Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Harrier of the Month, April

Nominations were:
sponsors Jez Hellewell - 3 Peaks results - nearly 5 minutes quicker than last year!
Sally Malir for her outstanding Marathon time at Manchester in appalling conditions, 2nd lady, breaking club age group record at same time; and 1st LV45 in Guiseley Gallop. These results are the result of months of focussed training, dedication and hard work!.
The ladies 3 Peaks team
Clare Smith, Alison Weston and Dave Wilby for being great fell captains, Clare for organising Calder relay, Alison for 3Ps time and encouragement, Dave for recent race results and for handing out food and drink near the top of Ingleborough
Clare and Neil Smith for tackling the Fellsman challenge and Clare for organising events and relays
Alison Weston for her 14th 3 Peaks race!
Rebecca Moores for knocking an amazing 40 mins off her marathon time in London, a fantastic and beautifully paced race, training really hard, and leading a group on a Tuesday
Jonathan Sinclair for a terrific run and PB at London Marathon run, 746th place, setting a new club record & a very high placing in his age group.
Liz Price for her commitment to training, determination, perseverance and fantastic attitude in her 3P training
Jann Smith and the Three Peaks girls for their performances and achieving a top place in the Yorkshire Championships, and Jann's Coledale result .
Nicky Jaquiery for her ultra race in Mallorca
John Coates for all his training, hard work and continuous dedication and commitment to 3 Peaks
Eddie Winslow on his first Ultra win
Rob Cunningham for a great Manchester Marathon time.

The HoM awards went to Rebecca Moores, and Sally Malir. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Greater Manchester Marathon, Sun 29 April

Two superb results: Rob Cunningham 132nd in 3h06:14; and Sally Malir, 2nd lady in 3h10:40 and 182nd overall amongst over 4,700 finishers and breaking the Club FV45 record.

Sally Malir reports Well, what can I say? Probably the worst conditions I have ever run in! Preparation had gone well and each time I trained my times were getting better so I revised my target time of 3.15 to 3.10. But the weather forecast was not good and when I woke on Sunday morning bright and early the rain had started, it was blowing a gale and the maximum temperature was due to be 4!..... GREAT
I met up with Rob on the start line, we were both shivering and were keen to get going so that we would warm up. We discussed that we were aiming for around the same time but from the gun he disappeared into the distance.
I seemed to be running fairly easily so set off quicker than target pace as I was aware that we were due to have the lovely Easterly headwind for the second half of the race. Unfortunately this proved to be true and my pace slowed in the second half. On the positive side at half way I was 5th lady but ended up 2nd lady by the end so obviously the wind got to some more than me. All in all a great fast course. the only complaint I have was the baggage return at the end, I nearly ended up with hypothermia waiting for it.
I am pleased with my result both the time and position but just wondering slightly what might have been if the weather had been better.

Three Peaks Race, Sat 28 April

Congratulations to our winning ladies team of Jann Smith, Alison Weston, and Diane Haggar! And of course they are also the Yorkshire ladies team champions, with Jann Smith also winning Yorkshire individial bronze! It was Alison's 14th 3-Peaks, and Mike's 20th!

Ben Sheppard says ... A cruel and merciless swine of a race. Strictly for accomplished fell runners, masochists and those who are seriously deluded about their abilities or the magnitude of the challenge or (like me) both. Hats off to a host of tremendous Harrier performances throughout the field.

John Hayes adds... What is it about the Three Peaks Race that makes it such a classic? I can think of 5 things that I particularly like about it: (1) The Route. The Three Peaks is the original and by far the best three mountain route in the UK. The view from each summit is superb (albeit that the distance from Pen-y-ghent to Whernside is a little dispiriting!); (2) The Spectator Support: This is one of my all-time favourite races because of the number of people who come out and watch (whatever the weather) and cheer everyone on enthusiastically. Thanks to all those who yelled "Come on Ilkley!!" as I ran past. It really made a difference. Which leads me on to ... (3) The Jelly Babies. This year I noticed a phenomenon, There were plastic boxes of jelly babies held out by eager supporters all along the route. After a while, I felt a bit rude declining them. By the end, I was shovelling them down me as I stumbled down the final path to the finish. (4) The Little Spring on Ingleborough. If you are feeling thirsty coming down from the summit, take a slight detour to the right of the path. You will find a beautiful little spring with pure water bubbling out of it. Don't be put off a visit to the spring by all those sweaty runners overtaking you swigging their energy drinks. You will be spiritually uplifted and will skip down to the finish like a happy Spring lamb. Which takes me to (5) The Finish. The best bit of all!!

