Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, December

Dave Wilby great results in the Peak District and Chevin Chase PB Also nominated: Bradley Chapman for his fantastic PB at the Ribble Valley 10k, good results at Parkrun 5k and The Stoop, a great improvement recently with lots of hard training.
Will Buckton for race results
Vince & Bernie Gibbons for organising the Christmas Relays and quiz night

Well done to Dave and Vince and Bernie, this month's winners.

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Auld Lang Syne, Mon 31 Dec

A pretty tough course on a tough day, but a great turnout of Harriers at the traditional end of year race. Results from

(1  43:10 Jonny Brownlee, Bingley)
16  49:02 Lee Morley
51  54:29 Martin Archer
63  55:32 Jez Hellewell
96  58:54 Alistair Barlow
103 59:37 Steve Weston
108 59:53 Nick Pearce
152 62:47 Jann Smith
169 64:31 Adam Bennett
177 64:58 Richard Morris
178 65:03 Sam Wood
207 67:40 Andrew Jackson
211 68:00 John Coates
221 69:21 Norman Bush 1st V70
260 73:27 Alison Ricci
300 78:22 Sue Morley
318 82:31 Emily Wood
334 85:58 Julie Elmes
340 88:11 Paul Sugden
348 91:40 Sophie Brown
376 ran

Some photos by Andrew Bennett here, and lots of photos on

Ribble 10k, Sun 30 Dec

From Henry Heavisides ... There was the usual very high quality field for the Ribble Valley 10k at Clitheroe, which includes the Northern Championships. The winner's time was a minute slower than last year which shows that the conditions were tough: cold, strong wind & driving rain. Fortunately the wind was mostly behind us for the second half. Beth was 2nd F40 & I was 2nd M55. Bradley Chapman improved his time from last year by 12 minutes reflecting the progress that he has made recently.
Results from

(1  30:02 Dave Bishop, Bristol & West)
164 37:36 Henry Heavisides
173 37:58 Mark Iley
190 38:22 Bradley Chapman  PB by 9:40
225 39:16 Steve Morley
226 39:30 Ben Joynson
277 40:39 Beth Massey
376 42:43 Will Buckton
386 42:55 Neil Chapman
392 43:05 Adam Bennett
457 44:10 Simon Jenkins
468 44:32 Alison Bennett
656 48:31 Ruth Kitchen
737 50:31 John Marshall
754 50:43 Hilda  Coulsey
778 51:57 Sheena Pickersgill
825 52:54 Diane Kitchen
899 55:08 Janet Smith
1070 finished

Some photos from Andrew Bennett here.

This was the final counter in the 2012 IH Race League.

Jolly Holly Jog, Sun 30 Dec

Results from Ripon Runners ...

(1  36:30 Lee Dalton, Nidd Valley RR)
23  40:57 Jamie Hutchinson
152 50:43 Geoff Howard
536 finished

Hot Toddy road race, Sun 30 Dec

From Diane Haggar ... on the spur of the moment I decided to test out my post injury fitness at Todmorden and I came away very pleased with 4th lady and 1st LV50 in a time of 39:35 for a 8.9km hilly course.

Festive Disorientation (formerly Peak O Trial), Sun 30 Dec

From Dave Wilby ... Myself and Kelly headed down to the Peak District for this one in order to bag a bit of navigation practice. There were 2 courses on offer, a 'short' of 8 miles across fairly runnable but hilly terrain, and then a reduced 'long' of closer to 10 miles which took in some of the more desolate local delights, and plenty of peat hags, tussocks & bracken. All controls on each course had to be collected, but the order was up to you. Kelly had a great run on the short to finish first lady in 1:44 (men's winner ran 1:26), and I was really pleased (and surprised) to finish 2nd on the long in 1:38, behind the winner Tom Brunt (1:29). There were about 70 entries across the 2 courses, and some great food afterwards in the pub. We both came away with a large box of chocolates to enhance our already impressive 'christmas physiques'.

Parkruns, Sat 29 Dec

Bradford Lister Kark
33 23:51 William Worboys

Harrogate Stray
5  19:22 Stephen Coy
6  19:41 Andy Brook-Dobson
10 21:01 Alex Hirst
45 23:58 Phil Hirst
51 24:25 Dominic Coy (junior)
81 26:04 Emily Elmes (junior)
85 27:02 Nathan Coy (junior)
87 27:08 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
52 25:03 John Marshall

Guisborough Woods, Fri 28 Dec

From Jamie Hutchinson... A tough two lap race covering 5.5 miles, mainly on tracks. The winner, James Bulman from New Marske Harriers, managed 44:48. I came in 18th in 49:34, with Ian Rowbotham not far behind in 28th and 51:40. 145 hardy souls competed!

Chevin Chase, Wed 26 Dec

From Dave Wilby ... great Harriers turnout as usual, first back for the men was Ben Stevens inside the top 10, then myself 13th (best ever placing and a new PB) & Jack Wood. Not sure for the ladies, Emma Barclay, Sally Malir & Kate Archer all in attendance so probably close between those 3. Double 1st's for Bingley with Jonny Brownlee & Vic Wilkinson taking easy wins. Thanks to all the on-course supporters, fab as always.

John Hayes adds... this year I went to the Chevin Chase with a plan. I would line up at the start next to Jonny Brownlee, sprint ahead of him for the first 20 yards, then collapse. Back home I would post a video of my exploits on YouTube....
This plan had one flaw. Arriving at the start, I saw that Jonny Brownlee was surrounded by an array of admiring runners, many wearing fancy dress. It was plain that great minds think alike and I wandered away forlornly taking my rightful place in the middle of the crowd.
My YouTube plan abandoned, I concentrated instead on trying to keep up with a man dressed as an Elf. This was no mean feat. Although my Ilkley vest secured its fair share of "Come on Ilkley!!" shouts, everyone - and I mean everyone - shouted "Come on Elf!!" And what a speedy Elf he turned out to be. I was hoping the outfit would slow him down. It was full length and he was weighed down with tinkling bells. But no. On and on he went buoyed on - no doubt - by the cheering crowd. On the last big climb, his tinkling bells were fading. But not behind me. He was ahead. And then a Christmas miracle occurred. Another Elf (aka Paul Stephens) overtook me. Paul Stephens has a habit of doing this and always greets me with a friendly "hello John". This year, however, he spurred me into action. I chased after him, overtook him, and spent the rest of the race making sure he didn't catch me. It is amazing what this can do. As I ran like mad trying to keep ahead of Paul Stephens, I ran past the tinkling Elf too. And so I stumbled over the finish line happy. With hindsight, I was never going to beat Jonny Brownlee. But beating the tinkling Elf (and Paul Stephens) made my Christmas.

(1  39:03 Jonny Brownlee, Bingley)
8   43:35 Ben Stevens
13  44:16 Dave Wilby
20  45:02 Jack Wood
89  50:27 Rob Cunningham
90  50:28 Dick Waddington
99  50:46 Steve Coy
100 50:47 Nick Pearce
110 51:05 George Stevens
113 51:31 Andrew Merrick
120 51:41 Alistair Wood
128 52:04 Emma Barclay
135 52:26 Sally Malir
141 52:50 Richard Reeve
176 54:19 John Hayes
187 54:48 Paul Stephens
195 55:04 Kate Archer
222 56:19 Peter Haines
225 56:22 Roddy Macdonald
226 56:26 Kelly Harrison
250 57:15 Tim Brear
279 58:28 Andrew Jackson
285 58:36 Chris Cunningham
287 58:44 Victoria Stevens
331 61:10 Dave Ibbotson
347 61:54 Adela Reperecki
348 61:55 Dougie Scarfe
349 61:57 Jane McCarthy
352 62:01 Florence Haines
362 62:19 William Worboys
370 62:46 Andrew Wilson
382 63:25 Nigel Tapper
402 64:38 Charles Oxtoby
413 65:12 Martin Wright
420 65:35 Helen Horton
434 66:16 Sharon Meadows
438 66:21 Andrew Mitchell
455 67:30 Nicole Dillon
456 67:31 Jon Dillon
500 69:26 Sheena Pickersgill
512 70:30 Allison Ricci
518 70:38 Hilda Coulsey
518 70:44 Cathy Brown
519 70:45 Di Kitchen
542 71:58 Keith Wood
544 72:05 Jane Guillard
557 72:49 Chloe Haines
580 74:19 Julie Elmes
583 74:24 Sophie Brown
586 74:35 Paul Sugden
607 75:53 Judith Scarfe
616 76:22 Sarah Hayes
617 76:26 David Green
639 78:13 Elaine Cossins
661 79:35 Sally Wright
676 81:00 Andy Kitchen
730 84:22 Sue Stevens
766 87:31 Emma O'Looney
767 87:37 Paul O'Looney
768 88:01 Emma Payne
787 89:52 Matt Rutter
788 89:53 Nick Page
825 finished

This was a IH Race League counter, and the final trail/XC race in the 2012 League.

Whinberry Naze, Wed 26 Dec

From Lee Morley ... a trip back to visit family over Christmas gave me the chance to run this 4 mile up and downer. I blame the wet conditions for the slower time than last year - not the eating like a pig the day before. Wishing for some dry weather soon! Results from Rossendale Harriers

(1  25:27 Doni Clarke)
2   26:10 Lee Morley
203 finished

Bradford Parkrun, Sat 22 Dec

Henry Heavisides reports not many of us made it to Lister Park for the Bradford Parkrun in unpleasant conditions, lots of rain & windy. Not a day for fast times. Results ...

(1  17:13 Kevin Ogden, Spenborough)
8   18:56 Henry Heavisides
9   19:03 Bradley Chapman
13  19:39 Will Buckton
77  25:39 Paul Sugden
84  25:56 Hilda Coulsey
162 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League ... young guns Bradley and Will both improved by 2 places, and Paul Sugden is up to 4th place ...

From George Elmes ... Julie and Emily did the Harrogate Parkrun in very wet/muddy/slippy conditions today. The fact that large parts of it were underwater meant that it was not a day for PBs (More like Wellies!)

68 26:20 Emily Elmes (Junior)
75 27:05 Julie Elmes

Christmas Fun, Tue 18 Dec

John's photos

Thanks to the Gibbons family and friends for organising tonight's super festive social: fancy dress relays (with many amazing costumes including penguins, angels, and a full Christmas dinner, see some of them in John's photos) followed by a Christmas Quiz and buffet supper with loads of Harriers of all ages at ILTSC. And £163.33 was raised for Cancer Research UK.

The Stoop, Sun 16 Dec

A grand day out on The Stoop, with lots of good results from juniors and seniors. Results from

1   31:30 Tom Adams
17  36:34 Jack Wood
21  37:16 Mattthew Cox
50  40:26 Ben Joynson
57  40:47 Will Buckton
63  41:17 Dick Waddington
75  42:15 Bradley Chapman
129 46:25 Sam Wood
139 47:26 Alison Weston
140 47:32 Diane Haggar
150 48:18 John Coates
154 48:24 Sarah Haines
173 49:40 Dave Ibbotson
187 50:45 Natalie Curtis
189 50:51 Norman Bush
204 52:06 Val Kerr
213 54:07 Jan Carrier
217 54:31 Adela Reperecki
220 55:41 Helen Waddington
221 55:47 Martin Wright
222 56:13 Abi Bailey
231 57:20 Sophie Brown
232 57:30 Sue Bickerdike
241 61:03 Mark Kerr
245 62:22 Paul Sugden
248 63:53 Julie Elmes
265 73:32 Jacqui Weston
266 73:33 Jane McCarthy
270 finished

Just heard we missed a (first ever?) men's team prize by ONE POINT!. Oooh!
This was a IH Race League counter, Tom's 4th perfect 100-point run has secured him the fell category prize: can anyone catch Henry in the overall competition with three races to go? Come to the Bradford Parkrun this Saturday and bag some League points!

PECO XC, Middleton Park, Sun 16 Dec

From Henry Heavisides ... It was a mild sunny day for the Peco race at Middleton Park & less muddy than I expected. Dave Westhead was first Ilkley Harrier to finish in the senior race. I managed to outsprint Steve Coy who was expecting another lap. Nick Pearce & Kate Archer weren't far behind. I had to leave before everyone had finished, so I don't have the full results. There were quite a few Ilkley Harriers in the junior races who all ran well.

Thanks to Dave Westhead for these results from ...

Senior Men
26  Dave Westhead
46  Henry Heavysides
50  Stephen Coy
77  Nick Pearce
167 Andy Jackson
177 Eric Morley
211 Don MacRae
Senior Ladies
14  Kate Archer
75  Gaenor Coy
83  Sue Morley
108 Sally Wright
Juniors 8-10
4  Dominic Coy
7  Catherine Westhead
13 Nathan Coy
15 Matthew Lansbury
Juniors 11-16
18 Elizabeth Westhead
21 Harriet Jackson

Rab National Mini-Mountain Marathon Series, Edale/Dark Peak, Sun 16 Dec

Dave Wilby bagged 6th place with 365 points in 3h51:22, from 169 finsihers, at the final event in the series. Details

Run Sunday, Sun 16 Dec

Results from this weekly* 3 mile timed run... *NB there's a Christmas break now with the next event on 6th January.

3  24:08 William Worboys
12 finished

GWF, Sat 15 Dec

Ilkley fielded a team in KCAC's Gathering Winter Fools Relay, a bit of festive fun around the paths and trails around Keighley, with most runners in fancy dress. We finished 15th out of 26 teams, 3rd mixed team (and 1st team 'with dogs'). Here Alison, Clare, and Betty dress for a manger scene, ready for Leg 3.

15th 5h18:41
1 9M   1h41:15 Abi Bailey, Sue Bickerdike,
               and Bailey
2 9.5M 1:25:27 Steve Weston and Jann Smith
3 6M     56:08 Claire Smith, Alison Bennett,
               and Betty
               (paced by Tom Adams and Dylan!)
4 7M   1:15:51 Paul Sugden & Emma O'Looney

And remember, we have our own Xmas Fancy Dress Relays on Tuesday, followed by the Christmas Quiz with a Christmas buffet at ILTSC. More details here. And at the Quiz you'll be able to buy tickets for the Annual Presentation Evening on 18th January, £12.

Great Langdale Xmas Pudding 10k, Sat 15 Dec

From Stewart Taylor ... the route is an undulating run from the New Dungeon Ghyll to Elterwater and back. A great day out, an Xmas Pudding for all finishers, and I completed in 53 mins and 34 secs.

Parkruns, Sat 15 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
12  21:05 Lucy Haines      junior
30  22:56 Oscar Stapleton  junior
37  23:56 Sarah Haines

Leeds Hyde Park
20  19:59 Will Buckton

Harrogate Stray
54  24:59 John Marshall

Remember, Bradford Lister Park Parkrun on 22 December is a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League - let's see lots of Harriers there!

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WYXC #4, Wakfield, Sun 9 Dec

From Peter Shields The weather was certainly a little more uplifting for the final counter for this year's West Yorkshire XC at Wakefield than the previous meet at Huddersfield, it was glorious sunshine with a bitter easterly wind. Ground conditions were also a little different from the festival of mud we had at Huddersfield, in horse racing terms the going was 'heavy'!
Nevertheless, 46 junior and senior athletes turned up for the challenge, 32 competing in the various junior races, 6 in the senior ladies and 8 in the senior males races - a wonderful turn out.
The Ilkley spectators were treated to athletes running in nearly all the age group races, we had one winner on the day Georgia Malir who ran away with a very powerful victory by 40 secs. Tom Adams ran his only League race this year keeping well in the mix with the leaders finishing in a great 6th place.
This being the last race in the 4-race league Ilkey's senior men finished 10th team in what is a very competitive league. The senior ladies had a really good year finishing 4th team overall. Individual positions overall in the league went to Georgia Malir who won the under 17 ladies competition, Beth Massey was pipped to third place in the ladies 40+. Sally Malir was 2nd overall in the ladies 45+ and Nick Pearce who was unfortunately sidelined for today's race came 2nd in the male 55+. Having had to spectate for all 4 races because of an injury it was great to have the opportunity to see the wealth of talent we have at the Club, the energy and enthusiasm shown by the athletes and support was fabulous, Ilkley as a club is not in bad health, well done all.
Results from ...

(1  32:35 James Walsh, Leeds City)
6   34:04 Tom Adams
54  38:11 Lee Morley
81  39:35 Martin Archer
88  39:56 Jim Ryder
93  40:11 Steve Weston
105 40:44 Mark Iley
132 43:17 Arthur Reilly
189 ran
10th team out of 14, 10th team in the League

(1  20:25 Charlene Thomas, Wakefield)
28  24:12 Beth Massey
32  24:34 Sally Malir
49  25:35 Kate Archer
57  26:13 Kelly Harrison
95  30:18 Diane Kitchen
102 33:43 Julie Elmes
104 ran
9th team out of 13, 4th team in the League

Many excellent junior results too, including U17 results Ed Bickerdike 25th and Georgia Malir who enjoyed a superb 40-second WIN.

Sneyd 10m. Bloxwich, nr Birmingham, Sun 9 Dec

From Mark Hall... I was down in the Midlands so decided to meet up with former club mates from Tipton Harriers and do a local race. The race was the Sneyd 10m, near to Walsall, not a place to dwell so producing fast times generally! The course is 2 laps, not a PB course but reasonable.
However, once again the wind was not a welcome friend and slowed times for all. The winner was Gordon Lee Leicester Cor, 52:47, best vet 45 in UK. I did 56:19 to finish 9th and 1st v50. Again it was disappointing.
There were 478 finishers, first woman was Olympic triathlon competitor Jodie Stimpson in 57:19.

Henry adds ... Mark's time was another Club Record (beating his own 56:57 at Askern), & also the 6th fastest M50 10 mile time in the UK this year.

Mytholmroyd fell race, Sun 9 Dec

Woodentops photos

From Will Buckton ... the full B Medium 11.3km/411m race went ahead after the icy conditions thawed last night, meaning the usual Calderdale mudfest!

(1 55:02 Chris Williams, Queensbury RR)
21 60:51 Will Buckton
101 finished

Longridge 7 mile road race, Sun 9 Dec

From John Marshall

(1  Matthew Thompson, Southport Waterloo AC) 
139 63:24 John Marshall
213 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 9 Dec

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

2  22:00 Jacob Hellewell  junior
14 31:11 Emma Payne
14 finished

Really Wild Boar fell race, Sat 8 Dec

Will Buckton reports ... Went up to Sedbergh for this A Short 8km/427m. Full winter conditions made the going tough with deep snow and an icy wind on Wild Boar fell.

(1 52:27 Rob Hope P&B)
48 61:02 Will Buckton
102 finished

Parkruns, Sat 8 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
11  20:45 Lucy Haines      junior
32  23:25 Oscar Stapleton  junior
34  23:44 Sarah Haines

Leeds Hyde Park
86  24:19 John Marshall

Bradford City Run, Sun 2 Dec

From Simon Jenkins ... it was a fantastic day for the race in Bradford. Bright sun but freezing cold! Unfortunately a steward made a mistake and we only ran about 9k.
Results from

(1  27:55 Mike Burrett, Leeds City)
10  31:12 Martin Archer
26  33:29 Rob Cunningham
64  36:10 Derek Oliver
89  37:32 Simon Jenkins
134 39:37 Chris Cunningham
309 45:28 Janet Smith
538 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 2 Dec

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

8  22:47 Tilly Melechi  junior
9  22:48 Toni Melechi
14 23:46 William Worboys
17 27:57 Peter Lewis
20 finished

Parkruns, Sat 1 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
27  22:14 Oscar Stapleton

Harrogate Stray
107 26:11 Julie Elmes
160 29:28 Andy Brook-Dobson

Older News, November 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, November

Beth Massey F40 Club record & best 10k female time this year at the Abbey Dash & really good cross country results; 1st lady at the Preston 5km Also nominated: Sheena Pickersgill - fantastic PB at the Abbey Dash 10k of 48.42, and her commitment, hard work and dedication to Wednesday night track training in order to achieve her goal of breaking 50 minutes at the Abbey Dash
Peter Shields - excellent coaching & commitment to the Wednesday night track sessions which has seen all his regular group achieve PBs or SBs in recent races and also for his support and encouragement at races.
Rebecca Moores - commitment to training and resulting improvement
Alison Eagle - successful YVAA Grand Prix league and becoming the overall FV45 Champion (as a FV50)
Nicole Dillon - Burley Moor run
Julie Elmes XC racing, and tremendous improvement in running times

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

PECO XC #1, Ackworth, Sun 25 Nov

The first PECO race is the most distant and difficult to go to, well done to those who made it (especially Ben, Will, and Julie who ran two days of XC in a row to enjoy double-helpings of mud!). Plscings from
Placings from, our recorded times ...

(1  32:09 Simon Pass, Saltaire Striders)
31  35:54 Bradley Chapman
46  36:57 Ben Joynson
47  36:59 Will Buckton
50  37:08 Steve Coy
51  37:17 Henry Heavisides
124 41:54 Sam Wood
158 44:13 Andy Jackson
191 48:40 Eric Morley
64  48:59 Gaenor Coy
81  50:56 Sue Morley
204 51:01 Paul Sugden
86  51:43 Sue Williamson
94  52:56 Sue Bickerdike
217 53:41 Don Macray
100 53:46 Julie Elmes
123 56:27 Kate Lofthouse
229 men (2nd team!), 143 ladies (5th team)

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League, with some good points up for grabs!

Another excellent turnout from the junior section, too!

Preston Best 5k, Sun 25 Nov

From Mark Iley ... Beth and I set off for another venture into Lancashire in search of a good time on this what appeared to be a fast and flat 5k course. This was effectively a Park Run aside of Preston North Ends football ground. We were both expecting to do year best times following recent good performances at 10k in the last couple of weeks.
The weather was the only thing that could really stop us from achieving and sure enough it did the job! With the overnight rain this had left several sections of the course waterlogged and what looked like a series of lakes and swimming pools on course. More of an Aquathon! The first mile went well as it was water free, but then we encountered the lake which we had to avoid by going on the grass which was of course very muddy and slippy to say the least. Then a number of swimming pool like puddles that you had to go straight through or avoid by going on the muddy grass verges basically ensured that any thought of fast times went out the window.
We both finished very wet and with disappointing times but were cheered up by both the high placing and both getting prizes. On a better day this could be a fast course.

(1 15:51 Danny Parkinson, Kendal AC)
9  18:38 Mark Iley   1st V50
22 20:03 Beth Massey 1st Lady 
178 ran

Clowne Half Marathon, Sun 25 Nov

From Mark Hall ... I took part in the Clowne half marathon which is near to Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I had run this race twice before in 2005/6 each time recording good times and results. I had forgotten just how tough this event is, certainly not PB terrain but the clue is in the name of the county, Derbyshire! The rain had stopped before the start, unfortunately the wind continued to blow and was so strong it took away any possibility of recording a good time ( I have run 5 minutes faster on this course!) I managed 4th in 77.43, which was disappointing but given the conditions was ok. The winner was S Spencer Notts AC 72.09, which was an exceptional run on such a tough day. There were 559 finishers.

Run Sunday, Sun 25 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

2  21:27 Jacob Hellewell  junior, new category record
3  23:16 Tilly Melechi  junior
4  23:34 William Worboys
7 finished

WYXC #3, Huddersfield, Sat 24 Nov

Read Pete Shields' write-up on our XC heroes here.

Results from ...

(1  30:58 Alan Buckley, Leeds City)
24  34:11 Jack Wood
52  36:01 Dave Wilby
85  37:52 Steve Weston
87  38:02 Jim Ryder
110 39:32 Ben Joynson
115 39:46 Nick Pearce
126 41:29 Will Buckton
129 41:37 Arthur Reilly
172 finished
10th team of 15

(1  23:51 Helen Berry, Holmfirth)
23  26:58 Beth Massey
32  27:44 Kelly Harrison
44  28:41 Kate Archer
54  29:32 Alison Bennett
86  34:05 Diane Kitchen
93  36:58 Julie Elmes
98 finished
5th team out of 9

In addition there were 19 Harriers in the junior races.

McCain XC LIverpool, Sat 24 Nov

From Sally Malir ... Georgia Malir set herself a stern challenge to compete in the second McCain UK Cross Challenge, which was also a trial race for selection for the GB and NI team for the European Cross Country Championships in Poland. The race was held in Sefton Park Liverpool. The rain throughout this week made for heavy underfoot conditions. Georgia had a storming run to come in equal 13th (17 mins). The winner of Georgia's race was Bobby Clay, Invictia East Kent AC, (15:33), and the race featured many of the UK' s top athletes in this age group which makes this a very pleasing result for Georgia.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 24 Nov

Over 400 children ran in today's race organised by Ashlands School, results on the junior pages.

Parkruns, Sat 24 Nov

11  19:59 David Brown
103 26:21 Rosalind Brown

Leeds Hyde Park
111 24:00 John Marshall

Abbey Dash, Sun 18 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... Perfect conditions again this year for the Abbey Dash, a little bit cold, but dry, sunny & no wind. Mark Hall ran another great 10k beating his club M50 Club Record (set at Accrington) & recording one of the fastest M50 times in the UK this year (3rd quickest, I think). Beth Massey also set a new club F40 record in 38:29 (beating Amanda Oddie's 38:55 from the 2008 Rothwell 10k). There were lots of Ilkley vests to be seen in the race & we also got lots of support from the spectators, thanks for all of the support. Amongst the results, Mark was 2nd M50, Geoff Howard was 2nd M65 (with the 5th fastest M65 10k this year in the UK), Beth was 3rd F40 & I was 3rd M55 (just 3s outside H's own Club record! Paul).

From George Elmes ... due to my long standing injury I once again went across In my now semi-official bag carrying position to support Julie. A really beautiful morning awaited us in Leeds with around 9,000 runners of all abilities taking part. A historically quick course, powder blue sky, no wind and a real nip in air made it a perfect day for fast results. A pretty large number of Ilkley vests on show in the senior race and at least one JIH, Poppy Anderson ran in the Junior race. Julie took 4 mins off her previous PB.


(1   29:30 Luke Cragg, Leeds City)
112  33:30 Mark Hall
301  36:56 Henry Heavisides
409  38:10 Rob Cunningham
390  38:29 Beth Massey
442  38:49 Richard Reeve
453  38:54 David Brown
521  38:55 Ben Joynson
543  39:16 Geoffrey Howard
722  41:05 Andrew Sheldon
1192 42:55 Crispian Batstone
1033 43:06 Michael Duffield
982  43:29 Jane Bryant
1022 43:41 Alison Bennett
1730 44:11 Dan Ibbotson
1129 44:20 Chris Cunningham
1450 45:06 Keith Wood
1568 45:41 Martin Wright
2169 46:37 David Ibbotson
2012 46:44 Michael Baldwin
1784 48:42 Sheena Pickersgill
2118 49:07 Cherie Wright
2074 49:10 Rebecca Moores
2214 49:28 Sue Bickerdike
2250 49:32 Catherine Brown
2026 49:37 John Marshall
651  49:43 Andrew Merrick
2690 49:58 Karen Lambe
2441 50:31 Allison Ricci
4480 51:29 Sue Williamson
2791 52:23 Julie Elmes
3067 52:48 Alison Frost
4497 53:50 Donna Hattersley
3231 54:52 Jacqui Weston
4211 54:57 Greg Wright
3606 56:15 Sally Wright
7378 finished
(finish positions, chip times shown)

Wimborne 10, Sun 18 Nov

From Dougie Scarfe ... First Dorset race today, beautiful day for a mainly flat country lane course. I was first Harrier home in 1:18 and Judith second in 1:31

Run Sunday, Sun 18 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

3  21:53 Tilly Melechi  junior, but set a new ladies record 
9  31:22 Lyn Eden
12 finished

Tour of Pendle, Sat 17 Nov

From Steve Weston ... Eight harriers made the trip out to Barley for a great day round Pendle. The weather was kind with just a bit of cold, wind and fog to contend with, but the going was tough in places. Great results from Jann Smith (3h04 3rd lady) and rising star Will Buckden (3h06). Good performances all round from Jonathan Sinclair, Steve Weston, John Hayes, Neil Smith, Dan (Short?) and Alison Weston.
John Hayes adds ... I had not run the Tour of Pendle race before. Now I have (as my sore legs keep reminding me). Pendle Hill is a great mountain (not a "hill" in my view despite its name). From a distance it is an imposing sight. It looks bit like one of the Three Peaks - similar both in size and appearance. But there is only one mountain not three. So how is it that a fell race which only goes over one mountain is so tough? After all, it is 18 miles long and involves nearly 5000 feet of climbing. The answer to this conundrum lies with the person who devised the route. With some ingenuity, the course of 11 controls makes the runners zig zag across the summit and up and down the sides (some of which are very steep). Six times one has to drop down a descent and then go up again. It is the fell running equivalent of a roller coaster. But in place of the roller coaster track is lots of mud to slide around on. All great fun even if (like a roller coaster) you are left feeling a bit wobbly and sick by the end of it all. I really enjoyed it and hope to be back again next year. It was good to see other Harriers there too. We had a good chat at the start but (apologies) I had to leave quickly at the end as I had a children's party to attend to. I was caked head to foot in mud and I thought I had better get home first for a shower otherwise I would be very muddy and smelly at the party. As it was, I arrived clean and the other parents looked on sympathetically as I hobbled around and took pity on me by feeding me lots of tea and lovely cakes - Just what I needed after a hard day in the fells...
And from Will Buckton the final A Long fell race of 2012, and marking the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials when 10 local people were executed for witchcraft. The clag was down for the start of the race, creating a haunting atmosphere! For the second half of the race the clouds dispersed leaving great views for miles around from the top of Pendle Hill. Thanks to Di Haggar for supporting at various points on the course with jelly babies and water and great to see a good number of Harriers out on the fells.
Results from CleM.

(1  2:27:01 Carl Bell, Howgill H)
92  3:04:22 Jann Smith  3rd lady
107 3:06:33 Will Buckton
151 3:16:16 Jonathan Sinclair
165 3:20:34 Steve Weston
196 3:27:58 Neil Smith
220 3:32:02 John Hayes
236 3:34:24 Alison Weston
239 3;34:58 Dan Hill
362 finished

Parkruns, Sat 17 Nov

Harrogate Stray
44  22:45 Norman Bush
94  26:49 Julie Elmes

YVAA Grand Prix, Sun 11 Nov

Alison Eagle reports ... a lovely sunny day for Race 10, the last YVAA Grand Prix at Spenborough, 5 miles along fields and tracks

(1 34:79 Jacqui Khoueiry)
4  37:35 Alison Eagle 1st LV50

Congratulations to Alison who is the LV45 Champion in the 2012 YVAA Grand Prix

Lakeland Classics Trophy 2012

A report from Duncan Cooper ... The Lakeland Classics competition is based on the best three performances from 6 long and super long Cumbrian fell races, all of them toughies. There was a strong performance from Ilkley Harriers this year finishing 11th in the team competition. We also had 5 finishers in the individual competition with only two other clubs managing this many. A good base to build on for next year. Full results below.

1  Dark Peak, 287 pts
11 Ilkley, 172 pts

1  Rhys Findley-Robinson (Dark Peak)
64 Duncan Cooper
67 Alison Weston
72 Neil Smith
73 Brian Melia
84 Will Buckton

BOFRA Champions

Spot the Harriers in these super piccies ... Jann Smith, Mark and Rebecca Mon-Williams, and Iain Gibbons...

Also great contributions to the team competition from Dave Wilby, Dick Waddington, Clare Smith, Bob Hamilton, Steve Weston, Chris Oxlake, Andrew Wilson, Alistair Barlow, Jonathan Sinclair and John Hayes.

Lytham St Annes Windmill 10k, Sun 11 Nov

From Mark Iley ... a trio of Harriers set off for another venture into Lancashire for a low key 10k race. It was a fine day as we set off and it turned out to be ideal conditions when we arrived for the race. A clear day, with some sunshine which helped to improve the temperature. We were expecting there to be a fair breeze as we were at the coast, but fortunately the breeze was only light.
The course was very flat as most of this was on the coastal path and promenade road, some would say ideal for racing and fast times. Unfortunately, a mix up on the entry meant that Eddie Irving did not take part in the race but did enjoy a leisurely stroll with an ex Harrier taking in the varied and pleasant scenery en-route. After the two minutes silence which followed a sermon like introduction David Brown and myself were off, along the coastal path. I set off at a decent pace looking like I was well up in the field, which give me a lift, I ran alongside a fellow V50 runner and kept tight with him for the first 4 miles and then started to pay for the fast early pace, having to let him get away, I tried to dig in to keep going to try and get a decent time, and some reward for the hard training which has been done in the past couple of months. I managed to hold on, the finish line couldn't come soon enough but a respectable and pleasing time was just reward.
David on the other hand had a struggle all the way, and on his pre Abbey Dash trial was disappointed in his time being just over 40 minutes. Better luck next week!
The trip was still enjoyed by all, and the talk was to come again next year to try to improve on this ideal fast course. Recommended to all Harriers.

(1  31:38 Paul Lockwood, Wakefield H)
12  37:52 Mark Iley  2nd V50
21  40:06 David Brown 3rd V45
552 ran

Wadsworth Half Trog, Sun 11 Nov

Results from CVFR:

(1  1:15:55 Tim Black, Calder Valley)
109 2:34:43 Graham Breeze
112 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 11 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

1  18:08 Dave Wilby
5  22:28 Jacob Hellewell Jun MJ12 record
16 26:38 Jim Towers
22 32:14 Lyn Eden
23 finished

WYXC #2, Guiseley, Sat 10 Nov

From Diane Haggar ... A beautiful Autumn day in Nunroyd Park made for a very pleasant day of racing. However muddy conditions on the back field of the course made it a tough race. Despite a slightly depleted turn out the ladies managed to repeat 5th team placing. Sally Morley again led us in with 11th, Beth ran well to take 38th and Kate had a great run raising her position by 17 places to 45th. Sally Malir completed the scorers with a repeat of her previous position of 52nd. Alison B, Kelly and Julie E completed the line up.
Of the 6 entered ladies who did not run, only one contacted me with an apology. Could i take this opportunity to remind entered runners that this is a team event for which the club hjas paid your entry fee. If you can't run please contact Dave W or myself to offer your apologies. Next race Sat 24th Nov at Huddersfield.

Results from

(1  23:03 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
11  25:06 Sally Morley
38  27:18 Beth Massey
45  27:43 Kate Archer
52  28:15 Sally Malir
67  29:03 Kelly Harrison
69  29:09 Alison Bennett
130 36:13 Julie Elmes
135 finished
5th team out of 16

(1  32:45 James Walsh, Leeds City)
47  38:19 Lee Morley
50  38:22 Dave Wilby
108 41:20 Jim Ryder
119 42:05 Martin Archer
126 42:32 Nick Pearce
136 42:50 Ben Joynson
167 45:19 Arthur Reilly
184 46:49 Will Buckton
218 finished
14th team out of 21

A good turnout of juniors too and some excellent results again.

