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Committee 1 Dec, HoM, and VLM

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:39 pm
by Paul
The agenda for next week's Committee meeting is available now, on the Committee page

Amongst other things we will start discussing how we can better recognise the many volunteers that make the Club and all its events run so smoothly, one of the actions in this year's Development Plan.

We'll be discussing Relays - how can we get more teams out?

We'll be determining who gets the Club's 4 London Marathon places (see other topics in the Forums).

And as always we will be deciding the Harriers of the Month - please make your nominations in the usual way

You're welcome to come along, join in the discussion, and have a sandwich with us!

Re: Committee 1 Dec, HoM, and VLM

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:19 pm
by Paul
There will be quite a bit to interest Harriers in the Minutes and attached reports of the December Committee meeting
Our race program, races that we organise ourselves, kicks off again on 17 Jan with the PECO XC, the first of potentially TEN events that we could be organising in 2010. This is Doubling the number of races in 2009, and that is Development with a big D.
But with Development goes the need for more volunteers to make it all run smoothly, and share the load. To start with, Neil and Shirley will need lots of helpers on 17 Jan! More generally, we are setting up a group to look at how we can better recruit, organise, and recognise the contribution of volunteers - there'll be more info on this soon, but if you have ideas let me know.
The need for sharing the load is apparent in relay organisation, too. Relays are GREAT, but organising teams is ... a pleasure that needs to be taken in moderation. So let's see more people sign up - not just to run, but to organise a team too. Check out the list of relays here
The Social program is bobbing along nicely too, with something 'extra' planned every month. Ewan's 'wee gatherings' are becoming a regular event, and in January peter Shields has arranged a special guest speaker in the form of top coach Wilf Paish, who will be coming along to answer any questions you might have on training/performance/nutrition.
And let's not forget the Ilkley Harriers Presentation Evening on Fri 29 Jan. This will now be in the ILT&SC bar which will be transformed by Christine and her helpers for this glittering occasion. Tickets will be available soon!