Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, December

Dave Wilby great results in the Peak District and Chevin Chase PB Also nominated: Bradley Chapman for his fantastic PB at the Ribble Valley 10k, good results at Parkrun 5k and The Stoop, a great improvement recently with lots of hard training.
Will Buckton for race results
Vince & Bernie Gibbons for organising the Christmas Relays and quiz night

Well done to Dave and Vince and Bernie, this month's winners.

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Auld Lang Syne, Mon 31 Dec

A pretty tough course on a tough day, but a great turnout of Harriers at the traditional end of year race. Results from

(1  43:10 Jonny Brownlee, Bingley)
16  49:02 Lee Morley
51  54:29 Martin Archer
63  55:32 Jez Hellewell
96  58:54 Alistair Barlow
103 59:37 Steve Weston
108 59:53 Nick Pearce
152 62:47 Jann Smith
169 64:31 Adam Bennett
177 64:58 Richard Morris
178 65:03 Sam Wood
207 67:40 Andrew Jackson
211 68:00 John Coates
221 69:21 Norman Bush 1st V70
260 73:27 Alison Ricci
300 78:22 Sue Morley
318 82:31 Emily Wood
334 85:58 Julie Elmes
340 88:11 Paul Sugden
348 91:40 Sophie Brown
376 ran

Some photos by Andrew Bennett here, and lots of photos on

Ribble 10k, Sun 30 Dec

From Henry Heavisides ... There was the usual very high quality field for the Ribble Valley 10k at Clitheroe, which includes the Northern Championships. The winner's time was a minute slower than last year which shows that the conditions were tough: cold, strong wind & driving rain. Fortunately the wind was mostly behind us for the second half. Beth was 2nd F40 & I was 2nd M55. Bradley Chapman improved his time from last year by 12 minutes reflecting the progress that he has made recently.
Results from

(1  30:02 Dave Bishop, Bristol & West)
164 37:36 Henry Heavisides
173 37:58 Mark Iley
190 38:22 Bradley Chapman  PB by 9:40
225 39:16 Steve Morley
226 39:30 Ben Joynson
277 40:39 Beth Massey
376 42:43 Will Buckton
386 42:55 Neil Chapman
392 43:05 Adam Bennett
457 44:10 Simon Jenkins
468 44:32 Alison Bennett
656 48:31 Ruth Kitchen
737 50:31 John Marshall
754 50:43 Hilda  Coulsey
778 51:57 Sheena Pickersgill
825 52:54 Diane Kitchen
899 55:08 Janet Smith
1070 finished

Some photos from Andrew Bennett here.

This was the final counter in the 2012 IH Race League.

Jolly Holly Jog, Sun 30 Dec

Results from Ripon Runners ...

(1  36:30 Lee Dalton, Nidd Valley RR)
23  40:57 Jamie Hutchinson
152 50:43 Geoff Howard
536 finished

Hot Toddy road race, Sun 30 Dec

From Diane Haggar ... on the spur of the moment I decided to test out my post injury fitness at Todmorden and I came away very pleased with 4th lady and 1st LV50 in a time of 39:35 for a 8.9km hilly course.

Festive Disorientation (formerly Peak O Trial), Sun 30 Dec

From Dave Wilby ... Myself and Kelly headed down to the Peak District for this one in order to bag a bit of navigation practice. There were 2 courses on offer, a 'short' of 8 miles across fairly runnable but hilly terrain, and then a reduced 'long' of closer to 10 miles which took in some of the more desolate local delights, and plenty of peat hags, tussocks & bracken. All controls on each course had to be collected, but the order was up to you. Kelly had a great run on the short to finish first lady in 1:44 (men's winner ran 1:26), and I was really pleased (and surprised) to finish 2nd on the long in 1:38, behind the winner Tom Brunt (1:29). There were about 70 entries across the 2 courses, and some great food afterwards in the pub. We both came away with a large box of chocolates to enhance our already impressive 'christmas physiques'.

