Improvers group - beyond 5k!

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Improvers group - beyond 5k!

Postby hildacoulsey » Thu May 12, 2016 6:25 pm

We will run an improvers group starting on Tuesday 21st June through the summer. This will operate as a special group going off from our usual gathering on Tuesdays at the Tennis Club at 7 pm. The aim will be to build confidence and distance so that runners can consistently get beyond 5k to 10k or running for around an hour. We would want to include and encourage Harriers members to come along as well as it being a follow on from the beginners 0-5k challenge which will have finished by then.

Holidays will interfere but we'll construct a programme and post it so that we can build up slowly week by week and runners won't get left behind when they take their hols. We will organise meets at parkruns and any other suitable events.

Guest leaders are needed so if you are an established coach/ leader and fancy a change or a challenge or if you'd like to re establish and practice your LiRF course for a week or two that you can commit to that would be very welcome, we will need volunteers to be run leaders.

Past the word around and let me know whether you would like to join the group as a runner or as a leader either by replying here or via

Regards Hilda
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