd Jonathan Archer (4.18), 26th Francesca Macina (4.32), 34th Summer Sky Smith (4.51), 36th Nicholas Archer (4.55). U10/U12/U14 results (1 mile): 20th Max Bradley (8.04), 31st Emily Elmes (8.27), 47th Tom Jackson (8.50), 52nd Poppy Anderson (8.55), 61st Ella Shouler-Harris (9.06), 72nd Nea Weston (9.26), 79th Oliver Kelt (9.37), 80th Josh Waddington (9.41), 87th Ben Kelt (9.50), 90th Isabel Macina (9.53), 91st Charlotte McCarthy (9.59), 98th Molly Pearson (10.07), 102nd Sarah Bradley (10.20), 120th Lyra Weston (10.52), 125th William Duffield (11.08), 129th Robyn Anderson (11.24), 140th Edward McCarthy (11.46), 146th Angel Smith (12.32).

U16 (2 miles): 5th and 1st girl Jemima Elgood (13.29), 8th and 3rd girl Lucy Haines (13.40), 9th and 1st U18 girl Lucy Williamson (14.00), 10th George Hardesty (14.14), 12th and 4th girl Lucy Jacques (14.51).

PECO XC League race 3, Middleton Park, Sun 12 January

13 juniors made it to the start line for the third PECO XC race in the series at Middleton Park, Leeds. Full results: Years 4-6 (1 mile): 23rd Angus Twigger 9.56, 25th Poppy Anderson 10.02, 47th Molly Pearson 11.21. In the 2 mile race (Years 7-12): 6th George Hardesty 15.52, 10th Lucy Williamson 16.00, 12th Jemima Elgood 16.05, 15th Robbie Matthews 16.24, 17th Lucy Haines 16.37, 23rd Joanne Williamson 17.54, 31st Emily Elmes 18.41, 33rd Harry Barker 19.04, 36th Rebecca Newell 19.16, 42nd Bradley Hardesty 20.38.

Yorkshire XC Championships, Lightwater Valley, Sat 4th January

What a fantastic morning of racing with great individual and team results from the 25 Junior Ilkley Harriers racing. There were 5 team placings - 3rd and 8th U15 Girls, 9th U13 Girls, 4th and 14th U13 Boys.

U13 Girls (9th team): 11th Bethan Morley 11.26, 43rd Emily Elmes 12.48, 45th Eva Jeffels 12.59, 48th Alessandra Ricci 13.06, 59th Ella Shouler-Harris 13.33.

U13 Boys (4th and 14th team): 9th Matthew Kenneth 10.27, 11th Euan Brennan 10.30, 28th Dom Coy 11.02, 36th Robbie Matthews 11.08, 43rd Cameron Reilly 11.38, 44th James Patchett 11.39, 66th Harry Firth 12.27, 80th Reuben Foster 13.19.

U15 Girls (3rd and 8th team): 10th Sarah Pickering 13.40, 17th Tilly Melechi 13.56, 20th Jemima Elgood 14.00, 26th Lucy Haines 14.07, 28th Lucy Jacques 14.26, 43rd Georgia Flaxman 15.37, 59th Elizabeth Westhead 16.55, 60th Ellie Coones 16.56. Molly Jeffels also ran.

U15 Boys: 44th George Hardesty 20.52.

U17 Women: 11th Lucy Williamson 20.59, 28th Joanne Williamson 23.05.

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