Parkruns, Sat 29 Dec

Bradford Lister Kark
33 23:51 William Worboys

Harrogate Stray
5  19:22 Stephen Coy
6  19:41 Andy Brook-Dobson
10 21:01 Alex Hirst
45 23:58 Phil Hirst
51 24:25 Dominic Coy (junior)
81 26:04 Emily Elmes (junior)
85 27:02 Nathan Coy (junior)
87 27:08 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
52 25:03 John Marshall

Guisborough Woods, Fri 28 Dec

From Jamie Hutchinson... A tough two lap race covering 5.5 miles, mainly on tracks. The winner, James Bulman from New Marske Harriers, managed 44:48. I came in 18th in 49:34, with Ian Rowbotham not far behind in 28th and 51:40. 145 hardy souls competed!

Chevin Chase, Wed 26 Dec

From Dave Wilby ... great Harriers turnout as usual, first back for the men was Ben Stevens inside the top 10, then myself 13th (best ever placing and a new PB) & Jack Wood. Not sure for the ladies, Emma Barclay, Sally Malir & Kate Archer all in attendance so probably close between those 3. Double 1st's for Bingley with Jonny Brownlee & Vic Wilkinson taking easy wins. Thanks to all the on-course supporters, fab as always.

John Hayes adds... this year I went to the Chevin Chase with a plan. I would line up at the start next to Jonny Brownlee, sprint ahead of him for the first 20 yards, then collapse. Back home I would post a video of my exploits on YouTube....
This plan had one flaw. Arriving at the start, I saw that Jonny Brownlee was surrounded by an array of admiring runners, many wearing fancy dress. It was plain that great minds think alike and I wandered away forlornly taking my rightful place in the middle of the crowd.
My YouTube plan abandoned, I concentrated instead on trying to keep up with a man dressed as an Elf. This was no mean feat. Although my Ilkley vest secured its fair share of "Come on Ilkley!!" shouts, everyone - and I mean everyone - shouted "Come on Elf!!" And what a speedy Elf he turned out to be. I was hoping the outfit would slow him down. It was full length and he was weighed down with tinkling bells. But no. On and on he went buoyed on - no doubt - by the cheering crowd. On the last big climb, his tinkling bells were fading. But not behind me. He was ahead. And then a Christmas miracle occurred. Another Elf (aka Paul Stephens) overtook me. Paul Stephens has a habit of doing this and always greets me with a friendly "hello John". This year, however, he spurred me into action. I chased after him, overtook him, and spent the rest of the race making sure he didn't catch me. It is amazing what this can do. As I ran like mad trying to keep ahead of Paul Stephens, I ran past the tinkling Elf too. And so I stumbled over the finish line happy. With hindsight, I was never going to beat Jonny Brownlee. But beating the tinkling Elf (and Paul Stephens) made my Christmas.

(1  39:03 Jonny Brownlee, Bingley)
8   43:35 Ben Stevens
13  44:16 Dave Wilby
20  45:02 Jack Wood
89  50:27 Rob Cunningham
90  50:28 Dick Waddington
99  50:46 Steve Coy
100 50:47 Nick Pearce
110 51:05 George Stevens
113 51:31 Andrew Merrick
120 51:41 Alistair Wood
128 52:04 Emma Barclay
135 52:26 Sally Malir
141 52:50 Richard Reeve
176 54:19 John Hayes
187 54:48 Paul Stephens
195 55:04 Kate Archer
222 56:19 Peter Haines
225 56:22 Roddy Macdonald
226 56:26 Kelly Harrison
250 57:15 Tim Brear
279 58:28 Andrew Jackson
285 58:36 Chris Cunningham
287 58:44 Victoria Stevens
331 61:10 Dave Ibbotson
347 61:54 Adela Reperecki
348 61:55 Dougie Scarfe
349 61:57 Jane McCarthy
352 62:01 Florence Haines
362 62:19 William Worboys
370 62:46 Andrew Wilson
382 63:25 Nigel Tapper
402 64:38 Charles Oxtoby
413 65:12 Martin Wright
420 65:35 Helen Horton
434 66:16 Sharon Meadows
438 66:21 Andrew Mitchell
455 67:30 Nicole Dillon
456 67:31 Jon Dillon
500 69:26 Sheena Pickersgill
512 70:30 Allison Ricci
518 70:38 Hilda Coulsey
518 70:44 Cathy Brown
519 70:45 Di Kitchen
542 71:58 Keith Wood
544 72:05 Jane Guillard
557 72:49 Chloe Haines
580 74:19 Julie Elmes
583 74:24 Sophie Brown
586 74:35 Paul Sugden
607 75:53 Judith Scarfe
616 76:22 Sarah Hayes
617 76:26 David Green
639 78:13 Elaine Cossins
661 79:35 Sally Wright
676 81:00 Andy Kitchen
730 84:22 Sue Stevens
766 87:31 Emma O'Looney
767 87:37 Paul O'Looney
768 88:01 Emma Payne
787 89:52 Matt Rutter
788 89:53 Nick Page
825 finished

