Ilkley Harriers news archive 2017

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

From Hilda Coulsey ... sadly we did not get a quorum of members on 18th April hence the EGM will now be held on Tuesday May 2nd at the Tennis Club 8:30pm

This is a formal notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of members to be held on Tuesday evening 2nd May 2017 at 8:30pm at ILTSC (the tennis club on Stourton Road LS29 9BG), regarding the Junior section's plans to build a compact training facility at Ben Rhydding.
Agenda to include:
1 Overview of new facilities plan proposed and how it will be delivered
2 Vote on an amendment to the Constitution to support and enable participation
3 Launch of investment loan scheme
More information on the committee page.

Bunny Run 3, Tue 18 April

Ilkley won the men's team prize again! Results and photos on

Guiseley Gallop, Sun 16 April

Results ...

(1  35:39 Conner Craig-Jackson, Skyrac)
20  41:12 David Foyston	
35  42:21 Dave Robson
40  42:58 Jane McCarthy	1st F40
41  43:03 Pauline Munro	1st F45	
53  44:17 Lucy Williamson
58  44:48 Michael Duffield
78  45:59 Steve Murray
105 47:43 Robert Budding
117 48:14 Paul Stephens
176 51:23 Sarah Edwards
214 53:21 Adela Reperecki
226 54:02 Caroline Craske
294 57:11 Peter Lewis
370 60:37 Hilda Coulsey
491 finished

Zwolle Zuid 10M, Sat 15 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... The 10 mile distance has become more popular in the Netherlands in recent years, though I imagine not a single Dutch participant thinks in miles, apart from me! I managed to get a last minute entry through a transfer and joined my friends for this race in what was my home town a long time ago. A two lap flat course taking in some lovely scenery along the river IJssel, we had to contend with a stiff breeze but otherwise conditions were good. It seemed a good opportunity to have another crack at breaking 90 minutes which has always eluded me. It wasn't easy but I managed to pace it evenly and was delighted to reach the finish with a good 30 seconds to spare.
Results ...

(1  54:15 Gert-Jan Liefers)
462 89:27 Petra Bijsterveld 
658 ran

parkruns, Sat 15 April

Results ...

Bunny Run Two, Tue 11 April

Woodentops photos

Ilkley had the first men's team! Final race next Tuesday. Results and photos on

(1  14:51 James Hall, Wharfedale)
2   15:22 Jack Wood
5   15:47 Euan Brennan
11  16:34 Cameron Reilly
12  16:39 Jack Cummings
23  17:22 Oscar Stapleton
53  19:13 Sarah Pickering
60  19:35 Bernadette Raven
63  19:42 Richard Joel
66  19:48 Ben Joynson
79  20:09 Jane McCarthy 1st FV40
106 21:09 James Pickering
119 21:42 Malcolm Pickering 1st V60
139 22:26 Mary Gibbons
149 22:42 Charlotte Elston
151 22:44 Sarah Edwards
168 23:16 Harry Stead
176 23:27 Andrew Jackson
206 25:27 Val Kerr
237 27:21 Petra Bijsterveld
262 29:59 Sophie Brown
270 31:07 Patrick Gibbons
285 finished

White Horse 10k, Sun 9 April

From Vince Gibbins ... Bernie and Catherine Gibbons took part in The White Horse 10k, one of the Hardmoor off-road races, on Sunday. This series comprises seven beautiful, challenging runs in various locations around the North York Moors. It's known as the only series where you can legitimately ask 'How far is a 10k?' The White Horse was in fact a 7.5 mile course and included 1,000 feet of climbing, taking in Gormire Lake, the heights of Sutton Bank and parts of the Cleveland Way. It was a spectacular course with stunning views on a beautiful, sunny day.
Bernie Gibbons First Vet Female 60 in 86.30
Catherine Gibbons Second Lady in 68.54

Donard Challenge, Sat 8 April

From Alison Weston ... I was the only Harrier to do the first British fell running championship race, Donard Challenge, in the Mourne Mountains on Saturday but it was well worth the effort. Classed as a 'short' race (10km) it starts from sea level in Newcastle and climbs 900m to the top of the highest hill in Northern Ireland and then returns a more direct way back down over tussocks and rocks. We were rewarded with a magnificant view from the top of a cloud inversion over the sea (unfortunately I didn't dare take my eyes off the ground on the descent). The winner was Tom Addison from Helm Hill Runners in 58:03 and Wharfedale Harriers had some great results too. I was content with 198th (6th FV50) in 1:29:06 but keen to return to do more races in the area.

parkruns, Sat 8 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:41 Tim Gordon, U/A)
13  19:04 Tim Ashelford
202 26:30 Jennifer Carne
409 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:37 Matthew Merrick, Bingley Harriers)
5   18:44 Will Wood
436 ran

(1  17:22 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
108 22:27 Caroline Howe
508 ran

(1  16:29 Jack White, City of Norwich)
53  24:24 Chris Cunningham
187 ran

Montsouris (Paris)
(1  16:50 James Young, Meltham AC)
20  22:25 Geoff Howard
80 ran

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, March

Runner of the month:
Ben Sheppard
for Haworth Hobble Other nominations were:
Caroline Howe for Keithley 10k, Haweswater half and Harrogate parkrun
Jack Wood for Long Mynd and Edale the same weekend
Kate Archer for Pendle
Volunteer of the month:
Petra Bijsterveld
for organising our Northern Road Relays teams Other nominations were:
Alison Weston for Gazette reports

More Harriers of the Month ...

Bunny Run One, Tue 4 April

Woodentops photos

Easter's coming! Lots of Bunny Fun last night, another race next week. Results and photos on

(1  15:44 Joe Baxter, P&B)
7   16:31 Matt Newall
10  16:38 Jack Cummings
13  16:52 Cameron Reilly
24  17:33 Oscar Stapleton
56  19:43 Ben Houlihan
58  19:47 Ben Joynson
67  20:14 Bernadette Raven
74  20:28 Lucy Williamson
83  21:03 James Pickering
111 21:59 Malcolm Pickering
119 22:28 Sarah Edwards
134 23:02 Catherine Gibbons
141 23:13 Andrew Jackson
142 23:16 Mary Gibbons
146 23:24 Charlotte Elston
147 23:26 Alison Weston
149 23:32 Tom Jackson
173 25:28 Emily Elmes
175 25:33 Adela Reperecki
191 26:12 Val Kerr
197 26:33 Joanne Williamson
231 28:25 Petra Bijsterveld
243 29:17 Anna Pickering
255 31:11 Sophie Brown
265 36:02 Nea Weston
269 finished

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 2 April

Results ...

