Ilkley Harriers news archive 2018

Vale of York 10, Sun 15 April

From Caroline Howe ...The Vale of York 10 took place just a week after the Thirsk 10, thanks to the snow which postponed the latter - so it was a sense of deja vu...! Both are very flat courses, and both Harriers league races. I enjoyed Vale of York more as it was marginally 'less flat', and had a few more turns than Thirsk. It was also on closed country roads, whereas Thirsk is on not-so-scenic open A roads! The Vale of York is a fairly new race on the local calendar, but extremely popular already - a sellout with 1000+ runners. It starts at Rufforth airfield (the first mile is on the runway!) and was well organised, with a decent t-shirt and medal. Six Harriers took part - with Kate Archer continuing her excellent recent form, first Harrier home and 2nd F35. Kate was followed by Colin Williams, Jonathan Turner and Steve Murray in quick succession; then myself and Tom Lally.
I would definitely do this race again. It is similar to the Yorkshire 10 mile in October, which I also recommend. There is also a Vale of York Half Marathon in September which starts at Sherburn-in-Elmet Airfield, for anyone who fancies something similar! However, I think I'm ready for a few hills now...!

Results ...

(1    55:07 John Clifford, Evenwood)
54  1:06:54 Kate Archer
70  1:08:14 Colin Williams
84  1:09:01 Jonathan Turne
90  1:09:51 Steve Murray
224 1:16:52 Caroline Howe
228 1:17:49 Tom Lally
1152 ran

Skipton triathlon, Sun 15 April

From Val Kerr ... I decided to enter this, my first triathlon, in January, and training in a nice warm swimming pool over the long winter turned out to be a good decision. The only disadvantage was that I didn't manage to get out on my bike until about 3 weeks ago. I really enjoyed the event and the different disciplines (swim 400 m, bike 22 km, run 5k) and was very pleased with my finishing time although my transitions were a bit on the slow side. This is a nice friendly triathlon and a great place to start for anyone wishing to try and emulate the Brownlees. Not sure if any other Harriers took part.

(1    57:26 Matthew Nelson)
467 1:40:30 Val Kerr  
759 finished

Mourne Highline race, Sat 14 April

From Alison Weston ... Jack Wood had a fantastic run in the Mourne Highline race - the first British Fell Championship race this year. Less than 2 minutes behind the leader Jack came in 3rd, getting stronger throughout the race. Coaches dropped all the competitors at the start of the race at Spelga Dam, with the mist being so low that it was hard to make out the water or any surrounding hills! All hopes of stunning views along the route disappeared as the mist showed no signs of lifting. We were all grateful for the Mourne Wall which ran along the tops and helped with navigation, although I still managed to 'lose' the wall once or twice!

(1  1:35:02 Joshua Jardine, Helm Hill)
3   1:36:43 Jack Wood 
206 2:31:20 Alison Weston  2nd LV50

Hawkeshead 10k Lakeland trail race, Sat 14 April

From Jane Bryant ... 4 of us headed up to Hawkeshead for this alleged 10k trail race. We were set off to the sound of drummers from the field. This scenic run took us over muddy fields, through styles and over the Moor before running alongside Lake Coniston and THEN up the dreaded Coffin Trail! This was a rocky wet trail for approx 1m and then down a rocky descent back into Hawkeshead to the announcers voice only to to then turn away from the village and then back in through the fields! I was initially disappointed with my 10k time to find that it was actually 7.4m!
Results ...

(1    48:56 Andrew Payne, Ribble Valley  Harriers)
62  1:09:04 Jane Bryant 1st LV50
104 1:14:19 Anna Nolan
208 1:27:29 Jacqui Weston
466 finished

(1 1:02:44 Tom Payn, inov-8)
21 1:21:59 Jonathan Turner
182 finished

17k Challenge
(1  1:17:06 Andrew Foster, Liverpool Pembroke & Safron)
99  1:41:30 Neil Pomfret
309 2:05:16 Dawn Turner
532 finished

parkruns, Sat 14 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:12 Benjamin Douglas, Leeds City AC)
36  20:17 Tom Worboys
528 ran

(1  16:48 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
31  21:26 Dave Reynier
71  23:33 Oscar Street
161 26:34 Paula Reynier
610 ran

(1  18:48 Richard Thomson, U/A)
33  22:35 Geoff Howard
314 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:34 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
25  20:06 Helen Thurston
517 ran

(1  16:13 Joe Baxter, P&B)
2   18:26 Steve Gott
216 ran

(1  16:49 Ed Fazakerley, Manchester Harriers)
8   18:15 Rob Cunningham
603 ran

Bunny Run 3, Tue 10 April

Results ...

1   15:55 Jack Wood, Egg Stage winner 3:23, Series Champion
2   16:18 Jack Cummings
11  18:14 Istvan Jacso
13  18:34 Daniel Lane
34  20:31 Bernadette Raven 1st GU17, 3rd lady
43  21:09 Colin Williams
51  21:40 Helen Wood
52  21:53 James Newman
58  22:17 Malcolm Pickering 1st V60
65  22:58 Harry Stead
77  24:22 Charlotte Elston
106 27:00 Tom Jackson
135 29:49 Anna Pickering
161 finished
Ilkley 1st men's team

Manchester Marathon, Sun 8 April

From Matt Cox ... Last Sunday saw Dick Waddington and I line up for what would be my first road marathon. Training in the run up hadn't quite gone to plan with at least 4 weeks out since Christmas with niggling injuries, but I started in reasonable shape after a good 3-4 weeks of consistent running behind me. Dick and I both started with the 3 hour pacer, and after a brief chat to Dick in the first mile, I pushed on, gaining slightly. The first half felt comfortable, and I was conscious to drink constantly and down gels every 10k. From miles 13 to 20 I made sure not to over cook it as I hadn't done many long training runs (none over 20 Miles!) so wanted to make sure I didn't blow up. By mile 20ish I was feeling ok, and was running well inside 3hr pace, so pushed on and thankfully judged my effort well, with a very hard last mile, to finish in 2.52.55. Dick had a good run up to mile 15, but suffered in the last half to finish in 3.22. Great support, and a good qualifying race for a good for age entry for London 2019...

