Run 3D Gait Analysis

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Run 3D Gait Analysis

Postby David_C » Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:04 pm

Afternoon all,

I'm interested in getting a detailed analysis of my running gait to try and prevent my various low level injuries and also improve my running and have come across these people:

I've included an email from them below which gives more information and they can offer a reduced rate of £140 for the assessment to group bookings (I don't think we all have to go on the same day). If anyone is interested please let me know, they are based near Richmond in North Yorkshire.


Hi David,

Thanks for your enquiry.

We can certainly help. As you'll have seen from our website we are only the fifth clinic in the UK, and the only clinic North of London, to offer the Run3D Gait Analysis Service. The others can be found in Harley Street, a private hospital in Essex, Covent Garden and within the home of UK Athletics physio in Oxford - so it's pedigree is high.

An analysis lasts about 1.5 hours and involves us placing cluster and anatomical markers on your lower limbs at strategic points. We then take a static of you on the treadmill before running you at two speeds in order for us to capture data with specialist infrared cameras located behind the treadmill. Only about 25 seconds of footage at each speed is required so you won't be running for very long. All assessments are carried out in neutral trainers which we supply. The data is then sent instantaneously to the University of Calgary, the world leaders in running injuries, and compared against their database.

An interim report is produced within a few minutes, which we'll talk through with you highlighting any potential problem areas, weaknesses or restriction in the lower limb. You will also be provided with a video of your assessment showing your lower limbs as a skeleton so you can see exactly what we see during assessment.

We'll then prescribe you an individual exercise programme aimed at addressing any issues. We will send you a full report within 24 hours as there's an awful lot of information provided at the assessment which can be quite mind blowing.

After 6 - 8 weeks we will invite you back for a reassessment so that you can see exactly what difference the exercises prescribed have made. If you need physio treatment as part of your rehabilitation we can refer you.

There's really no other product on the market that comes close to providing the level of detail and accuracy that Run3D can. Our previous clients have included Jo Pavey and Luke McKenzie so the professional sporting world is also a fan and trusts the product.

Not only will we diagnose and pinpoint the exact reason for your repeated niggles and pains but we'll arm you with the knowledge and information to address the issues and completely banish those injuries long term.

The assessment is priced at £165, with the reassessment costing £35. We will advise on trainers but prefer to work with your intrinsic muscles and address the issue at source rather than promote trainers as a sticking plaster to a problem.

I do hope this brief run down addresses your queries but please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries.

Kind regards


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