Harriers vs Cyclists, Sat 10 Nov

Tom Adams was first runner, beaten only by top cycle-crosser Rob Jebb.
Some photos on Woodentops
Results from the FRA web site ...

2  34:02 Tom Adams
39 45:46 Duncan Cooper
123 finished, riders and runners

Burley Moor Festival Run, Sat 10 Nov

We had quite a few Harriers in this, some photos on Woodentops.

(1  47:33 Liam Dunne, Otley)
2   48:29 Martin Archer
5   52:49 Richard Joel
7   53:31 Will Buckton
8   53:37 Bradley Chapman
10  54:05 Dick Waddington
17  58:05 John Hayes
26  59:34 Paul Stephens
36  62:20 Ian Marshall
38  62:28 Jon Dillon
51  66:09 Nicole Dillon
57  68:34 Martin Wright
75  73:03 Peter Lewis
97  79:09 Paul Sugden
103 81:05 Sue Bickerdike
119 finished

Official results, used these to calculate League results.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 10 Nov

Another bumper turnout of 600+ children, in the 2nd race in the series, this one hosted by Westville House School, at the Rugby Club. Results on our Junior Pages.

Parkruns, Sat 10 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... the course for the Bradford Lister Park Parkrun is very different to the one at Leeds Hyde Park which I ran last week. It has wide well surfaced paths so congestion isn't a problem & there's no mud. The main challenge however is the hill which is climbed 3 times, then an extra uphill section at the end. I finished 5th a few seconds slower than last week.

Quick reminder that this course is a IH Race League counter, on 22 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
5   19:09 Henry Heavisides

Leeds Hyde Park
306 31:25 Lyn Towers

South Manchester
4   9:05 Rob Cunningham

Guy Fawkes 10, Sun 4 Nov

From George Elmes ... went across to watch Julie run this morning. It was absolutely freezing but very picturesque around the castle with the thick mist swirling around it. Saw a number of Ikley vests out competing.
Julie again continued her steady improvement during the course of this year knocking off nearly 8mins of her previous PB on this course.

Results from ...

(1    54:56 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
46  1:05:53 Jamie Hutchinson
59  1:07:32 Jonathan Sinclair 1st V50
78  1:09:20 Andrew Merrick
307 1:23:13 William Worboys
382 1:26:50 Helen Horton
383 1:26:50 Nigel Tapper
478 1:32:27 Sue Bickerdike
562 1:36:44 Julie Elmes
577 1:37:15 Judith Scarfe
632 1:40:19 Michelle Snow
794 finished

See the IH Race League update.

Lancaster Half Marathon, Sun 4 Nov

From Andrew Sheldon ... Went across for this race quite hopeful following on from Berlin. The conditions on the day were excellent, sunny, cold air, with hardly any wind. Most of the race was on dry road and path, although there is a mile or so of slightly muddy trail that had to be traversed on the way out and again on the return. It is mostly flat, a bit of incline between 6 and 8 miles but it's okay. My time cut half a minute or so off previous best, but I found it much harder going than expected, finishing in 1.37.58

(1  1:11:32 Iain Quinn, Barrow & Furness Striders AC)
115 1:37:58 Andrew Sheldon

Open 5, Pentland Hills, Sun 4 Nov

Ben Joynson reports ... I finished 16th out of 46 in the male solo class with a score of 475. The results were very close with only a few check points separating the top 20. A good first race and looking forward to the next. Open 5

Run Sunday, Sun 4 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

1  18:40 Dave Wilby
3  19:29 Euan Brennan Jun MJ11 record
8  22:15 Kelly Harrison record
9  22:33 Jacob Hellewell Jun MJ12 record
11 22:54 Tilly Melechi Jun
24 29:06 Lana Melechi Jun FJ10 record
25 29:06 Toni Melechi
28 30:31 Emma Payne
37 finished

Shepherds Skyline, Sat 3 Nov

Woodentops photos

From Will Buckton ... B Short - 10km/350m climb A fast muddy run out to Stoodley Pike and back, with a big climb on the way back! Results from Tod Harriers ...

(1 44:56 Karl Gray CVFR)
20 50:39 Martin Archer
59 56:23 Jim Ryder
60 56:27 Will Buckton
195 1h09:52 Graham Breeze
206 1h11:03 Kelly Harrison
264 finished

Parkruns, Sat 3 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... Parkruns continue to grow. At Leeds Hyde Park this morning there were 361 runners and there are now more than 150 Parkruns around the country, all offering free 5k races at 9am. In addition there are Parkruns in 9 other countries. Conditions weren't ideal today in Leeds, it was cold, wet & muddy underfoot in places & so many runners on narrow paths making it very congested. I finished 15th in 19:00.

Bradford Lister Park
34  22:18 Chris Cunningham
93  25:28 Tom Jackson
129 27:29 Janet Smith
214 33:17 Lauren Jackson

41 23:51 Diane Haggar

Harrogate Stray
87 25:49 Eric Morley

Leeds Hyde Park
15  19:00 Henry Heavisides
144 24:14 John Marshall

Leeds Roundhay
19  21:14 Geoffrey Howard

Older News, October 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, October

Caz Farrow 1st lady at Rivington Trail Half marathon then ran in our Ian Hodgson team the next day Also nominated: Tilly Melechi - first lady at Beefy's Nab fell race and setting a new ladies record at Run Sunday! (NB HoM rules do not allow juniors to receive the award, and we needed to consider recent precedents for this, but congratulations on her nomination.)
Helen Horton - fabulous FV50 time for her first marathon in Berlin 3.47.54 which will earn her a good for age place in London Marathon. Solid commitment to training and great determination despite injuries. (September)
Ian Rowbotham - 4th in the Para P Company Challenge (September)
Jamie Hutchinson - won the Harewood 5
Lee Morley - top results incl, 8th Gt Whernside, 19th Withins, 57th WYXC,  FRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Bradley Chapman - strong team runs at FRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Will Buckton For steadily-improving results incl, 30th Gt Whernside, 49th Withins, 116th WYXC, Langdale Horseshoe

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Harewood Trail Races, Sun 28 Oct

From Henry Heavisides ... There was lots of mud and also a few hills for the Harewood trail races, there were 2 miles, 5 miles & 10 miles options. Ben Joynson was first Ilkley Harrier to finish in the 10 miles race, with a few of us getting bogged down somewhere behind him. Provisional results from Valley Striders

10 mile
(1  59:36 Daniel Jenkin, Durham City Harriers)
40  71:04 Ben Joynson
63  74:02 Henry Heavisides
93  76:59 Richard Reeve
122 79:37 Kate Archer
167 84:38 Andrew Jackson
181 85:48 Alison Bennett
245 94:12 Paul Sugden
363 finished

5 mile
1  32:22 Jamie Hutchinson
6  36:04 Geoff Howard
65 50:30 Sally Wright
82 53:47 Andrew Bennett
107 finished

2 mile (juniors)
1  12:27 Euan Brennan
6  13:25 Dominic Coy
30 15:43 Jordan Ince
31 15:43 Jeremy Ince
41 16:21 Poppy Anderson
53 17:16 Molly Pearson
125 finished

The 10 mile race was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Preston Marathon, Sun 28 Oct

Martin Wright reports ... When the organisers say a course is undulating and the weathermen say there will be heavy rain and wind, perhaps you should listen. However, with the lactic and the hypothermia now abated, I would say it was well organised and surprising well supported. Good day out but no surprise that it was won by a fish!

( 1 2:21:33 Ben Fish Blackburn Harriers)
415 3:53:01 Martin Wright
776 4:27:27 John Marshall
1132 finished

Worksop Half Marathon, Sun 28 Oct

Mark Hall reports ... this week I headed south to take part in the well established Worksop Half Marathon. With more than 2000 runners it attracts a quality field. Once again, this is not a PB course, with a big part of the route taking in the undulating Clumber Park. I finished 14th overall in a time of 75 mins and 39 seconds (1st MV50). The race was won by Stuart Spencer of Notts AC in 69mins 13seconds.

Mark's run beats the Club V50 Club Record of 81:31 set by Henry Heavisides at the 2010 Brass Monkey, and the 79:21 V45 record set by Jonathan Sinclair at the 2007 GNR.

Bronte Way, Sun 28 Oct

Just a few Harriers in this KCAC event:

(1  52:51 Lee Athersmith, Bingley
96  77:09 John Coates
110 80:46 Graham Breeze
168 finished

OMM, 27/28 Oct

From Dave Wilby ... I was fortunate enough to team up with Steve Birkinshaw for this years OMM. Steve won the Dragons Back race in September and has a very long list of previous KIMM/OMM Elite podium finishes including 7 wins, so I knew I was in for a hard time. Setting off at a good pace we made pretty good progress early on, as we attempted to negotiate the 39km/3100m (Elite Course, Ed) Day 1 route via long grassy contours, steep climbs and some frozen tussocks. For the first few hours I was holding my own and I was shovelling chocolate bars down my neck at a rate of knots trying to fuel the fire, but once we'd gone past half way and crossed Wild Boar Fell, I was struggling to hold on up the long tussocky climbs. Finally with just 20 minutes left to the finish the elastic snapped for good, my body started to give up and I couldn't even see straight. Steve took both packs while I flailed behind desperately trying not to hold him up too much. Our efforts had left us in a not too bad 4th place after 6:48hrs, but with a disappointing gap of 40 minutes to the leading pair. However, overnight Steve's knee swelled up worryingly and by the morning he could barely hobble round the camp. We did set off but retired within a few hundred yards, neither of us wanting to risk pushing on only to see him end up with a more serious injury. Although it was really disappointing not to get the opportunity to press on for a high place finish, it was a great experience competing with Steve, and opened my eyes to what's required to really make that next step up in MM's. Hopefully next year will bring another opportunity.

From John Hayes ... Sarah and I last ran the OMM together (then, of course, the KIMM) back in 1989. We were students at the time. By coincidence, it was in the Howgill Fells then also. One thing I remember very clearly is both of us resolving at the end NEVER to run it TOGETHER again. I don't remember this being the consequence of squabbling. Rather, it was the pain, the horrid weather and the endless contouring.
23 years later, we broke our (very sensible) pact and headed up to this year's event to do the medium score. Some things don't change. It was freezing cold on the first day and wet and misty on day two. The endless contouring was still there to haunt us. Either that or you had to go up and over - just as bad. But despite this we had a great time and surprised ourselves by coming 85th. And in the process I have discovered something that has eluded me all these years - the secret of successful navigation. It is to go slowly. Years and years of running around like a maniac have done me no good at all in orienteering events. I overshoot flags, get lost or run 180 degrees in the wrong direction. But when forced to go at a more steady pace I concentrate on the map. And - hey presto - we never got lost at all.
There are some other changes since 1989. Portaloos instead of a communal trench. Competitors crammed into tiny weeny tents made out of (?) crepe paper and weighing not much more than a Mars bar. And (an unwelcome change) the sound of pop music from an iPhone carried by "Wayne", our "neighbour" at the overnight camp. Wayne, it turned out, was doing the medium score too. Whilst Sarah asked him politely to switch his music off, I just scowled at him. We don't cover ourselves in mud, get exhausted, put a tent up in the rain on a slope and sit eating packet soup only to experience the same kind of pop music you find blaring out (sadly) on most modern day campsites. And so when poor Wayne got disqualified on day 2, I wasn't too sad. Was this wrong of me? Probably.

From Rachel Hagan ... The last time Paddy and I entered a mountain marathon together was in 2008, the ill-fated Lake District OMM when we'd struggled through gale-force winds and nearly been washed away in a swollen river – only to arrive at the overnight camp to find that the event had been abandoned. So we were in no hurry to do another one, until we heard this year's OMM was in those lovely, almost local, Howgills. That'll be a nice couple of days away, we thought.
What we'd forgotten was that the Howgills are extremely steep, smooth-sided, and have very few paths - with controls fiendishly placed to make competitors do the maximum up and down in order to gain any points!
We'd entered the medium score, on the understanding that we could at least keep going even if we were dead slow. As it was, the weather was beautiful on Day 1 and we had quite a spring in our step as we yomped across the frosty slopes, admiring the stunning views across to the Lakes. We even managed to run for the last half-hour to make it to the overnight camp in time.
Day 2 dawned murky and drizzly, and we spent what felt like hours sinking in bogs and trying to avoid the steeper hills (fat chance). After 4 hours, I'd had enough, and Paddy was literally having to haul me up the slopes with a handy piece of rope he'd found on the hillside. We finished early, legs like boards, and depressed to see that everyone else seemed to be moving much faster.
Revived by a cup of soup and warm bus ride to the event centre, we were delighted to discover we had finished 4th mixed vets. We might even be persuaded to do another one now!

Some results below ... any other Harriers in the full results?

B class
27 12:42:45 Outi Kamarainen + 1, 2nd female pair

C Class
4 9:08:53 Peter & Florence Haines, 1st mixed pair, 1st parent/child

Medium Score class
64  10:21:18 365 points Rachel & Paddy Hagan
85  10:17:19 325 John & Sarah Hayes
111 12:04:05 303 Rachael & Kevin Gooch

Great Whernside, Sat 27 Oct

Results from FRA, photos on

(1 32:20 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
8  34:22 Lee Morley
30 40:50 Will Buckton
32 41:01 Bradley Chapman
43 42:44 Richard Joel
65 45:19 Bob Hamilton
88 50:58 Alison Weston
116 finished

Parkruns, Sat 27 Oct

Bradford Lister Park
20  21:24 Richard Hinsley
44  23:39 William Worboys
138 30:36 Charlie Smith
140 30:41 Janet Smith

Social Run, Sat 27 Oct

Thanks to Paul O'Looney for organising an exploratory run over the new slab paths on Ilkley Moor this morning. The two Ilkley Cycling Club members who joined us (welcome!) ran well, must be something in this cycling lark ... Lots of photos on our Facebook Group page.

Tuesday nights

After feedback at last week's social we'll try to introduce a little more order to affairs on Tuesday nights ...

We'll try rolling out these changes over the next few weeks, but will do what we can tonight.

Withins fell race, Sun 21 Oct

Will Buckton reports ... another glorious day and an excellent turnout of Harriers for the first Woodentops fell race of the season. Quite a few were running on the back of the WYXC with Jack Wood again taking 1st Harrier, with more tape required for his shoes! Lee Morley also made the top 20 and Jann Smith continued her run of form with 3rd lady. Bradley finished covered head to toe in mud after falling into all the bogs! Great support on the course for the 300+ runners with a Curly Wurly for everyone.

Julie and supporters

Results from ... (photos too).

(1  42:32 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
10  47:56 Jack Wood
19  49:27 Lee Morley
49  54:16 Will Buckton
68  56:03 Nick Pearce
73  56:20 Steve Weston
74  56:21 Toni Melechi
107 58:43 Bradley Chapman
115 59:26 Jann Smith  3rd lady
124 59:59 Neil Smith
156 62:40 Sarah Haines
164 63:20 Alistair Wood
190 65:13 Alison Weston
260 74:09 Sue Morley
268 76:03 Sophie Brown
301 93:12 Julie Elmes
303 finished

Ilkley's ladies took the team prize!

Lots of good junior results too, with 25 children running, more details on the junior pages.

Accrington 10k, Sun 21 Oct

From Mark Hall ... we travelled into Lancashire today to try a new event, the Accrington 10k road race, which according to the entry form was fast. Beth informed me that this was very unlikely due to the fact that it was in Accrington. Choosing to ignore her (I should have known better as women are always right!!!) we went ahead anyway. To briefly sum up the course, 4 miles uphill, 2 miles downhill - no fast bits! Beth (Massey) had a very good run to finish 2nd lady (1st FV40) in 40:42 and Mark finished 2nd male (1st MV50) in a disappointing 34:56 having hoped for a faster run out in preparation for the Abbey Dash.

(1 34:44 Jonathan Ferguson, Rossendale Tri)
2  34:56 Mark Hall
24 40:42 Beth Massey
189 finished

Henry Heavisides comments ... this has broken one of the longer-standing Club records, Paddy Holmes' 35.25 from the 1989 Ribble Valley race.

Run Sunday, Sun 21 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:05 Duncan Burgess, Skyrac)
8  23:44 Graham Breeze
24 finished

WYXC #1, Wetherby, Sat 20 Oct

From Dave Westhead ... A sunny afternoon for the first cross country of the season in Wetherby, and an excellent turn out from Ilkley runners. With one or two of the regulars for this series out injured it was great to see some new young runners and some fell runners who don't normally turn out in muddy parks. A great team result and an excellent start to the season.

Will Buckton adds ... A great turnout of Harriers for the first XC of the season and my first one ever! It was very warm for late October with good conditions underfoot. Two short laps of a rugby field sorted the pack into order before three long undulating laps of the bigger field. Well done to everyone who ran for Ilkley especially Jack Wood who was first Harrier in the men's race in his old taped up fell shoes! It was a great experience to take part in such a big event and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Results from

(1  20:25 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
9   21:50 Sally Morley
32  23:38 Beth Massey
34  23:51 Emma Barclay
52  24:55 Sally Malir
60  25:20 Alison Eagle
62  25:22 Kate Archer
80  26:42 Kelly Harrison
122 32:40 Julie Elmes
126 37:40 Lyn Eden
126 finished
5th out of 16 teams

(1  28:36 James Walsh, Leeds City)
32  32:17 Jack Wood
48  33:00 Dave Wilby
57  33:19 Lee Morley
105 35:40 Steve Weston
106 35:43 Mark Iley
116 36:11 Will Buckton
124 36:27 Nick Pearce
143 37:50 Ben Joynson
172 40:03 Bradley Chapman
208 52:49 Jim Towers
209 finished
11th out of 17 teams

In addition 32 juniors ran, with some excellent team results.

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Parkruns, Sat 20 Oct

22  20:41 Geoff Howard
98  25:27 Eric Morley

Leeds Hyde Park
118 23:18 William Worboys

Bradford Lister Park
48  22:29 Chris Cunningham

UKA British Hill & Fell Relay Championships, Sun 14 Oct

From Clare Smith ... We were lucky to have another fantastic sunny day for the relays in Church Stretton today. Our 3 teams ran really well and there was a wonderful atmosphere, with everyone being very supportive of all their team mates. Thanks to all who ran for the Club!.
Results from Sportident.

(1  3:16:25  Mercia FR)
21  4:00:20  Bradley Chapman/Dave Wilby/Mark Mon-Williams/Jack Wood/
             Lee Morley/Martin Archer
91  4:55:56  Alison Eagle/Kate Archer/Jann Smith/Alison Weston/
             Rebecca Mon-Williams/Sally Morley
130 5:40:17 Alison Bennett/Outi Kamarainen/Natalie Curtiss/Val Kerr/
             Clare Smith/Kelly Harrison
151 teams finished

Click for Alison W's photos on FilckR

Photos by Alison Weston and others on FlickR

Wistow 10k, Sun 14 Oct

Heavisides Henry reports ... three of us travelled over to Selby for what I believe was the first running of the Wistow 10k. The course is totally flat on very quiet country lanes, the only thing that stopped it being a fast 10k was the wind that seemed to appear from nowhere halfway through the race. Beth Massey was 3rd lady.

(1 33:23 Darran Bilton, Leeds)
19 37:58 Henry Heavisides 2nd V50
32 40:05 Nick Pearce
33 40:15 Beth Massey 2nd F40
214 finished

Coventry Half Marathon, Sun 14 Oct

Sally Wright reports ... I travelled back to my home town for my first half marathon. Was a surprisingly scenic course mainly on country lanes except the beginning and end but lots of hills provided a challenge along the way. Anyway finished in 2hours 13

Pentland Skyline, Sun 14 Oct

Hector Haines won this 16 mile/6,200' Scottish race, though in the colours of his Scottish club. Results ...

1   2:27:37 Hector Haines
143 3:46:42 Peter Haines
200 4:10:06 Sarah Haines
250 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 14 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 18:31 Jonathan Forey)
6  19:57 Toni Melechi
9  22:18 Tilly Melechi  New Ladies Record!
13 24:09 Graham Breeze
42 finished

Langdale Horseshoe, Sat 13 Oct

Alistair Barlow reports ... Had a fantastic day in the Lakes running in the Langdale Horseshoe along with several other Harriers. After a grey and misty start we emerged into the sunshine and glorious views on Thunacar Knott. Conditions improved through the race although the perfect visibility didn't stop me falling waist deep into a mossy bog on the way to Stake Pass ... all part of the fun! I made it a hat trick of falls with two further stumbles on the tough going from Esk Hause to Ore gap. I just about managed to keep the legs going on the long and sunny descent from Pike O' Blisco to finish in 2:55. Dick Waddington, utilising some running lines he'd reccied the week before, finished shortly after in 3:02 - 30 minutes quicker than last year. Will Buckton and Jonathan Sinclair finished in about 3:15, Will after an unintended excursion around Crinkle Crags.
At the start there was a minute's silence followed by applause in memory of Darren Holloway ... a nice touch.

John Hayes adds ... This is a great race. It has big climbs, some interesting route choice and a friendly atmosphere amongst the runners. Most of the route is on classic mountain terrain with only a few sections spoiled by paved footways. But I will say no more about them (please add your comments to the forum if - like me - you are dismayed by those intent on paving over our favourite fell-running routes).
In the race I set off slowly and having stumbled up the long climb for the first few miles I then plunged into a bog. This seems to happen to me each time I'm up there. I may wear swimming trunks next year. Feeling cold and wet my spirits lifted when I noticed almost the entire field was off course whilst snaking up the steep valley side towards Angle Tarn. I took the better line and cheered up considerably as I overtook all of the runners who had passed me when I was waist deep in the bog... After then I felt much better. I didn't get lost (like last year) on Crinkle Crags and (being a wimp) I avoided the "bad step" completely - a good move as not only is it scary but it had a queue. At Red Tarn there was one climb to go (over Pike O'Blisco). Special thanks go here to Helen Waddington and Jane McCarthy who were there cheering on myself and other Ilkley runners (including Dick Waddington who had a brilliant race). Jane offered me an energy gel (that I had given her at the start) which I politely declined. However, the runner behind me gratefully took it from her. Unfortunately, these gels seem to have magic effects and he skipped past me on the way to the finish. In some small way, therefore, I contributed to my relatively lowly finishing position!

Results from the Ambleside AC website ...

(1  2:13:14 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside)
68  2:55:40 Alistair Barlow
85  3:02:37 Dick Waddington
114 3:09:49 Jonathan Sinclair
144 3:21:28 Will Buckton
207 3:35:08 John Hayes
249 3:53:42 Andrew Wilson
291 finished

BOFRA Wasdale Head fell race, Sat 13 Oct

From Jann Smith ... this was the last BOFRA Championship race of a season of 16 races which runs from May to October. A brutal climb up and back down the extremely steep and rocky Kirk Fell next to Scafell Pike. BOFRA take the results of your best 8 races to calculate overall Championship points. Mark Mon-Williams was also there but unfortunately had to pull out due to bad asthma near the top. This was my first year attempting these short and very sharp technical races. Kirsty Hall from Wharfedale won the senior women's title overall with me 2nd and Rebecca Mon-Williams 3rd. Both Iain Gibbons and Mark Mon-Williams were around the top ten mark in the men's and the juniors were well represented, so overall some great results for the Club.

(1 37:19 Alastair Dunn, Helm Hill)
6  40:34 Iain Gibbons
24 54:14 Jann Smith  2nd lady, 1st F40
46 finished

Well done to Jann who followed this with a run in our team at the UKA Relays in Shropshire, what a star! Paul

Parkruns, Sat 13 Oct

Well done to Julie Elmes whose Harrogate Parkrun 25:31 was a PB by 34s!

41  21:52 Norman Bush
110 25:31 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
163 24:41 John Marshall

Bradford Lister Park
174 29:42 Martyn Pearson
183 30:37 Molly Pearson
184 30:38 Debbie Pearson

The Ilkley Harriers AGM, Tue 9 Oct

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting (postponed from 25th September) a new Committee was elected for 2012-2013, and the proposal to increase membership subs for 2012/2013 by £5/person (and £15 if you wish to compete on track or field) was agreed.

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relays, Sun 7 Oct

Quick report from Clare Smith ... a fantastic day in the Lakes at the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relays where our men's team came in 10th overall, and the girls were 4th ladies' team. Superb! Thanks to everyone for running.
Results on Sportident

1  3:37:44 Borrowdale
10 4:10:47 Bradley Chapman & Martin Archer, Lee Morley & Jack Wood,
           Iain Gibbons & Mark Mon-Williams, Dave Wilby & Tom Adams
38 5:01:23 Sally Morley & Caz Farrow, Kate Archer & Jann Smith,
           Alison Weston & Nicky Jaquiery, Andrea Priestley & Tracey Greenway
64 teams

Click for Alison W's photos on FilckR

More of Alison Weston's photos on FlickR

Malham charity relays, Sun 7 Oct

Spotted just one Harrier, Norman Bush, but he was in the (mixed club) winning team in this BOFRA event

Beefy's Nab, Sun 7 Oct

Congratulations to U14 Tilly Melechi who was first lady at this local short fell race today (her first senior win, well done Tilly!). Photos on Woodentops. Newspaper report. Results from KCAC...

(1 21:19 Joseph Crossfiled, Halifax)
12 23:58 Toni Melechi
27 27:43 Tilly Melechi
36 30:06 Graham Breeze
48 finishers

Royal Parks Half Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

(1   1:12:32 Martyn Bean, Help A Capital Child)
4400 1:56:05 Alison Ricci
11762 finished

YVAA Grand Prix, Sun 7 Oct

Alison Eagle reports ... a lovely start uphill in muddy woods onto road & track then back into the muddy woods. As usual well organised, friendly race. One more to go!

(1 41:18 Julie Field, Stainland)
3  43:11 Alison Eagle, 1st LV50
81 finished

Chester Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

From Rob Cunningham ... a really well organised event, course takes you round the city before heading out onto mainly country lanes, crossing the border into Wales before returning along the River Dee to a grandstand finish at the racecourse. Near perfect conditions on the day, results ...

(1  2:28:46 Ray Ward, Hunters Bog Trotters)
143 3:08:20 Rob Cunningham
727 3:45:15 Crispian Batstone?
3199 finished

Interesting note ... Ray Ward's wife Clare used to be in t'Harriers!

Run Sunday, Sun 7 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 17:52 Thomas Midgley, Otley AC)
3  22:16 Andrew Jackson
39 ran

Rab Mountain Marathon, 6-7 Oct

Rebecca Mon-Williams reports ... Mountain Marathons held in October are usually (in my mind) associated with grey skies, lashing rain and swirling mist ... this was NOT the case with this weekend's RAB held in the Cheviots, Northumberland. Two days of glorious sunshine with magnificent scenery and beautiful running made for a great event. The overnight campsite was huddled in the midst of tall, soft, rounded hills and the hard frost in the morning was a small price to pay (now!) for the wonderful sunset and sunrise in clear skies. Competent but relaxed organisation and friendly atmosphere make this an event which many would enjoy.

Standard Class
(1  680 10:39:30 Daniel Gooch)
57  425 10:48:48 Sue Booth and Rebecca Mon-Williams (1st Ladies team)
100 370 11:02:46 Kevin and Rachael Gooch
231 teams

Northern Athletics XC Relay Championship, Sat 6 Oct

Mark Iley reports ... Three fine and svelte-like Ilkley Veterans travelled down to Graves Park, Sheffield for the Northern Athletics XC championship fresh from their recent success in the Road Relay event in Saltaire hoping for another podium placing.
Conditions were perfect on this fine afternoon. First to set off was new recruit to the team, Nick Pearce, who ran a fine first leg for this 2 mile cross country park run, placing the team 6th in our V50 category with his time of 13:30. Nick handed over to Mark Iley who ran a fast leg at 13:10 improving the team to 5th, handing over to anchorman, Eddie Irving, who ran a good leg too, finishing in 13:12 and improving us to 4th, and only 2 secs behind the 3rd place. So close! A good trip nevertheless.

V50 category 
1 37:09 Sheffield AC
2 38:23 Loftus & Whitby
3 39:50 Rotherham
4 39:52 Ilkley Harriers

Rivington Trail Half Marathon, Sat 6 Oct

From Caz Farrow ... I was first lady in 1hr 40mins (no official results yet) Would have been fairly good hilly trail, were it not for the huge amounts of recent rain reducing it to bog in part!

Coniston 15K trail race Sat 6 Oct

Ben Joynson was 37th from 279 finishers, time 1h12.

Parkruns, Sat 6 Oct

Harrogate Stray
17  20:20 Geoff Howard
39  22:61 Phil Hirst

Bradford Lister Park
126 27:22 Janet Smith

Leeds Hyde Park
31  19:59 Will Buckton
32  20:01 Ken Souyave

Wharfedale Primary Schoools XC, Sat 6 Oct

Over 600 Primary School chlidren ran in the first race in this year's League, co-ordinated by Ilkley Harriers' Shirley Wood, and with many Harriers parents and grandparents! involved. Results on the junior pages

Older News, September 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, September

Helene Whittaker For her Dragon's Back achievement! 200 miles & 50,000ft of ascent - 4th overall Also nominated: Dave Wilby for 4th in the Three Shires fell race; Jamie Hutchinson for a great effort in his first Ironman; Gaenor Coy for her first Half Ironman; Paul Sugden for his impressive PB at the Berlin Marathon and structured training regime.
Sue Bickerdike For her sub 4 hour Berlin Marathon (PB) and her dedication and her walk/run strategy in achieving it

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Berlin Marathon, Sun 30 Sep

Good luck to the many Harriers running! Results from

ich bin ein berliner
 5487 3:27:21 David Brown
 5863 3:28:34 Paul O'Looney
 6127 3:29:18 Alex Hirst
 7951 3:36:53 Nigel Tapper
 8512 3:39:08 Stephen Rhodes
 8731 3:39:54 Andrew Sheldon
 8934 3:40:51 Keith Wood
F1042 3:45:55 Jane Bryant
F1184 3:47:54 Helen Horton
10768 3:47:54 Andrew Merrick
F1195 3:48:07 Jane McCarthy
11194 3:49:27 David Howe
13707 3:57:27 Dougie Scarfe
F2080 3:59:32 Sue Bickerdike
14797 4:00:23 Martin Wright
F2330 4:02:41 Anna Nolan
16901 4:10:10 Paul Sugden  PB
15377 4:02:39 Phil Hirst
F5150 4:38:33 Jacqui Weston
F6785 5:09:29 Emma O'Looney

Horsforth 10k, Sun 30 Sep

Results from Horsforth Harriers ...

(1 33:59 Shaun Dimelow, Barnsley)
16 36:57 Matthew Cox
68 41:28 Caz Farrow
594 finished

Elbaman, Sun 30 Sep

Jamie Hutchinson reports on ... my first iron distance triathlon. Based in Campo di Marina, Elba off the Tuscan coast. Starting at 7am with a 2.4 mile swim, two laps of the bay including a short run onto the beach after the first lap. Really enjoyed the swim, just beautiful setting off in semi darkness, then sun rising on the second lap. Onto the bike and 3 laps of the western part of the island, with two substantial climbs thrown in for extra fun, making 112 miles. Off the bike and just the marathon to do, five laps and thankfully pretty flat. After lap 1 we were treated to a thunderstorm and downpour lasting until the start of my last lap and flooding part of the course! Finished just before 8pm - 12 hours 50 mins.

Run Sunday, Sun 30 Sep

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:02 Jonathan Forey)
5  22:01 Andrew Jackson, V50 Run Sunday record 
19 ran

Lancaster 5k, Sat 29 Sep

From Mark Iley Eddie Irving and I headed off late afternoon to go to this fast and flat 5k over the border, in Lancahire. Conditions were good, dry and only a little breeze. A small but select and good quality field was there including some excellent vets, who were well up the field well ahead of myself and Eddie. Eddie ran solidly but was suffering from the speed session on Thursday, so there was no second gear tonight! I ran steadily keeping Eddie in my sights for just about the whole race, and also trying to beat the time I did last month on the same course, which I achieved, but by only 1 second.
Decent times were achieved, but definitely a "can do better next time" was said by both. Results:

1  14:56 Danny Parkinson, Kendal AC)
28 18:23 Eddie Irving
29 18:28 Mark Iley
71 ran

Thieveley Pike fell race, Sat 29 Sep

Results from CleM

(1  35:53 Andy Brown, Clayton)
73  48:27 Graham Breeze  1st V65
110 53:58 Sue Morley 1st F55
118 finished

See the Woodentops photos

Parkruns, Sat 29 Sep

Harrogate Stray
97  26:18 Julie Elmes

Bradford Lister Park
115 27:56 Janet Smith

Middlesborough Albert Park
80  24:57 John Marshall

Ilkley Lawn Tennis Club flooded, Tue 25 Sep

The Tennis Club closed mid-morning because Stourton Road and the back car park were flooded. By late afternoon the flooding had reached a peak (see photo). Thanks to those who organised alternative Tuesday night runs. To avoid causing damage, Neil's Thursday night training will be on the football fields on Denton Rd instead - see forums.

A river runs through it

Training Changes

Ee, the nights are drawing in, so the Thursday 7pm session has moved down off the moor on to the grass at ILT&SC this week 20th September.

A quick reminder that you need to wear something bright/white/reflective on the evening training runs to make yourself as visible as possible to vehicle drivers. Course, you all know that ...

NEW! See the new 'strength, conditioning and flexibility course' run by Nikos starting 3rd October, details on the forums

Aged 15-18? Check out the details here for new training sessions on Tuesday nights from September 11 for young runners aged 15+, with a roundup of all the training opportunities available to you.

Ilkley Triathlon, Sun 23 Sep

From John Hayes ... Another large turnout from Ilkley Harriers for the UK's premier triathlon event.
This is always a great day out with many spectators lining the route and cheering people on.
Every year I ponder buying a road bike to improve my cycle time (my weakest event). But then I wonder if I would go any faster down Curly Hill as (unlike other riders who whizz past me at high speed) I apply my brakes most of the way down. Put simply, I am a bit of a wimp on my bike.
This year, my brother Peter suffered a last minute bike malfunction. This was caused by my dad "helping" him shortly before the start by blowing up his tyres very hard (so hard that they popped!). This resulted in Peter borrowing Sarah's road bike. In consequence, his cycle time was much faster than previous years and he beat me (although I confess his swim and run time were also better and I don't think he used the road bike for them). Intense sibling rivalry, therefore, will enter the equation when I ponder the "road bike purchase question" as next year's race approaches. JD Cycles take note...
The only other way of improving my chances overall would be to shift the swim from the indoor pool to the wonderful refreshing waters of the Lido, That change - combined with a strict "no wetsuit" rule - would suit me fine as a Lido enthusiast. I also think that using the Lido would add further to the excitement for the spectators who could line the Lido edges cheering rather than (as now) cramming into the tiny viewing area inside.
Anyway, here are the results from (quite a few other Harriers there running under Tri club names etc.):

(1    53:54 All Terrain Cycles)
5   1:02:04 Team Miley incl. Mark Iley
17  1:17:07 JLI - juniors Joanne and Lucy Williamson & Iso Hirst

(1    55:21 Jonathan Dudley, LBT)
91  1:11:10 Phil Judd
116 1:14:05 John Hayes
124 1:15:44 Anna Barlow 
170 1:19:37 Richard Shuttleworth
182 1:20:26 Naomi Elliott
225 1:26:18 Alison Frost
228 1:26:41 Hilda Coulsey
241 1:29:34 Sarah Hayes
274 1:36:29 Helen Culshaw
281 1:38:11 Stewart Taylor 
297 1:43:53 Sue Morley
312 teams and individuals finished

From Mark Iley ... Team Miley (Melissa Iley, Bob Hamilton and Mark Iley - 2 M Iley's and Bob) were out again in force for the team's 3rd running in this popular event. My daughter Melissa (16) was first off in the swim, with big expectations, she swam slightly faster than last year doing 8:26 for the swim and pool exit, she handed over to super vet, and action man, Bob Hamilton, who set off for the bike ride with the drizzle beginning to fall. This hampered Bob's efforts particularly on the downhill sections of Curly Hill, with care required. Despite this Bob's time was only a minute slower than last year, at 32:31, he then handed over to me, for the anchor leg of the run which was one lap of the bike course. A solid leg was run bringing the threesome home for a gallant effort. Finishing 5th team and 19th overall, a good effort by all - bring it on for next year!