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 8 April

Results ...

(1  1:22:09 Joe Baxter, P&B)
31  1:44:31 Jonathan Sinclair
32  1:44:49 Jonathan Turner
127 2:03:46 Jane Bryant
187 2:15:13 Harry Sime
197 2:17:00 Adela Reperecki
213 2:19:25 Pete Shields
223 2:21:47 David Howe
244 2:28:08 Melanie Edwards
275 2:35:18 Jacqui Weston
337 finished	

Thirsk 10, Sun 8 April

Results ...

(1    50:30 Dominis Shaw, New Marske Harriers)
96  1:07:53 Colin Williams
132 1:10:39 Steve Murrray
251 1:17:46 Caroie Howe
371 1:25:40 Hilda Coulsey
676 finished

Yorkshire Road Relay Championships, Sat 7 April

From Caroline Howe ... A team of Sally Malir, Jane Bryant, Jane McCarthy and I finished 10th out of 23 teams. Legs were 2 miles and our overall time was 55:20 with some great individual splits! Moreover, it was a fantastic team occasion and a lot of fun! Results
The team of David Foyston, Matt Newell, Jack Wood and Nathan Edmondson finished an impressive 9th out of 38, while the team of Michael Lomas, Mark Iley, Malcolm Pickering and Arthur Reilly finished 32nd. Well done all! Results

Podium 5k, Sat 7 April

From Geoffrey Howard... A calm, dry, still cool evening at Barrowford provided ideal conditions for the 7 April Podium 5k on Barrowford cycle circuit's superb running surface. There were two races: an A for sub 18 min runners and a B for the "rest". Most of the "rest" became uncatchable even within the first 20 metres and a so pretty much a self-disciplined solo run was called for ending up 33th out of 37 in 21m 37s.
Results ...

(1 17:29 Andy McCue, Skyrac)
33 21:37 Geoffrey Howard
37 finished

Coledale Horseshoe, Sat 7 April

From Alison Weston ... Just two Harriers for Coledale Horseshoe race this year. The race starts from Braithwaite, taking in Grisedale Pike, Eel crag, Sail and Barrow - 9miles and 3000ft climbing. Paul Carman ran the race in 1:33:28 (88th) despite running up and down Blencathra twice the previous day! Alison Weston a good bit further down the field in 1:51:04 (221st and 3rd LV50).

parkruns, Sat 7 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:39 Timmy Gedin, Arena 80 AC)
22  22:08 Dave Reynier
470 ran

(1  18:56 Andrew Cairns, Skipton AC)
17  21:17 Adrian Bastow
30  22:59 Neil Pomfret
181 ran

(1  16:52 Gavin Browne, East Cheshire Harriers)
18  18:24 Rob Cunningham
566 ran

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, March

Harrier of the month nominations: Lucy Williamson 1st lady in Anglesea half marathon in impressive time and with a pb; Tom Adams for 1st place in Monserrat skyrace, Keighley big 10k, Cartmel trail; Jane Bryant for continuing every day running.
The winner is Lucy Williamson.

Volunteer of the month: Pete Shields for his Wednesday sessions; Peter Lewis for newsletter' Petra Bijsterveld for modernising the membership process.
The winner is Petra Bijsterveld.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Other news from the Committee, plus the quarterly junior report, on the Committee page.

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Bunny Run 2, Tue 3 April

Results ...

1   16:03 Jack Wood
2   16:08 Robert Little
5   16:47 Jack Cummings
18  18:57 Daniel Lane
50  21:06 Bernadette Raven
51  21:08 Colin Williams
65  22:07 Helen Wood
66  22:09 Malcolm Pickering 1st V60
97  24:49 Isabel Macina
111 25:32 Charlotte Elston
112 25:32 Charli Macina
114 25:38 Lucy Jacques
123 finished
Ilkley 1st men's team

Guiseley Gallop, Sun 1 April

Well done to Jack Cummings, race winner. Results ...

1   37:36 Jack Cummings
22  43:49 David Foyston
35  45:47 Jonathan Turner
50  47:06 Colin Williams
148 53:47 Tom Lally
226 59:16 Adela Reperecki
266 61:49 Peter Shields
280 62:34 Jean Sullivan
303 64:09 David Ibbotson
304 64:20 Petra Bijsterveld
310 64:35 Hilda Coulsey
317 65:40 Peter Lewis
326 66:47 Sheena Pickersgil
369 69:33 Ruth Jones
457 finished
Photo: Colin Williams

Lakes 42*, Sat 31 March

From Jane McCarthy ... Nav4 Adventure ( organise this race (* shortened to 27 miles due to winter conditions) which is part of the RunFurther Series, a 100 something runners and some navigational skills required. The RO took the decision on the evening before to shorten the race due to weather concerns and his reasons for this became very clear once we had left the relatively benign valley conditions and headed for high ground. Fresh snow falling on hard packed old snow made the trails and peaks very slippery. Still a tough route despite the shortening, and no doubt very beautiful if there had been some views!

(1 4h16 Caspar Kaars Sijpesteijn)
43 5h54 Jane McCarthy

parkruns, Sat 31 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:41 Tom Thomas, Hyde Park Harriers)
113 27:19 Petra Bijsterveld
257 ran

(1  17:26 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
116 26:57 Will Worboys
314 ran