(1  1:20:22 Alisdair Burns, Valley Striders))
20  1:34:20 Steve Coy
27  1:36:31 Jane Mccarthy 3rd lady
35  1:38:14 Kate Archer
43  1:39:57 Mark Summerson
122 1:52:53 Harry Sime
131 1:53:42 Jo Foster
164 1:57:52 Neil Pomfret
187 2:01:11 Eric Hawthorn
191 2:01:34 Helen Waddington
207 2:03:45 Adela Reperecki
284 2:15:09 Melanie Edwards
312 2:22:05 Sally Lynch
330 2:29:55 Alison Bloor
331 2:29:55 Neil Bloor
361 finished

LDWA Blubberhouses 25, Sun 2 April

From Ben Sheppard...For the price of four hand-piped fondant fancies at Betty's (£7) you can enter the LDWA Blubberhouses 25, a scenic and thoroughly enjoyable long walk (made less so if you choose to run it). For me it was a no-brainer, I don't even like fondant fancies (I'm more of a fat rascal kind of guy). Plus, you get a free meal at the end (meat stew or veg stew, or bread if you don't like stew). If you like a hard-core race with a charged atmosphere and a deep field of fast club runners, this is not the one for you. Good to see Dave Robson and Mike Duffield there in training for the Three Peaks, and Derek Oliver looking calm and assured as usual. While most walkers and runners set off at a gentle trot, a few runners hared off towards Swinsty Reservoir at an unsustainable pace. By Fewston Reservoir we were a break-away of four, and shortly after Thruscross Reservoir a clear leader emerged. By Ellercarr Pike had opened up a lead of 4 minutes from me and one other. He and I seemed to be matching each other for pace and effort and, enjoying a good old natter (you don't get that at a half-marathon road race), settled into an un-spoken accord to stick together (he didn't know the route and I could tell he would finish stronger than me). In the final half mile we agreed to finish jointly for what we assumed would be joint second. Alas, sadly for the leader he had managed to get lost only half a mile from the finish, trotting in forlornly a couple of minutes after us. Maybe he can take consolation from the fact that an LDWA challenge is not really a race anyway. Dave and Mike appeared to have good runs and I think Derek surprised himself with an excellent time and placing. The genial atmosphere at the end, sitting out in the sunshine eating stew and drinking tea while applauding the finishers in, was worth the price of a box of fondant fancies alone. Highly recommended for walkers and runners who like value for money. Results ...

1  3h17 Ben Sheppard
5  3h28 Derek Oliver
19 3h55 Dave Robson
20 3h55 Mike Duffield
22 3h57 Paul Calderbank
36 4h19 Chantal Busby
168 finished

Fountains 10k, Sun 2 April

Results ...

(1 34:36 Ben Pease, Ripon)
34 45:18 Helen Thurston
82 50:51 Tracey Watson
325 ran

Pendle Short Fell Race, Sat 1 April

From Ewan Welsh ... Ilkley's young guns were out in full force on Pendle Short Fell race, as Ewan Welsh and Mike Baldwin were competing in their first V50 and V60 races (respectively !), with Norman Bush (V70) also appearing. The route covers 4.5 miles/1500ft, consisting of a bit of road at the start/finish, one steady/steepish climb, one downhill, another steep climb, another steady downhill. Finishing order amongst the three young fellas was Ewan, Norman, Mike. Apologies if any other Harriers where in attendance that we didn't spot. Results soon.

Dales Trails 20 - Reeth, Sat 1 April

From Gavin Lamb ... Results ...

(1 - 1:20:37 Ben Livesey)
20 - 1:45:57 Gavin Lamb 
279 finished

parkruns, Sat 1 April

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:58 Robin Outtersides, Otley AC)
240 27:30 Jennifer Carne
464 ran

(1  17:24 Alexander Flaherty, Bingley AC)
4   18:24 Will Wood
497 ran

(1  19:34 Louis Guest, U/A)
4   19:52 Lucy Willaimson 1st F
194 ran

Beginners 0-5k Challenge, Tue 2 May

A 6 week course in a friendly group for those new or returning to running, only £10 for all 6 sessions.
More information and application form.

Enter this year's HDSRL online

click to enter

From Andrew Sheldon ... Summer is coming! Members of Ilkley Harriers wanting to run in this year's Harrogate and District Summer Race League races should use this link (also on the right).

Edale Skyline fell race, Sun 26 Mar

Results ...

(1  2:47:45 Chris Steele, Borrowdale)
2   2:47:57 Jack Wood
156 4:16:24 Brian Melia
158 4:16:30 Jamie Hutchinson
274 finished

Keighley BigK 10k, Sun 26 Mar

From Caroline Howe... A tough 10k with lots of twists and turns, and some challenging hills, through Keighley's parks, paths and residential areas. 90% road apart from two laps at the start round a muddy field to thin the runners out, and then a couple of gravel paths later on and finish on the grass. The most disconcerting part was when halfway round we met up with the start of the 5k race in Lund Park, when swarms of 8 year olds suddenly engulfed us! All in all, a tough race (made tougher by the 9am start and the loss of an hour's sleep!) but well organised, varied and enjoyable with a great atmosphere and support. I managed a PB of 48:52.
Results ...

(1  33:37 Callum Elson, Roundhay)
15  38:35 Will Wood (3rd in age group)
184 48:52 Caroline Howe PB
310 55:31 Jan Carrier
862 ran

Long Mynd Valleys, Sat 25 Mar

The first counter in the English Fell Championships. Results ...