Results from Sportident

(1  2h55:58 Joe Symonds, Hunters Bog Trotters)
72  3h44:51 Lee Morley
116 3h54:32 Jamie Hutchinson
119 3h54:40 Jez Hellewell
146 3h59:46 Ralph Tench
184 4h07:10 Duncan Cooper
186 4h07:19 Jann Smith  13th lady
239 4h16:17 Brian Melia
288 4h24:05 Justin Phillips
305 4h26:11 Alison Weston
309 4h26:33 Mike Baldwin
327 4h29:40 Dick Waddington
333 4h30:54 Diane Haggar
346 4h32:51 John Hayes
395 4h38:31 Jane McCarthy
410 4h40:01 Will Buckton
414 4h40:51 Ben Sheppard
439 4h46:03 Dave Cummings
564 5h06:04 Richard Morris
577 5h08:29 John Coates
619 5h20:36 Nikos Georgiadis
625 5h24:01 David Howe
636 5h30:16 Helen Horton
637 5h30:17 Andrew Merrick
637 5h30:17 Nigel Tapper
641 finished in time

Dave & Eileen's photos

The Fellsman, 28/29th April

Clare Smith is glad to report that Neil and I completed the 61 mile/12000 ft event (not without incident however) in 19 hours 45 mins. Due to the severe weather conditions, which left several competitors suffering from hypothermia, runners behind us were forced to retire when the event was cancelled in the early hours of this morning so we were lucky to be allowed to finish.

Woldsman, Sat 28 April

Eddie Winslow reports ... Straight after last year's poor run in the April heat, I pencilled in a return to the Woldsman. The fixtures clash with the 3 peaks and the Fellsman was disappointing as I had also intended to do one or both of these but in the circumstances the clash did me a favour as it probably weakened the top end of the field at the Woldsman.
Conditions were overcast with temperatures more to my liking than last year and from the start two of us moved clear with one person pursuing closely and then a gap developing. At the 12 mile checkpoint we were still together when my fellow competitor announced that an old foot injury was starting to play up and he was retiring. This left me on my own in the lead with 38 miles to go and one person about 1 minute behind. Over the next 13 miles to half way I got occasional glimpses of my pursuer who seemed to close up a bit on the climbs but then drop back on the levels and descents. He entered the mid-way checkpoint as I was leaving so I estimated that I might have extended my lead to about 3 minutes, although my time of 4 hours to half way was too fast - the last time I did a 50 miler was 10 months ago and I was running pb pace which I knew I couldn't maintain as my quads were starting to scream and I'd had one vicious cramp in my hamstring already.
Fortunately the next 6 miles were over ground with no serious climbs or descents and I was able to tick along at a steady pace with nothing worse than stiffening muscles. At 31 miles there is a dog-leg to a checkpoint and I was just leaving the dog-leg when my pursuer entered it - a lead of half a mile so I was gradually pulling away but the next 6 miles are the hilliest on the entire course. I was trying to concentrate on my running and not look behind but from the summit of one of the climbs I was able to get a view that probably covered the previous 20 minutes - no-one in sight. There was a chance that if I could keep everything together for 15 miles that I could be first home but by now the lack of distance in my legs was hurting.
The last 12 miles are virtually flat and head due East. Although still dry, it was now very cold with a strong head wind blowing directly against me. It was only the knowledge that I was leading that stopped me from dropping to a walk for the entire distance; as it was, I was now walking any incline however shallow. With a mile to go I could see no-one within ? mile and finally decided that I was not going to be caught and was able to enjoy the final run in to be 1st home in a time of 9h 35m.
The second man in was 10 minutes behind me, having been third at half way. He had been 22 minutes behind at that point and had the advantage of seeing an ever decreasing gap over the second half but was not able to pick up his pace sufficiently to catch me and stop me taking my first 1st place in an ultra.

