Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Harrier of the Month, February

Nominations were:
sponsors Jann Smith, Rombalds Stride result
Christine Cox, Great NW Half in 1h45, a PB by 5 minutes
Andy Jackson, Rombalds Stride, PECO XC performances, and improvement in the last year
Peter Shields, Rombalds Stride and commitment to training for others and himself in his 65th year
Tom Adams, winner at Ilkley Moor fell race, and PECO XC
Nikos Georgiadis, for showing great enthusiasm for the club and encouraging beginners by setting up new training sessions
Paul & Shirley Wood, for organising the Ilkley Moor fell races

The HoM awards went to Tom Adams and Christine Cox. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

The Committee also made an "Outstanding Achievement" award to Tom Adams for these race wins in aadition to earlier ones.

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 26 Feb

Thank you to the very many Harriers who helped stage the fell race.
The results and plenty of photos are here (junior results available here).
There were strong performances from Ilkley runners: Tom Adams winning in a very fast time; the ladies' team winning for the 6th time in succession; and the men's team missing out on victory by just one point ...

Dave Woodhead photos available soon ...
1   36:18 Tom Adams
10  41:14 Lee Morley
14  41:58 Dave Wilby
17  42:41 Jack Wood
23  43:16 Martin Archer
33  44:54 Ralph Tench
36  45:24 Dave Cummings
44  46:28 Jamie Hutchinson
55  48:04 Richard Joel
57  48:20 Sally Morley
62  48:54 Mike Baldwin
69  49:32 Emma Barclay
73  49:45 Alistair Barlow
80  50:24 Bob Hamilton
97  51:47 Kate Archer
106 52:37 Dan Hill
107 52:46 John Hayes
113 53:24 Chris Oxlade
119 53:48 Will Buckton
121 53:52 Alison Weston
124 54:07 Jann Smith
151 57:16 David Howe
154 58:12 John Coates
159 58:29 Sue Booth 
164 58:52 Ben Swinton
185 61:05 Adam Swinton
187 61:12 Andrew Jackson
211 64:43 Sue Morley
212 63:44 John Pickering
215 64:59 Sophie Brown
221 66:05 Jim Towers
225 66:38 Sharon Meadows
231 68:06 Gemma Carpenter
239 69:24 Andrew Bennett
255 83:38 Lyn Eden

Great North West Half Marathon, Blackpool, Sun 26 Feb

Chris Cunningham reports ... that the amazing Mrs Cox knocked 6 mins plus off previous PB and was second in her category! I managed a new PB too by a more modest 2 and a half mins. Results from

78  1:26:44 Rob Cunningham
365 1:42:19 Chris Cunningham PB
456 1:45:12 Christine Cox  PB

Snake Lane 10, Sun 26 Feb

Steve Weston reports ... Lovely run today around the Wolds north of Pocklington for the Snake Lane 10. An undulating course with a few testing drags. The Snake of the title is on the second half of the course and is a winding road on a plain so you can easily see runners ahead of you going this way and that.
There was a false start and we all set off only to be recalled and set off a few minutes later. Unfortunately I was in a much worse position for the 2nd start and spent the first mile getting upto pace and picking off runners..
Results from

(1    50:28 Andy Norman, Altrincham)
30    59:31 Steve Weston PB
412 1:21:29 John Fenwick