(1  19:22 Mark Bryant, Harrogate Harriers)
3   19:49 David Westhead
294 ran

(1  18:24 Ronan Charlton, Steel City Striders)
12  20:23 Rob Budding
185 ran

2018 Harriers League update

From Jane McCarthy... Three races in to the 2018 Harriers League and some excellent performances and points scored to report. The tough Meltham 10K attracted 7 Harriers, with the highest points score being earned by Jonathan Turner and closely followed by Hilda Coulsey. Next was the BHF Harewood House 10K (or almost) on a glorious day in late February. A fantastic 15 Harriers ran and earned themselves superb points for the League. Four runners gained more than 100 points, thanks to the League Handicap system for age and gender. Hilda's 103 points were followed by 101 points earned for both Jane Bryant and Jonathan Turner, and 100 points for Alison Weston. The first League Fell race of 2018 was the 2.4 mile Bunny Run above Howarth on Penistone Moor - always harder than you think it should be! Jack Wood took the overall win, earning his maximum possible 100 points, closely followed by second place Matt Newell and 4th placed Jack Cummings. David Robson has cleverly nominated his wildcard as Flower Scar fell race where his finish earned him 95 points for the League. April is a busy month for Races, starting with the Guiseley Gallop on Easter Sunday and the rescheduled Thirsk 10 and Baildon Boundary Way on 8th April. Vale of York and Ripon 10K (both Road races in the League) are also in April.
Overall, with one race run in each category, Jonathan Turner currently leads the League table with 275 points, just one point ahead of Hilda Coulsey with 274 points. A good competition starting already. GOOD LUCK to all Harriers in the League Races!
Tables and events on the League page.

Evensplits 5k, Wed 28 March

From Sally Armitage ... results ...

(1  16:16 John Hobbs, Valley Striders)
54  19:51 Robert Budding
66  20:11 Mark Iley
69  20:27 Harry Stead
80  20:49 Sally Armitage
166 27:50 Max Stead
185 finished

Bunny Run 1, Tue 27 March

Photo: Colin Williams

Results ...

1   16:05 Jack Wood
2   16:11 Matt Newell
3   16:16 Robert Little
4   16:18 Jack Cummings
20  19:12 Daniel Lane
45  20:49 Jonathan Turner
50  21:02 Colin Williams
65  21:53 Malcolm Pickering 1st V60
76  22:36 Helen Wood
99  24:02 Charlotte Elston
105 24:20 Alison Weston
153 29:40 Hilda Coulsey
158 30:12 Anna Pickering
183 finished

Ilkley 1st men's team.
Jack Wood also won the 'egg stage' in 3:35

Heptonstall fell race, Sun 25 March

Results ...

(1 1:59:43 Joe Baxter, Pudsey & Bramley AC)
2  2:01:41 Jack Wood
13 2:19:06 Steve Turland (1st V50)
45 2:39:54 Gavin Lamb
50 2:42:53 Dave Robson
98 3:24:04 Sarah Haines
109 finished

Garstang Gallop 7, Sun 25 March

From Peter Shields ... I ran the hilly Garstang 7, my first race for some time and managed to win the V70 in 58:34 and 3rd in the V65. A well organised race but rather undulating course.
Results ...

(1 37:28 Joseph Monk, Lancaster University)
82 58:34 Peter Shields
147 finished

parkruns, Sat 24 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

1   17:00 Jack Wood
50  23:28 Oscar Street
163 27:14 Stephanie Fox
189 27:55 Paula Reynier
511 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:22 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
40  22:09 Geoff Howard
357 ran

Ilkley Harriers Beginners 0-5k Challenge

Always fancied running but don't know where to start? Why not ... take the Ilkley Harriers Zero to 5K Challenge!

Starting Wednesday May 2nd 2018, Ilkley Harriers are running our six week beginners running course again. Details.

Race Round the River 5k, Wed 21 Match

From Alison Bennett ... 734 ran in this 5k organised by Queen's University, Belfast. which according to Adam was "a fast one and completely flat." A total of 28 runners finished in under 16 minutes!

(1  15:02 Neil Johnston, Springwell Running Club)
185 18:57 Adam Bennett
734 ran

Cartmel Lakeland Trail, Sat 17 March

From Dawn Turner ... Some months ago I was cajoled into entering the Lakeland Trail series of races, so it was with some trepidation that I ventured (with said cajoler) to Cartmel for the first event. The temperature was -2 degrees, with a wind chill factor bringing it down to -10 and my knees were knocking with cold and nervousness as I waited in the queue for my number.
I'd entered the 18km 'Challenge', billed as being more about enjoying the views rather than watching the clock, and it began nearly an hour before the more competitive 'Race' over the same course and distance.
Jumping up and down at the start, I did wonder what I'd let myself in for but all that was soon forgotten as we were underway and running along a track into the woods and then out into open countryside. The route was beautiful and not half as muddy as I'd anticipated and soon we were heading up the fells, with glorious views of hills and sea. The atmosphere was one of friendly banter and encouragement - lots of it from the marshalls who braved the cold more than anyone - and there was no shame in power walking up the steeper sections, which I admit I did.
I was expecting to be overtaken by the faster runners from the 'Race' - sure enough with 7km remaining, I heard "Hello, Ilkley" over my shoulder and watched as Tom Adams sprinted gazelle-like past me on the way to his third successive Cartmel victory. That spurred me on and with renewed energy, I headed for home. I finished tired but exhilarated and happy with my first experience of trail running. Would I recommend it? Definitely. Am I doing it again? Yes, the next ones are Hawskhead in April and Staveley in May, with 10km and 5km options also available.
Results ...

18km Race
1   1:08:38 Tom Adams
57  1:38:30 Jonathan Turner
(214 finishers)

18km Challenge
(1   1:30:08 Andrew Foster, Liverpool)
278  2:22:07 Dawn Turner
(472 finishers)

(1     44:10 Ewan Sewell, U/A)
131  1:02:11 Anna Nolan
330  1:13:27 Jacqui Weston
(551 finishers)

parkruns, Sat 17 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:27 Glyn Fletcher, Les Croupiers)
8   18:16 Alex Hirst
587 ran

1   17:42 Jack Wood
33  27:27 Will Worboys
80 ran

(1  16:34 Craig Jones, Manchester YMCA)
134 24:49 Rob Cunningham
439 ran?

Evensplits 5K race 1, Fri 16 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The Evensplits 5K series is back at the Brownlee Centre with 10 monthly races in 2018. This was the postponed February race. No snow now, but we did have a bitterly cold stiff breeze to battle against.
With these events coming along every month it is hard to make every single one a target race and this race certainly was not one for me. I ran a personal worst, but apart from the cold I sort of enjoyed it. I battled for much of the way with a V60 lady from Horsforth Harriers which was fun, she managed to cross the finish line ahead of me by just a nose.
Rob Budding ran in the A race after me and did very well, sadly it was just way too cold for me to stay and cheer, especially as I had managed to forget my hat. Roll on summer evenings!
Results ...