Parkruns, Sat 28 April

Leeds Hyde Park
164 26:21 Emma Payne

5   18:53 Ian Rowbotham
59  23:01 John Fenwick

Dick Hudsons fell race, Thu 26 April

The first BOFRA race of the season, on a dark and wet evening on Ilkley Moor. A good turnout given the weather, and a fair number of Harriers.Tom Adams won it by some 3 minutes from Wharfedale's James Hall.

Paddy & Rachel Hagan report ... Not the best conditions for a PB and so it turned out. Heavy rain created bogs and rivers where they have rarely been, the return leg was into rather nasty weather, and fading light towards the end, all provided a challenge (the wise backmarkers Rachel 1 and Rachel 2 had headtorches, and as the times show, kept close together to the end). So not the best year to attempt it on a bike. However, the race retained the advantage of a there and back race in that you get to see other runners at least once (in fact I passed and was passed by Alison E and her brother several times due to our different means of travel). And the old adage held good - by turning up you've beaten all those who didn't. With all trains from Leeds cancelled due to flooding this may have been a factor in race numbers. So I was fifteen or so minutes slower than usual but came home 1st cyclist and 1st V45. This is not a familiar position and, to be fair, I was also last cyclist and, yes, last V45. Well done Tom for another win. Ilkley times:

1  46:34 Tom Adams
18 60:57 Tony Melechi
23 63:38 Ben Joynson
35 69:28 Mike Baldwin 1st MV55
39 ?     Natalie Curtis 1st FV45
42 74:17 Alison Eagle
44 75:07 Paddy Hagan bike, 1st MV45
49 88:30 Gemma Carpenter
55 99:56 Rachel Hagan
56 99:56 Rachel Websdale
56 finished

Bunny Relays, Tue 24 April

Lots of Harriers young and old amongst the 86 teams at this fun event, and from the photo Christmas seems to have come early for Andy! Full results and photos on ...

London Marathon, Sun 22 April

Report from Jonathan Sinclair a hot day but the spectator support as usual was fantastic and an incredible experience. Started alongside the 'Blackpool Tower' (an attempt on the record for worlds tallest fancy dress) and finished with Nell McAndrew. Alex and I were hoping to break the father and son world record but this had come down between us applying to challenge it and running by 16mins to 5:47:48 combined so we knew it was going to be a real long shot. We were still just about on track at mile 22 but unknown to me Alex ran into problems at mile 23 (ok after some treatment and crossed the line in 3.30 - great effort in first marathon at 19). I had some cramp from mile 24 and thought it was all over but pulled through and was surprised to get a PB. Good to see Steve Weston at the end looking a lot more together than I think I was.

745   2h54:41 Jonathan Sinclair
2584  3h14:37 Steve Weston
?     3h30    Alex Sinclair  
5323  3h34:18 Jane Bryant
11860 4h03:26 Simon Darley
13425 4h09:22 Brenda Ogden
13246 4h09:23 Alison Stretton
14899 4h16:00 Juliet Muirhead
23868 4h51:00 Rebecca Moores

Jonathan's time sets a new V45 and V50 Club record.

In the Mini Marathon Regional Challenge races, Sarah Pickering was 59th U13 girl in 20:40, and Georgia Malir was 48th U17 girl in 19:07

Newlands duathlon, Sun 22 April

Jamie Hutchinson reports ... competing for third year in this great event in the Newlands valley (nr Keswick). A 8k trail run around Catbells, followed by a 44k road bike taking in Whinlatter and Honister passes finished off ! with a 4k run. The event was won by Phil Addyman in 2hrs24 and I managed 9th overall in 2 hrs 37 - a few minutes quicker than last year. 53 completed the course.

Anniversary Waltz, Sat 21 April

Results from

(1  1h33:46 Carl Bell, Howhill Harriers)
47  2h04:54 Steve Turland
249 2h50:38 John Pickering
289 finished

4 juniors made the journey to the Lake District for the Anniversary Wa! Fell race which is race 2 in the Junior English Fell Championship. Robyn Anderson ran in the GU8 and Poppy Anderson, Molly Pearson and Emily Elmes ran in the GU10s. 4 strong performances culminating in two great podium finishes with Robyn and Emily finishing 2nd in GU8 and GU10 respectively.