National XC, Sat 25 Feb

A few words from pete Shields ... A small group of Harriers and their supporters attended the National Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath, London yesterday. This was the 125th running of the event, which has really encapsulated English athletics throughout this period. The National pre-dates all the big road races that have sprung up since the early eighties. Following the last war every February or March Pathe News or black and white tv would show on the cinema screens or 12 inch tv sets: 2000 plus eccentric people running in shorts and vests in rain and snow through mud and mud. It was the only time such large athletic groups got together, as it was very rare you saw people running the streets like we do today.
The National was held in such high esteem by athletes then that if asked what their highest achievement would be, they would say to win the 'National'above all else, I had my dreams about that as no doubt Malcolm Pickering did. With the growth of running the race has lost a little of its kudos but it is still up there as Saturday's event showed, there were 1800 male runners in the senior race and well over 600 in the ladies race plus all the junior events. It is a fabulous event that attracts thousands of people to spectate, it is a real celebration of running and extremely well organised.
The weather for this years event was very kind and un-seasonally warm, this made the going firm in places, although it would not be the race it is without there being some mud! I noticed the ice cream van that pulled into the park was never without a long queue the whole day its owner probably having to be kept in a darkened room now!
If you have never been to a National the start of the men's senior race is always the highlight, mainly because of the numbers that run. The Parliament Hill Fields start is extra special because it is a long uphill start and the crowds congregate here in their thousands to cheer the runners on. There is always a great silence before the gun goes, once it does the place erupts but then goes silent and all you hear are the thousands of feet thudding the floor its like a cavalry charge with horses, the noise is phenomenol and a true highlight in the athletics calendar the atmoshere certainly gets charged.
Parliament Hill Fields was a good choice for this years anniversary race, everyone likes the place the vista over London is fabulous where you see everything from Canary Wharfe through to St Paul's Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Shard to the BT Tower, a real theatre of dreams. The course is 12km long comprising two laps for the senior mens race, hard with several hills to contend with. In previous visits to this course you have had to deal with mud up to your arm pits, this year there has been a dearth of water falling on London so it did make the going a little better but there were odd spots that just reminded you of races gone by.
Elizabeth Westhead was the first Ilkley Harrier to run, she was in the under 13 girls race. It was a very big field and as with all the races very competetive she handled the occasion very well finishing in 289th position with a time of 15:14. We had two boys in the boys under 13 race, their race came late in the programe, so they had to deal with their nerves for quite a long time. Euan Brennan ran exceptionally well finishing in 226th position in a time of 13:06, Frances Westhead finished in 163rd position, looking very strong throughout in a time of 12:41. The Westhead and Brennan families were there in numbers to support their charges and it was fabulous to hear Ilkley's name being shouted out at a junior level, I just hope these athletes get a little something from the experience and it bring's them back to it next year.
Sadly there were no senior ladies to cheer on but what was interesting was that the lady winner of our fell race this Sunday, Emma Clayton ran and finished in 14th place in a real Olympic field. She looked so easy at the fell race following that effort? Dave Westhead and Peter Shields were are two entries in the senior race. This being the culmination of a great x/c season for Dave and he did not let us down: he was placed 653 in a time of 47:16, that position in such a high quality field was fantastic. Peter besides loving the event had other reasons to run he is 65 next Friday and he saw this as his last opportunity to run as a young man before his pension drops through the door! He certainly had a better second lap than the first finishing in a rather faster time of 59:08 than he wanted to; being that Sheila his wife and life coach! was 300 mtrs from the finish giving him some of the verbal motivation that he has subjected many of the Ilkley Athletes too over the years, those last 300mtrs were done in 44 secs! The support on the course from the Ilkley contingent was fab and a real lift but it was also nice to get support from many people seeing the Ilkley name then connecting with it and shouting us on. A final touch to the day was all finishers were given a special pin to celebrate the races 125th running. The national used to close the domestic x/c season, not so these days we have one more to run and it could not be closer to our base, Otley.... hope to see all of you there. Once again thanks to Malcolm and Di for their organization.

From David Westhead: a lovely sunny day with near perfect running conditions. The drought in the South East was obvious but there was still enough mud to keep you concentrating. The course was a classic, undulating and grassy cross country with spectacular views of London from the top of hill. Ilkley was represented by the small contingent of Pete Shields and Dave Westhead, with Euan Brennan and Francis Westhead in the U13 boys (both only just 11!) and Elizabeth Westhead in the U13 girls. We all had good runs. For the senior men 1688 finished the race and the start line was the length of a football pitch. I started too far back and as the course narrowed quite soon after the start I quickly got caught up in slow moving traffic which took nearly 5km to clear. After that I was working my way up the field all the way and it was an enjoyable run. Finishing places and times below.