This was a IH Race League counter, and the final trail/XC race in the 2012 League.

Whinberry Naze, Wed 26 Dec

From Lee Morley ... a trip back to visit family over Christmas gave me the chance to run this 4 mile up and downer. I blame the wet conditions for the slower time than last year - not the eating like a pig the day before. Wishing for some dry weather soon! Results from Rossendale Harriers

(1  25:27 Doni Clarke)
2   26:10 Lee Morley
203 finished

Bradford Parkrun, Sat 22 Dec

Henry Heavisides reports not many of us made it to Lister Park for the Bradford Parkrun in unpleasant conditions, lots of rain & windy. Not a day for fast times. Results ...

(1  17:13 Kevin Ogden, Spenborough)
8   18:56 Henry Heavisides
9   19:03 Bradley Chapman
13  19:39 Will Buckton
77  25:39 Paul Sugden
84  25:56 Hilda Coulsey
162 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League ... young guns Bradley and Will both improved by 2 places, and Paul Sugden is up to 4th place ...

From George Elmes ... Julie and Emily did the Harrogate Parkrun in very wet/muddy/slippy conditions today. The fact that large parts of it were underwater meant that it was not a day for PBs (More like Wellies!)

68 26:20 Emily Elmes (Junior)
75 27:05 Julie Elmes

Christmas Fun, Tue 18 Dec

John's photos

Thanks to the Gibbons family and friends for organising tonight's super festive social: fancy dress relays (with many amazing costumes including penguins, angels, and a full Christmas dinner, see some of them in John's photos) followed by a Christmas Quiz and buffet supper with loads of Harriers of all ages at ILTSC. And 163.33 was raised for Cancer Research UK.

The Stoop, Sun 16 Dec

A grand day out on The Stoop, with lots of good results from juniors and seniors. Results from

1   31:30 Tom Adams
17  36:34 Jack Wood
21  37:16 Mattthew Cox
50  40:26 Ben Joynson
57  40:47 Will Buckton
63  41:17 Dick Waddington
75  42:15 Bradley Chapman
129 46:25 Sam Wood
139 47:26 Alison Weston
140 47:32 Diane Haggar
150 48:18 John Coates
154 48:24 Sarah Haines
173 49:40 Dave Ibbotson
187 50:45 Natalie Curtis
189 50:51 Norman Bush
204 52:06 Val Kerr
213 54:07 Jan Carrier
217 54:31 Adela Reperecki
220 55:41 Helen Waddington
221 55:47 Martin Wright
222 56:13 Abi Bailey
231 57:20 Sophie Brown
232 57:30 Sue Bickerdike
241 61:03 Mark Kerr
245 62:22 Paul Sugden
248 63:53 Julie Elmes
265 73:32 Jacqui Weston
266 73:33 Jane McCarthy
270 finished

Just heard we missed a (first ever?) men's team prize by ONE POINT!. Oooh!
This was a IH Race League counter, Tom's 4th perfect 100-point run has secured him the fell category prize: can anyone catch Henry in the overall competition with three races to go? Come to the Bradford Parkrun this Saturday and bag some League points!