Ultra Mallorca, Sat 21 April

Morgan Williams reports on Ultra Trail Serra De Tramuntana, Mallorca - 107 kms with 4,500 metres of climb. The Tramuntana is a range of big, steep, rocky mountains, comprised entirely of limestone, running close to the north coast for pretty much the full length of the island. The race route follows parts of the recently devised GR221 long distance footpath starting in Andratx and finishing in Pollensa. The scenery is beautiful, sometimes lush and verdant, at other times quite severe, and the ground reasonably testing for long distance running.

My preparation for this race, the first of only 2 planned events this year, was rudely interrupted at the end of February by a back injury, which lead to a number of knock-on complications. I struggled to get ready for the race and the 8 weeks prior featured regular visits for chiropractic and sports massage assistance but very little of the necessary training to prepare for running 66.5 miles in the mountains in under 24 hours. But there was a good base under all that trouble. Still, 2 weeks before the event I was far from convinced I would start the race. A couple of 20 milers in the Lakes over the Easter weekend gave a glimmer of hope and for the first time ever I tapered for an ultra by doing exactly nothing!

A midnight start on Friday was something of an unwelcome novelty (not since my Bob Graham in 1985 have I started any kind of event on so little rest) but there was a certain elegance in knowing that the relevant ground had to be covered before midnight struck on Saturday. Did those still out at that time turn into pumpkins I wonder?

My primary recollections are of moderate heat (low 20s C), beautiful villages, incredible mountain scenery, the hardest ground I have ever covered on foot (limestone cobbled paths and tracks abound), wonderful sea views, occasional doubts about the route (never having been over almost all of the route, though the marking was first class), frustration with a couple of lengthy road sections, good care from aid station helpers, grumbles about some of the food on offer (no ramen noodle soup), and great comradeship from fellow competitors (mostly Spaniards). A shorter 62 km race, the one Alison was scheduled to run, started at 8.00am to cover the Valldemossa to Pollensa section and I was passed by the leader on a steep, rocky section high above the village of Deia, about 45 kms in for me. He was absolutely flying and his clear and simple enjoyment of his downhill speed brought a big smile to my face. (He covered the 62 kms in 5.40.56 and won by 58 minutes!)

I lost sight of Nicky after about the first half mile; it was dark of course. She ran on with Mark Townsend with whom she ran UTMB in 2011. Ken flew past me on the first long descent making use of his Petzl Ultra lamp, but I caught him at checkpoint 1 at Estellencs. We departed together but that was the last I saw of him.

There were many highlights along the way, too many to recount, but some dips too, none deeper than on the final 3 miles of road into Pollensa which was purgatory as the feet finally succumbed to the twin enemies of the very hard ground and the heat. The welcome at the finish was both enthusiastic and generous. Nicky had an excellent run. Performance of the day though, no doubt, was from Ken 'the Hat' Jaquiery who on very limited training posted a very decent time and was nowhere near the back of the field. I was very happy with my own race, bearing in mind the poor preparation, and impressed with my reserves of strength and stamina.

(1  11h51:59  Miquel Capo Soler)
106 18h23:46  Nicky Jaquiery   6th lady and 1st lady veteran
143 19h28:59  Morgan Williams        
223 21h33:04  Ken Jaquiery
296 finished from 440 starters

Parkruns, Sat 21 April

Harrogate Stray
20  20:56 Dave Tait
44  22:59 Phil Hirst
66  23:58 Jim Towers
103 27:19 Nathanie Richardson JM14

Leeds Hyde Park
129 24:50 John Marshall

Finsbury Park, London
3   19:86 Rob Cunningham

Bunny 3, Tue 17 April

We hear Tom Adams pulled off the "egg stage" and "race win" double again, supported by a whole host of Harriers, full results and photos on ...

1   15:35 Tom Adams
42  18:38 Mark Mon Williams
44  18:48 Dave Cummings
64  19:23 Sally Morley
71  19:40 Mark Iley
73  19:43 Ruaridh Mon Williams U16
81  20:02 Andrew Sheldon
83  20:07 Richard Joel
93  20:31 Edward Bickerdike U16
96  20:36 Jack Cummings U16
110 21:09 Lucy Williamson FU16
117 21:21 Florence Haines
119 21:24 Toni Melechi
122 21:30 Diane Haggar
124 21:36 Tilly Melechi FU14
136 22:00 Alison Bennett
153 22:25 Ben Jacques U16
163 22:57 Jacob Hellewell U14
176 23:25 Andrew Jackson
178 23:26 Catherine Gibbons
199 24:30 Dave Taylor
221 25:33 Sophie Brown
225 25:42 Alison Ricci
227 25:48 Ben Morley U14
228 25:48 Lee Morley
234 26:41 Gaenor Coy
238 26:50 Harriet Jackson U14
244 27:37 Andrew Bennett
255 28:43 David Green
259 28:52 Amanda Newham
260 28:57 Alessandra Ricci U14
262 29:01 Sue Williamson
264 29:25 Bernie Gibbons

