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Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

Jack Bloor Fell race, Ilkley Moor, Tues 10th May

Results from Kim Anderson......
Under 8 15th (7th girl) Emily Wood 6.02, 16th (8th girl) Lola Stead 6.24
Under 10 1st Archie Budding 3.53, 2nd Thomas Campbell 3.58, 3rd Jonathan Archer 3.59, 10th Henry Nossiter 4.24, 12th Dylan Shinn 4.36, 18th Lewis Boyle 4.51, 22nd (6th girl) Lizzie Reilly 4.55, 23rd Daniel Tomblin 4.57, 27th Max Stead 5.08, 28th Oscar Shinn 5.09, 31st (10th girl) Holly Websdale 5.23
Under 12 2nd Lewis Carr 8.10, 6th Joseph Howson 9.16, 7th (1st girl ) Phoebe Worrall 9.19, 9th Dylan Carr 9.50, 17th (5th girl) Isabel Macina 12.22, 18th (6th girl) Charlie Macina 12.24
Under 14 6th (1st girl) Bernadette Raven 9.08, 10th (2nd girl) Ellla Hammond 9.38, 11th (3rd girl) Poppy Anderson 9.47, 12th Josh Waddington 9.51, 13th Tom Jackson 10.11, 17th (5th girl) Lyra Weston 11.09, 18th (6th girl) Charlotte McCarthy 12.58

FRA Champs (+Yorkshire Champs) race 3, Malham, Sat 14th May

Results from Kim Anderson........
Under 10 3rd Archie Budding 7.58, 13th Dylan Carr 8.26, 26th Thomas Campbell 8.41, 69th Max Stead 10.31
Under 12 17th Lewis Carr 11.21, 43rd (10th girl ) Phoebe Worrall 12.48, 59th Harry Stead 13.29
Under 14 32nd (5th girl) Poppy Anderson 15.20
Under 16 17th Robbie Matthews 18.48
Under 18 6th (1st female) Jemima Elgood 26.23, 8th (2nd female) Sarah Pickering 26.45, 10th (4th female) Lucy Haines 27.43, 14th (6th female) Lucy Jacques 32.01

York Summer T&F League,meet 2, Sun 8th May

Well done to the 11 juniors who competed and especially to those doing so for the first time. Some excellent individual results and a good starting point for the remainder of the season.

U15: Joe Bramham Butts, 3rd, long jump, 4m.50, 5th, 100m, 13.80 and 6th, 200m, 27.1; Nathan Coones, 1st in both high jump, 1m.15 and Javelin, 21m,15, 4th, long jump,3m.43; Niall Smith, 3rd, Javelin, 13m.63, 8th, 100m, 16.9, 9th, 200m, 34.2; Nathaniel Richardson ran in the 200m but no reult was shown for him. Bernadette Raven, 4th, 800m 2min.53, 8th, 200m, 335.1; Lauren Jackson, 7th, 200m, 32.6 and 3m37 in the long jump; Poppy Anderson, 3rd 1500m, 5mins. 27.7, 10th, long jump, 3m.37, 6th, 200m, 31.1.

U13: Rohan Smith, 1st, 200m, 29.5, 3rd, 80m, 11.9; Bradley Brennan, 4th, 200m, 30.0, 6th, 80m, 13.3, 9th, 800m, 3min.09.1.

U11: Max Stead: 21st, long jump, 1m.90, 20th, 75m, 14.6, 18th, 600m, 2min.30.7; Farrah Kennedy Harting, 3rd, shot, 3m.48, 18th, 75m, 13.3, 19th, 600m, 2min.33.8.

FRA Championship race 2, Hawkswick, Sat 7th May

Results from Kim Anderson

U8 18th Oscar Shinn 4.48
U10 4th Jonathan Archer 8.36, 7th Archie Budding 8.54, 12th Dylan Carr 9.08, 30th George Morley 9.42, 40th Nicholas Archer 10.04, 45th Dylan Shinn 10.14, 17th girl Charlie Macina 11.19
U12 9th Lewis Carr 12.25, 43rd Oliver Holmes 14.57, 19th girl Phoebe Worrall 15.19, 30th girl Isabel Macina 17.14, 34th girl Ivy Cooper 17.57
U14 10th girl Poppy Anderson 23.10, 36th Ben Morley 25.19
U16 7th Euan Brennan 22.17, 3rd girl Bethan Morley 26.37, 28th Robbie Matthews 29.41
U18 2nd Jemima Elgood 37.40, 5th Sarah Pickering 40.01, 6th Lucy Haines 41.06, 8th Lucy Jacques 44.45

It was also the Yorkshire Championships and there were some great results for Ilkley, especially the U18s with all top three places:

U10 2nd Jonathan Archer
U12 2nd Lewis Carr
U14 2nd Poppy Anderson
U16 3rd Bethan Morley
U18 1st Jemima Elgood, 2nd Sarah Pickering, 3rd Lucy Haines

York Summer T&F League,meet 1, Sun 24th April

Well done to the 11 juniors who competed and especially to those doing so for the first time. Some excellent individual results and a good starting point for the remainder of the season.