(1  1:33:28 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
8   1:36:32 Jack Wood
237 2:14:48 Kate Archer
402 finished

Northern Road Relays - Stanley Park Blackpool, Sat 25 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Organized by Northern Athletics the Road Relays are team events consisting of 6 stages for women and 12 stages for men. We were not able to field a men's team this year, but the club managed to send 6 of its finest women to this event. The 6 stages are 2 long legs of 9.5k and 4 short legs of 5.2k, starting on the track, then looping through and around Stanley Park before finishing with three quarters of a lap on the track where the next runner takes over. The course was slightly undulating, mainly on tarmac footpaths but taking in a small section of unmade trail through the trees. Those who had been 'volunteered' to do the longer legs went round the park twice before returning to the track.
Stanley Park Sports Arena provided excellent sporting facilities, and the park itself with pavilions, gardens and boating lake looked its very best on what turned out to be the most beautiful sunny and warm day of 2017 so far. This caused the one downside of the event: the weather attracted so many people to the park that at times the race became more of an obstacle course heavily populated with slow moving pedestrians eating ice creams, with dogs, wheelchairs, prams, and scooters ridden by tiny children. It required skill to weave around them whilst going at 5k pace, and as the men were running at the same time we were being overtaken, so acute awareness was required of who was behind you as well as in front. Personally I had a very near collision with a small boy coming downhill on a scooter, which could have been quite nasty for both of us.
The Ilkley women all ran very well in what were warm conditions, with Sally Malir and Jane Bryant valiantly running the long stages in excellent times, and Val Kerr, Stephanie Fox, Hilda Coulsey and myself taking the shorter legs with very consistent results. We all felt the motivation and positive pressure of running for the club and for our team, and it definitely makes you push just a bit harder. Considering we were competing against an elite field of runners we can be rightly proud to have finished 36th out of 50 complete teams. Moreover our entire team consisted of veterans, but in this competition no age-grading takes place.
This type of event takes just a little bit of organization but the pay-off is great in terms of sense of achievement and cohesion and I hope we may be able to enter more than one team next year. Thanks to all the runners, also to Alison Bennett and Jacqui Weston who were on stand-by until the last moment as reserves, and to Pete Shields for his help and encouragement.
Results ...

(1 2:24:11 Rotherham Harriers & AC)
36 3:09:29 Ilkley Harriers AC                 

Sally Malir       (27) 39:44
Val Kerr          (38) 25:44
Petra Bijsterveld (39) 25:44
Jane Bryant       (39) 46:55
Stephanie Fox     (39) 25:31
Hilda Coulsey     (36) 25:51
(nn) is team position after each stage

parkruns, Sat 25 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1 16:39 Joe Sagar, Spenborough AC)
4  18:36 Will Wood
212 27:41 Eric Hawthorn
481 ran

Roundhay Park
(1 17:34 Jonathan Lancaster, U/A)
55  22:08 Tom Worboys
66  22:39 Geoff Howard
354 ran

(1  18:44 Danny Thompson, U/A)
24  22:54 Caroline Howe
152 ran

(1  18:25 Mark Pottinger, Stainland Lions)
79  27:37 Jennifer Carne
192 ran

Harriers Race League quarterly update

From Jane McCarthy ... After 4 races in the 2017 League Alison Weston leads with 330pts, from 2015 League winner Michael Duffield, both having competed in all four races so far. In the Fell category, Tom Adams won both the Stanbury Splash and the Ilkley Fell Race, scoring his maximum available 200 points, superb performances in both. With just one Trail and one Road race so far, Jane McCarthy and Pauline Munro lead the categories respectively. Hilda Coulsey has played an excellent wildcard after a strong performance at Skipton Park Run and gaining herself 103 points.
Next races in the League are the Guiseley Gallop (Trail, Sunday 16th April), John Carr 1 (Road, Wednesday 3rd May), Over the Odda (Trail, Saturday 6th May) and Jack Bloor (Fell, Tuesday 9th May). GOOD LUCK ILKLEY HARRIERS!
Results and calendar on the League page.

Heptonstall fell race, Sun 19 Mar

Results ...

1   1:57:41 Jack Wood
6   2:02:54 Will Simmons
189 3:11:50 Mary Gibbons
220 3:26:15 Adela Reoperecki
247 finished

Bradford 10K, Sun 19 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... This was the first road race counter in the 2017 Harriers Race League and just ten hardy Harriers turned out on a wet and decidedly blustery morning. An out and back course from Centenary Square along Canal Road towards Shipley, advertised by Epilepsy Action as 'fast and flat' and a PB potential course. I found that description to be debatable, whilst not hilly there is definitely too much up and down to invoke the tempting word 'flat'. What's worse it is downhill on the way out and therefore uphill on the return. A stiff breeze with occasional sideways gusts between buildings did not help our cause. If all that sounds a little negative, it was very well organised with plenty of toilets, an efficient baggage drop, and a t-shirt and pretty medal at the end. The atmosphere was friendly with lots of runners from local clubs.
Pauline Munro was the first woman home in her category and 5th woman overall, as well as being in the first 50. Michael Duffield ran an excellent race finishing in the first 100, and all 10 of us finished well within the first half of the field.
Personally I had entered this race aiming to break 50 minutes after having been made to run 200 meters too far at Dewsbury last month. However, the course and the weather were unfavourable and my legs grew very tired on the slightly uphill return, having possibly overcooked the first half. Reaching 8k after just over 40 mins I knew it wasn't going to happen and I lost what fizz I had left. I will try again!
Results ...

(1  33:13 Joe Sagar, Spenborough AC)
49  40:28 Pauline Munro 1st F40
91  42:05 Michael Duffield
208 45:23 Harry Sime
342 48:00 Jean Sullivan
417 49:41 Alison Weston
450 50:15 Alison Bennett
476 49:57 Stephanie Fox
477 50:51 Petra Bijsterveld
593 52:49 David Green
729 54:52 Alex Stanley-Hyde
1700 ran

Trimple 20, Sun 19 Mar

From David Ibbotson ... 4 Harriers travelled west in the wind and rain on Sunday morning to run the Trimple 20 as part of their London Marathon preparations.
It is an excellent event which is 99% tarmac but run mainly on traffic free bridleways/footpaths including long scenic sections by the raging river Lune.
Registration and finish is within the walls of Lancaster Castle.
Results ...

(1  1:55:53 Blain Rooney, Ellenborough)
75  2:26:38 Derek Oliver
195 2:48:43 Stuart Herrington 
293 3:06:40 David Ibbotson
357 3:18:01 Jan Carrier
526 runners finished

Rivock Edge fell race, Sun 19 Mar

Results ...