(1  16:58 Matthew Hallam, Valley Striders)
41  20:05 Rob Budding
128 27:09 Petra Bijsterveld
141 ran

Keighley BigK 10k, Sun 11 March

Results ...

1   32:20 Tom Adams
29  41:10 Rob Cunningham
205 51:58 Chris Cunningham
210 52:22 Jan Jones
754 finished

Edale Skyline fell race, Sun 11 March

Results ...

(1 2:37:13 Carl Bell, Keswick)
31 3:00:46 Jack Wood
391 finished

Muncaster fell race, Sun 11 March

From Jo Foster ... There were two Harriers out for this 10.5 mile race which starts and finishes at Muncaster Castle. Interesting fell terrain with 2 long river crossings - recommended.

5 1:49:12 Jim Ryder 1st V50
9 1:55:28 Will Buckton
38 starters

Dentdale 7, Sat 10 March

Results ...

(1 43:48 Stephen Jackson, Elvet Striders)
43 67:44 Anna Nolan
147 finished

Dentdale 14, Sat 10 March

Results ...

(1 1:22:28 Steve Littler, UA?)
9  1:29:01 Ian Fothergill
54 1:39:08 Kate Archer  1st F35
421 finished

Haworth Hobble, Sat 10 March

From Ben Sheppard ... This year's Haworth Hobble offered up extra helpings of water and mud; even a few stubborn snow-bergs resolutely resisting the thaw. After last year's stacked field when it was a GB trials race, 2018 saw a more normal field with not too many fast runners - all the top fell runners presumably being at Edale on Sunday. It was won by Ken Sutor of Cheshire Hash in 4:33. But hero of the day in my book is Ilkley's very own Amanda Parnaby, showing more endurance than any other of the 375 starters and 313 finishers.
Results ...

(1   4:33:18 Ken Sutor, Cheshire Hash)
4    4:42:55 Ben Sheppard
23   5:17:00 Paul Carmen
313 10:44:31 Amanda Parnaby

parkruns, Sat 10 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Well done to Helen Thurston who was the first female finisher at Keswick this week! Results ...

(1  16:20 Oliver Williams, Les Croupiers)
11  17:57 Alex Hirst
649 ran

(1  17:34 Sam Clegg, Idle AC)
111 25:46 Adela Reperecki
189 28:37 Paula Reynier
401 ran

(1  19:30 James Buchanan, U/A)
5   21:45 Robert Budding
133 ran

(1  18:04 unknown)
8   20:41 Helen Thurston 1st F
132 ran

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, February

Harrier of the month nominations: Euan Brennan for his impressive 5k time in the Armagh international and 10th in national XC; Jann Smith and Paul Carmen for commitment to training and completing their first ultra, the tough Transgrancanaria; Tom Adams for 1st place at IMFR and Yorkshire Champion.
The winner is Jann Smith and Paul Carmen.

Volunteer of the month: Pete Shields for his Wednesday sessions; Steve Weston for the IMFR race, combined with Yorkshire championships, organisation
The winner is Steve Weston.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Ilkey Harriers Race League

From Jane McCarthy ... there are some Race League changes due to the John Carr cancellation and confirming Bunny Run 1 and Bradford Park Run, now available on the Race League page.

New membership system

During 2018 the club will move towards an online membership management system using PaySubsOnline. Prospective members will be able to register their details with us online, existing members will have access to their own online account where they can update their own contact details, and payment requests for renewals will be sent through this system. As currently, payment via your bank will be encouraged, however payment by cheque will remain an option. Membership data will be held on a secure, UK based server and all data transfer will be encrypted. PaySubsOnline is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and the forthcoming GDPR legislation. If you any questions about this please feel free to contact the membership secretary on

Anglesey half marathon, Sunday 4 March

From Sue Williamson... The UK's most beautiful half marathon. After the recent bad weather, today brought perfect conditions for the Anglesey half marathon and 10K. Lucy ran this half marathon for the second time. She had a great morning coming first female proudly sporting her Ilkley Harriers vest. She ran it in 1:23:56 beating her PB by 3:59

(1 1:10:50 Callum Davidson, Rossendale) 
23 1:23:56 Lucy Williamson
1103 in total

Klassmark Trail Skyrace 25k, Montserrat, Sat 3 March

Results ...

1 2:07:18 Tom Adams
278 ran

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Sat 3 March

Results ...

(1 54:03 Alasdair McLeod, Aire)
4  56:31 Jack Wood
48 69:05 Steve Turland
156 finished

parkruns, Sat 3 March

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  19:02 Mark Bryant, Harrogate Harriers)
116 29:08 David Ibbotson
172 ran

Roundhay (winter course)
(1  19:17 Sam Robins, Chapel Allerton Runners)
65  23:29 Sally Armitage
229 29:19 Petra Bijsterveld
378 ran

Harewood Half & 10k, Sun 25 Feb

From Caroline Howe... A beautiful day at Harewood House where it was great to see Harriers out in force including several newer members. There were some excellent performances in both distances - Jane McCarthy finishing 3rd female overall and 1st F40 in the half; and Hilda Coulsey 1st F60. Those who did the 10k scored league points in what was the first trail race in the IH league 2018.
Results ...

(1  1:23:45 Mark Smith)
44  1:38:01 Jane McCarthy 3rd F, 1st F40
202 1:53:06 Tom Lally 
257 1:56:40 Adela Reperecki
289 1:59:06 Claire Mcloughlin
291 1:59:08 Mike Baldwin 
295 1:59:17 Helen Waddington 
716 2:32:15 Sally Lynch 
787 2:46:07 Karen Blick 
818 finishers

(1  37:18 Carl Ward)
12  38:47 Will Buckton
16  40:26 Jonathan Turner
52  43:36 Colin Williams
104 46:45 Caroline Howe 
109 46:55 Jane Bryant 
119 47:27 Alison Weston 
179 49:31 Jean Sullivan 
327 53:57 Sheena Pickersgill 
341 54:30 Hilda Coulsey 1st v60
435 56:55 Ruth Jones 
490 58:29 Sarah Hayes 
498 58:36 Sue Verspyck 
517 59:05 Fiona Schneider 
611 62:25 Sue Williamson
854 finishers

High Cup Nick, Sat 24 Feb

From Michael Lomas ... Results ...