Yorkshire Champions! Sun 23 Sep

Junior champions

Newsflash (more later, on the Junior pages): our juniors won 3 medals at the Yorkshire Combined Championships in track and field. ('Combined' means multiple T&F events.) In the U17's (8 events) Harry Maslen is Yorkshire Champion and Gold medallist, Dan Judkowski was Silver medallist. Roisin Ramage was U13 Yorkshire Champion and Gold medallist, with 3 events. Superb!

Run Sunday, Sun 23 Sep

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:17 Duncan Burgess, Skyrac)
2  19:47 Will Buckton
17 28:29 Emma Payne
27 ran

Scafell Pike, Sat 22 Sep

Nick Pearce reports from ... the 2012 running of this classic race up England's highest peak. The course this year was altered because of access problems on the fields around Wasdale head, adding over a km to the normal 7.2km course with 914m of ascent. I was 30th and second V55 in a time of 1:22:40, with winner Martin Mikkelson-Baron finishing in 1:03:53, 99 finished.
I was pleased to finish 3rd in the 2012 "King of the Mountains" competition for the fastest runners in the Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike races, behind Mark McGoldrick of Wharfedale and Stephen Smithies of Calder Valley.

Whernside fell race, Sat 22 Sep

Will, more photos on Woodentops soon

Will Buckton reports ... on this BM 19.5km/906m fell race. A lovely clear, sunny day for Yorkshire's highest mountain race with stunning views of the Dales and beyond. After Whernside the route takes in a steep climb up Great Coum before a great run in back to Dent. I just missed out on a sub 2 hour run by 10 seconds.

Alistair Barlow adds ... Several Harriers out in beautiful Dentdale today for the Whernside race - a 12 mile route over very runnable ground (for those good enough!). Fantastic conditions with stunning views over the Dales, Howgills and Morecambe Bay made it a day to remember. Will Buckton, Jack Wood and I all finished around the 2 hour mark, one or two other Harriers also there. This was Will's first fell race a year ago and he was a full 10 mins quicker this year - chapeau! Full results here, Woodheads also spotted so some photos here.

(1 1h37:49 Paul Webb, U/A)
36 1h58:03 Alistair Barlow
43 2h00:10 Will Buckton
47 2h00:57 Jack Wood
54 2h02:05 Daniel Hill
131 finished

Folkin' Reservoir Ramble, Otley, Sat 22 Sep

From Jez Hellewell... A beautiful day for the inaugural running of this event. Taking in the various reservoirs up The Washburn Valley. The 2 things I learnt today were:
1. Always do a recce.
2. Never throw the towel in!
I got horribly lost very early on with another small group of runners. They were doing the 14 & me the 20. I ended up doing 21.62 miles. I was very tempted to drop down to the 14 & wait for my wife & Jacob who were doing the 14. Instead, I decided to push hard & try to claw back as many places as possible. I eventually took the lead with about 4 miles to go & managed a very unexpected win in 2H46! Saw quite a few Harriers out at the start, my 12 year old son included. Results fom ...

20 mile run
1  2:46:47 Jez Hellewell
49 3:41:35 Adela Reperecki
56 3:58:00 John Coates
67 ran

14 mile run
(1 2:08:37 Simon Barker, Valley Striders)
29 2:43:28 Kate Archer
51 ran

Parkruns, Sat 22 Sep

Harrogate Stray
101 26:11 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
41  20:02 Ken Souyave
51  20:18 Geoffrey Howard

Roundhay Park
38  22:48 Graham Breeze

Great North Run, Sun 16 Sep

(1      59:06 Wilson Kipsang, Kenya)
359   1:24:48 Rob Cunningham
2809  1:38:47 David Howe
3797  1:41:26 Chris Cunningham
5031  1:44:15 Tim Ratcliffe
5303  1:44:53 Hilda Coulsey
6186  1:46:37 Christine Cox
6225  1:46:43 Dougie Scarfe
11361 1:55:23 Caroline Morley
12140 1:56:27 Mollie Robinson
15165 2:00:38 Charlotte Smithson
15212 2:00:41 Robert Morse
18099 2:05:24 Judith Scarfe
18188 2:05:32 Sue Williamson
20820 2:09:40 Sam Gibbons
30195 2:27:36 Mike Picken
33819 2:38:27 Rachel Cunningham		

Embsay fell race, Sun 16 Sep

Results of this local BOFRA race ...

(1  19:08 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
18  22:19 Iain Gibbons
23  22:53 Mark Mon-Williams
24  23:00 Bradley Chapman
33  24:15 Will Buckton
39  24:54 Ben Joynson
43  25:42 Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st lady
44  25:45 Jann Smith 2nd lady
68  29:26 Graham Breeze
80  31:49 Peter Lewis
85 finished

Some great junior results too.

Run Sunday, Sun 16 Sep

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:04 Jonathan Forey)
7  23:18 Adela Reperecki
17 27:25 Jim Towers
22 31:03 Lyn Eden
29 ran

Three Shires fell race, Sat 15 Sep

Click for Graham's photos

A good turnout of Harriers for this epic long race (20km/1220m climb), read Bob's report on Blipfoto (worth following some links there for other reports and photos).

(1  1:59:44 Rhys Findlay-Robinson,
    Dark Peak)
4   2:04:42 Dave Wilby
85  2:37:03 Duncan Cooper
110 2:43:01 Alison Weston
123 2:48:30 Bob Hamilton
142 2:53:59 Neil Smith
167 3:00:32 Steve Weston
173 3:01:34 Chris Oxlade
217 3:33:54 Clare Smith
228 3:40:46 Andrew Wilson
256 finished

Graham's photos here.

Rombalds Romp fell and trail races, Sat 15 Sep

Abbey Runners' unique event gives the runners fell (F) or trail (T) course options. This year two thirds of the runners, and nearly all Harriers, took the fell option.

(1    43:54 Quentin Lewis, Baildon, T)
8     51:07 Lee Morley F
9     51:14 Jack Wood
12    52:38 Martin Archer
33    56:07 Jez Hellewell
38    57:17 Will Buckton
52  1:00:00 Ben Joynson
61  1:01:43 Toni Melechi
63  1:01:45 Dick Waddington
77  1:04:10 Paul Stephens
84  1:05:09 Alison Eagle
98  1:07:00 Adela Reperecki (Trail) 
102 1:07:36 John Coates
122 1:12:44 Graham Breeze
138 1:19:44 Sue Morley
152 finished

Lots of photos on the Woodentops web site, plus some nice pics of the weekly Ilkley Harriers family training run that happenbed to be going on at the same time.

Parkruns, Sat 15 Sep

Bradford Lister Park
120 27:42 Janet Smith

Leeds Hyde Park
29  20:29 Ken Souyave

15  21:06 Geoff Howard

YVAA Road Relay Championships, Saltaire, Sun 9 Sep

From Mark Iley ... A fine morning at Saltaire for the Yorkshire Veterans' Athletic Association Road Relay. The M50 team set out to see how they could fare against their felow Yorkshire competitors.
Andrew Merrick led the way setting a good pace for the 4.8k course round the park and along the canal and back into the park (16:52). He handed over to Mark Iley for the middle leg, who ran a similar time to Andrew's leg (16:56) bringing the team placing up to 5th and keeping a solid position, and setting up Eddie Irving to bring the team home for a big finish. He didn't disappoint and ran the 7th fastest leg of the day in the age group at 16:32 and brought the team home is a very creditable 3rd place and Bronze. Well done to all 3.
Full results on ...

M50  - 14 teams
1  48:55 Sheffield A
2  49:49 Rotherham
3  50:20 Ilkley      Bronze!

Wetherby 10k, Sun 9 Sep

(1  32:45 Darran Bilton, Leeds City)
26  39:00 Rob Cunningham
70  42:35 Sally Malir
71  42:31 Ken Souyave
157 46:19 Chris Cunningham
187 47:40 Andrew Jackson
207 48:02 Christine Cox
406 54:56 Alison Ricci
512 58:20 Julie Elmes
548 58:58 Sally Wright
789 finished

Burnsall fell race, Sun 9 Sep

Results from this BOFRA race ...

(1 14:21 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
8  16:08 Lee Morley
9  16:26 Iain Gibbons
15 17:14 Mark Mon-Williams
20 17:44 Bradley Chapman
26 18:45 Will Buckton
35 21:01 Jann Smith 3rd lady, 1st F40
40 21:35 Rebecca Mon-Williams
45 22:00 Norman Bush
74 finished

Yorkshireman, Sun 9 Sep

KCAC's off-road marathon and half-marathon races ...

(1  3h16:57 Richard Pattinson, P&B)
116 5h53:27 Debbie Lewis
137 7h10:07 Amanda Parnaby
143 finished

(1  1h41:58 Ben Mounsey, CVFR)
87  2h30:44 John Coates
101 2h33:41 Adela Reperecki
112 2h39:15 Anthony Swanepoel
228 finished

Some fab photos from the Woodentops here.

Petzl Lake District Mountain Trial (Newlands Valley), Sun 9 Sep

From Val Kerr ... This was my first LDMT and a chance to test my navigation skills on a fine Lakeland day in clear visibility. I chose to do the Short course (8 Miles, 5220 ft) as I had never done one of these events before and was told that this course was meant for inexperienced orienteers and the over 50s!
Unfortunately, although my naviagtion was good and I found all 6 checkpoints easily, my choice of route between checkpoints left a lot to be desired. I'm currently nursing heavily grazed legs after trying to haul my way up Causey Pike through deep heather (the direct route), a bee sting and awful blisters (if there's one thing I will remember next time it's "if there's a path, use it"). Alison Weston had a great run on the Medium course finishing in 9th place overall and as 3rd lady. Outi Kamarinen also had a good run, the times of these two more experienced navigators over a longer course putting me to shame. For the first time ever the medium course was actually won by a female runner, Tessa Hill, from Hunters Bog Trotters who was apparently seen running up almost vertical mountainsides.

Short course (8 miles, 5220 ft)
(1 2:41:15 Mark Graham)  
43 5:03:13 Val Kerr             

Medium course (9.6 miles, 6610 ft)
(1 3:03:48 Tessa Hill)               
9  3:34:53 Alison Weston        
26 4:08:51 Outi Kamarinen

Graham's photos here.

Para Regiment P Company Challenge, Sun 9 Sep

An impressive 4th place in this extremely tough 10-mile challenge, details, results

(1 1:15:34 Mike Ellicock, Lewes)
4  1:25:34 Ian Rowbotham
803 finished

Aire Long-O , Sun 9 Sep

From Dave Wilby ... based from the same spot as the Vets Road Relays, Airienteers hosted the UK Cup Long-O competition from Titus Salt school, taking in local areas such as Buck Wood, Esholt Woods, Baildon Moor, Shipley Glen plus others. The course was 21.5km straight line and incuded 44 controls across a range of terrains including urban, woodland & moorland.

(1 2:08:33 Oli Johnson, SYO)
3  2:31:40 Ben Stevens
4  2:58:00 Jack Wood 
9  3:14:59 Dave Wilby
10 3:15:54 Eddie Winslow

Run Sunday, Sun 9 Sep

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:09 Jonathan Forey)
21 31:18 Lyn Eden
24 ran

Vitruvian Triathlon, Sat 8 Sep

Gaenor Coy reports ... I took part in the Vitruvian Triathlon, my first middle distance triathlon at Rutland Waterand finished the 1.9 km swim, 85 Km bike and 21 km run in 6:12:31

Leeds Golden Mile, Sat 8 Sep

From Dave Wilby ... Becketts Park did its bit for the Olympic spirit on Saturday when it hosted the Leeds Golden Mile. A fantastic event with official UKA timing and really well supported by local athletes, it gave a rare opportunity to compete over the mile distance on a good standard track. Athletes were grouped into heats according to their predicted times so it was open to all abilities. There were 3 Harriers racing in the evening sun:

(1 4:20.1 James Boxall, unattached)
13 4:50.6 Jack Wood
19 4:58.4 Dave Wilby
58 6:02.6 Andrew Wilson

Great Westmorland Trail Race, Sat 8 Sep

From Caz Farrow ... Whilst I didn't have my best run (results N/A yet) I have to recommend this approx 7-mile trail race on very runnable paths in the Howgills. Organised by Howgill Harriers, it is extremely well organised and friendly with a free afternoon tea for all competitors and loads of spot prizes. Well worth the trip.

Parkruns, Sat 8 Sep

Bradford Lister Park
109 27:58 Janet Smith

Harrogate Stray
65  22:48 Phil Hirst
143 27:07 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
27  20:03 Will Buckton

44  23:43 Graham Breeze

Dragons Back Race 3-7 Sep

From Dave Wilby ... Helene Whitaker has finished as first lady and an amazing 4th overall after 5 brutal days racing at the Dragons Back race in Wales. 200 miles & 50,000ft of ascent, she was 2hrs clear of her nearest female challenger. For much of the week it looked like she might even get on the overall podium, and she only missed it by minutes in the end. Less than 30 finishers from 150 entrants. Billed as the toughest race in the world, loads of ultra trail runners under-estimated it and got blown out on the 1st day, definitely one for the seasoned long distance fell runners!! Well done to all who completed, but especially Helene and emphatic men's winner Steve Birkinshaw.

The Ilkley Incline, Wed 5 Sep

78 runners faced the 1 mile uphill challenge of the Ilkley Incline including a good number of Harriers. Well done to them, to all the helpers, and to race organiser Geoff Howard.
Results and photos on the Ilkley Incline Page
The Junior Sprint Fell Relays had a record-equalling 19 teams - results and photos on the junior pages.

(1  7.29 James Hall, Wharfedale)
4   7.58 Jack Wood
12  8.30 Bradley Chapman
16  8.52 Eddie Irving
20  9.06 Duncan Cooper
21  9.09 Steve Weston
26  9.23 Rob Cunningham
28  9.29 Bob Hamilton
30  9.40 Alistair Barlow
32  9.47 Jack Cummings
33  9.56 Peter Haines
34 10.01 Ben Joynson
36 10.03 Arthur Reilly
38 10.06 John Lumbus
39 10.10 Paul Stephens
40 10.11 Mike Baldwin
46 10.40 John Hayes
50 11.00 Chris Cunningham
53 11.20 Chloe Haines
54 11.21 Alison Bennett
57 11.37 Graham Breeze
58 11.40 Nick Page
59 11.50 Alison Weston
61 12.11 Peter Lewis
65 12.31 Emma Fotherby
66 12.33 Hilda Coulsey
67 12.59 Rebecca Moores
68 13.20 Andrew Bennett
76 17.18 David Millson
78 ran

Muker Show, Wed 5 Sep

Mark Mon-Williams and Iain Gibbons prepare for takeoff in Andy Holden's photo. Results of this BOFRA race ...

(1 11:13 Joe Forrest, U/A)
14 13:42 Iain Gibbons
19 14:05 Mark Mon-Williams 1st V45
34 15:54 Rebecca Mon-Williams 3rd L, 1st F40
37 16:16 Jann Smith
61 finished

Loweswater Show, Sun 2 Sep

Will Buckton reports ... on this AS 4.2km/305m fell race, results from ...

(1 23:43 Simon Booth, Borrowdale)
13 29:26 Will Buckton
38 finished

Tholthorpe 10k, Sun 2 Sep

Henry Heavisides reports ... Beth Massey was 1st lady at the Tholthorpe 10k. The course, described as gently undulating is on quiet country lanes, conditions seemed to be quite pleasant to me, but most people complained that it was too hot (it was at least 15 degrees cooler than my previous race in Poland!). I was towed around the course by Eddie Irving, but managed to outsprint him at the finish, we were 1st & 2nd M50s, with Mark Iley shortly behind.
Results from

(1 35:17 Michael Appleton, Ripon Runners)
10 38:05 Henry Heavisides
12 38:11 Eddie Irving
19 40:49 Beth Massey
21 41:07 Mark Iley
223 finished

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League, Henry's result giving him the overall lead in the League!

Blackpool Hilton Half Marathon, Sun 2 Sep

(1   1:14:52   Ben Douglas,  Durham University)
169  1:46:08   Martin Wright
179  1:47:03   Elaine Cossins   3rd F45
531  finished

Bradley fell race, Sun 2 Sep

Results from this BOFRA race.

(1 26:55 Luke Maude, Skipton)
7  29:53 Iain Rowbotham 1st V50
12 31:07 Bradley Chapman
15 31:41 Duncan Cooper
23 32:26 Emma Barclay 2nd L, 1st F40
26 33:00 Geoff Howard  1st V60
28 33:25 Malcolm Pickering
38 36:05 Sally Malir
65 finished

Some great photos from the Woodentops here.

Many super junior results too incl. Ruaridh Mon-Williams 3rd U17, Georgia Malir and Lucy Williamson 1st and 2nd GU17, and many more.

Rubicon Tri, Sun 2 Sep

Steve Coy took part in the Rubicon Middle Distance Triathlon at Newby Hall. He finished 14th overall in a time of 4:48:26.

Run Sunday, Sun 2 Sep

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run which has recommenced...

(1 19:35 Duncan Burgess, Skyrac)
4  23:38 Adela Reperecki
15 30:23 Emma Payne
17 31:19 Lyn Eden
23 ran

UTMB series of races, 30 Aug to 1 Sep

Roundup from Alison Eagle ... the races were disrupted again by bad weather, not least the UTMB itself, which was effectively scrapped and replaced with a new course entirely within France at more moderate altitudes. There was heavy snow down to 1,700 metres which meant that committing 2,300 runners to crossing multiple Cols at around 2,500 metres was deemed impossible. The CCC was reduced in length and climb. The TDS went ahead unchanged but the checkpoint at Cormet de Roseland alone witnessed almost 500 retirements! The weather for all 3 races was shocking!

Read Morgan's report here.

Sur Les Traces des Ducs de Savoie - 111km/7130m
267= 26h09:28  Nicky Jaquiery 3rd LV40 (1,400 started)
Courmayeur - Champex - Chamonix - 88km/5000m
1115 21h28:36 Ken Jaquiery (1,800 started)
UTMB - 103km/5860m
983 20h10:19 Morgan Williams (2,300 started)

Blackpool Hilton 10k, Sat 1 Sep

(1   35:35   Jurav Gavura,  Unattached)
58   48:13   Martin Wright
293 finished

Ben Nevis Race, Sat 1 Sep

Nick Pearce reports ... Pete and Nick completed their 2012 summer adventure, walking and wild camping the 96 mile West Highland Way over 5 days, and running Britain's highest mountain Ben Nevis on Saturday - a brutal race. More about the adventure, battles with continual Scottish rain and midges, and Pete's feet later.
Full results ...

(1  1:29:56 Finlay Wild, Lochaber)
98  2h04:31 Nick Pearce
441 3:11:16 Peter Shields
457 finished

Parkruns, Sat 1 Sep

Bradford Lister Park
17  20:41 Caz Farrow
140 30:16 Charlie Smith
147 31:05 Janet Smith

Harrogate Stray
41 22:53 Phil Hirst

Leeds Hyde Park
140 25:03 John Marsall

32  23:11 Graham Breeze

Older News, August 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, August

David Millson Supporting Tuesday night groups with dedication and enthusiasm Also nominated: Mark Hall and Beth Massey for outstanding results - pretty much from the moment they joined IH!; Hector Haines for top class fell results; Sharon Meadows for her 50-mile Ridgeway Challenge; Rebecca Mon-Williams for BOFRA race results; Nicky Jaquiery, 3rd LV40 in the UTMB 111km race
Mark Hall For his club age records and title winning performances at 5km, 10km & 10m.

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Reeth Show fell race, Wed 29 Aug

Results from this BOFRA race.

(1 16:13 Joe Forrest)
5  19:02 Mark Mon-Williams
14 22:16 Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st lady
32 finished

Ruaridh Mon-Williams was 5th in the U17 race.

Kilnsey Show, Tue 28 Aug

We hear that Hector Haines was 4th, awaiting full results.

Hebden Sports, Mon 27 Aug

It looks from Dave Woodhead's photos that Hector Haines may have won, and Jann Smith was 3rd Lady / 1st F40, awaiting full results.

Askern 10m, Mon 27 Aug

Mark Hall reports ... Beth Massey and I travelled across to South Yorkshire today to do the Askern 10m (near Doncaster), an undulating course run mainly on country lanes. The race attracts a good field as it incorporates the South Yorkshire 10m championships. Conditions were overcast and windy. I finished in 5th place (1st V50) in 56mins 57secs, Beth finished in 14th place (1st FV40) in 69mins 17 secs. The race was won by Carl Ryde of Doncaster AC in 54mins 27secs. This is a well supported, long established event and whilst not a PB course it is worth the relatively short journey across to South Yorkshire.

Mark's time is a Club Record beating Eddie Irving's 60:10 at Lytham St Annes last year. 302 finishers, full results on

Fleetwood Half Marathon, Sun 26 Aug

Results from

(1  1:10:13 Anthony Valentine, Bolton United Harriers)
48  1:32:11 David Brown
178 1:47:09 Mike Baldwin
230 1:52:07 Paul Sugden
416 finished

Grasmere Show, Sun 26 Aug

From the photos it looks like Hector Haines was 8th in the senior race.

Halton Gill fell race, Sun 26 Aug

Awaiting full results, Jann Smith was 4th lady

9th TRA Ridgeway Challenge, 25/26 Aug

From Sharon Meadows ... The Ridgeway Challenge is an 85 mile trail race along a 5,000 year old trackway containing 9,000ft of ascent. It starts at the top of Ivinghoe Beacon and passes through the Chiltern Hills, North Wessex Downs and follows Grims Ditch for several miles. It also passes Barbury and Liddington Castle before finally finishing in Avebury.
This was my first attempt at a distance over 50 miles and I was very apprehensive beforehand. The first 4 hours passed nicely in beautiful sunshine with amazing views of the countryside. Then came the thunder and lightning and torrential rain, which stayed with us for the next few hours. Unfortunately my left knee decided to play up and the pain would not leave me for the rest of the run. At 42 miles there was a bag drop off which was a Godsend. We had a complete change of kit, reapplied blister plasters and gaffer tape and strapped my knee up. There was also hot food and tea. After this checkpoint the rain stopped and the night was much calmer weather wise. I really did not know how I would continue, we had such a long way to go and my knee was so bad I could barely walk let alone run, so I had to adopt a sort of sideways shuffle. It helped by thinking of the route in smaller chunks and not the thing as a whole.
Eventually the dawn came and it was a beautiful morning. At the next checkpont the lovely marshalls fed and watered us and said nearly 50 people had dropped out. We had our last 5.5 miles to go and I have never felt so happy. When the finish came in to sight I had to try really hard not to cry, just because I was so pleased to stop!
The event was very well organised and all the marshalls were very friendly and helpful. Most of the feed stations were manned by local running clubs and the food and drink provided was exceptional.

1st male 13h34
1st female 16h50
Sharon Meadows 25h05

Burnsall Feast, Sat 25 August

Well done to Hector Haines who won the Burnsall Classic fell race, beating Ted Mason and Ian Holmes in the process, and leading Ilkley's men to a 2nd team place (with plenty of other young runners in that team!)

1  15:03 Hector Haines
9  16:58 Jack Wood
13 17:39 Dave Wilby
26 19:16 Bradley Chapman
49 21:00 Richard Joel
56 21:32 Will Buckton
96 24:47 Geoff Howard
128 finished in the men's race

We had no counters in the ladies' fell race, but Natalie Curtis finished 58th out of 74 in 1h25:27 in the tough 10 mile road race (won in 54:56 by Leeds' Adam Osborne). Results from

Lancaster 5km, Sat 25 Aug

Beth Massey reports ... Mark Iley and I made the journey across to Lancaster yesterday evening to take part in this low key 5km race. The race is run on a traffic free, flat, fast course and conditions, although wet, were perfect for racing. I finished 2nd FV40 in a new PB of 19mins 23secs and Mark was 1st V50 in 18mins 29secs. This is a well organised race and well worth the journey.

Pendleton fell race, Sat 25 Aug

5M/1500' Results from this CleM race.

(1 39:48 James Titmuss, P&B)
27 46:42 Mark Beorgeois
79 finished

Lonach Games, Sat 25 Aug

Mark Mon-Williams writes ... You think that Burnsall has history... this was the 171st Lonach Highland Gathering hill race. There were three Ilkley Harrier representatives at Lonach who took their place in the ring after the march of the Lonach Highlanders. It’s a good occasion if you like starting a race to the sounds of the pipes and drums and you enjoy being cheered by 8000 spectators (including Billy Connolly who lives down the road and his celebrity friends – Robin Williams sometimes does the race but not this year)...
It’s a fantastic 3.5 mile course around Strathdon – it was Ruaridh’s first adult hill race (no fells in Scotland) and he had an outstanding run for a 14 year old (my days of being ahead of him are numbered....).

(1st 24:38 Drew Tivendale)
3rd  24:58 Mark Mon-Williams
7th  26:04 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
2nd lady 28:37 Rebecca Mon-Williams
80+ finishers

Smugglers Trod, Sat 25 Aug

Amanda Parnaby reports ... 27 miles starting & finishing at Robin Hoods Bay with a circular route over the North Yorks Moors. Although the rain held off it was still extremely wet underfoot. A friendly event organised by East Yorks LDWA.

Parkruns, Sat 25 Aug

Bradford Lister Park
104 28:48 Charlie Smith
116 29:30 Janet Smith

Leeds Hyde Park
126 25:31 John Marshall

38 23:55 Graham Breeze

Malham Show fell race, Sat 25 Aug

Full results from this BOFRA race still awaited, to include ...

Jann Smith 2nd Lady
Diane Haggar - 4th Lady
Val Kerr

European Veterans Athletics Championships, Sun 19 Aug

From Henry Heavisides... The temperature was in the mid 30s for the M55 10,000m race at the EVACS championships in Zgorzelec (Poland). The track was being sprayed with hosepipes to cool runners a bit, but in the preceeding M50 race a competitor was taken away by ambulance suffering with heatstroke & cardiac I decided to take it steady, rather than aiming for a fast time. Out of 26 starters from 14 countries, I finished 12th in 39:07.45 and was first GB runner to finish. The winner was from Finland (results here).
Overall it was a really good experience to be involved in an international championship, although the logistics were a bit challenging with events spread between small border towns in Germany, Czech Republic & Poland. More than 3800 competitors are taking part.

Sedbergh Hills fell race, Sun 19 Aug

Will Buckton reports ... AL (Cat A, Long, fell race) 22.5km/1830m climb. A nice run round the Howgill fells from the Dalesway village of Sedbergh. A lot of very steep ups and downs and tricky contouring. I was the only Harrier in this probably due to the Championship race the day before although I did meet an unattached runner from Ilkley called Mark.

(1 2h22:06 Andy Brown, Clayton-le-Moors)
75 3h16:46 Will Buckton
120 finished

Weasdale Horseshoe, Sat 18 Aug

Results of this English Champs counter from Howgill Harriers ...

Men's race
(1    55:09 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
181 1h36:17 Graham Breeze
201 finishers

(1 1h04:35 Olivia Walwyn-Bush, Altrincham & D)
33 1h24:56 Alison Weston
71 1h41:10 Sue Morley
75 finished

Cargrave Show, Sat 18 Aug

Results of this BOFRA fell race ...

(1 23:14 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
9  27:17 Mark Mon-Williams
10 27:21 Ian Rowbotham
24 31:13 Jann Smith 2nd lady
29 32:21 Geoff Howard
40 34:10 Natalie Curtis
67 finished

Lucy Williamson was 1st GU17

Parkruns, Sat 18 Aug

Bradford Lister Park
50 24:32 Richard Hinsley

Harrogate Stray
25  20:41 Geoffrey Howard
110 26:44 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
131 25:15 John Marshall
296 35:27 Linda Marshall

York Millenium Bridge 5km, Tue 14 Aug

Beth Massey and Mark Hall report ... we travelled to York to compete in the York Millenium Bridge 5km road race. The course is fast and flat, starting and finishing by the river near Skeldergate Bridge, going out to do 2 laps of Rowntree Park and crossing the Millenium Bridge to return to the finish. The race was run in excellent conditions and Mark finished in 16:23, 13th overall and 1st V50, I finished in 19:26, 10th lady and 3rd FV40.
The race attracts a lot of younger runners, the first lady being Bronwen Owen of Scarborough (U15) in 16.28!! The race was won overall by Dan Garbutt of Durham in 15:30

Mark's time is a Club Record Henry reports, beating Richard Reeve's 17:23 from a 2010 John Carr race, as well as Nick Pearce's V45 17:07 from the John Carr race on 9 May 2001!

Northern Veterans 10k, Sun 12 Aug

Beth Massey and Mark Hall report ... we did our first race for Ilkley Harriers today, competing in the Northern Veterans 10k Champs at Bispham, Blackpool, and we were both pleased to win our categories - Beth (FV40) in 38:40 and Mark (V50) in 32:55. Beth finished 5th lady overall and Mark was 4th overall.
Conditions on the day were perfect and the course is very fast being mostly flat and downhill, apart from a slightly undulating last mile, along the North Promenade starting at Bispham and going out towards the Tower.
The race was won in 30:46 by Anthony Valentine of Bolton United Harriers.

Cray, Sun 12 Aug

Results of this BOFRA fell race ...

(1 23:34 Sam Watson, Wharfedale Harriers)
13 31:55 Mark Bourgeois
14 32:21 Steve Weston
25 finished

6 4:37 Georgia Weston
7 8:10 Felix Weston

Arncliff Gala, Sat 11 Aug

Results of this BOFRA Championship fell race ...

(1 10:54 Duncan Birtwhistle, Harrogate)
23 12:39 Mark Mon-Williams
24 12:44 Iain Gibbons
44 14:39 Rebecca Mon-Williams 2nd lady, 1st F40
52 15:07 Jann Smith
89 20:20 Bradley Chapman
92 finished

Ruaridh Mon-Williams was 4th in 13:17 in the U17 race, Lucy Williamson was first FU17 in 14:40; and a bunch of Harriers ran well in the younger races.

Parkruns, Sat 11 Aug

Two of Ilkley's Super-Vets were well-placed in today's 5k run at Harrogate Stray, Geoff Howard (V65) was 27th in 20:41, Norman Bush (V70) was 45th in 21:46, out of 184 finishers.

From George Elmes ... Julie Elmes ran on a very warm and sunny York race course - came in at 93rd in 26:05 which was another 5k PB - knocking 26 seconds of her prevous best. Look out Mo!

At Leeds Hyde Park, John Marshall was 141st in 24:59; and at Roundhay Graham Breeze was 34th in 23:59.

YVAA Grand Prix, Knavesmire, Wed 8 Aug

Alison Eagle reports ... in the bright evening sunlight a perfectly flat course mainly along the river I was 4th Lady and 1st LV50 in 41:51

Brownlee Gold Run, Tue 7 August

A whole bunch of Harriers joined other Brownlee fans for a special short fell race on Penistone, then retired to the pub for the main event - watching the Brownlee brothers win Olympic Triathlon Gold and Bronze on the telly. And in between there was a big prize draw with lots of Brownlee-signed Olympic memoriblia! Full results and photos on

(1  10:29 Tom Brunt, Homfirth)
22  12:02 Steve Coy
23  12:13 Adam Bennett
38  13:03 Sarah Pickering
43  13:11 Josh Crane
46  13:16 Malcolm Pickering
51  13:34 Alison Eagle
57  13:42 Robbie Matthews
60  13:47 James Pickering
71  14:08 Sam Wood
78  14:17 Alison Bennett
94  15:00 Adela Reperecki
107 15:31 Charlie Tiger Smith
108 15:31 Jann Smith
109 15:32 Beth Morley
125 16:07 Gaenor Coy
138 17:08 Sophie Brown
139 17:09 Andrew Bennett
140 17:11 Emma O'Looney
150 18:58 Julie Elmes
152 19:34 Diane Kitchen
154 19:49 Andrew Kitchen
155 19:53 Sally Pickering
161 20:25 Anna Pickering
170 finished

And 11 junior Harriers ran in the U10 race.

Jane Tomlinson York 10k, Sun 5 Aug

From Michael Duffield ...

(1   30:49 Ben Livesey, Birchfield Harriers)
83   39:45 Rob Cunningham
157  42:18 Michael Duffield
286  44:51 Chris Cunningham
4103 Finished

Farleton Knott, Sun 5 August

Diane Haggar reports ... in Olympic style, "Team Ilkley" took ladies Gold, Silver & Bronze. We packed superbly until the killer second ascent sorted our positions out. Well done to Becky & Jann. Would be good to see more Harriers, and particularly more Juniors, at these BOFRA races. The August bank holiday has 5 events in the Dales in the space of 5 days! Check out the BOFRA website.

(1 38:28 Todd Oates, Ambleside)
8  41:52 Mark Mon-Williams 1st V45
14 44:50 Bradley Chapman
22 47:24 Rebecca Mon-Williams  1st lady
26 48:14 Jann Smith  2nd lady
29 49:03 Diane Haggar  3rd lady
46 finished

Wagon and Horses Lancaster 10 mile, Sun 5 August

Sally Malir reports ... Emma Barclay and I made the jouney to Lancaster for Emma's debut in a 10 mile road race. We had a sucessful trip with Emma coming in 2nd lady in 67:14 (PB) and myself 5th lady in 68:23 (SB). The course was not as flat as we had hoped it would be with a couple of tough hills included, but it was well orgainsed mainly on traffic free cycle routes. Well worth the trip.

