Thurs 24th - Final Fell Training Session

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Thurs 24th - Final Fell Training Session

Postby neil chapman » Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:51 pm

Again starting at 6.30 pm, this will be our final training session at Wells Road, before we move down to some winter track training. So those who arrive a little later know where we are - as we have to be careful with the limited light, we will do our warm up on the bottom of the Keighley Gate Road and then move on to the track at the bottom of the moors going towards Hebers Ghyll and then towards the Swastika.

I am undecided at the moment where next weeks session will be, as it will depend on what happens at the Tennis Club and if the field that has been used for car parking is fit for training. An alternative may be the football field on Denton Road. I will confirm next week.

Hope to see you tomorrow, but sadly no more figure of eight until next year.

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