Senior men (12k)
653 Dave Westhead 47:16
1457 Pete Shields 59:08

U13 Girls (3k)
289 Elizabeth Westhead 15:14

U13 boys
163 Francis Westhead 12:41
226 Euan Brennan 13:06

High Cup Nick fell race, Sat 25 Feb

Ian Rowbotham was 21st, and 1st V50, in 1h13:17

Parkruns, Sat 25 Feb

Bradford Lister Park
9  20:01 Paul O'Looney
26 21:49 Richard Morris

Harrogate Stray
57 23:41 Jim Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
119 24:44 John Marshall

PECO XC, Sun 19 Feb

A reet good turnout for what was a fabulous event at Golden Acre Park. Tom Adams won by a good margin, Euan Brennan won the 1 mile race, and there were many other good Harriers results. Word is the new start makes the course 5.6 miles.
Results from ...

1   Tom Adams
15  Jack Wood
36  Dave Cummings
40  Steve Coy
52  Justin Phillips
132 George Elmes
134 Neil Chapman
139 Dougie Scarfe
146 Pete Shields
151 Andy Jackson
170 Jim Towers
171 Paul Wood
182 Mike Picken
195 David Green
201 Peter Lewis
202 Don Macrae
209 Andrew Bennett
4th team, 9th Vet team

5   Emma Barclay
8   Caz Farrow
25  Allison Bennett
60  Allison Ricci
71  Sue Morley
72  Sue Bickerdike
76  Lyn Donahue
88  Gaenor Coy
121 Emma Payne
125 Sue Williamson
129 Kate Lofthouse
142 Julie Elmes
145 Lyn Eden
1st team in the First Division, 1st Vet team

14 juniors raced, results here, then enthusiastically supported the senior race.

The next PECO Xc race is at Otley Chevin on 11th March.

Harriet 'Spielberg' Jackson's video ...

Woodman Point 10k, Sun 19 Feb

Henry Heavisides, our Antipdean correspondent, reports ... I ran the Woodman Point 10k this morning organised by Western Australia Masters Athletics. It was already 25 degrees for the 7am start. There were 5k & 10k options on paths through the sand dunes alongside the Indian Ocean. The 10k was 2 laps of the 5k course. In total about 60 people ran the two races (both starting at the same time). I finished 2nd in 40:06, 15 seconds behind the winner.

Parkruns, Sat 18 Feb

Harrogate Stray
14  22:03 Dave Tait
54  26:06 Jim Towers
114 31:38 Lyn Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
126 24:40 John Marshall

YVAA Grand Prix event 1, Sun 12 Feb

5 Harriers turned out for this first race in the YVAA Grand Prix, results and photos on

20  33:47 Dave Cummings
37  34:52 Mark Iley
105 42:46 Phil Hirst
107 42:58 Jim Towers

Ladies race
72  57:18 Lyn Eden

Liversedge Half Marathon, Sun 12 Feb

Sally Malir was 67th in 92:32, 1st F45 - results link.

Wadsworth Trog, Sat 11 Feb

Alison Weston says ... I will never complain about mud again!
It was exciting conditions for this year's Trog and we all found out the hard way not to trust our feet on anything that wasn't green or white. All mud, tarmac, stones and stiles were covered with a lethal layer of ice and only those wearing the fell-shoe crampons (can't remember the proper name!) made quick progress.
Jamie did amazing after running Rombalds last week too and Brian ran most of the race with a dislocated finger!! They both had to wait a good while for me who was much slower and struggling to find the penultimate check point 13 (and it wasn't even misty!)
Results from ...