(1   54:22 Joe Baxter, P&B)
4  1:00:08 Martin Archer
20 1:08:37 Peter Shelley
24 1:11:10 Malcolm Pickering
36 1:15:16 Norman Bush
67 finished

Lakeland Trail Races - Cartmel, Sat 18 Mar

From Helen Waddington... Despite the dreadful forecast the weather was relatively kind for the first race in the Lakeland Trail series. The scenic and undulating course starting at Cartmel race course was incredibly muddy, especially by the time the last race of the day commenced. There were a variety of distances on offer including 5K, 10K and two different 18K events. Three Harriers took part in the 18K Race, including Tom Adams who won for the second year running, Jane McCarthy taking 3rd LV40 and myself. Jacqui Weston and Anna Nolan took part in the 10K Race. Sorry if I missed anyone else! Well organised with lots of marshals and a decent (ladies fit) t-shirt at the end.
Results ...

10k Trail Race
(1    41:03 Andrew Maltman, UA)
70    55:57 Anna Nolan                                                      
209 1:07.19 Jacqui Weston                                           
491 finished

18K Trail Race
1   1:08:46 Tom Adams                                                       
33  1:31:08 Jane McCarthy (3rd FV40)                         
128 1:52:45 Helen Waddington                                                
195 finished

10k Challenge
(1  1:29:55 Paul Gregory, UA)
79  1:53:41 Neil Pomfret
505 finished

parkruns, Sat 18 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  18:12 Martin Fillingham, Saltaire Striders)
124 26:43 Eric Hawthorn
439 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  17:29 Andrew Dobby, Harrogate Harriers)
25  21:32 Helen Thurston
325 ran

(1  18:27 unknown)
23  23:02 Geoff Howard
49  25:14 Chris Cunningham
151 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:47 Reece Dalton, Ripon Runners)
193 30:23 Jennifer Carne
331 ran

(1  18:04 Sam Stead, Keswick AC)
30  23:36 Caroline Howe
115 ran

(1  16:45 David Rees, Les Croupiers AC)
11  17:37 Alex Hirst
146 23:33 Phil Hirst
619 ran

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 18 Mar

Woodentops photos

Over 200 children took part in the final event of the season, the Nell Bank Relays, and asttended the League presentation afterwards. Results on the junior pages.

The Mighty Deer Stalker, Innerleithen, Sat 11 Mar

From Ben Joynson ... The race is a mix of terrain fell, rivers, mud, forest trails and some tarmac. 15K ish. You run up two of the hills either side of Innerleithen in the dark on a marked course. The climbs are tough, one can only be done by physically climbing up using your hands to haul yourself up the rocky escarpment. The descents are steep with little room for mistakes if your racing down. I started in wave 2 of 7, there was a half stalker and long stalker course. There was single track running and obstacles to negotiate on the course. But mainly a good technical off road race. After the race there is a on-site party with live music and a big bar. If you fancy a challenge in the dark and enjoy some camping and a party give this race a try.

(1 1:27:08 Kieron Ross)
40 1:47:10 Ben Joynson
1597 finishers on the full Stalker course

Haworth Hobble Sat 11 Mar

From Ben Sheppard ... This year's Haworth Hobble (aka Wuthering Hike) was the British trial race for a GB vest for the world trail championships. Consequently there were quite a few top class speedy long distance runners on the start line. Clayton le Moors' Chris Holdsworth seemed to be hotly tipped, and by all accounts, despite not knowing the route, was in the top two until the final few miles when he was overhauled by a chasing pack. The race was won by Tom Payn in a new CR of 3:54. True to the adage that class is permanent, fell running legend and MV50 Ian Holmes was 6th, only 3 minutes behind.
The women's race was won in style by the exceptionally talented Wakefield's Julie Briscoe from Dark Peak's Sally Fawcett and North Leeds' Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn. Julie was waiting for someone to show her the right way when I first saw her. She promptly sped off into the distance only to get lost further along - and then re-pass me at pace as I slowly walked up the road to Heptonstall!
Jane McCarthy ran well to finish in a little over 5 hours on her first go at this race. I think Adela Reprecki ran too. And I was pleased to get my annual high five from the early-starting Amanda Parnaby at around the customary 11 mile mark. Having set off way too fast I struggled through the final 8 miles and dropped from 20th pace to finish 29th in 4:40, a PB by 10 minutes despite the late blow up.

Results ...

(1  3:54:18 Thomas Payne)
29  4:40:09 Ben Sheppard
71  5:12:47 Jane McCarthy
140 5:53:15 Derek Oliver
288 7:16:10 Adela Reperecki
363 9:28:08 Amanda Parnaby
367 finished

Black Combe fell race, Sat 11 Mar

From Alison Weston ... Kate Archer and I travelled to the south-west of the Lakes on Saturday for the Black Combe fell race (13km 1000m). The weather deteriorated the closer we got to the race venue and it was rather disappointing not to be able to see the bottom of Black Combe, never mind the top as we arrived. As last year, it proved to be a challenging race. Two very steep climbs and difficult navigation. Almost every runner had map and compass out at check points, although running off in very different directions, and I found myself out of sight of other runners for quite a bit of the time (always a bit nerve-wracking!).Good tea and large pie at the finish was very welcome.
Kate did very well to come 6th lady in 1:44 and I was a good bit behind in about 6th V50 in 1:54.

parkruns, Sat 11 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... I very much enjoyed joining the celebratory 500th Woodhouse Moor parkrun. The first event was held there in October 2007 (with 15 people turning out) and it was only the 4th parkrun to start up. Now there are over 1000 parkrun locations all over the world.
Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:07 Josh Norman, Owls AC)
334 26:59 Petra Bijsterveld
718 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:46 Oliver Daffern, BGS)
18  20:12 Rhys Jones
77  23:53 Phil Hirst
483 ran

Harrogate Stray
(1  18:42 Jason Millward, U/A)
57  23:51 Caroline Howe, 2nd F
372 ran

(1  17:55 James Raven, Cardiff AAC)
62  24:48 Chris Cunningham
188 ran

(1  16:15 Craig Jones, Manchester YMCA)
11  17:51 Rob Cunningham
563 ran

Peco XC #5, Sun 5 Mar

Results ...

(1  27:17 Terence Forrest, Cairngorm)
77  32:03 Steve Coy
138 34:28 Ben Joynson
172 35:49 Robert Budding
251 39:01 Andrew Jackson
277 40:14 Geoffrey White
374 50:31 Don Macrae
387 finished

(1  30:32 Helen Cross, York Tri)
14  34:29 Ellie Kitchen
115 45:39 Gaenor Coy
216 51:36 Kate Lofthouse
262 66:25 Clare Shouler
266 finished

Montserrat Skyrace, Sun 5 Mar

Well done to Tom Adams, winning this international race, 25km with 1500m of climb! and setting a new course record 2h06:56 Results ...