Borrowdale fell race, Sat 4 August

AL English Championships counter, 26km with 2000m of climb. Results from,

(1  2h49:20 Ricky Lightfoot, Ellenborough)
59  3h42:15 Dave Wilby
171 4h24:16 Brian Melia
203 4h34.15 Dick Waddington
372 finished

Hellifield Gala fell race, Sat 4 August

George Elmes reports ... 8 Junior Ilkley Harriers made the trip up to Hellifield for the Junior Yorkshire Fell championships where again we had a number of strong performances. Top of the pile was an outstanding performance from Lucy Williamson resulting in her being crowned GU16 Yorkshire champion. (And picking up a magnificent trophy).
Well done to all that competed - Poppy Anderson, Molly Pearson, Emily Elmes, Robbie Matthews, Euan Brennan, Tilly Melechi, Joanne & Lucy Williamson.

Full results and photos on

Photo George Elmes

Round Hill fell race, Sat 4 August

(1 56:26 Richard Pattinson, P&B)
2  60:03 Martin Archer
20 71:48 Ben Joynson
23 72:50 Alistair Wood  1st V60
24 72:57 Diane Haggar 2nd lady, 1st F50
26 73:40 Henry Heavisides
91 126.27 Amanda Parnaby
91 finished

See Otley AC's web site for full results and photos.

This was also a Ilkley Harriers Race League event - Martin Archer has edged out Ali B in the Fell competition ...

Parkruns, Sat 4 Aug

Harrogate Stray
18 20:27 Geoff Howard v65 rec
60 24:24 Jim Towers
80 26:45 Julie Elmes

Leeds Roundhay
35 23:25 Graham Breeze

Older News, July 2012

Harrier of the Month, July

Nominations were:
sponsors Clare and Neil Smith for their Lakeland 100
Rebecca Moores for her dedication to training and huge transformation since April as well as her winning mind that inspires us all, no challenge scares her!
Alison Eagle for Mont Blanc Marathon, 2nd LV50
Paul Wood for his organization of the successful Addingham Gala race, even arranging for some sunshine, and for being so actively involved in the Harrogate Race League series as Secretary and being at every one of the races to register, support and take photos
Nikos Georgiadis for training sessions
Lynn Donohue for her Lakeland 50
Martin Archer, 5th at Idle Trail Race & other race results

The HoM awards went to Neil and Clare Smith, and Martin Archer. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Idle Trail Race, Sun 29 July

(1  37:24 Quentin Lewis, Baildon)
5   39:16 Martin Archer
27  44:26 Rob Cunningham
41  46:34 Duncan Cooper
71  50:29 Chris Cunningham
101 54:04 Christine Cox
212 66:51 Carole Cunningham
245 finished

YVAA Grand Prix, Crossgates, Sun 29 July

Alison Eagle reports ... basically an extended cross country course round endless fields, virtually flat, I was 8th Lady and 1st LV50 in 44:27

runSunday, Sun 29 July

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run ...

1  18:15 Dave Wilby
18 19:11 Emma Payne
23 ran

Parkruns, Sat 28 July

Leeds Roundhay
1  18:13 Dave Wilby
25 23:28 Graham Breeze
31 24:12 Kelly Harrison

Harrogate Stray
23 20:47 Geoffrey Howard PB, V65 record
67 24:28 Emily Elmes Junior
96 26:32 Julie Elmes PB	

Bradford Lister Park
97  20:48 Charlie Smith, Junior
100 29:02 Janet Smith

UAK Track, Sat 28 July

The 20 Junior Harriers and parents at the regular Saturday track session at Keighley found themselves training alongside the Vietnamese Olympic athletes! (Just a reminder that the track is open to any Ilkley Harriers 10am-11am, see earlier Forums post for more information.)

Lakeland 100, and 50, 27-29 July

From Clare Smith ... too exhausted to write much yet but Neil and I were 1st mixed pair - delighted! I think I was 8th lady. Going to bed now. Can barely walk! Lynn Donohue and Sharon Meadows took part in the 50 mile Montane Ultra. They both looked fresh and bright when they passed us en route to Howtown from Dalemain.
From Sharon ... Absolutely well done to Clare and Neil on their amazing Lakeland 100 results!!! You both looked very relaxed when I saw you, your achievement is amazing especially on that course, how you got down the final descent I do not know.
This year I did the 50 mile course (10,000 feet) again, having enjoyed it so much last year. It's a really well organised race and the feed stations and all the marshalls are brilliant. The weather was OK, bit rainy/bit sunny so difficult to judge what to wear. The course starts at Dalemain estate and continues to Howtown (965 ft of ascent) then on to Mardale Head (2510 ft of ascent), then Kentmere (1677 ft), Ambleside (1611 ft), then Chapel Stile (768 ft), Tiberthwaite (1270 ft) and finally Coniston (928 ft). Some very difficult climbs but also some good running across the open fells. But the descents are a different matter, very steep, rocky and slippy. Made even more difficult in the night sections. The final descent is really hard on the 50 so how anyone gets down on the 100 I do not know, incredible. I'm sure Lynn will agree with me who was also doing the 50.
I finished in 13 hours 28 minutes, a PB of 2 hours 29 minutes, so quite pleased with that. Managed to get a good blister this year so hope its sunny all week as I cant get my shoes on!


100 miles
(1  19:50:37 Terry Conway, Ambleside AC)
102 37:56:58 Clare Smith
103 37:56:59 Neil Smith
136 finished from 263 starters

50 miles
(1   8:30:51 Steve Angus)
195 13:28:53 Sharon Meadows
328 16:32:18 Lynn Donohue
453 finished from 481 starters

Thunder Run, 28-29 July

Sue B reports ... two teams went to the Thunder Run this weekend. Well done to all who ran. Needless to say a fab time was had by all - and we weren't soon.

Ambleside Sports, Thu 26 July

Results of this BOFRA fell race ...

(1 14:31 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
16 17:55 Iain Gibbons
52 23:28 Diane Haggar
81 finished

Golden Acre Relays, Wed 25 July

Results from Abbey Runners

21 53:56 Ilkley Men
Jack Wood 15:53; Tony Melechi 17:55; Neil Chapman 20:08

59 1:02:46 Teen Dream (Juniors)
Tilly Melechi 19:47; Lucy Jacques 20:38; Joanne Williamson 22:21

79  1:08:56 Scampi (Juniors)
Elizabeth Westhead 21:25; Harriet Jackson 22:53; Josie Clarke 24:38

90 1:16:28 Ask Ilkley (Ladies Vets)
Sue Williamson 24:17; Andrea Westhead 26:17; Kate Lofthouse 25:54

97 teams finished

Harrogate 10k, Sun 22 July

Results of this Harrogate Harriers race ...

(1  30:45 Matthew Hynes, NYMAC)
26  37:49 Edward Irving
60  40:57 Emma Barclay
146 45:10 Chris Cunningham
217 47:56 Christine Cox
235 48:48 Catherine Gibbons
247 49:15 Phillip Hirst
409 56:54 Bernie Gibbons
452 60:07 Carole Cunningham
501 finished

Pudsey 10k Multi-Terrain, Sun 22 July

Results of this Pudsey Pacers race ...

(1  36:18 Jamie Noon, P&B)
183 56:13 Elaine Cossins
349 finished

Cracoe fell race, Sun 22 July

Diane Haggar reports it was great to see Jenny Dybeck, back home from University, at this BOFRA race. She had a fantastic run to win the ladies race by some margin. Jann Smith took second after a close finish with Kirsty Hall of Wharefedale. I managed 1st V45. Iain Gibbons and Bradley Chapman were also in good form.

(1 21:57 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
11 25:12 Martin Archer
12 25:20 Iain Gibbons
17 27:01 Bradley Chapman
19 27:48 Jenny Dybeck 1st lady
22 28:14 Jann Smith 2nd lady, 1s5 F40
36 32:43 Diane Haggar 1st F45
57 finished

Good to see some juniors in the results too, including Lucy Williamson 3rd GU17. For the seniors this was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Real Relay, Sun 22 July

After 55 days and 7,377 miles of running, including Ilkley Harriers' 15 miles from Skipton to Menston, the Endurancelife Real Relay baton arrived at the gates of the Olympic Park on Sunday 22nd July. Nikos, who brought the baton down from Scafell with John Coates and who paced our local leg so well, was in at the finish too carrying the baton to Tower Bridge before picking up another 200 Real Relay runners for the final leg.

British Masters Track & Field Championships, 21,22 July

Henry Heavisides reports after the relative success of yesterday's 1500m, today's 5000m was a real struggle. I set off too fast in very warm windy conditions & struggled to finish 5th in 18:37.5.
I was pleased to run under 5 minutes (4:58.55) for 1500m at the British Masters championships in Derby to win the bronze medal for 3rd place in the M55 age group.

Snowdon International Race, Sat 21 July

Alison Weston says ... what a fantastic day to run up Snowdon! Lots of support from spectators and amazing views. Dave Wilby, Nick Pearce and myself (+ any others?) raced. I was pleased to do 1hr 46 (5 mins quicker then last time and 1st in my old lady category LV45) and Dave did a brilliant 1hr 24.

Results from TDL ...

(1  1:05:10 Murray Strain)
64  1:24:37 Dave Wilby
117 1:31:57 Nick Pearce 2nd V55
256 1:46:24 Alison Weston 1st F45
503 finished

Ingleborough Mountain Race, Sat 21 July

Will Buckton reports on this AM 11km/600m race.... part of the annual Ingleton Gala, the runners climb 600m in 3.5 miles before an exhilarating descent back to the finish.

(1  48:08  Simon Bailey Mercia FR)
24  57:51  Ian Rowbotham   2nd V50
50  63:11  Dick Waddington
55  63:31  Will Buckton
61  64:11  Kate Archer
166 81:31  Sue Morley
187 finished

Harrogate parkrun, Sat 21 July

Geoff Howard was 30th from 174 participants in 21:08

Cargrave cross-country, Thu 19 July

Results of this BOFRA fell! race ...

(1 33:20 James Hall, Wharfedale)
5  42:18 Mike Baldwin 1st V50
6  42:58 Diane Haggar 1st lady
29 finished

Holme Moss, Sun 15 July

From John Coates ... First time on this AL route for me, the hills are certainly steep and long and lots of them, the worst of all being a steep hands and feet climb one mile from the finish, just to sap the last bit of energy I had left after hauling through the bogs across the long moor section. Funniest moment was having to stop for 20 minutes on the farm lane down to the finish whilst the farmer tried to get his sheep through the gate! Results from

(1  2h41:38 Neil Northrop, Dark Peak)
103 4h37:55 John Coates
115 finished

Eccup 10, Sun 15 July

Results from Abbey Runners ...

(1  55:42 Nick Hooker, Leeds City)
85  67:33 Rob Cunningham
96  68:11 Andrew Merrick
112 69:24 Sally Malir 2nd F45
136 71:13 Caz Farrow
208 75:08 Chris Cunningham
243 77:12 Jane Bryant
251 77:24 Andrew Jackson
255 77:49 Hannah Partner
327 81:41 Hilda Coulsey 2nd F55
360 83:30 Elaine Cossins
437 87:37 Allison Ricci
645 ran

runSunday 5km, Sun 15 July

Results from

(1 22:36 Jason King, U/A)
10 29:26 Gemma Carpenter
16 ran

Addingham Gala Fell Race, Sat 14 July

A good turnout of 16 Harriers at our own Addingham Gala fell race and big thanks to all those Harriers who helped make the day a success. Another cracking Ilkley Harriers event!

photo Elizabeth @ Hadfield Photocraft, Addingham

Full results

(1 42:02 Chris Smale, Bingley Harriers)
3  43.02 Martin Archer
4  43.45 Jack Wood
6  44.26 Lee Morley
10 45.49 Ian Rowbotham
19 48.54 Bradley Chapman
23 50.27 Dan Hill
25 50.51 Mark Bourgeois
28 51.13 Dave Cummings
29 51.27 Rob Cunningham
30 52.04 Ben Joynson
32 52.41 Kate Archer
34 52.52 Henry Heavisides
39 54.48 Alison Eagle
50 57.32 Alison Bennett
57 60.15 David Ibbotson
67 63.36 Sue Morley
75 finished

Dave Woodhead's photos, and Nikos's photos.

Wasdale fell race, Sat 14 July

From Alison Weston .... Will, Brian, Duncan and myself travelled to the Lakes for Wasdale Fell race this weekend. It's a tough 20 mile race with 8,000' climbing and the the hard stuff in the second half of the race.
This was Will's third long Lakeland race in 5 weeks and after buying a last minute pair of insoles (his own left at home!) from Pete Bland's he ran well and finished with a big grin on his face! Brian decided what better way to celebrate his birthday than to run this race and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. It was Duncan's first attempt at Wasdale and he cruised round easily in 5 1/2 hours. I was pleased to finish but am incredibly stiff today!! Results from

(1  3h44:40 Ricky Lightfoot, Ellenborough)
64  5h32:13 Duncan Cooper
87  5h51:30 Alison Weston 
93  5h59:03 Brian Melia 
109 6h21:17 Will Buckton
144 ran

Junior Uphill Fell Championships, Sat 14 July

No results yet, but spot the Harriers red and green in these videos ... this video.

Alva Games fell race, Sat 14 July

Results from ...

(1 21:04 Alastair Dunn, Helm Hill)
9  23:24 Iain Gibbons
14 26:00 Mark Mon-Williams
27 28:52 Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st FV40
32 30:44 Jann Smith
58 ran

Parkruns, Sat 14 July

Harrogate Stray
59  24:36 Jim Towers
161 37:35 Karen Lambe

Leeds Hyde Par
93  25:05 John Marshall

Wimbledon Common
3   18?   Dave Wilby
102 25:23 Kelly Harrison

Washburn Valley Relays, Fri 13 July

photo Andrew Bennett

From Paul Stephens ... 3 senior Harriers teams enjoyed the run around Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs on a cold July evening. The men's team of Dave Westhead, Jack Wood and Nick Pearce, had a superb run. Dave Westhead was fastest by 50 seconds on the first leg, but Otley's Ian Fisher was 1.5 mins faster than anybody else on leg 2 and at the finish we were 4th overall. An excellent result.
Ilkley's ladies Alison Eagle, Caz Farrow and Alison Bennett were 2nd ladies team home and 23rd overall, whilst our third team of Andrea Westhead, Kate Lofthouse and Andrew Bennett were 56th.
Thankyou to all the runners.
And I believe the junior teams took the first 4 places. Brilliant.

Results showing 'rank' on each leg (Leg 1 is 3.0 miles, Leg 2 is 4.0 miles. Leg 3 is 3.3 miles) from Otley AC's web site where there are also some photos ...

4 62:54 Ilkley Red
1 18:22 Dave Westhead, 3 23:25 Jack Wood, 15 21:07 Nick Pearce

23 73:11 Ilkley Green
28 22:26 Alison Eagle, 21 27:36 Caz Farrow, 28 23:09 Alison Bennett

56 98:30 Ilkey White
56 30:52 Andrea Westhead, 52 37:52 Kate Lofthouse, 53 29:46 Andrew Bennett

HDSRL Handicap Race, Thu 12 July

This race was the finale of the 2012 Harrogate Race League, and if you didn't go then you missed a treat! A glorious sunny evening, a scenic course, and the amazing spectacle of most of the 150 runners finishing within just a few minutes. Plus of course the usual HDSRL slap-up tea afterwards. Second-claim member Antonio Cardinale well-and-truly beat the handicapper to claim the magnificent cup. The fastest time was fittingly from the League Champion, Wetherby's Ben Pye, 30:22 (44th finisher) but a couple of Harriers beat him in including new member Julie Elmes.

(Fastest 30:22 Ben Pye)
1   52:39 Antonio Cardinale
24  33:56 Ian Rowbotham
39  49:45 Julie Elmes
55  32:05 Nick Richardson
61  47:14 Don Macrae
63  38:16 Michael Duffield
77  46:27 Andrew Bennett
96  46:43 Sue Williamson
146 39:32 Alison Bennett
150 finished

Looks like the handicapper was a little tough on Alison, with Andrew winning the Battle of the Bennetts, but Alison got a great round of applause when she was awarded the prize for League Champion FV50 at the end-of-season presentations after the race.

Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k, Sun 8 July

Results from

(1   30:48 Brett Crossley)
42   39:28 Rob Cunningham
552  48:22 Hilda Coulsey
806  49:12 Nicole Dillon
975  52:27 John Marshall
1482 54:17 Sue Williamson
2249 58:38 Kate Lofthouse
2831 59:45 Abigail Bailey
2495 60:44 Sally Wright
3208 64:52 Linda Marshall
3651 65:11 Sue Bickerdike
5404 finished

Helm Hill, Sun 8 July

Diane Haggar reports ... rather unusually for any fell race the first 5 ladies took consecutive overall positions with Jann 1st, myself 3rd and Rebecca 5th. Sandwiched between us were the ladies of the home club, Helm Hill. The race included three painfully steep climbs through bracken that, on a warm night, caused the air to be totally devoid of oxygen! Within our pack, positions switched a number of times yet we reached the final climb together. Jann got the better of us all over the last peak and I was involved in a mad hurtle to the line with the Helm Hill ladies. Overall an excellent Ilkley performance...pity no team championship in BOFRA!
Results from ...

(1 22:31 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
17 27:27 Iain Gibbons
20 27:38 Mark Mon-Williams 1st V45
36 30:42 Jann Smith 1st Lady
38 31:04 Diane Haggar 1st LV45
40 31:22 Rebecca Mon-Williams
76 finished

7 13:26 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
8 15:38 Lucy Williamson  1st girl

42 9:06 Molly Pearson

runSunday, Sun 8 July

Results from the third runSunday event, a new free weekly timed 5k run in Otley Chevin Forest Park...

(1 18:39 Liam Dunne, Otley AC)
6  24:40 Graham Breeze
7  25:33 Jim Towers
17 28:58 Emma Payne
18 29:01 Gemma Carpenter
23 33:20 Lyn Eden
24 ran

SLMM, 7/8 July

There are always a few Harriers in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, this year in Wasdale. Amongst the results we spotted:
32nd in the Bowfell class, 14h35:57, Kevin and Rachael Gooch
60th in the Carrock Fell class, 12h37:19, Sue Booth and Natalie Curtis
83rd in the Carrock Fell class, 13h53:54 John Pickering and Chris Oxlade
Any more?

Arrochar Alps, Sat 7 July

From Dave Wilby ... Arrochar Alps (25km, 2400m) done and dusted, had an averagely good run rather than anything spectacular but still inside top 40 in British Champs. Toughest course I've ever done, knocks Wasdale & Ennerdale into a cocked hat!! Haven't tried stairs yet, walking brings tears to my eyes :o)

Osmotherley Phoenix, Sat 7 July

Amanda Paranby reports ... My first time at this event and I was not expecting such an undulating route. There is a choice of 17, 26 or 33 miles and I had intended to do the 33 mile option but a combination of the amount of rain that has fallen and the advice of my fellow competitors persuaded me to opt for the 26 mile option and while I might have lost some 'street cred' I am glad I took this option. There was a lot of low cloud and mist in the morning but the weather improved as the day went on despite one shower in the afternoon. I hope to take part again next year and not only because of the lovely home made cakes and the hope of drier conditions underfoot. Finished in 7 hrs 20 mins.
From Sue B Abi and I did a mammoth 9hrs 20 for Osmotherley. Debbie Lewis ran with us for the most part - she finished 9.13 I think. John Coates ran with us but opted to change to the 26 route at the last point of no return.
More results soon, in the meanwhile spot the Harriers in the event video.

Heptonstall Festival Fell Race, Sat 7 July

William Buckton reports on this AS - 9.5km/496m fell race... Heptonstall Festival Race is a short, adrenalin rush of a route, dropping 500 feet in the first mile, before cimbing 1000 feet in 2 miles to High Brown Knoll; there's then a quick loop on the moor, before you leg it back to the village the way you came, meaning a 500ft climb in the last mile! This was only the second running of the Heptonstall Festival Race and me and Sue are the first Harriers to take part. Results from

(1   52:09 Christopher Smale, Bingley Harriers)
26 1h03:01 Will Buckton 
96 1h22:40 Sue Morley
111 finished

Woodentops photos

Oakworth Haul, Sat 7 July

A KCAC race ...

(1 38:04 Joseph Crossfield, Halifax Harriers)
11 45:49 Toni Melechi
35 ran

Woodentops photos

Murder Mile, Wed 5 July

We hear Jack Wood won the Murder Mile in Silsden, Sarah Pickering was 2nd lady, plenty of other Harriers there ...

1   7:25 Jack Wood
8   8:14 Mark Mon-Williams
22  8:55 Euan Brennan
23  8:58 Sarah Pickering 1st GU14
70 10:55 Graham Breeze
226! finishers

Woodentops photos

NVAC track league, Spenborough, Wed 4 July

Heavisides Henry reports ... As an alternative to the weekly track training at Leeds Carnegie, Mark Iley and I travelled to Cleckheaton to run the NVAC track league. Running 3 races in less than an hour is certainly not recommended, but it was a good variation from a normal session. Mark ran the 800m (2:31), 1500m (5:05) & 400m (71 seconds). I ran the 800m (2:33), 3000m (10:47) & 1500m (5:22)

Danefield Relays, Wed 4 July

Neil Chapman reports ... Ilkley Harriers had 6 teams out at Danefield, including 2 junior teams, in very muddy conditions. Our first team were our men's vets in 7th place 67:32, but our junior boys team pushed them all way finishing 9th only 23 seconds behind them in 67:55. Our junior girls were our next team in 81:29, with our mixed team finishing in 86:14, and our remaining 2 ladies teams doing 94:13 and 106:52.

Strangely enough the performance of the night came from a spectator. Heather Cummings had come along to support Dave and Jack, and in a moment of madness agreed to run the final leg to make up a team with Rebecca and Sue. Hardly dressed for running on a warm night Heather swapped her Hunter wellies for Jack's fell shoes and then went on to complete her first ever race, in fact possibly her first ever run, in a very respectable 36:21, well supported by Jack who ran with her. Some of you will know the tough climb at the finish, which Dave doubted Heather would run all the way to the line (tut! tut!). But she proved him wrong, and Dave is on washing up duties for the next 3 months.

Jack Wood was also there finishing the 1st leg in 1st place for local orienteering club Aire, before handing over to sister Helen, a former Harrier, who battled round and only dropped one place. Unfortunately there were some quick guys out on the last leg, so they were pushed back a place.


1  64:18
7  67:32  Toni Melechi, Jez Hellewell, Dave Cummings  (2nd V40 team)
9  67:55  Jack Cummings, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Tom Kerr   (1st Juniors)
31 81:29  Tilly Melechi, Joanne Williamson, Lucy Williamson
35 86:14  Alison Ricci, Sophie Brown, Andy Jackson
43 94:13  Rebecca Mon-Williams, Sue Williamson, Heather Cummings  (2nd Ladies Vets)
46 106:52 Sally Wright, Emma Payne, Andrea Westhead
46 teams

The next relay is the Washburn Valley Relays organised by Otley AC on Friday 13th July. We have 5 teams to register by next Wednesday. Paul Stephens is co-ordinating IH teams this year so will shortly post something on our Forums. 3 legs, each of about 3-4 miles. So, have a chat with your running mates and get some teams together for Paul S, please. (The juniors have their own relay at this event, teams organised by Shirley.)

England selection

Big congratulations to Tom Adams, selected to run for England at the International Snowdon Race. EA Newsflash

Mont Blanc Marathon, Sun 1 July

From Alison Eagle To celebrate being 50 I decided to return to the Alps and the Marathon du Mont Blanc; aims to achieve a podium finish and break 6 hours. I succeeded with the former but the long Alpine climbs and the heat defeated me in the latter. Even over there the rain made its appearance with the uphill finish becoming slippy. I had forgotten how hard this race is (Simon's Seat not great prep for those hills) and was very pleased to finish. Though there is photographic proof that at times I appeared to be enjoying myself! 6hrs 15mins 2nd LV50

Real Relay, chasing the Olympic torch, Sun 1 July

Today the Club joined in 'The Real Relay' following the path of the Olympic torch relay but running every step (barring sea-crossings!) Like the Olympic torch relay, this is another inspired celebration of the Olympics. We picked up the baton from KCAC in the middle of Skipton Sheep Fair, and were heralded and rung out by the Skipton Town Cryer. Over 20 Harriers helped carry it to Menston (see the map), with Nikos and Sharon running the whole length, and Nikos setting the pace perfectly.

A section of the route in Addingham was on paths and quieter roads so that junior Ilkley Harriers could take part too, and over 20 joined in.

Photos from Nikos, Paul, Andrew, Paul Shack (Justin on following leg), and even more on the Ilkley Harriers Facebook page for the event.

(Additionally, Nikos Georgiadis and John Coates saved the day the Scafell/Ambleside leg on Friday, more on this epic tale later.)

Hawkswick fell race, Sun 1 July

(1 30:48 Brad Traviss, Calder Valley)
44 41:14 Diane Haggar 1st F45
46 41:19 Kate Archer
65 46:44 Graham Breeze
75 finished

George Elmes reports ... an impressive 15 Junior Ilkley Harriers made the trip into the Dales as this was race 5 of the English Junior Fell Championship. Some great individual performances from all on a very demanding course with podium places for Emily Elmes 2nd GU10 and Georgia Malir 3rd GU16. More on the Junior Pages.

Graham Weston's photos

European Masters Mountain Running, Bludenz, Austria, Sun 1 July

Caz Farrow reports ... I competed in my fist uphill mountain race today in Austria. Fortunately it was a bit cooler than the 35 degrees it was yesterday. Provisional results - 5th V35 female. It was an 8.7km uphill only race.

2nd Lakeland Trails Marathon in Coniston, Sun 1 July

From Jo Foster ... I ran the Coniston Trail Marathon in the Lake District. It's the full marathon distance (42.2km / 26.2 miles) - they make you do a couple of laps of the sports field to make sure of it! They advertise it as the most scenic marathon in Britain but it wasn't ideal conditions for views as it was driving horizontal rain for much of it. I haven't been that wet for a while but at least it wasn't too hot. A great, really varied course that ranges from run able trail to fell runner's bog and rocky bits and has plenty of hill. I finished in 4:26:10 in 160th place.

More results from Fiona:

(1  2:53:50 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside) 
263 5:14:10 Martin Wright 
308 finished

Half marathon
(1  1:25:31 Steve Brennan, Glaxo)
47  1:45:51 Lawrence Basham  
147 2:01:31 Jonathan Schneider (PB) 
350 2:47:09 Fiona Schneider
382 finished

Burn Valley Half Marathon, Sun 1 July

From Adela Reperecki ... I took part in the Burn Valley Half Marathon which starts in the village of Masham. The run has a very scenic and undulating route mostly on road with a small off road section, enjoyed the run, conditions were cool and breezy, keep finding myself on the start line of this one each year, was the only Ilkley Harrier to take part came in at 1.55.55

runSunday, Sun 1 July

Results from the second runSunday event, a new free weekly timed 5k run in Otley Chevin Forest Park...

(1 18:40 Andy Bedford)
25 28:47 John Marshall
28 30:54 Gemma  Carpenter
34 ran

Older News, June 2012

Harrier of the Month, June

Nominations were:
sponsors Dave Wilby for a top top class performance coming 14th at the English fell champs Great Lakes Race
Rebecca Mon-Williams for her excellent organisation of the Aquathon
Nikos Georgiadis, who has organised some superb new training sessions, a BMW Relay team, and with John Coates saved the day on Scafell in the Real Relay
Diane Haggar for brilliant fell results at Penyghent - 3rd lady, Austwick - 1st Lady, Kettlewell -1st FV45, Beamsley 2nd lady
Bradley Chapman for recent great fell results and dedication improvements in training. Great run at Kettlewell and then improving at the next race to take the 2 evasive scalps at Hawkswick! Bradley is now a formidable challenger to our senior men and a great asset to the club.
Nick Richardson for his results and commitment in the HDSRL races
Neil Smith for completing a hat-trick of Lakeland fell races. Ennerdale, Duddon and Great Lakes on consecutive Saturdays
Paul Wood for Club support
Caz Farrow for race results: 1st lady Wharfedale off-road half, Mob Match, and HDSRL 5

The HoM awards went to Bradley Chapman, and Nick Richardson. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Eldwick Gala fell race, Sat 30 June

(1 17:48 Fred Slemick, P&B)
6  19:09 Martin Archer
19 21:20 Will Buckton
43 24:01 Toni Melechi
46 24:11 Tilly melechi 1st GU16
48 24:41 Alsion Weston 2nd F40

Ilkley had 1st and 2nd GU10 with Molly Pearson and Poppy Anderson.

Graham Weston's photos

Yorkshire selection, Sat 30 June

Sally Malir reports ... Georgia Malir was selected to run 3000m for Yorkshire in The Northern Intercounties, in Wigan. The weather was not the best for fast times with a massive headwind down the finishing straight making 3000m difficult as this difficult stretch has to be run 8 times. Georgia had a great run to come in 3rd. We are not yet sure of the exact time as there were technical difficulties which has meant that the results are delayed. Yorkshire won the event overall on the day with lots of fantastic results from local athletes and there was a great team spirit amongst all in the Yorkshire team.

Castles & Islands, 29/30 June

Dave Wilby asks ... what did you do this weekend? Me and Jamie Hutchinson spent the weekend on a blind date with 3 sailors!! If that sounds odd, well, it probably should but the reality was slightly less 'YMCA' and more about racing this year's Castles & Islands challenge. After we lost our pre-arranged boat & crew with last minute rudder problems, we were put in touch with a replacement boat & crew who were hoping to avoid the running legs of the race, and having already booked the day off work we happily obliged. The race is based on the same principle of the Three Peaks Yacht Race & Scottish Islands Race, but is a much quicker format having a 24hr time limit. Based on the Northumbrian coast, runners set off at 8pm on Friday from the gates of Alnwick Castle and spent the next 10 miles racing along roads and tracks, through fields and woods, and running round Warkworth Castle to finish up at the marina in Amble where we picked up our boat. We then sailed up the coast to Low Newton where we jumped in the dinghy and rowed ashore for a beach landing, followed by a torchlit 4 mile run to Dunstanburgh Castle and back. The next sailing leg took us up the coast to Seahouses where once again we were dropped off in darkness just outside the harbour walls and rowed in to secure our boat at the pier. A beautiful torchlit run along the huge beach to Bamburgh Castle followed, with a trek through the dunes to get up to and back from the castle. The final section took us in the early morning light to Holy Island where we had an orienteering style lap of the island to complete followed by the long sail home. Jamie's sealegs were evident throughout as he enjoyed time on deck and plenty of banter with the crew, while I had to lay flat and still for the entire time onboard. Overall though, a great experience and one we'd both happily do again. We finished 2nd overall, and were 3rd quickest pair for the combined running times. Our race time was approx 16 hours, and our running time for the combined 30 miles was 3:50hrs.

Parkruns, Sat 30 June

Bradford Lister Park
102 29:11 Janet Smith

Harrogate Stray
102 27:08 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Parkrun
70 23:25 Hilda Coulsey
98 24:57 John Marshall

HDSRL 5, Nidd Valley, Thu 28 June

The final race in this year's League, on a beautiful sunny evening in Harrogate. Our lady vets team won on the night, and our ladies were 2nd team on the night. Full results on

(1 28.26 Ian Fisher, Otley AC)
12  31.50 Nick Richardson
21  33.01 Mark Mon-Williams
26  33.34 Sally Morley
44  34.36 Mark Iley
53  35.41 Will  Buckton
56  35.47 Andrew Merrick
63  36.06 John Lumbus
64  36.08 Ben Joynson
66  36.16 Andrew Sheldon
68  36.26 Caz Farrow
79  37.28 Rebecca Mon-Williams
83  37.47 Paul Stephens
85  37.48 Alison Bennett
93  38.26 Michael Duffield
115 40.40 Nicole Dillon
145 43.09 Sue Morley
146 43.11 Adela Reperecki
172 45.06 Allison Ricci
186 47.06 Sue Williamson
189 47.20 Don  Macrae
193 47.33 Andrew Bennett
203 49.21 Mark Kerr
207 49.49 David Green
212 50.01 Julie Elmes
232 finished

Trail Race Cheque, Tue 26 June

Pastor Ivan accepts a cheque for £985 from Ilkley Harriers, from the proceeds of the Trail Race a few weeks ago, which was organised by Lawrence Basham to raise funds for the Revival Centre and Orphanage in Matugga, Ugunda. Presenting the cheque is Ilkley Harrier Phil Chappell who is involved with the charity, photo taken by David Green at the Ilkley Harriers club night.

Platfields 10k, Sun 24 June

Report from Chris Cunningham on this Manchester race:

(1 35:00 Ian Jackson, Salford)
17 39:53 Rob Cunningham
41 45:23 Chris Cunningham
86 finished

runSunday, Sun 24 June

Jim Towers ran in the inaugural runSunday event, a new free weekly timed 5k run in Otley Chevin Forest Park, finishing 10th in 25:37

Ilkley Aquathon, Sat 23 June

Ilkley Harriers AC & Ilkley Swimming Club celebrated the Olympics in Ilkley, with the inaugural Ilkley Aquathon.
97 competitors swam then ran, the younger ones doing laps of the field outside the Lido, the older ones venturing into the woods.
Lots of volunteers from both clubs made this event a huge success.
Results and lots of photos on the aquathon page.

Clougha Pike Junior English Fell Championship, Sat 23 June

George Elmes reports ... 5 JIH's made the trip across to the Forest of Bowland to compete in the fourth English Junior Fell Championship race. Unfortunately the associated Gala and Sports day was cancelled as a result of the atrocious weather, but typically the fell races went ahead. (One comment on the Fell Runner Association Forum made the accurate statement that perhaps the Juniors should bring water wings as well?!)
On the day whilst the ground underfoot was very wet and boggy in certain sections, luckily the rain held off for the races. The race organiser stated that the courses were all demanding and at the top end of distances allowed for juniors but encouragingly again we had some good performances.
Results from

68 51:05 Diane Haggar 4th lady
3  8:22 Emily Elmes
8  9:32 Molly Pearson
9  9:39 Poppy Anderson
9 16:51 Euan Brennan
5 31:38 Georgia Malir

ParkRuns, Sat 23 June

Leeds Hyde Park
24 19:52 Will Buckton

Bradford Lister Park
60  25:19 Allison Ricci
95  26:52 Samuel Craske  Jun
108 28:05 Alessandra Ricci Jun

Harrogate Stray
24 21:58 Dave Tait

HDSRL 4, East Harsley, Thu 21 June

Thanks to all those who represented the club at East Harsley, they were bountifully rewarded with a rain-free race on an excellent course in beautiful surroundings. And the usual amazing HDSRL post-race supper. Full results on NB the final HDSRL race is next Thursday and nearby at Starbeck - let's have a great turnout there!

