Social Gathering - Relays

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Social Gathering - Relays

Postby Paul » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:22 pm

Last night's Social Gathering gave us a chance to have a good chat about RELAYS. There were 15-20 people there and some really good discussion.
We ran through all the relays in the calendar, and discussed some of the challenges of relay team organisation.
Some of the useful ideas put forward:
the relays page on the web site to be tweaked to remove the levels 'all/intermediate/advanced' as that can be a bit off-putting (done);
every relay needs one or more people to 'champion' it. Sometimes this might be the Captains, but they can't cover all the relays and need help, we gained a few volunteers at the meeting but need more;
we should be bolder with relay entries – better to say 'we have 3 relay teams and need you to run' than 'who wants to run in this relay';
well in advance of a relay we should figure out how many teams we will enter, and get them entered!;
nearer the time, when 'recruiting' runners we need to say what sort of runners we want for what team, when the entry deadline is, what the selection criteria are (if any) for that team;
we need to evangelise about relays in the newsletter, via the web, forums, and Google groups; and on the Tuesday night runs (with lots of different people speaking up);
relays are for everyone, and fun, and we need to get that message across.
We should meet again later in the year.
Have I missed anything? Chip in here …
And have a look at the Relays Web Page
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