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Harrier of the month -ideas please

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:29 pm
by hildacoulsey
Harrier of the month this month is Abi Bailey, congratulations. We need some ideas - we have so many members doing such good stuff every month we are having difficulty choosing one winner. This month nominations were: Helen Waddington and Richard Joel with the Ultimate Trails 110k in the Lakes, Abi Bailey at the 100k Race to the Stones and Ben Sheppard's amazing time in the Lakeland 50, Tom Adams coming 3rd in the international Snowdon race, Martin Archer's very fast 10k time, David Millson for getting back into running and finishing the Addingham Gala still smiling and many of last year's 0to5k-ers smashing the Leeds 10k. A mixture of long, mountainous, international, speedy and just getting out and doing it! Keep the variety of nominations coming in and it is good to be recognised - so being nominated is good in itself. For many years we have given the one chosen per month a £10 voucher. Any thoughts as to what we might do in the future, bearing in mind what we spend gets set against fees there will be other ways for recognition, what works well for other clubs? Reply here and encourage discussion or email me