U20: Lucy Williamson, 800m: 2mins, 34.3 and 1500m: 5mins, 17.6. Results have Lucy down as a senior but as an U20 I think she won both these events.

U15: Nathaniel Richardson, 1st, long jump, 4m.70; 2nd in both shot, 8m.65 and 200m, 26.5: Joe Bramham Butts, 4th in both long jump, 4m.21 and 100m, 14.0 and 6th, 200m, 28.6; Bernadette Raven, 2nd, 1500m, 5min.40.8, 9th, long jump, 2m.82, 13th, 200m, 33.9; Lauren Jackson, 8th, long jump, 3m.41, 12th, 200m, 33.2; Poppy Anderson, 4th, 800m, 2mins. 41.7, 7th, long jump, 3m.62, 10th, 200m, 31.9.

U13: Harry Stead, 2nd, 80m, 12.9, 3rd, 800m, 3mins,01, 6th, long jump, 3m.44; Robyn Anderson, 8th, 800m, 3min,07,1, 11th, long jump, 2m.67, 12th, 150m, 25.4.

U11: Max Stead: 9th, shot, 3m.93, 17th, 75m, 14.6, 18th, 600m, 2min.28.1;Farrah Kennedy Harting, 14th, long jump, 2m.29, 19th, 75m, 13.4, 23rd, 600m, 2min.31.8; Hattie Bishop, 16th, long jump, 2m.22, 20th in both 75m, 13.5 and 600m, 2min.28.3.

London Mini Marathon, Sun 24th April

Well done to Jemima Elgood, Bethan Morley and Euan Brennan on their selection into the Yorkshire & Humberside team to race in the London mini marathon. Euan (U15) 58th in 16.28, Bethan (U15) 52nd in 18.45 and Jemima (U17) 53rd in 18.40.

FRA Championship race 1, Todd Crag, Sat 16th April

Results from Kim Anderson

U8 18th girl Lola Stead 9.16
U10 10th Archie Budding 10.30, 40th Max Stead 12.52
U12 36th Harry Stead 13.00, 19th girl Phoebe Worrall 13.41, 25th girl Robyn Anderson 14.06
U14 6th girl Poppy Anderson 18.21
U16 7th Euan Brennan 18.14
U18 2nd Sarah Pickering 23.16, 5th Lucy Jacques 24.38

Pendle Junior fell races, Sat 2nd April

Well done to the 11 juniors who ran.

U8: 4th, Oscar Shinn 3.36
U10: 2nd (by 1 sec) Jonathan Archer 4.59, 9th Nicholas Archer 5.49, Dylan Shinn 6.13, 6th girl Charlie Macina 6.27
U12: 9th girl Robyn Anderson 19.59, 13th girl Phoebe 'no shoes' Worrall 20.56, 18th girl Isabel Macina 22.16
U14: 2nd girl Poppy Anderson 23.12
U16: 2nd Euan Brennan 22.22, 4th Robbie Matthews 25.16

English National XC Champs, Donnington Park, Sat 27th Jan

Gaenor Coy reports..... The sun mainly shone at Donnington Park on Saturday for the English National Champs. An undultation course over farmer’s fields including a turnip patch and athough quite soft ground conditions for most part of the course there was not too much mud but still hard going at times.
The Under 17 ladies kicked off the day unfortunately with a bit of a blundered start as the ladies furthest away down the pens (including Ilkley) from the starter did not hear the start gun and so the field set off in a Mexican wave fashion as they realised that the race had begun. The organisers just about managed to sort out the issue for following races.
Well done to all who raced. Some excellent race results.
Under 17 ladies: 1st 19:46 Niamh Brown (Aldershot, Farnham & Dis); 54th 22:18 Jemima Elgood; 148th 24:42 Lucy Haines; 214th 27:32 Elizabeth Westhead; 220th 28:24 Georgia Flaxman. 238 finished. 19th Team
Under 15 Boys: 1st 16:16 Josh Cowperthwaite (Middlesbrough AC); 86th 18:13 Cameron Reilly. 367 finished
Junior Women: 1st 21:21 Harriet Knowles-Jones (Warrington AC); 75th 26:37 Lucy Williamson. 129 finished
Under 13 Girls: 1st 13:53 Nicole Ainsworth (City of Portsmouth AC); 345th 17:19 Bernadette Raven; 376th 17:38 Charlotte Elston. 449 finished
Under 15 Girls: 1st 16:05 Josie Czura (City of Portsmouth AC); 30th 17:35 Bethan Morley; 233rd 20:13 Rachel Scott; 294th 21:05 Emily Elmes. 354 finished
Junior Men: 1st 36:02 Ellis Cross (Aldershot, Farnham & Dis); 107th 43:55 Ruaridh Mon-Williams. 152 finished
Under 13 Boys: 1st 12:19 Tommy Dawson (Leeds City AC); 175th 14:53 Adam Mitchell; 209th 15:07 Lewis Carr; 316th 15:59 Nathan Coy. 420 finished