(1  32:48 Ian Fisher, Otley AC)
16  37:54 Nick Richardson
17  38:03 Mark Mon-Williams
19  38:24 Henry Heavisides
49  41:11 Andrew Merrick
53  41:36 Andrew Sheldon
62  42:10 Stephen Rhodes
65  42:43 John Lumbus
72  43:16 Alison Bennett
95  45:39 Michael Duffield
119 47:43 Val Kerr
147 52:35 Sue Williamson
157 54:20 Andrew Bennett
169 55:37 Don Macrae
176 57:14 Mike Picken
191 finished

This was also a Ilkley Harriers Race League event

Beamsley Beacon fell race, Thu 21 June

Results from

(1 36:26 Ted Mason, Wharfedale H)
5  38:05 Jack Wood
9  40:13 Martin Archer
31 46:04 Will Buckton
32 46:11 Steve Weston
36 47:38 Diane Haggar 2nd lady, 1st LV40
44 49:00 Jann Smith 2nd LV40
48 49:33 Mike Baldwin
51 49:45 Paddy Hagan
57 50:45 Paul Stephens
59 50:47 Alison Weston
60 50:49 Tilly Melechi 1st LU17
61 50:57 Chris Oxlade
100 finished

Reminder that our own race 'up Beamsley Beacon', the Addingham Gala fell race is on Saturday 14th July. We can almost guarantee better weather! NB we have changed the course this year to more of an out-and-back route, avoiding the infamous 'ginnel'. Details

Mob Match, Tue 19 June

Ilkley Harriers finally succumbed to Bingley Harriers, after beating them for 4 years in a row at the Mob Match staged at Bingley Harriers' St Ives Trail Race: There were 23 Harriers (plus juniors) in the field of 68, only just more than Bingley's 22 runners. Bingley scored 1942 points under the age/gender handicap system, Ilkley's best 22 scores totalled 1805 points. Well done to Bingley!

(1 35:24 James Hall, Wharfedale H)
4  37:41 Jamie Hutchinson
17 42:20 Henry Heavisides
18 43:01 Toni Melechi
20 43:19 Ben Joynson
22 44:03 Caz Farrow
24 45:02 Stephen Rhodes
28 46:21 Alison Eagle
30 47:01 John Coates
   48:19 Tilly Melechi
33 48:20 Andrew Jackson
35 48:58 Graham Arthur
41 50:49 Chris Cunningham
45 51:51 Adela Reperecki
46 52:30 Keith Wood
48 53:38 Sue Bickerdike
50 54:22 Debbie Lewis
52 54:41 Emily Kerr
53 54:41 Val Kerr
55 55:10 Sophie Brown
57 56:17 Ken Souyave
59 57:20 Paul Sugden
61 58:06 Emma O'Looney
63 58:25 Mark Kerr
64 59:16 Mike Picken
68 finished
Junior race  
2 33:48 Ed Bickerdike

The much-reduced turnout of Harriers at this year's race seems to back up what was discussed last week at Committee, that it is time for a change here and next year we will instead challenge Bingley to a Mob Match at our own Addingham Gala fell race instead.

This was also a Ilkley Harriers Race League event.

Hawkswick Dash, Sun 17 June

1.2m/600' a BOFRA Championship race...

(1 11:33 Matt Lockyer, P&B)
9  12:15 Iain Gibbons 1st V40
16 13:26 Bradley Chapman
21 15:39 Mark Mon-Williams
24 14:23 Dave Cummings
41 15:59 Rebecca Mon-Williams 3rd F, 1st FV40
47 16:20 Jann Smith
77 finished

A good showing of junior Harriers too ...

Sutton Pinnacles, Sun 17 June

Duncan Cooper reports ... I swapped Lake District rain for Yorkshire sunshine in this friendly local race over 5 or 6 miles, with beer for all finishers. I was awarded 1st MV60 which was a surprise given I'm in my 40s!

(1 40:11 Steve Brock, KCAC)
7  46:35 Duncan Cooper 
41 ran

Great Lakes Race, Sat 16 June

Dave Wilby reports ... 15th (14th!) today in the English Fell Champs at Great Lakes Race, 13m, 7000ft. Tough course, foul weather, low visibility on the tops, deep & fast river crossings, lethal underfoot, 2 lost toenails, few gashes and 1 swollen nose from a very violent face plant.....but it was absolutely worth all 3hr 6min of pushing it to the limit!!! Best ever position and absolutely over the moon. Walking like John Wayne now and may not manage steps for a few days but who cares.

From Clare Smith ... Dave Wilby, Neil Smith, Will Buckton and I endured the first English Championships 'long' category race for 2012. Although only 13 miles long, there is 7000ft of climb and the weather was attrocious, with very poor visibility on the heights of Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike, Scafell, Slight Side and Pike O'Blisco. I got swept away in the rapids of Lingcove Gill and saw my life flash before my eyes as I went under. Not a pleasant outing but glad to finish.

Will Buckton adds... This was a test of everything. Navigation, scrambling and even river crossing! After Scafell Pike we had to ascend a waterfall to Scafell. I had to wait ten minutes for the next group to help me cross the River Esk then I became lost on the way to the Pike of Blisco in the clouds. After using my whistle some walkers came and helped me find the way. The final descent was very steep and I overtook a few people by sitting down and sliding past them!!! Congratulations to Dave, 14th at a championship race is truly great.

(1  2:48:45 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside AC)  
14  3:06:53 Dave Wilby
198 5:25:41 Will Buckton
245 6:03:02 Clare Smith
246 6:03:04 Neil Smith    
273 finished, 29 dnf.

Buckden Pike fell race, Sat 16 June

(1 34:49 Sam Tosh, Rossendale)
9  42:02 Mark Mon-Williams
43 49:15 Dick Waddington
51 50:48 Alison Weston
81 51:52 Sue Morley
90 67:57 Amanda Newham
95 finished

Photos from Dave and Eileen Woodhead, and Graham Weston.

Cononley Gala fell race, Sat 16 June

(1 26:06 Joe Crossfield, Halufax)
9  31:10 Toni Melechi
17 35:34 Tilly Melechi
24 38:15 Graham Breeze
30 finished

Otley 10, Wed 13 June

Henry Heavisides reports ... the Ilkley Harriers Ladies team (Sally Malir, Kate Archer & Sue Bickerdike) had a great result winning the 1st Ladies team prize. Ilkley's men were 4th team. Results from Otley AC ...

(1   56:00 Matthew John, Otley AC)
13   62:32 Nick Richardson
18   63:48 David Westhead
30   65:35 Henry Heavisides 1st V55
42   67:02 Rob Cunningham
68   70:16 Sally Malir 2nd FV45
72   70:34 Kate Archer
97   72:28 Stephen Rhodes  PB
139  77:58 Chris Cunningham
146  78:20 Andrew Jackson
184  81:33 Simon Jenkins
185  81:37 Martin Wright
200  83:36 Sue Bickerdike
254  91:55 Paul Sugden
255  91:56 Emma O'looney
279  97:12 Janet Smith
299  105:21 Michael Picken
310 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Holcombe Two Towers race, Wed 13 June

(1  34:33 Ashley Holt, Rossendale H)
61 49:00 Graham Breeze
98 finished

YVAA Grand Prix - Pudsey, Tue 12 June

Alison Eagle reports ... A lovely muddy 4.6m course - my first race as Vet50!

22 34:08 Ian Rowbotham

5  39:26 Alison Eagle 1st LV50
54 54:45 Emma Payne

Bradford Millenium Way Relay, Sun 10 June

Well done to Nikos, Abi, and Sue for organising two teams in this popular event. Results from Saltaire Striders web site.

29 7h45:11 Nikos's team
Leg 1 32 1h40:53 Will Buckton and Neil Chapman
Leg 2 31 1h37:18 Dougie Scarfe and Chris Oxlade
Leg 3 33 1h20:24 Stephen Rhodes and Debbie Lewis
Leg 4 27 1h33:14 Clare Smith and Elle Bradley
Leg 5 19 1h33:22 Nikos Georgiadis and John Hayes

46 9h39:06 Sue and Abi's team
Leg 1 43 1h54:53 Sue Bickerdike and Keith Wood
Leg 2 46 2h00:51 Nick Page and Louise Burdett
Leg 3 47 1h39:50 Judith Scarfe and Lynn Donahue
Leg 4 47 2h03:57 Annabel Bailey and Rebecca Moores
Leg 5 45 1h59:35 Martin Wright and Paul Sugden

Kettlewell race, Sun 10 June

Results from the BOFRA race...

(1 11:48 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
13 13:33 Iain Gibbons 1st V40
23 14:42 Mark Mon-Williams
26 14:51 Dave Cummings
28 15:08 Bradley Chapman
42 17:00 Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st FV40
48 17:26 Jann Smith
49 17:28 Diane Haggar 1st F4V5
91 finished

A good showing of junior Harriers too ...

Two Castles Run, Sun 10 June

Andrew Merrick reports ... I finished 94th in 40:28 in a delightful if warm and slightly uphill 10k between two of Warwickshire's finest castle. An event that attracted 4,000 entries!

Morecambe 10K, Sun 10 June

Alison Bennett reports ... previous trips across the Pennines to this event have been held in glorious sunshine and this year was no exception. 276 runners completed this flat-ish course which starts and finishes along a good stretch of the promenade with an undulating loop around Heysham in the middle for some variety.

(1  35:54 David Browne, Lancaster and Morecambe AC)
48  45:04 Alison Bennett 3rd Lady
138 55:11 Andrew Bennett

LAMM, Sat/Sun 9/10 June

Quite a few Harriers do the Lowe Alpine Mounntain Marathon each year, this year at Ben Cruachan 2 hrs north of Glasgow. In the results we spotted ...

10 18h09:03 Helene Whitaker and Andrea Priestley

15 11h07:38 Outi Kamairanen and partner

45 270 points Kevin & Rachael Gooch

Any more?

Duddon Valley fell race, Sat 9 June

Duncan Cooper reports ... A wise man told me before the Duddon Valley Fell Race to trust my instinct, use my compass, and to not blindly follow the guy in front. So what did I do on top of the first misty peak? Why follow the guy in front, down into Eskdale, in completely the wrong direction. Two hours later and with another route fiasco on Little Stand under my belt I came across Alison and Neil on Brim fell. I've never been more pleased to see a couple of Ilkley Harriers in my life. Down to Neil and Alison's superior navigation skills we all finished safely in about 5 hours. It was a tough day in the fells with the mist low all day and the rain and wind an added hindrance. Thanks go out to the unnamed family on Pike'o'Bliso who showed me their detailed map and to the inventor of the chunky kitkat.
Congratulation to Alison who finished 3rd lady and to 1st lady vet in the long race (the order on the race web site is wrong) and to Val for a great run in shorter race picking up first lady and first lady vet.

from Alison... definitely an Ilkley Harriers team effort, with particular thanks to Neil's navigation skills or we might still be there trying to find the last summit 'Caw'!! Note of warning - don't lose your dipper in a race (as I did on final descent) - or £30 to pay!! And Val Kerr did really well to come 1st Lady in the short race (but still a long way) at Duddon. The short course covers very rough and difficult terrain to navigate in mist. Well done!!

Long Duddon, 18 miles, 6000ft
(1  3h08 Carl Bell - Howgill Harriers)
51  5h05 Alison Weston 
52  5h05 Duncan Cooper 
54  5h05 Neil Smith
82 finished

Short Duddon, 9 miles, 3000ft
(1  1h58:30 Dave Soles, Pennine)    
14  2h28:16 Val Kerr 1st lady              
24 finished

Graham's photos

Weets fell race, Sat 9 June

(1 39:47 Mark McGoldrick, Wharfedale)
8  45:00 Mark Mon-Williams
23 50:59 Jann Smith 1st lady
44 59:23 Graham Breeze
60 ran

Abbey Anniversary fell race, Fri 8 June

Alistair Barlow reports ... about 50 water resistant runners set out on the Abbey Anniversary race (AS 5m 1800ft). The race starts in Kettlewell and climbs steeply before dropping into Littondale above Arncliffe. Then comes the climb back over Old Cote Moor and the long descent back to Kettlewell. It's a great route on good paths/tracks with superb scenery and views - we got a few glimpses through the rain clouds last night!
Results from Abbey Runners

( 1 38:15 Matt John, Otley AC)
14 48:24 Alistair Barlow
34 58:37 Graham Breeze
42 ran

Otley Chevin fell race, Wed 6 June

From Neil Chapman ... Ilkley Harriers making the short steep local race at Otley on Wednesday in generally good temperatures, but a little slippery after the rain, were led in by Tom Adams a minute ahead of the second place runner, in great form winning his second race in 3 days. There were also some good results from all the remaining Harriers, particularly Sue Morley 1st LV55 running faster than last year, and Peter Lewis 1st V60.

1   17:38 Tom Adams
5   19:25 Dave Wilby
15  21:33 Bradley Chapman
29  23:02 Alastair Barlow
43  24:17 Kate Archer
75  28:04 John Laurie
76  28:34 Sue Morley 1st LV55
80  29:17 Sharron Meadows
81  29:19 Peter Lewis 1st V60

Ilkley Harriers Trail Race, Mon 4 June

With some 220 runners on the day, a Jubilee theme, expert organisation by Lawrence and his team, and a lovely sunny day, this event went very well indeed. Another great Harriers event, thanks to everyone who contributed.

Full senior and junior results, photos, and video on our Trail Race page.

Tom Adams won in 40:09, leading Ilkley to the men's team prize. First Ilkley lady was Emma Barclay, 2nd lady and winner of the FV40 prize, leading the Ilkley ladies' team to a win.

1   40:09 Tom Adams
14  48:22 Dave Cummings 
16  48:42 Jonathan Sinclair
17  49:23 Ben Sheppard
18  49:28 Rob Cunningham
22  50:09 Andrew Merrick
24  50:18 Henry Heavisides 1st V55
25  50:28 Emma Barclay 2nd lady, 1st F40
30  51:25 Rachel Carter 1st F35
41  52:27 Sally Malir 1st F45
47  53:57 John Hayes
49  54:07 Ben Joynson
56  55:01 Nikos Georgiadis
65  55:27 Alison Bennett
72  56:17 Richard Morris
78  57:14 Chris Cunningham
83  57:21 Andrew Jackson
87  57:48 John Coates
94  59:06 Martin Wright
95  59:08 Nigel Tapper
99  59:37 Dougie Scarfe
105 60:02 David Howe
109 60:10 Keith Wood
112 60:13 Elle Bradley
116 60:29 Anna Barlow
118 60:45 Helen Horton
149 64:32 Hilda Coulsey 1st F55
153 65:34 Sue Bickerdike
154 65:36 Sharon Meadows
157 65:57 Rhiannon Turner
168 67:33 Liz Price
170 67:47 Andrew Bennett
180 69:38 Don Macrae
182 70:00 Sophie Brown
184 70:11 Emma O'Looney
185 70:13 Paul O'Looney
192 72:48 Judith Scarfe
197 75:26 Julie Elmes
219 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Kirby Gala fell race, Mon 4 June

Jann Smith was 1st lady at this 4.3miles/1300' BOFRA race...

(1 31:47 Alistair Dunn, Helm Hill)
15 35:36 Iain Gibbons
31 41:15 Jann Smith 1st lady
59 finished

Charlie and Summer Smith also ran in junior races.

Austwick Amble, Mon 4 June

From Diane Haggar ... I managed to be 1st Lady over the line at this lovely 8 mile Dales race, after a tussle with Molly from Trawden who had go the better of me 2 days earlier at Pen y Ghent. Graham Breeze also ran.

Eric Morley adds ... wih The Austwick Cuckoo Festival and Street Party, the Austwick Amble fell face was 8 miles and 1,200ft. The street party was great, bands, lots of stall and other entertainment plus loads of friendly folk. Three Harriers competed, all did well on a marshalled course that took runners as far as Nick Pot and Sulber Nick on the three peaks route. Diane Haggar excelled and was 1st Lady home.

(1 52:26 Dominic Raby, Chorley Harriers)
23 63:00 Diane Haggar 1st Lady
67 76:22 Graham Breeze
72 84:05 Sue Morley

Coniston Old Man triathlon, Sun 3 June

From Jamie Hutchinson ... this has to be one of the toughest triathlons, so good to make it first one of the season! Swim in Coniston Water was reduced from 2k to 1.5k due to temperature of 12.5c. Considering the temperature I managed a reasonable swim. The 70k bike taking in Wrynose Pass followed, really tough and suffered with mechanical problems. Then finally run/walk up Wetherlam, Swirl How and Coniston Old Man. Great descent off the Old Man and a finish in just over 6 hours and 14th out of 60 finishers.

Northern Vets track & field championships, Sun 3 June

Henry Heavisides reports ... it was very cold, wet & windy for the Northern vets track & field championships in Leigh. Despite the adverse conditions I was pleased to run PBs in both the 1500m & 3000m to win two gold medals in the M55 age group. I ran 5:03.9 in the 1500m & 10:41.7 in the 3000m

LDWA Games 100, Sat/Sun 2/3 June

Eddie Winslow reports ... this year the annual LDWA 100 miler linked some of the Olympic sites with the Jubilee in a journey from the Olympic Park at Stratford in East London to Windsor. Initially heading South East it linked canal towpaths and London parks as it traveled to the Dome, along the Thames to the Barrier and then South to Farnborough and Biggin Hill. Turning West the route skirted the M25 and then worked along the North Downs, taking in Box Hill before heading South West to Pitch Hill. From here it headed North West and then North around the edges of Guildford and Woking to approach the finish through Windsor Great Park.
I had hoped to get round in under 24 hours and was on schedule for the first half. Overnight, the North Downs became very slippery as heavy rain turned the footpaths to mud and I began to get problems with blisters. I was still on for around 25 hours early on Sunday morning but my feet deteriorated badly over the last 20 miles. Blistering under both sets of toes and to the soles of both heels began to slow me down and reduced me to a hobble for the final ten miles and I eventually finished in a time of 26 hours and 29 minutes, still one of the quickest times.
Apart from the blisters to my feet everything else is fine and doesn't feel as if I've done 10 miles, let alone 100 so I'm hoping to be out running again very soon – at least I didn't need to wear slippers in work today unlike one of my colleagues who also did the event.

Sedbergh, UK European Championship Trial, Sat 2 June

Tom Adams was invited to run in this top quality selection race, finishing 13th in 51:01

Wharfedale Marathon, and Half, Sat 2 June

Off-road, results from Sportident...

Half Marathon
(1  1h25:07 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
5   1h36:40 Mark Mon-Williams
26  1h46:56 Caz Farrow  1st lady
34  1h49:11 Rebecca Mon-Williams 2nd lady
48  1h55:39 Kate Archer
51  1h56:14 Alison Eagle
70  2h00:50 Jo Foster
112 2h09:24 John Fenwick
125 2h14:24 Elaine Cossins
128 2h14:58 Nick Mellor
175 2h29:12 Emma O'Looney
176 2h29:14 Paul Sugden
199 finished

(1  2h48:11 Richard Pattinson, Pudsey & Bramley)
63  4h38:22 Adela Reperecki
64  4h38:26 Debbie Lewis
72  4h52:41 Lynn Donahue
73  4h52:43 Keith Wood
78  5h11:03 Bridget Doherty
82 finished

Ennerdale Horseshoe, Sat 2 June

Will Buckton reports ... a lovely day in the Lakes for me, Clare, Neil and Brian. I thought the Three Peaks was hard until I completed my first Lakeland race this weekend! The terrain was completely different to the Dales with scree slope descents, sharp rocks and rubble filled valleys. 37km/2290m.

Provisional results
Brian Melia 5h44
Neil Smith 6h
Will Buckton 6h28
Clare Smith 7h

Pen y Ghent fell race, Sat 2 June

Diane Haggar reports ... having completed the 3 Peaks for the first time this April, I turned up for this one feeling it was a relatively easy option to just do 1 Peak. How wrong I was! As the route differs considerably from that of the Peaks and the clag was down, I was basically running (or rather walking) blind to the summit. After a poor ascent I made up most of the lost places on the descent and managed to take 3rd Lady and 1st LV40. Martin Archer led our small contingent of Harriers in and Ian Rowbotham ran well to take 2nd V50.

Kelbrook fell race, Sat 2 June

(3.4 miles, 700 ft, or 5.5 km, 213 m)
Val Kerr reports ... A nice little fell race this one with a bit of everything: short steep ascent, long fast downhill and two stream crossings (and fast !). Not many Harriers here given all the other races happening this weekend but Jann Smith had an excellent run finishing 4th lady and 1st LV40.

(1  20:53 Sam Tosh, Rossendale (new course record))
43  27:59 Jann Smith
76  31:36 Val Kerr
78  31:59 Graham Breeze
(98 ran)

Parkrun, Sat 2 June

Hyde Park Leeds
152  25:44 Rhiannon Turner

The Wrigley River Run and Tadpole Trot, Sat 2nd June

Gaenor Coy writes from the US of A .... a lovely friendly community/family event on closed roads in Wrigley Village, Long Beach, LA. I did the 10km run finishing in 49:48 a PB by 1:50. Ended up 11th lady and 2nd V35. Steve did the 5km in 18:07 and was 10th overall and 2nd V35. Kids all did the 1km fun run with Dominic and Nathan finishing 1st and 2nd.

Older News, May 2012

Harrier of the Month, May

Nominations were:
sponsors Alison Bennett for her brilliant marathon result at Windermere Marathon (new club V50 marathon record) and Jack Bloor race
Alison Weston and Clare Smith for organising the Calderdale Way Relay teams
David Westhead for sub 17min 5k at John Carr Race 3
Bradley Chapman for his effort in training and BOFRA races
John Coates for his 50 races in his 50th year
Sheena Pickersgill for completing her first ever marathon in Edinburgh and for her motivation and organisation of marathon training runs for some of her other running colleagues

HDSRL, Yeadon, Thu 31 May

29 Harriers were out racing on a golden Summer's evening in the third race in the Harrogate League at Yeadon and Esholt. Our lady vets' team beat all comers, our ladies were 2nd in a close competition with Wetherby and Otley, and overall we were 4th team.

(1  30:54 Douglas Roberts, RZH)
15  34:44 Nick Richardson
17  34:56 Mark Mon-Williams
43  37:51 Mark Iley
48  38:49 Rachel Carter
54  39:09 Caz Farrow
55  39:10 Andrew Sheldon
61  39:38 Ben Joynson
69  40:08 Sally Malir
70  40:15 John Lumbus
71  40:16 John Dillon
74  40:32 Rebecca Mon-Williams
83  41:01 Stephen Rhodes
97  42:08 Nikos Georgiadis
101 42:23 Alison Bennett
120 44:01 Nicole Dillon
138 45:14 Andrew Jackson
152 46:00 Val Kerr
181 48:11 Karen Lambe
183 48:16 Sharon Meadows
184 48:25 Allison Ricci
211 50:58 Sophie Brown
218 51:25 Sue Williamson
219 51:37 Rhiannon Turner
220 51:53 Andrew Bennett
227 52:56 Don  Macrae
236 54:03 Emma Payne
237 54:10 Vincent Gibbons
239 54:45 Mark Kerr
245 55:55 Sue Verspyck
260 finished

Ossy Oiks fell race, Thu 31 May

Eric Morley reports ... two Harriers raced the Ossy Oiks fell race on the Cleveland Hills. It was an AS run-5.3 miles and 1,804 ft, parts of which were on the Cleveland Way. Both aquitted themselves well.

(1 37:17 Cameron Taylor, Esk Valley)
4  42:07 Ian Rowbotham  1st MV50
90 68:18 Sue Morley

Away Run, Tue 29 May

The first of the Summer's Away Runs, led by Andy Woldfenden up Sharpo Haw, went very well with about 30 runners taking part on a beautiful sunny evening with fantastic views.

YVAA Grand Prix 4, Bingley, Tue 29 May

Alison Eagle reports ... a 5.5 mile course which combined the Harriers v Cyclist race and part of Leg 5 Millenium Way; very very dry underfoot which caused probs with rutted fields and slippy sandy paths but I enjoyed the route though may enjoy it even more when muddy! Again well organised: Recommend these low key races - not as many entries as last week's race but still warm: Next one is at Pudsey, on the 12th June - 2 laps of a woodland route (4:6m) followed by chips butties (worth running for just for that!) - see YVAA website for details. (But NB there's a cracking 'Away Run' that night. Paul)

Ladies race
5 44:54 Alison Eagle 2nd V45  (TBC)

Edinburgh Marathon, and Half Marathon, Sun 27 May

Scotland's biggest running festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with a record-breaking 23,000 taking part; Ilkley Harriers joined with runners from more than 100 countries to take on the UK's fastest marathon course. Results:

2793 4h00.29 Simon Jenkins
4097 4h21:33 Sheena Pickersgill (1st marathon)
5120 4h37:14 Nick Page (1st marathon)
6815 5h12:51 Janet Smith (1st marathon)

Half Marathon
1010 1h43:02 Alex Bailey
3410 2h04:38 Georgina Earle (1st half marathon)
4522 2h15:48 Annabel Bailey (1st half marathon)
4524 2h15:49 Sue Bickerdike

Any more? (slightly tricky results system!)

Coniston Gullies fell race, Sun 27 May

A number of Harriers travelled to the Lakes for this extremely short and sharp (1m/900') BOFRA Championship race...

(1 14:45 Alistair Dunn, Helm Hill)
18 17:40 Iain Gibbons
21 18:28 Dave Cummings
29 20:12 Bradley Chapman
42 22:29 Jann Smith  2rd L, 1st LV40
70 ran

Some good Ilkley Junior results too.

Isle of Jura Fell Race, Sat 26 May

Dave Wilby reports ... 16 miles, 7500ft, 4 hours, 30 degrees.....hard, hard, hard. Did I mention it was hard? Did I also mention it's the best race in the world, ever.....hard too!! Results from the Scottish Hill Runners web site, and of course the race was organised by Ilkley Harrier Graham Arthur ...

(1 3h17:39 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
28 4h08:03 Dave Wilby
191 finished

Hutton Roof fell race, Sat 26 May

From Eric Morley ... the Hutton Roof Crags race saw two Ilkley lady vets complete 7 miles and 1,320 feet in very hot conditions.

(1  49:23 Craig Roberts, Kendal Amateur AC)
170 1h30:38 Sue Morley
172 1h31:14 Ann Stead
203 finished

Kentmere Lakeland 17K Trail Race and Kentmere 17K Trail Challenge, Sat 26 May

Ewan Welsh ... ran the Kentmere Lakeland 17K trail race on Saturday, starting and finishing in Staveley, great day if somewhat warm in parts, just happy to get around the course in a mechanically sound manner, this was the first race back after a 5 month lay off with a knee injury (I tripped on the stairs and ended up with strained ligaments and damaged the cartridge, just in case anyone thinks knee injuries is a recurring theme of running!), so I was pretty happy just to be back out. Good course with varied terrain, a bit of road, bridlepath, single tracks and a couple of good long uphill sections with sharp descents. The race is part of the Lakeland Trail series, really well organised (and family friendly) and have a bit of everything. I would take them as they come (rather than get into any comparison between road/fell). They tend to have several races on the day, a shorter route, a 'challenge' race which is open to runners/walkers , and then the 'race' over the same course, so the overall numbers are well spread out over the day. I've now entered the Coniston Trail Marathon in July which is part of the same series.

17K race, 228 ran,
(1  1h09:25 Chris Steele, Borrowdale Fell Runners)
74  1h36:54 Ewan Welsh
113 1h42:47 Michael Duffield
17K Challenge, 331 ran
107 1h59:04 Stuart Herrington (in his first ever race)

Cowpe, FRA Junior English Championships round 3, Sat 26 May

George Elmes reports ... we had 9 JIH's across to Lancashire for the above, highlights being Emily Elmes 3rd U10G and Georgia Malir 4th U16G, fuller report on the junior pages.

Park run, Sat 26 May

Hyde Park Leeds
150  25:35 Rhiannon Turner

Will Ramsbotham Badger Stone Relays, Wed 23 May

We had a record 67 teams for our 3rd hosting of these relays. A big Thank You to the many helpers who helped make it a great evening for everyone. There are full results and photos on the Badger Stone Relays page.

From the Ilkley results perspective, there was a great turnout of Harriers of all ages; and many quality results with Tom Adams blazing a new record of 12:53 and leading our men to 2nd team place, and Ilkley's ladies winning with a new team record, and taking 2nd team place too.

The next Ilkley Harriers event is our Trail Race on Monday 4th June - info here.

The double, 23-24 May

Mark Mon-Williams reports ... the data have now been collated and the statistical analyses completed for the double race winner - the search for the best performance over Wednesday's Will Ramsbotham Badgerstone Relay and Thursday's Cow and Calf orienteering sprint race.
The winner of the men's competition was Jack Wood who just snuck victory from Alun Powell with Steve Watkins in hot pursuit. Al had a great run at Thursday's orienteering (finishing second with Jack in fourth and Steve in third) but had left just too much work after running 17 min on Wednesday to Jack's outstanding 14:37 min run. It was great to see Al Powell at these events as he was Will's partner on mountain marathons.
The winner of the women's competition was Annie Brown who had a brilliant run on her first orange orienteering course and finished in second place giving her an excellent victory in the double competition.
It was great to see fell running and orienteering combining to give a great week of sport in Wharfedale. The double race was particularly fitting as Will Ramsbotham was a keen fell runner and orienteer and loved to encourage participation in these sports.
There were lots of serendipitous reminders of the close relationship between fell running and orienteering over the races. The orienteering courses were planned by Ruaridh Mon-Williams who loves fell running and orienteering. The prizes at the Badgerstone Relays were presented by a sporting legend Jack Maitland who was an international orienteer and fell runner. Jack Wood and Annie Brown are both members of Ilkley Harriers and Airienteers.
Fantastic to see so many Ilkley Harriers and Airienteers at the two events. Let's hope these links between two fantastic sports grow even stronger over the forthcoming years!

YVAA Grand Prix 3, Kirkstall, Tue 22 May

Alison Eagle reports ... 5.8 miles, a course for the road runners - flat out along the A65, along the canal, couple of small hills, back along the canal and A65 - my worst nightmare but good training. The hot weather brought out a record entry causing a 15 mins delay to the start from Kirkstall Abbey for registration of all the runners! Not done these for a while, lovely low key events, well organised and marshalled. (Forgotten how much it hurts to try and run as fast as you can, too many steady long runs not quite the best preparation!)

Ladies race
7  43:37 Alison Eagle 3rd LV45
81 57:23 Amanda Newham

Windermere Marathon, Sun 20 May

Andrew Bennett reports ... Alison's result was 3:25:40 9th lady, 2nd LV50, a new LV50 club record.

Alison Bennett reports ... the organizers politely described this course as "undulating" with a hill to watch out for at 7 miles. Perhaps it would have more accurate for them to have highlighted the rarer flat sections. Nevertheless, in a state of naivety or madness I entered my first marathon based on the fact that it was in a nice location, would be a pleasant family day out and feeling that at some time, I had to confront my nemesis.
This was the day that summer decided to arrive and from the onset the Lakes were bathed in sunshine. With fellow Harriers, Dave Ibbotson, Martin Wright, Dougie Scarfe, Keith Wood and his brother Andrew, we were led by a band to the start and off! Sustained around the course by regular drinks stations also supplying Kendal mint cake I was relieved some 3 1/2 hours later to have completed the course feeling nothing but total admiration for the 10 in 10 group who were completing 10 marathons in ten days following the same course.
For non runners there was a Family Fun Day with canoeing, tethered hot air ballooning, a zip wire and plenty of bits and pieces to see and do. All in all, a grand day out!

Official results from

(1  2h45:30 Mike Jefferies, Swaledale RR)
62  3h25:40 Alison Bennett
208 3h52:54 Keith Wood
333 4h06:47 Andy Webster
466 4h24:35 Dave Ibbotson
550 4h39:17 Martin Wright
773 finished

Some photos from Andrew Bennett.

Yorkshire 10k, Newby Hall, Sun 20 May

From ..

(1  36:41 Mark Livesey, Army)
52  46:16 Chris Cunningham
87  49:35 John Fenwick
158 53:19 Christine Cox
179 55:30 Helen Culshaw
306 62:33 Carole Cunningham
361 63:38 Rachel Cunningham
386 finished

Great Manchester 10k, Sun 20 May

267   38:32 Rob Cunningham
15548 59:51 Natalie York

Capabilities Overview, Sun 20 May

From Amanda Parnaby ... 23 miles based in and around Sledmere organised by East Yorkshire LDWA. A fine well organised event taking in ice age Wolds valleys and ancient beech woods. The recent rain had accentuated the growth of nettles and grass which made the tracks difficult to distinguish. Finished in 5 hours 30 mins

Charlesworth Chase, Sat 19 May

This race had a 'chase the bride' theme (do read the full report on, with the 'bride' having a 20 minute head start and 7 runners catching her over the 8.2km/366m ups Simons Seat.

(1  38:03 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
(4  40:09 Nick Charlesworth, Wharfedale, The Groom)
(8  61:31 Sarah Martin, Wharfedale, The Bride)
9   42:34 Dave Wilby
21  45:43 Ian Rowbotham 1st V50
28  47:51 Duncan Cooper
45  51:48 Diane Haggar
56  53:01 Jann Smith
70  57:12 Andrew Wilson
79  59:40 Graham Breeze
87  63:08 Jim Towers
88  63:34 Kelly Harrison
109 finished

FRA Inter-Counties, Goyt Valley, Sat 19 May

Well done to our two runners selected to run in Yorkshire colours: Tom Adams was 7th in 48:11 helping Yorkshire to team Silver; Florence Haines was 5th U18 lady in 39:35, helping Yorksire to another team Silver. (Other news - Yorkshire ladies won team Gold in the senior race - more).

Georgia Malir had a great run coming 4th in the U16 womens' race in 37:22

Old Counties Tops Sat 19 May

From Jamie Hutchinson ... Brian Melia and I did the Old Counties Tops, 37 miles starting in Langdale and taking in Helvellyn, Scafell and Coniston Old Man. It's a long walk, run and crawl!
The day started cool and we were greeted by a thin covering of snow on top of Helvellyn. The weather gradually improved as the day progressed. We headed up to summit Scafell without too much bother. Climbing up towards Coniston Old Man and six hours in I found the going really tough as Brian really got into his stride. I felt a little better after the summit and we headed back to Langdale and the finish! We got round in 8hrs 45 and 17th overall.

Sowerby Scorcher, Sat 19 May

Andy Wolfenden reports ... Christine Cox did about 54.00. I did about 58.00 and Otley's Ian Fisher won in 35 something, knocking nearly 5 minutes off the course record. Scorcher? we all but froze to death it was only 4 degrees up there.

Kildwick fell race, Wed 16 May

Alison Weston reports... a few Harriers ran in this delightful 6km/244m race from Kildwick up a very steep road to a double loop on open moor before coming back down again. A beautiful evening and a really lovely course. (Would make a good training run!)

(1 24:31 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
46 32:52 Di Haggar 3rd lady, 1st F45
55 34:56 Alison Weston
58 35:07 John Coates
61 35:10 Chris Oxlade
73 37:41 Graham Breeze

Junior races also looked good fun and Nea Weston ran well in the under 12's coming 7th girl.