Overall, all 3 races counting, Diane Haggar was best F40 and Alison Bennett best F50

The Trunce (race #2), Mon 16 April

From John Coates ... The Trunce is a great event with a real mix of people from road racers to joggers, 3 stream crossings and a long down hill to the finish over the four or so miles I think I was 149th in 35:15. Next race 30th April.

Coledale Horseshoe fell race, Sat 14 April

From Clare Smith ... Tom Adams was the first Harrier, followed by Lee Morley, Dick Waddington and Neil Smith. The ladies set off 15 minutes ahead of the men (though I was then overtaken by many of them!) and Jann Smith was our first lady, then Alison Weston, me and Jane McCarthy. This was the 2nd race in the English Fell Championships, a very tough 13.7km/915m AM race.

Dave & Eileen's photos

(1  1h07:45 Joe Symonds, Kendal)
38  1h16:43 Tom Adams
113 1h25:34 Lee Morley
255 1h41:48 Dick Waddington
287 1h47:28 Neil Smith

(1  1h22:40 Lauren Jeska, Todmorden)
39  1h41:09 Jann Smith
41  1h42:38 Alison Weston
86  1h56:16 Clare Smith
91  1h58:00 Jane McCarthy

Guisborough Moors, Sun 15 April

From John Coates ... there was a good turnout as I think it was a counter in the local series, lovely run taking in three summits including the interestingly named Rosebury Topping. It's a 12.5 mile run with about 2700' feet of climb, we even had a snow storm half way round. 160th in 2h03

Wardle Skyline, Sat 14 April

88  63:15 John Coates
141 69:59 Graham Breeze
168 74:01 Sue Morley

Meanwood Valley Trail, Sat 14 April

Provisional results from Valley Striders ...

(1  43:16 Greg Hull, Leeds)
10  47:02 Jamie Hutchinson 3rd M40
20  49:16 Ian Rowbotham    2nd M50
33  51:42 Mark Iley
67  56:53 Rebecca Mon-Williams
86  59:28 Andrew Jackson
136 63:53 Martin Wright
153 62:59 Hilda Coulsey
180 68:50 Abigail Bailey
181 68:53 Sue Bickerdike
218 73:36 Amanda Newham
227 72:53 Sue Williamson
277 finished

Some race photos here.

Good results in the junior races included Dominic Coy 2nd U10 in the 1 mile race and Lucy Williamson 1st gorl in the 2 mile race.

Leeds Hyde Park Parkrun, Sat 14 April

Henry Heavisides reports ... I was pleased to run my fastest time on this course, finishing 11th at today's Parkrun in Leeds in 18:32. Don't forget that the Parkruns are free and are held every Saturday at venues around the UK & abroad, local races are held in Bradford, Leeds (Hyde Park & Roundhay Park), Harrogate & York.

Jim Towers was 89th in 25:33 at the Harrogate Stray Parkrun.

Loughrigg fell race, Wed 11 April

From George Elmes ... Whilst on holiday in the Lakes this week we took the opportunity to run the Loughrigg Fell race ( 4m 1100 ft) at Ambleside on the evening of Wed 11th. The climb out of Ambleside was pretty demanding but more than rewarded on reaching the trig point on the top. The view was fantastic across the fells with crystal clear visibility and bathed in evening sunshine. I personally acheived 2 firsts - first race as a V50 and first Harrier back (can I omit the fact that I was the only Harrier actually running?!!!! :-) ) Final position was 102 out of I believe 130 who ran.
Emily earlier ran in the junior race at the same event which was up a steep climb to Todd Craig and back down to Ambleside. They combined the U10 and U12 race and as a 10 year old she was up against a lot of physically stronger runners. She really enjoyed the experiance however and finished 21st (11th girl) in the combined results.
A cracking event and well worth a look if you find yourselvs in the Lakes at this time of the year.

