Predictor Run Tue 17 Nov

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Predictor Run Tue 17 Nov

Postby Paul » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:22 pm

From Richard Gray ...
PREDICTOR RUN Tuesday 17th November 2009 starting at approximately 19:15 from the Old Bridge
I trust you're all injury free, in the peak of fitness and raring to go.
The Predictor run is 6.1 miles as near as I can figure it and will start on Denton Road at the far side of the Old Bridge ( where the Xmas relays start ) and which is the only minor change to the route of eight or nine years ago!

So, starting on Denton Road opposite the Old Bridge off you go in a clockwise direction up Langbar Road and then turn right onto Rupert Road, straight down to the bottom of Rupert Road and turn right again on to Middleton Avenue, along the flat and then blast up New Brook Street to the traffic lights in the middle of town.
Turn left on to Leeds Road past the Harbour Lights Chippy and then straight out to Ben Rhydding.
After the Esso petrol station turn right up Wheatley Lane, on-on up under the railway bridge and bear right along Bolling Road until you reach St. John's Church and then it's left up Margerison Road and at the junction bear left up Clifton Road.
At the top of Clifton Road I suspect that you will be in a completely anaerobic state, fed up with life and in particular me. Things can only get better - trust me I'm a Quantity Surveyor!
Top of Clifton Road turn right on to Ben Rhydding Road where you can go eyeballs out right to the end ( the junction of Wheatley Road and Cowpasture Road ).
Bear right down (that's a new word - down ) Cowpasture Road and the take the first left up Crossbeck Road, at the end turn right down Wells Walk, swerving left on to Albany Walk and left again on to Parish Ghyll Drive.
You can now flick the burners on all the way to the end of Parish Ghyll Drive to the T junction with Hollingwood Rise.
Right turn onto Victoria Avenue and at the bottom turn left up Grove Road to the junction and then swing right down Beverley Rise, off we go down the hill, around the bend to the junction with Woodlands Rise ( the penultimate incline on the Dipper ).
Up Woodlands Rise, left at the top on to Kings Road. Straight forward over the cross road ( staying on Kings Road ) until Easby Drive where you make your last left turn down the hill to the school gates on the left where I will be there to greet you.
I can guarantee that by the time you reach the end you will be so happy with life that words will fail you and probably you hadn't realised that you could have so much fun with your kit on.

A decent bottle of wine for the person whose predicted time is the closest to their actual.

Don't forget NO watches to be worn, if you do, sorry but you're disqualified.

So, all I need are your names and your predicted times ( it's not a race ) you just need to predict how long it will take you to run the route as described, you can run it at any pace you want, chatting with your buddy or eyeballs out, it's up to you.

I need names and times BEFORE the 17th of November. I'd prefer not to have to take any names on the night as generally I don't have time on the evening, so I'd be obliged if you'd help me in this regard.

I will be at the Club on Tuesdays 3rd and 10th taking names and on the 17th setting you off and timing.
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Re: Predictor Run Tue 17 Nov

Postby becky » Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:58 pm

can i give my time now as haven't been for few weeks?
Becky stapleton 53 mins?
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Re: Predictor Run Tue 17 Nov

Postby nrichardson1972 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:18 pm


Thanks for organising this. It was a great event and as popular as ever, and although it isn't supposed to be a race, it certainly felt like one. I don't think I could have run it much faster.


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Re: Predictor Run Tue 17 Nov

Postby Paul » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:38 pm

Results as provided by Richard and Norman attached.
Richard said ...
"Hi All - We have a winner!
Apologies for the delay in sorting the numbers out, it's all due to the pressure of work and socialising.
Many thanks to Wing Commander Blackburn for manning the high speed pen at the finish ( not an easy task I can assure you ) and Vince for marshalling finishers.
And finally thanks to you all for the smiles."
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