Photos at

John Carr #3 5k, Wed 16 May

A glorious evening for the final race in the series, again with many young Harriers running (marked J). Results from Saltaire Striders' web site:

(1  15.46 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
15  16.55 David Westhead
26  17.20 Mark Mon-Williams
32  17.47 Dave Cummings
37  17.56 Henry Heavisides
42  18.08 Sally Morley
51  18.28 Francis Westhead J
58  18.35 Mark Iley
65  18.53 Ruaridh Mon-Williams J
68  19.07 Bradley Chapman
71  19.15 Jack Cummings J
75  19.22 Toni Melechi
76  19.25 Edward Bickerdike J
78  19.26 Neil Chapman
81  19.28 Alison Bennett
90  19.41 Lucy Williamson J
95  19.50 Emma Barclay
102 19.57 Rebecca Mon-Williams
104 20.04 Sally Malir
122 20.48 Adrian Bastow
126 20.51 Tilly Melechi J
139 21.27 Jacob Hellewell J
151 21.55 Andrew Jackson
159 22.25 Lucy Jacques J
162 22.27 Catherine Westhead J
175 22.47 Joanne Williamson J
180 22.55 Nick Mellor
193 23.48 Harriet Jackson J
195 23.58 Alessandra Ricci J
198 24.05 Allison Ricci
220 25.08 Catherine Brown
228 25.45 Andrew Bennett
230 25.47 Sue Williamson
250 26.47 Andrea Westhead
258 28.04 Sally Wright
268 29.58 Bridget Taylor J
269 29.59 Dave Taylor
308 finished

Lots of Harriers were well placed in the overall series results, including: Alison Bennett 1st F50, Lucy Williamson first FY (Ilkley had the top 7 runners in this category!), Henry Heavisides 2nd V55, Bradley Chapman 2nd MJ, and Ruaridh Mon-Williams 2nd MY (with 5 Ilkley runners in the top 7).

For the 3rd time in 3 weeks! Alison Bennett broke the F50+ Club Record

HDSRL Thirsk, Tue 15 May

Results from

(1  28.23 Marc Scott, RZH)
20  32.29 Nick Richardson
29  33.15 Dave Wilby
66  35.40 Andrew Sheldon
75  36.17 Ben Joynson
78  36.27 Will Buckton
93  37.21 Alison Bennett
94  37.23 John Lumbus
98  37.32 John Dillon
104 37.38 Paul Stephens
212 43.24 Christine Cox
216 43.33 Adela Reperecki
249 46.22 Paul Sugden
253 46.50 Don Macrae
264 47.42 Andrew Bennett
311 52.56 David Millson
315 53.12 Natalie York

Calderdale Way Relay, Sun 13 May

Captain Clare says ... A super day for Ilkley Harriers. Well done to everyone who ran - there was a great team spirit! Results from ...

(1 6:18:49 Wharfedale Harriers)

11 7:00:08 Ilkley Harriers A Mixed    2nd Mixed team!
Mark Mon Williams, Jez Hellewell 1:28:36 (19)
Emma Barclay, Sally Morley 1:10:44 (21)
Kate Archer, Alison Weston 47:06 (28)
Jack Wood, Jamie Hutchinson 1:13:34 (9)
Jann Smith, Alison Bennett 1:06:50 (28)
Lee Morley, Dave Wilby	1:13:18	(7)

49 8:20:25 Ilkley Harriers B Mixed
Will Buckton, Paul Stephens 1:42:33 (54)
Amanda Newham, Andrew Bennett 1:40:40 (75)
Kay Pearce, Andrew Merrick 45:20 (19)
Jo Foster, Jane McCarthy 1:32:54 (52)
Alison Eagle, Nicky Jacquiery 1:06:31 (26)
Gavin Burgess, Nikos Georgiadis	1:32:27	(50)

80 teams finished

Some photos from Andrew Bennett, leg 4 photos at, and some more from Graham.

Dave Wilby reports ... our first Mixed Team recorded a new club record time, taking over 13 minutes off the 2003 record of 7:13:41. We didn't break any individual leg records, although Sally & Emma on Leg 2, and Jack & Jamie on Leg 4 each came within less than a minute of taking the Harriers leg records.

Will Buckton reports..., leg 1 Paul Stephens and Will Buckton 9.8 miles 1h42. Lovely weather for the start and after we dodged the drunk getting out of the taxi and nearly scuppering the car we had a good run. A nice route lots of ups and downs passing through the lovely village of Ripponden. Don't always follow the people in front even if they look like they know the way!

From Jamie Hutchinson ... Jack Wood and I had leg 4 from Blackshaw Head to Wainstalls. A really lovely leg on a great day. We were fortunate to have a few teams around us helping to keep the pace up. A great run around the moors and then descending through Jerusalem farm before the final (tough) ascent to Wainstalls – Jack put in a supreme effort, allowing us to overtake three teams! Well done to all who took part! We completed the leg in around 74 mins.

From Dave Wilby ... Lee Morley & I took on the final leg which consisted of lots of fast running through woodland, fields and along quiet roads. Not knowing for sure, but sensing we might be leading the mixed team standings as Alison & Jann came flying in to the handover, Lee gave it full beans for the whole leg while I cursed quietly from the back. We gradually reeled in maybe 4 or 5 teams, but with 2 miles to go were caught by Calder Valley's Mixed Team. We're not sure yet who they were but they were obviously seasoned international runners, there's no other explanation for it!! Provisionally we finished in roughly 70-72 minutes very tired, but very pleased with the final position of 12th overall and 2nd Mixed team. A great effort from all involved.

Nikos on Leg 6 says ... were synchronised with Gavin (by the way he loves his high tech and watches, I only had a string around my wrist) on Saturday night him in Ilkley and me at the Lake District ... read more ...

From Alison Weston big thanks to Clare/Dave for organising the teams and to Clare for supporting and following the relay from a very early start to the finish (and making it for a drink in the evening!)

Ripon 10, Sun 13 May

Christine Cox finished 112th in 1h23:24

Leeds Half Marathon, Sun 13 May

Results from

(1   1h13:54 Owen Beilby, Wharfedale)
27   1:22:01 Nick Richardson
445  1:38:43 Michael Duffield
696  1:43:16 Martin Wright  PB 3s!
812  1:41:35 Jon Dillon
894  1:43:08 Chris Cunningham
1093 1:45:29 Nicole Dillon
1232 1:47:27 Stephen Rhodes
1750 1:54:55 Allison Ricci  PB 13 mins
1839 1:50:37 Sue Bickerdike
2097 1:59:47 Stephanie Millward
2278 2:00:27 Sophie Brown
2327 1:55:36 Abigail Bailey
2530 1:56:57 Anthony Swanepoel
2609 2:02:44 Michael Picken
2656 2:03:20 Charlotte Smithson
2770 2:05:25 Janet Smith
2898 2:02:05 Paul Sugden
2979 2:06:26 Donna Hattersley
3067 2:06:26 Michelle Snow
4565 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Fairfield Horseshoe, Sat 12 May

Rebecca Mon-Williams reports ... Val and I had a lovely trip out to do the Fairfield Horseshoe – flying the flag for Ilkley Harriers. Great conditions for a beautiful race: a big climb to get your teeth into at the start followed by some less severe ascents to gain the main summit. Fast grassy slopes made for a lovely descent. The only down side to this race was the unavoidable pass through knee-high manure little after 5min of racing (at least it kept walkers at bay!) and facing the 1km slightly up-hill track at the end after that speedy descent. Both were swiftly forgotten whilst washing down in the river at the finish and admiring the wonderful views. Thanks to Mark Kerr and dog Cleo for their support en route!
Winner: Rhys from Dark Peak in a blistering 1.19
Rebecca Mon-Williams 1.51 6th lady 2nd LV40
Val Kerr 2.17 high up the LV50

Sedbergh Gala, Sat 12 May

The BOFRA Championship season kicked off with this race, with some good results from Harriers ....

(1 20:43 Matt Lockyer, P&B)
15 23:01 Ian Gibbons
22 24:20 Dave Cummings
34 26:03 Bradley Chapman
38 27:17 Toni Melechi
74 finished

Some excellent junior results too.

Parkruns, Sat 12 May

32 22:32 John Fenwick
49 24:25 Jim Towers

Bradford Lister Park
19 21:29 Lucy Haines (U14) 2nd lady
35 22:53 Florence Haines

Leeds Hyde Park
99  24:34 John Marshall
208 29:26 Linda Marshall

Malhamdale Meander, Sat 12 May

Amanda Parnaby reports ... 23 miles from Kirkby Malham taking in Pike Daw, Malham Cove, Gordale Scar and Malham Moor. This is a well run event with home made food and I only have one reservation and that is climbing Gordale Scar which I never relish. However, despite my worries because of the amount of rain which fell last week, I was pleased to see a notice advising participants to use the alternative route around Gordale Scar. After the recent poor weather the event was blessed with warm sunny conditions. I finished in 5 hours 56 minutes. I saw Debbie Lewis, Adele Reperecki and John Coates who finished in 5 hours 50 minutes after having taken a slight detour.

Roseberry Romp, Thu 10 May

John Coates reports ... it's the first time this race has run and it's organized by the National Trust, there were about 40 runners I think. For anyone that has done any of the Guisborough Four Seasons series and is familiar with the Cleveland Matterhorn, which is Roseberry Topping they will know how sharp the final ascent is to the top. This run starts from the Great Ayton side and pretty much starts to climb from the start, up through lovely woods with a carpet of bluebells, then onto the summit, which because of the bad weather on Thursday was covered in cloud. The run down is great though as it wind its way off the summit and down to the finish, hope to do it again next year. This was the 47th race in my challenge to do 50 while I'm 50, hoping to complete it at the Ilkley Trail Race next month. Results soon ...

John Carr #2 5k, Wed 9 May

Another super turnout with many young Harriers running (marked J). Results from Saltaire Striders' web site:

(1   14.53 Jonathon Wills, Bristol & West)
20   17.07 David Westhead
30   17.28 Mark Mon-Williams
41   17.54 Henry Heavisides
44   18.02 Dave Cummings
49   18.14 Sally Morley  2nd lady, 1st F35
53   18.29 Andrew Sheldon
54   18.30 Mark Iley
58   18.33 Ruaridh Mon-Williams J
66   18.47 Francis Westhead J
73   18.59 Jack Cummings J
84   19.28 Bradley Chapman 
93   19.49 Edward Bickerdike J
94   19.52 Lucy Williamson J
104  20.04 Alison Bennett
105  20.05 Rebecca Mon-Williams
108  20.19 Neil Chapman
116  20.37 Toni Melechi
118  20.38 Tilly Melechi J
119  20.46 Andrew Jackson  PB
128  21.09 Adrian Bastow
131  21.21 Jacob Hellewell J
153  22.14 Jeremy Ince
163  22.45 Elizabeth Westhead J
169  23.00 Joanne Williamson J
175  23.20 Nick Mellor
190  23.58 Catherine Westhead J
197  24.14 Michael Picken
203  24.39 Alessandra Ricci J
207  24.56 Harriet Jackson J
220  25.42 Catherine Brown
223  25.52 Andrew Bennett
246  27.07 Andrea Westhead
256  28.09 Sally Wright
261  29.11 Bridget Taylor J
262  29.12 Dave Taylor MV45
278 finished

Alison Bennett broke the F50+ Club Record (as she did last week too, sorry we missed that Alison!)

Jack Bloor Races, Tue 8 May

Photos (all runners): after Badger Stone, near Finish, Prizes, some nice photos from Bethan, here (juniors then seniors), and some junior race photos from Graham on FlickR, and Terry's movie.

Ilkley's men were 3rd team, with a good win for Tom over 2½ minutes clear of 2nd place, and Ilkley's ladies were 2nd team. Results:

1   39:03 Tom Adams
11  43:34 Lee Morley
18  45:08 Dave Wilby
21  45:17 Stuart Pitches
25  45:56 Nick Richardson
34  47:00 Ian Rowbotham
39  47:20 Dave Cummings
52  48:57 Brian Melia
54  49:03 Ben Sheppard
56  49:12 Duncan Cooper
57  49:32 Richard Joel
58  50:18 Alistair Barlow
69  51:44 Will Buckton
77  52:16 Bradley Chapman
78  52:22 Ben Joynson
81  52:39 Paddy Hagan
82  52:53 Richard Reeve
87  53:17 Peter Haines
90  53:29 Kate Archer
96  53:54 Rachel Carter
98  54:04 Paul Stephens
106 54:52 Alison Weston
110 55:26 Chris Oxlade
114 56:18 Alison Bennett 1st F50
122 57:44 Steve Newell
125 58:24 Sue Booth
127 58:27 John Coates
134 60:06 Ian Marshall
149 62:37 Gavin Burgess
151 62:57 Joyce Marshall
155 63:18 Martin Wright
161 64:04 Sue Morley
166 67:38 Andrew Bennett
171 68:07 Gemma Carpenter
175 70:04 Sophie Brown
186 73:59 Rachel Hagan
194 finished

The senior race was preceded by junior races also well represented by IH (special mention to Max Bryant U8 winner!!) - full results on

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Yorkshire Selection

Congratulations to Tom Adams and Florence Haines (U18) who have been selected to run for Yorkshire in the UKA Inter-Counties Championships to be held at the Shining Tor race on Saturday 19th May. More on

Coiners fell race, Mon 7 May

(1   52:23 Andy Lamont, Macclesfield)
40 1h10:05 Alison Eagle 4th lady
46 1h12:33 John Coates
73 finished

Photos at

North Lincs Half Marathon - Scunthorpe, Sun 6 May

Jonathan Sinclair reports ... a new and flat race. Well organised and supported. Field about 600 finishing in Scunthorpe Football stadium.

(1 1h13:35 Gavin Felton, Barnsley Athletic Club
13 1h22:44 Jonathan Sinclair (1st MV 50

Heritage trail coastal marathon, Sun 6 May

Lynn Donohue reports ... my first marathon, a low key trail event in Suffolk - the Heritage trail coastal marathon incorporating a long distance walk, full and half marathons and a 6 mile event. A cold, windy and wet day taking in a variety of countryside from dunes, a very windy stretch along the coast and past Sizewell nuclear plant, heathland, through the marshes and the Minsmere RSPB reserve. My one and only chance of saying I was the first Harrier home! Finished in 4:33.

Great Hameldon Hill Race, Accrington, Sun 6 May

139 57:58 Graham Breeze	1st M65
161 62:21 Sue Morley 1st F55

Photos at

Bluebell Trail, Sun 6 May

We had a few Harriers in this, results from Stainland Lions web site ...

(1  1h05:00 Ben Mounset, Stainland Lions)
72  1h22:22 Caz Farrow     2nd F35
154 1h34:37 Dougie Scarfe
206 1h41:28 Adela Reperecki
227 1h42:52 Debbie Lewis
340 2h04:25 Judith Scarfe
384 finished

Pendle Cloughs, Sat 5 May

From Chris Oxlade ... Three Harriers completed Pendle Cloughs (a 14-mile, 4100-foot romp over and around Pendle Hill). A low-key event (just 80 starters) organised by Wharfedale Harriers, starting and finishing in the picture-perfect village of Downham, north the Hill. Results were:

(1 2:04:20 Tom Brunt, Holfmirth)
8  2:25:51 Ian Rowbotham
49 3:16:31 Chris Oxlade
67 3:31:36 Graham Arthur
78 finished

Photos at

Parkruns, Sat 5 May

Harrogate Stray
68  24:18 Jim Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
322 29:36 Linda Marshall

Lothersdale fell race, Wed 2 May

(1 23:12 James Hall, Wharfedale)
15 27:31 Ian Rowbotham  2nd V50
37 30:43 Mike Baldwin
38 31:01 Diane Haggar 1st lady
66 35:07 Graham Breeze  1st V60
77 36:39 Sue Morley
95 finished

Photos at

John Carr #1 5k, Wed 2 May

A great turnout with our vets chasing the YVAA 5k Championships, and chasing the many young Harriers running (marked J). Results from Saltaire Striders' web site:

(1  15.35 Paul Marchant, Rothwell)
37  17.22 Mark Mon-Williams
47  17.48 Henry Heavisides
48  17.53 Steve Weston
55  18.08 Dave Cummings
57  18.18 Andrew Sheldon
61  18.27 Mark Iley
70  18.42 Ruaridh Mon-Williams J
78  18.51 Jack Cummings J
84  18.59 Arthur Reilly
86  19.01 Francis Westhead J
92  19.24 Toni Melechi
98  19.35 Lucy Williamson J  1st FJ
100 19.38 Bradley Chapman
109 19.50 Jeremy Ince
112 19.56 Edward Bickerdike J
116 20.02 Rebecca Mon-Williams 3rd F40
132 20.34 Tilly Melechi J
133 20.34 Neil Chapman
134 20.35 Alison Bennett  1st F50
146 21.05 Andrew Jackson
153 21.23 Jacob Hellewell J
179 22.25 Elizabeth Westhead J
181 22.31 Lucy Jacques J
183 22.37 Nick Mellor
204 23.14 Joanne Williamson J
212 23.25 Hilda Coulsey
226 23.54 Cathrine Westhead J
228 23.56 Harriet Jackson J
237 24.25 Allison Ricci
255 25.32 Alessandra Ricci J
262 25.52 Cathrine Brown
266 25.58 Andrea Westhead
267 26.00 Sue Williamson
268 26.01 Andrew Bennett
291 27.36 Sally Wright
294 27.48 Bridget Taylor J
303 29.56 Dave Taylor
318 finished

Our HDSRL race, Tue 1 May

Ilkley Harriers kicked off the Harrogate Race League 2012 in style with a record-breaking event.
361 runners far exceeds the previous League record (324, also at our race, in 2008). But Neil & Clare's organisation and the many marshals and helpers ensured that everything ran smoothly and safely. The number of runners enjoying the supper afterwards must also have been a League record so thank you to Chris Matthews and her catering team, and the many Harriers who provided food.

click for photos

On the results front, we had 51 runners out and we are leading the lady and lady vets team competitions, a great way to start the League. Full results and photos on

(1   26.09  Marc Scott, RZH)
18   29.01  Mark Mon-Williams
22   29.18  Nick Richardson
29   29.50  Jim Ryder
32   30.03  Sally Morley
48   31.01  Dave Wilby
49   31.03  Dave Cummings
75   32.30  Will  Buckton
79   32.40  Rachel Carter
82   32.55  Caz Farrow
83   32.58  Steve Newell
87   33.06  Ben Joynson
99   33.34  John Dillon
102  33.40  Richard Falls
106  33.57  Kate Archer
110  34.06  Alison Bennett
112  34.08  John Lumbus
124  34.30  Michael Duffield
131  34.36  Kay Pearce
143  35.06  Bradley Chapman
153  35.44  Paul Stephens
155  35.48  Keith Wood
157  36.00  Nicole Dillon
171  36.55  David Ibbotson
181  37.10  Val Kerr
200  38.06  Nick Page
208  38.35  Christine Cox
231  39.27  Elaine Cossins
250  40.34  Sophie Brown
257  40.57  Allison Ricci
264  41.17  Andrew Bennett
270  41.47  Paul Sugden
279  42.40  David Green
280  42.40  Georgina Earle
283  42.44  Mike Picken
291  43.12  Rhiannon Turner
294  43.23  Wendy Newell
295  43.32  Sue Williamson
300  43.48  Bernie Gibbons
304  44.09  Janet Smith
311  44.31  Gemma Carpenter
313  44.34  Vincent Gibbons
318  44.50  Mark Kerr
320  45.01  Steve Jordan
326  45.27  Janet Bairstow
327  45.30  Charlotte Smithson
330  45.49  Don  Macrae
338  47.10  Sue Verspyck
341  47.27  Mike Noble
344  47.40  David Millson
347  48.44  Natalie York
356  53.57  Colin Lugton
357  54.16  Rachel Wade Smith
361 finished

Older News, April 2012

Harrier of the Month, April

Nominations were:
sponsors Jez Hellewell - 3 Peaks results - nearly 5 minutes quicker than last year!
Sally Malir for her outstanding Marathon time at Manchester in appalling conditions, 2nd lady, breaking club age group record at same time; and 1st LV45 in Guiseley Gallop. These results are the result of months of focussed training, dedication and hard work!.
The ladies 3 Peaks team
Clare Smith, Alison Weston and Dave Wilby for being great fell captains, Clare for organising Calder relay, Alison for 3Ps time and encouragement, Dave for recent race results and for handing out food and drink near the top of Ingleborough
Clare and Neil Smith for tackling the Fellsman challenge and Clare for organising events and relays
Alison Weston for her 14th 3 Peaks race!
Rebecca Moores for knocking an amazing 40 mins off her marathon time in London, a fantastic and beautifully paced race, training really hard, and leading a group on a Tuesday
Jonathan Sinclair for a terrific run and PB at London Marathon run, 746th place, setting a new club record & a very high placing in his age group.
Liz Price for her commitment to training, determination, perseverance and fantastic attitude in her 3P training
Jann Smith and the Three Peaks girls for their performances and achieving a top place in the Yorkshire Championships, and Jann's Coledale result .
Nicky Jaquiery for her ultra race in Mallorca
John Coates for all his training, hard work and continuous dedication and commitment to 3 Peaks
Eddie Winslow on his first Ultra win
Rob Cunningham for a great Manchester Marathon time.

The HoM awards went to Rebecca Moores, and Sally Malir. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Greater Manchester Marathon, Sun 29 April

Two superb results: Rob Cunningham 132nd in 3h06:14; and Sally Malir, 2nd lady in 3h10:40 and 182nd overall amongst over 4,700 finishers and breaking the Club FV45 record.

Sally Malir reports Well, what can I say? Probably the worst conditions I have ever run in! Preparation had gone well and each time I trained my times were getting better so I revised my target time of 3.15 to 3.10. But the weather forecast was not good and when I woke on Sunday morning bright and early the rain had started, it was blowing a gale and the maximum temperature was due to be 4!..... GREAT
I met up with Rob on the start line, we were both shivering and were keen to get going so that we would warm up. We discussed that we were aiming for around the same time but from the gun he disappeared into the distance.
I seemed to be running fairly easily so set off quicker than target pace as I was aware that we were due to have the lovely Easterly headwind for the second half of the race. Unfortunately this proved to be true and my pace slowed in the second half. On the positive side at half way I was 5th lady but ended up 2nd lady by the end so obviously the wind got to some more than me. All in all a great fast course. the only complaint I have was the baggage return at the end, I nearly ended up with hypothermia waiting for it.
I am pleased with my result both the time and position but just wondering slightly what might have been if the weather had been better.

Three Peaks Race, Sat 28 April

Congratulations to our winning ladies team of Jann Smith, Alison Weston, and Diane Haggar! And of course they are also the Yorkshire ladies team champions, with Jann Smith also winning Yorkshire individial bronze! It was Alison's 14th 3-Peaks, and Mike's 20th!

Ben Sheppard says ... A cruel and merciless swine of a race. Strictly for accomplished fell runners, masochists and those who are seriously deluded about their abilities or the magnitude of the challenge or (like me) both. Hats off to a host of tremendous Harrier performances throughout the field.

John Hayes adds... What is it about the Three Peaks Race that makes it such a classic? I can think of 5 things that I particularly like about it: (1) The Route. The Three Peaks is the original and by far the best three mountain route in the UK. The view from each summit is superb (albeit that the distance from Pen-y-ghent to Whernside is a little dispiriting!); (2) The Spectator Support: This is one of my all-time favourite races because of the number of people who come out and watch (whatever the weather) and cheer everyone on enthusiastically. Thanks to all those who yelled "Come on Ilkley!!" as I ran past. It really made a difference. Which leads me on to ... (3) The Jelly Babies. This year I noticed a phenomenon, There were plastic boxes of jelly babies held out by eager supporters all along the route. After a while, I felt a bit rude declining them. By the end, I was shovelling them down me as I stumbled down the final path to the finish. (4) The Little Spring on Ingleborough. If you are feeling thirsty coming down from the summit, take a slight detour to the right of the path. You will find a beautiful little spring with pure water bubbling out of it. Don't be put off a visit to the spring by all those sweaty runners overtaking you swigging their energy drinks. You will be spiritually uplifted and will skip down to the finish like a happy Spring lamb. Which takes me to (5) The Finish. The best bit of all!!

Results from Sportident

(1  2h55:58 Joe Symonds, Hunters Bog Trotters)
72  3h44:51 Lee Morley
116 3h54:32 Jamie Hutchinson
119 3h54:40 Jez Hellewell
146 3h59:46 Ralph Tench
184 4h07:10 Duncan Cooper
186 4h07:19 Jann Smith  13th lady
239 4h16:17 Brian Melia
288 4h24:05 Justin Phillips
305 4h26:11 Alison Weston
309 4h26:33 Mike Baldwin
327 4h29:40 Dick Waddington
333 4h30:54 Diane Haggar
346 4h32:51 John Hayes
395 4h38:31 Jane McCarthy
410 4h40:01 Will Buckton
414 4h40:51 Ben Sheppard
439 4h46:03 Dave Cummings
564 5h06:04 Richard Morris
577 5h08:29 John Coates
619 5h20:36 Nikos Georgiadis
625 5h24:01 David Howe
636 5h30:16 Helen Horton
637 5h30:17 Andrew Merrick
637 5h30:17 Nigel Tapper
641 finished in time

Dave & Eileen's photos

The Fellsman, 28/29th April

Clare Smith is glad to report that Neil and I completed the 61 mile/12000 ft event (not without incident however) in 19 hours 45 mins. Due to the severe weather conditions, which left several competitors suffering from hypothermia, runners behind us were forced to retire when the event was cancelled in the early hours of this morning so we were lucky to be allowed to finish.

Woldsman, Sat 28 April

Eddie Winslow reports ... Straight after last year's poor run in the April heat, I pencilled in a return to the Woldsman. The fixtures clash with the 3 peaks and the Fellsman was disappointing as I had also intended to do one or both of these but in the circumstances the clash did me a favour as it probably weakened the top end of the field at the Woldsman.
Conditions were overcast with temperatures more to my liking than last year and from the start two of us moved clear with one person pursuing closely and then a gap developing. At the 12 mile checkpoint we were still together when my fellow competitor announced that an old foot injury was starting to play up and he was retiring. This left me on my own in the lead with 38 miles to go and one person about 1 minute behind. Over the next 13 miles to half way I got occasional glimpses of my pursuer who seemed to close up a bit on the climbs but then drop back on the levels and descents. He entered the mid-way checkpoint as I was leaving so I estimated that I might have extended my lead to about 3 minutes, although my time of 4 hours to half way was too fast - the last time I did a 50 miler was 10 months ago and I was running pb pace which I knew I couldn't maintain as my quads were starting to scream and I'd had one vicious cramp in my hamstring already.
Fortunately the next 6 miles were over ground with no serious climbs or descents and I was able to tick along at a steady pace with nothing worse than stiffening muscles. At 31 miles there is a dog-leg to a checkpoint and I was just leaving the dog-leg when my pursuer entered it - a lead of half a mile so I was gradually pulling away but the next 6 miles are the hilliest on the entire course. I was trying to concentrate on my running and not look behind but from the summit of one of the climbs I was able to get a view that probably covered the previous 20 minutes - no-one in sight. There was a chance that if I could keep everything together for 15 miles that I could be first home but by now the lack of distance in my legs was hurting.
The last 12 miles are virtually flat and head due East. Although still dry, it was now very cold with a strong head wind blowing directly against me. It was only the knowledge that I was leading that stopped me from dropping to a walk for the entire distance; as it was, I was now walking any incline however shallow. With a mile to go I could see no-one within ? mile and finally decided that I was not going to be caught and was able to enjoy the final run in to be 1st home in a time of 9h 35m.
The second man in was 10 minutes behind me, having been third at half way. He had been 22 minutes behind at that point and had the advantage of seeing an ever decreasing gap over the second half but was not able to pick up his pace sufficiently to catch me and stop me taking my first 1st place in an ultra.

Parkruns, Sat 28 April

Leeds Hyde Park
164 26:21 Emma Payne

5   18:53 Ian Rowbotham
59  23:01 John Fenwick

Dick Hudsons fell race, Thu 26 April

The first BOFRA race of the season, on a dark and wet evening on Ilkley Moor. A good turnout given the weather, and a fair number of Harriers.Tom Adams won it by some 3 minutes from Wharfedale's James Hall.

Paddy & Rachel Hagan report ... Not the best conditions for a PB and so it turned out. Heavy rain created bogs and rivers where they have rarely been, the return leg was into rather nasty weather, and fading light towards the end, all provided a challenge (the wise backmarkers Rachel 1 and Rachel 2 had headtorches, and as the times show, kept close together to the end). So not the best year to attempt it on a bike. However, the race retained the advantage of a there and back race in that you get to see other runners at least once (in fact I passed and was passed by Alison E and her brother several times due to our different means of travel). And the old adage held good - by turning up you've beaten all those who didn't. With all trains from Leeds cancelled due to flooding this may have been a factor in race numbers. So I was fifteen or so minutes slower than usual but came home 1st cyclist and 1st V45. This is not a familiar position and, to be fair, I was also last cyclist and, yes, last V45. Well done Tom for another win. Ilkley times:

1  46:34 Tom Adams
18 60:57 Tony Melechi
23 63:38 Ben Joynson
35 69:28 Mike Baldwin 1st MV55
39 ?     Natalie Curtis 1st FV45
42 74:17 Alison Eagle
44 75:07 Paddy Hagan bike, 1st MV45
49 88:30 Gemma Carpenter
55 99:56 Rachel Hagan
56 99:56 Rachel Websdale
56 finished

Bunny Relays, Tue 24 April

Lots of Harriers young and old amongst the 86 teams at this fun event, and from the photo Christmas seems to have come early for Andy! Full results and photos on ...

London Marathon, Sun 22 April

Report from Jonathan Sinclair a hot day but the spectator support as usual was fantastic and an incredible experience. Started alongside the 'Blackpool Tower' (an attempt on the record for worlds tallest fancy dress) and finished with Nell McAndrew. Alex and I were hoping to break the father and son world record but this had come down between us applying to challenge it and running by 16mins to 5:47:48 combined so we knew it was going to be a real long shot. We were still just about on track at mile 22 but unknown to me Alex ran into problems at mile 23 (ok after some treatment and crossed the line in 3.30 - great effort in first marathon at 19). I had some cramp from mile 24 and thought it was all over but pulled through and was surprised to get a PB. Good to see Steve Weston at the end looking a lot more together than I think I was.

745   2h54:41 Jonathan Sinclair
2584  3h14:37 Steve Weston
?     3h30    Alex Sinclair  
5323  3h34:18 Jane Bryant
11860 4h03:26 Simon Darley
13425 4h09:22 Brenda Ogden
13246 4h09:23 Alison Stretton
14899 4h16:00 Juliet Muirhead
23868 4h51:00 Rebecca Moores

Jonathan's time sets a new V45 and V50 Club record.

In the Mini Marathon Regional Challenge races, Sarah Pickering was 59th U13 girl in 20:40, and Georgia Malir was 48th U17 girl in 19:07

Newlands duathlon, Sun 22 April

Jamie Hutchinson reports ... competing for third year in this great event in the Newlands valley (nr Keswick). A 8k trail run around Catbells, followed by a 44k road bike taking in Whinlatter and Honister passes finished off ! with a 4k run. The event was won by Phil Addyman in 2hrs24 and I managed 9th overall in 2 hrs 37 - a few minutes quicker than last year. 53 completed the course.

Anniversary Waltz, Sat 21 April

Results from

(1  1h33:46 Carl Bell, Howhill Harriers)
47  2h04:54 Steve Turland
249 2h50:38 John Pickering
289 finished

4 juniors made the journey to the Lake District for the Anniversary Wa! Fell race which is race 2 in the Junior English Fell Championship. Robyn Anderson ran in the GU8 and Poppy Anderson, Molly Pearson and Emily Elmes ran in the GU10s. 4 strong performances culminating in two great podium finishes with Robyn and Emily finishing 2nd in GU8 and GU10 respectively.

Ultra Mallorca, Sat 21 April

Morgan Williams reports on Ultra Trail Serra De Tramuntana, Mallorca - 107 kms with 4,500 metres of climb. The Tramuntana is a range of big, steep, rocky mountains, comprised entirely of limestone, running close to the north coast for pretty much the full length of the island. The race route follows parts of the recently devised GR221 long distance footpath starting in Andratx and finishing in Pollensa. The scenery is beautiful, sometimes lush and verdant, at other times quite severe, and the ground reasonably testing for long distance running.

My preparation for this race, the first of only 2 planned events this year, was rudely interrupted at the end of February by a back injury, which lead to a number of knock-on complications. I struggled to get ready for the race and the 8 weeks prior featured regular visits for chiropractic and sports massage assistance but very little of the necessary training to prepare for running 66.5 miles in the mountains in under 24 hours. But there was a good base under all that trouble. Still, 2 weeks before the event I was far from convinced I would start the race. A couple of 20 milers in the Lakes over the Easter weekend gave a glimmer of hope and for the first time ever I tapered for an ultra by doing exactly nothing!

A midnight start on Friday was something of an unwelcome novelty (not since my Bob Graham in 1985 have I started any kind of event on so little rest) but there was a certain elegance in knowing that the relevant ground had to be covered before midnight struck on Saturday. Did those still out at that time turn into pumpkins I wonder?

My primary recollections are of moderate heat (low 20s C), beautiful villages, incredible mountain scenery, the hardest ground I have ever covered on foot (limestone cobbled paths and tracks abound), wonderful sea views, occasional doubts about the route (never having been over almost all of the route, though the marking was first class), frustration with a couple of lengthy road sections, good care from aid station helpers, grumbles about some of the food on offer (no ramen noodle soup), and great comradeship from fellow competitors (mostly Spaniards). A shorter 62 km race, the one Alison was scheduled to run, started at 8.00am to cover the Valldemossa to Pollensa section and I was passed by the leader on a steep, rocky section high above the village of Deia, about 45 kms in for me. He was absolutely flying and his clear and simple enjoyment of his downhill speed brought a big smile to my face. (He covered the 62 kms in 5.40.56 and won by 58 minutes!)

I lost sight of Nicky after about the first half mile; it was dark of course. She ran on with Mark Townsend with whom she ran UTMB in 2011. Ken flew past me on the first long descent making use of his Petzl Ultra lamp, but I caught him at checkpoint 1 at Estellencs. We departed together but that was the last I saw of him.

There were many highlights along the way, too many to recount, but some dips too, none deeper than on the final 3 miles of road into Pollensa which was purgatory as the feet finally succumbed to the twin enemies of the very hard ground and the heat. The welcome at the finish was both enthusiastic and generous. Nicky had an excellent run. Performance of the day though, no doubt, was from Ken 'the Hat' Jaquiery who on very limited training posted a very decent time and was nowhere near the back of the field. I was very happy with my own race, bearing in mind the poor preparation, and impressed with my reserves of strength and stamina.