Haweswater Half Marathon, Sun 5 Mar

From Caroline Howe... starting in the little village of Bampton in the north west Lakes, the Haweswater Half is a friendly race organised by Eden Runners. It's an out-and-back on roads alongside Haweswater Reservoir, with some great views. It's what I'd desribe as 'undulating' with a few tough old hills.
This is an 'old-skool' race with no chip timing or even a finishing clock, but has plenty of charm... lots of support, friendly marshalls, and at the end you get a mug - which is filled with a cuppa - and flapjack... give me that over a fancy medal or an ill-fitting t-shirt any day!!
Having accidentally left my sports watch at home, I ran this race 'free' - pacing myself by feel alone. So I was delighted to finish in 1:50:14... just a minute outside my pb, which I'll take on that course. As the sole Harrier taking part, I'd recommend this race for anyone who likes their roads with a view, and enjoys a few hills offset by nice stretches of downhill recovery.

Anglesey half marathon, Sun 5 Mar

From Sue Williamson... Lucy Williamson competed in her first half marathon one of the most beautiful in the UK. Menai Bridge is the start location following the coast road to Beaumaris castle and return. The weather was not kind this weekend pouring down the whole time with no stunning scenery. Lucy finished the race in 1 hour 27.55, 4th female overall and 3rd female open.

Pendle Round, Sat 4 Mar

Woodentops photos

We hear Kate Archer was 2nd lady, results soon but photos and provisional resuilts on

parkruns, Sat 4 Mar

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  17:29 Rob Downs, Wilmslow RC)
3   18:20 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
71  23:33 Rebecca Mon-Williams
359 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:01 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
93  24:43 Sarah Haines
447 ran

Temple Newsam
(1  19:43 Ian Maudsley, st Theresa's AC)
129 30:51 Jennifer Carne
215 ran

(1  18:20 Stuart Hunn, Wharfedale Harriers)
5   19:46 Jemima Elgood 1st F
54  25:09 Chris Cunningham
185 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  17:51 George Phillips, Doncaster AC)
45  22:38 Geoff Howard
317 ran

Older News, Feb 2017

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, February

Runner of the month:
Paul Stephens
for completing an excellent 21 Rombald's Strides, and in very consistent times, year on year Other nominations were:
Jane McCarthy for 1st lady Rombald's Stride
Volunteer of the month:
Steve Weston (and Team)
for organising the Ilkley Fell Race Other nominations were:
Helen Waddington for providing the HoM summary every month

More Harriers of the Month ...

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 26 Feb

Woodentops photos

From Alison Weston ... Ilkley Harriers hosted its annual Ilkley Moor Fell Race on Sunday in extremely muddy conditions. Tom Adams was the clear winner in 37:16 followed by Ted Mason from Wharfedale in 41:06 and Graham Pearce from Pudsey and Bramley in 41:20. The Harriers had a great turn out of runners and race marshalls. Euan Brennan had a great race to come 5th and 1st under 18, Jack Cummings was 9th postion and 1st under 21, and Ben Shepperd was in the top 20. Pauline Munro was 1st Fv40, Alison Weston 1st FV50, Malcome Pickering 1st MV60 and Norman Bush 1st MV70.

Photos and results

1   37:16 Tom Adams
5   42:52 Euan Brennan U18
8   43:13 Jack Cummings
18  46:23 Ben Sheppard
20  46:41 Martin Archer
32  48:33 Jim Ryder 2nd V50
35  49:03 Robin Nicholson
39  49:54 Dave Robson
58  51:22 Gavin Lamb
71  52:40 Richard Joel
82  53:47 Pauline Munro 1st FV40
99  55:24 Malcolm Pickering 1st V60
101 55:37 Michael Duffield
106 56:02 Kate Archer
145 59:35 Martyn Stocker
161 60:37 Alison Weston 1s FV50
162 60:40 Jann Smith
183 62:34 Norman Bush 1st MV70
186 62:41 Sarah Edwards 
198 63:55 Alison Eagle
204 64:33 Mary Gibbons
233 68:22 Geoffrey Howard
237 68:48 Peter Lewis
272 Alison Bennett
274 74:52 Anna Nolan
289 78:02 Harry Sime
290 78:02 Robert Sime
314 90:04 Sharon Meadows
321 finished

Harewood House Half Marathon and 10k, Sun 26 Feb

From Paul Sugden... Windy and hilly conditions finished in 2:11:38 No doubt there were other harriers running the half or the 10K for which Jack Wood ran in 40:00 but position not known as results have only been issued in alphabetic order at the moment.

From Donna Jackson ... my time for today's Harewood 10k was 56:01 Great race, well organised, shame I couldn't do the Half Marathon distance as planned but due to injury I opted for the shorter route... I enjoyed it all the same!

English National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham, Sat 25 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Senior Men
(1  39:35 Ben Connor, Derby AC)
941 54:17 Steve Coy
952 54:25 David Westhead
(1762 ran)

Junior Men
(1  32:25 Ellis Cross, Aldershot, Farnham and District)
70  36:14 Matt Newell
211 ran

Senior Women
(1  29:07 Jessica Judd, Chelmsford AC)
606 45:49 Petra Bijsterveld
648 47:15 Gaenor Coy
788 ran

Junior Women
(1  22:03 Harriet Knowles-Jones, Warrington AC)
29  25:35 Jemima Elgood
144 33:04 Elizabeth Westhead
148 ran

parkruns, Sat 25 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

(1  20:13 Stephen Collins, Southampton Uni Tri)
46  29:25 Hilda Coulsey
90 ran

Cross Flatts
(1  17:41 Unknown)
123 30:19 Jennifer Carne
180 ran

(1  16:47 Craig Jones, Manchester YMCA Harriers)
3   18:01 Rob Cunningham
529 ran

(1  17:17 Ben Sache, Wigan Phoenix)
27  22:54 Lizzie Herbert 1st F
198 ran

Peco Cross Country League, Race 4, Barnbow/Pendas Fields, Sun 19 Feb

From Val Kerr ... Mud, mud, glorious mud ! - A few hardy Harriers turned out for the 4th of the Peco X country races on what should have been a nice, 4.9 mile, undulating course around Pendas Fields and woods. However rain during the week had turned large parts of the tracks to thick gloopy mud, especially for the ladies race as the course had been nicely churned up by the feet of nearly 400 men by then. It was difficult for large parts of the course to stay upright and at times it felt as if you were running with lead weights on your feet with all the mud stuck to them. At the start of their race the men were apparently told to "look out for the bog". Quite which bog the marshalls were talking about nobody knows! Some good results, especially from Ellie Kitchen who finished in 14th position in the ladies race. Thanks to Rob Budding for standing by with the club banner and spare numbers and ably filling Gaynor and Steves shoes.