Bunny Run 2, Tue 10 April

Results from (photos there too ...) ...

(1  15:59 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
32  18:45 Stuart Pitches
55  19:32 Dave Cummings
72  20:25 Georgia Malir
73  20:26 Jack Cummings
100 21:39 Ben Johnson
103 21:46 Tilly Melechi
105 21:47 Diane Haggar
113 22:04 Alison Bennett
114 22:09 Dominic Coy
125 22:23 John Coates
130 22:34 Lucy Williamson
141 23:01 Lucy Jacques
145 23:07 Jacob Hellewell
146 23:08 Michael Duffield
156 23:26 Sam Wood
172 24:01 Andrew Jackson
208 25:05 Adela Reperecki
209 25:06 Isobel Hirst
221 25:56 Joanne Williamson
223 26:11 Sophie Brown
230 26:44 Nathan Coy
231 26:49 Gaenor Coy
234 26:51 Gemma Carpenter
235 26:54 Andrew Bennett
242 27:31 Paul Sugden
249 27:51 Harriet Jackson
251 27:54 Debbie Lewsis
254 28:04 Amanda Newham
276 30:03 Sue Williamson
293 35:58 Harriet Flesher

Guiseley Gallop, Sun 8 April

Results from

(1  35:01 Jack Simpson, U/A)
32  42:52 Mark Iley 3rd M50
52  44:35 Rob Cunningham
73  45:46 Sally Malir  1st F45
87  46:39 Helen Thurston
92  47:10 Adam Bennett 1st JM
146 50:33 Julie Harvey 3rd F45
148 50:36 Chris Cunningham
165 51:39 Martin Wright
187 52:42 Michael Duffield
222 54:33 James Dunne
231 54:51 Thomas Dunne
243 55:40 Ruth Kitchen	1st FJ
245 55:56 Sue Bickerdike
289 58:56 Abigail Bailey
319 61:12 Bernadette Gibbons 2nd F55
333 62:09 Andrew Bennett
353 63:52 Judith Scarfe
354 63:52 Douglas Scarfe
421 71:02 Andrew Kitchen
445 finished

Pendle fell race, Sat 7 April

Results from ...

(1  31:20 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
50  39:28 Ian Rowbotham
93  42:47 Alistair Barlow
228 55:47 Sue Morley

This was an English Junior Championship race and we had 10 Ilkley juniors running, with Emily Elmes 3rd U10 and Georgia Malir 3rd U10, more on the junior pages.

Salford 10k, Good Friday 6 April

Mark Iley reports ... the trio set off again in search of another good 10k, this time crossing the border into Lancashire, Salford to be exact.
Conditions were ideal, cold, but very little wind, looked a good 2 lap course.
Not much time between the three of us only 34 seconds. But this time first Harrier home was Andy with yet another fantastic PB, beating his Dewsbury time by almost 50 seconds, which was only 4 weeks ago! A great result!!
He was closely followed by me just 4 seconds behind and David a further 30 seconds behind, both who recorded very similar times to Dewsbury.

(1   29:50 Jack Martin, Stockport)
130  38:25 Andy Sheldon PB
131  38:29 Mark Iley
142  38:59 David Brown
532 ran

Andrew Sheldon adds ... this was a fast two lap road course with hardly any gradient save for a couple of bridges. Great conditions on the day, cool, no wind. As a group we were always in sight, and having already run around the first lap, we had the benefit of a long but familiar finishing straight.

Training News

For the next few weeks, we will be shortening Tuesday night "talkie bits" to get you out of the door quicker to make the most of the available light.

The Thursday session has moved on to the moor (meet on the grass beyond the cattle grid, moor side).

Last week's circuit training was the last until September. Thanks to Neil, Roy, and Pete for leading sessions.
There is exciting news of some new strength and flexibility sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Training Page ...

Bunny Run 1, Tue 3 April

Results from (photos there too ...) ...