Northern XC Champs, Whitton Park, Blackburn, Sat 30th Jan

Gaenor Coy reports..... Well done to the Junior Harriers who raced on Saturday at Witton Park in Blackburn. A very muddy course with some tough hills (especially for the U17 women who had to do the extra steep hill) with gale force winds and hail thrown in for fun! Just to make it even tougher Poppy Anderson decided to complete the course with only one shoe as her heal was trod on during the race start and Charlotte Elston ran half the course with no shoes after they got stuck in mud before the big hill. Tough girls!
Some excellent results including a fabulous 6th for Bethan Morley in the U15 girls race and 11th for Jemima‘s Elgood in U17 women’s.
U13 Girls: (1st 13:30 Eve Jones, Skyrack AC), 63rd 15:33 Poppy Anderson, 111th 16:19 Catherine Westhead, 118th 16:29 Charlotte Elston, 139th 16:49 Bernadette Raven. (199 ran) 14th Team
U13 Boys: (1st 11:59 Tommy Dawson, Leeds City AC) 97th 14:31 Adam Mitchell, 142nd 15:17 Lewis Carr, 159th 15:41 Nathan Coy. (213 ran)
U15 Girls: (1st 16:18 Olivia Mason, Border Harriers & AC), 6th 17:20 Bethan Morley, 120th 20:58 Eva Jeffels, 124th 21:07 Ella Shouler-Harris, 143rd 21:49 Emily Elmes. (168 ran) 12th Team
U15 Boys: (1st 14:35 Josh Cowperthwaite, Middlesborough AC) 31st 15:52 Dominic Coy, 55th 16:13 Cameron Reilly, 90th 16:54 Robbie Matthews. (168 ran)
U17 Women: (1st 18:26 Kate Waugh, Birtley AC) 11th 19:51 Jemima Elgood, 27th 20:34 Sarah Pickering, 69th 22:43 Lucy Jacques, 90th 25:05 Elizabeth Westhead, 92nd 25:36 Molly Jeffels (99 ran) 6th Team

West Yorkshire SHA Trials, Bradford, Sat 16th Jan

Seven Juniors have been selected to compete for West Yorkshire in the regional sportshall trials - U11: Sam Bentley, Will Spencer, Harrison Oddie & Jack Ezard. U13: Maddie Hicks, Tom Jackson & Thomas Dover.

Yorkshire XC Champs, Lightwater Valley, Ripon, Sat 9th Jan

Gaenor Coy reports..... After very heavy rainy start putting up the harriers tent the rain eased for the start of the races. The course start was moved this year due ground condition from the recent wet weather and numbered pen starts used for the first time. A fast start was essential to try to get some clear space before the first tight corner. The slightly undulating course was very soft most of the way round with big areas of deeper strength zapping mud. Tough running conditions this year.
An excellent day for both junior and senior Ilkley Harriers with a grand total of 6 Yorkshire vests earned from Poppy Anderson (U13 girls), Bethan Morley (U15 girls), Euan Brennan (U15 boys), Jemima Elgood (U17 women), Lucy Williamson (U20 women) and Tom Adam (senior men).
The U15 boys also came away with bronze in the team prize.
A huge well done to all who ran.
Ilkley results
U13 Girls: (1st 9:19 Eve Jones, Skyrac) 8th 10:15 Poppy Anderson, 51st 11:26 Bernadette Raven, 53rd 11:30 Ella Hammond, 59th 11:39 Charlotte Elston, 61st 11:40 Caitlin Oddie. 12th team
U13 Boys: (1st 8:20 Tommy Dawson, Leeds City), 26th 9:55 Adam Mitchell, 68th 10:57 Nathan Coy, 72nd 11:13 Lewis Carr, 77th 11:28 Tom Jackson. 14th Team
U15 Girls: (1st 14:38 Anna Beever, Harrogate), 2nd 14:47 Bethan Morley, 6th 17:19 Ella Shouler-Harris, 45th 17:54 Rachel Scott, 50th 18:25 Emily Elmes. 7th Team
U15 Boys: (1st 15:38 Tom Barrett, Keighley & Craven), 6th 16:11 Euan Brennan, 13th 16:52 Dominic Coy, 21st 17:17 Cameron Reilly, 24th 17:27 Francis Westhead, 27th 17:33 Robbie Matthews. 3rd Team
U17 Women: (1st 17:03 Alice Moore, Barnsley AC), 6th 17:57 Jemima Elgood, 16th 18:54 Sarah Pickering, 24th 20:17 Lucy Haines, 28th 20:58 Lucy Jacques, 34th 21:11 Georgia Flaxman, 38th 22:54 Elizabeth Westhead, 39th 23:09 Molly Jeffels. 4th Team and 6th Tea

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