Men's results
(1  30:17 Joe Baxter, P & B)      
160 39:34 teve Murray              
171 40:05 Rob Budding              
235 42:27 Andrew Jackson          
252 43:36 Neil Bloor                    
282 45:32 Geoffrey White           
311 47:38 Peter Lewis                  
359 53:17 Don Macrae                
(394 finishers)

Ladies' results
(1  34:41 Helen Cross, York Tri)        
14  39:20 Ellie Kitchen                        
115 48:18 Alison Bennett                  
126 49:22 Val Kerr                              
153 51:12 Steph Fox                           
173 52:23 Hilda Coulsey                      
233 59:28 Sally Wright                         
281 74:19 Clare Shoulder                
(285 finishers)

Flower Scar fell race, Sat 18 Feb

Woodentops photos

From Jim Ryder.. I ran the Flower Scar Fell Race this Saturday, 8.3 miles with 2200feet from Todmorden Cricket Club. The race winners were Andrew Worster (Todmorden) 1h07 and Annabelle Mason (Leeds University and Fell Club) 1h28. I managed 27th out of 176 in 1h19 for the first V50 prize. A new route for this year. It has everything in it from steep long climbs, short drops, moorland tussocks, muddy plantation paths, contours steep above the Todmorden valley. It reminded me of the Noon Stone Fell Race near Mytholmroyd, discontinued in 2011. Well organised, friendly and recommended.
Results ...

(1 67:11 Andew Worster, Todmorden)
27 79:03 Jim Ryder
176 finished

parkruns, Sat 18 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  ??    Marcin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
120 25:30 Stephanie Fox
502 ran

(1  18:36 Zeynu Bedru, Harrogate Harriers)
79  24:25 Jean Sullivan
244 30:01 Jennifer Carne
358 ran

(1  18:41 Lucas Payne, Barlick Fell Runners)
37  22:53 Geoff Howard
83  25:48 Hilda Coulsey
233 ran

Fell Foot, Newby Bridge
1   18:12 Jack Wood
165 ran

Hatfield Forest
(1  16:28 Blair McWhirter, Ilford AC)
17  20:50 Tim Ashelford
252 ran

Windy Hill fell race, Sun 12 Feb

From Robin Nicholson... Results ...

1  58:35 Tom Adams
26 74:25 Robin Nicholson
229 finished

Moelyci Mountain race, Sun 12 Feb

From Sue Williamson ... Lucy Williamson competed in this classic short fell race, 8K 390m of ascent. Out of a field of 136 competitiors with a result of 49.31 minutes Lucy took 45th position.

Barcelona Half Marathon, Sat 11 Feb

Results ...

(1    1:00:52 Langat Kipkoech, Kenya )
8605 1:55:20 Dave Ibbotson
15202 finished

parkruns, Sat 11 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

1   17:03 Jack Wood
183 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:17 Martin Soszka, Saltaire Striders)
88  24:49 Sarah Haines
366 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  18:56 Charles Casey, Tyne Bridge Harriers)
46  23:52 Norman Bush
260 ran

(1 17:30 Neil Hart, Reading Storm Chasers)
103 27:53 Jennifer Carne
219 ran

Dewsbury 10K, Sun 5 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Sally Malir and I were the only two Harriers on the Dewsbury 10K start line this morning. Cold but still weather provided excellent running conditions on this out and back course with just 115 feet of elevation to deal with in the first half, which makes the return leg a gentle downhill. Devoid of any interesting scenery to distract the mind from the task at hand, and with plenty of encouragement from the marshals and supporters, this race has PB potential in spades and it was my 4th year in a row here.
Having had a disappointing race last year I was hoping for a better time and thankfully the legs were with the programme today. I felt good from the start and seeing my half mile splits ticking by on target gave me a confidence boost to keep on working hard, and I was delighted to finish having taken 45 seconds off my previous PB on the same course.
Sally had finished about 10 minutes ahead of me to come home 3rd in her category, brilliant result. It does appear the course was long today, the switchback was further up the road than in previous years which can be clearly seen on Strava, and the Twittersphere reckons around 200 meters too long! As I write there are no official pronouncements from the organizers yet.
Results ...

Update: confirmation has now been given that the course was too long.

(1  30:43 Mohammad Abu Rezeq, Altrincham)
254 41:40 Sally Malir 3rd F50
622 50:45 Petra Bijsterveld PB
1081 ran

Rombalds Stride, Sat 4 Feb

Paul Stephens ... A week before this year's Stride the weather was looking grim - wet and windy. But as they say the sun shines on the righteous and the sun was certainly shining on Saturday the 4th February 2017. As usual there was a good buzz in the school before the event and plenty of Harriers there for the first trail race in the 2017 league.
A steady start and I saw a few Harriers on the first leg to the bucket drop before the climb through the edge of Baildon. After that I passed nobody from the club, and nobody passed me. Not sure that means anything. The support from Harriers around the course was much appreciated and kept me going, along with the fig rolls at the food stops. Yes, fig rolls.
I think I got my pacing about right, was able to run it all apart from the steep climb through the mud up the Chevin. It was of course muddy all the way round and I fell over twice, soft landings both times. Unlike previous years I had done a few longer runs during January, and whilst I wasn't fast, I think that helped me get round comfortably. Dave Robson and I were out running on Tuesday, so clearly neither of us had tried hard enough.
Some brilliant runs from Harriers, both in front of me and behind me. I was pleased with 4.02 which was 6 second slower than my 2015 time; less pleased with my position at 105, albeit this was exactly the same as 2 years ago.
At the moment I'm thinking I'll try some more longer runs this year - perhaps Heptonstall in March?

Results ... (any more? Hard to spot as club not shown in results, but this is an IH League counter, so let us know.)