1   15:20 Tom Adams  Egg Stage win 3:25
54  19:18 Ruaridh Mon-Williams U16
59  19:28 Sally Morley
98  20:43 Henry Heavisides
107 21:15 Ed Bickerdike U16
110 21:21 Diane Haggar
119 21:38 Robbie Mathews U14
129 22:03 Alison Bennett 1st F50
133 22:09 Tilly Melechi U14
135 22:13 Jann Smith
164 23:15 Phil Hirst
167 23:24 Sam Wood
170 23:31 Jacob Hellewell U14
174 23:40 Michael Dufffield
175 23:44 John Coates
183 24:03 Andrew Jackson
188 24:15 Catherine Gibbons
191 24:25 Martin Wright
203 24:56 Bethan Morley U14
210 25:10 Adela Reperecki
212 25:12 Alison Ricci
226 25:45 Sophie Brown
233 26:00 Andrew Bennett
240 26:16 Debbie Lewis
243 26:25 Sue Bickerdike
244 26:32 Gemma Carpenter
245 26:35 Mike Picken
252 27:01 David Green
265 28:08 Bernie Gibbons
266 28:10 Ashleigh Brownhill
271 28:25 Paul Sugden
274 28:48 Harriet Jackson U14
276 29:01 Emma O'Looney
296 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 1 April

Jez Hellewell ... had a little trot over the moors to the Weecher/Sconce Lane section of The Baildon Boundary Way this morning to cheer on all the Harriers. Tom was quite literally on fire ! When I saw him, with less than 2 miles to go, he was at least 6 minutes in front & looking fantastic! He could have sat down for a cup of tea & a slice of cake & still won. Plenty of Harriers out, smiling in the beautiful sunshine. I tried to capture everybody on my phone, so apologies if I missed anyone. Not many takers for my jelly babies...

Some photos from Jez (right, Tom as seen by the other runners)

More photos on

Results from Baildon Runners ...

1   1h14:32 Tom Adams (winning by over 5 minutes)
9   1h26:07 Martin Archer
20  1h29:14 Justin Phillips
25  1h31:16 Jamie Hutchinson
38  1h35:41 Steve Coy
48  1h37:52 Andrew Merrick
131 1h48:51 David Howe
137 1h49:13 Alison Bennett
142 1h49:45 Natalie Curtis
154 1h51:42 Tim Brear
159 1h52:25 Jane McCarthy
164 1h53:01 Andrew Jackson
180 1h55:08 Keith Wood
205 1h58:27 Sue Bickerdike
209 1h59:00 Martin Wright
244 2h04:02 Liz Price
246 2h04:23 Eric Hawthorn
299 2h14:05 Ashleigh Brownhill
306 2h14:55 John Marshall
307 2h14:55 Andy Sarah
351 2h37:50 Michael Picken
352 2h37:51 Rebecca Picken
375 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Lancaster 3 Bridges 10 km, Sun 1 April

Andrew Bennett reports... Extensive research, careful planning, guile, cunning but mostly luck saw me in with a chance of being first Harrier home in this fast and mostly flat 10K.The race starts midway between Lancaster and Morecambe and involves crossing the River Lune four times via the Millennium footbridge (twice), Skerton road bridge and the Lancaster Canal aqueduct. The ascent to the canal requires a climb of 60 feet on what used to be a narrow and uneven stairway but this has now been widened and improved following a £2 million renovation project. Once across the aqueduct the gentle descent on the road and path on the north side of the river enables a faster pace. This is followed by two more straightforward and flat bridge crossings then onto the tarmac footpath that leads to the finish at the athletics track and HQ of Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club. I finished 158 out of 240 runners in 53:23
Morecambe 10K, another fast and flattish race takes place on Sunday 10 June and like the 3 Bridges costs less than £1 a kilometre to enter!

Muddy Fools Trail Race, Sun 1 April

The finale to the PECO XC League series, we hear that Gaenor Coy was 1st F35 (winning her first race prize!). In the PECO XC League presentations, Sue Morley was 1st F55 and Lyn Eden 1st F65.

Blubberhouses, Sun 1 April

Results from ...

(1  3h00 Andrew Dobby)
14  3h35 Mike Baldwin
64  4h43 Adela Reperecki
65  4h43 Debbie Lewis
67  4h43 John Coates
143 6h17 Amanda Parnaby
224 completed

Snowdonia Half Marathon, Sun 1 April

Peter Shields reports got my first race in as a V65 today at the Snowdonia Half Marathon on what was probably the hardest course I've ever encountered got the first V65 prize in a time of 1hr 48mins.

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