PECO XC, Middleton Park, Sun 16 Dec

From Henry Heavisides ... It was a mild sunny day for the Peco race at Middleton Park & less muddy than I expected. Dave Westhead was first Ilkley Harrier to finish in the senior race. I managed to outsprint Steve Coy who was expecting another lap. Nick Pearce & Kate Archer weren't far behind. I had to leave before everyone had finished, so I don't have the full results. There were quite a few Ilkley Harriers in the junior races who all ran well.

Thanks to Dave Westhead for these results from ...

Senior Men
26  Dave Westhead
46  Henry Heavysides
50  Stephen Coy
77  Nick Pearce
167 Andy Jackson
177 Eric Morley
211 Don MacRae
Senior Ladies
14  Kate Archer
75  Gaenor Coy
83  Sue Morley
108 Sally Wright
Juniors 8-10
4  Dominic Coy
7  Catherine Westhead
13 Nathan Coy
15 Matthew Lansbury
Juniors 11-16
18 Elizabeth Westhead
21 Harriet Jackson

Rab National Mini-Mountain Marathon Series, Edale/Dark Peak, Sun 16 Dec

Dave Wilby bagged 6th place with 365 points in 3h51:22, from 169 finsihers, at the final event in the series. Details

Run Sunday, Sun 16 Dec

Results from this weekly* 3 mile timed run... *NB there's a Christmas break now with the next event on 6th January.

3  24:08 William Worboys
12 finished

GWF, Sat 15 Dec

Ilkley fielded a team in KCAC's Gathering Winter Fools Relay, a bit of festive fun around the paths and trails around Keighley, with most runners in fancy dress. We finished 15th out of 26 teams, 3rd mixed team (and 1st team 'with dogs'). Here Alison, Clare, and Betty dress for a manger scene, ready for Leg 3.

15th 5h18:41
1 9M   1h41:15 Abi Bailey, Sue Bickerdike,
               and Bailey
2 9.5M 1:25:27 Steve Weston and Jann Smith
3 6M     56:08 Claire Smith, Alison Bennett,
               and Betty
               (paced by Tom Adams and Dylan!)
4 7M   1:15:51 Paul Sugden & Emma O'Looney

And remember, we have our own Xmas Fancy Dress Relays on Tuesday, followed by the Christmas Quiz with a Christmas buffet at ILTSC. More details here. And at the Quiz you'll be able to buy tickets for the Annual Presentation Evening on 18th January, 12.

Great Langdale Xmas Pudding 10k, Sat 15 Dec

From Stewart Taylor ... the route is an undulating run from the New Dungeon Ghyll to Elterwater and back. A great day out, an Xmas Pudding for all finishers, and I completed in 53 mins and 34 secs.

Parkruns, Sat 15 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
12  21:05 Lucy Haines      junior
30  22:56 Oscar Stapleton  junior
37  23:56 Sarah Haines

Leeds Hyde Park
20  19:59 Will Buckton

Harrogate Stray
54  24:59 John Marshall

Remember, Bradford Lister Park Parkrun on 22 December is a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League - let's see lots of Harriers there!

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WYXC #4, Wakfield, Sun 9 Dec

From Peter Shields The weather was certainly a little more uplifting for the final counter for this year's West Yorkshire XC at Wakefield than the previous meet at Huddersfield, it was glorious sunshine with a bitter easterly wind. Ground conditions were also a little different from the festival of mud we had at Huddersfield, in horse racing terms the going was 'heavy'!
Nevertheless, 46 junior and senior athletes turned up for the challenge, 32 competing in the various junior races, 6 in the senior ladies and 8 in the senior males races - a wonderful turn out.
The Ilkley spectators were treated to athletes running in nearly all the age group races, we had one winner on the day Georgia Malir who ran away with a very powerful victory by 40 secs. Tom Adams ran his only League race this year keeping well in the mix with the leaders finishing in a great 6th place.
This being the last race in the 4-race league Ilkey's senior men finished 10th team in what is a very competitive league. The senior ladies had a really good year finishing 4th team overall. Individual positions overall in the league went to Georgia Malir who won the under 17 ladies competition, Beth Massey was pipped to third place in the ladies 40+. Sally Malir was 2nd overall in the ladies 45+ and Nick Pearce who was unfortunately sidelined for today's race came 2nd in the male 55+. Having had to spectate for all 4 races because of an injury it was great to have the opportunity to see the wealth of talent we have at the Club, the energy and enthusiasm shown by the athletes and support was fabulous, Ilkley as a club is not in bad health, well done all.
Results from ...