(1 2:47:01 James Logue, CVFR)
35 3:35:36 Jamie Hutchinson
43 3:42:31 Brian Melia
58 4:10:12 Alison Weston 6th lady
123 finishers

We have the first few photos from Dave Woodhead (more later) here, featuring ladies fell captain Alison out for a chilly 20-mile 'trog'.

Parkrun, Sat 11 Feb

Quite a few Ilkley runners at Harrogate Stray ...

4  19:04 Steve Coy
11 20:23 Emma Barclay  1st lady
16 21:02 George Elmes
25 22:02 Dave Tait
45 23:35 Dominic Coy
52 24:03 Jim Towers
89 27:11 Nathan Coy

WA Masters evening track meeting, Thu 9 Feb

Henry Heavisides reports from the ... Western Australia Masters Athletics organise weekly track meetings in Perth. The conditions were very different to our normal sessions at Carnegie track with the temperature almost 40 degrees and no snow. In the 800m there were about 25 runners who took part (in 3 separate heats), I recorded the 4th fastest time overall with 2:35.0. A similar number took part in the 3000m, all in one race, I finished 2nd in 10:51.4
There were no monkeys on the track today (or kangaroos), but birds which looked like parrots were flying around.

Macritchie 5k, Singapore, Sun 5 Feb

Henry Heavisides reports ... no snow or ice here, although hazards in this 5k trail race through the rain forest included 34 degree temperatures, 100% humidity and monkeys on the path. Not a course for a PB, but I finished 8th out of about 100 runners in 20:08. If you're ever in Singapore, the Macritchie Runners organise races in the forest the first Sunday of every month.

Rombalds Stride, Sat 4 Feb

From Clare Smith ... Excellent conditions for running led to some great finish times on the Rombalds Stride, including Graham Pearce who won in 2hrs 27 mins. (A record time. It's Graham's 4th win in a row, getting faster every year, and 8 mins clear of 2nd place this year. Paul)

See Paul Sugden's photos on Facebook and Flickr


Rombalds photo: Paul Sugden, more on Flickr
1   2:27:05 Graham Pearce, P&B
3   2:40:00 Lee Morley
7   2:52:56 Dave Wilby
9   2:59:11 Mark Mon-Williams
14  3:02:37 Ralph Tench
17  3:05:34 Jez Hellewell
24  3:10:37 Jamie Hutchinson
27  3:12:57 Derek Fuller
30  3:16:01 Dave Cummings
31  3:17:41 Jann Smith   3rd lady
40  3:19:13 Dick Waddington
42  3:21:06 Kate Archer
44  3:21:06 Ben Sheppard
57  3:30:22 Helene Whitaker
71  3:34:21 John Hayes
72  3:35:05 Rebecca Mon-Williams
73  3:35:05 Jane McCarthy
83  3:39:58 Paul Stephens
86  3:42:35 Peter Shields 1st Vet 60
87  3:43:11 Will Buckton
89  3:43:50 Alison Bennett   PB by 39 mins
96  3:48:19 Nigel Tapper
97  3:48:42 Clare Smith
98  3:48:42 Neil Smith
102 3:51:41 Nikos Georgiadis
103 3:51:41 Alison Eagle
110 3:54:42 Chris Oxlade
114 3:55:51 Joyce Marshall
121 3:59:11 Keith Wood
127 4:04:51 Dave Taylor
128 4:04:51 Neil Chapman
130 4:07:25 John Coates
132 4:11:38 Sharon Meadows
134 4:11:38 Adela Reperecki
138 4:13:03 Debbie Lewis
148 4:17:13 Helen Horton
149 4:17:13 Andrew Merrick
175 4:31:19 Bridget Doherty
177 4:35:13 Abigail Bailey
178 4:35:13 Sue Bickerdike
179 4:35:13 Liz Price
187 4:44:52 Andrew Jackson
188 4:44:52 Sophie Brown
193 4:44:52 Dave Ibbotson
197 4:46:13 Brenda Ogden
214 5:00:01 Rebecca Picken
215 5:00:01 Mike Picken
216 5:02:32 Gaenor Coy
220 5:04:50 Sarah Hayes
222 5:05:55 Lynn Donahue
226 5:07:13 John Tate
230 5:08:10 Sheena Pickersgill
237 5:18:22 Andrew Bennett  PB 19 mins
254 5:49:35 Amanda Parnaby
264 5:53:52 Emma Payne
276 6:00:02 Rebecca Moores
305 6:28:44 Sue Stevens
403 8:10:29 Rachel Hagan
404 8:10:29 Rachel Websdale