(1 62:13 Sam Stead, Keswick AC)
64 76:57 Michael Lomas
82 78:47 Dan Wilkinson
419 finished

Transgrancanaria Advanced, Sat 24 Feb

from Jann Smith ... 64km/10,000 ft Our first ultra and race abroad. This is a big and well organised event running the length of the island from North to South through all the major mountain ranges and national parks. Very rocky terrain and a strong international field.

115 7h20 Paul Carman
168 7h50 Jann Smith
1000 ran

National XC, Sat 24 Feb

Results ...

Senior men
(1   48:25 Adam Hickey, Southend)
802  52:05 Tim Ashelford
1202 55:56 Stephen Coy
1723 61:38 Steve Weston
2328 finished

Senior women
(1   28:33 Phoebe Law, Kingston)
790  45:18 Diane Kitchen
860  46:54 Petra Bijsterveld
1113 finished

11 juniors ran with some excellent results including:
U17 6th Bethan Morley
U17 10th Euan Brenna
U17 9th boys team

parkruns, Sat 24 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  15:15 Kieran Wood, Cambridge and Coleridge)
14  18:21 Alex Hirst
704 ran

(1  17:54 Tim Baldwin, Saltaire Striders)
10  19:38 Nina Pearce (junior) 1st F
39  21:43 Dave Reynier
42  21:56 Oscar Street
148 26:17 Adela Reperecki
154 26:31 Will Worboys
177 26:57 Stephanie Fox
218 28:03 Paula Reynier
496 ran

(1  16:29 Springfield Striders)
8   20:31 Rob Budding
196 ran

(1  18:03 Alex Thompson, Wharfedale Harriers)
6   19:15 Rob Cunningham
16  20:39 Kate Archer 2nd F
26  21:42 Malcolm Pickering
42  23:14 Sarah Pickering
72  25:30 Chris Cunningham
195 ran

(1  19:06 Joseph Kwallah, Wetherby Runners)
13  23:54 Geoff Howard
63 ran

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 18 Feb

Results and LOTS of photos on the race page. Tom Adams won the race and the Yorkshire Championship with it.

From Steve Weston ... A big thankyou to all the volunteers at helped make the fell race magic happen. Lots of people came up to me and have emailed me to say what a brilliant race it was and how helpful the marshalls were.
In no particular order the volunteers were:
Flagging - Peter Shields, Nick Pearce, Geoff Howard, Neil Chapman
Setup - Don Macrae, Ben Joynson
Race Doctor - Andrew Wilson
Registration & Results - Sue Williamson, Dawn Turner, Paul Stephens, Jacqui Weston, Georgia Weston, Felix Weston
Marshalls - Michael Duffield, David Howe, Hilda Coulsey, Tim Ratcliffe, Jez Nolan, Anna Nolan & Family, Ben Joynson, John Pickering, Dan Wilkinson, Amy Jones, Bernie Gibbons, Caroline Howe
Finish line - Duncan Cooper, Anna Pickering, Christine Reilly, Abigail Bailey, Katie Sutherland
Sweepers - Petra Bijsterveld, Jonathan Turner
.....and that doesn't include all the people that helped out at the the fantastic juniors race which was run by Jane McCarthy.

Flower Scar Fell Race Sun 18 Feb

From Dave Robson ... Returning from injury I had been too late booking the Ilkley Moor Fell Race so I thought I would give Flower Scar a go instead. Well organised by Todmorden Harriers, this is an 8.3 mile fell race with 660m ascent through some challenging terrain.
The initial muddy path gave way to a good tussocky fell section where we disappeared into the mist. Up onto the moor proper, and an unmarked section where the smart line was the direct one. Fortunately I took it due to the runners around me knowing their way through the mist. Then followed an 'alpine' section with conifers, and snow which appeared from nowhere, into a great fast downhill blast by which time my plan to take it 'steadyish' was long gone. A bit more up and down where the muddiest sections had been saved for us and we were back on the downhill path to the finish.
In summary then a tough race with a bit of everything. I'm not sure if it is always on the same weekend as Ilkley Moor but definitely one to give a try.
Results ...

(1 1:11:19 Will Neill, Mercia)
34 1:22:28 Dave Robson
185 finished

parkruns, Sat 17 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:50 Chris Smith, Leeds City AC)
190 26:17 Petra Bijsterveld
468 ran

(1  16:37 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
31  20:53 Rhys Jones
52  22:09 Oscar Street
67  22:55 Arthur Reilly
191 27:30 Paula Reynier
512 ran

(1  18:14 Ian Cleland, Seapark AC)
8   19:46 Adam Bennett
421 ran

(1  18:34 unknown)
20  22:50 Geoff Howard
68  26:47 Karen Lambe
154 ran

(1  18:29 Sam Clegg, Idle AC)
3   19:19 Steven Gott
167 ran

(1  17:21 Mark Offord, U/A)
12  18:38 Rob Cunningham
492 ran

Armagh International 5K, Thu 15 Feb

From Stephen Brennan ... Euan Brennan finished 148th in 15:22 knocking 24 secs off his PB. The event set a world record with 91 runners under 15 minutes.