(1  32:35 James Walsh, Leeds City)
6   34:04 Tom Adams
54  38:11 Lee Morley
81  39:35 Martin Archer
88  39:56 Jim Ryder
93  40:11 Steve Weston
105 40:44 Mark Iley
132 43:17 Arthur Reilly
189 ran
10th team out of 14, 10th team in the League

(1  20:25 Charlene Thomas, Wakefield)
28  24:12 Beth Massey
32  24:34 Sally Malir
49  25:35 Kate Archer
57  26:13 Kelly Harrison
95  30:18 Diane Kitchen
102 33:43 Julie Elmes
104 ran
9th team out of 13, 4th team in the League

Many excellent junior results too, including U17 results Ed Bickerdike 25th and Georgia Malir who enjoyed a superb 40-second WIN.

Sneyd 10m. Bloxwich, nr Birmingham, Sun 9 Dec

From Mark Hall... I was down in the Midlands so decided to meet up with former club mates from Tipton Harriers and do a local race. The race was the Sneyd 10m, near to Walsall, not a place to dwell so producing fast times generally! The course is 2 laps, not a PB course but reasonable.
However, once again the wind was not a welcome friend and slowed times for all. The winner was Gordon Lee Leicester Cor, 52:47, best vet 45 in UK. I did 56:19 to finish 9th and 1st v50. Again it was disappointing.
There were 478 finishers, first woman was Olympic triathlon competitor Jodie Stimpson in 57:19.

Henry adds ... Mark's time was another Club Record (beating his own 56:57 at Askern), & also the 6th fastest M50 10 mile time in the UK this year.

Mytholmroyd fell race, Sun 9 Dec

Woodentops photos

From Will Buckton ... the full B Medium 11.3km/411m race went ahead after the icy conditions thawed last night, meaning the usual Calderdale mudfest!

(1 55:02 Chris Williams, Queensbury RR)
21 60:51 Will Buckton
101 finished

Longridge 7 mile road race, Sun 9 Dec

From John Marshall

(1  Matthew Thompson, Southport Waterloo AC) 
139 63:24 John Marshall
213 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 9 Dec

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

2  22:00 Jacob Hellewell  junior
14 31:11 Emma Payne
14 finished

Really Wild Boar fell race, Sat 8 Dec

Will Buckton reports ... Went up to Sedbergh for this A Short 8km/427m. Full winter conditions made the going tough with deep snow and an icy wind on Wild Boar fell.

(1 52:27 Rob Hope P&B)
48 61:02 Will Buckton
102 finished

Parkruns, Sat 8 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
11  20:45 Lucy Haines      junior
32  23:25 Oscar Stapleton  junior
34  23:44 Sarah Haines

Leeds Hyde Park
86  24:19 John Marshall

Bradford City Run, Sun 2 Dec

From Simon Jenkins ... it was a fantastic day for the race in Bradford. Bright sun but freezing cold! Unfortunately a steward made a mistake and we only ran about 9k.
Results from

(1  27:55 Mike Burrett, Leeds City)
10  31:12 Martin Archer
26  33:29 Rob Cunningham
64  36:10 Derek Oliver
89  37:32 Simon Jenkins
134 39:37 Chris Cunningham
309 45:28 Janet Smith
538 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 2 Dec

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

8  22:47 Tilly Melechi  junior
9  22:48 Toni Melechi
14 23:46 William Worboys
17 27:57 Peter Lewis
20 finished

Parkruns, Sat 1 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
27  22:14 Oscar Stapleton

Harrogate Stray
107 26:11 Julie Elmes
160 29:28 Andy Brook-Dobson

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