Tues 6th Jan 7.30pm session

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Tues 6th Jan 7.30pm session

Postby ewanwelsh » Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:48 pm

Happy New Year, Just a note to confirm Tues nights inaugural 7.30pm session.

Meet at the postbox at the top of the hill at the tennis club.
Session is hill reps on Curly Hill (see detail below). Please note anyone is welcome as the session lends itself to various abilities without compromising an individuals own effort. We shall do a warm up (jog about), a wee bit of a head count so we all know who's who, then start the gig.

Feel free to join the us at the bottom of Curly Hill for 7.45pm if its easier.
Also if you only want to do some of the session then that's cool as well.
For my part I've just coming out of the other side of the annual chest infection so I'll be playing to by ear, hopefully my voice will have returned (otherwise I may print this off and bring it with me !) either that I'll explain it via the medium of mime.
Detail of the session ('The lampost session') is :Six lamposts on curly hill (start point is just at the path that cuts through the trees down into the swimming pool). Pyramid session , going to 1st lampost, jog back to the start, then to the 2nd lampost ,jog back to the start and so on, up to the sixth one, then working back down to the first one. We do 2 sets. Then for the 3rd set we take a partner and do it as piggy backs..........only kidding, we go from the start to the 6th lampost and work back down to the first. (Bob Hamilton take note of the subtle change to the traditional 3rd set !)
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Re: Tues 6th Jan 7.30pm session

Postby ewanwelsh » Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:29 am

Nice turn out tonight given it was the first attempt, thanks to all. Hopefully next week I will be in better fettle and will be able to fully take part.

I'll post next weeks session on the forum in due course.

Awe ra best

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