PECO XC 5, Sun 11 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Senior Men
(1  27:38 Terrence Forrest, Cairngorm Runners)
24  30:11 Steven Gott
68  32:09 Daniel Lane
87  32:49 Steve Coy
182 36:24 Malcolm Pickering
230 39:00 Andrew Jackson
317 43:33 Geoff White
347 46:53 Peter Lewis
381 ran

Senior Women
(1  31:33 Sharon Barlow, Harrogate Harriers)
53  39:01 Helen Wood
79  40:39 Caroline Howe
80  40:46 Sarah Edwards
109 42:53 Adela Reperecki 1st F55
158 45:07 Anna Pickering
175 46:14 Petra Bijsterveld
236 50:51 Kate Lofthouse
264 53:25 Sally Wright
300 68:19 Claire Shouler
303 ran

parkruns, Sat 10 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:19 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
43  22:57 Dave Reynier
145 26:46 Will Worboys
155 27:05 Oscar Street
210 28:56 Paula Reynier
423 ran

(1  18:04 Lee Athersmith, RAF AC)
35  24:05 Geoff Howard
53  25:27 Chris Cunningham
151 ran

Bolton Abbey Trail Marathon, Sun 4 Feb

From Colin Williams ... I ran my first marathon of 2018 on Sunday, the Bolton Abbey trail marathon. The route was changed twice before the event from three laps of 8.8m to six laps of 4.4m, but then thankfully back to three 8.8m laps. The ankle deep mud and slippery uphill sections sapped the strength out of my legs in places, but I was pleased to finish in a fairly respectable time for me.
Results ...

(1 3:07:34 Jonathan Walton, Leeds City)
7  3:58:04 Colin Williams
76 ran

Dewsbury 10k, Sun 4 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... My 5th Dewsbury 10K in as many years, its PB potential keeps me in its grip. Straight out and back with 115 feet of gradual elevation to climb in the first half, the downhill return is physically and mentally encouraging you towards the finish. Always well organized, last year's race had been rather spoilt by the extra 200 meters we had to run due to the turn having been placed too far up, which ruined a rare chance for me to go sub 50 minutes.
I had not done enough running recently to feel that today was going to be my moment, and stood at the start not expecting too much. Conditions were absolutely perfect, cold but dry, no wind, and even a little ray of sunshine appeared. I reached the turn in 25:44 and managed to speed up a bit to finish in 50:28, which pleasingly is a PB. I could not have given any more this morning, but hopefully one day soon I can lose another 30 seconds! New member Emma Cole and I were the only Harriers there today, regrettably we did not spot each other. Whilst 1200+ runners gave it their all, my attention was drawn to Ismail Patel, the last man to finish in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I had encountered him already on the stairs in Race HQ, a young Asian man with a stick who looked to me like he had suffered a severe stroke. I saw him again on the course as I was on the return leg and he was making his way up the road with the sweeper car behind him, it made me feel quite emotional to see his effort. I googled him and found his story here. A true local hero!
Results ...

(1  29:42  Mohammed Abu-Rezeq, Altrincham AC)
685 50:28 Petra Bijsterveld
954 56:41 Emma Cole
1238 ran

Wadsworth Trog, Sat 3 Feb

Results ...

(1  2:39:20 Carl Bell, Keswick)
2   2:39:40 Jack Wood
97  4:04:03 Brian Melia
167 5:10:57 Richard Morris
168 finished

Rombalds Stride, Sat 3 Feb

From Ben Sheppard ... Good to see Dan Wilkinson back running again at Rombald's Stride after an extended period of playing out on his bike. He was looking very comfortable when he passed me at Weecher Reservoir but the stabilisers had somewhat fallen off by Menston. Michael Lomas continued his upward trajectory and looks sure to have another good season at this rate. Great running as ever from Jane McCarthy, joint first lady. Martin Stocker got a 20 minute PB. I guess short distance specialist Martin Archer must have really wanted a long chat with the missus as he and Kate ran the whole way together (and they were still on speaking terms afterwards). And there were a host of other good runs from Harriers throughout the field, enjoying or enduring the mud, bogs and snow.
Results ...

(1  2:58:30 Phil Livermore)
3   3:05:27 Ben Sheppard
4   3:05:35 Michael Lomas
6   3:06:39 Dan Wilkinson
10  3:08:39 Paul Carman
22  3:22:01 Jane McCarthy
41  3:41:55 Duncan Cooper
57  3:48:44 Jann Smith
84  3:58:00 Outi Kamarainen
86  3:59:15 Martyn Stocker
94  4:01:43 Kate Archer
95  4:01:43 Martin Archer
115 4:21:05 Adela Reperecki
273 6:33:40 Abigail Bailey
274 6:33:41 Sally Lynch
Any more?
442 finished

parkruns, Sat 3 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:25 Tom Thomas, Hyde Park Harriers)
11  19:24 Steve Coy
150 25:28 Gaenor Coy
447 ran

(1  19:04 Joseph Kirton, U/A)
22  21:57 Oscar Street
24  22:01 Dave Reynier
130 26:09 Will Worboys
155 27:10 Stephanie Fox
164 27:35 Paula Reynier
413 ran

(1  17:41 Louis Hudson, KCAC)
49  24:10 Neil Pomfret
56  24:54 Chris Cunningham
78  26:53 Karen Lambe
161 ran

(1  18:40 Terry Midgley, Valley Striders)
3   19:00 Steve Gott
234 ran

Older News, Jan 2018

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, January

Harrier of the month nominations: Jane Bryant for running every day in January (RED); Michael Lomas for coming 4th at Mytholmroyd Fell; Harry Sime for RED; Dawn Turner for RED; Jack Wood for firsts at both Stanbury Splash and Mytholmroyd; Martin Archer for first at Skipton parkrun; Steven Gott for great performances at Peco and Northern XCs.
The winner is Jack Wood.
A special mention for all those Harriers who RED in January.

Volunteer of the month: Jane McCarthy for league updates; Petra Bijsterveld for membership work - renewals and developing new process.
The winner is Petra Bijsterveld.

More Harriers of the Month ...

Meltham (tough) 10k, Sun 28 Jan

From Caroline Howe... The Meltham (tough) 10k is indeed TOUGH... it is pretty much five miles of ascent, with almost all the descent in the last mile. It was made tougher still with strong winds, which made even some of the downhill hard work, but thankfully it was relatively mild and dry so conditions could have been worse! It was great to see eight Harriers make the trip across to this one, scoring their first IH league points of the year. This is a great race with a friendly atmosphere and lots of small-event charm... a bottle of beer for all participants, and a clubhouse full of cake afterwards topped off an enjoyable morning out! Well done to all who took part!
Results ...

