Plea for fundraising, legal and tax expertise

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Plea for fundraising, legal and tax expertise

Postby hildacoulsey » Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:26 pm

Compact Athletics Training Facility: This is a proposal from the Juniors which the Senior Committee very much supports and will be a facility for the benefit of seniors too.

A message from Shirley Wood:
Hi everyone
As you have probably seen on the web site and on the front page of the Gazette we are proposing to build a Compact Athletics Training Facility on the IGS playing fields around a 3G Football pitch. As we currently have no all weather athletics facilities to use this would have massive benefits to not only Ilkley Harriers but local school children in Wharfedale. The athletics part of the development will cost just over £300k and although this is a mountain of money I believe that we can achieve this. We are looking to raise it in a number of ways: Member loans; Apply for various Grant Funding; Fund raising by Ilkley Harriers.
This is a joint venture with Ilkley Town Football Club and we are working closely with them. We have an athletics business plan that shows we can generate money from the facility. ITFC are giving Ilkley Harriers the opportunity to be a part of their CIC (Community Interest Company) where money generated by athletics can be used to pay interest and redeem the member loan scheme.
I am contacting every parent/ member to ask specifically for an individual or individuals with legal knowledge associated with business constitutional arrangements (specific to CIC) and to help us launch a member loan scheme. We also need advice from a tax based accountant regarding tax relief on the loan scheme.
I know that this is a big request but we could do with additional expertise to do this and we would be massively grateful. Many thanks

In general it would be good to hear your views and to gauge interest from the wider membership.

You can reply directly to Shirley; or Hilda;
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