(1  11h51:59  Miquel Capo Soler)
106 18h23:46  Nicky Jaquiery   6th lady and 1st lady veteran
143 19h28:59  Morgan Williams        
223 21h33:04  Ken Jaquiery
296 finished from 440 starters

Parkruns, Sat 21 April

Harrogate Stray
20  20:56 Dave Tait
44  22:59 Phil Hirst
66  23:58 Jim Towers
103 27:19 Nathanie Richardson JM14

Leeds Hyde Park
129 24:50 John Marshall

Finsbury Park, London
3   19:86 Rob Cunningham

Bunny 3, Tue 17 April

We hear Tom Adams pulled off the "egg stage" and "race win" double again, supported by a whole host of Harriers, full results and photos on ...

1   15:35 Tom Adams
42  18:38 Mark Mon Williams
44  18:48 Dave Cummings
64  19:23 Sally Morley
71  19:40 Mark Iley
73  19:43 Ruaridh Mon Williams U16
81  20:02 Andrew Sheldon
83  20:07 Richard Joel
93  20:31 Edward Bickerdike U16
96  20:36 Jack Cummings U16
110 21:09 Lucy Williamson FU16
117 21:21 Florence Haines
119 21:24 Toni Melechi
122 21:30 Diane Haggar
124 21:36 Tilly Melechi FU14
136 22:00 Alison Bennett
153 22:25 Ben Jacques U16
163 22:57 Jacob Hellewell U14
176 23:25 Andrew Jackson
178 23:26 Catherine Gibbons
199 24:30 Dave Taylor
221 25:33 Sophie Brown
225 25:42 Alison Ricci
227 25:48 Ben Morley U14
228 25:48 Lee Morley
234 26:41 Gaenor Coy
238 26:50 Harriet Jackson U14
244 27:37 Andrew Bennett
255 28:43 David Green
259 28:52 Amanda Newham
260 28:57 Alessandra Ricci U14
262 29:01 Sue Williamson
264 29:25 Bernie Gibbons

Overall, all 3 races counting, Diane Haggar was best F40 and Alison Bennett best F50

The Trunce (race #2), Mon 16 April

From John Coates ... The Trunce is a great event with a real mix of people from road racers to joggers, 3 stream crossings and a long down hill to the finish over the four or so miles I think I was 149th in 35:15. Next race 30th April.

Coledale Horseshoe fell race, Sat 14 April

From Clare Smith ... Tom Adams was the first Harrier, followed by Lee Morley, Dick Waddington and Neil Smith. The ladies set off 15 minutes ahead of the men (though I was then overtaken by many of them!) and Jann Smith was our first lady, then Alison Weston, me and Jane McCarthy. This was the 2nd race in the English Fell Championships, a very tough 13.7km/915m AM race.

Dave & Eileen's photos

(1  1h07:45 Joe Symonds, Kendal)
38  1h16:43 Tom Adams
113 1h25:34 Lee Morley
255 1h41:48 Dick Waddington
287 1h47:28 Neil Smith

(1  1h22:40 Lauren Jeska, Todmorden)
39  1h41:09 Jann Smith
41  1h42:38 Alison Weston
86  1h56:16 Clare Smith
91  1h58:00 Jane McCarthy

Guisborough Moors, Sun 15 April

From John Coates ... there was a good turnout as I think it was a counter in the local series, lovely run taking in three summits including the interestingly named Rosebury Topping. It's a 12.5 mile run with about 2700' feet of climb, we even had a snow storm half way round. 160th in 2h03

Wardle Skyline, Sat 14 April

88  63:15 John Coates
141 69:59 Graham Breeze
168 74:01 Sue Morley

Meanwood Valley Trail, Sat 14 April

Provisional results from Valley Striders ...

(1  43:16 Greg Hull, Leeds)
10  47:02 Jamie Hutchinson 3rd M40
20  49:16 Ian Rowbotham    2nd M50
33  51:42 Mark Iley
67  56:53 Rebecca Mon-Williams
86  59:28 Andrew Jackson
136 63:53 Martin Wright
153 62:59 Hilda Coulsey
180 68:50 Abigail Bailey
181 68:53 Sue Bickerdike
218 73:36 Amanda Newham
227 72:53 Sue Williamson
277 finished

Some race photos here.

Good results in the junior races included Dominic Coy 2nd U10 in the 1 mile race and Lucy Williamson 1st gorl in the 2 mile race.

Leeds Hyde Park Parkrun, Sat 14 April

Henry Heavisides reports ... I was pleased to run my fastest time on this course, finishing 11th at today's Parkrun in Leeds in 18:32. Don't forget that the Parkruns are free and are held every Saturday at venues around the UK & abroad, local races are held in Bradford, Leeds (Hyde Park & Roundhay Park), Harrogate & York.

Jim Towers was 89th in 25:33 at the Harrogate Stray Parkrun.

Loughrigg fell race, Wed 11 April

From George Elmes ... Whilst on holiday in the Lakes this week we took the opportunity to run the Loughrigg Fell race ( 4m 1100 ft) at Ambleside on the evening of Wed 11th. The climb out of Ambleside was pretty demanding but more than rewarded on reaching the trig point on the top. The view was fantastic across the fells with crystal clear visibility and bathed in evening sunshine. I personally acheived 2 firsts - first race as a V50 and first Harrier back (can I omit the fact that I was the only Harrier actually running?!!!! :-) ) Final position was 102 out of I believe 130 who ran.
Emily earlier ran in the junior race at the same event which was up a steep climb to Todd Craig and back down to Ambleside. They combined the U10 and U12 race and as a 10 year old she was up against a lot of physically stronger runners. She really enjoyed the experiance however and finished 21st (11th girl) in the combined results.
A cracking event and well worth a look if you find yourselvs in the Lakes at this time of the year.

Bunny Run 2, Tue 10 April

Results from (photos there too ...) ...

(1  15:59 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
32  18:45 Stuart Pitches
55  19:32 Dave Cummings
72  20:25 Georgia Malir
73  20:26 Jack Cummings
100 21:39 Ben Johnson
103 21:46 Tilly Melechi
105 21:47 Diane Haggar
113 22:04 Alison Bennett
114 22:09 Dominic Coy
125 22:23 John Coates
130 22:34 Lucy Williamson
141 23:01 Lucy Jacques
145 23:07 Jacob Hellewell
146 23:08 Michael Duffield
156 23:26 Sam Wood
172 24:01 Andrew Jackson
208 25:05 Adela Reperecki
209 25:06 Isobel Hirst
221 25:56 Joanne Williamson
223 26:11 Sophie Brown
230 26:44 Nathan Coy
231 26:49 Gaenor Coy
234 26:51 Gemma Carpenter
235 26:54 Andrew Bennett
242 27:31 Paul Sugden
249 27:51 Harriet Jackson
251 27:54 Debbie Lewsis
254 28:04 Amanda Newham
276 30:03 Sue Williamson
293 35:58 Harriet Flesher

Guiseley Gallop, Sun 8 April

Results from

(1  35:01 Jack Simpson, U/A)
32  42:52 Mark Iley 3rd M50
52  44:35 Rob Cunningham
73  45:46 Sally Malir  1st F45
87  46:39 Helen Thurston
92  47:10 Adam Bennett 1st JM
146 50:33 Julie Harvey 3rd F45
148 50:36 Chris Cunningham
165 51:39 Martin Wright
187 52:42 Michael Duffield
222 54:33 James Dunne
231 54:51 Thomas Dunne
243 55:40 Ruth Kitchen	1st FJ
245 55:56 Sue Bickerdike
289 58:56 Abigail Bailey
319 61:12 Bernadette Gibbons 2nd F55
333 62:09 Andrew Bennett
353 63:52 Judith Scarfe
354 63:52 Douglas Scarfe
421 71:02 Andrew Kitchen
445 finished

Pendle fell race, Sat 7 April

Results from ...

(1  31:20 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
50  39:28 Ian Rowbotham
93  42:47 Alistair Barlow
228 55:47 Sue Morley

This was an English Junior Championship race and we had 10 Ilkley juniors running, with Emily Elmes 3rd U10 and Georgia Malir 3rd U10, more on the junior pages.

Salford 10k, Good Friday 6 April

Mark Iley reports ... the trio set off again in search of another good 10k, this time crossing the border into Lancashire, Salford to be exact.
Conditions were ideal, cold, but very little wind, looked a good 2 lap course.
Not much time between the three of us only 34 seconds. But this time first Harrier home was Andy with yet another fantastic PB, beating his Dewsbury time by almost 50 seconds, which was only 4 weeks ago! A great result!!
He was closely followed by me just 4 seconds behind and David a further 30 seconds behind, both who recorded very similar times to Dewsbury.

(1   29:50 Jack Martin, Stockport)
130  38:25 Andy Sheldon PB
131  38:29 Mark Iley
142  38:59 David Brown
532 ran

Andrew Sheldon adds ... this was a fast two lap road course with hardly any gradient save for a couple of bridges. Great conditions on the day, cool, no wind. As a group we were always in sight, and having already run around the first lap, we had the benefit of a long but familiar finishing straight.

Training News

For the next few weeks, we will be shortening Tuesday night "talkie bits" to get you out of the door quicker to make the most of the available light.

The Thursday session has moved on to the moor (meet on the grass beyond the cattle grid, moor side).

Last week's circuit training was the last until September. Thanks to Neil, Roy, and Pete for leading sessions.
There is exciting news of some new strength and flexibility sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Training Page ...

Bunny Run 1, Tue 3 April

Results from (photos there too ...) ...

1   15:20 Tom Adams  Egg Stage win 3:25
54  19:18 Ruaridh Mon-Williams U16
59  19:28 Sally Morley
98  20:43 Henry Heavisides
107 21:15 Ed Bickerdike U16
110 21:21 Diane Haggar
119 21:38 Robbie Mathews U14
129 22:03 Alison Bennett 1st F50
133 22:09 Tilly Melechi U14
135 22:13 Jann Smith
164 23:15 Phil Hirst
167 23:24 Sam Wood
170 23:31 Jacob Hellewell U14
174 23:40 Michael Dufffield
175 23:44 John Coates
183 24:03 Andrew Jackson
188 24:15 Catherine Gibbons
191 24:25 Martin Wright
203 24:56 Bethan Morley U14
210 25:10 Adela Reperecki
212 25:12 Alison Ricci
226 25:45 Sophie Brown
233 26:00 Andrew Bennett
240 26:16 Debbie Lewis
243 26:25 Sue Bickerdike
244 26:32 Gemma Carpenter
245 26:35 Mike Picken
252 27:01 David Green
265 28:08 Bernie Gibbons
266 28:10 Ashleigh Brownhill
271 28:25 Paul Sugden
274 28:48 Harriet Jackson U14
276 29:01 Emma O'Looney
296 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 1 April

Jez Hellewell ... had a little trot over the moors to the Weecher/Sconce Lane section of The Baildon Boundary Way this morning to cheer on all the Harriers. Tom was quite literally on fire ! When I saw him, with less than 2 miles to go, he was at least 6 minutes in front & looking fantastic! He could have sat down for a cup of tea & a slice of cake & still won. Plenty of Harriers out, smiling in the beautiful sunshine. I tried to capture everybody on my phone, so apologies if I missed anyone. Not many takers for my jelly babies...

Some photos from Jez (right, Tom as seen by the other runners)

More photos on

Results from Baildon Runners ...

1   1h14:32 Tom Adams (winning by over 5 minutes)
9   1h26:07 Martin Archer
20  1h29:14 Justin Phillips
25  1h31:16 Jamie Hutchinson
38  1h35:41 Steve Coy
48  1h37:52 Andrew Merrick
131 1h48:51 David Howe
137 1h49:13 Alison Bennett
142 1h49:45 Natalie Curtis
154 1h51:42 Tim Brear
159 1h52:25 Jane McCarthy
164 1h53:01 Andrew Jackson
180 1h55:08 Keith Wood
205 1h58:27 Sue Bickerdike
209 1h59:00 Martin Wright
244 2h04:02 Liz Price
246 2h04:23 Eric Hawthorn
299 2h14:05 Ashleigh Brownhill
306 2h14:55 John Marshall
307 2h14:55 Andy Sarah
351 2h37:50 Michael Picken
352 2h37:51 Rebecca Picken
375 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Lancaster 3 Bridges 10 km, Sun 1 April

Andrew Bennett reports... Extensive research, careful planning, guile, cunning but mostly luck saw me in with a chance of being first Harrier home in this fast and mostly flat 10K.The race starts midway between Lancaster and Morecambe and involves crossing the River Lune four times via the Millennium footbridge (twice), Skerton road bridge and the Lancaster Canal aqueduct. The ascent to the canal requires a climb of 60 feet on what used to be a narrow and uneven stairway but this has now been widened and improved following a £2 million renovation project. Once across the aqueduct the gentle descent on the road and path on the north side of the river enables a faster pace. This is followed by two more straightforward and flat bridge crossings then onto the tarmac footpath that leads to the finish at the athletics track and HQ of Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club. I finished 158 out of 240 runners in 53:23
Morecambe 10K, another fast and flattish race takes place on Sunday 10 June and like the 3 Bridges costs less than £1 a kilometre to enter!

Muddy Fools Trail Race, Sun 1 April

The finale to the PECO XC League series, we hear that Gaenor Coy was 1st F35 (winning her first race prize!). In the PECO XC League presentations, Sue Morley was 1st F55 and Lyn Eden 1st F65.

Blubberhouses, Sun 1 April

Results from ...

(1  3h00 Andrew Dobby)
14  3h35 Mike Baldwin
64  4h43 Adela Reperecki
65  4h43 Debbie Lewis
67  4h43 John Coates
143 6h17 Amanda Parnaby
224 completed

Snowdonia Half Marathon, Sun 1 April

Peter Shields reports got my first race in as a V65 today at the Snowdonia Half Marathon on what was probably the hardest course I've ever encountered got the first V65 prize in a time of 1hr 48mins.

Older News, March 2012

Harrier of the Month, March

Nominations were:
sponsors Rebecca and Mark Mon-Williams for organizing from scratch the new Ilkley Harriers Weekend away in the Lake Distric, incorporating fun, running, Black Combe and orienteering events - excellent.
Andrew Sheldon for his 10k PB at Dewsbury, under the elusive 40 mins and for his 10 mile PB at Thirsk in 66 mins, for flying in training and continued improvement.
Sue Morley for dedication to Cross Country 2011/12 season: completing all the West Yorkshire League races, and all the Peco League Races and being  1st Lady Vet 55 in both leagues plus completing the Northerns and Yorkshire Championships.
Nikos who has gone way above the call of duty with his new training classes and suggestions for future runs etc not to mention his enthusiasm and cooking!
Jack Wood, 6th @ Dainfield PECO, 4th Windmill Whizz and winning his orienteering event from an arch rival by a few seconds.
Dave Westhead for his sub 36 mins in the Bradford 10k.
Alison and Andrew Bennett for the Dales Way Relay. They did a fabulous job organising everyone, driving in between relay points, running some of the legs, taking photos and providing cake!

The HoM awards went to Andrew Sheldon, and Rebecca and Mark Mon-Williams. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Coniston 14, Sat 31 Mar

From Ben Sheppard ... Another well organised and fun Coniston 14, this year back to 14 miles after two years of an extended course of 16.8m. Spells of sunny weather and very little breeze meant near perfect conditions, making a mockery of my decision to wear long sleeves under my Harriers vest. Three miles at a steady pace convinced me to cast off a layer in a lay-by for safe collection on the drive home a couple of hours later; it would have been easier had I not inadvertently safety-pinned my vest to my base layer as well as race number. The shorter course this year was good for in-race morale but brought the end to this scenic race around the lake to a seemingly premature end. Not quite a sprint finish but just enough in the tank to finish faster than average pace and find the formidable father-son "Team Sinclair" socialising the right side of the finishing line having predictably been there a good few minutes each, Alex taking the spoils on this occasion. A top event - recommended to all Harriers.
Results from

(1  1h16:03 John Herbert, Nene Valley H)
18  1h26:07 Alexander Sinclair
31  1h27:56 Jonathan Sinclair  1st V50
74  1h33:47 Ben Sheppard
556 1h54:00 Andrew Wilson
666 1h58:23 Dave Ibbotson
684 1h59:11 Val Kerr
707 1h58:21 Nick Page  PB
1493 runners

Olympic Park Run, Sat 31 Mar

Nick Mellor reports ... I was lucky to gain an entry to The National Lottery Olympic Park Run, held in the Olympic Park. The race was started by Princess Beatrice, (who later joined in the run) from just outside the Olympic Stadium and wound its way round the Basketball Arena, Velodrome, Riverbank Arena, Copper Box and Aquatics Centre before ending with the last 300 metres on the track inside the Stadium. With the theme from Chariots of Fire playing and about 12,000 people cheering us on, it made for a great experience. The course contained several tight hairpin bends and had 1 or 2 inclines which was a bit of a surprise. No spectators were allowed on the course which made it feel as if you were running around a giant building site at times. The race was won by Tommy Davies in a very speedy 25:11, which apparently is quicker than the existing Olympic 5 mile record. (The event was last held in 1908.) I was a bit disappointed with my time, but later found that it was the same as ex Olympic medallist Roger Black, so felt happy with that.

(1   25:11 Tommy Davies)
1290 38:44 Nick Mellor
4907 54:33 Matt Rutter
4951 54:52 Rachel Cunningham
5707 finished

Any more Harriers? I can't get 'search by club' to work in the results.

Parkruns, Sat 31 Mar

Henry Heavisides was 3rd in 19:06 at Bradford Lister Park

Coaching News

In the last newsletter (Jan-March, p11) we encouraged people to think about getting their first running coaching qualification, by attending a Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) course. If you are interested in this, please read the information I have put on the forum, here and get in contact with me by this Friday 30th March, please.

Liver Hill, Tue 27 Mar

(1 31:01 Joe Johnstone, Rossendale H)
80 43:35 John Coates
174 finished

Edale Skyline, Sun 25 Mar

Results from

(1  2h41:55 Carl Bell, Howgill H)
90  3h45:10 Jamie Hutchinson
143 3h59:52 Brian Melia
299 finished

Bradford 10k, Sun 25 Mar

From Henry Heavisides there was a good contingent of Ilkley Harriers at this morning's Bradford 10k. Dave Westhead, making a rare appearance in a 10k, was first Ilkley runner home in 35:58. Alison Bennett was 1st F50 & set a new club record in 42:13.
Results from ...

(1    33:52 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners)
14    35:58 David Westhead
30    38:59 Henry Heavisides
57    40:56 Adrian Bastow
79    42:13 Alison Bennett
119   43:42 Chris Cunningham PB 1min+
166   44:54 Michael Duffield
195   46:44 John Fenwick
232   47:16 Martin Wright
233   47:13 Dave Taylor
264   48:39 Hilda Coulsey
312   49:53 John Marshall
349   50:16 Paul Sugden
444   52:52 Sue Bickerdike
462   53:18 Michael Picken
515   54:19 Andrew Bennett
551   55:25 Michelle Snow
662   59:29 Greg Wright
670   59:33 Linda Marshall
689 1:00:10 Sally Wright 
866 1:12:06 Rachel Cunningham
917 finished

Some photos from Dave Woodhead.

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Thirsk 10M, Sun 25 Mar

Results from

(1    49:40 Yared Hagos, Wallsend Harriers)
111 1h06:30 Andrew Sheldon PB
179 1h11:40 Jane Bryant
532 finished

Rivock Edge Fell Race, Sun 25 Mar

From Paul Stephens ... where were all the Harriers? Did some people put their clocks back rather than forward? The mist had cleared, it was dry underfoot, and I would have guessed times were fast, although the start and finish were slightly different from previous years which makes comparisons more difficult. A tad easier than last week at Heptonstall, and I was feeling comfortable enough to admire the view. (Don't believe all you read in the press!) The only other Harrier was Sue Morley. I was about 33rd in 1:03:35, which once again was similar to previous years. An enjoyable run out.

(1 51:38 Chris Loftus, KCAC)
32 1h03:35 Paul Stephens
95 1h22:06 Sue Morley
105 finished

Wilmslow Half Marathon, Sun 25 Mar

167 1h25:01 Rob Cunningham

Run Northumberland Half Marathon, Sun 25 Mar

Christine Cox finished 223rd in 1h48:46, 2nd LV55 on a hilly course.

Two Crosses Circuit 2012, Sun 25 Mar

Clare Smith reports ... What great weather for this well-organised 25 mile LDWA challenge event in good old Lancashire. Having set off from Ilkley at 6.15 am ('new time') in dense fog, it was reassuring that the visibility improved dramatically once we crossed the border! Despite already having cycled from Otley to Ilkley in the dark, Dave Wilby came in at the front of the runners in a time of 3 hrs 48 minutes, whilst Neil, Betty and I appeared at the finish an hour later, though still ahead of many others. With plenty of friendly marshals out on the course (there was an 18 mile option too), a great mid-way feeding station with delights such as Greek salad, jelly, sandwiches and cakes on offer and a choice of several delicious soups at the finish, this is an LDWA event to be recommended. Betty was first dog home!

Parkruns, Sat 24 Mar

Leeds Hyde Park
160 25:56 Emma Payne

East Hull 20 mile, Sun 18 Mar

Jonathan Sinclair reports ... Flat as a pancake - it is Hull after all - even the "hill" at the end was more of a small bump in the road to Ilkley dwellers. Attractive course largely on rural roads and amazing spread of food at the end. Alex and I were the only Harriers in field of around 500. He disappeared into the distance after a mile and I lost sight of him altogether at 3 miles. But 300 yards before the end I unexpectedly caught him up for the first time for a couple of years - if he had seen me coming it would have been another story but in the event it was a last hurrah for the dinosaurs.

(1 1h45:17 John Beattie)
30 2h09:53 Jonathan Sinclair
33 2h10:09 Alex Sinclair

Heptonstall fell race, Sun 18 Mar

Will Buckton reports ... Heptonstall is a tough B Long at 15 miles with 1000 metres of climbing. It has a nice variety of terrain to keep it interesting from open moorland and tussocks to steep, rocky descents and forest trails. Perfect weather although recent rainfall still meant wading through bogs and falling over in the mud! The big climbs are in the second half of the race with the finish at the top of a 500ft 'stairway to heaven' as the locals like to call it! A really well organised event with most of the course flagged and even a blessing from the village reverend on the start line! In just its second year it is already a firm favourite amongst fell runners and highly recommended.
Results from ...

(1  2h08:05 Tim Midgley, Horsforth Harriers)
33  2h28:11 Steve Turland
79  2h42:56 Will Buckton
94  2h46:53 Paul Stephens
145 3h14:00 Graham Arthur

Keighley Big K 10k, Sun 18 Mar

Results from

(1  35:59 Ryan Buck)
27  41:08 Rob Cunningham
121 47:11 Ed Bickerdike
132 47:34 Chris Cunningham
165 48:59 Christine Cox 1st F50
907 finished
Any more Harriers?  (Results did not include Club this year.) 

Wrap Up & Run Harewood 10k, Sun 18 Mar

Hilda Coulsey reports ... I ran in the first wrap up and run age uk race at Harewood, 10k on trails in the estate, 1500 starters apparently, lovely day but muddy in places. I came 1st FV55.

205 50:31 Nic Mellor
244 52:06 Hilda Coulsey  1st LV55
555 58:45 Stephanie Millward

Minchinhampton 10k, Sun 18th Mar

(1 33:16 Gary Hughes, Dursley & District AC)
35 47:26 John Fenwick
41 48:08 Martin Wright

British Masters Indoor Track Championships, Sat/Sun 17/18 Mar

Henry Heavisides reports ... I won a silver medal for 2nd place in the M55 3000m at the British Masters Indoor Track Championships at Lee Valley, London with a time of 10:41.93. I was a bit short of pace in the sprint finish as I was still level with the eventual winner with 100m to go. In the 1500m I finished 5th in 5:04.70.
The Indoor Championships are a really good event, over 2 days, with more than 600 athletes taking part. There were several new British, European & World records set with some very impressive performances. Competitors included former Olympic & Commonwealth medalists. They are open to all runners over the age of 35 & so it's a good opportunity for us 'average' club runners to compete alongside well known names in a championship event (even if they might have grey hair these days!).

Dales Way Relay, Sat 17 March

Now in its fifth year, this super social relay had nearly 40 Harriers taking part, on a super day organised by Andrew and Alison Benett. Click on these links for photos from Andrew Bennett, Paul Sugden, and Graham Weston.

Andrew's pictures

Lads Leap, Sat 17 Mar

Well done to Tom Adams, 5th in the first Fell Championship race of 2012 ... provisional results ...

(1 44:16 Simon Bailey, Mercia)
5  45:02 Tom Adams
73 52:41 Dave Wilby
94 54:13 Lee Morley
308 finished

(1   52:35 Emma Clayton, Bingley)
12   58:23 Tracey Greenway
18   60:05 Sally Morley
46   67:47 Alison Weston
82   76:01 Val Kerr
112 123:25 Lyn Eden

Alison's pictures

Hardmoors 55, Sat 17 Mar

From Brian Melia What an excellent event. It begins at Helmsley swimming pool going along the Cleveland way and takes in the White Horse on the Sutton Bank escarpment. It then courses over some excellent paths passing through Carlton Bank at 29 miles, then Wainstones 3 miles later and Roseberry topping at 47 miles with a great trail over Nab Cliff and Wood to finish in Alison Weston's home town of Guisborough. I was joint 11th(tbc) in 10hrs 6 mins. The checkpoints were well organized with plenty of food/drink also pleasingly the summit checkpoints had food and drink which although a novelty actually helped me later on as the miles ticked away. Quality event!! Incidentally there are Hardmoors 110 (yes miles!!), Hardmoors 30 and 60. Take a look especially if interested in UTMB qualifying events!!

English Schools XC, Sat 17 Mar

Ilkley juniors Sarah Pickering (Ilkley Grammar) and Georgia Malir (St. Mary's, Menston) ran for the West Yorkshire Schools team in the English Schools Cross Country championships at Iton, Somerset.

Parkruns, Sat 17 Mar

its not easy being green

John Marshall completed his 50th Parkrun, 114th at Leeds Hyde Park in 24:31

Adam Bennett, right, entered his first Parkrun, at York and finished 20th in 19:59; winning a prize for the best fancy dress - green for St Patricks day!

And at Harrogate Stray, Emma Barclay was 12th and 1st lady in 20:32

PECO XC, Danefield, Sun 11 Mar

A beautiful day for the final PECO XC League race, on an interesting new course at Danefield. Final results for the day and overall League results are now available at

6   Jack Wood
11  Martin Archer
14  Dave Wilby
44  Steve Coy
111 George Elmes
123 Andrew Jackson
127 Dougie Scarfe
172 Paul Sugden
179 Vince Gibbons
180 Andrew Bennett

19  Alison Bennett
37  Alison Ricci
45  Sue Morley
60  Sophie Brown
64  Gaenor Coy
85  Gemma Carpenter
93  Bernie Gibbons
99  Sue Williamson
107 Emma Payne
115 Kate Lofthouse
123 Julie Elmes
127 Lyn Eden

A good turnout of 15 red and green vests in the junior races, with Euan Brennan winning the 1 mile race.

Lots of photos on

Spen 20, Sun 11 Mar

From Steve Weston ... lovely day at the Spen 20, a hilly road race with 1100 feet of climbing. It starts at the track in Cleckheaton, goes out through Scholes, a loop over Hartshead moor before returning.
Slight confusion at the start as I thought the race started at 10.30, but everybody suddenly disappeared from the car park, so I ventured back to the track only to find that they'd already started and had just set off on a lap. I let the leaders go and then started my race approximately 40 seconds after everybody else! I spent the first 10 miles picking people off before settling into a rhythm. Pacing is difficult on a course like Spen because there are hardly any level bits, I tried to maintain a constant effort with pace fluctuating between 5.50 and 7.50 as we went up and down. In the end I had a good day finishing in 2.17.53 which will be a bit longer when the official results come out!

Results from ..

22 2:19:29 Steve Weston
38 2:26:15 Sally Malir 4th lady

Inter-Counties XC, Sat 10 Mar

Ilkley juniors Sarah Pickering U13 and Georgia Malir U17 represented Yorkshire in the Inter-Counties cross country championships at Cofton Park, Birmingham, their runs helping Yorkshire win the combined teams overall trophy.

Haworth Hobble/Wuthering Hike, Sat 10 Mar

Jez Hellewell reports ... a wild & wet morning/afternoon spent "hobbling" round the moors & towns around Haworth today. 32 miles of paths, trails, bogs & even some road sections (unfortunately). Didn't spot any Harriers as most people had their vests covered with waterproof jackets & my facial recognition is not good! I finished in 5.22 & ran with the winner of the 2010 Kabul Marathon!

(1  4:18:30 Duncan Harris, Chester Tri)
47  5:22:24 Jez Hellewell
70  5:39:48 Eddie Winslow
76  5:42:52 Helene Whitaker
223 7:19:54 Adela Reperecki & Debbie Lewis
275 8:52:50 Amanda Parnaby
271 ran

Trollers Trot, Sat 10 Mar

A host of Harriers on this, results from Runalong.

(1  3h01:43 Andrew Dobby)
19  3h41:50 Jann Smith 1st lady
44  4h07:10 Nigel Tapper
45  4h07:10 Jane McCarthy
46  4h07:15 Dick Waddington
59  4h13:00 John Hayes
89  4h32:30 Nicky Jaquiery
90  4h32:30 Alison Eagle
91  4h32:30 Clare Smith
92  4h32:30 Neil Smith
100 4h37:00 John Coates
110 4h40:00 Helen Horton
111 4h40:00 Andrew Merrick
137 4h49:00 Sharon Meadows
138 4h49:00 Elizabeth Price
164 5h06    Martin Wright
?   5h15?   Abi Bailey
177 5h16    Sue Bickerdike
266 6h55    Mark Kerr
274 7h12    Rebecca Moores
317 finished

Windmill Whizz, Sat 10 Mar

Paul Stephens reports ... Prizes galore for Harriers at this morning's Windmill Whizz over at Ogden Water. As well as Tom Adams having a comfortable win, Jack Wood was 4th and Martin Archer 11th (I think). And this meant the men's team prize. Rebecca Mon-Williams won the ladies V40 category, Alison Bennett the ladies V50, and together with Val Kerr, they picked up the ladies team prize. I won a spot prize! Andrew Bennett and Mark Mon-Williams were the other Harriers running. It was mild but windy, and luckily the wind was to the side and behind on the long road section uphill and around the side of the hill. A long fast descent from the top back to the finish, and for a change I only lost one place on the downhill. It was my fourth Whizz and apart from a fluke result back in 2009 when many people went the wrong way, I've had consistent results. 40th, 38th and this year 39th, out of a field of around 100. A nice little race. Full results from

1   37:20 Tom Adams
4   41:04 Jack Wood
11  42:24 Martin Archer
25  45:53 Mark Mon-Williams
39  50:19 Paul Stephens
49  51:37 Rebecca Mon-Williams
50  51:56 Alison Bennett
94  58:15 Val Kerr
108 68:15 Andrew Bennett
111 finished

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 10 Mar

60 teams (of 3) took part in today's relay races at Nell Bank, the grand finale of the League season with the presentation of League awards afterwards. Results on the junior pages.

Dent 14 Sat 10 Mar

151 1:56:15 Crispian Batstone
258 2:10:55 John Marshall

Parkruns, Sat 10 Mar

Harrogate Stray
23 21:09 Dave Tait

Leeds Hyde Park
114 24:11 Hilda Coulsey  1st Parkrun

Alternative Training Sessions

Starting this week, there are two alternative training sessions on offer.
A new Monday session for beginners/improvers is a warm-up, run, and strength training session.
A new Friday session is an outdoor strength training/core/stability workout.
Details on both these on the forums

Trimpell 20, Sun 4 March

Jane Bryant reports ... I went over to a cold Lancaster for this 20 miler. It was a small field of 350ish would be marathoners. It's a well organized, low-key race with good facilities. The route is flat along the River Lune and therefore fast with the fast boys finishing in well under 2hrs, I ran to my planned marathon pace and finished in a sedate 2hrs 36mins. Would definitely do it again, should the need arise!!

Dewsbury 10k, Sun 4 March

Mark Iley reports ... A small and select group ventured out at the crack of dawn for this classic road race, rearranged because of the snow on the earlier date of 5th Feb.
Conditions were ideal for running, on this almost flat course, it was cold and with an annoying drizzle but no wind to hamper. Only 48 seconds separated the first four runners, good grouping! Mark Iley coming in a rare first Harrier, closely followed by Sally Morley, with David Brown, coming back to form next and Andy (PB) Sheldon coming in fourth, but importantly best of the bunch with a PB by 1min 1 sec from his Abbey Dash time from Nove last year! Well done Andy. Wendy Newell and Janet Smith also ran and came in with credible times. All this and back in Ilkley by 11.15 !

(1  29:58 Matthew Bowser, Lincoln Wellington AC)
83  38:26 Mark Iley
87  38:36 Sally Morley
94  39:03 David Brown
101 39:14 Andrew Sheldon PB
459 54:35 Wendy Newell
480 55:53 Janet Smith
586 finished

Andrew Sheldon adds ... Chatting to other runners we agreed this is an excellent track, although the field was much reduced due to the re-scheduled date. Personally very pleased to PB by just over a minute, big thanks to Pete Shields Carnegie sessions and Jane and Mike's Thursday speed sessions.

Southport 10k, Sun 4 March

(1  35:00 David Hamilton, Southport Waterloo AC)
59  47:28 Martin Wright

YVAA Grand Prix race 2, Sun 4 March

Results from

Ladies race
49 56:05 Emma Payne

Men's race
85 45:40 Phil Hirst

Black Combe fell race, Sat 3 March

A number of Harriers had a taste of their first AM (Category A, Medium length) fell race with this 8 mile toughie with 3400' of climb. The race started in blazing sunshine, peppered the runners with 20mph hailstones on top, and gently baked the runners on the second big climb. This was part of the Ilkley Harriers 'away weekend' organised by Mark & Rebecca Mon-Williams, a great social experience, and I think it's safe to say that some of us may not have had the nerve to enter a race like this otherwise.
Bob offers a super review of the race and an outstanding photo (taken during his race!) here. Lots more photos on Facebook, and see Ken's photos here.
Results from Black Combe Runners ...

(1  1:07:15 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
24  1:19:28 Jack Wood
43  1:25:51 Mark Mon-Williams
81  1:36:01 Justin Phillips
95  1:40:13 Alison Weston 2nd LV40
132 1:48:36 Kelly Harrison
141 1:50:40 Bob Hamilton
152 1:53:12 Simon Darley
172 2:04:08 Paul Wood
181 2:10:55 Nikos Georgiadis
190 2:22:52 Amanda Newham
193 2:35:46 Rhiannon Turner
194 2:35:47 Alison Bennett
195 2:35:50 Rebecca Mon-Williams
196 2:35:55 Val Kerr
197 finished

Parkruns, Sat 3 Mar

Harrogate Stray
10 20:10 Emma Barclay
54 24:37 Sue Morley

Middlesborough Albert Park
116 23:50 John Marshall

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 3 Mar

This time it was the turn of All Saints Primary School to organise a race and it was another superb event, with Ilkley Harriers there helping with the organisation and of course as parents and supporters for all the super little runners, over 450 of them! Results on the junior pages.