(1  35:16 Scott Hinchcliffe, Penistone Footpath Runnrs)
31  43:12 Jonathan Turner
10  49:01 Tom Lally
131 50:41 Caroline Howe
134 50:49 Philip Hirst
164 52:54 Jean Sullivan
210 56:36 Hilda Coulsey
231 58:15 Sheena Pickersgill
273 62:54 Fiona Schneider
327 finished

Northern XC, Sat 27 Jan

Woodentops photos

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The Northern Cross Country Championships took place on our doorstep in the grounds of Harewood House this year. The rather undulating course, whilst quite runnable overall, had deep squelchy mud in places, sucking at one's shoes and sapping much of any power in the legs one might have felt whilst still in the starting pens. One would not expect anything less on a decent XC course! A stiff breeze added to the overall challenge. There was good running of our under 13s and under 15s (to be reported on the junior website). In the under 17s there were exceptional results from Euan Brennan, Dom Coy, Cameron Reilly and Bethan Morley. Euan and Cameron have come into the senior club in 2017, and Dom and Bethan will become seniors later this year, and there is much to look forward to from these young people. Unfortunately it needed 4 athletes for a team ranking, had we had another U17 male then Ilkley would have been first team.
In the seniors an outstanding result came from Jack Wood who was 18th in an elite field, Pauline Munro led the Ilkley women home in 57th place. I think it is fair to say a good day out was had by all of us. Regardless of ability or pace, the struggle across the terrain is a great leveler and brings about a lovely team spirit. Next stop the National Championships on Parliament Hill in 4 weeks.
Results ...

U17 men
(1  20:05 Rory Leonard, Morpeth Harriers)
3   20:36 Euan Brennan
8   21:03 Dom Coy (junior club)
12  21:20 Cameron Reilly
117 ran

U17 women
(1  20:48 Ella McNiven, Liverpool Harriers)
5   21:32 Bethan Morley (junior club)
93 ran

Senior men, 24th team out of 57
(1  39:50 Carl Avery, Morpeth Harriers)
18  41:34 Jack Wood
222 49:03 Steven Gott
236 49:26 Tim Ashelford
337 52:12 David Westhead
423 54:23 Steve Coy
518 57:09 Rob Budding
757 81:20 Peter Lewis
761 ran

Senior women, 28th team out of 53
(1  30:50 Mhairi Maclennan, Morpeth Harriers)
57  35:15 Pauline Munro
117 38:47 Kate Archer
271 44:33 Alison Weston
299 46:03 Alison Bennett
343 48:44 Gaenor Coy
366 50:05 Petra Bijsterveld
435 ran

parkruns, Sat 27 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Tom Adams returns from injury to timed running (mantra: parkrun is a run, not a race!) with a first finish at Bradford, 3 minutes ahead of no.2. Also making an appearance at Bradford were Dave Reynier who has joined us from Saltaire Striders, and Paula, welcome both! Will Worboys was delighted to knock 30 seconds off last week's time on his return to running after a long lay-off. Martin Archer also flies the Ilkley flag with a brilliant first finish at Skipton against what looks like some fierce competition. Chris Cunningham tries another parkrun in Oz this week whilst the rest of us continue to battle the Yorkshire wind and rain.
Results ...

1    16:11 Tom Adams
46   22:28 Dave Reynier
53   22:55 Oscar Street
119  25:48 Will Worboys
206  28:35 Paula Reynier
492 ran

1   18:24 Martin Archer
98  27:37 Fiona Schneider
177 ran

(1  16:40 Josh Sambrook, U/A)
13  18:29 Rob Cunningham
527 ran

Aldinga Beach (AU)
(1  17:26 Mike Klocke, U/A)
11  24:42 Chris Cunningham
52 ran

Mytholmroyd fell race, Sun 21 Jan

Photo: Michael Fryer
1 49:59 Jack Wood
4 56:43 Michael Lomas
67 ran

Kendal Winter League, Giggleswick School, Sun 21 Jan

From Val Kerr ... Dusted off my fell shoes today for my first 'race' for about 12 months, the second in the KWL series run around the grounds and surroundings of Giggleswick School. Today's race took place under challenging conditions with a blizzard just before the start, rain, deep mud and a very cold, knee deep stream that had to be crossed twice. I survived with numb feet and hands and was pleased not to finish last. This series of races is organised by Helm Hill running club and is similar to the summer BOFRA series with points given for the best 7 of 11 races in the series. Its worth a look at these short (4-5 miles, and cross-country or low fell) and fast races located around the Southern Lakes, Sedbergh and Oxenholme.

PECO XC, Sun 21 Jan

Results ...

(1  28:11 Terence Forrest, Cairngorm Runners)
27  31:01 Steven Gott
36  31:29 Martin Archer
67  32:48 Daniel Lane
105 34:16 Andrew Overend
144 35:53 Robert Budding
205 38:14 Malcolm Pickering
252 40:21 Andrew Jackson
272 41:25 Phil Hirst
348 47:06 Geoffrey White
389 58:43 Dom Macrae
393 finished

(1  32:23 Alice Murray-Gourley, Kirkstall Harriers)
73  40:46 Caroline Howe
114 43:28 Alison Bennett
134 44:38 Diane Kitchen
142 45:14 Ros Brown
168 46:32 Gaenor Coy
201 47:53 Anna Pickering
317 finished

parkruns, Sat 20 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Due to icy conditions many local parkruns, with the exception of Skipton, were cancelled. Chris Cunningham flew the Ilkley flag at parkrun Australia this week, and I found myself in Germany where parkrun is just starting up. With just 33 runners on a one lap course around a small lake there was plenty of space to run!
Results ...

