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Junior Sprint Fell Relay
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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The Ilkley Incline Junior Sprint Fell Relays were first staged in 2003.

Many Congratulations to the 23 teams of runners and to organiser, Jane McCarthy and her band of volunteers for such a great evening of racing.

2019 results

2020 Details

  • Wed 9th September 2020
  • Start, registration, at the foot of the moor below White Wells, on the grass near Wells Road, GR SE 114469 - Click for Multimap link
  • Start at 18.00h, registration from 17.00h
  • 4 per team entry on the day only
  • Teams of 4:
    • 2 competitions: younger (6-10 years) and older (11 to 14 years);
    • 3 categories: Boys, Girls, Mixed (2 boys, 2 girls)
    • Age on race day
    • Younger boys/girls can be competitive in the older category
    • Runners are competitive in one team only
  • Entry form PDF document
  • Ice pop for all finishers, medals to 6 winning teams



Thanks to Airienteers for use of this map.

The course: Using the ½ mile course from the Ilkley Moor fell race - start on the flat grass at S, run to C, cross the stream and up the hill towards the bandstand, turn right and follow the main path to X, then on up towards White Wells as far as Y, turn right for the fast downhill grass run to Z, follow the stream back staying on the moor side of the stream until near C, change over at C.
The course is fully flagged and marshalled. Leg 1 is 100m longer.


Old Boys. 10.36. Wharfedale (2010): James Hall, Declan Bulmer, Phil Done, Ben Johnstone.

Old Mixed. 12.13. Ilkley (2010): Sam Hopkinson-Cook, Naomi Elliott, Anna Sinclair, Henry Websdale.

Old Girls. 12.26. H'Otley. Ilkley (2018): Charlotte Rawstron, Sadie Bentham, Lexi Whitaker, Eve Whitaker.

Young Boys. 12.03. Wharfedale (2010): Charlie Lowrie, Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Robbie Johnstone, Josh Newbold.

Young Mixed. 13.48. Wharfedale Warriors (2011): Logan Hargreaves-Madhas, Keera Nelson, Shauna Hastings, Jack Muir.

Young Girls. 14.40. Ilkley (2009): Tassy Heslop, Tara Hunt, Harriet Jackson, Elizabeth Westhead.


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2014 Results
2014 Photos, by Dave Woodhead


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