Older News, February 2012

Harrier of the Month, February

Nominations were:
sponsors Jann Smith, Rombalds Stride result
Christine Cox, Great NW Half in 1h45, a PB by 5 minutes
Andy Jackson, Rombalds Stride, PECO XC performances, and improvement in the last year
Peter Shields, Rombalds Stride and commitment to training for others and himself in his 65th year
Tom Adams, winner at Ilkley Moor fell race, and PECO XC
Nikos Georgiadis, for showing great enthusiasm for the club and encouraging beginners by setting up new training sessions
Paul & Shirley Wood, for organising the Ilkley Moor fell races

The HoM awards went to Tom Adams and Christine Cox. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

The Committee also made an "Outstanding Achievement" award to Tom Adams for these race wins in aadition to earlier ones.

Ilkley Moor fell race, Sun 26 Feb

Thank you to the very many Harriers who helped stage the fell race.
The results and plenty of photos are here (junior results available here).
There were strong performances from Ilkley runners: Tom Adams winning in a very fast time; the ladies' team winning for the 6th time in succession; and the men's team missing out on victory by just one point ...

Dave Woodhead photos available soon ...
1   36:18 Tom Adams
10  41:14 Lee Morley
14  41:58 Dave Wilby
17  42:41 Jack Wood
23  43:16 Martin Archer
33  44:54 Ralph Tench
36  45:24 Dave Cummings
44  46:28 Jamie Hutchinson
55  48:04 Richard Joel
57  48:20 Sally Morley
62  48:54 Mike Baldwin
69  49:32 Emma Barclay
73  49:45 Alistair Barlow
80  50:24 Bob Hamilton
97  51:47 Kate Archer
106 52:37 Dan Hill
107 52:46 John Hayes
113 53:24 Chris Oxlade
119 53:48 Will Buckton
121 53:52 Alison Weston
124 54:07 Jann Smith
151 57:16 David Howe
154 58:12 John Coates
159 58:29 Sue Booth 
164 58:52 Ben Swinton
185 61:05 Adam Swinton
187 61:12 Andrew Jackson
211 64:43 Sue Morley
212 63:44 John Pickering
215 64:59 Sophie Brown
221 66:05 Jim Towers
225 66:38 Sharon Meadows
231 68:06 Gemma Carpenter
239 69:24 Andrew Bennett
255 83:38 Lyn Eden

Great North West Half Marathon, Blackpool, Sun 26 Feb

Chris Cunningham reports ... that the amazing Mrs Cox knocked 6 mins plus off previous PB and was second in her category! I managed a new PB too by a more modest 2 and a half mins. Results from

78  1:26:44 Rob Cunningham
365 1:42:19 Chris Cunningham PB
456 1:45:12 Christine Cox  PB

Snake Lane 10, Sun 26 Feb

Steve Weston reports ... Lovely run today around the Wolds north of Pocklington for the Snake Lane 10. An undulating course with a few testing drags. The Snake of the title is on the second half of the course and is a winding road on a plain so you can easily see runners ahead of you going this way and that.
There was a false start and we all set off only to be recalled and set off a few minutes later. Unfortunately I was in a much worse position for the 2nd start and spent the first mile getting upto pace and picking off runners..
Results from

(1    50:28 Andy Norman, Altrincham)
30    59:31 Steve Weston PB
412 1:21:29 John Fenwick

National XC, Sat 25 Feb

A few words from pete Shields ... A small group of Harriers and their supporters attended the National Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath, London yesterday. This was the 125th running of the event, which has really encapsulated English athletics throughout this period. The National pre-dates all the big road races that have sprung up since the early eighties. Following the last war every February or March Pathe News or black and white tv would show on the cinema screens or 12 inch tv sets: 2000 plus eccentric people running in shorts and vests in rain and snow through mud and mud. It was the only time such large athletic groups got together, as it was very rare you saw people running the streets like we do today.
The National was held in such high esteem by athletes then that if asked what their highest achievement would be, they would say to win the 'National'above all else, I had my dreams about that as no doubt Malcolm Pickering did. With the growth of running the race has lost a little of its kudos but it is still up there as Saturday's event showed, there were 1800 male runners in the senior race and well over 600 in the ladies race plus all the junior events. It is a fabulous event that attracts thousands of people to spectate, it is a real celebration of running and extremely well organised.
The weather for this years event was very kind and un-seasonally warm, this made the going firm in places, although it would not be the race it is without there being some mud! I noticed the ice cream van that pulled into the park was never without a long queue the whole day its owner probably having to be kept in a darkened room now!
If you have never been to a National the start of the men's senior race is always the highlight, mainly because of the numbers that run. The Parliament Hill Fields start is extra special because it is a long uphill start and the crowds congregate here in their thousands to cheer the runners on. There is always a great silence before the gun goes, once it does the place erupts but then goes silent and all you hear are the thousands of feet thudding the floor its like a cavalry charge with horses, the noise is phenomenol and a true highlight in the athletics calendar the atmoshere certainly gets charged.
Parliament Hill Fields was a good choice for this years anniversary race, everyone likes the place the vista over London is fabulous where you see everything from Canary Wharfe through to St Paul's Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Shard to the BT Tower, a real theatre of dreams. The course is 12km long comprising two laps for the senior mens race, hard with several hills to contend with. In previous visits to this course you have had to deal with mud up to your arm pits, this year there has been a dearth of water falling on London so it did make the going a little better but there were odd spots that just reminded you of races gone by.
Elizabeth Westhead was the first Ilkley Harrier to run, she was in the under 13 girls race. It was a very big field and as with all the races very competetive she handled the occasion very well finishing in 289th position with a time of 15:14. We had two boys in the boys under 13 race, their race came late in the programe, so they had to deal with their nerves for quite a long time. Euan Brennan ran exceptionally well finishing in 226th position in a time of 13:06, Frances Westhead finished in 163rd position, looking very strong throughout in a time of 12:41. The Westhead and Brennan families were there in numbers to support their charges and it was fabulous to hear Ilkley's name being shouted out at a junior level, I just hope these athletes get a little something from the experience and it bring's them back to it next year.
Sadly there were no senior ladies to cheer on but what was interesting was that the lady winner of our fell race this Sunday, Emma Clayton ran and finished in 14th place in a real Olympic field. She looked so easy at the fell race following that effort? Dave Westhead and Peter Shields were are two entries in the senior race. This being the culmination of a great x/c season for Dave and he did not let us down: he was placed 653 in a time of 47:16, that position in such a high quality field was fantastic. Peter besides loving the event had other reasons to run he is 65 next Friday and he saw this as his last opportunity to run as a young man before his pension drops through the door! He certainly had a better second lap than the first finishing in a rather faster time of 59:08 than he wanted to; being that Sheila his wife and life coach! was 300 mtrs from the finish giving him some of the verbal motivation that he has subjected many of the Ilkley Athletes too over the years, those last 300mtrs were done in 44 secs! The support on the course from the Ilkley contingent was fab and a real lift but it was also nice to get support from many people seeing the Ilkley name then connecting with it and shouting us on. A final touch to the day was all finishers were given a special pin to celebrate the races 125th running. The national used to close the domestic x/c season, not so these days we have one more to run and it could not be closer to our base, Otley.... hope to see all of you there. Once again thanks to Malcolm and Di for their organization.

From David Westhead: a lovely sunny day with near perfect running conditions. The drought in the South East was obvious but there was still enough mud to keep you concentrating. The course was a classic, undulating and grassy cross country with spectacular views of London from the top of hill. Ilkley was represented by the small contingent of Pete Shields and Dave Westhead, with Euan Brennan and Francis Westhead in the U13 boys (both only just 11!) and Elizabeth Westhead in the U13 girls. We all had good runs. For the senior men 1688 finished the race and the start line was the length of a football pitch. I started too far back and as the course narrowed quite soon after the start I quickly got caught up in slow moving traffic which took nearly 5km to clear. After that I was working my way up the field all the way and it was an enjoyable run. Finishing places and times below.

Senior men (12k)
653 Dave Westhead 47:16
1457 Pete Shields 59:08

U13 Girls (3k)
289 Elizabeth Westhead 15:14

U13 boys
163 Francis Westhead 12:41
226 Euan Brennan 13:06

High Cup Nick fell race, Sat 25 Feb

Ian Rowbotham was 21st, and 1st V50, in 1h13:17

Parkruns, Sat 25 Feb

Bradford Lister Park
9  20:01 Paul O'Looney
26 21:49 Richard Morris

Harrogate Stray
57 23:41 Jim Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
119 24:44 John Marshall

PECO XC, Sun 19 Feb

A reet good turnout for what was a fabulous event at Golden Acre Park. Tom Adams won by a good margin, Euan Brennan won the 1 mile race, and there were many other good Harriers results. Word is the new start makes the course 5.6 miles.
Results from ...

1   Tom Adams
15  Jack Wood
36  Dave Cummings
40  Steve Coy
52  Justin Phillips
132 George Elmes
134 Neil Chapman
139 Dougie Scarfe
146 Pete Shields
151 Andy Jackson
170 Jim Towers
171 Paul Wood
182 Mike Picken
195 David Green
201 Peter Lewis
202 Don Macrae
209 Andrew Bennett
4th team, 9th Vet team

5   Emma Barclay
8   Caz Farrow
25  Allison Bennett
60  Allison Ricci
71  Sue Morley
72  Sue Bickerdike
76  Lyn Donahue
88  Gaenor Coy
121 Emma Payne
125 Sue Williamson
129 Kate Lofthouse
142 Julie Elmes
145 Lyn Eden
1st team in the First Division, 1st Vet team

14 juniors raced, results here, then enthusiastically supported the senior race.

The next PECO Xc race is at Otley Chevin on 11th March.

Harriet 'Spielberg' Jackson's video ...

Woodman Point 10k, Sun 19 Feb

Henry Heavisides, our Antipdean correspondent, reports ... I ran the Woodman Point 10k this morning organised by Western Australia Masters Athletics. It was already 25 degrees for the 7am start. There were 5k & 10k options on paths through the sand dunes alongside the Indian Ocean. The 10k was 2 laps of the 5k course. In total about 60 people ran the two races (both starting at the same time). I finished 2nd in 40:06, 15 seconds behind the winner.

Parkruns, Sat 18 Feb

Harrogate Stray
14  22:03 Dave Tait
54  26:06 Jim Towers
114 31:38 Lyn Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
126 24:40 John Marshall

YVAA Grand Prix event 1, Sun 12 Feb

5 Harriers turned out for this first race in the YVAA Grand Prix, results and photos on

20  33:47 Dave Cummings
37  34:52 Mark Iley
105 42:46 Phil Hirst
107 42:58 Jim Towers

Ladies race
72  57:18 Lyn Eden

Liversedge Half Marathon, Sun 12 Feb

Sally Malir was 67th in 92:32, 1st F45 - results link.

Wadsworth Trog, Sat 11 Feb

Alison Weston says ... I will never complain about mud again!
It was exciting conditions for this year's Trog and we all found out the hard way not to trust our feet on anything that wasn't green or white. All mud, tarmac, stones and stiles were covered with a lethal layer of ice and only those wearing the fell-shoe crampons (can't remember the proper name!) made quick progress.
Jamie did amazing after running Rombalds last week too and Brian ran most of the race with a dislocated finger!! They both had to wait a good while for me who was much slower and struggling to find the penultimate check point 13 (and it wasn't even misty!)
Results from ...

(1 2:47:01 James Logue, CVFR)
35 3:35:36 Jamie Hutchinson
43 3:42:31 Brian Melia
58 4:10:12 Alison Weston 6th lady
123 finishers

We have the first few photos from Dave Woodhead (more later) here, featuring ladies fell captain Alison out for a chilly 20-mile 'trog'.

Parkrun, Sat 11 Feb

Quite a few Ilkley runners at Harrogate Stray ...

4  19:04 Steve Coy
11 20:23 Emma Barclay  1st lady
16 21:02 George Elmes
25 22:02 Dave Tait
45 23:35 Dominic Coy
52 24:03 Jim Towers
89 27:11 Nathan Coy

WA Masters evening track meeting, Thu 9 Feb

Henry Heavisides reports from the ... Western Australia Masters Athletics organise weekly track meetings in Perth. The conditions were very different to our normal sessions at Carnegie track with the temperature almost 40 degrees and no snow. In the 800m there were about 25 runners who took part (in 3 separate heats), I recorded the 4th fastest time overall with 2:35.0. A similar number took part in the 3000m, all in one race, I finished 2nd in 10:51.4
There were no monkeys on the track today (or kangaroos), but birds which looked like parrots were flying around.

Macritchie 5k, Singapore, Sun 5 Feb

Henry Heavisides reports ... no snow or ice here, although hazards in this 5k trail race through the rain forest included 34 degree temperatures, 100% humidity and monkeys on the path. Not a course for a PB, but I finished 8th out of about 100 runners in 20:08. If you're ever in Singapore, the Macritchie Runners organise races in the forest the first Sunday of every month.

Rombalds Stride, Sat 4 Feb

From Clare Smith ... Excellent conditions for running led to some great finish times on the Rombalds Stride, including Graham Pearce who won in 2hrs 27 mins. (A record time. It's Graham's 4th win in a row, getting faster every year, and 8 mins clear of 2nd place this year. Paul)

See Paul Sugden's photos on Facebook and Flickr


Rombalds photo: Paul Sugden, more on Flickr
1   2:27:05 Graham Pearce, P&B
3   2:40:00 Lee Morley
7   2:52:56 Dave Wilby
9   2:59:11 Mark Mon-Williams
14  3:02:37 Ralph Tench
17  3:05:34 Jez Hellewell
24  3:10:37 Jamie Hutchinson
27  3:12:57 Derek Fuller
30  3:16:01 Dave Cummings
31  3:17:41 Jann Smith   3rd lady
40  3:19:13 Dick Waddington
42  3:21:06 Kate Archer
44  3:21:06 Ben Sheppard
57  3:30:22 Helene Whitaker
71  3:34:21 John Hayes
72  3:35:05 Rebecca Mon-Williams
73  3:35:05 Jane McCarthy
83  3:39:58 Paul Stephens
86  3:42:35 Peter Shields 1st Vet 60
87  3:43:11 Will Buckton
89  3:43:50 Alison Bennett   PB by 39 mins
96  3:48:19 Nigel Tapper
97  3:48:42 Clare Smith
98  3:48:42 Neil Smith
102 3:51:41 Nikos Georgiadis
103 3:51:41 Alison Eagle
110 3:54:42 Chris Oxlade
114 3:55:51 Joyce Marshall
121 3:59:11 Keith Wood
127 4:04:51 Dave Taylor
128 4:04:51 Neil Chapman
130 4:07:25 John Coates
132 4:11:38 Sharon Meadows
134 4:11:38 Adela Reperecki
138 4:13:03 Debbie Lewis
148 4:17:13 Helen Horton
149 4:17:13 Andrew Merrick
175 4:31:19 Bridget Doherty
177 4:35:13 Abigail Bailey
178 4:35:13 Sue Bickerdike
179 4:35:13 Liz Price
187 4:44:52 Andrew Jackson
188 4:44:52 Sophie Brown
193 4:44:52 Dave Ibbotson
197 4:46:13 Brenda Ogden
214 5:00:01 Rebecca Picken
215 5:00:01 Mike Picken
216 5:02:32 Gaenor Coy
220 5:04:50 Sarah Hayes
222 5:05:55 Lynn Donahue
226 5:07:13 John Tate
230 5:08:10 Sheena Pickersgill
237 5:18:22 Andrew Bennett  PB 19 mins
254 5:49:35 Amanda Parnaby
264 5:53:52 Emma Payne
276 6:00:02 Rebecca Moores
305 6:28:44 Sue Stevens
403 8:10:29 Rachel Hagan
404 8:10:29 Rachel Websdale

This was a counter in the IH Race League.

From Sue Bickerdike... My Mum came round on Sunday. Not usually newsworthy, but it prompted a moment. "Well, I wasn't expecting snow," she said. "I was." "Really?" "Yes, it's Rombalds Stride weekend, it always snows."
Such a simple conversation, conducted so glibly and without hesitation or pre-amble that it got me thinking. Does it always snow on Rombalds Stride weekend? Is it always boiling hot for the Bradford Millenium Way? Is it always a balmy evening for the Bingley St Ives Mob Match? Do midges ever die?
The answer to all these questions apart from the one that we want to be in the affirmative is yes.
This is what I love about running. It's constancy. It will snow at Rombalds. It will be hot for BMW. It will be a beautiful evening for the Mob Match. And if midges did Jane's speed session they wouldn't die, they'd just push for the line and be too tired to eat anyone.
Now, you all know me. I don't do hills. I don't do weather. I don't do early starts on a weekend. I don't do cold. I don't do long. I don't do ice. I certainly don't do mini glacier- inspired ruts set at a shoe size of 4 1/2 to ensnare your unsuspecting foot and trap it at such an angle that your big toe is wrenched from the rest of your being.
So how come over the last few months I've done all of these? I don't know. Looking back, I've spent every weekend either running up a hill in snow, skating down a hill in snow, running up a hill into a force 160 million mile/hr hail-filled head wind, or marvelling at the fact that I'm still alive. And yet I still do it.
I suppose it's pay-back. It's knowing that for every minute spent running gives you two in the pub. It's knowing that someone faster than you will have got to the pub and ordered emergency chips. It's knowing that deep down it's good for you. It's that feeling of satisfaction that you've done it, maybe not fast enough to have won, but you've beaten your inner demons that tell you it's duvet time. It's not letting your running pals down. It's knowing that somewhere, someone will take a photo of you looking rubbish.
Running is all things to all people. For me, it's the cameraderie, having a laugh, the chips and the wine. Once we get this horrible 3 peaks thing out the way we can concentrate on the fun stuff, the stuff where we don't have to wear multiple layers, where we don't risk our lives, where we only have to run 5 miles ...
And it will be sunny.

Peter Shields says ... what a great start to the year for all the Ilkley Harriers who competed in the Rombalds Stride. This is a really well run event, that first and foremost looks after its competitors and I'm sure all that were there would agree. A great event with a super atmosphere, created from the moment you walk into the race headquarters until you've eaten the meal they provide when you have finished. We can all learn a little more about how to put on a top ranking event from their example. As for the Ilkley athletes (of which there seemed to be the whole club there!) they certainly stepped up to the plate in effort and overall performance. We have real depth of talent in the club and whether this event was a training run or competitive attempt let's build on this and take it into our future events. Firstly there is the PECO X/C which is begging for a good Ilkley turnout to raise our points total for the league. There is also the Harrogate league to compete for and now with a good endurance base, adding a little quality will bring lots of benefits.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 4 Feb

Some 450 Primary School children enjoyed the races at Ashlands, with some very competitive runners! Race results ad League updates on the junior site

Parkruns, Sat 4 Feb

Harrogate Stray
15  20:15 Emma Barclay 1st lady
27  22:01 Dave Tait
41  23:55 Jim Towers
106 31:15 Lyn Towers

Leeds Hyde Park
102 24:04 John Marshall
194 28L17 Linda Marshall

Older News, January 2012

Harrier of the Month, January

Nominations were:
sponsors Tom Adams for his Stanbury Splash beating Rob Jebb, the best ever result by a male IH fell runner? Also for his 1st place at the Peco, results at Yorkshire and Northern XC and 2nd place on New Year's day in Gloucestershire.
Dave Westhead for his performance in the Yorkshire & Northern XC
Kate Archer for tremendous results in Jan
Nigel Tapper, who has led groups on a Tuesday and organised reccies of the 3 peaks and Rombalds Stride and has been totally inclusive of abilities, age and number of legs - Betty and Bailey have been accommodated at all times. "He is very encouraging and is dragging all of us reluctant fell runners towards the hardest race we will ever do - the 3 peaks." It's not just the organising but the encouraging texts through the week, the words of solace when we are crying with cold and his general good nature that makes him a fab 'motley crew' leader.
Steve Coy for his Saturday coaching programme and PECO results.
Sue Bickerdyke for her enthusiasm, participation, and encouragement of others.

The HoM awards went to Nigel Tapper and Kate Archer. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Tigger Tor fell race, Sun 29 Jan

Report from Alison Weston ... A lovely fell race from outskirts of Sheffield organised by Totley Athletics club running over Burbage Edges and on to Tigger Tor. Despite the cold weather the ground was very wet and muddy but the good views of Derbyshire made up for it!! 10 miles.

(1   1h08 Fred Slemeck, P&B)
167  1h34 Alison Weston (3rd LV40)

Northern XC, Sat 28 Jan

Peter Shields reports ... The Northern Counties X/C were held at Pontefract race course this year on a course that in horse racing parlance would be termed good to firm. In fact the venue was superb, the course was fast, the weather was great and the competition as good as you can get re athletic clubs. The juniors started the race programme off and all who competed under the Ilkley colours did the club proud, which must give all those that coach and support them a real boost to see the fruition of the work they put in, as a people watcher I was quite moved by their support and obvious pride in the way their athletes performed.
The adults were equally youthful in their approach and commitment to the event and it was great to be part of it, for those of you who have not tried x/c as part of your running you should, not only for the athletic benefits you gain but also the comradeship it brings. The ladies got a team out, Di Haggar in the middle of a hard training regime for the three peaks ran really well as did Kate Archer who is running the Rombalds Stride next Saturday. They were ably supported by Sue Morley and Lyn Eden. I have to give a big well done to Di who has organised the ladies this year while house moving and getting that extra training in for the 3 PPP's and also to Sue Morley who has turned up for all the x/c events and worn the club colours with pride. The men were well represented by Tom Adams, Dave Wilby, Dave Westhead who has had an excellent season, Jim Ryder, Mark Iley, Peter Shields, a team counter for the first time in fifteen years, Jim Towers and Eric Morley. A bit of a traditionalist as I am, when I was at 59 years ago school x/c was called a paper chase, to long to explain but look at the history books!, try to get involved it really is good fun, it might get a bit wet and muddy but the benefits outweigh all that. Your next opportunity is the PECO event at Golden Acre Park on 19 Feb, a great starting point if you have not tried it. A final thanks to Malcolm Pickering for getting the men together.

Nic Mellor has spotted some good coverage on the athleticos web site.

Results from Northern Athletics

Senior men
48  43:14 Tom Adams
224 49:01 Dave Wilby
261 49:57 David Westhead
271 50:10 Jim Ryder
370 52:44 Mark Iley
596 61:47 Peter Shields
659 67:13 Jim Towers
664 66:10 Eric Morley
27th team

Senior women
70  36:49 Diane Haggar
80  37:45 Kate Archer
175 43:43 Sue Morley
232 58:40 Lyn Eden
17th team

U17 women
6 18:04 Georgia Malir

U15 boys
122 18:17 Thomas Kerr
123 18:18 Ruaridh Mon-Williams

U15 girls
48 19:04 Lucy Williamson

U13 boys
82  12:52 Francis Westhead
105 13:19 Tom Cross
135 13:45 James Pickering

U13 girls
8   12:25 Sarah Pickering
48  13:32 Lucy Haines
73  13:53 Zoe Judkowski
82  14:04 Josie Clarke
101 14:36 Elizabeth Westhead
110 14:49 Lucy Jacques
149 15:52 Alessandra Ricci
152 16:02 Jessica Burgess
7th team

Parkrun 5k's, Sat 28 Jan

Harrogate Stray
24 22:49 Dave Tait

Leeds Hyde Park
114 24:05 John Marshall

Presentation Evening, Fri 27 Jan

This year's event was bigger and better than ever with a great crowd enjoying the evening at Ilkley Rugby Club with a hot buffet; the presentation of the Sports Leaders Awards to 13 of our younger members; the presentation of Annual Awards and Harriers Race League winners (below) for 2011; outstanding live music from Five$Shoes; the biggest Club raffle ever with masses of prizes including a weekend in a holiday cottage in Northumberland (see, 2 good tickets to Opera North's new production of Carousel, running prizes from Complete Runner and Dobson & Robinson; and finally more live music from Five$Shoes and dancing late into the night. See the photos.

click for photos

Ilkley Harriers Awards for 2011

AwardWinnerOther nominees
Best Runner, MaleTom AdamsDave Wilby, Jamie Hutchinson, David Westhead, Martin Archer
Best Runner, FemaleSally MorleyEmma Barclay, Tracey Greenway, Jane Bryant, Helene Whitaker
Most Improved Runner, MaleAndrew MerrickDave Cummings, David Westhead, Andrew Jackson
Most Improved Runner, FemaleJann SmithRebecca Mon-Williams, Christine Cox, Diane Haggar, Helen Thurston
Best Endurance Runner, MaleDave WilbyMartin Wright, Jez Hellewell, Brian Melia, Paul Sowden, Eddie Winslow, Stuart Pitches, Neil Smith, Morgan Willliams
Best Endurance Runner, FemaleHelene WhitakerNicky Jaquiery, Sharon Meadows, Rebecca Mon-Williams, Sally Malir
Best Runner, Under 23, MaleJack WoodHector Haines, Alexander Sinclair
Best Runner, Under 23, FemaleFlorence Haines 
Contribution to the club, MaleNeil ChapmanPaul Wood, Peter Shields, Vic Verecondi, Richard Reeve, Andrew Bennett
Contribution to the club, FemaleShirley WoodAlison Bennett, Chris Matthews, Abigail Bailey
Captains' Award, MaleMalcolm PickeringMark Mon-Williams, Vince Gibbons, Paul Wood
Captains' Award, FemaleBernie GibbonsEmma Barclay, Alison Bennett, Rebecca Mon-Williams, Lyn Eden

Ilkley Harriers Running League 2011

League Champions

Overall: Mark Mon-Williams
Road: Andrew Merrick
Fell: Mark Mon-Williams
Trail/XC: Mark Mon-Williams

The final results of the 2011 League are here: PDF format or MS Excel format.

The dates for the 2012 League are available on the League page.

Soreen Stanbury Splash, Sun 22 Jan

Another very windy race, and some brave performances from the 13 juniors who had the worst of the weather. In the senior race, Tom had a good win over Bingley's Rob Jebb, and Jann reports that our ladies won the team prize. Photos and results on ...

1   45:45 Tom Adams
(2  45:55 Rob Jebb, Bingley
3   46:13 Graham Pearce, P&B, 2nd claim Ilkley)
22  51:40 Lee Morley
82  59:16 Toni Melechi
87  59:40 Richard Joel
107 62:06 Kate Archer
123 63:04 Mike Baldwin
148 64:53 Helen Thurston
154 65:28 Jann Smith
174 67:12 Alison Weston
180 67:35 George Elmes
294 77:30 Sue Morley
330 83:23 Gemma Carpenter
348 87:28 David Green
369 finished

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, Sun 22 Jan

Heavisides Henry reports ... the very strong winds made for a tough Brass Monkey race, with most of us were several minutes slower than we would normally expect on this course. Steve Weston was the fastest Ilkley Harrier, with Jonathan Sinclair not far behind. I did manage to get a prize for 2nd M55, so at least there was some reward for the hard work on the day.
Results from ...

(1   1h06:42 Yared Hagus, Wallsend Harriers & AC)
77   1h23:12 Steve Weston
85   1h23:55 Jonathan Sinclair
140  1h26:10 Justin Phillips
151  1h26:53 John Atkinson
222  1h29:38 Henry Heavisides
346  1h32:26 Rob Cunningham
399  1h34:05 Steve Newell
428  1h35:45 Jane Bryant
435  1h35:03 Adrian Bastow
634  1h41:39 Peter Shields
833  1h46:34 Chris Cunningham
1578 2h13:51 Michael Picken
1683 finished

Parkruns, Sat 21 Jan

Leeds Hyde Park
79  24:26 John Marshall

Harrogate Stray (new)
33 24:29 Jim Towers
93 31:29 Lyn Towers

PECO XC 3, Temple Newsam, Sun 15 Jan

Results (unofficial times) from

click for photos
1   26:24 Tom Adams
27  30:24 Jamie Hutchinson
41  31:30 Steve Coy
137 36:26 Ben Joynson
170 39:07 Andy Jackson
194 41:13 Paul Wood
200 41:50 Jim Towers
226 45:01 Eric Morley
229 45:36 David Green
244 48:15 Don Macrae
269 finished
5th team

31  38:55 Kelly Harrison
65  43:41 Sue Morley
85  46:13 Gaenor Coy
99  47:53 Gemma Carpenter
136 51:39 Kate Lofthouse
148 54:51 Lyn Eden
151 55:12 Julie Elmes
162 finished
5th team

Some great junior results including a win for Euan Brennan in the 8-10yrs race,

This was the final counter in the 2011 Harriers Race League (in place of PECO 2) - calcs here soon ...

Tod MMM, Sun 15 Jan

Graham Arthur reports ... Phil Hodgson and Tod Harriers organised the extremely pleasant Tod Mini Mountain Marathon on Sunday. This is a 3-hour score event, and the controls were scattered around the moors and countryside to the NW of Todmorden. Freezing crystal clear sunny weather all day meant that navigation should never have been a problem. However, there were some prominent new walls which were not on the map, several non-existent walls (and many tracks) which were on the map, and a very helpful ‘beautiful' line of pylons which often aided orientation. An excellent little local event and great fun – about 70 competitors I think. Did not even notice that most of my route was in Lancashire until later. Still, the hot soup and sandwiches made up for that.

Country to Capital 45 Miles Trail Run, Sat 14 Jan

Sharon Meadows reports ... What a beautiful day. Very lucky with the weather, crisp blue skies but a bit chilly to start at -6.5, couldn't talk much for the first hour as my face was frozen. This was a Go Beyond event and so very well organised. The race started from Wendover, Buckinghamshire and for the first half went over the Chilterns, so some very pretty views (but not as good as Yorkshire) and then onto the Grand Union Canal for the second half which was not quite as inspiring. Due to the flatness of the second half my running pals and I had an 8/2 strategy (8 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk and eat), which worked well. Was a lovely day out but a long way to go for a race unless you are making a weekend out of it.
1st Male 5.22 hours
1st Female 6.49 hours
Me 8.30 hours

Leeds Hyde Park Parkrun, Sat 14 Jan

Will Buckton was 29th in 20:21

Harrier of the Month, December

Nominations were:
sponsors Gemma Carpenter: new(ish) member but has shown great commitment in turning up to races throughout the year and has shown improvement over 2011. Good results in Dec include WYXC, Stoop, and Giants Tooth
David Westhead: 1st Harrier at WYXC Wayfield, and overall V40 Champ
Norman Bush: 4 good race results incl V70 record Stoop and 1st V70 at Auld Lang Syne Hector Haines: 4th at Chevin Chase
Lee Morley: Whinberry Naze and Cowm Reservoir race wins and good results at Auld Lang Syne

The HoM awards went to Norman Bush and Lee Morley. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Yorkshire XC Championships, Sat 7 Jan

Knobbly Knees

Diane Haggar reports ... A great result from the ladies today. Thankfully the weather was dry albeit very windy. The courses were rerouted due to muddy conditions. On the day there seemed very little mud, in fact I've never finished a mid winter race cleaner!! Having taken 3rd in the Complete Runner WY League the ladies were keen to maintain their standing. With solid runs from Sally, Diane and Emma backed up yet again by the ever improving Helen we took 4th in relation to the other CR league clubs, due to Bingley bringing out their top runners. Overall a really pleasing season, next year we have Holmfirth and Leeds City to aim at!!

Results from the Northern Athletics web site are ...

22  38:12 Tom Adams
76  42:08 David Westhead
78  42:14 Jim Ryder
89  42:53 Dave Wilby
133 45:26 Mark Iley
134 45:28 Nick Pearce
153 46:47 Mark Mon-Williams
212 55:18 Pete Shields
9th team

15  22:47 Sally Morley
38  24:01 Diane Haggar
40  24:10 Emma Barclay
57  25:24 Helen Thurston
89  27:37 Florence Haines
107 30:09 Sue Morley
7th team

Some superb junior results including 3rd U17 Georgia Malir, Georgia and Sarah Pickering earning Yorkshire selection for the forthcoming inter-regionals, 4th GU13 team (and 8th and 10th teams!), and many more.

Lots of photos on

Ovenden Fell Race, Sat 7 Jan

Paul Stephens reports ... A record field for this 8 mile fell race from Ogden Water, a good course - hard in the strong wind - with some superb views across the moors. It was cold as well, though the rain did stay away. I'd done this race twice before - in 1996 when I was 38th out of 74 and in 1997 when the course was shortened because of the snow. This time I came in in the top half - around 80th I think in about 1hr 14, and then it was back to the decorating.

1   57:49 Karl Gray, Calder Valley
78  75:02 Paul Stephens
124 82:53 John Coates
152 88:12 Graham Breeze
192 finishers

Parkruns, Sat 7 Jan

Bradford Lister Park
53 26:19 Sue Bickerdike
61 27:19 Emma Olooney
68 28:52 Jacqui Weston

Leeds Hyde Park
64  22:55 Will Buckton
96  24:57 John Marshall
175 28:48 Linda Marshall

Filey Flyer, Sat 7 Jan

Amanda Parnaby reports ... 23 miles setting off in Filey and onto the Cleveland Way before heading inland and returning to Filey. Tremendous weather for time of year despite a cool wind off the North Sea. Finished in 5 hours 2 mins.

Ilkley Harrier Phil Chappell in New Year's Honours List

Congratulations to Phil on being awarded an MBE in the 2012 New Year Honours list, for charitable services. Many Harriers will be familiar with Phil's work for The Revival Centre and Orphanage in Matugga, Ugunda as this charity is the beneficiary of our Trail Race.

Gloucester New Year Day 5 Mile Road Race, Sun 1 Jan

Justin Phillips reports ... After welcoming in the New Year in Tewkesbury I couldn't resist the opportunity to have a go at a local race and it didn't take much to persuade Tom to join me for only his 2nd ever outing on the black stuff. An out and back course on flat, traffic free roads it was a road runners' paradise. Tom ran shoulder to shoulder with the local superstar until mile 4 when the excesses of new year's eve caught up with him. I had a good run and am looking forward to several hundred more in 2012!

1  26:16
2  26:36 Tom Adams
12 30:26 Justin Phillips

Giants Tooth fell race, Sun 1 Jan

1   17:18 Quentin Lewis, Baildon Runners
14  19:28 Ian Rowbotham
52  23:43 Toni Melechi
53  23:47 Tilly Melechi
104 29:17 Gemma Carpenter

Silsden New Year's Day Run

Bernie Gibbons was the lone Ilkley Harrier out in the blizzards for the Silsden New Year's Day Run. Some 75 hardy souls decided to rise, shine and race for the New Year.
Runners assembled at The Green in Silsden to begin the ascent of Bradley Road and Hole Lane, a climb of some 500'. They then had a very wet cruise along Heights Lane before the tumultuous descent down Horn Lane and Bradley Road. The race was won by Dave Kirkham of Wharfedale Harriers in 17:07, with Bernie finishing 48th in 27:19

Older News, December 2011