(1  18:37 Chris Barnes, Ribble Valley)
85  26:28 Will Worboys
196 ran

(1  17:17 James Savage, Chorlton Runners)
8   18:44 Rob Cunningham
607 ran

Christies Beach (AU)
(1  18:27 Luke Elliott, Southern AC)
34  24:47 Chris Cunningham
131 ran

Rubbenbruchsee (GER)
(1  18:53 Elmar Remus, U/A)
16  26:09 Petra Bijsterveld
33 ran

Annual Awards evening, Fri 19 Jan

The annual Ilkley Harriers celebration and awards 'do', this year at the Wheatley Inn.
Thank you to everyone who filled in a Nomination Form for the awards - we had lots of nominations across the categories which can be viewed here

Category2017 Winner
Runner of the Year, MaleJack Wood
Runner of the Year, FemaleJane McCarthy
Most Improved Runner, MaleJack Cummings
Most Improved Runner, FemaleCaroline Howe
Best Endurance Runner over 50, MaleBrian Melia
Best Endurance Runner over 50, FemaleAdele Reperecki
Best Endurance Runner, MaleBen Sheppard
Best Endurance Runner, FemaleHelen Waddington
Best Runner, Under 23, MaleEuan Brennan
Best Runner, Under 23, FemaleLucy Williamson
Best Runner, Over 50, MaleDerek Oliver
Best Runner, Over 50, FemaleAlison Weston
Contribution to the club, MaleNeil Chapman
Contribution to the club, FemaleHilda Coulsey
Captains Award; MaleBen Joynson
Captains Sward; FemaleSally Malir
Special Contribution AwardGaenor and Steve Coy
Recognition of coachesJane Bryant, Neil Chapman, Pete Shields
Recognition of Bob Graham RoundSteve Turland
WebsitePaul Wood
League winnerJane McCarthy
League roadJane McCarthy
League fellJack Cummings
League trailJane McCarthy

Brass Monkey half marathon, Sun 14 Jan

From Kate Archer... Results ...

(1  1:07:12  Jamie Parkinson, Thames Hare & Hounds)
277 1:28:44  Steve Coy
357 1:31:58  Kate Archer
1486 finished

Stanbury Splash, Sun 14 Jan

Results ...

1   45:44 Jack Wood
24  53:16 Michael Lomas
94  61:14 Alistair Barlow
95  61:20 Colin Williams
161 67:49 Alison Weston
182 69:23 Mary Gibbons
221 75:01 Anna Barlow
265 80:33 Peter Lewis
288 90:42 Amanda Newham
305 finished

parkruns, Sat 13 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:39 Matthew Akpan, U/A)
238 26:32 Petra Bijsterveld
646 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:06 Michael Malyon, Baildon Runners)
43  22:15 Malcolm Pickering
47  22:26 Oscar Street
141 26:25 Will Worboys
200 27:59 Anna Pickering
563 ran

(1  18:08 Robin Regan, Eden Runners)
33  23:40 Sarah Pickering
287 ran

Portrush, N.I.
(1  19:18 Richard Stringer, U/A)
46  27:06 Hilda Coulsey?
113 ran

(1  18:35 Archie Scott, Bingley)
41  23:47 Geoff Howard
79  26:34 Gaenor Coy
91  27:33 Fiona Schneider
220 ran

(1  18:26 Matthew Pinnock, Pudsey Pacers)
3   19:09 Steven Gott
276 ran

(1  16:26 unknown)
7   18:40 Rob Cunningham
618 ran

PECO XC, Sun 7 Jan

Results ...

(1  26:44 Nathan Marsh, Leeds Uni)
37  29:50 Steven Gott
90  31:51 Daniel Lane
111 32:37 Andrew Overend
225 35:38 Robert Budding
310 38:22 Andrew Jackson
459 46:07 Peter Lewis
501 53:42 Peter Lewis
506 finished

(1  31:35 Sarah Garbutt, STAC)
5   33:17 Jane Mccarthy
36  36:14 Rachel Carter
89  39:31 Caroline Howe
116 41:10 Adela Reperecki
165 43:26 Diane Kitchen
200 44:49 Hilda Coulsey
218 45:43 Nicola Budding
229 46:10 Gaenor Coy
233 46:21 Petra Bijsterveld
287 49:34 Kate Lofthouse
326 51:42 Wendy Bishop
384 62:27 Clare Shouler
389 finished

Yorkshire XC, Sat 6 Jan

Results ...

(1  29:23 Clare Duck, Leeds)
104 45:11 Gaenor Coy
106 45:29 Petra Bijsterveld
132 finished

Men 21st team
(1  33:29 Emile Cairess, Leeds)
22  37:06 Jack Wood
83  41:16 Tim Ashelford
176 47:05 Steve Coy
186 47:48 Robert Budding
187 47:56 Steve Weston
196 49:38 Mark Iley
217 50:43 Arthur Reilly
251 finished

From Gaenor Coy ... 5 Yorkshire vests earned for the juniors. Wilbur Summerson the 1st of the day finishing 6th in the U13 boys race. Bethan Morley was overall winner of the U17 girls and then a triple qualification for U17 boys with Euan Brennan in 2nd place, Dom Coy in 6th and Cameron Reilly 7th place, also winning the 1st team prize. (24 juniors running.)

parkruns, Sat 6 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  16:16 Craig Hudson, Newport Harriers)
13  18:01 Alex Hirst
814 ran

(1  17:45 Jake Ridding, U/A)
33  23:01 Neil Pomfret
40  23:33 Caroline Howe
59  25:25 Jane Bryant
207 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:23 Tom Calvert, Knaresborough Striders)
37  22:31 Geoffrey Howard
392 ran

(1  17:30 Andrew Haney, Chorlton Runners)
9   18:34 Rob Cunningham
650 ran

Nine Standards fell race, Mon 1 Jan

Results ...

(1 54:55 Benjamin Riddell, Salford)
38 69:51 Colin Williams
133 finished

parkruns, New Year's Day

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  17:07 Ciaran Forde, Horsforth Harriers)
310 28:53 Alex Stanley-Hyde
460 ran

(1  16:23 Alix Ramsier, South London Harriers)
20  21:57 Ben Joynson
30  22:23 Kate Archer
183 ran

Older News, Dec 2017