(1  2:43:42 Graham Pearce, P&B)
2   2:43:42 Jack Wood 
7   3:01:18 Ben Sheppard 
17  3:12:52 Jane McCarthy  1st Female
19  3:16:00 Steve Turland
20  3:17:23 Michael Lomas 
30  3:23:54 Dave Robson
40  3:32:12 Michael Duffield 
44  3:35:55 Kate Archer
45  3:36:08 Dick Waddington
50  3:39:27 Duncan Cooper
77  3:53:38 Outi Kamerainen
105 4:02:07 Paul Stephens
111 4:05:34 Ewan Welsh
118 4:08:17 Mike Baldwin
125 4:12:56 Alison Weston               
139 4:20:43 Martin Stocker
146 4:25:23 Adela Reperecki
149 4:32:21 Sarah Edwards
151 4:32:21 Mary Gibbons
169 4:47:12 Chantal Busby
317 6:41:58 Sally Lynch
318 6:41:58 Abi Bailey
322 6:44:19 Rebecca Mon-Williams
324 6:45:50 Amanda Parnaby (15th race)
355 7:20:04 Sophie Brown
421 8:30:21 Sharon Meadows
494 finished

parkruns, Sat 4 Feb

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Bradford Lister Park
(1  16:46 Sam Clegg, Idle AC)
78  24:24 Sarah Haines
444 ran

Roundhay Park
(1  17:06 James Ellis, Thames Valley Harriers)
217 28:52 Jennifer Carne
362 ran

(1  17:30 Julian Hood, Skipton AC)
40  23:39 Geoff Howard
215 ran

Older News, Jan 2017

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, January

Runner of the month:
Normal Bush
V75 record for Skipton parkrun Other nominations were:
Geoff Howard for consistent 22 and 23 min parkruns through January
Rob Cunningham for 1h19 Brass Monkey half PB
Matt Newell for parkruns and cross-country commitment plus SM18 record at Skipton this month
Tim Ashelford for parkruns and cross-countries.
Volunteer of the month:
Gaenor and Steve Coy
for their diligent PECO and representative cross country organisation Other nominations were:
(none this month)

More Harriers of the Month ...

Northern XC Championships Knowsley Park, Sat 28 Jan

Woodentops photos

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A small number of senior Harriers traveled across the Pennines to Knowsley Safari Park for the Northern XC Championships. Consistent rain during the journey prepared the mind for a thoroughly muddy course, which by the time the seniors were running had already been well churned by the juniors. As a result underfoot conditions were very testing and for much of the undulating course I was just working on not losing my shoes and maintaining minimal forward momentum.
It makes the high rankings of Tom Adams, Matt Newell and Sarah Pickering in their races even more outstanding! Great results for all though, in fast fields with some of the best XC runners in the North. Disappointment for Tim Ashelford who had to retire after one lap due to a calf injury.
Results ...

Senior Men
(1  41:13 Ben Connor, Derby AC)
8   42:34 Tom Adams
348 57:24 Steve Coy
676 ran

U20 Men
(1  26:57 Scott Beattie, Morpeth Harriers)
14  28:53 Matt Newell
76 ran

Senior Women
(1  30:46 Claire Duck, Leeds City)
268 48:14 Gaenor Coy
288 49:32 Petra Bijsterveld
360 ran

U20 Women
(1  20:47 Harriet Knowles Jones, Warrington AC)
19  24:35 Sarah Pickering
54  30:38 Elizabeth Westhead
55 ran

parkruns, Sat 28 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Ashton Court
(1  16:11 George Duggan, Tonbridge AC)
51  21:22 Jonathan Schneider
484 ran

Bradford Lister Park
(1  17:27 unknown)
20  21:40 Adrian Bastow
405 ran

(1  18:37 Danny Thompson U/A)
121 29:09 Jennifer Carne
184 ran

Harriers Social and Awards Evening, Fri 27 Jan

A great social evening upstairs at The Flying Duck at 7.30pm, with over 70 tickets sold, and including the Annual Awards presentation.
Thank you to everyone who filled in a Nomination Form for the awards - we had lots of nominations across the categories which can be viewed here

Category2016 Winner
Runner of the Year, MaleJack Wood
Runner of the Year, FemaleKate Archer
Most Improved Runner, MaleMichael Lomas
Most Improved Runner, FemaleLucy Williamson
Best Endurance Runner, Road, MaleSteve Weston
Best Endurance Runner, Road, FemaleHelen Waddington
Best Endurance Runner, Off-road, MaleDick Waddington
Best Endurance Runner, Off-road, FemaleJane McCarthy
Best Athlete, Under 23, MaleMatt Newell
Best Athlete, Under 23, FemaleJemima Elgood
Best Runner, Over 50, maleMalcolm Pickering
Best Runner, Over 50, femaleAlison Weston
Contribution to the club, maleNeil Chapman
Contribution to the club, femaleHilda Coulsey
Captains award; maleRob Budding and Iain Gibbons
Captains award; femalePetra Bijsterveld and Mary Gibbons
League winnerLucy Williamson
League roadLucy Williamson
League fellJack Wood
League trailAdele Reperecki

Some notes on their achievements

In addition an exceptional performance award was made to Tom Adams. Best news articles, chosen by Peter Lewis, were by Brian Melia and Outi Kamareinan. And an award for website upkeep was made to Paul Wood.

Previous winners

Alison's photos

Helen's photos

PECO XC, West Park, Sun 22 Jan

Provisional results ...

men's race
(1  29:34 Nathan Marsh, Leeds Uni)
45  33:12 Tim Ashelford
89  34:53 Steve Coy
229 39:55 Robert Budding
289 42:25 Andrew Jackson
302 42:51 Geoffrey White
308 43:03 Neil Bloor
444 53:38 Don Macrae
461 finished

ladies' race
(1  34:09 Helen Cross, York Tri)
159 48:36 Hilda Coulsey
175 49:16 Gaenor Coy
236 53:01 Jacqui Weston
276 55:45 Kate Lofthouse
340 69:43 Clare Shouler
344 finished

parkruns, Sat 21 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Ashton Court
(1  17:10 David Awde, Bristol and West AC)
78  22:40 Jonathan Schneider
489 ran

(1  18:14 Tim Chadwick, Skipton AC)
37  23:17 Norman Bush
42  23:30 Mary Gibbons
43  23:34 Geoff Howard
237 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  16:47 Nathan Smith, City of York AC)
84  24:11 Alison Eagle
380 ran

(1  17:38 Osian Perrin, Menai Track and Field)
5   19:49 Lucy Wiiliamson 1st F
206 ran