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

From Sue Bickerdike... My Mum came round on Sunday. Not usually newsworthy, but it prompted a moment. "Well, I wasn't expecting snow," she said. "I was." "Really?" "Yes, it's Rombalds Stride weekend, it always snows."
Such a simple conversation, conducted so glibly and without hesitation or pre-amble that it got me thinking. Does it always snow on Rombalds Stride weekend? Is it always boiling hot for the Bradford Millenium Way? Is it always a balmy evening for the Bingley St Ives Mob Match? Do midges ever die?
The answer to all these questions apart from the one that we want to be in the affirmative is yes.
This is what I love about running. It's constancy. It will snow at Rombalds. It will be hot for BMW. It will be a beautiful evening for the Mob Match. And if midges did Jane's speed session they wouldn't die, they'd just push for the line and be too tired to eat anyone.
Now, you all know me. I don't do hills. I don't do weather. I don't do early starts on a weekend. I don't do cold. I don't do long. I don't do ice. I certainly don't do mini glacier- inspired ruts set at a shoe size of 4 1/2 to ensnare your unsuspecting foot and trap it at such an angle that your big toe is wrenched from the rest of your being.
So how come over the last few months I've done all of these? I don't know. Looking back, I've spent every weekend either running up a hill in snow, skating down a hill in snow, running up a hill into a force 160 million mile/hr hail-filled head wind, or marvelling at the fact that I'm still alive. And yet I still do it.
I suppose it's pay-back. It's knowing that for every minute spent running gives you two in the pub. It's knowing that someone faster than you will have got to the pub and ordered emergency chips. It's knowing that deep down it's good for you. It's that feeling of satisfaction that you've done it, maybe not fast enough to have won, but you've beaten your inner demons that tell you it's duvet time. It's not letting your running pals down. It's knowing that somewhere, someone will take a photo of you looking rubbish.
Running is all things to all people. For me, it's the cameraderie, having a laugh, the chips and the wine. Once we get this horrible 3 peaks thing out the way we can concentrate on the fun stuff, the stuff where we don't have to wear multiple layers, where we don't risk our lives, where we only have to run 5 miles ...
And it will be sunny.

Peter Shields says ... what a great start to the year for all the Ilkley Harriers who competed in the Rombalds Stride. This is a really well run event, that first and foremost looks after its competitors and I'm sure all that were there would agree. A great event with a super atmosphere, created from the moment you walk into the race headquarters until you've eaten the meal they provide when you have finished. We can all learn a little more about how to put on a top ranking event from their example. As for the Ilkley athletes (of which there seemed to be the whole club there!) they certainly stepped up to the plate in effort and overall performance. We have real depth of talent in the club and whether this event was a training run or competitive attempt let's build on this and take it into our future events. Firstly there is the PECO X/C which is begging for a good Ilkley turnout to raise our points total for the league. There is also the Harrogate league to compete for and now with a good endurance base, adding a little quality will bring lots of benefits.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 4 Feb

Some 450 Primary School children enjoyed the races at Ashlands, with some very competitive runners! Race results ad League updates on the junior site

Parkruns, Sat 4 Feb

Harrogate Stray
15  20:15 Emma Barclay 1st lady
27  22:01 Dave Tait
41  23:55 Jim Towers
106 31:15 Lyn Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
102 24:04 John Marshall
194 28L17 Linda Marshall

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