Stanbury Splash, Sun 15 Jan

Woodentops photos

Tom Adams celebrated his 5th win at this race, results and photos

1   43:52 Tom Adams
17  53:01 Jack Cummings
19  52:23 Martin Archer
39  56:59 Dave Robson
59  59:02 Jane McCarthy
78  60:12 Richard Joel
101 62:22 Michael Duffield
120 64:43 Alistair Barlow
141 65:45 Duncan Cooper
158 67:30 Alison Weston
162 67:50 Paul Stephens
175 69:25 Mary Gibbons
197 72:00 Sarah Edwards
218 74:16 Geoff White
240 76:55 Peter Lewis
311 91:00 Anna Barlow
315 95:21 Sophie Brown
330 finished

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, Sun 15 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Well organized as ever by York Knavesmire Harriers, this HM is a hardy perennial in the winter road racing calendar and sold out within minutes when entries opened in October. It seems a particular favourite with clubs from the North East and you could imagine that you were running up there rather than in York when listening to the accents. A flat course and good running conditions gave plenty of PB potential and I was hoping to go under two hours which I have only managed once before. Despite giving it my all my legs thought otherwise, I must surely hold the record for the Harrier with the most HM results between 2 hours and 2 hours 35 seconds. I think this is my 5th!
Rob Cunningham, Derek Oliver and Janet Grace all seemed to have excellent runs, at about mile 10 I passed Chris Cunningham who was struggling with an injury but I was glad to see he came in not far behind me.
Results ...

(1   1:09:17 Steven Hebblethwaite, Keswick AC)
79   1:19:31 Rob Cunningham
332  1:32:35 Derek Oliver
906  1:51:23 Janet Grace
1171 2:00:33 Petra Bijsterveld
1191 2:02:48 Chris Cunningham
1537 finished

parkruns, Sat 14 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Leeds Woodhouse Moor
(1  16:25 Benjamin Douglas, Notts AC)
6   18:24 Tim Ashelford
42  20:55 Adrian Bastow
557 ran

Ashton Court
(1  18:24 Samuel White, Shelton Striders)
62  22:00 Jonathan Schneider
548 ran

(1  17:41 Chris Darling, Cambridge and Coleridge)
6   18:09 Dan Hayes
485 ran

Curl Curl (Australia)
(1  17:42 Gregory Nicholas, Warringah Triathlon Club)
21  20:22 Ben Joynson
291 ran

(1  19:22 Danny Thompson, U/A)
92  29:05 Jennifer Carne
148 ran

(1  18:11 Kristoff Boynton, Steel City Striders)
20  23:13 Geoff Howard
66 ran

Temple Newsam Ten, Sun 8 Jan

Results ...

(1    59:10 Mark Smith, Rothwell)
530 1:40:35 Alex Hyde
806 finished

YHA 'King Of The Castle', Sun 8 Jan

From Sarah Edwards ... this little race fell on my dad's birthday when we were all in the Lakes. A time trial format with everyone setting off at 10 second intervals. Start with your hand on the bar at the YHA and race to the war memorial on the top of Castle Crag - 1.6 miles and 656ft.

(1 11:27 Chris Arthur, Bowland)
45 17:54 Sarah Edwards

Yorkshire XC championships, Sat 7 Jan

Woodentops photos

From Petra Bijsterveld ... A good Harrier presence from both the senior and junior club at Lightwater Valley for the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships. The weather was mild and conditions underfoot were very dry. Outstanding results from Tom Adams and Jemima Elgood both coming second in their races, and strong running from everyone in a very fast field.
It would be great to see even more members entering these championship races, if you have not tried them give them a go, they are open to everyone and every ability. Northern and Nationals coming up very soon. Great organization as always from Steve and Gaenor Coy.
Results ...

Senior Men
(1  33:47 Emile Cairess, Leeds City AC)
2   34:03 Tom Adams
49  37:46 Matt Newell
92  40:06 Tim Ashelford
127 42:04 Steve Coy
144 42:33 Dave Westhead
192 45:23 Mark Iley
197 45:43 Mark Summerson
215 47:22 Robert Budding
287 ran

Senior Women
(1  30:24 Julie Briscoe, Wakefield DHAC)
121 45:29 Gaenor Coy
127 46:18 Petra Bijsterveld
131 46:33 Hilda Coulsey
155 ran

U20 Women
(1  23:15 Imani Wilson, Hallamshire Harriers)
2   23:54 Jemima Elgood
7   25:14 Sarah Pickering
13 ran

Lots of excellent junior results too!

parkruns, Sat 7 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Results ...

Woodhouse Moor Leeds
(1  16:10 Michael Kallenberg, Carmarthen)
185 25:00 Tom Worboys
540 ran

(1  18:40 Tim Chadwick, Skipton AC)
26  22:48 Geoff Howard
63  24:57 Chris Cunningham
132 28:55 Sue Verspyck
230 ran

Fountains Abbey
(1  18:06 Guy Close, Knaresborough Striders)
55  22:44 Norman Bush
430 ran

Giants Tooth fell race, Sun 1 Jan

Results ...

(1 18:02 Ali Burns, Valley Striders) 62 24:20 Toni Melechi 145 finished

parkruns, Sun 1 Jan

From Petra Bijsterveld ... Just a handful of Harriers started 2017 with a parkrun. New Year's Day is the only day of the year where you can register two parkrun results on the same day, so I started at Skipton (brilliant first finish by a fast Matt Newell), 90 parkrunners then drove to Pendle parkrun to do it all over again. I was a bit sad to be the only Harrier, but there was a jolly festive atmosphere to take our minds off the cold wind blasting across the park and plentiful mud underfoot. Junior Oscar Stapleton was the only other Harrier to do a double, at Woodhouse Moor and Temple Newsam. (however for reasons of consistency junior parkrun results will not be included here anymore). Nice to chat to Geoff Howard who was marshaling at Skipton.
Results ...

Princes parkrun, Liverpool
(1  17:43 Stephen Watkin, Penny Lane Striders)
12  19:50 Richard Joel
50  24:03 Jean Sullivan
152 ran

1   17:12 Matt Newell
96  27:08 Petra Bijsterveld
116 28:19 Karen Lambe
175 ran

(1  19:38 Nick Gaskell, Trawden AC)
82  28:52 Petra Bijsterveld
137 ran

Older News, Dec 2016